‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 4: ‘Killer Within’ Recap

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Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Killer Within The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within Recap

As the producers of The Walking Dead established before season 3 hit the air, the living would begin to pose a more immediate threat to Rick and those following him than the walkers, and they’ve certainly proved that with ‘Killer Within.’ And that’s a good thing. As much as everyone seems to love the fictional landscape that zombies create, as far as actual characters go, they’re rather one-note. Human interaction beyond the bickering group dynamic – even if it’s as brief as the reappearance of the presumed-dead Andrew (Markice Moore) finding some way to use the undead as a weapon – is something of a welcome sight.

Given what happens as a result, it’s no wonder then that the distrust Rick feels toward those who walk with a spring in their step has been fairly well documented this season. Rick’s as quick to send a man down the road, as he is to bury a machete in his head. Each act having the same result: One less potential killer to worry about, and one more reason for Rick to convince himself the group is closer to securing a place where they can successfully start over. But as much as Rick is comfortable assuming the worst in others, he really mustn’t assume anything when it comes to the living. They’re just as ruthless as he is.

So, while the group takes a few minutes to celebrate Hershel (Scott Wilson) making his way around the yard, Rick has to make another decision regarding the fate of Axel (Lew Temple) and Oscar (Vincent Ward). Turns out neither man is too keen on staying in their cell block with a bunch of dead bodies, and they’d like to join up with the fine folks who’ve taken over C Block. T-Dog (IronE Singleton) believes the men could be of some use and (finally) speaks his mind, which is too bad considering the fate that awaits him. But in what turns out to add insult to eventual life-ending injury, after all this time barely having any lines at all, T-Dog at long last shares something with the rest of the group and Rick blows him off. Perhaps that’s the new harbinger of doom for the series.

Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs The Walking Dead Killer Within The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within Recap

If that’s the case, then considering how taciturn and generally uncommunicative Michonne (Danai Gurira) is, it may be in her best interest never to cross paths with Rick and suddenly have an opinion on how things should go. At any rate, she’s still dealing with getting the newly smitten Andrea (Laurie Holden) away from Woodbury, but the Governor/Phillip (David Morrissey) is just so darned convincing and congenial (he has booze!) that Andrea just can’t seem to tear herself away from his quaint little township – even if Merle (Michael Rooker) is counted amongst its citizens. Besides, with a winning vote of confidence from Merle, the Governor is now A-OK in Andrea’s book. And before we question what madness this is that Andrea is seeking opinions on matters of another man’s character from a guy like Merle, let’s keep in mind her post-walker-slaying tryst with Shane last season. In any case, Andrea’s apparently harboring just the teensiest bit ill-will toward her former group for losing track of her during the fracas at Hershel’s farm, and likely figuring them for dead, offers up its location to the consistently ill-tempered redneck – because she know just how much Daryl (Norman Reedus) means to the guy.

Meanwhile, prior to finding out that Andrea would like to hang around Woodbury for a couple more days before heading off to the coast in search of a lifetime of uncertainty, Michonne pokes around the vehicles the Governor brought back from his little excursion during ‘Walk With Me,’ and comes to the conclusion that the time to get out of town has long since passed. But for whatever reason, Michonne’s not going anywhere without Andrea. For as little as we know about her at the moment, the one thing we can tell is that Michonne has a soft spot for people who monotonously dwell on the mysterious pasts of those who save them. Whatever her reason for sticking around is, it certainly isn’t going to end well.

And speaking of not ending well, what started off as a promising day quickly turns chaotic as Rick, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Daryl prepare to shuttle Axel and Oscar out of the prison only to discover a substantial herd of the undead prowling around the formerly walker-free confines of the yard. While everyone scatters, the prison’s alarm system engages, telling them this isn’t some random occurrence, but the act of a duplicitous person with more on their mind than tasty, tasty flesh. As is nearly always the case when something dubbed a “walker,” or to use the parlance of those in Woodbury, a “biter,” manages to sink its teeth into a victim, said individual is typically preoccupied. In this case, T-Dog is working on getting a gate closed when a good chunk of his shoulder is taken off in one hungry chomp. Still, to his credit, T-Dog does what he can to save Carol (Melissa McBride) by running through the seemingly endless maze of non-descript hallways and just-in-the-nick-of-time rusty doors, to deliver the woman to safety before a pair of walkers snack on his delicious neck meat.

Steven Yeun Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Killer Within The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within Recap

But the body count doesn’t end there – because why should T-Dog’s death be significant when it can be overshadowed by the apparent death of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies)? (Apparent, because it happened off screen, but it was certainly convincing, otherwise.) Lori hadn’t had the best go of it since the end of the world, and childbirth certainly wasn’t going to make things any easier, so naturally, running from a group of walkers would have to induce labor. Despite a lack of training and supplies, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) manages to save the baby, but simply can’t keep Lori from slipping away. As if all the death weren’t depressing enough, it’s Carl (Chandler Riggs) who takes the unpleasant duty of ensuring Lori doesn’t come back.

If the Governor  (deceptively) stands as proof civilization can be rebuilt, then Rick collapsing upon receiving the news of his wife’s passing, serves as the not-so-quiet reminder that death is quite literally at everyone’s door.


The Walking Dead returns next Sunday with ‘Say The Word’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview for the episode below:

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  1. Wished tbone did not get killed, hated that rick’s wife had a meaningfful death really wanted to her to be torn to shreds by zombies and the baby eaten, I know disgusting but really did not like her at all plus wanted carl to see every minute of it to some degree think it will inprove carl’s character after witnessing his mom’s demise and the birth of the baby.

    • You’re disgusting.

      • Sorry

        • No offense, dude. But that was pretty creepy. Some of us out here actually identify with other human beings and want them to live.

          • Surprisingly enough there are a LOT of people who wanted to see that. Laurie was a bi#c4 to Rick after he took out Shane, who wanted to see HIM dead. Many people think that she deserved a horrific death. Her death in the comics was not so noble and brave. I was shocked they took out T-Dog though…

            • but come on, the baby eaten? thats too much

              • Have you guys not read the comics? In the books, the Governor is attacking the prison and Laurie is running away with the baby in her arms. One of the Woodbury citizens uses a machine gun and LITERALLY shoots Laurie in half and the baby explodes from bullets. I wanted to see that in the show. I wanted Laurie and the baby to get a horrible, disgusting, violent death and I wanted Carl to witness every second of it.

                • I did read the comics. The show has taken some very interesting deviations from them, and I would argue, largely improved on the original, in terms of dramatic effect and resonance of meaning.

                  IN regards to Lori/baby receiving a horrible death. I do not wish to see it, because I identify with the characters. In the comics, not so much, because the world there is flatter. No offense.

              • It’s the zombie apocalypse. You think the zombies care what’s in her belly when they tear into her? I’m not so squeamish that the thought of depicting that bothers me. Seeing it would be shocking. Horrible. Disgusting. And right along the lines of what I’d expect from a show about the dead coming to life and feeding on the living. How much violence in a show like that is “too much”?

            • @Squareman

              So, being a b—- means you deserve to die? That means 80% of the people in this world deserves to die a horrible death right?

              I know you’re just saying what many people may think, I’m just responding to that, not to you directly if you don’t personally feel that way…

              • In the context of the comic and the show, yes, many people felt she deserved a gruesome horrible death and wanted to see if visualized on the show. That doesn’t necessarily make them sick, or insane, or needing help like some have stated. Personally I would have liked a death closer to that of the comics and not so noble and self sacrificing. The “character” of Laurie deserved an ignoble death. I separate that from reality and don’t have a problem with anyone voicing that opinion.

                • @squareman

                  Well, I don’t watch shows or movies just to see pretty colors flash in front of my eyes. I actually try to apply what is happening to real life and try to immerse myself into the environment. So for the time Im sitting there in front of the screen watching, those characters are real and they really exist. If the show or movie cannot make me believe this temperarily, it has failed to immerse me and I generaly do not enjoy it as much. That’s just how I see movies and tv shows. So for me, I’m not “wishing” for a painful and cruel death for someone just because she was mean to this guy and made that mistake.

                  Shane, on the other hand, was dangerous and intentionally tried to manipulate people and harmed a lot of people intentionally to further his personal goals. That guy I definitely think deserved a violent death…

    • (Comes in. Is creeped out by first comment. Decides its better to just leave and come back later when there are more comments that seem less crazy.)

      • @Gambit



        Seek help, immediately…

      • LMAO!

    • What. The. Hell…

    • shyycat? Seems nothing shy about your comment.


      As a Parent, I have to say. You need to stay away from reproducing

      just saying.

      • Why its a TV show based in a make believe world. What does his opinion based on characters hae to do ith his real life?

        As a parent, some people should not take things so serious.

      • Just because you have a certain viewpoint on what would make a fictional story have more meaning does not mean you wish that upon someone in real life. Example, I’m sure the writers of The Boy In the Stripped Pajamas do not wish it upon people to have their children killed in gas chambers. They felt it would be impact full on the audience and create a memorable story.

    • Baby eaten, though??

      • Read the books, the baby gets a horrific death.

        • And? That makes that comment okay to you? Besides, in the comic the baby had an instant death. Lori fell on it.

    • I definitely agree shycat. It seems that many people responding to your comment don’t know too much about the comics versus the television show. The comics are violent and honest. Carl becomes a stronger person after the death of his mother. I wonder if they’ll show Michonne getting raped a hundred time like she did in the comic book?

      • Comic books aside, AMC is still basic cable and Standards and Practices still exists. You couldn’t get some of that stuff past the MPAA if it was a film, so people who want them to adhere to the comic should forget about some of that content making it onto the show.

    • @shycat – Good God. What is wrong with you?

  2. One of the best episodes since season 1. FINALLY Lori is gone!!! A very tense & horrific episode, but insanely dramatic.
    Incredibly poetic in having Carl be the one to off his mom.
    Really upset about T-Dogg. They ignore his character for nearly an entire season, they give him the most heroic death ever!?
    Loved that they killed people off in a way that will truly push the story & characters in a new direction. Great job producers!

  3. One of the best episodes yet.

  4. So according to the sneak peak, glenn needs 2 more graves dug. Unless that 3rd grave is for carol, someone else is going to die.

    • Finally, I figured I was the only one that thought that.

    • Could the other grave be for carol who was with t dog, thought she did not make it out alive?

    • Maybe one of the graves is for Andrew.

    • It would suck if that grave was for the baby…

  5. I teared up once I saw Ricks reaction.

    • ditto that, it’s probably the first really realistic depiction of grief I have seen on the show, and actually one of the better one’s I have ever seen

    • @Tay

      Me too, he played it VERY well. Better actor than I thought. Going forward, I’m a love to see this new disturbed Rick.

    • I felt let down by Rick’s breakdown. She should get a pair of balls. Carl shot his mom in the dead and didn’t give a F*ck.

  6. Im about 99% sure Carol is still alive and just hiding somewhere. She did get out of their while T-Dog was getting chowed on. Lori’s death was both gruesome and shocking. I’m one of the few who actually like Lori and was very sad to see her go. Such a powerful scene though. Rick losing it like he did was just overwhelming. There’s a reason this is the best show on tv and this episode is probably the best of the series to date.

  7. Lesson from tonight’s Le Walking Dead:

    Watch for Signs. Be Prepared.

    And oh yeah, for all torture porn lovers out there, please exit the immediate vicinity, please. We are not safe with you here. Thanks, the Manage-meant. (All right! Just thought up a new band name!!!)

  8. Ah Hell No!

    Not T-Dog :(

  9. Wow, a superlative episode. Great character moments for Lori, Carl and Rick.

    Best show on television by far.

  10. Best episode since the last couple of season 2. Heart-wrenching.

  11. Very saddened to see Lori and T-Dogg go.

    The first was starting to grow on me, and she ended up having an emotionally brutal death scene that had me in tears, and the latter was just as shocking.

    Hope that Carol is still alive.

    Really wish the Woodbury stuff was as interesting as what is going on in the prison.

    • PS, best line of the night, Daryl to Glenn: “You coming?”

      • Glenn should’ve said “I was”.

        • Or “Not yet”.

      • totally agree

  12. the passing o lori will end the interest in the walking dead in the time of the dead sociality would like to believe that their is still hope yes life must go on after death but we all want the little hope that at the end lori and rick will find happiness i do believe rick will be kill off very soon, but that will be a big mistake for for the show as for t dog it was to soon to end his part. as for the governor it to tipical a man angry for the lost of his family

    • That was the best part of the show is when Lori died.

    • Punctuation is a virtue

  13. I thought that they hinted at t-dog taking up the Tyrone position from the comic when he used the hammer to off walkers in the second season. Guess I was wrong. RIP T-Dog. :’( Also, I was hoping for lori to die like she did in the comic. It was way more tragic with the govenor at fault.

    • There’s just something about depicting the violent death of a baby that doesn’t sit right with some people. I’m referring here to “people.”

      Just one of those weird things I guess…

  14. Guess the Carol hitting on Lori for some lesbo love storyline is not getting transferred over then.

    • Guess not.

  15. With this show we need to have no emotional attachment to any charachters

  16. Really great episode. Hate that T-Dog got killed but he died a spartan death. As long as Daryl does’nt die I really don’t care.

  17. Best episode of this series. I was surprised that it would be this early but the series is now taking a faster approach. Was it as good as the comics? Not even close but something had to happen to get Rick to that dark side. Seems like the episodes are starting to get good now. Can’t wait for next episode!

  18. This season is great so far! Nobody saw T-dog going down? Nothing last season and only a little more this season. I have been expecting him, the blond girl, or Carol to bite it every episode. T-dog especially did NOTHING for the show. Lori was a shocker only because I thought she would be killed off near the Finale.

  19. Good Episode, but why stray so far from the comics when the comic version was soo much better?

  20. I love how they have to have the token old guy, the token black guy, and the token asian. I knew Hershel wasn’t going to die because there was no old guy to replace him like he replaced Dale. But when they introduced that black prisoner, who seemed like he was going to stick around, T-Dogg’s dead! No doubt about it.

    • My friend and I thought the exact same thing, and were surprised when T-dog was advocating for the other’s inclusion, when it clearly was going to spell his own demise.

    • lol. I thought the same thing. The other guy seems a tad cooler than T-Dog too with his “I’ve never begged for my life and I aint starting now” line.. once he said that.. I knew T-Dog was expendable ’cause this guy actually brought some coolness factor with him.

  21. sorry for all the comments, it said ‘your comment could not be published.’ Screenrant please fix that.

  22. I was interested to see a confrontation between Merle and T-Dog, ah well.

    • I was hoping for this too. That somehow, when the prison gets discovered by the Woodbury people there would be a Merle/T-Dog/Daryl/Rick reunion…

  23. I thought I would be happier to see Lori go.

  24. Rip t dog he died a hero wish he got more screen time

  25. I really hated how Lori treated Rick after he killed Shane. But I do believe that she felt bad for it, but just didn’t know how to simply apologize for it. What I feel very sad about is that she died without making up with Rick and that Rick probably feels guilty for his last emotions toward Lori being hatred… I couldn’t imagine being in his position…

  26. Couple of things.

    1. Like most sorry to see TDog go. Regardless of how he went.

    2. Carol I hope is not dead and she goes as she did in the books. She has enough now to really lose it.

    3. Lori would rather of her to die (she did) and the baby not be born or her and the baby pass as they did in the books.

    4. The baby (dont get all uppity) is a liability. I hope it (she?) doesnt survive which will hopefully push Rick further over so he starts taking phone calls. I want to see that pulled off. Talk about Drama.

    5. Does anyone think Merle may be a changing? My wife made comment. I think he may turn out to be good for the group in the long run…. in a disgusting way.

    • I sure hope they do the telephone stuff with Rick.

    • One thing is for sure, if Merle does manage to re-join the fold he is gonna get his behind handed to him (repeatedly) if he makes racial commentary towards the the new Black brother.

      I also think his “captivity” has changed him and taught him some humility (notice how he at least seems to tolerate his fellow black teammate?). He will probably be the one to re-unite Andrea with the group.

    • Wow, just wow. I was floored by the killing off of not one but TWO of the original group. That group is getting a bit thin which, while expected in a normal situation, really sucks in a TV series where you create and emotional bond with the characters.

      I was most pissed off when they killed off Dale in such a pointless and implausible manner. Guess you can’t have two old guys on the show at the same time for long.

  27. Ok, people, this is a recap of ONE EPISODE OF THE SHOW. Can we NOT automatically assume that everyone have read the comics?? If you want to discuss something that happens later in the story than where we are in this EPISODE OF THE TV SHOW can you please include a spoiler warning? I mean, to me this is common sense, but I guess it needs to be said…

    • Agreed. I’ve read them and still think a quick (spoiler) is proper etiquette

      • *SPOILER*

        Daryl is such a popular character that they are introducing him into the comic series

      • @negacrowbar

        A comparison would seem reasonable if it was at the same point in the comics. A lot of people are bringing things up that happen WAY in the future in the comics, things that we don’t know yet if the show will go the same direction or not. I just don’t see how much longer it will take someone to type a post if they had the courtesy to simply add “Spoiler alert” before they typed it.

        Not to mention, even if it’s not the same as the show, what if some of us intend to read the comics but have not yet done so. Then you’re simply spoiling the comic for those of us. Either way, it’s something that takes 2 seconds more. I’m not asking anyone to bend over backwards, and it will prevent any of us from accidentally reading something we wish we hadn’t…

    • To be fair though, comic creator Robert Kirkman has stated he does not want the series to follow the comic. Which means that there’ll be a lot of differences from the source, that it’ll be ok to talk about the comics.

    • Common sense would be the Comic and Show do not follow each other. So it may or may not happen at all.

      So can we not assume the show is going to follow the comics?

      While I try to mark mine when there is possible spoiler I have fond more times than not there is no tie between the two at all story wise.

      • @Aknot

        Specific things might not happen or might not happen the same way, but the story arcs and direction can still be similar and I don’t think even those things should be given away or possibly given away. Or how about if some of us might be interested in reading the comics after watching the show. Either way, not all of us have read through the comics, so whether you’re spoiling the comics, spoiling the show, or both, it’s easy enough to add a spoiler alert to avoid any of these. Simple enough to understand?

        • No not really.

          The comic books have been out long enough. I mean would it be spoilerish if I told you who won the civil war?

          Meaning at what point do we not label something as a spoiler in fear for some person not being up with the times?

          Dont get me wrong I would never say something from an issue that came out most recently….. baseball bat would be a hint but I would never say who gets the hit. However something that has happened years ago (time in real life) is fair game.

          That would be like me saying Dale died and someone complaining that they havent finished watching that season and calling it a spoiler.

          Common sense is not so common when you are dealing with a large variety of outcomes and possibilites. For that anything we SPECULATE about the books transferring to the screen could/should be common knowledge. I cant help it if you havent read the books that have been out for almost 10 years.

          However since it has been said time and time again the show will only loosely follow the books there is no correlation.

          Where are people bringing up DIRECT spoilers of things that may happen way in the future?

  28. I cried when Rick was crying