‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 12 Review – Back at the Beginning

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Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Clear The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12 Review – Back at the Beginning

With all the time The Walking Dead has spent milling around the prison, or in the streets of Woodbury, it’s nice to see the series get out of those settings and away from the immediacy of the various conflicts (life threatening and otherwise), and really concentrate on telling a story that is temporarily removed from the main thrust of the season, but still remains deeply rooted in the story at hand.

To that end, ‘Clear’ winds up being a good episode that gives Rick, Carl and Michonne a chance to move around and exist (however briefly) in an adventure that seems to really show them off as more complicated characters.

From the opening scene on, there’s the feeling that the supply run will offer more than the chance to simply grab a few extra guns, supplies and rounds of ammunition. It seems everywhere they look, there is some sort of sign that shows just how desperately some past survivors attempted to get information out to one another, to tell their loved ones (or anyone, really) which direction they were headed. But there’s nothing to indicate any of these messages did any good – only a brief confirmation that an intended recipient had turned into a zombie.

The closer they get to their destination, the communication becomes more focused, but less optimistic; the words are harsh and sharp, warning of the unfortunate things that will befall those who continue down the path. The messages suggest it’s best for those reading to just turn around and go back to where they came. And that’s just what Rick’s plan is: to go back to where he started, and to loot his old armory so that his people can better defend themselves against the pending conflict against the Governor and Woodbury.

Andrew Lincoln Chandler Riggs and Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Clear The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12 Review – Back at the Beginning

But that’s a far as the episode delves into the main narrative of the season. ‘Clear’ is more concerned with digging up a bit of Rick’s past, in order for him to get a glimpse at his possible future. And in order to do that, the episode brings Rick Grimes face-to-face with Morgan Jones (played by the fantastic Lennie James), the man who saved his life during the series premiere.

Initially, it’s not much of a reunion, as the group stumbles upon Morgan’s zombie traps and increasingly threatening signage and is then set upon by a man with a high-powered rifle and a motorcycle helmet. The scuffle is brief, but it disperses the group to such a degree that Carl winds up saving his father’s life by shooting the assailant point blank in the chest. Inspecting the body, Rick finds that not only was the man’s life spared by a bulletproof vest, but that the face underneath the helmet is one he distinctly remembers.

After dragging the unconscious Morgan back inside his cleverly booby-trapped house, they discover where all the weapons and ammunition of the armory (and then some) wound up. Michonne considers dragging someone who shot at them into relative safety to be the extent of her good intentions and votes to grab and go (guns and snacks, that is), while Rick once again goes against the desires of group – but this time for an understandable reason.

At this point, the storyline splits into Carl and Michonne on a mission to find a crib for Judith, while Rick tries to find out what’s left of a man he once knew. When he regains consciousness, however, Morgan shows little indication he’s looking to reminisce with Rick, choosing instead to stab him in the shoulder with a knife before being subdued once more. Between the weapons cache, the scribbling on the walls and Morgan’s hyper violent attitude toward anyone stopping by his neighborhood, it doesn’t take Rick long to figure out just what’s gone wrong.

‘Clear’ offers more than just an update on where Morgan has been, and what has been going on with him. It is apparent very early on that his son Duane is no longer with him – a fact that is confirmed not long after – and due to the awful circumstances in which Duane was killed, Morgan has become a completely different man whose only concern now is to hole up in his house and kill anything or anyone that stumbles across his walker kill zone. But most importantly, Morgan’s journey and his state of mind serves to mirror Rick’s; it is a clearer warning than any of the signs spray painted on the walls of the town or written in the street. And while Rick realizes he can’t save Morgan right now, there’s a feeling the message has certainly been received.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Clear The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12 Review – Back at the Beginning

As much as ‘Clear’ affords Rick the opportunity to, if not answer his questions, at least become more aware of them, it also has several nice moments that give Carl a chance to take a break from his new role as the (rather loathsome sounding) “child soldier” and let him be the somewhat selfish, pigheaded Carl Grimes of old. After all the displeasure that fans expressed at some of Carl’s antics back in season 2, it would seem his story here might be seen as an unfortunate setback. However, his determination to fetch a picture of his family from the King County Café actually comes off as understandable (reckless and foolhardy, but still understandable) and winds up working to the advantage of not only Carl’s characterization, but that of Michonne as well.

Earlier in the episode, Rick and Carl have a conversation about why Michonne is along for the ride, and perhaps purposely, Rick says within earshot that he simply didn’t want her in the prison with Merle. It’s not exactly a statement glowing with praise, but then again, Michonne hasn’t really had much of a chance to do anything but scowl and silently chop walkers down with her sword. Here, though, ‘Clear’ offers her plenty of opportunity to prove herself within the framework of the team, but also within the larger world of The Walking Dead as an actual character.

If anything, ‘Clear’ gives Rick, Michonne and Carl a chance to step away from the immediate narrative and better demonstrate why the audience should be so invested in whether or not they survive from one episode to the next. As it stands, this is certainly the best offering since The Walking Dead returned from hiatus, and it may just wind up being the highlight of season 3.

Andrew Lincolin as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Clear The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12 Review – Back at the Beginning

Various Items:

  • With Lennie James appearing on the upcoming AMC drama Low Winter Sun, perhaps that means The Walking Dead can ask to borrow him from time to time.
  • Morgan tells Rick, “You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets,” which is probably what the producers say to actors looking to get a part on the show.  
  • While she’s snacking away on something in Morgan’s place, Rick asks “We’re eating his food now?” To which Michonne responds, “The mat said ‘Welcome.'” Giving Michonne a personality helps to round out one-woman-army routine and all it took was a few snarky lines.
  • Additionally, we find out Michonne has a thing for brightly colored cat statues. Somehow, this works in her favor.
  • Finally, the frantic guy they twice ignored only warrants a stop when he has no further use for his backpack – or their help for that matter.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday with ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Morgan had the word “CLEAR” scribbled along his wall various times. I think that words means to “clear” the world of all walkers because he doesn’t want anyone to be harmed by them. Also, we now know Michonne has a bad taste in interior design by pulling out that random ass colorful cat.

    • I hope you didnt knowingly regurgitate exactly what was said about michonne and the cat on talking dead last night.

      • I thought it was cute that she would pick something useless as something she “had to have.” It’s kind of like part of her previous “normal” life starting to show through finally…

  2. Man this was such an amazing ep loved that scene with morgan and rick. Hope morgan appears in more eps later on

    • @vladiator

      Morgan will help Rick and the others at the prison in the “war” with the Governor, I’m pretty sure… I doubt his involvement with the show will end here…

      • Hope you are right. Mr. James is a very talented actor. If anyone besides me ever watched “Jericho”(obviously not, as it was canceled in a season and a half), he owned every scene he was in and drove that show. I see a ton of fun with this character.

        • Pleanty of people watched Jericho. There is a reason why it was cancelled after the first, but had actual successful fan campaign to bring it back for the second (unfortunately not enough to keep it on the air). There is even a glimmer of hope that Netflix will bring it back for a third season.

  3. Best episode of the season for the best show on TV!

    This one really showed why this is such a great series. That part with the hiker at the end was perfection. Rick vs The Governor… can’t wait!

  4. Have to agree,finally a great great Episode that took its time with the characters and gave them Live back !

    Started to feel really tired just having all the stress for 40min each week.
    This was a nice breather ! Please more of it !

  5. Best episode in a long time, and nothig really happened. Lenny was so good

  6. Great episode. I can’t wait for the Gov/Rick meet!

  7. Ever since the break I have lost all interest in this show. I haven’t watched any new episodes. Blah.

    • So, precisely, what?

    • and yet ur here…y?

  8. One of the 5 best eps of the series in my opinion. Lenny was amazing. I have honestly never seen him in anything else, never seen Jericho. When I heard him talking in the interview in Talking Dead I couldn’t believe he has such a thick accent and hides it so well on the show, just like Andrew Lincoln.

    • Little cult classic movie called Snatch…. I suggest you check it out….. he also had a great role in 24 Hour Party People

      • Also check out the other Guy Ritchie classic Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels.

    • He also played the FBI guy in Columbiana.

      • @Rick

        Except Columbiana was a terrible movie… Best not to recommend that to someone to promote this actor… Stick to Snatch and Jericho I think, lol.

      • Oops, Colombiana I meant, I took on your misspelling, lol.

        • Colombiana sucked so bad but the worst part was the people I was with were enjoying it so I had no choice but to watch the entire thing lol

          • @Josiah

            Wow, you need new friends with better taste in movies, lol. The only thing my friends and I enjoyed was making fun of the movie afterward…

            • Colombians was a good movie… Get a life. Theres more to life than ranting on a movie that nobody will ever hear.

              • @Lance

                LMAO. Wow, you must love the movie “Colombians.” Good for you, keep having such high standards in movies. And keep up the childish name-calling on the internet because that makes you seem REALLY cool, really… 😉

  9. Seriously? Everyone loved the episode? I don’t get it. It wasn’t that great. I can’t get over how quickly Rick mentally recovered from the episode in the prison- acting normal now. Although the actor that plays Morgan is amazing, the dialogue seemed to insist upon itself. How many times was the word Clear said. Too many. I appreciated how the dynamic between Michonne and Carl bloomed, BUT there were some severe editing flaws.

    When Carl and Michonne attempt to retrieve the picture of Carl’s family, they get chased by the walkers. As they run, the picture is dropped and showed as it is stepped on, glass broke, and bloody. Yet, when Michonne goes back in to get the picture, it’s in perfect condition. I also don’t get how that pic could have possibly been retrieved by Michonne the second time she went in. IT happened within seconds. If things were that easy, the story line would be much more different.

    The character shift was too dramatic. Michonne goes from a brooding, quiet, hard person to giggling, smiling, cat art loving person? C’mon. I don’t think it has anything to do with her need to be in group. I think it was bad writing.

    Shift back to Morgan and Rick… The scene shows them laughing about not being able to kill each other. Really? That quick? After all that was said and the fight and the resentment, we pan back to them laughing? I don’t believe it.

    There were some compelling scenes, but as a whole… thumbs down.

    • Watch again, the picture does not get cracked and bloody.

    • Stop pretending you know character development. This episode did an amazing job at it.

    • @sour

      I don’t think the picture gets stepped on… But about Michonne, yes she was a little fast, but the point was that all of the zombies were focused on the front door, she basically just went into the back and picked up the picture without any of them noticing. That’s why she needed him to stay at the front door to keep their attention.

      And about the word clear being repeated… Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is slightly unhinged like Morgan was? Yes, when a word has special meaning to them, they repeat it… A LOT…

      • I don’t know. Carl dropped the picture right next to the door after tipping over the table. With the amount of walkers in the café she would have had to snag it from right under their feet. It didn’t make sense. But still a great episode, because it was all about character development and not about minute details like that.

        And of course Michonne’s character didn’t shift suddenly at all. She was always that woman, except that she didn’t lower her defenses until she was alone with a kid. Very understandable behavior in my book.

    • Yup, didn’t really think this episode was all that great with it’s flaws here and there.

    • Rick’s ‘fast recovery’ was because he saw what *could* happen to him. Rick clearly went crazy with PTSD after Lori died (and was showing signs before, too) and he realised that he still had a son to look after, people counting on him etc. Rick knows that he could easily become Morgan, but he has decided to hold onto the things that separate the two to stop it from happening.

      The picture didn’t break. Michonne is a ninja. I know, it’s a samurai sword, but she’s still a ninja, really. Her being able to sneak in completely silently, grab a picture and a cat sculpture and get back out in about half a second was to remind you that she’s still awesome. Despite Andrea’s moment of awesome at the end of Season 2, we needed some kick-ass woman to show up the guys (except Daryl) and Michonne has filled that role nicely.

      Michonne has a hard exterior. She barely talks to anyone, but it seems like Carl was the first person to open up to her. Andrea doesn’t seem to know much about her despite them spending the Winter together. When Carl says that she’s, “one of us,” he means a badass zombie slayer with a good heart. That’s Team Rick’s main ‘thing’ – they’re a really, really messed up family.

      Morgan and Rick fought briefly, then laughed at the futility of it all. Morgan either wanted to be alone in his misery or to be put out of his misery because he doesn’t have it in him to commit suicide. Rick didn’t want to die, so he fought back. But he didn’t want to kill the man he owes his life to, so he didn’t fight back too much. The stalemate, the pointlessness of it, the moment where they silent ask themselves, “What the hell are we doing?” They were laughing at their own stupidity.

      This episode was great for character development. Rick got shocked back into reality but with a stark warning of what could end up being his existence. Carl reminded us that he’s still the “STAY IN THE BARN” kid he used to be, but he’s also a badass and is fully into the role of big bro to Li’l Asskicker/Judith. Michonne has more than one facial expression, but can still scowl. It advanced the road trippers on a personal, emotional level, but acknowledged their pasts. What more do you want?! Aside from (possibly) more naked Laurie Holden scenes.

  10. Michonne can’t do no wrong, I would sop that girl with a biscuit. Mm mmm!

  11. As with a majority of the populous, I LOVED this episode….. It showed Rick looking at his possible future. It showed the guilt that both men had in this world, and the coming to terms with what needed to be done (Rick harbored guilt for killing Shane and his emotions toward Lori in life and death, Morgan for NOT killing his wife, and the death of Duane…. Now both realize in this world certain things had to happen ala not picking up hitchhikers or the killing of those close to you that needed to be killed to ensure survival).

    I liked showing Carl as a kid still, and even though he’s stepped up this season, he’s still prone to making mistakes and wrong decisions a kid will do (I hope this isn’t tipping the hat to the possibility that he didn’t kill Lori and she’ll return…. those who think she’s still alive or Zombie Lori may jump on that).

    And FINALLY Michonne as something more than a Terminatrix Ninja…. Great to see some personality on her and even though it was a brief and passing comment at the end of the episode, glad to see that she is trying to relate to others in the group now (her comment to Rick at the end about seeing things was great).

    All in all a great episode and I can’t wait for the next

  12. Good episode, best part about it? No Andrea.

    • @Jeff


      I agree with you, but you know what? As annoying as her character is, I have to say, she’s not a bad actress. I think her character was meant to be like that and that’s how she portrays it…

      • I have to say, I was holding to that feeling…that Holden was doing a character that was supposed to be unlikeable and that’s why she’s unlikeable…..But I was listening to a podcast where she does an interview. SHE thinks that Andrea is a likeable and understandable heroine. SHE thinks that people just don’t get how good and pure she is. SHE believes that Andrea is the reasonable loving one. So if that’s how she perceives her character, her acting sucks. The podcast was The Walking Dead ‘Cast should you wish to hear it yourself.

        • @Derek

          LOL, well, I’ll just pretend I didn’t read what you wrote and continue to enjoy her character as the stupid stubborn person that is always wrong but still sticks to her guns for some reason, lol.

  13. This was one of the strongest episodes in the series if you ask me, and answers what many fans have wondered since the premiere as to the fate of duane and morgan. the convo between morgan and rick was emotional and the layered meaning of both the word ‘clear’ and rick believing ‘you can come back from this’ were great, and we got to see carl not just be little terminator and still be a kid a bit was nice, as was finally having michonne finally open up a bit instead of just being so mean and quiet. id love to go back and watch the premiere again with this episode back to back and see the changes in both mens interactions.

    On a side note, people are entitled to their opinions and all, but how do you not enjoy an episode like this? its almost impossible to please some people. i feel like people are really hard on this show sometimes and its mostly unfounded. I’m not saying the show doesnt have weaker moments but its as if as soon as it slows down a bit and theres no shooting and zombie killing people start complaining and crying foul. honeslty in the zombie genre this is as good as its gets, we should be happy the show is as great as it is and its not crap like those resident evil movies.

  14. I wish Morgan has said his comic book line, “i had never heard duane scream like that since he was a child.” Also I wish Morgan had hit Rick in the head with the shovel like his comic book counter part. Would have been a great nod. Or vice versa have Rick hit Morgan with the shovel.

    • Rick already received the shovel treatment courtesy of Duane in the season 1 premier episode…

      • Yes. In the comics the firs time Rick meets Morgan and Duane, Duane hits him. The second time Rick meets Morgan and Duane, Morgan hits him.

        • Instead of having Morgan hit Rick with a shovel, which would have been too obvious, the writers chose to have Carl be responsible for Morgan passing out just like Duane was responsible for Rick passing out in the series premiere. The parallel was much more subtle which I realized after the episode ended which made it stronger for me.

  15. I was very disappointed with how Morgan turned out. Yes, I know this episode was meant to show the tragic nature of what’s happening, but TWD writers could have thought up something different. Morgan has pretty much become a carbon copy f Dr. Jenner at the CDC. Bon he and Dr. Jenner have given up hope and are only alive because of some promise they made o heir late wives. I’m just saying, it would have been nice to see something different Hanse cookiiecutter character hat Morgan became.

  16. Best episode of the season by far,,,,and brilliant of the writers to have Rick go through therapy for his mental illness by having him cope and deal directly with someone elses mental illness and losing their grip on reality from a once solid foundation……..Rick clearly comes to terms with his issues after the end of this journey and acknowledges this by admitting to Michonne at the end that he see’s things but is now self aware of his issues and able to cope after helping Morgan come to grips with his madness.

  17. I get angry when they refuse to help others. Daryl helped those people and his brother wanted to rob them until Daryl stopped him. Yay, Daryl! But to ignore those begging for help….you suck, Rick!

    • @Lisa

      He is being a leader. He would be helping that guy at the expense of the rest of the group. They pretty much just said they were out of ammo and out of food. Adding another mouth to feed isn’t going to do anyone any good. Not to mention, you don’t know what kind of person that guy is. Sure maybe he’s not a “bad guy” per-se, but maybe he’s someone who gets into other peoples’ business, or he is against violence and would try to prevent them from fighting the Governor, or maybe he is selfish with food, etc. etc. You don’t know how he would interact and blend with the others, he could be someone who aggrevates relationships, or maybe he’s a pervert that would hit on the young girl or Carl, seriously, the possibilities can be anything. So for a group that can barely hang in there, they can’t just start picking up anyone and everyone they find.

      Daryl helped them from being killed, he didn’t bring them back to the group. If a zombie would have been attacking that guy while Rick was driving by, I’m sure he would have gladly blown the zombie’s brains out for him, then drive away…

    • Actually, I am kinda with LisaM with this one. Anyone remember Rick BEGGING Hershel to let the group stay at the farm? BEGGING the CDC to let them in, they are desperate??

      There are two very different goals between surviving and living. Surviving is all about today’s food, today’s problems. Living is opening up to what comes next, including other people and situations outside your comfort zone to build a true life. Wasn’t the whole reason we were supposed to love Rick and despise (or at least resent) Shane was that Shane only cared about himself and a few other select few? He only cared about right now, and was too short sighted to lead the group?

      Rick leaving that man to die is no different. Otis could have left Carl to die after shooting him, Hershel could have turned them away, so on so forth. Rick is becoming what we are supposed to dislike in others, and it is turning me off his character.

      • @snowgator

        And you realize the Rick then is not the Rick now? You realize that getting let into the CDC didn’t really “save” them? And if I remember correctly, Hershel’s situation was a hell of a lot better before he took in Rick and his group… This guy could end up being another Shane for all he knew. Rick was a more idealistic and naive person in the beginning. He would have let anyone into his group, and he did. Most of them turned out to be good people, but some of them turned out to be that crazy guy at the prison and that one guy from that group that wandered into the prison who is obviously bad news.

        He’s a different Rick now who have seen how that could be a bad idea. Not to mention their situation is much more desperate now than it was back then for Hershel or the guy in the CDC. Both had enough supplies and food to take on other people. Rick’s rag-tag group at the prison does not.

        And yah, Otis could have left Carl to die, and if he had, maybe he might still be alive… See my point??

        You want to blame Rick, but notice neither Michonne or Carl speaks up right? They all know the sad truth about their group and how they can only barely take care of themselves…

    • I thought it was uncharacteristic of Rick too… esp with Carl in the car.

      But like everyone is saying, he’s a different Rick. He didn’t want to help Tyrese’s crew either.

      So sad that all that was left was his backpack… how did he survive that long in the first place?

    • All Merle wanted was a frozen burrito. Is that too much to ask for the life of your family?

  18. Is it just me, or is Carl the new Laurie? Makes sense being that the trainwreck of a mom was HIS mother after all. He’s turning into quite the annoying, belligerent, ignorant punk ass who needs to know his place and shut his damn mouth! Really getting annoying to watch…

    Now Michonne on the other hand, boy am I enjoying her pleasant development. I’m praying she isn’t killed off any time soon, or at all for that matter.

    • No. I disagree. He’s hitting an age where he’s neither boy nor man, and that can be a prickly time….Add to it that he shot his mother as she gave birth to a child and his world is a post apocalyptic zombie nightmare, and his father is cracking up and he’s in a fight for his life…well, I’d be a little snotty myself.

    • if you were talking about carl season 2, you would maybe have a point, but i dont see what your saying of him in this current season, carl has been nothing short of a badass little terminator, taking out walkers and saving more people than probably anyone else this season. soooooo.. its just you?

  19. One of the best episodes of the series so far! I’ve waited SO long for Morgan to come back. I hope he goes back to the prison to help fight the governor.

    Also, I can’t wait for next weeks episode. First face to face meeting with Rick and the Governor. Gonna be great :)

  20. From looking at the promo, im half expecting Rick and the Gov to be talking and then BAM! he slams Ricks hand on the table and…well, we’ll just have to wait.

  21. Can anyone please tell me what the song is at the end of the episode, when they are leaving in the car and stop to pick up the backpack off the guy who was walking on the road? I shazamed it but nothing came up.
    The lyrics are ‘hold me now’ or something.

    Great episode.

      • Fair play Lezalel. Its a quality tune.

  22. I Love the walking dead… I hope they won’t stop making episodes and make it until season 10… it’s very moving, scary and very good series.

    • @Kristine

      I just hope that when the show ends, it actually ENDS, not just left in the middle and no more episodes because they are not making enough money. I want a REAL ending to the story. Perhaps in the future when zombies are all gone and society begins again. That would be a great ending. It’ll be like a new beginning to mark the ending of the Walking Dead…

      • That would be a very hopeful ending, but I don’t see it happening like that since the comic still continues. At least for now.

        • @INK

          I’m not saying to end it now, I was replying to Kristine who hoped it would go on for 10 years, and I was just saying that when it does end, that I hope it would be a real end…

          Not like V or Firefly…

        • I don’t think the show will have a Sopranos ending. I can see the show ending with Rick dying. I don’t think the show is positive enough to end it with the group fianlly arriving at some sort of ultimate safe haven, but then again, who knows?

          Is it too early to introduce the Safe Zone?

  23. Great episode, nice to see them develop these characters further…

  24. There were some weird editing issues last night. That weird jump cut at t King County Club was one…and things that just didn’t make sense. Like Michonne walking around the side of the building for twenty seconds and then coming back with the picture….that was last seen lyng under the feet of the zombies at the door….And the crib, that was just a ruse sure, but that they were going to bring with them, not in the car when they left. Strange mistakes, like they did some editing on the fly at crunch time.

  25. I scrolled through a bunch of the comments but damn was I pissed when they did the intro “Previously on Walking Dead..” BS. Way to set up an episode, AMC! Wasn’t surprised at all to see Morgan onscreen this week. It was the Merle episode scenario all over again.

  26. This show was awesome, it showed that Rick adapted and overcame the situation to rise to the occasion of his son. The other is the fact that he found an old friend and helped him adapt to coming back to reality after living alone for so long and being trapped within himself not seeing anyone as a friend or fellow human being. The fact that Carl and his side kick decided to argue a little bit and then become friends was another great thing that happened. I can understand why he wanted the family picture and yet the fact that the danger was always present and if he had gone alone he would of died and turned. In the process of leaving a fellow human being behind and then the turn around of driving by his body represented the fact that the danger of being careless yelling and making noise was drawing zombies to their position. I blame the hitchhiker for his own demise. The fact they took his backpack meant that survival is a must no matter what it is and it can hold something useful for anyone. Can’t wait for the next show and Thanks to all the Actors for their great performances. AWESOME JOB!!

  27. Why wasn’t the hitchiker completely eaten? Walkers wouldn’t of given up on that when they ate Lori bones and all..

  28. The official line there was that Lori wasn’t completely eaten. They seem to believe that they CLEARLY showed that her body had been dragged around the corner, and was resting there…And that’s why Rick was sitting where he was sitting….I agree…it wasn’t clear at all.

    Zombies eat until, at some point, they decide they’re sated. I don’t understand when that is, and the show has never followed a consistent rule….Anyway, in a show where the zombies aren’t the main focus, but just a story device, the eating wasn’t the story. That they left a man do die was.

  29. This episode felt like it came right out of the Comic (style-wise, not story).

    As many TWD fans know, show-runner Glen Mazarra was fired, which at first was very disappointing. But then i found out Scott Gimple wrote this episode (the new ShowRunner.)


    All of his episodes seem to have a THAT WAS TOO EASY type of scenario, but overall, they have been great, and always leave you thinking.

    He wrote the first season finale, which was ok, but them finding and entering the CDC was just silly. Out of the millions in ATL, our characters are granted access?

    He wrote the one were Shane kills Otis which was good. But in this latest episode, Morgans booby trap town was too much. They should have just found him where the left him, or just a stranger that has gone crazy.

    PS- Was anybody else SPOILED by the “previously on walking dead” intro… I was like, why are they showing us Rick talking to Morgan on the walkie?