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Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Say the Word The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5 Review – Fun & Games

The Walking Dead needed to step back and take a breather after the events of last week’s ‘Killer Within‘ – if for no other reason than to allow the losses suffered by Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group a chance to be addressed. There’s still plenty to be done in the episode, though; Andrea (Laurie Holden) tries to convince Michonne (Danai Gurira) that her fears about the Governor (David Morrissey) and Woodbury are unfounded, while everyone back at the prison rallies together to make things safer while keeping their new ray of hope from being extinguished.

Warning – Stop Reading Now if you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead!

The most intriguing aspect of ‘Say the Word’ is the strikingly silent Rick, who has splintered off from the group to perhaps find some closure in his wife’s sudden death. Rick wanders the cellblock, delivering second-deathblows to anything that shuffles toward him, and at one point even tosses Glenn (Steven Yeun) aside with little more compassion than he has shown the walkers. It’s likely because this is Rick that we’re talking about, and the loss he’s suffered is a major one, but his decent into (temporary?) madness is one of the more convincing looks into grief and loss that The Walking Dead has managed to convey in any season so far. It also does a nice job of exposing the emotional fragility of a man who has lost so much for a group of people who have, at one time or another, doubted his ability to keep them safe. It’s a daunting task and the burden has clearly taken its toll.

While the focus is really on Rick and the Governor, there’s quite a bit going on in ‘Say The Word’ – like Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) on the search for baby formula, and Glenn admitting to Hershel (Scott Wilson) that he wished they’d killed all the prisoners at first glance. He even says this within earshot of Oscar (Vincent Ward) and Axel (Lew Temple), who’re helping out by digging graves for those who were lost last episode. (On that note, it looks as though the survivors are counting Carol (Melissa McBride) among the casualties, but there’s something fishy about her disappearance, so it might be too soon to count her out just yet.)

What lies at the core of the episode is the growing comparison between Rick and the Governor – since they’re both just “trying to do right by the people [they] care about.” As a result, Rick seems well on his way to complete psychosis, while Michonne (courtesy of the increasingly crazy notes she finds) becomes convinced that the Governor is, by now, fixed firmly in his own lunacy – a fact that was well established by Phillip’s need to keep around a wall of fish tanks filled with human heads and a zombified daughter whose hair he still takes the time to brush. While Michonne required little evidence to encourage her to leave, it took more convincing for Andrea to look past the apparent safety and security of Woodbury and see what kind of world the Governor is building. And now it may be too late for her to leave it all behind.

There’s an underlying menace to both men right now; one has seemingly lost control, while one has given over to his insanity, and in doing so, managed to seize a great deal of control. It’s hard to tell which one is more dangerous at the moment, but judging from the fact that he pals around with Merle (Michael Rooker) and considers walkers a viable addition to some already lowbrow entertainment, the early money may be on the Governor.

Once we find out just who is on the phone with Rick, though, it might be time to adjust our bets.

Laurie Holden David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Say the Word The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5 Review – Fun & Games

Highlights from the episode:

  • Daryl never misses an opportunity to shoot dinner.
  • I guess we know where the CGI budget for Michonne’s pets went.
  • Michonne may not speak much, but when she does, it’s little nuggets of wisdom like: “People with nothing to hide don’t usually feel the need to say so.”
  • “She’s all personality, that one.”
  • Bite-proofing sleeves with duct tape is a post-zombpocalypse Mythbusters episode in the making.
  • For some reason, Skynyrd seems like the appropriate choice for some pre-zombie games.

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Hounded’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. Quick with the phone

    in the comics it happens kinda quick too but thats also after the prison when he’s a lot more deserted.

    • While having not read the comics, but fairly aware of their story line, I felt the phone was too quick. It should come later’ It is as if the show’s producers took the criticism of going too slow in S2 are now going too fast in S3.

      And then if the producers had waited until the end of s3, having the phone ring and Rick picks it up and the voice from the comic is on the other end would have made a great twist to end the season on.

      • POSSIBLE SPOILERS*******

        The phone being to quick. You have to remember in the books they left the prison and Rick passed out for a day or so. He was out of it and really didnt do anything but lay there.

        Of course its hard to tell how much time passes…. gah let me grab the comics…. sec!

        Ok by my estimate Rick is ‘out’ for a good 3 days. After Lori dies they strike out, Rick gets sick and passes out for a few days. After that he seems well again standing outside with Carl he hears something runs back inside and answers the phone.

        My assumption is they didnt want to lay Rick out for any episodes (of course they could have slowed it a bit with that) so they let him ‘snap’ when he did.

        • The phone thing was an extreamly interesting part of the comics. But it didn’t happen in the comics untill just after they left the prison. I guess since they stepped up Lori’s death sooner than they did in the comics it makes perfect sense to have this happen sooner as well.

          But what are they gonna do if/when they pick up the show for another season? I mean (Ahem **SPOILERS** from here on) they seem to be moving pretty fast with the prison plot, so there is a slight chance they could move into the stuff that happens afterwards and traveling to the safe zone and that guy who claims to know why everything is happening is interesting and all (and major enough its likley they will still include those plot points even with all the changes narrative wise). But the phone thing was an intresting thread through it all.

          So are they just gonna drag that out? What other stuff could they do/change to give the narrative more depth and emotion like that? And what about the stuff with the canibles from later on? Any thoughts?

      • I completely agree. I have read all the comics so far and i think they are going way too fast.

  2. If you’re reading the Comments section, do you really need a SPOILER ALERT?

    This whole situation with Carol has me puzzled. Not puzzled in, is she or isn’t she dead but the way it’s being written. Darryl finds her headpiece next to T-Dog’s half-eaten body and just accepts that she’s dead, too? No body, no blood, no nothing? Not Darryl. He’d be hunting her or her corpse down. So then what did they bury out in the field? 3 graves and by the looks of it only T-Dog’s corpse was recovered. So what did they bury in Carol’s grave? Or in Laurie’s for that matter?
    Look, I understand the writers wanting to give us some suspense and all but I think they got a little lazy here. The audience didn’t see Carol die so she’s not dead. If Merle isn’t the classic case of that then how about Andrew in just the previous episode? Screams behind a door in Episode two do not mean the annoying little minority convict is dead. And finding a main character’s head wear next to T-Dog’s corpse does not a dead Carol make.
    Oh, and now there’s a preview of Darryl finding Carol’s knife? Holy cow! I wonder what THAT could mean! I guess the never-bit, doesn’t have a corpse in the grave main character might still be hanging on! Quick Darryl! You have to find her! :/

    Honestly, weren’t you just waiting to see a baby walker in a crib at that daycare center?

    • I agree, the writing has gotten lazy and predictable, and honestly lame. These are very silly, daytime drama sort of plot devices and the audience and the source material deserve better.

      Actually, I thought a lone survivor at the daycare would have been more interesting. A child, perhaps. But no, we get a stupid fake scare with a possum. Very, very, very lame. Can you say 1980’s slasher lame?

      • Now THAT would have been lazy cheap writing. A child survives in a zombie apocalypse for over a year living out of a daycare? That is a terrible, cheesy 70s tv thought. Horrible. That wasn’t where the action was anyway. ANd it wouldn’t have been scary if there was a zombie in there anyway. Both of them were prepared for it.
        Criminey. This season’s been zombie bloodbath front to back so far. One issue, not even mentioned later or played up with a possum is what gets you riled?

    • well first of all Lori’s body was completely eaten by a walker(the one rick stabs this episode) that’s why they had an empty grave for Lorie so it’s not that far fetched that maybe the walkers eat all of Carol too.

      also just wonder : did adding in that the convict was a minority have to do with anything or were you just throwing that out there

      • There’s absolutely no way that zombie ate every scrap of Lori. No way. Good point on the two empty graves, though. He dug them and filled them even before we knew whether Rick was coming out with Lori’s body? And why dig the hole in the first place if you’re just going to fill it in in three minutes?

    • “minority convict”? very poor choice of words

      • Ah, didn’t mean to offend with the ‘minority convict’ quip. That went back to a previous thought line I had in which I realized that the majority of the convict survivors were minorities. 3 blacks, 1 latino and then the scared little white guy. Got into an argument with myself if that was accurate prison percentages and then argued that in a real-world situation like that the odds of Lil Whitey being alive 8 months later were verrrrrrrrrry slim.

        It just all seemed contrived and at the same time cliche.

        No offense intended.

    • This bugged me too as I was wondering who they berried as T-dog was big but 3 graves is a bit excessive. Just thinking about it though may be they mistook some half eaten remains for Carol.

      I’m still stuck as to what’s in Lori’s grave though as I thought she got eaten by the zombie with the munchies.

  3. OK, I’ll be the first today. Yet again, disappointment is setting in on this season. At least this season the problem is not a lack of plot movement and action, but there are still significant problems. The writers/director seem not to know what to do with the characters when they are not in a zombie killing spree. The slower character scenes are aimless and dull. The suspense, if any, is forced and unconvincing.

    One example: Michonne’s presence at Woodbury is intended to be tense and suspenseful and the Governor’s character is intended to appear dark and devious. Neither of these work at all. Michonne hardly seems to be in danger and comes off as unnecessarily suspicious and nosy, while the Governor just seems smug, a bit evasive, but hardly dangerous. At worst, the whole woodbury scene is creepy because of it’s seeming normalcy yet the citizens enjoy the brutality of the “gladiator” event. All of this comes straight from the comics, but somehow it doesn’t translate accurately on the screen. Woodbury doesn’t seem to be a desperate place, but rather a surreal wonderland. The Governor says the people need and enjoy the gladiator entertainment, but there’s no real acting that demonstrates that. And it’s hardly convincing to see families with kids enjoying such a beastly show. Ruffians, perhaps, but not families. Even Andrea is turned off, but a dad and his young son sitting nearby seem to be having fun, which is baloney.

    My biggest complaint is the actor playing the Governor, who I think is completely wrong. At first I thought this direction might be interesting, but so far it has been anything but that. In a word, he’s boring. Merle is far more interesting and entertaining and in retrospect, it’s Merle who should have played the part of the Governor. At least we already knew he was a jackass with a propensity for violence. So this seems like an instance where sticking to the source material is actually hurting the show.

    My final complaint is the near total lack of development of characters like Glenn and Daryl. Nearly everyone has been sacrificed at the expense of developing the Governor and Michonne, both of whom have been complete disappointments. So far I give this season a B-.

    • I always wanted Merle to be the Gov. It seemed to be setup when he lost his hand due to Rick….. payback….

      I dont see the reason why he couldnt have stumbled on a group that saveshim only having him in turn setup the town as we knwo it from the books.

      I was never a fan of the ‘new’ Gov although at elast it is a little different.

      • Merle is too stupid to be the Governor.

        • You obviously haven’t read the comics. :-)

          • Read em all. The Governor was insane, not stupid. Merle could never wield the leadership to be the Gov.

            • I disagree. The Governor in the comics was nuts, but he was equally stupid. He concocted dumb plans and made dumb mistakes in the assault on the prison. He also chose idiots as his lieutenants. His lack of empathy was his greatest strength.

              I don’t know if the book, Rise of the Governor, is considered cannon or not, but that book described how the Governor came to power in Woodbury and it was all about brutality. Had next to nothing to do with intelligence or cunning.


      • Some people don’t need to read this forum.

      • That’s a completely invalid retort. And writing in all caps makes you just sound sort of bananas.
        Wow, this sandwich I bought at the store sure sucks…”WHY DON’T YOU GO WORK THERE AND MAKE A SANDWICH YOURSELF THEN!>!> YOU STILL EAT THE SANDWICH, STUPID! HAR DE HAR HAR!!!” That’s just not sound criticism.

        I do agree, though, that we should wait it out on the Governor. Is he really supposed to be evil? Or are we just expecting him to be?

    • Well i dont know what society and/or culture youre living in but the zombie gladiator arena would absolutely be enjoyed by the masses in tht situation. Look at the things humans entertain themselves with now in this supposedly “civilized” nation of ours.

      • WWE? 😀

      • Well, I could see people enjoying watching people kill the zombies, but watching men fight each other brutally while (supposedly) exposing themselves to zombie bites is a bit much. I doubt it would have broad appeal, though some people would appreciate it. Obviously Andrea was turned off by it.

        • I agree. The way the town is painted so far, it looks very quaint and needfully quiet, people living in a bubble that could break. A loud, gladiator style event would seem contrary to their ‘humanity’ displayed to each other and counter productive to living under the radar of the zombie hordes. The Governor would have some hard selling of such an event, if his idea, and depending on the makeup of the town folks, a less than enthusiastic crowd, unless we’re not seeing all of the people, just the hardcore. I don’t think the games makes the civilians any more prepared to deal with a walker assault, maybe too cocky, but again, what’s the town folks backstory …

    • Read the comics!

  4. YES!!!

    Was excited to hear the phone ring. Was happy to see Penny. Was happy to see the ‘arena’.

    Was happy to Michonne go and hope she gets eaten. Sorry I dont know if it is the way she is written or the actress herself. I just dont like the character and or the way it is portrayed/acted. To much brooding. To much assumption. They need to delve into her past to explain why she is so untrusting of this scenerio. Sorry it is still the best thing going, caged zombies or not. She has nothing else to go on except for her imagination (even though she may be right) which makes her dangerous.

    Think of it this way. What if the Govenor is only a little off his rocker? While it strange he keeps Penny around it SEEMS the doctir is working on somehing? Could be thought a cure? A way to sate the walkers hunger? etc.

    Even though we know he completely batty Mich really has nothing to go on.

    I dont believe Axel and Oscar were in earshot. I hope not. It gives them reason to not trust the group (or at the least Glenn).

    A sated walker after eating? Thought that was fairly out of place considering Loris body was completely missing and the only indication was that one walker…..

    The sleeves are a kevlar based weave…. 😀 I dont think it was all duct tape it looked more like the underside of the blue tarps which are pretty strong and you can get them in varying degrees of strength/thickness.

    As seen in the preview for next week Carols knife is found hinting she was not buried yet a hole was dug?

    Also Ricks glossed over blank look when speaking to Herschel is just amazing. I hope he dcides to sneak off with Carl…… just for a day or two at least to find himself and allow Carl to grow. Like the books.


    Overall great episode.

    • Michonne notices a lot of small things that tip her off. She knew something was up with the army convoy that came back riddled with bullet holes. She’s noticed the Governor’s sly insistence on things – often masked as easy-going attitude.

      The portrayal is pretty much spot on in terms of who Michonne is in the comics. Maybe you just don’t care for the character?

      • I love the Michonne character. She also noticed I think the bag of guns from those army guys in the Governors house. I think some people are just able to tell if someone is an okay person or if someone is just acting a little off. It’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to Rick & CO once she meets up with them

        • Again though what was it that set her off in the first place?

          As Andrea stated the town is what they have been looking for. What was the intial thing to make Michonne so untrusting?

          I dont recall anything to happen or make her doubt the town/Gov.

          I guess what im saying is a catalyst for her not to trust if they found something they have been looking for over the last 8 months.

          Everything she has found she found by snooping around because she doesnt trust. However after taking them in, patching them up, seeing the town in the day with other happy people, etc what sets her off?

          Its to good to be true? Please. It is but it was explained how it as done the sacrafices they made. The viligence the show…..

          Again it has never been shown (that I rememeber).

          • I didn’t understand why the circumstances of their transport to Woodbury wasn’t explored. Clearly, they were blindfolded, but was there a struggle? Where they beaten up? Were they offered sanctuary or forced to go? This would have been good to explore and could have explained a lot. Again, these are big mistakes the director is making.

          • Aknot,

            What set Michone off is they took her weapons and refused to give them back. Her sword is her security blanket, it has kept her alive for so long, without it she is most likely afraid of her own survival.

            She is not only “not allowed” to carry the sword in town, but is also “not allowed” to have them in her and Andrea’s quarters. Her survival is dependent on those in power, not herself. And that was the start of her complete distrust of the Gov and Woodbury. I am sure she would distrust anyone she first meets, and when you distrust someone, it is easier to find reasons to distrust then to trust.

            To Mark:

            I feel Michone and Andrea were given no chice but to go to Woodbury. Merel made them disarm and took them to the Gov at the helicopter. I am sure they were not given a choice.

            • And how does that equate to something “fishy”?

              Sorry it was explained. You are new to our town. We dont know you. We will provide you with sanctuary however we wont allow you to carry weapons.

              If you want to leave we will give you back your weapons.

              I find that very reasonable and if she had such a problem with her not being able to carry her weapon she should have left. She was never threatend nor did the town ever feel threatened.

              Again that is no reason to DISTRUST them. Not like them? Not want to stay cause you cant abide by the rules? Sure. However the word distrust would never come into play with the way they have been treated and have seen others (in town) treated.

              No reason to snoop around. She knows where her sword has been since day one. She was given a choice. Stay without your weapon or go with your weapon and supplies.

              Sorry even knowing what I know about the Gov he has been nothing but a cordial host in the presence of Michonne.

              • I think given the circumstances of a zombie world and all the hardships people would find it hard to trust other people at first(Rick trusting the 2 guys in the bar season 2, the inmates this season). She seemed like one of those loner type of people but also remember last episode she discovered blood on the equipment brought back from those army guys. I think she noticed the pilot wasn’t around, added with the blood on the vehicle, her possibly seeing walker Penny through the window. Is the writing perfect? Not at all but it’s pretty darn good

              • Seriously, even without ever meeting Merle before anyone can tell he is about as trust worthy as one of the Walkers. A lot of it is probably being done for exposition, but just looking at what happened with that one rogue prisoner Rick didn’t kill one has to assume that strangers are to be scrutinized a lot in this zombie world.

                • I concur. Even more reason if you are bringing people into your fold you should remove their weapons. The Gov is only doing what Rick would do. Setting rules based on what he thinks is best for his ‘town’.

                  Remember people everything the Gov has told Mich and Andrea has been true (on the surface).

                  There are schools, kids, “jobs”, security, etc.

                  Its not like Michonne and the Gov are the only two. The Gov has shown a positive track record. What has crazy eyed lady with a pig sticker shown?

                  I would hate to have my young child walk down the same street as her. 😉

            • I agree that’s likely how it happened, but I sure would have liked to see it.

              • @Mark,

                What would you be referring to?

      • Bullet holes can be explained as they were over taken with a heard. They ere not fully trained military (no offense to anyone) they were weekend warriors. They easily panicked.

        Of course no one was there so the Governor just assumed what happened.

        Curious? Possibly but take into consideration what the Gov has done with the town at the point? The question would be why dont you trust him? She has no reason to not trust him from the get go. They are aken in and taken care of.

        No it is not (pretty spot on like the books) since Michonne never played Sherlock Holmes in the books. She was quiet but she was still very trusting of the group. She even hands over her katana to Rick.

        Sorry again why was she not trusting of the Gov on TV as she was of Rick in the books? They both provided the same thing.

        I cared for the character in the books. This is not the character from the books.

        • Totally agree, Aknot. The way the whole Woodbury/Governor introduction has been changed from the comics, it has placed Michonne in a very different set of circumstances. I think this was a mistake on the director’s part because A) the governor does not have the motivation of compelling them to reveal the whereabouts of there companions and supplies. B) the governor has not resorted to torturing them and Michonne’s suspicions are misplaced and forced. And 3) Andrea is just annoying at this point. I truly miss the Andrea of the books. This one is a shallow impostor.

          • Even so if they gave a reason for Michonne to doubt I would not have a problem.

            However nothing should have set her off. Even the killing of the Copter people was explained. They were dead/dying he did what he had to do.

            It appears she was thrown in to make the comic readers happy without really fleshing her out. So far this whole season could have done without her.

            Have Andrea ‘found’ and brought back to town by Merle.

            Have Michonne show up at the prison.

            Have us see the Gov through Andreas trusting eyes as her opinion slowly crumbles as she sees the Gov morph.

            Have Michonne gain the trust of the group at the prison.

            Mix the town and the prison.

            Kill Lori.

            Same idea as the books just portrayed differently.

            They just seem to be rushing things now…….

            • I have not read the Comics, so am not clear on Michone’s entry into Rick’s group, but did she have a choice to hand her weapon over and enter? Michone was not given that choice in Woodbury. She was taken and disarmed, and then told she could not get a weapon unless she left.

              What surprised me about Michone’s leaving is, if they were blindfolded on the trip to Woodbury, why wasn’t she blindfolded and given a ride out?

              • I will check (have all of them at home)

                I beleive she was told give the weapon or leave much like the Gov her trust needs to be gained.

                Also later in the books POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                She is given the same choice however after a bit she is allowed to at least keep the weapon where she sleeps.

              • As promised…


                When Michonne arrives EVEN after saving one of the Group Ricks answer to her coming in is and I quote:

                Rick: If you’re willing to give up all your weapons and be locked in your cell at night– you’re welcome to stay.

                After one of the inmates run off….

                Rick to Michonne: Still Want in?
                Michonne: You been out there recently? F*** Yeah.

                So she was never like she is in the show. She understands the need for support and help. Had no issue giving up her weapon AND being locked in a cell. In the show its the Hilton compared to the books.

                Here in the show she is just made as some tough girl with a constant scowl.

                • Aknot,

                  The big difference between what happened with the Gov and Michonne and in the comics between Rick and Michonne is in the show Michonne was not given a choice.

                  You can tell by how Andrea acted when they were brought in that they did not have a choice in the matter in being taken to Woodbury.

                  They were basically captured, weapons taken. 1st thing Michonne wants is her weapons. Answer is “No, not if you are staying hear.” Michonne basically said give them to me and we will leave and again rebuffed with a “Not now, it’s night.” She had no option or say in the matter except to listen to the Gov.

                  Whereas with your example :
                  Rick: If you’re willing to give up all your weapons and be locked in your cell at night– you’re welcome to stay.

                  Michonne is given a choice. Hand over the weapons and be locked in a cell at night for the groups safety, or keep moving on. She at least had a choice in the matter. There wasn’t one with Woodbury, and for her, that was enough to not trust the governor.

                  • But (and I see your point) not enough to be so… nosey.

                    I could see if they walked into town the way it all went and there were no women. Or no kids, or no one over 20, or something that would set off bells and whistles.

                    Also Andrea fainted in the woods. They felt responsible to take her for care. I mean she was sick…. she did faint. So they took her as obviously she needed help, and they helped her. Used medical supplies that could have been better used for a townsperson.

                    Michonne came along to be with Andrea we dont know if she was forced or given the option to come. However they took Andrea to care for her. (well thats what was presented)

                    So again there is nothing in my mind that the Gov has shown to Michonne that he is a bad person that should be spied on.

                    There is nothing that has happened that should set off bells and whistles to make Michonne skeptic of anything other than what has been presented to her.

                    Dont get me wrong we know the Gov is a bad man not to be trifled with…. however Andrea and Michonne have no reason to think other than the poop he has shoveled them.

                    Sorry given the circumstance I would be happy as a clam if I had been walking around fighting for my life for 8 months only to be kidnapped and taken to a paradise such as that. Where they only ask me to pull my weight and surrender my weapons while in the confines of the city.

                    Would I get caught with my pants down…. well knowing what I know I guess I would considering the TV Gov is a bit more polished than the book Gov.

            • I agree, and it makes me dislike Michonne upfront, because her ‘feelings’ seemed unjustified from the start and placing people at odds/risk. It’s the zombie apocalypse and you’ve been given safe haven, it must be bad . . . ~much better to be on the zombie roads makes little sense without a bigger tip to motivations such as a deeper line of feeling naked without her weapon or a similar past experience. All I see is a pouting glare on her face that I imagine she’s had since childhood.

        • The point about the bullet holes, as Michone said, was that walkers/biters don’t shoot guns… so why do the trucks have bullet holes… they wouldn’t have shot at their own trucks.

          It seems they are setting up some type of Lori mystery… but what did Carl shoot? And yes… I agree that Carol is probably alive. If they stick to the comics, we know who is on the other end of that phone call.

          As for the Governer… I think it’s interesting that they went a little different. I found the families enjoying the “entertainment” a bit strange too… the “staged” comment was a twist since in the comics that wasn’t how the fights were.

          On a side note, I caught the end of The Mist on SyFy yesterday and noticed that many of the actors in it are also on TWD… then I wiki’ed it and found out that the director is the same guy… it was weird seeing Dale younger and without his beard.

          • How did Michonne know those bullets came from something other than a soldier(s) pooping his pants as his caravan was over run by walkers?

            Some young kid (no offense to any young kids) or heck some veteran having bad flash backs and just losing it while carrying a fully loaded automatic weapon.

            Sorry with all everyone has seen and all that has happened (think CDC with all the military around yet they failed) whats so suspicious about that?

  5. Oh and on another note. When they were approaching the school/day care…..

    As they opened the fence and it panned around……

    All I could think of was Fear The Hunters…….. I hope this is incorporated at some point.

    • Good Lord. Can we wait a while for that? They just introduced Penny AND the telephone and they haven’t even met the Guv yet. That should be next season at the VERY least.

      • Good Lord did you read what I wrote…?

        When I saw something it made me think of a storyline in the books. I than state I hope they incorporate it at some point….

        Good Lord did I say next episode? Good Lord did I say this season?

        No I just said it made me think of a storyline and I hope they incorporate it at some point…..

        Good Lord.

        • There is really no need to be such an a jerk about that comment. I understand what you said, the poster obviously misunderstood, and I do agree with you, but that was uncalled for.

          • Im happy though you agree with me.

        • Whoa. Settle down. Wasn’t rolling my eyes at ya, I was saying please let’s not throw everything from the comics into season 3. The last two episodes have been pretty heavy!

          But I do want to see the Hunters later. Don’t get me wrong.

          • I concur. That episode did pile alot of the books’ mythology into one episode. To the point where I almost think they’re going too fast. It’s almost like the show is saying ” Hey. You’re worried about us leaving all this stuff out. Here, here you go. Now stop armchair quarterbacking and give us the benefit of the doubt for a couple of eps, would ya?”

            And I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on Woodbury at this point.

    • I thought the same thing! Too soon but something reminded me of that.

  6. Damn you fanboys always gotta complain about something. It’s amazing. Stop being so critical. Just sit back and enjoy for once.

    • If you don’t like hearing people discuss a show they they value and care about, then I suggest you stop reading.

  7. So far it was a great episode. Rick going dark, the phone ringing, Penny. Yes, the take on the Governor is different but I think it’s still entertaining. It’s only been 5 episodes and soo far this is the most entertained I’ve been in this series. I love it. Keep up the good work

    • Michonne has a dark, nutty side as well, but so far that’s not been revealed. At this point it would help make her character more interesting.

      • I think its funny that some fanboys just want death, blood and gore. As the show moved away from that and into the realm of art by having symbolism and more character development the show got better. listen to critics of the show and you will see that more people are liking the new direction of the show. So to those fanBOYS who just want zombie snuff, please i invite you to look someplace else. Some of us actually like the symbolism and meaning the show now has.

        • What are you talking about? The fanboys aren’t complaining about a lack of death, blood and gore – there’s more than enough at that.

          All of the complaints above are dealing with everything else in the show – particularly how certain characters and storylines are being handled. At least get your facts straight before being a pretentious twat.

        • I don’t think your perception is accurate. Fans of the comic mostly want to see a quality show and not merely a duplication of the books. Good drama is good drama and often times this show fails to produce good drama for a wide range of writing and cinematic reasons, all of which we gladly point out. If you don’t share those opinions, then its fair to debate it. What isn’t fair are over-generalizations.

  8. Did Morgan ever cross your mind when the phone rang? :-)

    • No. My wife who never read the books asked “how is the phone ringing?”

      Which would be nmy first question if I never read he books.

      • My wife and daughter insisted that I tell them what was going on, despite my protest.

        • ha! I tease my wife for a bit. But eventually told her.

  9. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as last week’s, which was brilliant. Several things were way off including, as someone mentioned, the 3 graves that were dug but only one body (T-dog) was recovered. What was placed in the other 2 graves?

    Also, we are supposed to believe that 1 walker consumed Lori’s entire body with nothing left over, no bones or anything. That was pretty ridiculous. 2 walkers were
    still chomping on T-Dog when Rick & Daryl found him.


    found him.

    • Did it ever cross anyones mind that the grave Glenn dug initially was for T-Dog and when he hesitated as the prisoners asked to help, he thought I could have the prisoners dig their own graves…..

      He pauses and says “Dig Two more” then Glenn walks over to Hershel, he expresses how he wished the prisoners were all killed on their first meeting.

      Was i the only one who thought that?

      • I will say that I didn’t think that, and wouldn’t have ever.

  10. The whole thing with carol disappearing and everyone just assumes shes dead is the one thing so far this season that gets me most.
    Woodbury being “Innocent with a dark side” i can get past that. The gov being “Smile while he stabs you in the back” rather than a raving psycho I can get past.
    We are essentially watching the characters in an alternate dimension with similarities to the books. But when when we have just full on HUH? moments like daryl putting the flower down and accepting carols death like that got to me.
    Rick with the phone was def abit quick for me. Give it a week until you think he is sane and then ring ring.. hes not fully..
    I also didnt like that they already had penny with no teeth and the walkers in the area with no teeth.. they were suppose to be a threat still but “we do it for show. Its rigged”.. nope sorry.. I wanted to see some raving rednecks screaming “we want blood!”
    Are we also to believe that zombie ate all of lori’s bones and skull also?
    I say bring lori as a half eaten crawler back like the crawler in the pilot episode.
    But ill get over it. Carols “death” nope.

  11. To continue my thought, my phone is acting funny….

    All of a sudden the baby is cleaned off, Maggie doesn’t have any blood on her hands, etc. Whereas last episode seemed realistic, this one seemed far fetched and corny. I fear the best days of the show are gone, eventhough I really hope thats not the case.

    I cared about Rick & Lori. The drama between Rick, Lori & Shane was the major storyline I cared about. When Shane died I still found the Rick & Lori dynamic compelling, but now with Lori gone I’m just not feeling it. I think they killed her off way too soon. There is no relationship left that interests me. Glenn & Maggie are boring. I have no interest whatsoever in Andrea & the Governor. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t think the show will be as good.

  12. Im amazed anyone can say anything bad about this show at all. We now live in a time were people want every moment to be mindblowing. This show is now the best thing on TV.

  13. Rather than nitpick the hell out of everything, I just want to say I love this series. I haven’t been this invested into a TV show since Smallville. One thing I can say is that this show has just gone to a whole new level for me with the addition of the baby. Anytime the newest member of the group is shown I just want to clutch my 8-month-old son and not let him go. Point being… this show has done very well in keeping things so human. At least in my eyes. I haven’t read the comics yet so I have no basis for comparison, but perhaps that is exactly what is making this so rewarding for me.

  14. Also… I was hoping for a toddler biter/walker in that daycare scene. if anyone has read Adrian’s Undead Diary… you were expecting it.

  15. Can we get a spin off or a web series that is just Daryl going on runs and taking care of the baby?
    I’m so glad Michonne has finally left Woodbury. I didn’t have any real problems with the storyline but it would have become a bit tedious if she just continued to walk around looking suspicious. I’m just excited to see the two groups come together. That’s going to be some pretty great stuff and I think we will be seeing a few more characters get killed off.
    Phone’s ringing, I gotta go. 😉

  16. daryls da best “little ass kicker” haha

  17. Did it ever cross anyones mind that the grave Glenn dug initially was for T-Dog and when he hesitated as the prisoners asked to help, he thought I could have the prisoners dig their own graves…..

    He pauses and says “Dig Two more” then Glenn walks over to Hershel, he expresses how he wished the prisoners were all killed on their first meeting.

    Was i the only one who thought that?

  18. This episode wasn’t mindblowing, but it’s only natural given the previous episode was so intense. It would be impossible to continue down that road without it becoming too unnatural. Giving us a breather was a healthy choice in terms of protecting the The Walking Dead’s longevity on screen.

    It looks as if a lot is going to happen in the next episode. A mystery phone call, Daryl beginning to look into Carol’s mysterious disappearance, etcetera. I’m looking forward to it for sure.

  19. Ah yes… props to Daryl for being the one to take care of the baby… not only did he go out and find the formula, he also fed it to her… what a dichotomy… hard to believe him and Merle are brothers.

  20. bullet pointing because I’m lazy today……

    – As much as I thought last season had a glacial pace, I do agree with others that the pace here needs to be slowed down a bit. I would have preferred thinking the Governor was “normal” until say the 3rd episode and then they would start to introduce the head tanks, zombie daughter, etc.

    – Carol is alive. My theory as to why she just didn’t rejoin the group was she has gotten cornered or say trapped in a room) and has to be rescued. That’s all that makes sense because otherwise she should have easily found her way back…unless she is dead.

    – Lori being eaten entirely was just a bit too over top. She might have been lithe but you cannot cram 80lbs of meat into a human stomach. Then there are the bones and that is not something a zombie would eat….it’s all about the flesh. There should have been a fair amount of skeletal remains.

    – I find Michonne to be an irritating character. She started off cool but all she has done around town is walked around perpetually suspicious and showing it. She is like the worlds worst spy. If she had a bit more guile and played along while then covertly sneaking around it would feel more believable. And why the Governor hasn’t assigned a couple of people to at least watch here 24/7 is just poor judgement and bad writing.

    I do enjoy this season much more but it unfortunately suffers from a few issues.

  21. The only complaint in this sea of bitching that I find reasonable is the easy acceptance of Carol’s death by Daryl.

  22. Did you guys noticing something visually not right regarding Merle? Maybe because budget constrain. I keep noticing Merle amputated hand (amputated at wrist point), yet the contraption that wrapping around it keep showing the same length with his other “normal” hand. Whereas it should be positioned at wrist point, which mean at least a dozen inch shorter.
    That kinda throw me away a bit from the suspense. I even noticing an unintentional “blooper” on one scene in Ep03, when Andrea having a conversation with Merle in infirmary, & Merle showing her his amputated hand. Right when he is about to put the contraption back on his hand, i swear i’m seeing his “supposed to be” amputated hand was back to normal, as i can see his clenching fingers on it. It looks like a bad fx on some B-movie rather than a primetime tv series. Sorry for being nitpicky, but i’m kinda bothered by seemingly lack of small details on post production.
    What do you guys think?

    • Well, for practicality purposes, that arm “extension” for holding his knife just happens to be the same length as his normal arm/hand and he wears it all the time. This is an often used trick because removing it post production would be expensive considering how much Merle appears in the show right now. If he played a smaller role I’m sure they would CGI it out but it’s a budgetary limitation.

      You can either have lot Merle with a cheesy prosthetic or a lot less of him with no hand. I choose the former because I really like the character.

  23. I’m pretty convinced that the only reason they didn’t totally show Lori dying now is because they want to give some air of mystery to the phone calls. I’m also pretty sure we won’t recognize the voice at first.

    I’m also pretty convinced that Kirkman is an evil genius and he’ll do something completely different than the comics in regards to the telephone (maybe Lori will tell him where Carol is hiding!).

    But in any case, Carol isn’t dead. There wasn’t even a hint of her dying in the last episode or this one, not even really any allusions to it.

    • Please for the love of all that is holy, do NOT pull another Sophia on us. I swear if thee groups spends the next 5 episodes looking for her and she turns up a zombie, I’m gonna go all Michonne on ’em :)

      • What you are going to walk around all day with a scowl on your face that would frighten small children and little dogs? 😉

        • oh funny, FUNNY!….but it would of course be the batsh*t crazed zombie killer part 😀

  24. I am a Fan and I don’t read the comics and never intend to…I enjoy the show very much am glad is on for us to watch and make comments. But counting minorities come on for Christ Sake it is just a show designed in a Horror format…I have been a horror fan since I was a kid…the Night of the Living Dead the beginning for the younger ones..LOL. I am Stephen Kings number one fan (the king) dont ruin for everyone I will not post on here anymore because it is a bit to serious for a (horror)TV show..you almost want to say get a Life…let people who dont read the comics enjoy it…we have the right to say whatever but come on lets not take away from the show..entertainment. To me the Governor is crazy but he made a nice town out of a nightmare situation…give him that…he loves his daughter who is slowly rotting away…pulling the teeth a genious keeps from biting you…but they can scratch so why is the gladiator contest so close to the nails…they can still scratch. Andrea wants love in this crazy world of zombies cant blame her and a drink…she needs to stick with her buddy but she prefers male compainship cant blame her. I think Carol is alive because a scarf fell off running from zombies…I mean were are they coming from locked up in the prison all this time running around? Lori everyone hated I did to because of the Shane and Rick conflict. My feelings is look she was the wife of a cop think about it…a cops wife is or can be well uppity we might say. She thought her husband was dead they fell in love…a woman in love with two men. Shane just went crazy with the virus is all and wanted to take Ricks family away. What would you do. Look at Rick now crazy from the love of his wife not even thinking about his kids. Phone rings come back to reality rick and go take care of your kids. Daryl a daddy go figure…his brother is crazy he belongs with the zombies hanging out with them he so comfortable. We needed to see some normal living in this crazy world. Herschel survives with one leg and he seems to be replacing Dale for Glen. Name the baby Sophia…Carl loved Sophia and I did to she was so innocently killed and that look when she came out of that barn….we all searched for her we all hoped she would be alive. One of the saddest and Lori puttin her childs life before hers was excellent to redeem her. What I find funny is the new trucks at the prison is this 2012 zombies right cause the trucks are…lol. They needed that possum to eat what do they eat basically nothing…Daryl cooked a good meal for them I guess. Michonne is a little over the top but she can reel a sword. She reminds of Wonder Woman…the hair not so great for me since I am African American I would like her to be a little more giving about who she is. Remember I dont read the comics…I am just a fan that is enjoying this show very much. I luvvv the makeup…they are amazing talented people working on the show and acting…I luv Ricks accent amazing how he can change to american accent. Like bill in true blood. Horror at its finest. I really wanted Rick to find Lori for closure…imagine a zombie eating your whole wife…ugggh…he was so full he looked seven months pregnant he could not move rick stuck the gun so far down his throat…and he wanted lol to cut Lori out but no luck huh…wonderful. I am sure the comics is great to read but I have not read comics since I was a kid. I am glad it doesnt go exactly like the comment their would be no suspense…the best part. Holding your breath waiting for the next scare. Isnt that what horror is about…number one Horror Fan!!

    • The funny thing is the show/comic is not really about “horror” in the Mr. King sense.

      It is more about the people and the drama that ensues when the world they are use to goes away and is replaced with something they have never (remember this is a world that does not know the “Zombie” concept) had to deal with before.

      Are there ‘scares’? Sure, however the dead are easily delt with. Its the live ones you have to always worry about………. ….

  25. Michonne = Eww. Samurai sword wielding black person is an incredibly stupid idea. Please do soon cause I’m tired of having to turn to another channel when you are on you ugly bish 😉 She is the lamest character on the show next to Glenn. Also glad T – Dog is dead. Another s***** character.

  26. I have not read the comics and have never been on here before but i just wanted to share my thoughts about what happened before the phone rang…
    Did any one else hear a baby crying just before the phone rang in the room with rick? My first thought was she had twins inside her and they left one behind! Does this seem possible to any one else? Also there has to be a twist on Lori one walker could not have consumed her that fast. What are other peoples views on this?seem

  27. I have not read the comics and have never been on here before but i just wanted to share my thoughts about what happened before the phone rang…
    Did any one else hear a baby crying just before the phone rang in the room with rick? My first thought was she had twins inside her and they left one behind! Does this seem possible to any one else? Also there has to be a twist on Lori one walker could not have consumed her that fast. What are other peoples views on this?

    • Well you would think the walker would go after a live/warm moving sound making baby than dead Lori.

      Im not an expert by any mean with regards to child birth but I dont believe the infant/new born would have the strength to crawl out of Lori.

  28. Maybe i know its far fetched but one twin died inside her and munched its way out then when Lori becomes a zombie her mothering instincts come through and she the zombie mother cares for her zombie baby. Lol i know i have a vivid imagination but this would be a cool story line. ..

  29. Maybe i know its far fetched but one twin died inside her and munched its way out of her then when Lori becomes a zombie her mothering instincts come through and she the zombie mother cares for her zombie baby. Lol i know i have a vivid imagination but this would be a cool story line. ..

    • Sorry for the repeats having problems loading comments was not done intentional.