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Danai Gurira Andrew Lincoln Vincent Ward Norman Reedus The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knockin The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

By virtue of the world losing much of its humanity, first introductions in The Walking Dead never seem to go very well. They’re difficult, because at any point the new face looking back at you may be the last one you’ll see, and so the world has become kill or be killed – whether the victim has a heartbeat or not.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has made it abundantly clear that meeting new people is not necessarily high on his ‘to do’ list – and that was before the group had stumbled upon the prison. It’s a terrible truth, but in this new world, a survivor is as much a threat to the wellbeing of the living as the reanimated corpses shuffling about.

‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ is a subtle nod to the episode’s theme of introductions in a hostile world. Michonne (Danai Gurira) greets the group with the same amount of apprehension they (Rick, mostly) have at her arrival. She could be walking right into another Woodbury situation, but that hole in her leg offers her little choice. Meanwhile, Rick seems intent on seeing how many walkers this stranger can dispose of before she’s overtaken, but Carl (Chandler Riggs) pulls the trigger on whether or not the group plans to help the sword-wielding stranger.

There’s a palpable tension in the air when Michonne crosses paths with the rest of the survivors for the first time, but the tension is at its highest when the camera reveals Daryl (Norman Reedus) pointing his crossbow at her head. For a split second, the audience is suddenly well aware just who Daryl’s brother is, and whether or not there’s enough of a family resemblance that Michonne would quickly put two-and-two together. More to the point, however, the concern is just how easily the group’s visitor located them, and who may still be after her.

This fear of outsiders and their potential to usurp power and resources – or, simply, their willingness to kill – is what drives men like Rick and the Governor (David Morrissey), but for very different reasons. The Governor displays legitimate concern that a group of (supposedly) ten people (who managed to clear a prison in the red zone, no less), may be headed toward Woodbury in search of their missing comrades. Rick, on the other hand, just wants to take his people back in one piece. Either way, there’s going to be one more major introduction before the midseason finale.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

Before that, however, Merle (Michael Rooker) and the Governor get acquainted and re-acquainted with Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) through a rather invasive approach. They’re prototypical bullies, and although one is a little better at hiding it than the other, the first move is to intimidate and belittle their captives in the hope that yields positive results. When it doesn’t, the Governor opts for putting them in a room together and making the threat about the other person’s survival. Maggie caves, proving how much Glenn means to her, but this only serves to illustrate just how dangerous relationships can be when others use them as a bargaining tool.

Given the position Glenn and Maggie find themselves in, it’s interesting how being a silent observer and loner has served Michonne. Through glower power alone, she had the Governor pegged almost from the get-go (though palling around with Merle is kind of like having a big black mark on your social resume), and despite Rick’s initially less-than-gentle approach, a brief glance at the way the group communicated when reunited with Carol (Melissa McBride) told her almost everything she needed to know about these new acquaintances.

In a way, Michonne is a lot like the shotgun-wielding loner the group stumbles across while being chased by walkers in the woods. It’d be safe to guess he survived this long in part because there wasn’t anyone for him to look after, anyone to compromise his well being but himself. We’ve seen plenty of this behavior in Michonne this season, but there’ve been hints she’s just looking for the place where she belongs. At this point, it could go either way for Michonne, but in the end, living in a world where first introductions often prove to be fatal, knowing someone’s got your back, and always having theirs may be the last vestige of humanity.

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 Review   Pleased to Meet You

Various other items:

  • Did the first Woodbury sentry’s rifle barrel look slightly askew to anyone else?
  • That was awfully nice of Rick to have a legitimate conversation with his son before running off to rescue Glenn and Maggie. It was also good of him to be cool with whatever name Carl came up with for the baby, considering it could’ve been a lot worse than Judith.
  • Show of hands: Who wants to know what Milton’s (Dallas Roberts) next move would’ve been if the zombie Mr. Coleman raised his hand?

The Walking Dead will air its midseason finale next Sunday with ‘Made to Suffer’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview for the episode below:

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  1. I loved that scene with the crazy old man in the woods. “I’m going to call the cops!” LMFAO Seriously, how did he survive for so long? I love how they turned him into walker bait.

    • I loved that they showed there were other survivors. My problem was that he hadn’t been found by Woodbury? He was only one or two miles from the town, I am sure after 10 months of ZA the folk at Woodbury would have had scouted that area at least once if not 2 or three times.

    • The show is the worst depiction of the comics I could never of imagined. I can’t believe how badly they messed up the story, it just gets worse every episode. Robert k should be ashamed of what he let his creation become, it disgusts me to see where they have taken the show. If you want a real story read the comics.

      • Its different from the comics except the major overall plots………

  2. This weeks episode was awesome….. However I am finding it a bit hard to digest that Andrea and Michonne could have spent the better part of a year together, and Andrea not mention Rick and the rest of the group. You’d think Michonne should have put one and one together by now, and figured out just who Rick and the gang is by now…..

  3. Hmm… good article Kevin Yeoman. You pretty much sumed up and adressed everything about the episode that I was thinking about 😀 If I was in Glenn`s shoes: As much as I care about Maggie and as good as they are together.After being abducted and tortured by Merle and nearly killed by a Walker. I probably would have regretted putting my gun down and letting Merle take us both…Because what I would have said to Merle when he had the gun on Maggie is this:

    Merle: Put your gun down Glenn or I`ll kill this b!tch.

    Glenn: No. You kill her, I kill you. I would die for that woman. I would kill for that woman. She means everything to me. But she means nothing to you. So what you have to ask yourself Merle. Is are you willing to die for her? Do you really want your last choice in this world to be to die for someone you just met? Let her go and you live. I won`t say it again…

    And I got to say The Walking Dead really is one of if not the most unpredictable shows on TV right now! The death of Lori but almost more so than that when Merle tried to kill Glenn with that Biter (as they call them in Woodbury) I thought it was a very inventive interrogation tactic. Hell, I probably would have caved on that one 😉 But then Merle actually did try to have the thing kill him! I was in a state of disbelief when it happened. I couldn`t believe Merle did that to someone he once knew. Who nevyr really did him any great wrong. I mean what kind of hatred and avarice must one have in thier heart to do something like that?! I haven`t read the comic, but I heard that Glenn dies in it. So that`s another thing that made this episode really intense for me. I like Glenn. The scence with him and the Walker and when they had a gun in his face. Was really nail -biting! I hope AMC decides to keep Glenn around just like HBO kept Lafayette alive even though he dies in the first True Blood book.

    Rick`s behavior also surprised me with how he just stood by like some cowardly self-concerned jackass bystanders do when someone is being attacked. Then Michonne is freely giving information and he starts torturing her and the others are ready to kill her when she fights him off. And then after things cool down he was ready to kick her out but give her a few supplies for the road. I can`t help but think about how similar Rick and Merle are in this episode:

    Merle was left handcuffed on a roof and Walkers were trying to get him. He leaves Glenn tied to a chair and sics a Walker on him.

    Rick pleaded with Hershel multiple times to let his group stay with them on the farm, but is himself ready to kick Michonne out of the prison before her leg has even had time to heal. Rick really pissed me off this episode… I went from wanting the Govenor to get his just comupence (since last weeks episode) to now wanting to see Rick Grimmes dethroned an Glenn becoming the new leader of the group.

    But after the episode aired I had some time to reflect more on what I just seen. And looking at things fron Ricks point of view. I can see how he might have thought Michonne was an enemy scout trying to get as many of them as she could to leave with her to “save Glenn & Maggie” leaving as few as possible remaining to defend the prison.

  4. The way Maggie gave up the location instantly once the gun was put to Glenn’s head frustrated the hell out of me. Glenn went through everything that he did, only to have Maggie throw it all away for nothing. She didn’t even wait for a countdown or a “last chance” or anything. I would have been HIGHLY frustrated as Glenn.