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Michael Rooker in The Walking Dead Hounded The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 6 Review – The Talking Cure

The Walking Dead has been doing such a good job of handling two or more different plotlines in different settings every week that it is almost disappointing to know the stories are nearly set to converge. On one hand, it would be interesting to just watch as these two storylines played out, almost like the people of Woodbury were characters in a spin-off series, but there’ll undoubtedly be some (hopefully) interesting conflict to erupt from the eventuality of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the Governor (David Morrissey) finding out about one another.

At any rate, ‘Hounded’ manages to balance three fairly major storylines, with a smaller (but no less impactful) bit featuring Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and the newly-welcomed Oscar (Vincent Ward), as they go skulking around the prison, clearing out walkers and basically listening to Daryl try and help Carl cope with what transpired during ‘Killer Within.’ The rest of the episode is spent watching Rick’s journey into brief, but seemingly therapeutic madness, while Michonne (Danai Gurira) hunts a group of Woodbury’s finest lead by Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). Elsewhere, Andrea (Laurie Holden) finally succumbs to the gravel-voiced charms of the Governor – admitting that she only feigned repulsion at the sight of Woodbury’s brutal games, and that, yes, a part of her is attracted to the “fighting” necessary to live in this new world.

While watching ‘Hounded,’ it became clear that Rick’s miraculous turnaround would be as inevitable as Merle bumping into and capturing Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) – who had to make another supply run on account of the newborn. Despite the utter neatness of it all, the phone calls Rick had been getting were handled with a surprising amount of finesse. In what can only be considered a good sign on behalf of the writers, Hershel (Scott Wilson) chose to say nothing when confronted with the fact that Rick had clearly gone off the deep end – and instead left the room when it was time to leave. Admittedly, there’re not a whole lot of conversational options left in the world of The Walking Dead; the writers are often stuck with having the characters talk about death, or endlessly spell out how disconcerting their situation is. So, during moments like this – or earlier in the season when it became evident that Hershel wasn’t going to die as a result of his walker bite and subsequent amputation – it’s nice to see that the writers understand saying nothing can also be a powerful and dramatic option.

Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead Hounded The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 6 Review – The Talking Cure

And as easy as Rick’s recovery was, from a storytelling point of view, it’s good to see the character is neither completely awash in madness and sorrow, nor is his stoicism such that he can remain unscathed by the passing of an individual from his group – even if it was someone as divisive as Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Once again, though, the person who understands that silence is golden and that a katana never runs low on ammo manages to steal the show. Michonne also discovers that a quick bath in walker viscera is as effective as her pets were, and that any enemy of Merle is likely a friend of hers. It may be something of a stretch to believe she could find the prison from what little clues Glenn and Maggie’s conversation held, but all that can be forgiven on account the lady knows how to make an entrance.

Given some of the dour intensity of the last two episodes, there was a lot of ground to cover in ‘Hounded.’ Thankfully, much like the improvements to some of the character’s dialogue (or lack thereof), it’s clear the writers have a firmer grasp on how to keep the pace of The Walking Dead as brisk as possible. This should help make the next two episodes before the midseason break rather interesting.

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead Hounded The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 6 Review – The Talking Cure

Highlights from the episode:

  • “I’m gonna keep calling you Neil, all right?”
  • Oscar is a man who clearly enjoys the finer things in life; things like second-hand slippers from a dead inmate.
  • Daryl is doing a better job of being a dad to Rick’s kids than Rick is. That being said, sharing the story of how he lost his mother seemed like something of an emotional gamble.
  • After a set-up, which looked like Daryl would have to deal with a zombie Carol (Melissa McBride), it was a treat for him (and the audience) to find her still alive. Considering everyone on the show exists primarily as zombie chow, or to go out in some other miserable fashion, it’s nice to see a life thought lost be reclaimed by the living.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. I hate Andrea, she’s like a child, completely self-absorbed and never thinking of the consequences to her actions. She justifies her existence by the fact that “she can shoot.” I wish I cared for her more because it would make more dramatic tension between her and the governor. As it stands I feel like she deserves whatever’s coming to her. Maybe that’s why they brought Glen and Maggie to the governor, so people would care if something happened there.

    • Completely agree!! I can not connect with her, i feel that if i knew her in the real world i would slap the crap out of her for being so stupid. I understand the world has gone to crap and the governor has a nice safe place, but he is completely nuts…and she cant see it! i really hope ninja girl makes a strong return and kills him.

      • Heck, my problem is not that he’s nuts or an obvious power-mongering psychopath, but that he’s just plain boring, uninteresting and smarmy. Merle is a far more engaging character and Lo!, he wasn’t even in the comics. So great job creating a character I enjoy watching. Obviously I hate him, but I’d rather hate him than be disinterested.

        • Merle is more like the Governor in the comics.

          The bad thing about having read the comics is the phone plotline lost its suspense. I remember reading it in the comics and thinking “Where are those people?” and getting sucked into it, whereas on the show, you kind of knew who it was. I was hoping the writers would twist it and have it actually be another group of survivors, but at least they wrapped it up in a single episode.

          I dunno about Merle being able to get the drop on both Glenn and Maggie… but I guess they are only good at dealing with walkers… not crazy live people.

          The Andrea character bothers me too… because she is different from her comic character, but if you ignore that canon, what she’s doing is logical based on her experience.

          • It really bothered me how Merle managed to take Glenn and Maggie. They had their guns trained on him the whole time, but then when it comes to actually using them to save their own lives, they just cower and dive for cover. It made no sense at all how it all happened, and I wish they would have been overtaken in a way that they had little to no chance to get out to make it more realistic.

    • I’m also disappointed by this portrayal of Andrea. Not much like the comic version and not very interesting to watch either. Even her decision to jump the wall and kill that zombie with a knife was ridiculously reckless. I’m not sure where the writers are going with her character, but it’s a sure bet it isn’t anything like the comics version.

      • I have yet to read any of the comics, just to save myself any possible aggravation. But the Andrea character in this television version has gone from being actively suicidal to trying to hard to prove herself and becoming crazy brave to the point of stupidity. She has been getting by this long and her new position will either keep her alive or get her killed horribly. In any case I can see her getting another character killed at some point this season.

    • For the longest time I thought Andrea was playing her own game with the Woodbury crew, but after this episode I think she might have been just as brainwashed as the rest. If she is up to something, then she has me fooled at this point.

      In terms of the longer show she’s always been a wild card, I’m not sure if they are going to retain that quality or not. It would be wise at some point in the season to have her character grow and figure out that her actions have much wider consequences. I personally think they’re setting her up to be the primary female lead ala Kate from Lost, so I don’t think she’ll be taken out anytime soon.

    • Same here. She’s just so naive and bitter. Yes she was forced to kill her sister but who hasn’t watched a love on die (or had to kill a loved one who has turned) at this point? It’s almost a right of passage in this show. I just wish she would freakin’ focus LOL

      • Andrea has been unstable since her sister died and she tried to kill herself, but at this point they have her written her character as just being a very stereotypical, weak willed woman. Her seeming jealously over Lori and Shane’s relationship and her willingness to take sloppy seconds is only magnified with this new arc putting her right into the arms of another sociopath.

        At least Michonne kicks ass and doesn’t bother taking names, hell Maggie and Carol are stronger female characters than Andrea at this point.

  2. Andrea has boobs though, thats important commodity in the zombie apocalypse.

    • We good sir think alike!

    • sorry my manhood would be wasted on andrea at all unless if i was stone cold drunk and high

  3. You know, I really wanted to give the Govener the ‘the benefit of the doubt’ after he killed those soldiers: I was able to see how it could have been justifiable. Maybe he was thinking about how the soldiers behaved in 28 Days Later lol.

    But sending four men to take out Michonne, for no real apparent reason, can not be justified… Did he think that her knowing where they live comprimised there security, I don`t know. But taking Glen & Maggie against thier will is the final straw for me. I can`t wait to see Rick take his ass down! And after witnessing Meryl do so much of the Governors dirty work. I`m kinda hoping Darryl kills him too. I thought Meryl was an ass, but I didn`t peg him for being a thug with no sense of honor whatsoever. He may care about his brother, but that`s not enough.

    I`m also really glad to see that the gang is going to be reunited. (Andrea and the others) .I wonder if Michonne is going to stay with Rick`s group. I hope she gives it a shot. I like her :D

    I wonder if the Govenor was ever really a good person. We all have a right to some privacy but like Glen, I hate secrets. “A secret” is just something a person doesn`t want anyone else to know that there doing on the side. I was upset with Rick for not telling the others about the phone call (but soon realized that he might have been imagining it) On another note I don`t think its fair how harsh the Governor`s decision to keep his zombified daughter around is being talked about on The Talking Dead.

    Everyone seems to forget that Herschel took care of his zombie wife and others. I didn’t find it to be all that creppy when the Govenor was brushing Penny`s hair. And he had her in a straight jacket so she (it) couldn`t attack him. The Governor has done alot of good things. Its tragic that he fails to see the bad things that he does and stop himself. Its clear that he has come to believe that ‘everything he does is right and just`. And a person with a mindset like that can be very dangerous and unpredictable.

    • What’s tragic is the inconsistent portrayal of the governor. As you said, he just doesn’t make any sense. He get’s pissed that Andrea jumped over the wall, but as you pointed out, he sends out 4 men to track down and kill one woman with a sword. That just makes no sense at all and was clearly just a cheap vehicle to get Merle reunited with the old group. I’m beginning to suspect that Merle may kill of the governor at some point and become the leader of the Woodbury community. He clearly has no real loyalty except to himself.

      • I’m inclined to agree with you Mark. I can see Merle’s bloodlust taking over and him just deciding that he’s a better leader and doesn’t have any emotions like Andrea getting in the way. I’m not sure what to think will happen when Merle finally does catch up with Darrel. But part of me thinks that after a quick reunion, they’ll discover they are both on opposite sides and we’ll have an epic redneck battle. I think Darrel has gotten past his loner ways and fully feels he’s an important part of the group.

        I’m also thinking that the prison and the Gov’s compound can’t be to far away from each other. Michone seemed to leave the store area where supplies were left and made it to the prison while it was still light outside. So I’m guessing a pretty epic battle will ensue by the end of the season.

        And Andrea deserves whatever is coming to her. I can’t relate to her at all, but understand the wishy-washy attitude.

        • It appears to me that Andrea is becoming happy with the relative security of Woodbury and heck, that’s completely understandable. And I can’t dismiss the sexual element because it’s only natural that people in such dire circumstances would use sex as both a stress relief and a way to feel normal again. It will be interesting to see where they go with this arc. Right now it seems unpredictable.

      • The governor killed a whole group of soldiers, I’m assuming, to prevent anyone coming in and taking control from him. He wont have anything threatening his community.

        Michonne not only threatened the govenor, she obviously knew some of what he was up to. He couldnt control her and couldnt risk her coming back, alone or with others. I think its definately plausible for the governor to react that way, sending men out to kill Michoone. Cant risk killing her in Woodbury and having Andrea find out. Might ruin his chances of getting in her pants.

  4. on another note did anyone notice how big the baby is compared from the last ep? also cant wait to see rick meet michone

  5. Andrea is just trying to survive in a world that’s gone to h###. I don’t like her character,but who knows what they would do in a situation like this. I would be scared to death all the time,so if I happened on a place that gave me a feeling of being safe, I would probably do the same. I hope she comes to her senses soon, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Babs, i think that’s pronounced H-E-double hockey sticks. :D

      Yeah, i think what she’s feeling is the saftey aspect combined with human nature, but I think it’s gonna all backfire on her when she discovers the dark side the Gov has hidden.

  6. One aspect of Woodbury that the writers have largely ignored is the attitudes and mindset of the people who live there. Anyone who isn’t an armed guard type. I would think some of those people would want to talk to Andrea and ask her how she was able to survive for so long. We’ve only met a few people outside the Governor and his henchmen. How did they get there? How long have they been there? Are they suspicious of the governor?

  7. I love this site. That’s all for today.

  8. The woman with her father’s competition bow made me think of Romero’s DoftD.

    “The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it. “

  9. I’ve said this somewhere before but I love the contrasts and comparisons between rick and the governor. I’ll summarize it, as usually I tend to get in to this topic and spend twenty minutes talking about it.

    I know some of us comic fans already have a certain opinion of the governor, but let’s try and erase that opinion and look at the show as a completely separate saga. We saw how quick Rick decided to kill or exile the prisoners, and we saw how The Governor was extremely eager to wipe out the squad of soldiers. We’ve been behind Rick since the beginning of his story, and yet we’re coming in halfway-to-late in The Governor’s. So are we maybe seeing the process in which makes a man like The Gov’? Just some food for thought.

  10. I am glad they are finally starting to get back to some of the main plot points of the comics. I thought they were just going to use the settings that progress throughout the comics once they started changing some major events. However, it looks pretty promising that they are going to implement some of the darker aspects of the comics, even though they have (so far) glossed over them (for example Lori’s death).

  11. Yeah its good….. but sorry the writing is starting to go down hill. I think we are starting to see what happens when you lose the people that made season one (even if it was not comic related) so good.

    It seems like stuff is rushed. Michonne for one and now Ricks descent into madness. Sorry they needed to drag that out for at least two episodes. It just appears he is all better after less than a day.

    Merle, Glenn and Maggie scene seemed just as forced as a way to get Michonne to the prison. Let me guess she tracked the truck back to the prison? I dont recall Maggie or Glenn mentioning the prison and seing as they arrived in a vehicle my first thought would be pretty far away.

    Yet Michonne shows up carrying baby formula like little red riding hood.

    Daryl….. I could see if you KNEW Carol was in there as a walker however why the debate in looking there? Carol could make no ‘human’ type noises? Even shave and a haircut knock on the door to let someone know a human was in there?

    Even not following the comics they (writers?) are getting sloppy and seem to be throwng as much as they can into eah episode.

    They need to SLOW down a bit. Everything does not have to be addressed in one episode.

    • You guys forget that Michonne was a lawyer before this all happened. It would be pretty simple for them to explain that she knew about the prison because of her job as a lawyer.

      ofc in the comics she pretty much stumbled onto the prison (alone) for the first time.

        • Well thats why I said I dont recall if they mentioned the prison. I dont (limited memory) remember them saying prison.

          Tracker? I thought she was a lawyer, Darryl is the tracker and Michonne (unless they change it) has never been a tracker.


          Again I dont believe (again I could be wrong) they mentioned prison. If so Merle should have also heard them as he was closer.

          It all just feels ‘rushed’.

          • I understand that if you watch it just once you might not quite catch everything…I download it on my computer and then watch it on my TV and I may watch a few times a day…lol. I have never read the comics which gives me another point of view I guess…but yes she was wounded and covered in Walker blood hiding behind the van and overheard everything that Glen and Maggie were saying and saw Maggie drop the formula when Merle ambushed her. I think I remember one time before Dale died saying that Andrea was a lawyer something like that before the dead started walking…maybe everything is being rushed if they are going by the comics they cant fit everything into the series…pretty soon the show will end again this season hopefully another will be next year…last season it was 13 or 14 episodes we are at six now half way. Still a lot to look forward to…Carol and Daryl…the baby…Merle and Daryl…the Governor and Rick…Andrea and the Governor and her old group…which will she show loyality to…the group never left her…they thought she was dead. No way she can keep with the Governor with Glen and Maggie being tortured next door to her once she finds out and Michonne the zena warrior now…no way she can stay with him after she finds out they tried to kill her she kept Andrea alive for 8 months. The new black guy is mute…lol and Axel what happened to him no show…I like his character he seems innocent but hopefully he is a nut too…lol just for the fun of it. Poor Carl needs to have a girlfriend this kid is just to serious for me…killed his mom so she would not turn…I remember when Carl was trying to open the can of dog food to eat and Rick took it away…typical growing boy just wants to eat.

          • They did mention the prison, at one point maggie says about the newborn baby, stating that it could do with some toys growing up in a prison, and tells Glenn to pick up the duck, so Micronesia must have just tracked them back to the prison that way

          • Maggie mentioned the prison when she told Glenn to pick up the duck for the baby. She said,”a child growing up in a prison ought to have some toys.” Just because Maggie and Glenn arrived in a truck, doesn’t mean that the prison is far away. They needed the truck for the supply run. Who knows what all they might find while out.

  12. Last nights episode was great, but my wife was bored with it. It’s tough with a show like this to keep the publics approving attention. The show, by it’s very nature, is so full of images and scenes that can very easily desensitize the viewer into wanting only suspense, killing, and carnage that you think the episodes without it fail and aren’t as interesting. A lot of important things happened this episode which paves the way for what is going to be some amazing episodes down the line.

  13. I know that this show is great and do enjoy watching but for some reason no matter how hard I try I just don’t find the show as interesting as everyone else does.

    I think that the main problem is not the story but the characters. Its really hard to relate to these characters, aside from Rick imo. I think that the main problem is that the show is too focused on delivering an excellent storyline (which they undoubtedly have) that they kind of put character development on the backburner. I mean what did we know about T-Dog’s character before he died, i.e. what was his life before the virus broke out, what kind of a person was he, etc. I really didn’t know anything about him so to me I really didnt care about his death.

    Even Daryll, what do we really know about him? We know he has a bros thats nuts and something bad happened to his mom, thats it. I feel that if the writers want us to care, they need to really add some character origins into the episode.

    • Maybe they need JJ Abrams to write some flashback episodes.

      I also feel there is some back story we are missing and it could explain their current motivations… but in something like a Zombie Apoc… the only real motivation is to survive (although sometimes I question if one would really want to survive in that type of world).

  14. People really should stop hating on Andrea so much, I understand where shes coming from. Think about it she just spent months on the run going from place to place while she was on the verge of death in the wilderness and a whole world of undead monsters trying to rip her limb from limb. Then out of the blue there is a safe, comfortable (seemingly) friendly society with a pretty hot guy who is interested in her (the chick wasn’t gettin any for months mind you). So yeah I’m not so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon with Andrea. So its understandable that she doesn’t want to go back to that life, where as Michonne on the other hand is a born survivor and she thrives in her type of environment and needs to be around other scrappy survivors like Rick’s group to truly feel safe. And why are you blaming her for being interested in the Governor? I read the comics I know hes a psychopath but he hasn’t given any indication to Andrea that hes crazy, she has no idea. So quit hatin on the poor girl.

    • I concur…I probably do the same thing….

    • Thank you!! Finally, someone who realizes that given Andrea’s situation we would all probably do the same. I can’t say it better. As the viewer, we are given inside looks into these characters at Woodbury. No one walks around with warning labels following them reading: psycho who keeps dead daughter in closet, man looking for revenge, brainwashed and overeager men at the beckon call of the Gov. Sure, Andrea may sense that things are not completely right, but look around, what is right anymore? Short of anyone from her old group being hurt by the Gov, I don’t see her leaving, and this is just an assumption. Who knows how she will react to the safety of Woodbury being threatened? In Woodbury, she gets to be First Lady!

  15. I dont know why so many feel the need to complain. The show is simply great and last nights episode very good! It all works for me!

    • I agree, such a great show and what is better? I’m reading the comics at the moment and am pretty much in synch with the tv show. It amazes me how much better the tv show is. The comic Governor is just a caricature, I find the tv Governor much more interesting.

      Daryl’s reveal about his mother is also giving us insight into Merle. I think one of the big points about this episode was showing us how unhinged and dangerous Merle is. I agree that a confrontation between Merle and the Governor is likely (maybe when Michonne shows up with her head attached to her body) and I think Daryl is going to be forced to choose between his real family and his adopted family.

  16. Best part of the episode, Merle backing down from Michonne. He was all “Screw this, that ninja chick is cray-cray”. Big, bad Merle backing down, who would have thought that possible.

    But how did Glen and Maggie let themselves be captured by Merle? They had two guns on him, no way he should have been able to take them hostage. Glenn should have bust a cap in Merle’s face the moment he reached for that gun. Its the ZA, no time to hesitate. I fear what will be in store for poor Maggie and Glen.

    • IMO the best part was when michonne took that guys head off with the katana LOL,the governors mack game was pretty tight too ” we live today then die tomorrow” then she says “i don’t plan on dying” then he asys “no one does it just happens”. The governor made a big mistake sleeping with andrea ( but i don’t blame him ) Andrea’s a fighter too, she just has her own method of surviving.

    • I’m so with you on this. Both Glenn and Maggie had guns drawn down on Merle. Heck, we even saw Maggie stab her semi-automatic pistol at Merle.

      Yet neither got off a shot? How could Maggie not fire? She couldn’t miss from that short distance. Assuming they have all been shootin’ and stabbin’ zombies for eight months, that scene is totally not believable.

      I mean, from now on, if either one of them points a gun at a person, it’s just a waste of film — why bother having two guns, cocked, locked, zeroed-in on a person, and then fail to even squeeze off a single round? Blah.

      I’m sorry that my first post here (I’ve been lurking for months) is a negative thought, because TWD is one of my all-time favorite shows. I just do not like obviously-contrived, unrealistic scenes there explicitly for the purpose of setting up something later. (Like Carl not shooting the walker in the creek — so that the walker can eat one of their crew later).

      Here’s to a great series that keeps getting better every year!

    • Well, when it comes to the showdown between Glen/Maggie vs Merle, and How Merle got the drop on both,. Think about,

      GLEN: Hey Daryl.

      DARYL: Yeah.

      GLEN: Maggie and I came across Merle today getting Baby formula.

      DARYL: My brother? You found my brother. Where is he? How is he?

      GLEN: We killed him.

      Maggie didn’t imeadietly fire for Glen knew Merle.

      Glen didn’t fire because he didn’t want Daryl to go against the group. He was trying to find a solution that would protect the group and hopefully keep Daryl with the group.

      And that was what gave Merle tyhe advantage to take Maggie knowing that would get Glen to fall in line.

      • Well… they already know that Merle has bad intentions.

        And if they did shoot him, why should they tell Darryl? It’s not like they are the only ones out there… he could have been shot by anyone (oh yeah… Glenn can’t keep secrets… hehe).

        I dunno… in a Z world… you got to be like Rick… anyone can be a threat, esp if your significant other is at risk.

      • @Wailwulf: Okay, that’s a decent counter-argument. Rational. Well-thought-out. But I still think that everyone out of 100 people in their situation would have squeezed off a shot, even if in reaction to being fired upon themselves. Neither Glenn or Maggie were probably going through a decision-tree thought process.

        I think that Michonne would have backed-up Glenn’s story, too.

        And another thought…why didn’t Merelle demand that they go to find Daryl immediately once he had the truck and two hostages? He has to figure that they are close-by? I mean, Merelle’s first words are “Where is my bro’?” but then he doesn’t follow-up on it? Weird.

        That whole scene is contrived to set up the conflicts of the next couple of episodes. Grrrrr.

    • It is a big difference knowingly shooting a live human being and a walker.

      Yes we can all talk ‘tough’ but when it comes to taking a life some can and some cant or some need to learn before they ever do.

      I know I know everyone here would have combat rolled fird a shot and got Merle right between the eyes before he even moved. But thats real life and this is a TV show so thats why NICE people like Glen and Maggie find it hard to take a human life.

  17. favorite part was michone coming to the fence, cannot wait for next week’s ep just hope they do not kill glenn or rape the hell out of maggie

  18. Could it be that Rick is still in a coma after all, and that Lorie is actually by his bedside urging him to wake up, and that phone call is his Brian’s way of interpreting it?

    • Rick wakes up at the hospital and the doctors say “It was all just a bad dream.”


  19. why no more Dexter recaps?

  20. That would be funny as hello if it were all just a product of his being in a coma. I laughed so hard when I read that comment.