‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

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David Morressey in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

In these last few episodes prior to the season finale, The Walking Dead has found itself, more often than not, in the right gear. That is to say: the series’ writers have managed to keep things moving while maintaining the episode’s concentration on a single facet of the overall story, rather than spread the narrative and the characters thin, trying to give equal face time to the main characters.

After the successful bottle-episode that was ‘Clear,’ the concern was that the series would ride out the remaining few episodes by drawing out the escalating Rick vs. the Governor conflict with a single story that might only have felt totally cohesive when looked upon as a whole.

Instead, the last two installments, ‘Arrow on the Doorpost‘ and ‘Prey,’ have handled their stories in a more succinct and satisfying manner, creating a clearer sense of drama and circumstance within the confines of a single episode.

If anything, ‘Prey’ succeeds because it manages to tell a compelling story by focusing almost solely on the Woodbury side of the storyline, and because it does so within the span of a single complete chapter. Sure, it ends on a fairly unsettling note, but the episode, as a whole, feels considerably more substantial and direct than the episodes offered immediately after the hiatus.

In addition, ‘Prey’ puts the spotlight on a character whose arc has been somewhat taxing this season and, if nothing else, allows for the moment when she literally lives to regret her past decisions.

Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

For the most part, the story is told from Andrea’s perspective – a fact that’s readily evident in the early moments of the episode, as she’s now the one donning a conspicuously well-tailored and slightly tacky jacket – and while the main thrust of the hour is spent with Andrea attempting to dodge the relentless Governor while making the trek over to the prison, there are some other overt examples of conflicts yet to come. And although they’ve not yet come together (and it’s unclear if they actually will), those conflicts mostly pertain to Milton, Tyreese and Sasha.

After his heart-to-heart with Hershel last week, it seems the passive, man-of-science that Milton was seen as since his introduction has partially given way to a slightly more assertive voice against the Governor’s more violent will. Milton reveals Philip’s plans to Andrea early on, but holds her back as she once more waivers in her decision to assassinate the source of everyone’s problem.

It’s weak, but it makes sense: Killing Philip will solve one problem, but it will also leave a power vacuum in which Martinez seems the likely successor to the Governor, leaving them in essentially the same predicament. It seems the conflict is now in these individual characters’ ethics that are rooted in a sense of community, which may or may not take precedence over what they know to be right or wrong. In many ways, this mirrors Rick’s conundrum in regard to Michonne and the offer he received from Philip near the end of their meeting in ‘Doorpost.’

Weighing the superiority and continued safety of Woodbury over the lives of the people (the children, mostly) in the prison is also at the heart of Tyreese’s primary conflict. Before running off, Andrea insists that Woodbury and the guy running it aren’t nearly what they seem, and what he sees later raises some significant moral concern. Tyreese’s inclination toward making waives on ethical grounds initially puts him at odds with Martinez, and, to a lesser degree, the Governor, but it also presents an additional quarrel with Allen that feels like too much of an effort to make the Allen character relevant. Still, there are enough hints of where that’s headed to balance this issue out.

Laurie Holden in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

As far as the Governor goes, ‘Prey’ sees him in the less complex, but far more suitable position of being a total psychopath, setting up a torture chamber and chasing after Andrea with the kind of dogged determination that would earn him applause from the likes of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees – especially his surprise return from certain death that keeps Andrea from reaching the prison or alerting Rick while he’s on sentry duty.

If anything, the pace of the episode, coupled with decent (or, at least, clearer) representations of the Governor and Andrea help make this a solid entry into the latter half of season 3 that, grim outlook for one character aside, bodes well for the season’s final two episodes.

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘This Sorrowful Life’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a sneak peek below:

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  1. This episode really seemed like the writers were trying to somehow redeem Andrea in the eyes of the fans and hopefully put her back on the path to somewhat be like her comic counterpart….. However……. WOW was there some shoddy things in it, for starters

    The Governor- The guy can spot a person running across a field 400 yards or so away on his BLIND SIDE??? He can hear a toolbox (or can of tools) fall to the ground in a warehouse from his RUNNING automobile??? He can for the most part (until the door opening scene) go undetected by most zombies, and even after overkilling a zombie with a shovel, attracts NO OTHER walkers…….. Maybe all human survivors need to follow his lead, this guy is superman.

    Andrea- All I can say about her is…. when an actress has to go on a show like Talking Dead to explain all of her character’s motivations and reasons for doing pretty much everything the character has done…. It means it’s not reading well….. I think Laurie Holden is a great actress, I just think the writing of her character (like Michonne’s character)is NOT translating well to the audience (hence her being the New Lori this season)….. That being said, really don’t want to see her tortured next week

    Milton- WORST.. POKER FACE… EVER!!!!

    This was a meh episode, I am in the minority who have liked most episodes this year, this one really didn’t “WOW” me.

    • Andrea is now a marathon runner on Woodbury grub? Gets to warehouse and sounds like a Clydesdale in those boots (that she just ran 26 miles in), Governor subdues her, drags her through the woods,gets her in the truck, sneaks her out of truck into torture chamber. OK. Laurie Holden is on The Talking Dead and told Chris Hardwick, “Maybe one of the Governor’s spies told him about the Shane/Lori/Rick triangle”. Really? Story lines in this show have collapsed.

      • Actually the story lines keep getting stronger and richer and more complex. You are shaking your head in bewilderment on the implausibility of the events you single out in a show about a zombie apocalypse…Really?

        • ^ This !!

          • ah what?

        • I agree, and I am kinda hoping he used another method to get in the chair (bribe/blackmail ( I don’t know)) cause I am not buying sheer force either, not with the way she’s been zombie fighting lately, all she’d have to do is head butt him in his eye and then…

  2. Didn’t this show used to be about a running battle from zombie hoardes?
    It’s beginning to get quite boring with next to nothing happening week in week out. BRING BACK THE ACTION!!!

    • Don’t the zombies seem to be more easily dispatched these days? The fact they stumble around in small numbers, means picking them off with a rifle, or running past them effortlessly. They seemed scarier first season.

      • The people who will run the show during Season 4 said that they’re going to make sure that the zombies stop feeling like a, “manageable threat,” so you’re in luck. I’m not sure how they would do that – after the ridiculously awesome ‘clearing the prison’ scene early on this season, it would feel silly to have Rick’s group be helpless against them again.

      • That’s what Zombies are for though. To provide a backdrop what the real threat: US.
        We fight each other, we turn on ourselves. All (good) Zombie stories explore this. Otherwise it’s
        just a lot of dude-slays-monster, I get enough of that in World of Warcraft. The scariest thing is what
        lunatics (ie: the governor) might do in a world gone to hell.

        • @Keeth, I totally agree, well said.

          • Boom!!! well said

    • They cut the budget a few seasons ago, and unless they changed some production decisions they have purposely been using less walkers to keep costs down. The use of limited sets and locations has also been a side-effect of the money issues.

      • They cut the budget a few seasons back? This is only the 3rd season so your statement makes no sense. And the whole idea of a limited budget being the reason behind the limited sets and locations is questionable since the limited sets and locations are culled directly from the source material. I don’t believe there is a money issued involved here. In fact the shows continued growing popularity would indicate that AMC would more than likely increase as opposed to decrease the series budget.

        • It doesn’t matter if it ‘makes sense’ – it’s what happened.

          • I won’t dispute if it happened or not. I will dispute it affected the quality of the show, the number of zombies per episode or the choice of what locales (again culled from the source material) the action occurs in. It also hasn’t affected the quality of the talent involved both behind and in front of the camera. And it certainly hasn’t affected the quality of the show. And it most certainly didn’t happen a few seasons ago otherwise it would have had to happen before the show existed. You can spend millions and end up with trash and spend next to nothing and create magic. The Walking Dead is classic TV at it’s best. For me this argument is a moot point.

            • First season had the biggest budget. Since production is probably starting on Season 4, it’s accurate to say that the budget was reduced a few seasons back.

              Some of the extras have been a bit rubbish (some of the crowd scenes in Woodbury come to mind) and they can’t afford to go to lots of different places because of the lesser budget. The main cast is pretty damn awesome, though.

              YES, the sets are taken from the comic books and although they can’t get exact 1:1 copies due to that being near-impossible, they are present in the TV series. These probably do take up a hefty chunk of the budget, though. Renting large areas, constructing whatever props/sets they need etc. is obviously going to cost a lot, so they use them as much as they can. If you did a tally for how many minutes were spent over the whole season in whatever areas, I’d bet that at least half of all the time this season was spent in that one cell block and little reception area.

              I really like the ‘road trip’ episodes where a couple of characters drive out somewhere, and reviews of these episodes are usually positive too, but these take place in bespoke environments and require transporting some of the cast and all of the crew to remote locations. In other words, it is expensive to make these episodes.

              • Can’t agree with your logic on because they probably have started production on the 4th season… that’s a stretch. It’s only been on 3 seasons period. Agree with all yout other points though. You seem to be one of the more rational voices on this comment site.

                • Nah, I’m incredibly opinionated. I like the show, but I think it has flaws. However, I will (verbally) attack someone if they outright tell me that they think it’s rubbish. I’m awkward like that.

                  You’re right about Season 4 not starting up yet. I was quite wrong on that. They’ve probably done a little work on it since it’s due to start filming in May.

                  • You’re incredibly opinionated? Aren’t we all? Of course the show has flaws. There is no perfect show out there. Even the most classic of shows and movies are riddled with imperfections. Me, I am never disappointed after I watch an episode of The Walking Dead. Obviously some are better than others and some are really stand outs but I have yet to see an episode that just sucked as is implied by some of the posters on here. The show doesn’t always go in the direction I’d like it to but I like what it does with whatever direction it goes. I tend to like the episodes that take a breath from the chaos and let us in on the dynamics of the relationships of the folks who populate this story. I was one (in the minority I know) who was not happy with the demise of Lori. I thought there was great potential in exploring the dynamics of her relationship with Rick after the revelation on the circumstances of Shane’s demise and how they would come to terms with the events and work there way back to one another. Add Carl to the mix and then the baby and I feel a wealth of opportunities were squandered. That being said, I think the show has done a great job of exploring how Rick and Carl and of course the whole group in general are coping with that loss and the arrival of the baby as well as their diminishing ranks. The show succeeds far more often than it fails and for that fact alone the nitpicking I read on here at times is quite annoying. Constructive criticism is always welcome and good healthy debates on what one feels works and anther feels doesn’t is always fun but to come on to say “wow, that sucked” is simply an empty headed space waster.

                    • stop it you two! All great ideas are going to have some flaws…’The Road’ was one of the best post apocalyptic films ever but considering one of its main themes was about starvation they featured a fat guy hunting down the father and son characters! just enjoy.

            • I said a couple of seasons since they split the shooting schedule, but run during a single year. That aside the budget cuts were a major reason why Darabont left, and why some felt they spent a whole season on the farm.

              You jumped and assumed I meant the quality had went down for whatever reason. They have used less zombies overall the past two seasons and kept the locations to a minimum. I find it ironic that people who complained about the pace of the farm season and were foaming at the mouth for the prison and the Governor are now still complaining.

              • Sorry pal you said a few seasons not a couple. That being said, I agree with your other comments. It appears that some people are only happy when there is a major zombie assault and don’t tolerate episodes that develop plot and raise our awareness of the multidimensional characters that populate the world we have become invested in on this series.

        • 15 million viewers??? almost 3-4X the highest paid actor in hollywood drags in(charlie sheen, 2 1/2 men and anger management)money problems? they have made and absolute killing, am i going out on a limb saying the budget is lower than popular shows with waaaay less viewers???

  3. Straight up racist right out of the gate…THEY DESERVED WHAT THEY GOT!! for real?? And the systematic destruction of the black family continues.

    • Just wondering, what exactly are you talking about? And please STOP screaming racism…

      And what do you mean about ” Systematic destruction of the black family continues…”? I dont see that.

      Just so you know, the black characters Miconne, Tyrese and Sasha, so far are pretty well written. Specially Tyrese because hes not your stereotypical angry, violent black man. Hes more compassionate, level headed and has strong morals. Specially in the middle of the zombie apocalypse when everyone else is pretty much losing their humanity.

      • and i forgot about Morgan!

        • I’m regret being hostile towards you and I just want to stress..yes it was an attack against the black family. Please please start paying more attention to how black males and black females interact with one another on TV, I promise you if you look and listen you will understand what it is I’m talking about. What Michonne said (not actors fault) was deliberate and underhanded. Trust me. The Gov was the one that raped her and did horrible things to her but of course they could not possibly put that in the show.

          • The Governor raped Michonne *IN THE COMICS* whereas this is the *TV SHOW* so there are differences. You clearly have an agenda and this is not the place to throw it out there. Michonne found what happened to her two zombie-donkeys to be ironic – she was ‘using’ them as they once ‘used’ her.

            I also find it quite backwards and a little racist that you imply that you can group together all black people into a singular ‘family’ and I would very much like to point out that the most morally digusting people on the show (attempted rapist, wife-stealer and murder Shane and mass slaughterer Governor) are white.

            Your ‘racist fantasy’ of the show says a lot more about you than it does the people who create it and are part of it. It’s about the idea of their being the ‘potential for a monster’ in everyone – anyone could become a walker or find themselves doing evil things they would’ve never done pre-apocalypse.

            • I think your comments are dead (pun intended) on. How a forum about a episodic television show becomes a showcase for folks who want to spew racist propaganda is mindboggling to me. In this show especially since most of the noncaucasions are the more heroic characters.

      • First of all I didn’t scream it. I directly implied it. Power actor Morgan in TWO episodes and reduced to crazy. First black woman of unknown origin, suicide, T-dog, basically relegated to stares and grunts for an entire season 2. Tyrese a knit hat in 70 degree weather..come on. The mute brotha angry, doesn’t say a word in woodbury. Now all this I can stomach but when Michonne says that BOTH of those black men were deserved what they got and were not HUMAN in the first place. You have lost your ever lovin heritage to even begin to think we aren’t working against a stacked deck. Are you even paying attention! Have you been paying attention to how blacks are portrayed in Hollywood. I suspect not, I suspect you are born of the Xbox age and haven’t picked up a single book on your real history. Do youself a favor and youtube Anthony T Browder, get some history, get some perspective. I’d rather cry about no blacks then watch this “Precious” crap they are showing. And I will keep watching :-P

        • ‘Power actor’ Morgan was in two episodes because he is a power actor – he’s in films and is critically acclaimed and therefore doesn’t have time (and the budget won’t stretch far enough) to have him in every week.

          T-Dog was an attempt at a ‘cover-all-bases’ minority character, I reckon. They had no idea what to do with him because all necessary roles were filled.

          Hollywood, generally speaking, doesn’t give a crap about skin colour. Have you seen the comic book nerds raging when a character that’s white in the comics gets portrayed by a black actor? They get SHOT DOWN. Idris Elba as Heimdall in Thor was awesome. I’m sure that Laurence Fishburne in Man of Steel will be brilliant.

          There are ignorant racists in the world, but not here.

          • OK. First of loved Heimdall in Thor and can’t wait to see him in Thor 2. Secondly I’m not of the “Xbox age” as unreal called it. I have so far enjoyed every actor so far on TWD Michonne is awesome T-Dog was a hero, and yea Morgan lost it but he also lost Duane and Jenny, Tyreese is probably one of the best characters on the series because he actually has morals.

        • When you call people ” Toms” because they have the same color as you but NOT the same views, thats when WE ALL KNOW we are not dealing with an open minded, rational, respectful or even a person with a conscious. We are dealing with a stereotypical, angry black man who has no real bases on his beliefs, only in what HATE has taught him. You sir are no different to the people you call racist.

          I hope you take the time to just be appreciative of the acheivements made in the journey for Equality by ALL human beings from all walks of life. Its not just a “BLACK” thing.

          PS. Youre views seem to be coming from a dark part of your life, so I recommend you see a therapist or practice self-spiritual healing.

          This is the last time Ill take minutes off my day to entertain such FOOLISHNESS.

        • @unreal – You were fine bringing up the race of the characters of the show but stepped over the line calling people “Toms” and saying this is “white man controlled”. Spew your prejudice elsewhere please. I’ll be editing this comment and responses to it.

          Feel free to talk about the show but leave the personal attacks out of it.

          Thank you,
          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Nothing to see here folks….

        • Have you noticed how white people are being portrayed on this show? Most of them are complete scum, psychopaths, rapists, murderers and other shades of villainy. Calling The Walking Dead racist under these cirumstances is absolutely hilarious, to say the least.

        • The only thing that can be said abot your comments are succinctly put in your name. UNREAL!

      • Agreed.

  4. One more freeking episode about Andrea and I am quitting the show. Who do they think is eagerly anticipating the next boring episode with a loser character?

    • Many of us are eagerly anticipating another episode involving Andrea. Her character has always been one of the most interesting and sympathetic on the series and is brought to multidimensional life as wonderfully acted by the gifted Laurie Holden. Yes, there will always be haters when characters do things that frustrate and annoy us or make wrongheaded decisions but that my friend is called being human. So many fanboys like yourself don’t like shows that tackle the gray areas of human behavior. No super heroes here just flawed humans. And of course she has developed into a kickass zombie slayer!! So please do us all a favor and yes, quit the show. It won’t miss you.

      • dude… most fans hate Andrea. I’m going off the opinions of all my friends that watch the show and hundreds (possibly thousands) of redditors. She’s starting to redeem herself but its gonna take awhile after sucking for 2.5 seasons.

        but yeah she’s getting better. I didn’t mind this episode.

        • Dude, it’s very presumptuous of you to speak for most fans. You presume that most fans are represented by the folks who blog on these sights when in fact it is a small minority of the people who watch the show that are involved in following these internet sights and even a smaller amount who actually post comments. Dude, the show is watched by millions. Posts are pretty much stuck in the hundreds at best. You need to get out of your grandiose head space and realize like I do that you speak for yourself as I speak for myself and there are those who agree with us and those who don’t.

          • Well, movieDude claimed that, “most fans” don’t like Andrea and you’ve just said that he’s only speaking on behalf of the people on websites like this beauty. By your logic, movieDude is speaking the minds of the majority of people here and that’s not wrong. Calm down.

            • By my logic the dude believes he is speaking for “most fans” and hey pal if you are okay with him speaking for “most fans” then all power to you. Me, I believe I’m speaking for Me” and I can’t help but seriously doubt the logic of someone who assumes they have been annointed to speak for all.

              • If you are speaking for you, then respect that others have their own opinion and stop slapping them down. Behave.

                • Like you respected mine? The forum is meant to express opinions and question others. If you read thru all the posts you will find that I have expressed both pro and con on many posts. The only folks on here who are misbehaving are those who get into some racist diatribe and no I don’t respect posts that express ignorance and lack of any intelligent thought. I believe ALL have the right to express whatever they want as I have the right to call them on it as you called me on my comments.

                  • whats with the emotional responses from you? hello its a show…we all love and have an opinion…yours is not the be all!

                    • And I never claimed that they were. If you read my posts you would realize that I make statements all the time that we are all expressing our individual opinions unlike others claiming to speak for most of the fans. Being human I do feel my opinions are the”be all” to me as yours are to you and so on and so on. Get a grip girl. Hopefully you are chastising other posters who write far more mean spirited things than I do.

                    • and if you attributing your it’s only a show that we all love…to some of the posters here, well, I’d hate to read something by someone who hates it. My posts clearly indicate my love of the show.

  5. Only thing i will add is i wonder if it is Rick’s friend since he tends to burn zombies but i would be surprise if it is milton then that would be a surprise for me.

    do not even want to know my thoughts about andrea, nuff said in the comments already

    banshee kicks sparatacus ass to me personally and walking dead has almost become like season one where it is almost not worth my time watching for i get bored during the last few eps but i still like the show

  6. Glen Mazzara talks about the opening scene of Prey. ( Flashback of Michonne and Andrea) How there was a visible male genitelia in the burnt zombies/ screamer pits scene… and much more!

    Great recap and interview of the previous episode, Prey.
    Courtesy of Afterbuzz TV


  7. hey guys, at the end of the episode there’s this great song but I can’t figure out the name of the song or the artist!! Does anyone know? thanks

    • “You Are the Wilderness” by Voxhaul Broadcast.

  8. I liked it.

    Who burned the biters? Was it Milton? No, I don’t think so. Because, how could he exit the heavily fortified, and guarded Woodberry town? He could not.

    So, maybe it was brother with the one hand? No, it can’t be. The person who lit the biters on fire used two hands.

    Maybe it was Morgan, Ricks friend whom they got all the weapons from. That is the logical wildcard. Afterall, He’s big on burning biters. But, the only problem with this is how, in the world, does he know about the biter pits?

    So, who could it be? Someone in a nice black truck and wearing dark blue clothes and black gloves. Maybe it’s a new character!!!

    I agree with everyone concerning Andrea. Her previous judgments really are disturbing, and now she is facing a truly awful future. I don’t want her to be tortured, but it would be really implausible to see her rescued.

    I think that the Governor is superman. He certainly has super-unrealistic powers. Come on! One eyed killing machine that dispatches over 20 biters single handedly, Andrea not taking the truck to escape, and he finding her; catching her… come on!!!

    Finally… the pure stupidity of staying at the prison. It is a Stalingrad. They are outnumbered, and out gunned, and in deep trouble. They have the opportunity to go elsewhere. But to stay and fight a defense war is pure lunacy. They are doomed.

    • I think the logical choice is Milton. He’s finally starting to grow a pair and attacking the pits would be the perfect way to get back at the governor. Plus the governor implied that he knew it was Milton using scare tactics “I already know who did it.”

      It would be sick if it was Morgan but I think he’s not going to intervene in this conflict. He seemed pretty set on sticking with his crazyness last week. It would also be cool if Martinez did it, but even though he began to find common ground with darryl he seems pretty set on sticking with the governor.

  9. Actually, there’s no reason to suspect Martinez would succeed the Governor, nothing from the show so far at least.

    • Out of everyone at Woodbury, the Governor only seems to trust two people with the really important duties – Milton and Martinez. Milton is too much of a science guy. The leader of Woodbury would need to be strong, mentally and physically, a real hero for the people to look up to. I’d guess that the martial arts trained baseball bat wielding badass would get most people’s vote.

  10. Think some action agian would’nt hurt. Getting a little boring last 2 episodes by my personal opinion.

  11. This was the worst episode this season. It was filled with loads of how the f**k moments I mean.

    1) Andrea spotted by the gov on his blind side and in a moving car 300m away and he i mean when he saw her he didn’t think walker at that distance.

    2) why were all the zombies on the stairs behind the door I mean I reckon the glass smashing might of attracted them but they weren’t banging on the door but hanging out on the stairs.

    3) how the gov tracked Andrea in a forest while he was battling around 15 walkers so she had a significant headstart but managed to find her exact path and tracks at night with no light source in a forest.

    I mean I love the series and all the characters but at the end of this ep I just felt like I wasted my time and when did Andrea become so weak, compare her to season 2 when she was a badass now she seems so timid I mean season 2 Andrea would have ambushed the gov not ran and hid from him. Anyway here’s hoping for a better ep next week.

  12. This was the worst episode this season. It was filled with loads of how the f**k moments I mean.

    1) Andrea spotted by the gov on his blind side and in a moving car 300m away and he i mean when he saw her he didn’t think walker at that distance.

    2) why were all the zombies on the stairs behind the door I mean I reckon the glass smashing might of attracted them but they weren’t banging on the door but hanging out on the stairs.

    3) how the gov tracked Andrea in a forest while he was battling around 15 walkers so she had a significant head-start but managed to find her exact path and tracks at night with no light source in a forest.

    I mean I love the series and all the characters but at the end of this ep I just felt like I wasted my time and when did Andrea become so weak, compare her to season 2 when she was a badass now she seems so timid I mean season 2 Andrea would have ambushed the gov not ran and hid from him. Anyway here’s hoping for a better ep next week.

  13. Does anyone feel that the final prison battle for the beginning of the next season? It just seems like they have WAY too much material to cover before this arc is over, like Tyreese’s characterization.

    • I reckon the prison battle will happen in the final episode. The way I see it going down is as follows. Tyreese and a few others (Martinez?) guard the broken fence that Tyreese’s group used to enter the prison whilst the Governor and his Woodbury army attack the front. Rick’s group end up retreating through ‘The Tombs’ section of the prison and lock themselves in out of desperation.

      Carl finds the way out that Tyreese mentioned earlier on in the season and they manage to convince Tyreese and whoever else to let them go/join their group. Meanwhile, most of the Woodbury army gets locked into various different parts of the prison due to a clever plan put in place by Glen, Carl and Michonne (the best runners) so they’re… prisoners. In the prison. Rick’s gang either go on the run again or take Woodbury.

  14. This episode…
    The guy can spot a person running across a field 400 yards or so away on his BLIND SIDE??? meanwhile when he was in the torture room he couldn’t see 2 people spying on him 4 feet away, lets not forget that Andrea was in the MIDDLE of the window, not even TRYING to hide her presence.

    Why are the zombies just hanging out? this is some normal zombie-movie writing/camera work.

    Stairwell zombies – It was mentioned in the show that the zombies are crazier when they haven’t fed in a long time…so wtf is this?

    I’d expect this type of action on Netflix. for SHAME!

  15. All I can say is,I am so glad I did not read the comic books. Seems like a lot of people want “The Walking Dead” to be a carbon copy of the comics,and they judge harshly any deviation from the story line or character developments. Personally,I hope it is not so close to the comics,for one day I hope to read them. Why bother reading it,if it is just going to be the same thing as on TV? I did think it was a bit bogus that the Governor with one eye was able to track down Andrea like she had a “Low Jack” implanted in her. And of course you knew she wasn’t gonna make it to the prison when she started walking towards it with her hand up trying to wave. And of course,being hyper sensitive to threats to her person,as Andrea must have been to able to survive a year in zombie land,some how she did not hear this six foot some thing Governor sneaking up on her. How do you live in that world and not look all around you every three to four steps to watch your back? If my goal were in view,I would be even more aware,and more careful. I would not just look at my goal and think that I have made it. Especially with a psychotic human is hunting me.

  16. Why bother you ask?? Because the TV show has been dumbed down a lot. A LOT people. I no longer get the vibe of a world existing after a great societal apocalypse. This show is stuck in Georgia! With the slash in budget it will only get worse.

    They’ve killed off key core characters that were essential to the story. And how they handled Lori’s death is a disgrace to the fans. She should have died the horrible death with her baby seen in the comics. Then THAT would have easily explained why Rick lost his marbles, after the prison fell. Then you could really sympathize with him. The TV incarnation of Rick is just weak, plain and simple. The character’s unhinging lacks any weight. Even Shane’s demise was badly written. Carl should have been the one to shoot him, lending realization to Carl that family is more important than a friend, whom you thought you could trust and believe in.

    And they even managed to screw up Morgan’s persona in the TV show. Niice..

    The single-handed best episode out of the TV show by far was from season 1, “Guts”.

    My advice to you, do NOT read the comic book after. It will just illustrate how glaringly shoddy this TV series has become.

    I’m only watching until the end of this season to see who loses their hand next…

    • But what is the point in a carbon copy of the comics? Isn’t it *more* interesting to have things slightly different, like a mainstream universe compared to an alternate one?

      The deaths of Shane and Lori were both very important for Carl’s development. Rick needed to kill Shane to experience just how bad some people have become, exploring the ‘monster in all of us’ theme. Carl putting down Zombie Shane started him down his current path of necessity and protecting those he cares about. Putting down Lori was touching, because the little kid in him came out briefly. I like that he’s badass, but still true to himself.

      Sorry to spoil it, but it has been said time and again that Rick will not lose a hand. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the comics and tv show from people that have seen both – quite a few seem to think that they each have strengths and weaknesses. For one thing, I’ve heard that there’s quite a lot of OTT content in the comics for no discernable reason.

      • In this regard I agree with Reno2200 like 1000percent. Excellent comment, well said. Finaaly we are insync!

      • Sorry about the misspelling of finally. I repeat, your observations and analysis here are spot on!

    • I’ve read the comics(still do) and I find the show rather entertaining. I like that it’s different than the comics. Kirkman has made it clear since Season 2 that there will be differences from TWD TV show to TWD comic. Season 3 he wanted to keep some of the material the same but switch it up as well(“the road to the destination will be different but the destination will be the same”) which is something I enjoyed this season. The killing of Lori wasn’t done the same way as the comics which was alright by me because it surprised me and I didn’t see it coming.
      I’ve seen people complain about the series since Season 1. Then Season 2 it was how the series is over because it’s slow, the writing is bad, there’s no zombies, and the list goes on. Then Season 3 starts and then people complained because it’s too fast, they want more character development, the writing is bad, the series is going downhill, and the list continues. The fact is, the series has gotten stronger every year. The rating continue to grow along with the fan base. Like it or not people this series isn’t going anywhere anytime soon just because this is AMC’s big moneymaker

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. The series came on strong and has matured over the seasons getting more complex and compelling. With believable characters and thought provoking themes played out in riveting story arcs, the show has developed into one of televisions finest dramas. When each episode ends, I immediately want to see the next one. That is a rare phenomenom for me (24, Homeland).

  17. I would like to see more of Daryl it was just getting interesting towards the end of the mid season with Daryl getting a lot of air time. Now am stuck watching episodes with just Andrea. Boring!, I have enjoyed the episodes without Daryl but not ones that main focus is on Andrea. And since when can that b**** out run cars? There is no way in hell that the Gov would of caught up to her after she got into that forest. She could of went any number of ways to get to the prison how did he manage to keep running into her? I knew she was going to get caught though it was obvious after the part were she out ran the Govs car. (I will out run this car just to drag this sh*t on and then let her get caught just as she was about to get into the prison.) Predictable am hoping for a better next episode.

    And I agree with the comments about next to nothing happening each episode that is what seems to be going on. Not enough action, I kinda feel left disappointed after most of the episodes after the break, apart from the episode were the governor attacked the prison and the episode that sore the return of Morgan although I was disappointed with how he had turned out in a way because I had been waiting for his return in some form since season 1.

  18. That episode was really disappointing given how good this season has been. It was like the writers were telling us, “Guess what, we couldn’t think of anything interesting until the season finale, so we’re just gonna give you crap episodes like this one!” Seriously, this show has become like the “Superfriends” cartoon I watched growing up. Instead of a voice saying, “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…” we’re getting “Meanwhile, back at Woodbury…” scenes. It’s almost laughable. I’m just gonna skip this weekend and watch the finale, and assume I didn’t miss anything.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. But with your obvious mindset you would be correct in your assumption that you won’t have missed anything because apparently you are unable to recognize the value of these episodes in character development and the fleshing out of events that lead to the big moments. The BIG moments would be meaningless without the events that precede them.

      • Character development? This isn’t Shakespeare in the Park, this is a show about the zombie apocalypse.

        But since we’re on the subject, in season 2, Shane was a psycho and Andrea didn’t see it and had sex with him. How has she really changed? In the season 1 finale, Dr. Jenner was a guy who had given up on life and only stayed alive because of some obligation he felt to his dead wife. When we meet Morgan again, he’s basically given up on life and is only alive because of some sense of obligation to his dead wife. Merle was an a$$hole in season 1, and in season 3, guess what? He’s still an a$$hole. In season 2, there’s an outside group that represents a threat to Rick’s group. In season 3, Woodbury represents a threat to Rick’s group.

        Are you kind of getting the hint now? It’s kind of hard to believe that AMC has an entire show dedicated to talking about TWD.

        So let’s stop pretending that we’re watching Shakespeare in the Park. We’re here to watch the bloodshed and war between the prison and Woodbury because, well, that’s entertaining. Watching Andrea continue to be stupid is not entertaining.

        I say, let’s get on with it.

        • Wow, another self annointed spokesperson for the miguided lot of us. Listen, you can reduce anything (even Shakespeare) to the simplistic terms you have done here and if that’s all you get from it I feel sorry for you because you are truly missing out on a wealth of treasures. But please don’t presume to speak for me. Enjoy the show on your terms and I will enjoy it for all it has offer (including the bloodshed and war…) but especially the well developed, flawed but fascinating characters who will eventually come to face that bloodshed and war..

    • Setpieces change things up. If you *just* have the big action setpieces, it would get monotonous and incredibly expensive. The reason we get the ‘Meanwhile, at the Prison…’ segments is to show that the characters are actually doing something.

      That particular complaint doesn’t make much sense for this episode. We followed Andrea (and ‘the action’) for most of it, diverging only to add a little mystery (the walker-bait arsonist) and to add more characterisation to Tyreese’s group.

      I don’t want to come across all preachy, but don’t skip this week’s episode! Before the big shootout at the prison (both sides know that it’s going to happen anyway) there’s a meet-up to potentially hand Michonne over to The Governor. Chances are someone important isn’t going to make it. My money’s on Merle. On top of that, the writer of the episode is becoming the showrunner for Season 4, so you may be interested in his view of The Walking Dead and get potential hints for the direction the show will take when it returns in October.

      • That particular complaint doesn’t make much sense period. You don’t become invested in what’s to come if all you get is what’s to come. You should listen to Reno2200 and give the next episode the chance it so richly deserves. I’m not as optimistic as he is about the response however. I think you’ll end up bitching about it no matter how well done it is or how significant the events are to the overall conclusion of this story arc.

      • no mystery at the pits….milton is the only one who had acess to gas and opprutunity and motive, tyrese looked at gov. like wtf?? when he asked about the gas, the gov. talked to milton next that he already new who done it…no mystery

        • Siphoning from a car’s fuel tank isn’t rocket science. Milton wants to quietly rebel against the Governor. Martinez’s honest talk with Daryl may have put things in perspective for him. Morgan likes to ‘clear’ and ‘cleanse’ things and is only a drive away. That guy that hates Tyreese for saving his wife’s life might have wanted to set up Tyreese – Martinez told The Governor that Tyreese wasn’t OK with the walker traps.

          Heck, it could even be the lead investigator! The Governor might have ‘had an episode’ and burned them all so he could set up any one of the people that he no longer trusts and have them killed with the people of Woodbury’s backing. Lots of potential arsonists.

  19. Great review!! This last episode should be awarded with the best suspensfule/horror of the year!

  20. “and a child shall lead them”….some of our loved ones will die in the war, the next episode. maybe merell or daryll, herschel? who’s next. you cant have a battle with no dead people. please spare Judith, Carl, and his little girlfriend. the future.

  21. season 1. i watched 5 mins. until i saw rick blow the little girls head off, said “another zombie flick”, blah!!! much later was channel surfing and came across this guy narrarating this story about this guy name shane stealing the principles car and that he said he would be back and he will….thought a superhero? found it was rick and what shane did to save carl…been hooked every since. so i watched re-runs of season 1 and said another zombie flick?? no-freakin’ way…the best show in the history of television, period. i can’t get enough, now i watch black and white, ill watch a new episode 3-4 times in one night and last weeks episode that i watched several times last week…its so addictive

  22. ugh…I loved season 1 & 2 and own them on DVD. I have absolutely NO plans to own season 3. I love the freaking comments firing back at people who like me have problems with the complete lack of realism that has been pervasive in the show since the last episode of season 2. Obviously the concept behind the show is UNREALISTIC, DUH!, most if not all horror/sci-fi stories are, however if you go from there and continue to make it unrealistic I will lose interest. I cannot stand the Governor and Andrea. I was cheering at the TV when it looked like Andrea was going down by the walkers. I also do not like the direction Rick’s character is going. Outside of Daryl, Merle and Michonne, the characters are all becoming more and more annoying. Too bad, the show had real promise in my opinion. some think most people don’t like the direction, seems to me most people do from the comments I have seen. Outside of 2 or 3 episodes this year, Glen and Maggie hostage was one of them, they sucked. I keep watching hoping it will get better…probably not going to happen though.

    • Must be a victom of the zombie apocalypse. Obviously they’ve eaten your brain. Only possible explanation to your inability to recognize how the show has grown in depth and complexity in it’s examination of the human psyche under the most horrific of conditions. On the surface it is just good bloody fun but underneath it is smart and perceptive. But none of that really matters to a walker. So sorry!

      • oh…ok. I must not be “bright” enough to realize that what I am watching is brilliant.

        • Don’t get down on yourself because of a little “dead” humor at your expense. It’s all relative. Though you seem to be as slow as a walker…we’ve all moved on to the next episode.

      • Yeah. There’s been no character growth for most of them. Just melodrama. Some like that kind of thing in place of nuanced characters. I guess you’re one of them.

        • Guess Again!!!

          • Since you consider this melodrama actual development, there’s no reason to guess again. Trying, in vain, to convince any and every poster that the drek that passes for character beats on this show is somehow brilliant tends to reduce the value of your arguments. Carol’s different away from her abusive husband, great. Carl went through a maturity spike offscreen, great. Rick occasionally goes crazy and sees his wife…cheese. Everybody else is basically a type, not a character.

            • Listen, I understand and appreciate that you find the show and the writing “drek” and you are certainly entitled to that opinion. I disagree as do many others and I am sure there are many who agree with you. Bottom line if you are so negative on the shows quality why bother watching? I know if I found a show so lacking it wouldn’t be on my must watch list.

  23. I am a Fan; consequently we Fans, can become the biggest critics, because we care about the show and would like it to be better in our own minds.

    My main criticism is about the Total Lack of Human Character Creativity. Such as with the issue of Weapons, Security, Defense(armor), Hershel’s Leg(No Prosthetic), Automobiles, etc. Humans if anything are Very Creative Tool Designers and Builders.

    The Story Writers have us believe there are endless supplies of Ammo and Gasoline, just count the bullets fired on some of these violent shooting episodes. Or how Rick et:all never seems to be searching for Gasoline, whenever they need to drive around someplace they just get into a vehicle and drive it no problem. No way there could be that much firepower or gasoline left. Because by now Ammunition is practically all gone used up the same with fuel too.

    We did see in Woodbury that they were Re-Loading but even then the GunPowder would start becoming scarce. Remember this is……. Year 3…….

    I do realize that Rick back to retrieve Ammo/Guns from his hometown but even then the story line is a total Farse. Why Not have the Characters start employing some HomeMade Weapons ? I mean Daryl’s CrossBow is the only Lethal weapon without firepower ? I can very quickly name off a few story lines where the Characters employ some sort of Armor, Homemade Weapons, Improvised Fuel, Creative Security Tactics, etc.

    Why Not make some sort of Armor especially around their arms and legs where most bites happen. What about Some Homemade Ingenious Weaponry; such as Atlatl, Spears, Swords(Katana), or more creative trip wires, traps(ie animal traps). Not to mention allot of creative defensive techniques such as Hidden Pits around the Prison, they have plenty of time and shovels. The Woodburians have that contraption that makes noise and helps draw the Zombies in so they fall into that pit. I was very excited when I first saw the new character Milton. The Mad Scientist that was Experimenting on/with the Zombies/Walkers. What happened there ? So many people were guessing about the Tea, remember people were thinking that something was in the Tea at woodbury because the Guvnor implied that Woodbury Tea was special. But alas nothing really came of all these experiments, I mean that story line could have really gained traction. A whole different interest when it came to the Zombies. Like Why did this Event Happen, What Caused it, Is there a Cure or antidote, etc.

    What about their Cars, why don’t they get creative and put some armor on their cars/trucks. I can go on and on, you get the jest of it. And what about Hershel, he should have some sort of Prosthetic by now. They can be smart enough to make something for him.

    They could even make some sort of armor for the baby. Because besides Carl/Karl, the Baby is Priority #1 if Humanity is going to survive; the Baby’s life should come first. Make some sort of Armored Baby Carrier. A simple wooden or metal box if in case a close quarter attack by Zombies happens. That way the baby would be safe all locked up inside her Armored Box.

    What about tactics ? We all remember the “300– I am SPARTA !! “… the Spartans used the Famous Phalanx for the Ultimate in Defense and Offensive posturing. Employing the use of Long Spears in front of Tall Shields with the people in a Triangular/Delta pattern/shape. I mean that defensive tactic is almost a perfect solution to these Zombies.

    You would think that Gasoline would have run out too. When they were at the farm, they used Horses and I thought that now we will see an De-Evolution back to a simpler but more realistic form of Transportation, with them using Horses to move from point A to point B. But magically they have as much Gasoline as they need. Poof the Magic TV show Wand just makes as much Gasoline and Ammunition.

    By now all the Ammunition/Gasoline is gone. Not to mention that if you leave Gasoline to sit for 3 years it will have lost it’s volatility and will start to deteriorate. By Now Gasoline is useless but for setting fires and what not. No way that 3 year old Gasoline would work especially in the Modern cars they mostly drive.

    These Story Writers are NOT Very Creative, but Human beings are. We should be seeing much more Creative Tool making as well as Tactics too. Sorry for the Long Rant, but don’t You think that the Writers should start being Much More Realistic ?

    • Actually the writers are quite creative. The assumptions you make are incorrect. First and foremost it hasn’t actually been 3 years. Pay attention! It only takes 9 months to have a baby. Lori just gave birth. Get it? Also we have seen scenes of the characters tracking down more weapons and supplies and gas. This is done to let you know that they engage in these activities thus eliminating the need to show us everytime it occurs.

      • I have to agree on the time that has passed, somewhere around 9-12 months since pregnancy, however as far as creativity of the characters these have got to be the least imaginative group of people you could find. Most any group of people would have come up with at least some creative ideas on how to better defend themselves. It seems that we are to believe that these people have never watched a movie about this type of situation, which would be extremely unlikely. This group has spent many hours sitting in the prison doing little more than watching zombies and have not had one original thought, this is just not reasonable. Even if the ideas they came up with are stupid at least someone would speak up!

        • You make a valid point but it’s one I just don’t agree with. Since the beginning they have tried coming up with ways of fortifying their position (at the campsite, on the road, at the farm, in the prison, etc.). They have concentrated on fortified defense as opposed to being the aggressor. Yes, maybe they should be more creative but I don’t know how creative any of us would be when you are concentrating your efforts on just being safe.

    • PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!! It is season 3 NOT year 3! It takes 9 months to have a baby. Lori just discovered her pregnancy in season 2 and was probaby a couple of months along at that point. She had the baby a few episodes back meaning months had passed not years!
      They have in past episodes shown them forage for food, weapons and yes even gas and that is done to let the audience know that this is something that occurs thus eliminating the need to show it to us everytime. Life occurs for the characters beyond the scenes that constitute the episode. In other words we aren’t privy to 24/7!

  24. Thank you America for The Walking Dead I’m on the edge of my seat every Friday night(in the UK) when this heart pounding show starts! Morrisey makes such a good baddy! I hope the writers continue to keep it real.

  25. love this series but for god almighty sakes please stop all the too many commercials….

  26. TOO MANY COMMERCIALS stop all the commercials. Love this show but stop the commercials and give us the fans a big break —please!

  27. I like Andrea and think mostly everyone is being too harsh on the character.

    In my eyes she redeemed heself from turning her back on Michrone then sleeping with the Gov to FINALLY realizing Woodbruy is wrong and going to her group.

    She’s proved herself a badass when she left the Gov to be eaten by Zombies, however my only question is how did the governer bring her back to Woodbury so easily?

    It doesn’t feel like everyone will get their wish with Andrea being the next in line to be killed, but I hope she makes it through and patches it up with Michrone for season 4.

    This is my opinion so please don’t go bersek on me.

    p.s. The Gov looks like Nick Fury with the eye patch.

    • Thank you. Agree with your opinion of Andrea. So, you aren’t alone on that point.

  28. Really have no idea what you are talking about. I thought this was a forum to debate what we feel about the individual episodes of show we all watch and have some interest in. Your posts directed specifically at me make no valid point in regard to The Walking Dead either pro or con. Yes, I sometimes make attempts at sarcastic humor when addressing posts that I find particularly offbase and “humor” is very subjective so I am sorry if I somehow offended you. But I intend to keep doing what I’ve been doing and you can resort to inconsequential name calling if it makes you happy.

  29. Has anyone noticed that the music when the governor is chasing Andrea in the Warehouse is almost exactly the music from Terminator?