‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 10 Review – Zombie Delivery

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Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Home The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10 Review – Zombie Delivery

If Glen Mazzara’s short-lived period as showrunner of The Walking Dead leaves behind any guiding principle for incoming showrunner Scott Gimple (and those who will probably follow him), it is that the series functions best when the characters are in motion, dealing with the unbearable tension and life-or-death stakes of the inhospitable world they find themselves in. Mazzara’s time should also inform any successor that this series has not demonstrated it is well equipped to handle the beats between such showcase moments, and therefore those should be kept to a minimum.

If anything, ‘Home’ does an excellent job of showcasing The Walking Dead‘s strengths and weaknesses in a single episode. When given the opportunity to slow down and ponder what’s going on, the writers tend to have the characters engage in the same bickering that bogged down most of season 2 and derailed the midseason premiere, which was riding on the substantial momentum built by the previous eight episodes.

There was plenty of that on display early on in ‘Home.’ This week’s collection of arguments are brought to you by Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Hershel (Scott Wilson), as they discuss Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) continued abandonment of his senses and, seemingly, his role as the leader of the group. Meanwhile, Andrea (Laurie Holden) and the Governor (David Morrissey) discuss his role in Woodbury and what he plans to do with the people in the prison. And finally, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) wander the forest in search of squirrels to eat and wind up scratching at old wounds long enough that it appears Daryl leaves his brother in the woods to search for squirrels all by himself.

Norman Reedus and Micheal Rooker in The Walking Dead Home The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10 Review – Zombie Delivery

While the thought of Michael Rooker pursuing woodland creatures he intends to consume sounds like a wonderful one-off episode, ‘Home’ must attend to the notion that Rick and the Governor both seem to have abandoned their posts in favor of pursuing more personal quests (i.e. both their levels of madness appear to have skyrocketed off the charts). This leads to Glenn taking the proverbial keys to the Hyundai and proclaiming himself the next in line to shepherd the group into whatever future misfortune awaits, while Hershel attempts to steer the young man away from a sneak attack on Woodbury in favor of fortifying the prison against the imminent reprisal from the bloodthirsty folks in that quaint little burg down the street.

With the introduction of the cowed residents of Woodbury and their trophy-collecting leader came the realization that Rick’s group would not just be pitted against them in a physical sense, but that the show would be weighing Rick’s leadership ability against that of the Governor. Now, The Walking Dead wants to compare their mental states against one another.

On one side, Rick confesses to Hershel that he’s been chasing Lori’s ghost, which has been leading him further away from the relative safety of the prison. Rick tells the kindly old gent he’s searching for “meaning” and that there’s likely an answer in his hallucinations, but he just can’t seem to figure out what it –or even the question, for that matter – is. On the other side, there’s Philip, who’s actually been crazy for a lot longer than his opponent, and, at least until he lost an eye and his zombie daughter, was a lot better at hiding it – provided you think putting on zombie-enhanced gladiator matches inside the otherwise picturesque confines of Woodbury counts as “hiding it.”

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead Home The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10 Review – Zombie Delivery

While there is the option of the show using Rick and Philip to focus on a deeper examination of themes like what is good and evil in a post-apocalyptic world, such subtlety doesn’t leave a lot of room for smashing zombie heads. Instead, ‘Home’ seems to put forth another question that’s understated enough one questions whether or not it was deliberate. While the sweaty mess that Rick Grimes has become is busy vetoing new members for the group and yelling at empty prison walkways, Daryl manages to put forth the kind of heroic effort Hershel wants everyone to remember Rick was once capable of performing. It’s not as nuanced, but the (hopefully unspoken) question of who is best suited to pick up the slack of Rick’s leadership could have turned out to be a better fit for the Walking Dead‘s narrative. If anything, Daryl’s moment in the episode displays the right kind of balance between dialogue with a purpose and the likely reason so many viewers consistently tune in to watch the show.

It may not be handled as efficiently as Daryl’s brief subplot, but in the final moments of ‘Home,’ The Walking Dead gets to show off its undeniable strength of placing characters in a situation that forces them to react – like using Axel’s (Lew Temple) body as a shield, for example. As the Governor and a few of his henchmen fire wildly into the prison yard, both Rick and the episode seem to lurch back to life. It is a brief, brutal encounter that shows how engaging the series can make these set pieces, but it also serves as a reminder how drab the moments in between them can sometimes turn out to be.

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Home The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10 Review – Zombie Delivery

Various Items:

  • No sign of Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) or Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in the episode. Hopefully, they’ll be back soon.
  • The Dixon brothers’ reunion made good use of what the audience knows about each character, and the differences that exist between them. The fact that what sets them apart has been brought to the surface in part by Rick serves to make their dynamic a little more interesting. As much as Merle is sometimes a one-note reminder of the guy Daryl could become, when he’s around his brother the writers are able to use that to make character seems fuller.
  • “I dunno. Something. I know it doesn’t make sense. But in time, it’ll make sense.” This bit of dialogue is a perfect example of what can happen between events.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘I Ain’t a Judas’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a sneak peek below:

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  1. Superhero Daryl!!

  2. I have a feeling that, before Merle eventually dies, he is going to redeem himself, if even in a small way. Hope he sticks around for a while, though, as the actor who plays him is extremely talented.

    • @Jeff I’ve been telling my friends and family the same thing since the beginning of season three.

      *Mini Spoilers (Possibly)*

      I feel that he will sacrifice himself for either Glen or Rick in the final prison assault. I’m leaning towards Glen. That could be an interesting sub-plot for Glen next season, having a sort of guilt for Merle’s death.

      • Darryl will kill Merle. Kane and Abel one of the most used stories in books and television. We already saw a preview of Carol telling Darryl that his brother isn’t good for him to be around. Darryl will eventually have to make a choice between the group or his brother, and given the hallucinations that we have seen Merle appear in during season 2, I am sure Rooker will have more screen time after he is dead.

  3. Prediction…the ghost of Lori will stick around until Rick encounters her as a walker and is shocked back into reality. (And yes, I know her son allegedly shot her in the head, and she was allegedly eaten whole by a walker(s), but none of that was ever shown, so they left that door open for a reason.)

    • stop with that conspiracy theory. It was just bad writing having the bones be eaten. A lot of stuff is never “shown”. Like how we never saw Jacqui and Jenner get blown to hell….We just saw the building explode. they could have run out too, and still be on the run. Makes just as much sense as the Lori Walker Conspiracy.

      • Haha…a “conspiracy theory”…for a fictional television show. I’ll agree that it could have been poor writing, but I am more inclined to think that, because the writers did not show Lori being shot or eaten, we may well still see her as a walker. I apologize that your sensibilities are so offended by this presumption, but rest assured, I do not think Kennedy was killed by a second shooter, nor was 9-11 an inside job. Hahaha.

        • Then youre saying carl didnt blow her brains out.
          She sewed herself back together.
          Dodged all the zombies.
          Fixed her hair.
          Found a pristine white dress.
          And is cloaking herself to everyone not rick.

          • Cody…ah…what? Did you even read my original comment about Lori? Rick is obviously imagining her as a ghost. What I believe is that, if/when he encounters her as a walker, he will be shocked back into reality and see her ghost no more. How you interpreted anything else than that, I don’t know…

            • Ghost Lori! wooooooooo……

    • @jeff your stupid

      • Oh, John…you must be a teenager. Name-calling? Really? Hahaha.

        • I’m siding with Jeff. I don’t think its too far fetched. It may have been bad writing with the zombies eating Lori whole… and if that is the case then fine… but I can see her walking about as a zombie.

          That being said… If you watched the Talking Dead Kirkman said do you really think Carl is that bad of shot??? So its probably not likely she is walking around as a zombie.

      • @john, you’re* … just advice for next time you try to call people stupid on the internet :)

    • I agree, it’s possible, i do not get the comments dissing you.

      • I agree. Yes, there’s a chance that Lori could end up showing up as a zombie but I doubt it. The whole issue is Rick is still in shock. He killed his best friend, lost Dale, T-Dog, Lori, and Oscar. The guy is trying to cope. For people to say “it’s bad writing” they haven’t seen people who come back from traumatic experiences and seen how they cope with things. I’ve seen people who lost loved ones tell me that they still act as if they’re there(some old people in nursing homes do this as well). If people don’t like it, then don’t watch it. That’s the only way things will change but as of right now the show is getting more and more popular every week so they are doing something right

  4. Really!? No mention of the phantom truck driver (who was obviously a woman) who drove into the prison and let a bunch of Walkers loose? Who the hell wAs that!!!???

    • Thats what I want to know! I thought Milton was the driver but I just don’t know !!

    • I was hoping that person would get shot but oh well.
      Or the spanish guy shooting rick, but the only one was nameless tower guy.

  5. I think its weird The Gov. and Rick have yet to meet.
    They better soon or else theyll be acting all personal archenemy but not even knowing each other.

    • ^ Agreed!

    • They do soon, have you not seen the promo where Governor says, “We have a lot to talk about.” I think that’ll be episode 12, makes sense this way tho, cuz the prison is carried into season 4. And the reason I say ep. 12 is cuz KIrkman says it’ll be special.

  6. I’m not someone who thinks that TWD needs to be nothing but non-stop zombie killing action every minute of every episode. I think at times the slower character focused episodes can be great and just as compelling. But this was not one of those episodes IMO. Besides the last 10 minutes I was struggling to get through the episode. Maybe I’m just a cold person but I find it hard to sympathize with Rick and his breakdown while he’s just going through the same thing everyone else in this world has and they don’t get to go batty while a group of people watch and care for his kids. That’s what I was hoping Hershel would say to him.

    • My little recap of the episode:

      1.It started off insanely slow.

      2. I don’t like the time being spent on the situation back at Woodberry. To me, it’s not interesting as I’m rather interested in what’s going on at the prison. The death of Axel would’ve been even more powerful, if we wouldn’t have saw the Governor up until that point.

      3. Glenn is totally in the right in the way he’s acting. He was almost beaten to death, and thought his girl was raped. Him leaving by himself to attack Woodbury was stupid, but he was right about the Governors retaliation . Now, I don’t understand why Maggie is angry.

      4. The deaths are getting kind of predictable. Having read the comics, it’s like we all know the ones who are going to die eventually, it’s just when. When Axel died, it had no emotional impact for me, it was more of an about time feeling. I’m gonna go out and say the next major characters who dies next are Hershel, Carol, and the baby somehow.

      5. Ricks squad can’t shoot for s***.

      6. That look Rick gave at the end was honestly my favorite part of the episode. I’m about ready for him to release all that frustration upon the Governor.

      • 100% agree with your #6!!! Rick looked PISSED! He is going to step up big in the next couple of episodes and the Gov. is going to have his hands busy.

        • Yeah, he looked like he’s had it. I can’t wait until they finally confront each other face to face.

        • Do you think #6 is the “meaning” Rick is searching for? I hope this snaps him out of his crazy phase..

        • I don’t agree with #3, Glen is pretty much taking up all the “spotlight” I guess you can say. He assumed she was raped and right away didnt really speak to her or go near her he just did a protector thing like a “father” role Maggie is pissed because instead of asking he just jumped to conclusions and I think maybe in her head she’s thinking I did it for you and she’s thinking he now doesn’t love her or is pulling away because of what she had to do to save him.

      • I like the fact it showed The Governor, that part had story if you’d listen, he told Andrea the town needed her, sounded to me like he was ready to fight to his death, it was really good acting, and the death of Axel wasn’t the best theres been, but oh well, no ones safe. The deaths are gonna be predictable cuz theres comics of it! Just get over it, some people havent read the comics.

      • I don’t think Glenn was going to Woodbury when he left. I could be wrong but i’m pretty sure he wasn’t.

  7. Rick needs to get over this funk he is in…. and fast because hes got a group to take care of and not just that, he needs to be there for his son and his newborn. When Lori though Rick was dead, she went out and banged his best friend and seemed to get over it fast…..why cant he just stop and put that to the side for a moment and focus on this govnor and hit em hard and well, do what Lori did?? lame

  8. Man the last 10min of the ep was just to intense, but i gotta agree it started off way to slow. And poor axel did not expect him to die at that moment. They must have shot him like a million times. Great ep!!

  9. Please inform me if I’ve forgotten something from one of the past seasons that would be crucial to answering my question. The scene where Darryl and Merle argue and Merle rips the shirt off of his brothers back, there are scars and tattoos. Something Merle sees visibly makes him calm down and change his attitude. What was it? I might be forgetting a past detail, but that action caused him to significantly become emotional.

    • After he rips off the shirt Daryl says he was beaten like merle was by their dad after merle left(home).

  10. Why is everyone giving Jeff such a hard time? He’s allowed to make theories if he wants, that’s what makes a show like this interesting: it leaves room for questions/theories. You guys, on the other hand, should take your butt-hurt somewhere else…or at least be more sensible in your rebuttals. Kids these days….

    • It is the same as saying Dale didn’t get shot by Daryl because we didn’t see it happen. There is nothing wrong with forming theories and such, but when they are as ridiculous as the “Carl did not shoot Lori” theory, I have to say something. Because it is just ignorance. Lori is dead, and not going to be a walker. Get over it. And the argument that “we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen” is the most immature argument I have ever heard.

      • Haha. Oh Ethan, you must be a teenager as well, calling people “ignorant” because they don’t agree with you. My goodness, you are the emotional one, aren’t you? Hey, it’s just a TV show. Lighten up, guy. Go have your afternoon snack.

      • You go Ethan! And while we’re at it anyone who thinks the world is round and sky is blue be IGNANT too!! (just a little rhyme, that ain’t no crime)

        If anything, the fact that we didn’t see it happen says Lori is both dead/eaten AND a zombie! a little Schrodinger’s cat for you – both theories are equally valid..

        Not to mention we’re talking about a show with walking corpses…pretty sure anything could happen. (I personally am still waiting for Captain Planet to show up to save the day)

        • ^ I was being sarcastic if that didn’t come across….

      • @Ethan

        Seriously, why IS the “Carl not shooting Lori” theory so ridiculous? Did you see the magical deleted scene that SHOWS him shoot Lori? Who knows, maybe Lori survived (and if you question that, wake up and realize this is a TV show about walking dead people) maybe Lori is dead and was eaten whole by the walker (bad writing) or maybe she really is a walker somewhere. But just because you think your opinion is right, doesn’t give you the right to say your opinion is FACT. None of us know what really happened. Unless you are one of the writers on the show, don’t pretend you know everything that will or did happen.

      • Dude get over yourself, it is possible, I’m with Jeff here, I myself think something is up…. Here’s the thing, if you watch the show – which I take it you do since you’ve commented – you have seen Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick” and “Killer Within”, DID YOU NOT SEE THE SUPPOSEDLY DEAD ANDREW COME BACK, YOU ARE SO SMART APPARENTLY! Seriously, grow up. It’s possible.

        • Look, all these theories are well and good, but didn’t the WRITERS of the show specifically say Lori’s gone? As in she was eaten, gone, so no, no zombie Lori? If the writer’s have said it, then no. There is no way zombie Lori will be making an appearance.
          If they’re following the comics in a way, he’s going to keep seeing her, but he won’t be as crazy about it. He won’t go running after her and all, but she will keep make appearances and he will have her counsel when things go bad, which of course they will because: The Governor.
          So, I’m with everybody who thinks Lori comings back is just insane, because the WRITERS made it clear she won’t.

          • I didn’t hear them say it… Link for prove?

            • I have never heard that either. When did the writers say that? I’m not saying it hasn’t been said, cause I could have missed it but I have never heard that.

              • I don’t believe that has been said with any certainty, if at all. If she is “gone”, after all, then why has she been cast in the last two episodes as a figmant of Rick’s imagination?

  11. Are all of you in this for just mindless entertainment? I thought this episode was wonderful, and the character development it created was brilliant.
    As for anybody thinking the Glenn/Maggie subplot is stupid, or Maggie or Glenn’s anger doesn’t make sense, of course it does. Glenn’s pissed off somebody did something so awful to his girlfriend, and he wants his revenge. Maggie on the other hand, needs Glenn to understand that what happened, happened to her, and it’s HER trauma. He needs to be beside her and help instead of trying to help himself. And, possibly she’s angry because what she had to go through, she went through because his hand would have been cut off if she didn’t.
    Now what I’m not sure about is whether Daryl was severely beaten up, or molested?
    My only problem was WHERE THE HELL WAS TYREESE?

    • This ^^^

      I think there is too much of a sense of expectation or entitlement when I read a lot of these complaints about the show being too much of one thing and not enough of another. This is easily the best TV series I have seen and apparently that is a common sentiment amongst viewers.

      I can easily forgive those “slow” scenes when they are more well written than any other scene of any broadcast TV show.

      It makes me wonder if these reviews are forced criticism simply to fill out an article.

  12. “Michael Rooker pursuing woodland creatures he intends to consume”

    That would be a great spinoff.

    I can’t believe they killed Mustache. I know he was a goner sooner or later but they had just started to try to develop his character.

    • I also thought mustache was for sure going to be the mass murderer from the comics

  13. After catching the Thursday special black and white ‘Walking Dead’ episodes, I turned the color on my TV to black and white for Sunday’s episode.

    Definitely worth it.

  14. Who was on guard duty? How did that guy get into the tower without anyone noticing?

    And how did the Governor’s big truck drive that close without anyone hearing it? Shenanigans!

  15. For all those who are already spoiled by reading the comics, are we REALLY that sure that the TV show will follow the same path? For me, the prison arc would be the best time to have both mediums split apart. Otherwise, the show will hold next to no shocking surprises for comic readers, and that’s just not good. I know that because i DO feel bad for knowing who’s going to die from the comics. I would like to go back to the “anything-is-possible! vibe.

  16. 1) Ghost Lori = GhLori!

    2) Michonne decapitating zombie heads while running to Hershel’s aide had me jumping with excitement.

  17. Anyone notice the creek was called YELLOW JACKET creek?

    And that Michael Rooker was talking about raccoons?

    Maybe subtle hints at him maybe voicing Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel movies.

  18. Andrea is still a dense as a brick. She really could not put two and two together when the Governor vanished? He gave her that song and dance about her being in charge and she fell for it, as usual.

  19. Where’s tyrese? They just forget about him?

    Also why has no one mentioned he is a star football player?

  20. Wasn’t Andrea looking for a girl on guard duty before she asked where the Gov. was? I’m assuming that was the girl driving the zombie bomb.

  21. Great episode! And with the exception of like two episodes, the pacing of this episode was identical to the first season. Most of the episode is drama with the characters, one or two walker scenes, the end of the episode is very intense, and ends with a cliff hanger. This has been the formula for the series, why are people suddenly having a problem with it?

    The pacing was a little slow at times, but overall, the episode was almost perfect. I jumped when Axel died, and I was on the edge of my seat that entire battle. I’m curious if Tyrese and his group will come back to help clear the walkers out of the prison. I can’t wait for the next episode :)

  22. I love, Love, LOVE Jeff’s theory about Lori being a zombie who Rick needs to kill in order to snap back to reality. (So forget all you haters!) If we remember from season 2, they all vehemently believed that Sophia was alive until they saw her little knock-kneed zombie stumble out of the shed… It would be a fantastic story line to follow. Who do you think was in the delivery truck? I hope it was Andrea rejoining the group(feeling that it was her only way to rejoin them). They are in desperate need for some sharp shooters. I hope that Tyrese and Sasha rejoin. They would be a strong asset!

    • Are you even watching the same show we are talking about?!? Lori is dead and has been ate by the zombie we saw in the first half of the season. This was confirmed on the Talking Dead by one of the guys who works on the show, cant remember his name. And the driver was definitely NOT Andrea. Remember her asking Milton where the gov. was? And in the preview for upcoming episodes you can see her walking to the prison with 2 walkers and she tells the gov. she is going to the prison.

      • As has been indicated repeatedly, they did not actually show Lori being shot or eaten…it was just implied…so although she is likely dead from being cut open while giving birth, there is a possibility that she could appear in a future episode as a walker. Why some here are so adament against this idea, to the point of name-calling, is beyond me. You guys take your fictional TV shows a little too seriously.

  23. I hated that Axel had to die. I was hoping he’d really become a member of the family as it were. I do not read the comics by the way so don’t know the story at all. I guess the fact he admitted he coudln’t shoot was his death knell.

  24. Is it just me or is the Governor boring? I was expecting to get the crazy/psycho leader we get in the comics (or something similar)but instead we got evil rick (and to be honest he never really was that evil)I sometimes found myself not sure who i liked better the Governor or rick!

    • Haven’t read the comics I must say ,but heard a lot about him from the comics !

      So watching the show I must say I was wondering why all people had been so exited about him,he seems really lame,not to say boring ! The guy who acts him just plays him to nice I think ! He is too normal !

  25. So I heard all of this already from “The Talking Dead”. I mean I know they didn’t “steal” it but it is just a little unfortunate that I learned like nothing from this.

  26. I think the governor has been pretty evil. Remember the military guys he wiped out for their stuff in his first appearance, or what he put Maggie through? And he pretty much killed Axel without mercy. I haven’t read the comics, but I think they are just building his character up to become the completely out of his mind guy he is in the comics. And I think they’ve done a good job at that.

    Personally, I do really like the Governor character. Currently he isn’t much darker than Rick, (and in a way, Rick is MORE out of his mind) it’s just that Rick has more of a code. And I love that. The only thing that seemed forced to me was the fish tank head thing. I liked the idea, but it was too soon. He just didn’t seem “crazy” enough yet. It would have been better to do that after he lost his eye and his daughter “died”.

    But, I hope we see him totally insane and out of his mind Joker style evil when we get to season 4. But for now, I prefer watching his character evolve into that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s one of the best characters of the show or anything, but I do like what they are doing with him.

  27. Rick better wake the f up his group cant shoot and his day dreamings makes me think he will get shot soon. The group is getting weaker and weaker need more gun play

  28. The fact that rick and gang can’t aim worth a shot(Haha! see what i did there)really bugged me, also the fact that NOBODY but rick reloaded that whole shootout was pretty dumb.

  29. Does anyone have any predictions as to whether or not we will see Rick lose his hand? I mean im a huge fan of the comics and I do feel like that is a major part of his development as a character. Also for me personally I really hope they don’t kill the gov. At the end of this season. I just dnt feel he is well established as the insane sadist he is in the comics. I just dnt think the show has given his character balls yet. And the governor should be a character with balls. I think we need to see more ruthless agression from him. Does anyone else share these opinions?

    • i agree completely. i also read the comics and feel they are straying too far from the comics.

    • I’m reading people’s posts for their opinions, not for spoilers. Just be aware that not everyone has read the comics, but you should know that already. It’s comments like yours that make me read with caution when discussing anything about TWD. Just put *SPOILER* in your post next time so I can avoid reading it, thanks. Otherwise it’ll look like you want to purposely spoil it for people.

    • I think they’ve done a brilliant job with the tvshow Governor. He’s different from the comic-Governor because you don’t expect him to be so psychotic. As for Rick losing his hand, I think that early on, they said they wouldn’t be doing that because of money issues. Rick doesn’t need to lose a hand to establish how crazy and ruthless the Governor is. I think that’s well established.

    • The Prison/Woodbury is going to expand into Season 4 so nothing is going to happen to the Governor this season which is why they are slowly peeling layers off the Governor and showing how crazy the guy can really be.

      • Yeah, I’ve been doing some more research and it sounds like your correct. I do like the Idea of seeing the governor develop into the madman he is in the comics. Although I am worried about them not doing that, although this episode has begun to show that maybe they will keep to that promise. I think for the good of the show they should. The governor should be a truly fearful character, and I hope they explore that. But i am still concerned.