‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

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David Morressey in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

In these last few episodes prior to the season finale, The Walking Dead has found itself, more often than not, in the right gear. That is to say: the series’ writers have managed to keep things moving while maintaining the episode’s concentration on a single facet of the overall story, rather than spread the narrative and the characters thin, trying to give equal face time to the main characters.

After the successful bottle-episode that was ‘Clear,’ the concern was that the series would ride out the remaining few episodes by drawing out the escalating Rick vs. the Governor conflict with a single story that might only have felt totally cohesive when looked upon as a whole.

Instead, the last two installments, ‘Arrow on the Doorpost‘ and ‘Prey,’ have handled their stories in a more succinct and satisfying manner, creating a clearer sense of drama and circumstance within the confines of a single episode.

If anything, ‘Prey’ succeeds because it manages to tell a compelling story by focusing almost solely on the Woodbury side of the storyline, and because it does so within the span of a single complete chapter. Sure, it ends on a fairly unsettling note, but the episode, as a whole, feels considerably more substantial and direct than the episodes offered immediately after the hiatus.

In addition, ‘Prey’ puts the spotlight on a character whose arc has been somewhat taxing this season and, if nothing else, allows for the moment when she literally lives to regret her past decisions.

Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

For the most part, the story is told from Andrea’s perspective – a fact that’s readily evident in the early moments of the episode, as she’s now the one donning a conspicuously well-tailored and slightly tacky jacket – and while the main thrust of the hour is spent with Andrea attempting to dodge the relentless Governor while making the trek over to the prison, there are some other overt examples of conflicts yet to come. And although they’ve not yet come together (and it’s unclear if they actually will), those conflicts mostly pertain to Milton, Tyreese and Sasha.

After his heart-to-heart with Hershel last week, it seems the passive, man-of-science that Milton was seen as since his introduction has partially given way to a slightly more assertive voice against the Governor’s more violent will. Milton reveals Philip’s plans to Andrea early on, but holds her back as she once more waivers in her decision to assassinate the source of everyone’s problem.

It’s weak, but it makes sense: Killing Philip will solve one problem, but it will also leave a power vacuum in which Martinez seems the likely successor to the Governor, leaving them in essentially the same predicament. It seems the conflict is now in these individual characters’ ethics that are rooted in a sense of community, which may or may not take precedence over what they know to be right or wrong. In many ways, this mirrors Rick’s conundrum in regard to Michonne and the offer he received from Philip near the end of their meeting in ‘Doorpost.’

Weighing the superiority and continued safety of Woodbury over the lives of the people (the children, mostly) in the prison is also at the heart of Tyreese’s primary conflict. Before running off, Andrea insists that Woodbury and the guy running it aren’t nearly what they seem, and what he sees later raises some significant moral concern. Tyreese’s inclination toward making waives on ethical grounds initially puts him at odds with Martinez, and, to a lesser degree, the Governor, but it also presents an additional quarrel with Allen that feels like too much of an effort to make the Allen character relevant. Still, there are enough hints of where that’s headed to balance this issue out.

Laurie Holden in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14 Review – On The Run

As far as the Governor goes, ‘Prey’ sees him in the less complex, but far more suitable position of being a total psychopath, setting up a torture chamber and chasing after Andrea with the kind of dogged determination that would earn him applause from the likes of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees – especially his surprise return from certain death that keeps Andrea from reaching the prison or alerting Rick while he’s on sentry duty.

If anything, the pace of the episode, coupled with decent (or, at least, clearer) representations of the Governor and Andrea help make this a solid entry into the latter half of season 3 that, grim outlook for one character aside, bodes well for the season’s final two episodes.

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘This Sorrowful Life’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a sneak peek below:

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  1. God I hope there are no torture scenes. As much as I dislike Andrea’s character on the show, I don’t want to see anything like what happened to Glen & Maggie again.

    • Hear hear. I’m not into torture or scenes that are geared to shock audiences. I’d prefer that the director(s) show some restraint by alluding to/implying events that are exceptionally shocking.

      • This is the campest comment I have ever read. It is a TV show about man eating Zombies, do you expect him to tickle her with a flower, I hope for a slow and painful death when it comes to Andrea.

        • To each his own. Enjoy your gore (somewhere else, I hope).

    • They’ve already taken a lot of the more graphic stuff from the comics out. I’d like some to be put back in. The torture scene in there is something that I’m hoping will come to pass soon.

  2. I didn’t care for this episode that much; it was too Andrea / Governor focused

    1. I think the opener with Michonne and Andrea served no purpose.

    2. Andrea opening the door and letting all the walkers loose on Thursday Governor was the only semi-badass thing she’s done all season.

    3. I was surprised at the last minute of the show to see that they’re going the Michonne route with Andrea. Totally didn’t expect that.

    • I feel like everytime they say next time on the walking dead. They never actually show what they previewed. They are just showing bits of the final episode

      • Yeah, whenever they show clips of the next episode, I always get excited, only to be let down a little. I guess it’s doing its job though.

      • Actually the scenes they show are ALWAYS in the next week’s episode.

    • michonne route?

      • michonne gets tortured and raped by the governor in the comic

        • The brutality and the compile extreme psychotic behavior of the Governor in the comics is so over board that it would actually ruin the series if they tried to do the same. I read that huge book compiled of all the issues up to the big war. I for one am so glad they didn’t follow the comics very close. The series is much better

          • I concur with that

    • I absolutely second everything you said. Especially the first scene. However, someone told me that the first scene was to show the shackles that Michonne used on the walkers- because the Gov was now using them in his torture room.


    • Regarding your statement “I think the opener with Michonne and Andrea served no purpose,” you probably need to rethink that. The opening was focused on, both, Michonne and Andrea’s journey, who are now the subject of the Governor’s obsession to treat them as less than human… by torturing and most likely raping them. He wants to make them “pay”. The supposition is that the 2 zombies that Michonne was using to mask their smell had done something terrible to Michonne, or treated her as less than human (beating/rape), which her statement of what they deserved points to. The visual of the chain was connecting the inhumane behavior of these literal monsters (formerly human) with the Governor. Alive, or dead, they are both monsters… there’s no real difference. Maybe it wasn’t something that pushed the story forward, but it was allegory, and it was probably foreshadowing that Andrea is going to experience what Michonne did, at the hand of a living breathing monster. In that case, it seems to serve a definite purpose.

  3. The cold open served no purpose.

    They went for every cliche in the “Woman on The Run” handbook (right down to tripping in the woods)

    Andrea’s go-to weapon is a four inch knife. She’s come across dozens of cars, and was in a factory full of stabby weapons…Nope. Four inch knife, if you please.

    TheGuv must have a tracking device on her. Unerringly picks her out of the woods.

    The woman stands sideways in a giant picture window with four slats across it and thinks she’s hidden. Just ridiculous.

    The Factory scene WAS pretty good…But ends with Andrea NOT taking the truck that we know is still running out front. Ridiculous.

    This was a B episode at best.

    • I have to agree, worst writing in some time. This is the kind of lazy writing that crops up in the show quit often. There should a large poster on the wall in the room where they write the show with every stupid sfifi/horror cliche in bold type under the words NEVER DO THIS!

    • The fact she didn’t go for the truck was confusing. So was the scene where she was grabbed by the walker from behind the trees. [I knew what was coming when the camera panned back, placing Andrea in the right-most 1/3rd of the screen. I thought, this is really odd framing.] What was pitiful about this scene was that Andrea ducks behind a tree (to avoid detection by the Gov driving the truck on the road down the hill) and not 5 seconds later is surrounded by Walkers. Where the heck did they come from? That was incredibly weak directing. I wonder if this episode was filmed after the director change because it felt lackluster.

      • Yeah, those walkers coming out of nowhere…SILENTLY?!?! C’mon, you’d hear the sticks and leaves crunching a mile away…

    • I didn’t know they showed the governor leaving the keys in the car. Must have missed that part………

      • I rewatched the episode and I heard the truck being turned off. I though didn’t see the part where the keys were left in the truck

      • engine was off but keys still in ignition. when the guv enters the warehouse his silhouette is clearly seen on the door before he enters.
        meaning head lamps on car were on, therefore keys in ignition.
        still doesnt explain why she doesnt take the car.

        • Because it’s Andrea. She makes stupid decisions. So tired of her.

        • You dont need to have the keys in the ignition in order for the lights to be on. Im pretty sure he’s smart enough to not leave them in the car.

  4. Good episode. Andrea had better hope Milton saves her a$$, or she’s gonna get it!

  5. I have to agree that there was too much Andrea and the Governor is this episode. The more I see of the Governor and Woodbury the more I wonder how people don’t see through his thinly veiled mask. The four people who came over from the prison are walking into a shallow grave dealing with him the way they are, and even though I have not read one of the comics I can’t see things ending well for one or more of them.

    As for Andrea, well he story arc just seems lost and the character can’t keep dodging the bullet so to speak. Her actions just make her seem stupid at this point and she is kind of where she belongs at this point.

  6. More of a filler episode for me.

    Was happy Andrea decided to go back to ricks group and loved the Rick cameo but for the most part. Just meh. Te end was great and I wonder if she’s gonna bite the dust this season though I doubt it.

    I like seeing more tyrese and hope he ends up with Rick soon.

    And I agree with te above that the cold open was pointless but intresting to add more backstory to michonnes past.

  7. I have to agree with the majority of comments posted. Honestly I thought this episode was very underwhelming. With 2 episodes remaining I felt this one was going to really set the table for the final 2. And to have this episode favorably focus on Andrea(the worst acting ability, most clueless and annoying character on the show) was just a big ? for me. Considering all the other colorful characters that are way more interesting and enjoyable to focus a story around. They choose her. Again… why?

  8. Episode purely bored me Andrea finally realizing the Governor is crazy for the 3rd episode in a row,the ending song is what I was looking forward to, even that wasn’t great. Less Andrea wasting 20 minutes of every episode running back and forth from Woodberry to The Prison. The Walking Dead – A bunch of people talking and sometimes Zombies show up, and sometimes the ending song is good.

  9. This was a pretty bad episode I which the writers just got lazy because, let’s face it, there really isn’t much story to tell between now and actual war between the prison and Woodbury. The Governor is evil and that Andrea is clueless-we knew that since the beginning of the season. Therefore, everything in this filler episode was simply boring. It could have been a lot more interesting had they focused on Tyreese. All-in-all, a very disappointing effort (or lack thereof) by the writers this week.

    The one thing in this episode is the question of who lit the zombies on fire? When I watched that scene, I originally assumed that Morgan had arrived, since burning the zombies would seem to fit with his “clearing” mission. However, when they showed the guy who did it, it obviously wasn’t him, unless Morgan grew 10 years younger and found a wig. Another Web site said it was Milton in disguise, but I highly doubt that since he’s been established as a sissy when it comes to venturing out and facing the zombies.

    • It was Milton.
      The line at the end says it all:
      Milton “I hope you find who did it”
      Governor: “I already did”

      • But they showed the guy who did it and it wasn’t Milton

        • I don’t remember that. They showed his gloved hand, a silhouette in the truck. Which shot are you talking about?

          • @Keeth

            He’s just talking, it was obvious that the guy who did it wasn’t supposed to be seen – and he wasn’t.

            • it was milton if you do the walking dead story sync amc clearly states that milton did it lol

            • Yeah that’s what I figured, cuz I didn’t remember seeing any indication of who it was.
              But even without the story sync, it’s in the writing. Milton burned the Zombies.

    • I was thinking maybe it was Dan. Course would have been difficult for him to get a vehicle so it is more then likely Milton.

    • 100% agree with you guys that say this was a poor episode. The writing on this series is just awful and so frustrating, everything gets dragged out so so much. We all knew there was gonna be a battle or conflict between Woodbury and the prison about 8 episodes ago for gods sake, they’re takin their sweet time to get to it, just throwin in filler episodes here and there.

      3 weeks ago an entire episode about 3 characters goin back home to get guns, oh my, Carl wants to get a photo of his mother. Last week, an entire episode based around Rick and the Govener basically sitting down and having a chat, the whole episode. This episode, Andrea decides to go back to the prison (AGAIN) but doesn’t make it, thats it???

      You could literally stop watching the Walking Dead for 3 or 4 episodes and not miss anything, then tune in for the finale and you’d still know exactly what’s goin on with the story. That’s a sign of a poorly written show.
      Compare this to say Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, every episode of those shows moves the story along and is filled with so much content, you miss one episode and you’re screwed,

  10. I’m getting real tired of Andrea.
    She seems to have SO much conviction about what’s right and what other people should do.

    Yet she’s had a ton of opportunities to either leave that awful town, or kill the governor
    (with no shortage of reasons) and she STILL doesn’t do it. And for god’s sake will you just RUN?

    “I’ll run away from the town gate but WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD”
    “Forests everywhere? OPEN FIELD”
    “Left Governor in a room with Zombies? It’s not like he’s dealt with them bef- OH WAIT”
    “There’s the prison! Let me tiredly wave without YELLING ANYTHING while lazily stumbling over to it.”

    In all honesty I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She put herself in that torture chair.

    • She’s not a machine. The prison is miles away from the town. Can you sprint multiple miles without getting as winded as she was?

      • she could have taken the truck, seriously everyone should know how to hot wire a car in zombie apocalypse it is essential.

      • She doesn’t need to run the whole time. But when she left the governor in the room with the Zombies,
        she casually, even smugly, walks up the stairs and out of the building. That’s just thoughtless. She barely made it out with her life. She should know by now in a world like that, you don’t take chances, you get the hell out of there. And she didn’t sprint the whole way, she ran from the gates, then only when being chased. Careless.

  11. I want milton to kill the gov.

    • I agree 100% – Milton should be the one.

  12. So, did Morgan come to town and lot the zombies on fire? They showed who did it very quickly and it did not initially look like Morgan, but then again, if Morgan somehow found a wig and grew 10 years younger, maybe it was him. In summary, this was a boring episode. AMC shows often do this. They set viewers up for the season finale way too early, and then have to write lazy, filler episodes like this one because, let’s face it, there really isn’t much story left to tell between now and the season finale.

    • @Jasonnj

      They didn’t show anyone. Not even a glimpse. Not even a hand, just a black glove so we can’t find out by race.

  13. First Latoya Jackson fumbles a board room meeting, then I get a double dose of stupid with an Andrea heavy episode.

    Crappy end to a long week. :(

    • Or a weak beginning to a new week? #perspective

  14. I’m not tired of Andrea, just the writers interpretation of her translated on screen. A number of characters seem to have taken characteristics from others, an amalgamation of sorts, and I can understand some of Andrea’s desires for normalcy / unity in a world gone f*d up. The governor is also a twist different, so it’s a bit to go from facade of sanity to torture on your sleeve wacko. This to me is a show of pacing/personality issues that is the only game in town… Still watching.

    • Ya but she went from almost slitting the Governors throat in his sleep thinking he was indeed evil and deserving, to believing he was willing to make a legit deal with Rick out of good faith. Only to be in utter surprise again when he is found to be in fact evil and almost shoots him.

      She needs to be tortured zombified and have her head end up in an aquarium.

      • Agreed.

      • Most of it is just deception. She is looking for somewhat of a normal life so therefore was blinded by how sick and twisted a guy can be(this even applies to today’s culture). She has been dealing with making a choice of going back to a group that has bad memories or sticking with a group that seems normal on the outside and someone who she really likes. This to me explains the whole knife dilemma. Then with her setting up the truce, she was trying to make everyone happy. Seems logical. Now she has opened her eyes only because it deals with someone telling her the truth and seeing what the guy is really capable of doing. I see it as all logical. How it’s written and how it comes off on other people is based on personal preference

  15. Although I’d agree that there is not an awful lot of story really conveyed and in some respects it is a filler episode I would however argue that this episode finally begins to reveal the governors twisted psychopathic nature. This episode is where the Gov. from the comics really comes to life.

    Don’t get me wrong I dont mind them changing things from the comics however I do mind when the characters are changed, and this episode I feel brought that character (the gov.) to the place he needs to be for the season finale and next season. He needs to be crazy and sadistic otherwise it will severely loose the punch and shock that have made him the iconic character he is and the prison story arc so memorable.

    So while seemingly useless there is actually a driving force behind this episode that I did enjoy.

    • “Don’t get me wrong I dont mind them changing things from the comics however I do mind when the characters are changed,”

      I dont quite understand this you dont mind but you do mind? Or do you mean he changed since we first saw him?

      He does not need to be crazy and sadistic. Either one will do just fine however if you think about it so far he is just a little… wacky. His going out on his own after A is two fold. It stops her from reaching the prison and it keeps the people on his side. The method in which he hunted her was just to try to unnerve her. She is strong…. sometimes ditzy but strong none the less.

      There are a LOT of people that do not know him as the iconic character you are speaking of. I would venture to guess there are more people that watch it that have never read the books then there are ones that have.

      There was really nothing we learned (TV story wise) that (IMO) created a driving force.

      We already knew he was mad/crazy. We already knew he was going to attack.

      While I enjoyed the episode I can see why people were disappointed with it.

      • Hey, my apologies for being ambiguous. What I mean is for me anyway, I have no issues with them changing events and actions (i.e. the re-introduction of Morgan or Shane’s death) so long as they keep the characters relatively the same. If they arent going to keep the characters the same (they’re personality etc.) then just don’t use that Character. That’s how I have felt with the governor anyway.

        While I too think your correct in saying that many people watching havnt read the comics and dont know who the Gov. is, here’s the thing, they have adapted him for a reason. He is a shocking, and frightening character in the oomics and thats what made him so successful. My problem is they seem to be “fixing” things that don’t need to be fixed and the Gov. in particular up until this point has been tame.

        If they are gonna have the Gov. they need to have the Gov. not just a character with the same name. Thats why despite some elements of this episode being silly, he seems to be descending into madness, and untill he does something truly outrageous, cruel and fully sadistic I’m not sure I can really call him the Gov.

        Although I still look forward to the next episode especially considering I believe its written by the new show runner, so hopefully it will stand as testament to his talent.

  16. Ive loved just about every episode from the start, I hope it just keeps going, I dont know why I love it so much but its one of the best shows ive ever seen..

    • This show had me hooked from the beginning. I have a theory on the fate of the governor. It seemed that his arm was injured by the way he was favoring it at the end of the episode. I’m betting he was bitten by a zombie and he’s trying to hide it. If you research the macfarlane action figures for this series you’ll see a few figures of the governor missing an arm. Anyone wanna bet that he has his arm amputated by milton who talked to hershel and knows you can stop the transition if you amputate immediately.

      • He doesn’t get bit! He does lose his arm, but it ain’t from a bite wound! ‘Spoiler’ Amputation by sword!

        • Yes but that is in the comics and in the comics Dale gets bit and loses a leg not Herschel.

          So it could possibly be as Sal states.

  17. all things aside, I really hope that they don’t kill the governor yet and wait try to even out a lot of the story from the comics into season 4.

  18. Man i really hope andrea does not get tortured that was a crazy ep.

  19. I see this as a filter episode. Next episode starts with the war. I can’t wait! I want to see what Gimple has done with these last 2 episodes since these are the 2 episodes Gimple decided to reshoot(seems like GM did something that didn’t please Kirkman, or at least that’s what the word is)

    • The next episode and 35 minutes of the last episode will be filler, by the looks of how the rest of this series has gone

      • It could be. Who knows. With Gimple he was a big help in Season 1 so I am hopeful. He helped out with the Sofia coming out of the barn episode in S2 and S3 ep1 so his body of work is limited but hopeful considering he is willing to go through Kirkman and as well as implement his “back to the roots” storyline(a Darabont trait).

  20. Another huge gap in logic this show was how the Governor managed to escape all those Zombies once his ammo went out. It seemed like he was too overwhelmed to escape, but somehow there he was. I didn’t actually expect him to be snuffed out that easy, but they seemed to fudge logic to make it happen

  21. I enjoyed the episode, I thought they would skip the whole torture thing (still might) but looks like they will. The whole thing seemed tense and on edge which made me enjoy it. Sure it could have been better in ways though. I can’t wait for the next 2 episodes.

  22. Disagree with this review on pretty well every aspect.

    These last two episodes have screamed FILLER! Dull and boring. This last one was especially atrocious and gee do we think Lori is going to get out of the chair or not? I wonder…. NOT!

    The plot contrivances in the chase scenes between the Governor and Lori were downright embarrassing at times – especially when zombies would conveniently show up.

    Sorry for my snarkiness. Guess it’s my own fault for watching this right after the last episode of Spartacus. Now there’s a show that knows how to write well and write well for a large cast.

    The Walking Dead seems to be popular in spite of itself.

    • er sorry the Governor and Andrea

    • Did u really use the comment board on a WD episode to plug your show Spartacus? Why not just go to a Spartacus fanboy page and vent there

      • Spartacus does wipe the floor with Walking Dead though, I don’t know how the writers are being paid, its terrible

      • Although I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead show, I do have to agree with Spartacus having superior writing. Alas though, TWD is a show that has enough material and ratings to last 8-10 seasons while Spartacus has last really 4 seasons. Still both great shows though imo

  23. Have you ever tried to write a tv show? It’s alot harder than people think. Why criticize if your not going to offer any solutions?

    • Brevity is the soul of wit. What allot of people are angry at is that the show is trying to drag things out for no real storyline reason. Compare this to season 1 where every episode something happened, every episode moved the story along and did so incredibly well. Other good shows also do not waste the viewers time, every scene moves the story along and also tells us about the characters (see game of thrones and breaking bad). Do we really need an entire episode dedicated to redeeming Andrea to the viewers eyes while not moving the story along; when they could have instead moved the story along and had Andrea redeem herself by turning on the governor? The walking dead is still a good show, and i will see it to the end but its kinda hard to not notice the show has started to go down hill.

      • The show isn’t trying to be witty…

        IIRC the first season was the most expensive. Putting a bigger budget into fewer episodes means they’re going to be of better quality. Instead of thinking, “People love this! Let’s keep it like this!” the network clearly thinks that, “People love this! Let’s give ‘em more!” and that leads to the dragging out of episodes.

        It’s my main complaint against American shows (most with 20+ episodes in a season) but I am not a fan of the overly short-seasoned British ones. It seems that US TV show writers come up with a story arc for the season with a beginning (premiere), middle (mid-season finale) and end (season finale) and then they have to stretch out what happens between them in amongst ‘filler’ episodes. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as anime – Naruto was truly bad at first, but at least now we only have one season of ‘proper’ shows to every one season of filler. Yes, entire filler seasons.

        I’m guessing that these episodes are filmed *way* in advance of airing, so an ‘Andrea redemption’ episode probably didn’t seem that way to the writers. Andrea used to be a popular character before she simply latched onto the nearest ‘powerful’ guy. Remember when she hit Lori with that ’50′s housewife’ speech?

  24. We need a good Zombie horde to through and mess things up. Imagine Woodberry surrounded by a thousand plus walkers. The zombies don’t seem as much of a threat lately.

    • Eh, I couldn’t care less about the Zombies, they are the situation, not the Story.

  25. Love next weeks promo where Merl telling Rick what’s up. Awesome

  26. I keep asking myself “why do you keep watching this show?”… it’s going downhill and fast

    • I agree with you! If they don’t get the Prison Arc right, there really isn’t much hope, the comic goes downhill after the Prison Arc

    • Then stop watching. Why do people find the need to be vocally negative. I’m on this page cause I love walking dead, I kinda assume that’s why any of us read this page. Why even bother posting if your not enjoying the show… Just move on! There’s plenty of other stuff to watch

    • You should listen to yourself.

    • I doubt this show is going anywhere. The rating, again, are just too strong. They already said they have enough material for 7-8 season if not more. The ratings continue to grow every season and I just don’t see it stoping unless people actually stop watching. As of right now they must be doing something right because people are watching the show, talking about the show, and new people get hooked to the show everyday.

  27. Kevin, thank you for mentioning Michael Myers in this article because that is exactly who i thought of during that whole scene in the warehouse. From his entrance up to the continual mutilation of one of the zombie’s, his entire posture of actions mirrored Michael greatly and I loved it!!

  28. I dissagree with a lot of people on the governor. Many fans wanted the character to be introduced in the show immediately as the Joker like out of his mind guy. But instead, we watch the character transform INTO that man throughout the season, and I love that! This was definately my favorite Governor episode so far, he has gotten more and more crazy. And sorry guys, but I’ve thought for a while now that he needs to torture someone (or do something like that) to show him truley evil and insane. And who better than the village idiot Andrea? I can’t wait to see how this season ends with them.

    I was a little dissapointed with last weeks episode though. I didn’t HATE it, but I was a little let down by the first meeting between Rick and the Governor. This was something I’ve been waiting for a while for, but the dialogue just wasn’t that interesting (except for the deal with Michonne of course). The only real cool thing with the meeting was that we got to see how although Rick and the Governor are both practically out of their minds, the Governor can control it better than Rick, mostly because the Governor is just, evil. Although, I did love the interaction between the supporting character, like Hershel and Milton, that was great.

    But as for this episode, I loved it. Very strong in terms of characters. And despite how much I hate Andrea, I thought there was genuine tension in the warehouse scene, that was great.

    And guys, quit your whining with the “the show has gone hill” thing, HOW?!?! You can say that, but in terms of writing and character development, I would say it’s been as strong as ever! The only problem I’ve noticed is that the seasons have gotten too long (for Walking Dead). I thought the first season was perfect with only six episodes. This season, sixteen seems a little overkill. But overall, this has still been one hell of a season. I just don’t understand the complaints.

    If you guys are starting to hate this show because not enough people are dying or getting ripped apart, then you really got the wrong idea when you started watching this show. What part of DRAMA do you guys not understand? Action and zombie stuff is great and all, but I personally put a little thing called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT over that.

    • It’s a case of character development versus character derailment that’s upsetting people when it comes to Andrea. A character changing over time can be for the better (Carl becoming an efficient member of the team but still being a kid works well) but Andrea suddenly became a dependant, gullible fool.

      We know the action setpieces aren’t the be-all and end-all on the show, despite them being awesome. We know that they have to have some smaller events happen now to set off larger events in future. Is it too much to ask that it all make sense? We can deal with coincidences, but this episode chained them up ridiculously.

      Remember when Rick went into the tank? He then got attacked by a zombie! He then had enough time to recover before hearing a walkie talkie. It was tense, well-paced and we didn’t have a clue what was going to happen next. This is what we expect from The Walking Dead.

  29. I was happy that the Governor got his chance to prove what a badass he is. He must’ve watched Die Hard to know to smash the glass to make Andrea’s footsteps louder. Of course, it also riled up the local walkers. Although I want to believe that he single-handedly took out approximately ninety eight zombies with a shovel, I reckon he was bitten or scratched.

    I was not a fan of the writing. Not necessarily what the characters said, but just that it all seemed so forced and coincidental. Governor finds the one field Andrea is running through. He stops her just as she reaches the prison (with Rick thinking that he hallucinated her?) etc.

    I really liked it when Milton said that he hoped the Governor would find the arsonist that destroyed their walker reserves. I had a mild flashback to that Scrubs episode where Ted claimed innocence before he mentally screams, “Oh yeah! Suck it b****! I will kill you!”

    • Good point that it was a little unbelievable for the Governor to find Andrea. But, that stuff just happens. But yeah, I thought Die Hard during the glass part too! :D

      • That explains the writing on the show,they use the “stuff just happens” style of writing!

    • The governor finding her just as she reaches the prison is cliche nightmare stuff where no matter where you go, the monster finds you. He had just fought off a band of walkers, yet sprints easily enought to catch up to her and find her. This show has lots of holes but I still watch it.