‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 SPOILERS – A Major Character Will Die

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Walking Dead Season 3 character death The Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS   A Major Character Will Die

[UPDATE: Click here for our review/recap of The Walking Dead season 3 premiere: ‘Seed’.]

While the news was to be expected, it has been confirmed by TV Line that more than one of our faithful Atlanta Survivors is going to end up as some lucky zombie’s lunch in the upcoming third season of AMC’s horror-thriller The Walking Dead.

So far, producers on the show aren’t naming any names, but with season 3 expected to travel down a significantly darker path than season 2, it appears that all the characters will experience new forms of hardship and brutality.

[WARNING! The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers Below!]

If you’re fan of writer Robert Kirkman’s original The Walking Dead comic series (on which the TV show was based), you know all too well that not everyone makes it out of the West Central Prison alive – and the ones that do probably wish they hadn’t.

Both the on-screen zombification death of little lost Sofia Peletier (Madison Lintz) in the Season 2 mid-season finale and the graphic gutting of Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) should be a reminder that nobody is safe on this show.

The Walking dead prison The Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS   A Major Character Will Die

The West Central Prison as it appears in ‘The Walking Dead’ comics

Despite the many alterations that have already been made from comic book to the show, diehard fans of the comics need not worry that the TV producers are going to water down or erase the truly gruesome moments in the upcoming season. Earlier, executive producer Glen Mazzara reassured skeptical fans that he has no intention on deviating from the grizzly source material that has made the series so popular, saying:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material. That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.”

It should be noted that a character death will probably be the least dramatic thing to happen in season 3. This season, the group of survivors will not only be finally encountering the villainous Governor (David Morrissey) and the return of Merle Dixion, but the perils of the partially abandoned West Central Prison. What at first seem like an unlikely safe haven quickly turns into a living hell when the group learns that not all the convicts are in the mood for peaceful co-existence.

So who do you think is going to bite the big one on this season of The Walking Dead?

As always we will keep you posted on any new Walking Dead info that should arise and catch the season 3 premiere October 14th @ 9pm on AMC.


Source: TV Line

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  1. Hate to ruin it for you, but Lori will die at the end of the season, along with her unborn child. Andrea won’t die, she turns into an awesome bad ass this season.

    • Hopefully

    • how do you know this

    • how do you know this im not trying to be mean i just wanna know


        If they’re going by the comics, Lori will eventually die, along with their baby girl. It would make sense time-wise within the show for her death to be at the end of season 3. She dies when the prison gets attacked. She’s shot and the baby gets hit too.

        • in truth the baby doesn’t die from gun shot, baby dies when she falls and crushes it, this has been confirmed in a character bio

    • Not “her unborn child.” Lori gives birth to a baby girl named Judith. Lori gets shot in the back while she’s holding the baby; the bullet passes through Lori’s body and kills Judith, as well.

      Ok…that’s what happened in the comic series. The TV show has very different plotlines and outcomes, so Lori and the baby just might survive the prison. As a reminder, Dale and Sofia are very much alive at this point in the comic book’s continuity.

      • Once again, DALE IS DEAD. Get your facts right people, sheesh.

        • At the time of the Gov’s attack on the prison in the comic book, Dale is a peg leg, but very much alive.

        • Dale is alive in the prison in the comics. *Spoiler* He dies because of a group called The Hunters, which is post-prison

      • nooo ilove lori i feel bad fro carl u ruin it for me now im not going to wach itt

    • If you “hate to ruin it” for anyone, then why would you ruin it? You obviously don’t give a s***. I’ve read all the comics so I don’t care, but you’re also mistaken in thinking that just because something happened in the comic, it’s going to happen on the show. We’ve already seen that there are plenty of plot elements from the comic that are either given another spin (potential comic spoilers ahead, stop reading now if you care). They’re either used on another character (like Hershel’s leg getting cut off instead of Allen, who was never a character in the show), done at a different time/under different circumstances (Shane trying to kill Rick at the farm instead of at their first camp and ending up killed by Rick and re-killed (as a walker) by Carl instead of the other way around) or skipped over completely (like Carol having a sexual relationship with Tyreese/T-Dog), or there are new plot elements introduced that were never in the comic (missing Sophia discovered to be a walker in Hershel’s barn, the huge zombie herd that overtook Hershel’s farm and caused the group to be separated, etc.).

      The point is that you can’t say that the major character who will be killed off this season will be Lori just because it is so in the comic book. So far there is no indication that the Woodbury/Prison plots are going to be carried out exactly as they are in the comic, especially because in the show it is Michonne and Andrea who found the helicopter and were taken to Woodbury (instead of Glenn, Rick and Michonne), and in the show, neither Andrea or Michonne have ever been to the prison, so there is no reason for the Governor to suspect their is one, or even for us to believe that (in the show), the two locations are even close by. The only similarities we’ve seen to the plot lines so far are that there were criminals hiding out in the prison cafeteria and Rick killed a couple for the good of the group before they could be a threat. Thus far, there is not any evidence to suggest that they are even going to go the routes of one of the prisoners being a murderer, any of the prisoners trying to overtake the prison, etc.

      Similarly, the only similarities we’ve seen between the Woodbury stories is that the Governer kills outsiders for their supplies and keeps their heads in fish tanks. No gladiator-style fighting in a stadium filled with walkers or zombies (including his daughter) being kept and fed as pets (though I suspect the latter is still to come). I think that the only act of violence that is guaranteed to be enacted the same as it is in the comic book is (show spoiler ahead, stop reading if you care) the Governer raping Michonne (or they might have that happen to Andrea, who knows which way they’ll take it), this is because of quotes from the creators I’ve seen referencing one “particularly dark” interaction from the comic books. I’d love it if Lori was killed in the show because I’m getting tired of her s***, but I just don’t know if it’s going to happen. I think it’s more likely for Woodbury to stay a completely separate storyline, and have some other, unrelated greedy camp come and overtake the prison, where a major character would be shot in the process. Could be Lori, but I don’t think that they would do that, if only just to keep the portion of viewers who have read the comics on the hook.

  2. Hope one of them is Lori who has annoyed me since the series
    Second in line would be Carl who is equally annoying know it all
    ‘just ask me’
    I got so tired of him sticking his nose where it did not belong, or
    dictating to his father,while Lori was off doing her thing……
    Why was NOBODY but Shane supervising him?

    • I completely agree about Lori. She NEVER is watching Carl. He managed to interrupt Randall’s execution, followed Shane and Rick when Shane gets killed and the farm is overrun, steals Darryl’s gun and finds the walker who he tells no one about and who eventually kills Dale, she abandons him to go look for Rick when he goes out for Hershel (she goes to tell Rick to get Hershel, even though Rick had just left to go get him and he knew that Beth was in a “state”, absolute retardedness). The neglect and mistakes she inflicts on Carl are astounding. I have a feeling that the writers are not parents themselves, because if it was the zombie apocalypse and there were threats around every corner, I’m pretty sure most parents would put their children (there’s only one for cryin’ out loud) first. Lori and Rick are more concerned about telling everyone else what to do than looking after their own child. It’s so ridiculous. In the comic, Carl is Rick’s world, he’s his only reason for living and fighting. Yet in the episode where Shane dies, Shane has to essentially beg Rick to talk to his son (because Carl was confiding in Shane all the problems he’s having). Rick says he’s busy. In my opinion, the writers of the show don’t convey the same Rick I came to know in the comics.

  3. Shane was the truth!!!!

    • What does that mean????????????? Shane was the truth???? I dont get it.

      • lol, silly brabbit, it just means that this dude likes shane…

        To all those guessing or saying they know who dies:

        remember, this season will be split in half like last year, and I am pretty sure they have yet to even write scripts for the last half, which is where we all think the main character dies. Sure the writers probably have the season outlined, but last year for example, Dale was not supposed to die. Durabont left mid-production, and Dale asked to be killed off.

        So yeah, your guesses are futile, anything can happen.

        • I don’t think anyone’s claiming to know for sure. This is called speculation. It’s when people sit around and discuss what could happen. In case you haven’t noticed the show is based on a comic, so those of us who have read it are free to SPECULATE as to who may die next. There are a couple important characters who died in the comics in the same time-frame that Season 3 will be covering. Of course anything can happen, it doesn’t mean we can’t guess and discuss.

          • oh, read back a few pages, people are definitely claiming to know for sure, (although some are probably just kidding), and they are who I was referring to.

            Lets all agree on one thing, TWD is the best series ever, comic or tv!

            4 DAYS TIL GRIME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Yes Grime Time, I agree TWD is the best best bestest show on TV and only 1 more DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-H00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This might sound like a dumb question but where can you get the ocmic books, I have never read a comic before.

              • Go to Pirate Bay and download all 102 comics and you can read them on your laptop. Only way to read the comic book series unless you buy the volumes which has like 5 or 6 comics per volume and about 17 volumes total. The comics are highly collectible and hard to find. And expensive. 1st appeareance of Michonne goes for $800-$1800. It is issue 19. The Tv show is pretty tame compared to the comic book.

              • if you dont want to download torrent, i believe you can see the comics online on scribd . com … search walking dead

      • He means that Shane was realist and told it how it was in reality ( on the show ) no sugarcoating anything . but then again It did go a lil too far with his beliefs

      • Shane was a fool! The barn scene from seas. 2 was AWESOME! “You gotta fight for it, I’m talkin’ bout’ fight for it…!!! Hence, Shane was the truth.

        • Yeah yeah, Shane was the truth, but to bad the truth is dead. I personally thought he was hot. But I’m sorry Rick is and always will be the better man. He has heart and soul and Shane didn’t. His only reason for exsistence was another mans family that is not very “Truthful”. LOL sorry. Hi Grime time.

  4. I hope they stick to the comics and kill Lori. She’s such a twit.

    • yea i agree i hope lori is one that gets to be zombie lunch.

  5. T-Dog will be killed… its a wonder that he made it this far… (after all he is black)…lol… just joking…just joking… it’s really not a wonder…..lol

    • Racist! I think the film industry itself is getting racist. Why does the black mayor and black guard in TDK die?

      • Racist?…. who me…. Im black… I can’t be racist…. (can I?)…lol… anyway i never like Mr. Tee-Dog… the only black guy and his name is… well… Tee-Dog… not William… not Troy… TEE-frekin-DOG… WOW…. HE SHOULD DIE THE SEASON AND NEXT….lol

        • Ok then lol. T-dog, carol, hershel, beth will most likely die in season 3 and 4. Season 5 will be the road to DC while picking up Morgan from season 1 and that priest. The new protagonists in season 5 will be Abraham, Rosita and Euguene. The new antagonists will be the 3 scavengers, 1 who tries to rape carl, but gets brutally murdered by rick. Also the cannibals will most likely be featured with one of the main group losing limbs and his/her life.

        • lol It’s T-Dog.

        • I like T-Dog. But they are keeping him at least for this season, him and Merle are going to have a freaking war. With Merle the possible victor. I think they should give T-Dog more of a story, see how he favors with the audience, and then decide his fate.

          Carl, Ugh. I used to think he was very cool. A kid killing zombies in the apocalypse. When he was shot I was very pissed. But after Dale’s death. I wish Otis has better aim.. But they will keep Carl alive. If they killed off Carl, Rick would fall apart.

          Lori. Duh. She will die. With the baby. You cannot raise a baby in a zombie apocalypse! I’m hoping this is like Dawn of the Dead and the baby is infected. I just do not like Lori.

          Hershel, I hope he survives. He’s the best chance anyone has. He may not be able to fight off as many zombies as Daryl, but he is definently the smartest and most helpful. He’s the only doctor!

          Best for last, Daryl. Now, if this is the last season of Walking Dead, killing Daryl would make sense. But if not, Daryl has to last or they will lose a huge portion of the audience. He was shot in the head and survived!!! He’s protected by fan favoritism. And even if he did something that makes us hate him like; poking walkers with sticks (Carl) sleeping with the other co-stars (Lori) or whatever else, Daryl is the toughest one. He can protect himself. I thought it would be cool if Daryl was bit in the ear, and he cut off his ear and hung it on his clothesline of ears.

        • There will be a new “big black man” this season ;-)
          He’s with the governor…and he looks even bigger in real life!

      • Ive kept up to date with all the comics. T-Dog does die, he gets his head chopped off with michonne’s sword by the govener. But the show has deviated from the comic quite a bit so u never know. Sophia was never suppose to die and dale wasn’t suppose to die till much later. Merle and Daryl aren’t even in the comics.

        • Tyrese gets executed by the governor. And unfortunately T Dogg is no Tyrese, I could care less if he died

        • There’s no T-Dog in the comic books. T-Dog, just like the Dixon brothers, was created for the TV show. Tyreese is one of the most interesting, and ultimately most tragic, characters in the comic series.

          • I think Daryl is taking the place of Tyrese. He’s Ricks new number 2. He will likely get his head cut off but not by the governor. I’m thinking it will be at the hand of Merle.

  6. I know this is just speculation but i have heard that Glenn is the one to die and that it has already been confirmed. Unfortunately I cant find anything that proves it, but it does make sense since Glenn is a HUGE chracter in the show. Yes in the comics he is not dead after the prison, but the show doesn’t follow the comic 100% which it shouldn’t anyways. If Glenn does die I think a little bit of me will die with him though. :/ So here is me hoping it is Carl, my least favorite character…I even liked, dare I say his name, Shane more then Carl.

  7. Cortana dies saving chief in Halo 4. Final Boss is a QTE, also master chiefs face is shown.

  8. I can’t wait until the show starts I really want to see what main character dies my mom and I sre so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It’s over already, I want more. Hershel got bit butr Rick chopped his leg slap off. No one died yet. Everyone is so different you can tell they all been through it.

      • Hershel could still die from the wound. He was never bit in the comic, was he?

        • Spoiler from the comic below:

          Actually Dale was the one who got his leg cut off in the comic, so not sure which way they are going with it, I’ll just say If a character has to go, I kinda hope it’s lori, She was bawling last night in the episode about how her husband hates her, My gawd the woman put him through hell, and she even has to wonder, he asks for her comfort when he was forced to kill Shane which, I blame her anyway when she told him to do something, then she goes out and apologizes to Shane, hello pot stirrer. But her character would get whats coming to her if she did die, As long as its not Daryl

  9. i do hope lori get to be a zombie lunch. she is such a pain. i hated the way she treated rick when rick had no choice but to kill shane. i couldnt stand him.

  10. I know it won’t happen but I hope they kill Michonne. I’m already sick of hearing about how great this character is. I get that it’s Robert Kirkmans’ fantasy and all but she’s corny. The blur lines when she killed the walkers to imply she moved so fast they can’t see her was too comicy and just stupid. She’s a good actress, but her character sucks.

    • You’ve got to be kidding right!..lol.. I know its just your opinion but Michonne kicks major ass in the comics. Don’t go killing off her character before she even gets established. She will be ricks #2 or bodyguard
      ( whatever you want to call it) out of anyone in TWD she is the only one I have seen so far who actually knows how to SURVIVE in that world.
      Michonne rules!
      It wont be Daryl or Carl or Glen to die yet. It will be Lori or Herschel..The show hasn’t had enough of T-dog yet, and I think he still has a lot to show us! Herschel’s story has played out, and Lori’s is just getting old, like the farm did..so its time for her to move onto a better palce for her and judith! :)

      EEEkkkk, I cant wait till Sunday for the next episode “Sick”
      >>>>>The Walking Dead Rules<<<<<<<<

  11. So I have heard that the person that is gonna be kicking rocks soon is Glenn….and I was told that it was already confirmed. Though I cannot find anything about it, but it does kinds of make sense since he is a HUGE character in the show. Even though he does not die in the comic at the prison it doesn’t mean he won’t in the show. Though if it is Glenn that does die I think a little part of me will die with him :/ So I’m hoping it’s Carl or Lori…even though after that first episode Carl is kinda badass now :P

    • I hope they dont kill Glen, the show needs people like him, still with hope and loving Maggie. Unless they want Maggie and Rick to hook up after Lori bites it. I think they will have Carl character grow up a few years and be a mate for Beth since Sophia was suppossed to be his girl and they already killed her off. Daryl is still my favorite so I guess I should said, Daryl is the truth!!!!!!lol right Grime Time. Im just specualating I really dont know anything.

      • lol, no way glenn dies… It is possible, anything is, but comic readers know how stupid this would be…

        +++COMIC SPOILER +++

        Glen just died in the comics, issue 100.. This was no doubt the biggest death of the series, he was probably like 30 or 40% of fan’s favorite character. If they kill him in the show, it would have to be against KIRKMANs wishes…
        ITs hard to put in words, but those who have read the comics since the start, know how unlikely this is. I think the TV version of Glenn is what really made it possible to kill the comic version.. fans still have a glenn to root for.

  12. Merciful producers, please kill off Carol.

    • LOl Jessica, that is very possible. But first we must see if she goes loopy like she did int eh comics ..hahaha ( and if she does)

      **Comics Spoilers**
      “She throws herself to the Walkers as a Happy meal”

      so its true that may still happen :)

  13. One more thing…
    Last night was the most impressive piece of Walking Dead ever, both comic and show. That was cinema at its best, better than any episode of any show I have seen, and better than most movies. Last night was amazing, congrats to everyone involved, and especially the fans who get to enjoy.

  14. Well Lori will definitely be dying by the end of the prison arc not just because she does in the comics but Sarah Wayne Callies even said that Lori’s death has to happen like it did in the comics as her death is what really transforms Rick, So Lori will be a definite. I hope Carol goes just like in the comics and I hope to god Daryl or Glenn won’t die.

  15. cant wait for episode 2

  16. Okay, so what we’ve failed to see that Rick is only doing this because of his FAMILY. As much as I hate Lori and Carl, CARL MUST LIVE in order for Rick to move on. (Lori can die for all I care) But we need Carl for Rick to move on. If not the show will become a lost cause.

  17. Agreed Valerie…

    Also DID anyone else notice how Season 3 started out addressing so many fan complaints.. it was like the show-runner read this thread, and right away started redeeming lori… Made Carl 10 times cooler, Carol wasnt useless, etc…

    I love Frank Durabont for bringing TWD to life, but the new guy in charge (Glen something) is sooo much better suited for this show, and adapting the comic.

    AMAZING EPISODE Grime Time, that was without a doubt the best hour of television ever!!!!
    Long Live TWD!


    • Weren’t you watching they have hooked up maybe not in a romanitic mushy type way, because of the way the world is. But she brought him something to eat and asked him “do you want to screw around”? lol they both laughed and acted like it is a normal thing now. I hope Carol doesnt go nuts I like her. If she does it will have something to do with Meryl coming back and he might rape her or something I dont know. Just guessing. Cant wait till the next episode. Yeah TWD!!!!!!!!!

  19. just saw a picture where rick dies by the zombies so mad right now.
    so i guess anything can happen.

    • That’s the coolest story I ever heard. Where did you get this information. You were either misguided or just trolling.

  20. Damn. Beth will die in episode 3. Someone on wikia said this: “Beth dies in this episode, Boo hoo, move on!” I really liked beth because they were just getting her character started in season 3 and I wish I could date her or anyone else like her. I met this Australian girl that looked like her and she was so kind…cough cough back to TWD. I’m already starting to like Axel.

  21. I seriously hope they DON’T KILL Daryl, Carole, Maggie, Glenn and Mishone!! They are AWESOME..and totally the reason I watch (Well except for those Zombies..lol)!!.

    Lori and Carl could be like a dinner and dessert for some starving zombie.. I wouldn’t mind that at all..

  22. I’m guessing it’s gonna go like this… Carol, then T-Dog, then Daryl…not quite sure tho…but if you check on IMDB, you can see the number of episodes each character is in…surprisingly Carl, Glenn, Lori and Rick are all in 27 episodes, the rest of them are not… fisheeeeh

    • …Yes, some of them are in 27 episodes because they have been in the movie from the beginning… think about daryl, he didn’t show up until the second or third episode, that’s why he doesn’t have 27 episodes.

      • anyways… I don’t think neither Lori or Carl will die…sorry folks

  23. I don’t know why everybody hates Lori, she’s not that bad. And tell me when the world ends and you think your husbands dead who would go for the big strong, and super handsome guy. I would. She never expected Rick to come back.

  24. (minor spoilers-comics)All I have to say is hey everyone look how much the comics differed, Shane survived how long? In comics not at all, in series up until season 2 end. Otis survived long in comics died shortly in series. Daryl and Merle will most likely have a giant battle also involving T-dog and T will most likely fall, and Daryl being with the group for so long will kill his brother. And building him up as a HUGE own persona. But, also they might keep the battle going Merle might live on and get away. As well Hershel will die this series as he was shot in the head by the governor in the comics unless they switch it over. Dale…his actor quit the show thats why they HAD to kill him off it was said in an interview, In the prison in the comics there was one psycho cant be Axel so it must be Oscar, he will most likely kill Beth. Michonne and Andrea will most likely live. All of Governers main men will die as well as him but not until season 4. Maggie will live that’s that. Rick and Carl will live. Everyone bitches about Carl but wasn’t he more-so the one who saved Hershel? Ya big whoop he went off on his own he proved he was capable and brought medical supplies. Glenn it’s a tough one to say, i think the only way they would kill him off early is for him quitting the show. Carol also another possibility of Oscar’s murder leaving Daryl more severe and more dangerous to fight the battle of Merle and Governor. Axel will live until either end of season 3 or mid 4th as in the comics he sides with the survivors. Lori will most likely die due to the fact that someone wanted to die the same way that a character did in the comics. Cant be Daryl, T-dog, as they are NOT comic characters, cannot be Maggie, Or Hershel. (Unless requested for Hershel to be shot by the gov.) Rick and Carl no. And Carol was suicidal leaving Lori the only plausible solution. Glenn may be killed off sadly as the death of a main character came to a surprise of all the people at the studio, could also be Daryl so don’t be surprised. As we know who read the comics some prisoners on the show resemble the comic characters, Thomas was a comic, Tomas was series. Axel/Axel. Oscar on the series resembles Dexter the murderer, originally Thomas was the psycho but they changed that it could be Dex. Andrew is dead for both comic and series. And Tiny was added for more drama. As we know though everyone can die its a series where s*** happens so this is just what I think will occur in the upcoming seasons.

  25. If anyone knows who the main cast member who dies is may i know i have to leave soon for a very long time and i cant wait for it this is anxious and i know how serious it is to tell anyone else but i guarantee the secret will be safe i will not give anything away email me at supersplinter@hotmail.ca

  26. My guess on season 3 is that Meryl gets killed by his brother. Daryl has become a major factor in the group, and I think meryl is gonna try something that gets him killed. I also think that the gov. is a punk, and I hope rick feeds him to the walkers like he did the prisoner.

  27. *Spoilers*

    Okay, so am I the only one who thinks Carol is REALLY FREAKING annoying? Everyone hates Lori, its basically a given she dies, but Carol? Can she PLEASE be killed off? I don’t know what it is about her, but it annoys me to no end whenever she gets any screen time! She dies in the comic around this time, but who knows how closely the series is going to follow the story arc! I wish Sophia survived damnit! Switch places! DO IT!

    Since ‘apparently’ people are leaning towards Daryl and Carol being in a relationship (Gross! Get away while you can Dee!), I’m guessing the Bosses are going to cut out Carol being a fruitcracker and asking Lori about entering into a polyamorous relationship with her and Rick? I actually got a pretty good laugh out of that. Was looking forward to the awkward faces on the Tv.

    And Merle? That’s a whole bag of fun there. I think I might actually enjoy the comic more if the Dixon boys were in it. In fact I’m sure of it. If they kill Daryl off I’m gonna be fuming! And probably stop watching the show. Which makes me sound like a brat but really….he’s the best character god damnit!

    Poor Beth, who is adorable, will probably be killed off. Her father too at one point. Maggie and Glenn (well, actually, I hope it’s just Glenn ;P) will probably be sticking around.

    T-Dog? Hmmm. Not much is really known about him. He’s hardly a major character. But I heard a rumour he’s stepping up this season *shrug*. We’ll see.

    No way is Rick or Carl dying. They’re main characters! Without them there ISN’T a show! Or comic. But I can imagine them killing one of them off just to mess with us fans. *Glare*

    Andrea. You annoying little wisp. Will probably survive given she’s a major later in the comics. But, again, who knows. I don’t like her, Amy was so much hotter, but she starts sleeping with Rick later so they’ll keep her around to keep the ‘romance’ aspect of the series.

    I adore the badass that is Michonne. I wonder if her and Morgan are really gonna hook up? Hmm.

    ~This is me signing off. Going hunting for more spoilers XD

    • You sir are the only one that’s accurate on the whole storyline, but I think Maggie will survive the series. I think this whole storyline lasts 10 seasons aka 150 issues. Rick will die during issue 150 as kirkman confirmed the series will continue after his death thus putting carl in a spin-off for another 10 seasons to finish the whole walking dead storyline perhaps in 2030. I think Glenn will die in Season 7 or 8. Hershel might survive the prison and have his other leg eaten by the hunters in Season 5 and introducing Abraham and the return of Morgan where they go back for him to take him with them to DC which will be the whole of Season 5. Season 6 will be in DC with the Scavengers, Negan and his 100 man army, Jesus, the hilltop colony and Glenn’s death.

    • Yes, you are the only one. There is nothing worong with Carol. She is a Kind hearted caring person, who has overcome years of spoucel abuse, then went through the heart wrenching ordeal or losing her only child. It’s a miracle she hasn’t gone stark raving mad already, like in the comics. But what different from the comics is she has Daryl and they care about each other and she is lucky cause I Love Daryl, he is the man and are you 10, its not gross, lol. Andrea is cool aslong as she steers clear of the crazy Governor. It’s seems like you are just jealous of all the female characters of something. The can’t ALL die excext Michonne. In the comics did Rich and Lori turn her down, Carol, I mean. What happened?

      • Sam~
        Thankyou ;D

        Maggie will probably survive, since she’s around during hilltop and whatever. And they need to keep the ‘love’ alive. Do you think she’s going to try and commit suicide because her whole family dies or the writers cut that out since Beth did the same during the farm stint? And what about the Billy and Ben happenings? Cutting them out, then not having what happens after seems like they’re trying to colour Carl as a goodboy. Or at least postponed Carl becoming a badass killing machine. Seriously?! I didn’t know Rick would be killed off…..oh wow. Now I’m REALLY interested how the comics going to go from there. They said Daryl’s being written into the comics, you think he’s going to turn up around there? And who’s going to lead? Abraham’s dead. Douglas. Maybe Andrea? Michonne’s more of a solider. The other girls (Holly and all them) I couldn’t see really doing much leading either. There’s so many hilltops I can’t remember all the names now. But none of them really struck me as being able to lead…….

        Haha, your probably right on being jealous of CarolXDaryl, but she still sort of annoys me. I think I’m blending her too much with her comic character, where she’s stark raving mad, and comparing her to the tv series feels like a door slamming into your face. You have to admit, sometimes Andrea is a little over bearing. But losing a sibling does that. Later though she’s totally kick ass, which I’m looking forward to.


        In the comic’s Carol just talked to Lori about entering into their marriage as a third, and Lori shut her down *shrug*. Understandable. Lori also holds it against Carol pretty much until Carol commits suicide, shutting her down whenever they’re near each other and when Carol tries to help her. I think it was the thing that Michonne and Tyreese had going on that pushed her to find another man willing to look after her. Although I’m not sure if she seriously thought Lori would go for it.
        Not all the females. But don’t forget, there is ‘new tail’ coming anyway. SO even if they did kill off the majority of girls (which the comic kinda does anyway) there’s more girls and boys joining anyway *shrug*

  28. I know it’s fiction but father most unbelievable scenes were when the jailbird starts pointing his gun at everybody and he doesn’t get shot by the supposedly hardened group.

    As soon as he started to reach for that gun he would have had Darrel’s arrow in his head.

    Finally, Merle is supposedly a total rebel in the real world and we also see that he is tough as s***! At least tough enough to saw his hand off just to seek vengeance. Why in the f*** is he suddenly a big wuss and a lackey to “the governor?” Totally unbelievable!

  29. I can’t believe no one has any comments on last nights episode. I hated it. Ya’ll got your wish Lori is dead but what are they gonna do with that baby. Little Shane.. lol Rick sure took it hard just like I said he would. T dog died to save Carol, but where is she. If she is dead I am going to be pissed. They might as well kill everyone. I thought it sucked