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Danai Gurira Andrew Lincoln Vincent Ward Norman Reedus The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knockin The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

By virtue of the world losing much of its humanity, first introductions in The Walking Dead never seem to go very well. They’re difficult, because at any point the new face looking back at you may be the last one you’ll see, and so the world has become kill or be killed – whether the victim has a heartbeat or not.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has made it abundantly clear that meeting new people is not necessarily high on his ‘to do’ list – and that was before the group had stumbled upon the prison. It’s a terrible truth, but in this new world, a survivor is as much a threat to the wellbeing of the living as the reanimated corpses shuffling about.

‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ is a subtle nod to the episode’s theme of introductions in a hostile world. Michonne (Danai Gurira) greets the group with the same amount of apprehension they (Rick, mostly) have at her arrival. She could be walking right into another Woodbury situation, but that hole in her leg offers her little choice. Meanwhile, Rick seems intent on seeing how many walkers this stranger can dispose of before she’s overtaken, but Carl (Chandler Riggs) pulls the trigger on whether or not the group plans to help the sword-wielding stranger.

There’s a palpable tension in the air when Michonne crosses paths with the rest of the survivors for the first time, but the tension is at its highest when the camera reveals Daryl (Norman Reedus) pointing his crossbow at her head. For a split second, the audience is suddenly well aware just who Daryl’s brother is, and whether or not there’s enough of a family resemblance that Michonne would quickly put two-and-two together. More to the point, however, the concern is just how easily the group’s visitor located them, and who may still be after her.

This fear of outsiders and their potential to usurp power and resources – or, simply, their willingness to kill – is what drives men like Rick and the Governor (David Morrissey), but for very different reasons. The Governor displays legitimate concern that a group of (supposedly) ten people (who managed to clear a prison in the red zone, no less), may be headed toward Woodbury in search of their missing comrades. Rick, on the other hand, just wants to take his people back in one piece. Either way, there’s going to be one more major introduction before the midseason finale.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

Before that, however, Merle (Michael Rooker) and the Governor get acquainted and re-acquainted with Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) through a rather invasive approach. They’re prototypical bullies, and although one is a little better at hiding it than the other, the first move is to intimidate and belittle their captives in the hope that yields positive results. When it doesn’t, the Governor opts for putting them in a room together and making the threat about the other person’s survival. Maggie caves, proving how much Glenn means to her, but this only serves to illustrate just how dangerous relationships can be when others use them as a bargaining tool.

Given the position Glenn and Maggie find themselves in, it’s interesting how being a silent observer and loner has served Michonne. Through glower power alone, she had the Governor pegged almost from the get-go (though palling around with Merle is kind of like having a big black mark on your social resume), and despite Rick’s initially less-than-gentle approach, a brief glance at the way the group communicated when reunited with Carol (Melissa McBride) told her almost everything she needed to know about these new acquaintances.

In a way, Michonne is a lot like the shotgun-wielding loner the group stumbles across while being chased by walkers in the woods. It’d be safe to guess he survived this long in part because there wasn’t anyone for him to look after, anyone to compromise his well being but himself. We’ve seen plenty of this behavior in Michonne this season, but there’ve been hints she’s just looking for the place where she belongs. At this point, it could go either way for Michonne, but in the end, living in a world where first introductions often prove to be fatal, knowing someone’s got your back, and always having theirs may be the last vestige of humanity.

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

Various other items:

  • Did the first Woodbury sentry’s rifle barrel look slightly askew to anyone else?
  • That was awfully nice of Rick to have a legitimate conversation with his son before running off to rescue Glenn and Maggie. It was also good of him to be cool with whatever name Carl came up with for the baby, considering it could’ve been a lot worse than Judith.
  • Show of hands: Who wants to know what Milton’s (Dallas Roberts) next move would’ve been if the zombie Mr. Coleman raised his hand?

The Walking Dead will air its midseason finale next Sunday with ‘Made to Suffer’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview for the episode below:

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  1. You’d like them to go on break with some closure like last time with Sophia’s demise, but there’s just too much to put into one episode. It’ll have to end on some kind of cliff-hanger [unfortunately] I just dont see them tying up all those loose ends.I think it’s a safe bet Daryl meets up with Merl, but who knows how much screen-time that showdown will get? I’m hoping it’s a good mid-season finale, but I have a feeling we’re all going to be frustrated & angry come 10pm next week. :(

    • Hey, some people (like me) actually like cliff hangers (if done properly). Sometimes more so than mid-season closure. Doesn’t mean we’re all gonna be dissapointed. It can build suspense and make you even more interested and invested in the second half of the season.

      Mid-season for sason two was really good. But I think a cliff hanger could/will work ALOT better for what we have going on in this season.

  2. Tyrese Next Week !!!!

    • I am thinking he won’t be introduced until the Season finale

      • oooops, nevermind. Scratch that, LOL

    • Am I the only one who noticed Tyrese in episode 7? I only recognized him just from reading the news about the actor who would play him. But he shows up at the end, he’s one of the sentries on the wall and he’s carrying a bow and he walks off the wall into the town while Rick and them are sneaking around.

      • We’ve seen that man before and he’s not the actor rumored to play Tyrese, though he does look like him.

  3. Awesome!!! I can’t say it enough. We are back to action. I love character development and backstories, but I miss the action. I think all fans do when we go to long without any. Tonight had suspense, and it left me breathless for next Sunday. Two issues left me wondering, what the hello?

    1. Why did Rick not realize the connection between the blood, and I’m quite sure the smell, on Michonne as a possible deterrent to her being attacked while he decided if he would let her in? Michonne could have mentioned it, and then they could have covered themselves in it before heading to Woodbury, and that poor man would be alive.

    2. Why are they doing the “Curious Case Of M. Valdemir”? What could they possible hope to learn from this? Do they think that they can domesticate them? Please! The Gov may have an invested interest, but how would it benefit mankind. Do they have a magic wand that will instantly take away the walker’s arms and lower jaw? Like Andrea said,”there is nothing left of the person”, otherwise don’t you think that the walker him/her self would decide not to attack other living people?

    Other than the issues above, tonight was on point.

    • Regarding the zombie that the Woodbury doctor is trying to domesticate, it’s pretty much a throwback to George Romero’s “Day of the Dead,” in which the military doctor is trying to do the same thing.

      Anyway, I’m exicted because wars will be fought on two of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead (Rick’s group and the Governor) and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire (Nucky Thompson and Gyp Rosetti).

      As far as TWD goes,yes, some things will be revealed (at the mid-season finale last year, Sophia becoming a zombie was revealed) but it will probably be a cliffhanger. I’m willing to bet that Merle and Darryl meet in the last few seconds of the episode or one of them has to make a choice.

      The Governor will definitely not die in the MSF. There’s still too much to squeeze out of his character.

      Also, I wonder if they will save the Alexandria Safe Zone for the end of the episode. Perhaps that will be the setting of season 3?

      • Don’t know if this is a spoiler really but the Governor won’t die this season. Expect Season 3 & 4 to focus on Woodbury/Prison. I think Season 4 you might see then end of the Governor unless they change it up from the comics again. With the previews you can see that Daryl meets Merl with Daryl saying something about “That’s my brother”. I can guarantee there will be a cliffhanger for the MSF. Kirkman has hinted it’s going to be pretty awesome and wanting for more

    • Rick used the blood technique in the first season when he and glenn went for the vehicle, so he knows that walkers wont attack them if them smell dead. However water is not in vast amount these days so im guess getting covered in dead human remains is the last option any of them would use. But like u said it would have been useful, allowing them to stroll pass any walkers.

    • Rick probably did realise, especially seeing as he has used a dead zombie to cover himself and throw other walkers off his sense. The showrunners are banking on the fact that the audience are cever enough to figure out that Rick understands the zombies are not atatckeing her as she is covered in blood. Not like it needs to be spelt out.

  4. they either leave Judit behind locked up in a cell so she is safe from walkers,or hershel gets attacked by walkers or the ppl from woodbury, and kill hershel, so beth stays behind! this is where we hear carl say you hav to leave her (now maybe he is talking to hershel about beth (ecause of walkers or the Govorners men) or he is telling carol to leae Judith behind because she is locked up tight in a cell and will be safe from walkers….but not from the Gov. men! that cold be the GOV. leverag over rick! at somepoint!
    BUT I HAVE looed on a website that gives very good and up to date info nd after episode #8 season3 Hershel and Beth do not show up in any episode after that episode…so 2013 there are no credits to teir characters, but all the rest of the main ones are still credited n the next two ep 9 and #10 so this will kind of suck to lose beth and hershe but at somepoint they all gotta go, ALL EXCEPT DARYL< AND RICK AND MAGGIE, hopefully andrea sees who the GOV. actually is, and also Michonne ound penny THE GOV> daughter in a closet with a pillwcase over her head and was startingto help penny!!! SCREEN GES BLACK!! OH YEAH TYESSE is gonna be introduced, in thecomics he was ricks Right hand man, but NOW THAT IS DARYL….. and that better not change EVER daryl is the best character in the walking dead…………..HANDS DOWN

    • what?

  5. I can’t believe they didn’t mention anything about the encounter with the Governor and Maggie. Even though nothing happened, I think it’s a good foreshadowing of what is character is like and how similar he will be to his comic book counterpart. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

  6. Okay, so last week they botched the whole Who’s On The Phone angle & now this week they did so with the interrogation. I knew AMC would cop out. It’s one thing that they replaced Michonne with Maggie in that room but I should’ve known better. I’ll just say I wanted it to play out more true to the comic, as twisted as that might sound to some.

    All in all, it was a great episode. I’m so hyped for next week now but like someone said earlier, they can’t escape ending on a cliffhanger. Stupid half seasons! I hate how that’s the norm now. $$$$$$$$$

    • Although I agree with you on the phone one, I dont think Gov & Maggie was a cop out. It accomplished everything it needed to accomplish without becoming gratuitous or too extreme. I like the way the show is making the Governor more disturbed than deranged, as he was in the comics.
      He didn’t need to full on rape her to have her feel violated & low…especially with Glen in the next room; he had leverage he didn’t have with Michonne

  7. For all those that defended the glacial (and somewhat boring) pace of last season, asking what I was expecting…….THIS season’s action, interactions and pacing are what I wanted. this season proves you CAN have it all without being nothing but a zombie hack-n-slash fest.

    I do wish however they had spread out the phone calls over a few episodes instead of condensing them into a single shot so Rick had the time to “get his head right”. It would have been much more tense to know WE knew Rick was a bit off but the group didn’t.

  8. Well Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Governor and Merle are for sure safe. I REALLY hope Maggie and Glenn BOTH live. Herschel can go. I am starting to feel ba for him. Beth seems like she could be a bit of a badass but will most likely die. Sadly. Milton is ANNOYING! He needs to go! And Carol can go any time now….seriously. Unless they want to do the whole Tyreese, Michone, Carol love triangle.

  9. LOL…that was funny them throwing another live human being out the door for the zombies to eat I mean walkers…a little crazy the man in the bed dah…and what has he been doing all this time sleeping…where is the sheriff…lol. Was the dog eaten…how was he surviving…dah. Michone tell them about Merle…dah…no questions who took Maggie and Glen. All she heard was Andrea and Darly at Woodbury…memory lapse…no talking…she says I did not ask for your help…Michone you showed up at the prison gate with a basket full of formula…lol. Maggie take your top off and bra and she spills her guts for Glen…lucky nobody at the camp but poor baby and daddy with crutchs and sister and little Carl. So Glen is superman no bites..Andrea not walking around camp but sees only the Governor now..well we know what rules Andrea…lol. the walkers are really getting weak…we need to some blood spilled from the walkers now..it starts to look like a soap opera…Milton never seen anyone turn where is he from Mulberry…Andrea saves Milton with knife in head…come on that is weak…He has been around long enough to know walkers are deadly look at the heads in the tank…now it starting to look a little like to much is being left out…where is the daughter while Andrea and Governor getting it in…no grunts no banging on door from zombie daughter Michone heard it why not Andrea. Milton is a very very weak character totally unbelievable nerdy geek kind of guy who is not knowledgable about what work is doing so if Andrea had not been there he would be bitten by Mr. Coleman..LOL…plz…you losing me. So the governor or Merle did not want Glens leftovers…oh I forgot he has Andrea now. lol. I cant wait for them all to meet up with Andrea. Michone is acting weak…she killed countless zombies with Andrea all of sudden with Rick she cant even pull her sword.

    • dah…?? I think I have a brain tumor from reading that.

  10. I was really disappointed with the second season of “The Walking Dead’. Thank God, the show picked up in its third season and rejuvenated its grace. And especially the seventh episode aired recently was absolute fun. Every character has gone to some another level mounting the tensions of this horrifying series. I wish Merly was more objectionable but still whatever the script demanded, as always he did put his best foot forward. He handled the tasks set before him pretty well. Other way, Rick was losing his control as he encountered some odd unusual things. Now I can really expect something extraordinary from this show. Recent episodes have enlightened my lost expectations. Actually looking forward to next episodes.

  11. Personally as a big fan of both the comics and the TV show I thought this episode was strong but didnt have enough teeth. I agree that Maggie should have been raped (as Michone was in the comics) as a way to drive Glenn to spill the beans on the prison. Especially leading into the MSF I think its time we saw the Gov’s true character, and maybe we will next episode. What I’m expecting to see is Rick get captured. Lose his hand, and maybe escape. Which is where they’ll probably bring Tyresse in, as he can set them free. They will be in the prison till atleast season 4 MSF. I think the final episode this season will be the Governor’s first attempt at tacking the prison, which of course fails. He then returns a second time, this id suspect would be the MSF of season 4. but I have no base for that opinion other than thats how id do it. My biggest dissapointment of this season was that there was no serial killer in the jail. I know his role was kinda played out last season with that guy ratchet or something but still.

    • Please..a SPOILER WARNING when talking about things that might come from the comics would be appreciated !

      • What is so spoilerish about that?

        Based on what the Gov has said you KNOW he is going to the prison. You KNOW if he does it wont be with a welcome to the neighborhood basket.

        Now Rick losing his hand? With Merle losing his the logic is payback. I just dont see Rick losing his. The special effects/effort to make it look right I dont believe will work.

        Also the show is not following the books. So just cause it happens in the books does not mean it will happen in the show. However I do agree if (time wise) it hasnt happened in the books yet (Gov/Rick meeting) some discretion should be made.

        Maybe his first sentence about the Comics should have been an indicator?

  12. I had absolutely forgotten that neat little trick from season one. A friend of mine read my comment and refreshed my memory. Water should not be in short supply any longer. I thought T-Dog mention that they should be able to have plenty of water if they can keep walkers out of some water supply. Also, the group can be more mobile now.

    Granted, getting covered in zombie goo would not be high on anyone’s list, but you have a baby now. Her needs want wait. Go make as many supply runs as you need. Get things in bulk. Make the exposure count instead of these little quick pick up.

    Ammo! They keep saying they are short on it. Well, I don’t think the Gov is short on his supply. I don’t know that much about guns and such, but try to find a gun supply store. I know there still has to be ammo left, look how many zombies there are roaming about.

    The group passed a lake on there way to the prison. They can make water runs. If your zombie mess wears off, grab another one and cover up. I can’t believe that no one has wanted to venture out or try this trick again. I understand the Gov a little bit. He knows that you can’t get stuck in the entire “we have to hide and bury ourselves” mode that Rick and company are in. The same way that Carl acted restless at times, I know the adults have to be also. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way.

    • Do you know the bacteria that could reside in your local lakes, streams and rivers?

      Do you know if a pile of walker bodies are dumped in the lake weighted down as their family didnt want to see them floating around?

      In thought there is no way Michonne walked around with the goop on her in the heat without something dribbling into the wound……

      Do you know it has been over a year since Rick joined the group? No telling who looted what where.

      The first thing all those “good ole boys” (no offense) down in Atlanta did was go for weapons and ammo.

      I guess what im saying is Ricks group and the Gov group are not the only ones out there…. the tree no longer grows fruit when picked.

  13. Did anyone else notice a quick cameo by the actor who will be playing tyresse?

    • No. Where did you see that? In Woodbury?

    • He was coming off the wall after sentry duty… Well it looked that way.

      • That wasn’t tyreese. Just same hair style. Or it might have been tyreese , but not the actual actor who will be playing him next episode.

        • Hmmmm….I keep hearing that his character will be introduced in the Season finale. I hope they do introduce him next episode. That would be great

          • NO NO NO HE WILL BE INTRODUCED IN EPISODE #8 THAT IS DEC. 2 THATS NEXT WEEK. All you have to do is google it ow wikipedia it there are a million sources that have said he will be coming in the mid season finale

            • Ooooops, my bad

  14. I’m sorry, I’m going to get a lot of crap for this, but I want they baby to die…soon.
    Before you call me a twisted baby hater, hear me out: its because I’m getting REALLY stressed out worrying about her. When Merle took M&G and the formula was left, I almost had a panic attack. I can’t handle baby’s suffering and would rather they kill it off before I become so attached that it devastates me when she does eventually die.
    Understand, I mean the SHOW; not that I wouldn’t do anything & everything to protect a baby in real life!!!

  15. man glen was total bad ass killing a walker while being tied up to a chair and cant wait till next ep tyrese!!!!

  16. Good job Yeoman on your analysis short & insightful.

    Love Merle. The good/evil theme always works in most dramas & he has given the series a boost along with The Govenor.

    Anxious to see who blinks or makes the first mistake in the showdown between Rick & The Govenor. The Gov displayed first signs of fear in learning of the gang from the prison & he took that out on Maggie, only partially. But fear makes u do irrational things & I think the Gov may slip up.

    On the other hand Rick is more composed & calculating being a cop & all. He has had to make decisions like that his entire life. We still dont know how the Gov became Gov & what his credentials are.

    Sunday cant come early enough.

  17. Cannot wait for next week’s ep, this ep defiently had some suspense and can see the tension growing to a climatic conclusion.

  18. Anyone else notice that Dex was using the hammer weapon tyreese uses in the comics? I know tyreese is making his long-awaited appearance next episode so I thought it was funny.

  19. **comic book spoilers**
    I was legitimately afraid that Maggie would be subjected to the rape scene from the comic. 1, because that would be pretty hard to watch on TV (was already pretty hard to read in the comic when it was Michonne), but also 2, because Glenn was in the other room, just like in the comics, but with it being Maggie I have to imagine it would be about 1000 times worse to overhear that sort of torture and not be able to do anything about it, them being in a personal relationship and all. Well thank god they didn’t subject us to that horror, even if it would have been dynamite storytelling.

    • I am glad they did not do that for I was thinking the same thing that she was going to get raped.

    • AMC isn’t being as hardcore as they should. They should be showing every detail from the comics. I want to see it all.

  20. Somebody ought to put Merle out of his misery
    I find it very difficult to even look at him………..too bad the walkers did not get him when he was shackled up on the roof

    • What misery? He looks like he’s having a blast killing the living and walkers alike and being a bad @$$. “You hear that bird?” BAM!!

  21. The show is so country-fied, as in we have seen no city views since Atlanta, I think it was. So how is the rest of the world faring? There have to be more survivors. Too bad the phone call wasn’t real. Even finding that hoard of zombies, I assume they must have come from the town? Big group just roaming the forest. I just hope Andrea doesn’t side with her new bed mate, and re-join Rick’s group.

    • The show is set in the country for the most part because the general idea is that a huge city would be more overrun with zombies just due to the concentration of people. The majority of these types of stories establish that concept as part of the story, and from a financial standpoint it’s easier to shoot out in the middle of nowhere.

    • Eventually they go to DC in the comics, I imagine they’ll get there in the show sooner or later, but probably way later.

  22. Excellent episode last night,but i had a hard time debating with family and friends while watching it together about why michonne killed that poor cabin guy who was just minding his own business,granted its the Zombie Apocalypse but (1) they broke into his house (2) they disturbed his sleep(3)they outnumbered him.The man had every right to pull out his weapon,they could have just knocked him out and escaped through the back door. I guess that just shows how cold hearted michonne is!!!

  23. @ Romeo
    I’d say cold-hearted is a bit of a reach. Michonne did what was necessary. If the hermit opened the door, then they could have all been walker food as no one knew what/how many walkers were out back. Granted, he (the hermit) was disturbed and possibly could’ve been knocked out, but of course he wouldn’t shut up. Paranoid hermit who won’t shut up=walker bait/diversion to make a clean exit through the back.

  24. I tend to think the MSF will involve something along the lines of Herchel and company at the prison having a rough time of things at the expense of the Governors scouting party, and Rick’s group kicking ass in Woodbuy. One of the teasers for next weeks shows Rick unloading with an assault rifle and The Gov looking frankly scared shitless at whats going on. I’m guessing that Carl will be captured and that will be the leverage to get Rick to stand down and then we wait till March to see what happens.

  25. Truth be told, the pace of the story telling and character development drags in this series for a typical network show. In 7 episodes, we have not learned anything new and we’ve all been expecting the same things to happen.

    It’s hard to see a show with great background and concept being dragged out like this. I know many will not agree with this however you have to agree that a show suffers when the plot is predictable and the audience knows more than the characters as the writers drags to reveal the story to milk revenue.

    For an example, Andrea’s airtime has dramatically increases but this does us little to absolutely nothing. Inconsistency with her character had wasted us half of the season only to find out that she’s going to hook up with the Governor (what a shocker!!)

    If you compare the story telling pace and shock value provided on network series, Sunday shows such as Dexter, Homeland and B. Empire definitely is kicking AMC’s behind here.

  26. I think the Gov from the comics would have at least tortured Maggie and killed/mutilated Glenn.

    Keeping Glenn alive is a liability as he demonstrated that he could fight.

    Since Miles didn’t show a picture of the son of Mr. Coleman, could that have been his father and he lied about his story to Andrea?

    So was I the only one who saw Andrea realigned with Rick at the end of the preview?

  27. Anyone else noticed Maggie got to wash her hair before the governor came in?

  28. I forgot to add… nice how they foreshadowed the duct tape defense… Glenn would have been a Walker if not for that convenient restraint material.

  29. I never thought it but I like the governor…I can see why Andrea is so attracted to him there is something about him…the actor himself and the character…I dont read the comics…but he basically raped Maggie without even touching her..that scene was unique…first after Merle tried to kill Glen…the Governor said I got this and he walked in with that knife walked real slow…he got the walk…and he cut the tape with the knife like you would maybe think he would put it around her neck…no not the Governor…then he says may I sit..thank you…please stand up and she didnt but that look the second time he said stand up she knew to stand up…he commanded it without even blinking and then take your shirt off and she says no and he says I will bring glens hand in if you dont and she does then he says go on…then that slow walk and he smells her hair…she looks clean extra clean…and then how quickly her head hit that table and she says do what you want..he didnt need to he has Andrea…lol. Then he kisses on her head and hugs in front of Glen and she has her boobs out…LOL..superior…I like the Governor…we needed a new breath from Rick he was losing it at the prison…keep both of them bad and good…but not that bad he has the Governor has charisma…Rick needs to redeem himself and bring some of the human Rick back…maybe next Sunday. Cant wait…#1fan