‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 3: ‘Walk With Me’ Recap

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David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Walk With Me The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 3: Walk With Me Recap

If this is how The Walking Dead is going to be playing its cards all season, then count me in. ‘Walk With Me’ has the distinction of introducing the audience to David Morrissey‘s interpretation of the Governor, and the task of illustrating just how dangerous this new villain will likely prove to be. And as the entire episode is devoted to the Governor – Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his fellow survivors are nowhere to be seen – the significance of the character is made quite clear.

Additionally, it’s great to see that Glen Mazzara and his writers can dedicate an entire episode to a group of people no one really knows and have it turn out this well. The season premiere proved the series needn’t follow Rick & Co. through every waking minute of every day, and that taking a break to check in on Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) was a great way to mix the formula up a bit.

Things begin after Andrea and Michonne happen upon a helicopter crash that also attracted the attention the Governor and his group of men. The women can’t decide whether to make their presence known, or remain hidden. Whatever is going on in Michonne’s head, it doesn’t involve getting to know strangers, so she readily sacrifices the two docile walkers she’s been traveling with to avoid detection. It’s all for naught, however, as Merle (Michael Rooker) – complete with his nifty new appendage – happens to stumble onto his old acquaintance and her traveling companion.

Michael Rooker in The Walking Dead Walk With Me The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 3: Walk With Me Recap

After some catching up with Merle, it quickly becomes clear that, after so many months fighting and struggling to survive, the blockaded streets of Woodbury make the town seem like a little oasis to Andrea – even if its walls don’t seem so welcoming to Michonne. Despite their early skepticism, the episode gives plenty of reasons for Andrea and Michonne to let their guard down around the Governor. It’s easy to forget that Andrea wasn’t around when Rick told everyone that the infection doesn’t require a person to be bitten or scratched in order to take effect. So, telling the women that fact gives the Governor his first bit of leverage – having food, shelter and medicine grants him his second.

The Governor has carved out a pleasant niche for himself that comes with plenty of power and authority, but as far as the two women can tell, it’s not based on fear or the threat of violence. Sure, the Governor has instituted a strict curfew that has all survivors indoors at night, and no one – not even Merle – appears willing to question him, but the regular folk don’t seem scared. It’s clear that whoever this enigmatic leader of men is, he’s probably hiding something – or at least pulling the wool over the eyes of all but the little militia he’s managed to band together. Most of the audience knows what he is, but still, ‘Walk With Me’ does a decent job of setting up the Governor as someone complex enough to hide whatever darkness is inside him from those who aren’t aware the way things work in Woodbury.

It’s interesting to see what a contrast the Governor is to the man Rick has become – especially the one we saw in ‘Sick.’ In essence, the two men are the same: leaders trying to do what they can for their people; the Governor has just managed to make a better go of things. Then again, it’s pretty clear the Governor didn’t have to deal with the likes of Shane and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), and all the drama that came from that. The biggest difference, though, is that instead of scowling to fill up the few moments he’s not burying a machete in someone’s head (living or dead), the Governor takes time to enjoy things like the company of a woman, a nice adult beverage and a wall of fish tanks with heads floating in them. Naturally, the episode saves that sight for last – after the Governor shows his hand by slaying a group of military men that had the misfortune of popping up on his radar.

David Morrissey Danai Gurira and Laurie Holden in The Walking Dead Walk With Me The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 3: Walk With Me Recap

As far as introductions go, ‘Walk With Me’ does an excellent job of providing all the pertinent information on the Governor, without getting bogged down with whatever is going on back at the prison. But it also grants a few interesting bits of information on the state of the world at large, as well as some interesting details on the walkers. As the governor’s scientist friend, Milton (Dallas Roberts), informs him, the walkers apparently can starve, but they just do it a lot slower than the living. Milton also manages to answer why Michonne’s pets became so passive after they’d had their arms and jaws removed.

Strangely, other than filling in for Rick’s ubiquitous scowl, we still haven’t really gotten to know Michonne, but some telling clues were dropped that have helped make her more interesting than someone who looks good while slicing zombie heads with a katana. (Not that you really need to be more interesting than that.) Chances are, though, there’ll be plenty of character development for Michonne as long as she remains inside the walls of Woodbury and within reach of the Governor.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Killer Within’ @9pm on AMC. You can check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. Thats a negative Ghostrider. The Gov on the show is abit of a hidden psycho. The comic Governor was just batsh*t crazy. this one is more of a silent psycho so far. should be interesting to see how it play out differently though.

    • I agree with you. He’s keeping his crazy side hidden very well, for the moment.

    • Not that silent. He killed the living military guys for their guns and also decided to smash the guys head in to save a bullet.

  2. Although the Governor isn’t the same as the comics I do enjoy a real life version of the character. I like having that guy that acts nice but has that psycho personality too. It was nice to see Merle back with his stump, even though he was pretty tammed by the Governor. I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

    • Be careful when you say, “real life”. It is still a TV show after all. :)

      • Yes, true but had they gone with someone who looks like the character from the comics wearing an eye patch it would have been too fake for me, well, more than it really is at least LOL

  3. This is my least favorite episode so far.

    The newest characters are so boring.

    • I had trouble staying focused as it was so dependable
      for so many reasons
      I honestly wonder if the writers are just writing it as they
      are shooting it

      • Felt like a character development episode which was required really as new and old ones were introduced. Boring but needed imo.

        • I liked it. It was better than hearing the other group b**** and moan all the time. Not only was it a character development episode, it was a series development episode. Very important.

    • Well to each his own, but finally some real movie star ‘like’ big picture acting and characters. I loved it. For me, the new characters are awesome and more like the surreal world of a zombie infested society. Heck, we have serial killers just like the Governor walking around now, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to discover they too are in government.

  4. The comic governor is way unrealistic this one is better so far.

    ^^^how could you say the new characters are boring its the first episode including them clam down.

    Martinez (dude with bat) will play a somewhat interesting role in later episodes just wait.

    • OHHHHHHHHHHHHH so he’s Martinez. this could be good :D

    • I got money Merle plays out Martinez’ arc.

  5. love how the governer is super evil. wonder if were gonna see the arena with all those walkers from the comics

    • Agreed! This guy is a serious Sociopath. I suspect the blonde will ultimately end up sleeping with him and then finding out what a real whack-job he really is. I just hope that rick and his merry men end up killing them all. Who the hell keeps a head fish tank in a locked room. I guess cable was out.

  6. I liked this episode! Finally got to see more of Andrea and Michonne, although not much was revealed about her. She has a really strong and badass presence though and it just makes me want to learn more about her. As for the Governor, something was very…fishy about him right from the get go. He comes off as a strong leader but you just feel something dark about him and it was shown in a couple scenes. I can’t wait to see what happens when he meets Rick and for the next episode! :)

  7. Fantastic episode.
    Not many shows would take a risk like this in the beginning of the season to introduce the audience to a character they didn’t know.
    I knew Merle was coming back at some point and I really didn’t like the idea but last nights episode won me over. Most because you couldn’t help but think that if a guy like Merle is willing to fall in line and follow the orders anyone that person must be a bad a** mo-fo. ;)
    Obviously fans of the comics already knew what type of man The Governor will be but even knowing this didn’t hurt the introduction of this character.

    • haha. I watch episode 3 with my homegirl (who has not seen S1) when we got back from the bar and she kept suggesting that Michonne and Andrea stay with the Governor. My only thought was that any man Merle follows, isn’t the type of man i follow. lol.

      • Had Shane stayed alive in the comics and show into this storyline, he’d be in paradise.

      • Merle didn’t even look too comfortable when they killed those National Guard guys. The severed head collection was a good touch, but this whole arc is just making Andrea look like an idiot yet again. She fell for Shane’s BS for a time, and even though there is an illusion of safety in the town, she is again quick to let her guard down for a charming psychopath.

        Michonne is already ahead of the game though, and probably should leave Andrea there to her fate. Since I have purposely held off reading the comics at this point I am guessing by the collection of stuff and severed heads the Governor has that he is some type of serial killer/sociopath. Should make for interesting stories when him and Rick cross paths.

        Love Merle’s bionic Captain Hook get-up, suits his creepy nature well.

  8. I am losing interest as the characters are so dependable
    Of course the town is not what it seems blah blah blah
    and never mind Daryl’s brother, oh boo hoo hoo

    • “Dependable.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Thank you. I noticed that too and it was bothering me. I think it is safe to assume they mean predictable.

    • So stop watching the show then. I think the word you scratched your head for was predictable, which this show is not. Dependable for entertainment and great tv it is.

      • @Bronxter,

        I would not say “stop watching the show” cause the show might get cancelled due to low viewer-ship. I totally HATED season 2, but I keep hoping it would get better since there are not a lot good zombie shows, if any. Sure enough, season 3 is a lot better. I’m grateful and hope it continues. It remains me of real life and the things people are willing to do to get ahead at work and in politics.

        That’s just me.

        • Season 3 is better because Darabont is gone, plain and simple.

          • He was gone after the first season… Explain why his leaving is what makes S3 so good.

            • His last episode was episode six of the SECOND season. Mazzara took over after that. It is a very marked difference in tone and tempo from that point.

              This is the first entire season where Darabont hasn’t painted out the overarcing story line. No musing on babies and s***. Good old down home zombie killin’

              • Darabont left after Season 1 but wrote the material for Season 2 ep. 1-6. After that Mazzara took over along with Kirkman. I agree that since then the show has taken a faster pace. I think Darabont was a fool to leave before the show has even reached the good part of the material. It all worked out in the end. Darabont is now doing his LA Noir and TWD is the highest rated basic cable TV show.

                • I don’t think that’s accurate.

  9. To those who say it was somewhat foreseeable as the ep went along, sure it was to some extent but at least this ep could easily capture the hit and miss watcher of the show. I did like this ep really enjoyed it as it went along but knew it was too good to be true. It reminded me of a zombie movie I watched lol. Loved the heads in the fish tank and will leave it at that for I do not plan on this post getting edited for it is in my mind.

    • AHA! Foreseeable! Nice one :P

  10. Wasn’t the helicopter shot down? I assumed The Governor and his cronies had something to do with it.

    • I think it had a mechanical failure. I don’t think the Governor and his band of misfits has access to stinger missiles. Even if they did I doubt they would know how to use them.

      • The pilot in talking to the Governor said that the helicopter had taken a pretty hard beating on the truck but he had to risk taking it up.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I know I heard a gunshot just before it went down. I believe The Governor or one of his men shot it down.

  11. I get annoyed at the characters shooting each other more than walkers. I would think having soldiers added to the city’s population would be a good thing, except maybe they wanted the supplies and not to share. So few survivors, yet they kill each other off too often.

    • It’s all about who wants to be king of the hill. There is no way this guy wants to share or releinquish power to another group that could be seen as competition. He is all about the power trip. He kind of reminds me of Mitt Romney and his magic underwear.

    • Well the walking dead is not referring to the zombies, but the survivors.

  12. Is it me or does Andrea have a thing for dudes that are power hungry and are secretly or not so secretly sociopaths and or sociopaths?

    • Besides the pilots head being in the top tank as previously mentioned, Michone’s two pets were also in a tank.

      • Oops, hit the wrong reply button, meant for the question below :)

    • @jacob,

      many women do. i mean the ‘bad boy’ syndrome is alive and kicking. but shane was a guy who u knew would keep u alive, so bad boys do have their appeal.

      what woman wants to be with a man who can’t or won’t do what it take to protect her?!

      just saying …

  13. I’m kinda wondering whose heads are in those tanks. Or will it even matter to the storyline? As in, not whose heads, but the big WHY.

    • The top one was the helicopter pilot they “tried” to rescue.

    • i ask myself the same question

    • Well, it seems to be ones that the Doc worked on. The Governor wasn’t out ‘collecting’ heads. I think it’s just that he’s screwy…But maybe he talks to ‘em like Al Swearengen did to the Chief.

    • they are called “trophy’s” and almost every serial killer has ‘em. not always heads, but something that reminds them of their conquest.

  14. I try my best to not let my opinions on the episodes sway because of how much I enjoyed reading the comics. I am interested to see how this splitting up of Andrea and Michoone will play out. I am hoping Andrea doesn’t call herself catching feelings for the Governor because I don’t think the show needs a love interest with him.

    I wonder if they are going to touch on the fact that Michoone talks to herself? Along with the zombie arena that the community has in the comics. I think those would be some entertaining as well as interesting things to add to the show. Plus that would show the Governor’s inner evil.

    The end of the episode threw me off a little. I got the point but I was expecting for his zombified daughter to be in that little room. For those who have read the comics, we all know that he keeps his daughter turned zombie chained up in his place.

    • ***********Spolier Alert**********

      Actually, if you read Rise of the Governor, it explains that it’s his niece.

  15. at the very end were he goes in this room full of heads in fishtanks. i don’t get that part

    • He’s sort of screwy, is all. THere’s nothing more than that.

  16. Last episode was mostly like an introduction to the Governor character. Not a lot is shown as to how dark and twisted he really is but that will come down later down the road I suspect, LOL. The whole Andrea and Governor thing will probably continue next episode(mostly because I think she reminds him of his wife and to gather more information). Michonne is kind of in limbo. I think she wants to leave but is stuck because she doesn’t want to leave Andrea. The first 3 episodes I can say serve as a lead into something bigger. Ep. 4 I uh, think, will be epic for uh, some, and ummm, not soo epic for others, LOL. Let’s just say that they are staying true to moving fast, LOL(comic readers)

  17. I have not read the comics…but I have followed the show from day 1…why would he kill soldiers…they need protection and military training. The Governor’s fish tank heads might be some of his daughter and wife he looked at their pics before he went in to look at the heads. He knows that they all have the virus. So he killed the pilot to watch his head in the tank. I really miss Shane he would go perfect with the crazy Governor. Rick needs to get it together and meet up with this group. Rick and Governor head to head. Rick has skills with shooting…he shot the guy in the bar in seconds. Let Rick kill him…lol.

    • Denise, the Governor is a control freak and has control of a secure settlement. He would view a band of armed military as a threat to his position, even if they were friendly. It’s not rational, but neither is the Governor.

      • Thkx Mark…you are right it is not rational but neither is living in a world of zombies and killing the few living…lol. Cannot wait for Rick who is a rational character to meet the Governor. It should be some good fireworks there…I was thinking maybe the virus is making him crazy also. It seems as if they introduced a whole new level into it…from last season when everyone living has the virus.

  18. Having not read the omic mysel, I’m trying to figure out why the Governor shoots the National Guardsmen? Is it because he’s simply a psycho and doing so just amused him, or does he see any other group with weapons as a potential threat to Woodbridge, and therefore tells himself that he’s gonna get them before they get him? It kind f didn’t make sense. Wouldn’t you want a group of armed, trained soldiers at your disposal?

    • I think it’s because he knows they will question his leadership later on. He has his idea of how WoodBerry will be run and wants nobody questioning it’s future. He also don’t want trained military guys with minds of their own overtaking his position.

  19. i loved it!! its just that this wekk wasnt that exciting the new cast members arent that exciting… but dont get me wrong im the queen of the walking dead

  20. Kinda wanted to read posts about the episode and opinions on it…. instead of posts from people who’ve already read all the comics.. that reveal things we don’t know yet….. /:

    • Well, take heart. THose who read the comic still don’t know everything. The Governor, his introduction to the story, his attitude,actions, appearance, and realm are all completely different from the comic. The comic guys don’t know anything other than that he’s a villain. And any astute tv watcher would know he’s a villain right off the top. He’s not with the main group, so he has to be Us comic readers can’t tell you anything with any kind of accuracy at this point.

  21. Is the tea drinking significant ?

    • That’s a good question. They seem to make a big deal out of it…But the Doctor poured himself a cup from that weird tea thing too, so maybe not.

  22. Well aside from what the others have pointed out about how the governor doesn’t want a threat to his leadership, I think it’s more plausible to say that in a setting where supplies (like food) are scarce, you really can’t take in more people than you can feed. That’s basic logic.

  23. when is the new episode coming out cos mine is season 3 episode 8. but i want episode 9-11