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David Morrissey as the Governor in The Walking Dead The Suicide King The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9 Review – New Blood

When The Walking Dead finished off the first half of season 3 with ‘Made to Suffer,’ it wasn’t the hasty infiltration and subsequent firefight between Rick’s crew and the people of Woodbury that breathed new life into series, it was the introduction of another group of survivors.

So far, season 3 has been about the core survivors meeting new people. Some of these encounters have gone south pretty quickly, e.g., Thomas and the other inmates not named Oscar or Axel (Lew Temple) wound up dead and now the citizens of Woodbury, spurred on by the Governor (David Morrissey), are cheering the Dixon brothers in gladiatorial combat. In terms of overall friendliness, these instances don’t rank too high, but there’s hope in the form of the seemingly capable and mostly affable Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his dwindling crew – not to mention the ever-scowling face of Michonne (Danai Gurira). All in all, the infusion of new blood had The Walking Dead ready to take on the rest of season 3 with some real gusto.

But for all the life that was put back into the show during the midseason finale, ‘The Suicide King’ seems to come in and suck a lot of that life right back out. Sure, there’s a tense moment at the beginning of the episode that resolves the issue of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) being trapped in Woodbury and potentially having to fight one another to the death, but the scene plays out almost too quickly. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew attack again, causing a stampede of formerly bloodthirsty Woodburians that, along with all the gunfire and smoke grenades, provides the perfect cover for Daryl and Merle to escape.

Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker in The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9 Review – New Blood

And while the action offers fans an opportunity for everyone to breathe a little easier knowing that Daryl isn’t next on the chopping block, it causes the action to shift into the series’ default setting of watching small clusters of survivors argue with one another. No sooner does Rick’s crew find their way back to Glenn (Steven Yeun), Michonne and the ever-lasting Hyundai, than the situation devolves into an argument highlighted by raised voices, guns and a sword. Naturally, nobody wants Merle in the group, but Daryl refuses to abandon his brother like he did before, and soon the Dixon brothers are off on their own adventure somewhere between Woodbury and the prison.

Meanwhile, the situation back at the prison begins to get tense as two of Tyreese’s team, Allen (Dan Thomas May) and Ben (Tyler Chase), propose the idea of overtaking Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Carol (Melissa McBride) and then using their weapons to take the prison for themselves. To their credit, Tyreese and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) argue that that’s not the way they want this situation to play out, and instantly we know something useful about them as characters. Once Rick arrives at the prison, though, the news of Daryl’s absence hits hard, leaving the group feeling more vulnerable than before and forcing Hershel (Scott Wilson) to mention that if ever they needed some reinforcements, now’s the time.

It’s in keeping with Rick’s arc that his first instinct is to reject every new person’s offer of help, and to look at them as a potential threat, rather than a much-needed addition to his group – which, in terms of maintaining the character that’s been built is a plus. But after the way Tyreese and his group were introduced, and how it really helped make the series feel fresh again, it was something of a bummer to see the character interaction settle back into the stifling sameness of what’s come before. This scenario will undoubtedly play out with the two men working together, and when they do, it will probably be a very successful moment; it just feels as though the first meeting between Rick and Tyreese was a great opportunity to try something new that went back to the start, rather than pushing forward.

Melissa McBride and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead The Suicide King The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9 Review – New Blood

Instead, the writers chose to play up the fact that Rick is still cracking under the pressure of keeping these people alive and safe by having him see a vision of Lori – at least it seems like Lori. It’s a confusing moment for the survivors, and rightly so; there’s reason to suspect that an attack by the Governor and the riled-up citizens of Woodbury is on the horizon and the guy everyone has put their unquestioning faith in is suddenly yelling and waiving a revolver around. It’s easy to see this playing into Rick eventually having to put some trust in strangers, but in the moment, it just feelt too reminiscent of the phone call scene that was pulled off far more successfully.

Finally, back in Woodbury, Andrea (Laurie Holden) has to keep the citizens from being shot by sentries as some attempt to abandon the town, and then things get worse after the Governor shoots a bite victim after some walkers make it past the town’s barricades. She makes a quick speech that, despite it’s cloying hopefulness, seems to prevent anyone from trying to leave for the time being, and therefore prevents the need for further violence – against the citizens of Woodbury, anyway. This makes Andrea and the Dixon brothers the undecided factor when the conflict between the prison and Woodbury gets underway. And for Andrea, at least, it’s an interesting position that her character is very much in need of being in.

Although the midseason premiere lacked the energy and the sense of forward momentum that the finale had back in December, ‘The Suicide King’ still alluded to the power of the human vs. human conflict that has been a great success so far this season, and likely will be again in the weeks to come. There were times when the episode felt like it was taking two steps back, but with several episodes left, there’s still plenty of time to start moving forward again.

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Home’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a sneak peek below:

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  1. Sometimes I believe people don’t remember that Rick just found out that his wife died only a few days ago, and only had one full day to think about it. He hasn’t had time to rest, all he’s operating on is pure action, and when he has downtime he starts to crack, which works for me.

    • This. Exactly! Rick goes crazy for way longer in the comic, except he manages to hide it from the rest of the group. Him cracking in front of everybody like this, means a quicker recovery.
      As for Tyreese and Rick, his losing it ensues that they will be joining the group because this only stregnhtens the groups need for Tyreese.

      • Right. He carries a phone with him in the comic, and people would really flip if they saw that. Also, with him cracking up, it shows that they need to stop relying on him so much, and a co-leader needs to step up.

        • Yeah, I think this is why in one of the promos Carl says, “You need to stop being the leader.” I think that episode will be 10 or 11

    • agree.

  2. ‘Lacked the energy and the sense of forward momentum’

    Well yeah, of course. It’s a premier, and it needs less momentum. But it didn’t kill any of the energy in my opinion because it seems the direction of the plot is in full motion.

    • I disagree…a premiere needs MORE momentum to get things driving forward for the rest of the season. The SECOND ep can be the touchy feeling talking ep.

  3. my guess is Glenn is going to be the next to ‘bite it’. pun INTENDED.

    • Well Glenn did argue with Rick and the if the running gag continues on anyone who disagrees with Rick dies (Shane, Dale, T-dog) then unfortunately I agree.

      • Nope! Glenn’s not dying any time soon.
        *spoiler from comic*
        He dies in one of the recent comics, and this is what the producer had to say about it:
        “I don’t know that I want to see some of the things that necessarily happen in [the particular issue in which Glenn dies].”
        *end spoiler*
        SO Glenn’s not dying. Even Robert Kirkman loves the tv-version of Glenn.

        • Tell that to the tv-version of Dale who died long before his comic version.

          • True, but people seem to forget that the actor who played Dale wanted out of the show which is why he was killed off. Had the guy not said anything you would more than likely be seeing him in Season 3 but Glenn is not biting it this season. He was part of the filming up to the Season 3 finale. I can see the rest of Tyreese group biting it and some ummm….additional characters not considered “the main cast”, LOL

        • The producers have already confirmed that Glenn will be written out of the show this season because actor no longer wants to be on the show due to creative reasons.

          • Tell me where you read or heard that please. I consider myself on top of the news on this show more or less. I haven’t heard that.

            But it does track with the teaser. Glenn is suited up in Riot Gear which could mean he might be involved in the ill fated Riot Gear Away Mission that was meant for Tyreese

          • This is referred to Glenn Mazzara not Steven Yeun. Glenn Mazzara is stepping down as producer due to creative reasons(Kirkman). Steven Yeun(Glenn the character) is going to be alive throughout season 3

          • wrong glenn….actually read the sources, before commenting….

  4. What I really hate about The Walking Dead is we always have to wait a whole week to see a new episode !

    I always catch my self checking the time during watching as it seems to go so quick and i don’t want it to end !

    • Yeah I do the same thing as well, I noticed that shows as good as this are at their funest when you chain watch them. As for the latest episode, it was a good one for the start of this year but it was more like a set up episode to get things moving forward, like i implied just above, i regret not having the next few episodes to watch

      • Same here,same here ,I hear you man! :)
        Really was thinking get a couple of them together before I continue watching them ! Hard to do !

        Cheers !

  5. I watched the marathon this weekend. I was stunned they allowed the word “Spear-chucker” on TV… Is the n-word allowed on TV too?

    • Manowar,

      One, TWS is not on regular TV, it is on Cable which gives it more leeway. I think Merle used the N word once with T-Dog in S1. After all, they put the baby Judith in a box with the words “Ass Kicker” on it.

    • Yes, it is allowed. I’m surprised you’re shocked (then again I can also understand the reaction if you’re not expecting it… I catch myself cringing and getting flushed any time someone around me uses a particularly racist term, almost as if I said it myself. It’s very embarrassing to me when people bare that kind of ignorance). On the other hand, it isn’t real and the use of these words isn’t gratuitous. It’s not as though a newscaster said it or something. It’s a fictional show on cable with a prominent “redneck” character. I remember once (I think it was S2 when Darryl had his little heatstroke and hallucinated Merle) Merle referred to the group as a bunch of pussies, n******, and democrats. Off-color language has been proliferating on cable for a while now.

    • The fact that you’re comfortable writing out the word “spear-chucker”, but not the n-word, should be evidence enough the two aren’t even close to the same.

    • That’s Merle’s *ahem* “charm”. He’s an opinionated, racist biggot. The character felt very genuine and real so replacing those words with more politically correct ones would have ruined the character.

  6. Awesome ep!! Smooth move there Tyrese eh asking rick at the worst possible time if they could stay aha. Also loved that lori ghost cameo that was great

  7. Awful awful episode, worst one so far in Series 3. Felt like one of those horrible episodes from the early days of Season 2. I’ve never seen another TV show where the entire cast of characters seem to lack so much common sense.

    This episode was slow paced and had nothing of any importance happen at all, apart from the very beginning when Daryl and his brother escaped. Cringey and pointless dialogue between a few characters seemed to fill out the rest of the episode. Andrea’s speech was just plain embarrassing, didn’t know what was more ridiculous, the actual speech or the reaction of the Extas to it, God, lets hope it picks up

    • Agreed!

      • I didn’t find it bad at all, nor did I feel like any of the earlier episodes were horrible. I disagree with the vague criticism here. In a show like this I feel it may be something of a mistake to try and evaluate each episode totally on its own. This isn’t a series of self-contained stories here. It’s built on story arcs that build. Would you evaluate every chapter in a good, long book in the same way? We don’t need everything in every episode. I thought it was good. It was over quickly and left me wanting more, as always. I didn’t see any glaring problems of characters lacking common sense nor did I cringe at any dialogue… Of course, I’ve pretty much loved every episode of this show so far (so it’s not as though I’m debating, just offering an alternative opinion) and hope they can keep it up given the shuffle of showrunners.

        • Well if each chapter in a very long book was written by a different writer(some more talented than others) well then yes, I would evaluate it by each chapter. Well if you’ve loved every episode so far and thought the first half of season 2 was good TV writing, then nothing I say can possibly change your opinion.

    • Barry
      Couldn’t agree more with your comments, especially about feeling like an early season 2 ep! I actually dropped it in S2 after the first couple of EP’s, picked it up again S3 and then went back and watched S2 all the way through. I’m in the UK so downloaded and watched it first thing Monday morning. Keep taunting a mate about what happens as he is waiting for the UK showing 15th Feb!

  8. How many episodes do you think it will take before Daryl realizes that Merle is a piece of cr@p with a mouth and leaves him to return to the group?

    • I’m not sure that’ll happen, remember Carol’s speech about Merle’s personality. I’m guessing there’s a reason the writers put that line in there.

      • Carol’s speech was definitely meant to illustrate the similarity between her husband and Merle and the dominating effect that they can have. This was emphasized by Stephen Yeun on Talking Dead if you saw, too, where he pointed out the immediate change in Darryl’s demeanor once back in the presence of Merle: instantly becoming li’l bro again and following Merle’s lead. Of course, Darryl has grown a lot and there will be conflict coming as he learns that he may not be so compatible with Merle anymore. I don’t know if this will end with Darryl abandoning him necessarily (especially given his guilt about doing that before) but perhaps the plot will end up making the decision for him. It’ll be interesting and I wouldn’t really have believed that Darryl could chose to leave Merle when forced to make a choice, so I’m glad they didn’t try to make that work. It would have seemed very out of character for Darryl, at least at this point.

    • About 2!

  9. Is the dad …uh
    (the guy whos wife died and in tyrees’ group)
    Is he in the comics, cuz he needs to die before he tries somethin.

    Also is Mr mustache gonna rape herhels daughter?

    • The dad is Allen, the one who loses his leg in the comic. He joins them way before the prison. As for his son Benjamin, he’s actually a little boy, who kills his twin brother because he expected him to “come back to life.”

      Don’t think Mr. mustache is gonna rape Beth. He was getting good vibes from Carol in this episode.

      • Lew Temple was on a podcast called Afterbuzz this week. He mentioned that his character was originally going to be a nerdy serial killer but they moved away from that to make him the “You get me?” guy. I also have reason to expect that there will be a very strong reason that he won’t threaten Hershel’s daughter ever.

    • Yah, they’ve been putting him more in the background lately. I think you may have something on Mr. Mustache!

  10. Oh and is there a rule that theres only one black male alive on this show at a time.
    When tdog died, oscar joined, when oscar died, tyreese is in introduced.

    • Lol seems that way!!

    • There’s 3 black cast members now so hopefully they will all be staying.

    • Did you happen to see the Key ans Peel zombie spoof? They were running through a zombie infested town with a white guy. The zombies attacked him but left them alone. Then they went by a car with a couple of older white zombies and the zombies locked the doors. Every where they went the zombies weren’t interested. Finally they run into a black man who takes hem to a big barbecue party with all blacks because the racist zombies didn’t want to bite them…..Damn funny bit.

  11. One of the worst episodes of the season. It just lacked something until rick flipped out. Not to say it was horid just not on par with the better episodes. It was rather boring, tyrese better come back

    • Do you think they would introduce a character only for them to not come back, after only having been there for two episodes? I mean c’mon.

      • Right. Tyreese is going to be a big part I say going forward. I think this episode is a set up for a “bigger picture”, LOL. Andrea’s speech has a purpose….Glenn’s outburst has a purpose….Daryl and his brother going off has a purpose, LOL. Yes, the episode was slow but I get why they did it too.

    • After spending all his time slaughtering dead heads in the corridors and talking to Lori on his play phone, I’d say we (the audience) have had to endure enough of his mourning over his wife. No offense to anyone but this is TV, the memory of Lori is dragging the show down already.

      • Agree! I thought the ghost naff!

  12. A very good midseason premiere, but here’s something that I, as a fan, need to bring up:

    Glen Mazzara, TWD’s showrunner, is leaving the show due to creative differences with the folks at AMC, nuch like Frank Darabont did. I know AMC funds the production of TWD, but the money the show has made the network more than makes up for that. Chuck Collier, president of programming at AMC, is counting the money that he’s made off of other peoples’ creativity. He should not be making decisions on how the shows are run.

    Plus – and let’s face reality here Chuck – you basically have the creativity of a bag of bricks. Seriously, has anyone told you that you’re not that talented at what you do, or do you just have a bunch of yes men working for you? Your biggest new show this season will be about taxidermy. What a fascinating subject. Did you think this up all by yourself, Chuck? You’re brilliant decision to hire loser Veena Sud and to stretch The Killing out over two seasons, cancelling the show, and then bringing it back is living proof that monkeys are indeed more intelligent that human beings.

    And let’s not forget other exciting shows you’ve authorized Chuck, like the one about guys who work in a comic book store, and another show, Hell on Wheels, which has less viewership than reruns of Little House on the Prarie.

    Chuck, the fact is that a three year old with crayons and tracing paper could probably come up with better ideas than you, an an entire Dilbert cartoon arc could probably be based on how you landed in the position you are in. You should just keeping thanking the TV gods that, by some miracle, you still have your job. Stop meddling with things that are working. Maybe it isn’t Mazzara or Darabont who needed to go, maybe it was you.

    • There’s more to it than just Chuck.

      “Without mentioning Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book on which Walking Dead is based and who reportedly disagreed with Mazzara’s approach — Mazzara made it clear that he didn’t have the ultimate authority it appeared he’d had, and that was a factor in his departure despite the high ratings.”

      The whole article at http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/walking-dead-showrunner-glen-mazzara-416612

      • I will compare this show to every girl group that I have liked. The group gets along for a while. Bam! Everyone goes there separate ways. It seems like it is inevitable. If something is going well, everyone involved wants to think that they are the ones making it happen. No one wants to share and bend. It is all take take take. This show may be in trouble. I would start looking for my next J-O-B! Have a backup plan ready.

    • It’s not all Chuck with the whole Mazzara and Darabont departures. It has more to do with the authority portion of the show. Yes, they were the producers but in the end they still had to get approval from Kirkman. This was one of the big issues. In the end I put more trust in the person who created the comic series. We shall see how it all works out next season

      • If Kirkman is the one calling all the shots, that’s a shame. Some of the best episodes so far have been ones that have deviated from the comic book series. TS-19 (season 1 finale), for example, was an absolutely brilliant episode. Lori’s ghost (or Rick’s hallucination, whichever)is a great twist. Drawing out Shane’s character to the end of season 2 was also a nice deviation from the comic book storyline.

        I hope Kirkman does not have Stephen King syndrome, whereas he simply doesn’t understand that the things that work in a book won’t work in a movie. King is still furious about how Stanley Kubrick changed Teh Shining storyline for the movie, but that’s only because Kubrik knew what would work on the screen.

        • King is inferior to Kubrick, and probably knows it. I’ve emailed Kirkman and talked to him, and have mentioned that Daryl is my favourite character and he didn’t seem offended in the least.
          But I thought dragging Shane’s character was a very stupid move, and it ruined the plot by not having Rick’s internal struggle, by well, internal.
          I trust Kirkman. I hate him every now and then in the comics, but I trust him completely.

        • Well, they killed Scatman Crothers for brevity…The went with the maze after trying to get animatronic hedge animals to work and failing. I doubt that King gives a s*** about what Kubrick did to his property, though. Almost every one of his books have been mutilated onscreen. I’ve read him saying that the movie doesn’t have to be the book, because the book is the book. It’s not fair to compare a writer to a director for who is better. If you want to talk King Director (Maximum Overdrive) to Kubrick, yes. Kubrick KOs in the first round.

    • Tell us how you really feel, lol. Seriously, I don’t keep up with all that so its refreshing when someone tells us about it. Thanks.

  13. ***POSSIBLE SPOILER**** Just a heads up.

    I saw a quick clip that was in passing during the Talking Dead last night, and it shows Rick, Carl, and Michonne walking through a neighborhood. The clip couldn’t have been more than a second long so I could be wrong, but for readers of the comics this may have set off a few bells, because after the war with the governor and the subsequent victory, they are the three that stick together, hiding in houses. Just a though, might be totally wrong.

    • I thought it was just Rick and Carl in the books?

  14. I just finished watching the new episode. I found it slow and drawn out. If Rick’s never going to get refocused, I’d just as soon see him replaced with Glenn. The brother war at the onset was predictable and left me, after two months of waiting, unsatisfied. I don’t know what I wanted to see but that slow progression to none of the main characters in peril seemed lame. Personally I think the whole season is dragging toward the obvious prison siege. Maybe season three should be renamed The Walking Dead: Obvious Conclusions. Come on, people, let’s get these people out of their comfortable slow pace, get the samurai gal some fans and get past the Governor (which isn’t really a particularly interesting character. Earl’s scarier).

  15. I dissagree with those who think this episode needed more. It was fine. The purpose of this episode was just build up for things to come. It did it’s job.

    Also, I never felt like it was “drawn out” or “nothing happend”.

    Daryl left with Merle, Rick is losing it more than ever, a new group, the people of Woodbury losing their trust in the Governor (will they start looking to Andrea for Authority?), The Governor getting ready to go kill Ricks group, a few walkers getting into woodbury (am I the only one who thinks there might be more?), Glenn getting angry with the group, Carol depressed about Daryls departure (will she go looking for him herself?) and the father and son of Tyreeses group are willing to take out Ricks group (will they do something stupid and get themselves killed?).

    Point is, this episode was just build up, but it did a good job. There are plenty of new sub plots here to cary the rest of the episodes. My only real nitpick would be that Daryl and Merles rescue in the opening seemed rushed. But, overall, this was a solid episode. I think there is plenty here for the rest of season 3 to take off.

    My rating for this episode, “The Suicide King”, 8/10. Not amazing or anything, but still a solid episode :)

    • I’m with you and thought it was an excellent episode. For those who thought it was, “slow” I can only believe you missed pretty much ALL of season 2 because the pace there was glacial.

      Lots of set-up for things to come; Will Daryl rejoin the group?, What will Merle’s ultimate fate be?, Will the new people be allowed to join?, When will this inevitable war happen? Will Andrea become a true Woodburyite or will she return to the group? and lots more questions!

      So to recap this episode had action, lots o’ zombie killin’, drama and mayhem.

      The only thing is it get’s a -1 from me for the Lori apparition that seemed a bit too much.

      • I liked the Lori part because it showed Rick having more trouble controlling his own mind. Although, I thought it was done better in the previous episode (when he thought he saw Shane) I think the Lori scene would have been perfect if they brought the actress back for a cameo instead of using a stand-in. I think that would have made it more powerful, as opposed to “is that supposed to be Lori?”.

        • Actually, according to the actress herself (in EW online) and actor Lew Temple (on podcast Afterbuzz) That WAS Sarah Wayne Callies up there. Why they didn’t, then, show her face, is beyond me. My guess is that they actually shot it with her face being recognizable, and then someone thought it would be better to obscure here and changed it in Post.

      • I agree. It’s not the strongest episode this season but it’s nothing like season 2 so therefore it’s a success for me. Based on the previews/sneak peeks, episode 9 was a set up episode for the rest of the season

  16. I take it that by the next episode Andria will either have to escape or also be accused of being the enemy.

    Also: Where did those people in the cars think they would go if they left the town? I can’t imagine they were that ignorant of what outside of the community would be like.

    • In regards to that last part about the people of Woodbury, George Carlin said it the best: Think of how stupid the average person is, HALF OF THEM ARE STUPIDER THEN THAT!!!!

  17. I predict a power struggle between Rick and Tyreese. Not a violent one, just some of the group is going to want Rick out after his recent mental breakdown. And with Merle and Daryl, this adds another story arc to keep it interesting. Not a great episode but it felt like a necessary one to build to some more tense moments

  18. spolier — group gets united first 2 minutes; talk about feelings the next 58.

  19. I thought it was a great episode, it set it up for the episodes to come


    next episode great daryl come back with merle to prison as governor attacks prison as well as michonne and glenn come back too. Andrea also helps her old friends out over governor.

    • LOL

  20. Did anybody else notice the zombie peal back that metal from the wall and look inside the city? Interesting to think about.

    • Think about what? That was one of the zombies that was killed on the street after trying to eat that guy. They say they found the hole and patched it up. There’s not much to think about.

      • I think he meant that the zombies are intelligent enough to peel back the metal sheet to enter Woodbury. At least, that’s what I think. I could be wrong.

        • Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Could they possibly become more intelligent.

          • I have been thinking the same thing lately. What if the zombies become smart enough to fight back, pick up weapons, and plan attacks. I think that it would be truly thrilling. Of course, it would not be the Walking Dead, but just a thought.

  21. I have several crticisms of this episode and this seasons and this show.

    1. No hot chicks, as near as I can tell the hottest chicks used were zombies and that’s nasty I ain’t touchin no decomposin skankwad. There’s no ladies on this show, come on, dudes like me need some eye candy yo!

    2. This michonne chick neds to go she’s a liability, she uses a sword and is afraid to use a gun, typical female in an apocalypse. She’s gonna get everyone killed yo, I mean look what she did to the guvnah cuz she’s so accident prone. No one ever told her to not point that at anyone, and look what happened, somone lost a freakin eye!

    3. Lori needs to just die and go away, that two bit two timing skank cheated on rick and now she’s harrassing him. If he were smart he’d lock her up and throw her in a cell permanently on death row, they are in a jail and he is a cop! Screw justice, all cheaters should be given corporal punishment, and the fact that since she had the baby she just gets to go around and do whatever she wants is bad for the group and a bad role model for america!

    4. Carol’s hair looks stupid.

    5. Herschels daughters need to figure what age they are I can’t tell if they are minors or not, one episode they bare and. then the next its ok for them to have sex and get married and have babies. What the hell?! There’s no consistency on this show the writers need to decide what age these girls are so that I know whether or not its ok to call them hot chicks. Cuz their might be one if I knew their age and I might be able to retract number 1.

    6. Andrea is a dumb blonde who deserves to die. She almost shot daryl, she betryaed the group, she’s a traitor with a bad track record of bad decisions and not listening to whose in charge. Typical female right? Plus she has the balls to make u think she’s pretty from behind and then she turns around and is all psych I’m fugly not hot in your face!


    • Obvious trolling.

    • I wish I knew what 7.) was going to be. It’s going to eat at me now.

  22. ok ASL, then have you ever or would you wear a spandex or lycra morphsuit/zentai catsuit? if so what color, back or front zip, where do u want holes and do u want ur face covered

  23. I am totally ambivalent on Michonne…I like the character & concept, but the sword & technique REALLY piss me off. Firstly, it is the wrong kind of sword to wear the way she does (too long to draw /replace properly-notice you never see her sheathe it from the start…only “click” it in to the hilt -or tsuba, as is its name- when it’s already in 1/2-way?). Secondly, her form SUCKS (I reiterate point 1 by noting she at first draws from the bottom of the handle -or tsuka- with a thumb&index-fingy-only grip & the ONLY time so far I’ve seen her draw out of the sheathe from start-to-finish she changed to a more proper -albeit “choked-up” grip just beneath the tsuba, as it’s the only way you could possibly make it clear…and that’s WITH it hanging at a sloppy/loose angle off her shoulder). She also doesn’t get the entire “push-pull” technique that is the entire secret to using a katana (if you know it, you don’t even really need to move your arms at all & it’s lightning-quick. Also, when they were 1st discovered by the chopper wreck the angle she blocked at was RIDICULOUSLY extreme…nearly VERTICAL (as in “no, don’t cut off my head-just slash 1/2-way into my throat instead”… PARTICULARLY since she was kneeling-did she think she was defending against someone taking a nap/at an even LOWER angle?).

    Just saying (as a person who actually trains in sword technique/taught by my country/club’s former Shihan -”Technical Co-ordinator” & an 8th degree blackbelt-), whoever showed/choreographed the actress fumbled royally. Even the style is inconsistant/switches, but is still off-hell once (think when the girls reunited in Governor’s “study”) her sword was backwards (dull edge out) from start to finish. LOVE Michonne…HATE her instructor! I wince almost every time I see it…even her forward thrust or “tsuki/tsukimi” is wrong-let alone her grip~guess is why it’s T.V.

    • BlemishedNicely,

      While some of of your criticism is dead one, especially with where she carries the sword foe easy unsheathing, but I do have to disagree with her not having proper technique.

      For her to have proper technique would mean she had been properly trained before the Zombie Apocalypse. To me, she was completely untrained when the ZA started and everything she does and knows when it comes to using a sword is is self learned in just trying to survive and what she most likely had seen on TV and the movies before the world went to Hell.

      To me, the biggest problem is how she keeps her sword in condition. She never cleans it and never keeps it sharp By my account it should be fairly dull by now.

      • Very true, I suppose (I just assumed it was implied she was by how hung up/possessive she was on it-samurai/bushi do it & even believe some of their soul is in it…that’s why you never touch someone else’s, it’s a respect thing-& movie/”cultural” adaptation never really entered my mind to be honest) & in such case you could see the attachment being for a long, silent/deadly tool/weapon in the ZA. Good point-I admit the technique annoyed me enough I didn’t consider that-I also agree with maintenance (but left that out)-even her blood-flick to clear the blade is wrong…you are also only supposed to cut with the last 3 inches of the blade & she’s gone considerably farther down (which I guess could recirculate back to both your points-inexperience/adapted technique & this would totally show without maintenance…particularly since it’s been about a year from S2 end to S3 start). I guess I jumped to a conclusion in irritation before really thinking on training vs observation & totally agree on the blade’s “amazingly perfect” status/condition-both great points & thank you for them!
        (I STILL love the character…but likely it is my own proper formal training that gets me all butthurt on the form, lol! Done properly tho it wouldn’t read well on film either, I guess-it is seriously fast when you know how/do so, so that’s another thing to consider.)