‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 SPOILERS – A Major Character Will Die

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Walking Dead Season 3 character death The Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS   A Major Character Will Die

[UPDATE: Click here for our review/recap of The Walking Dead season 3 premiere: ‘Seed’.]

While the news was to be expected, it has been confirmed by TV Line that more than one of our faithful Atlanta Survivors is going to end up as some lucky zombie’s lunch in the upcoming third season of AMC’s horror-thriller The Walking Dead.

So far, producers on the show aren’t naming any names, but with season 3 expected to travel down a significantly darker path than season 2, it appears that all the characters will experience new forms of hardship and brutality.

[WARNING! The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers Below!]

If you’re fan of writer Robert Kirkman’s original The Walking Dead comic series (on which the TV show was based), you know all too well that not everyone makes it out of the West Central Prison alive – and the ones that do probably wish they hadn’t.

Both the on-screen zombification death of little lost Sofia Peletier (Madison Lintz) in the Season 2 mid-season finale and the graphic gutting of Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) should be a reminder that nobody is safe on this show.

The Walking dead prison The Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS   A Major Character Will Die

The West Central Prison as it appears in ‘The Walking Dead’ comics

Despite the many alterations that have already been made from comic book to the show, diehard fans of the comics need not worry that the TV producers are going to water down or erase the truly gruesome moments in the upcoming season. Earlier, executive producer Glen Mazzara reassured skeptical fans that he has no intention on deviating from the grizzly source material that has made the series so popular, saying:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material. That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.”

It should be noted that a character death will probably be the least dramatic thing to happen in season 3. This season, the group of survivors will not only be finally encountering the villainous Governor (David Morrissey) and the return of Merle Dixion, but the perils of the partially abandoned West Central Prison. What at first seem like an unlikely safe haven quickly turns into a living hell when the group learns that not all the convicts are in the mood for peaceful co-existence.

So who do you think is going to bite the big one on this season of The Walking Dead?

As always we will keep you posted on any new Walking Dead info that should arise and catch the season 3 premiere October 14th @ 9pm on AMC.


Source: TV Line

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  1. How could you not like last night’s episode? it was so tense…I mean I knew it was the guy who he trapped outside. and didn’t you see they bring up the issues with the baby. They know they need formula for it…and T-dog was gonna die sonner or later, he might as well go out a hero….and carol is not dead…they aren’t gonna kill 3 people off. Lori’s death was needed, but T-dog didn’t have to die. I CANNOT wait till the showdown with Merle and Darryl and The Govenor and Rick.


  2. Agreed! The show has more plausibility this season and T-Dog and Lori’s deaths last episode were not wastes at all. Both went down heroically, protecting the group, and the sudden deaths fit nicely into the story. I for one am super excited that we get to see Rick’s character go through more development/trauma after losing his wife and a core member of his crew. This is going to be awesome for the Woodbury meet-up and what transpires after with regards to joining/rejecting them and refusing the Governor’s authoritarianism. So far this is turning out to be a great season! …Minus Andrea’s asinine character!

  3. I didn’t mean I didn’t like the entire episode but I just didn’t think that Lori should have died yet, T-dog didn’t really matter he didn’t really have a vital part anyway. I just felt sad for Carl and Rick and for Lori, I think she realized how bad she screwed up and was trying to redeem herself. At least they showed that Carl and Rick still cared about her deeply. I still love TWD. What did you think Grimm Time?

    • I like t-bone I don`t really care for Lori nor Carl was contributed to Dale`s death.

      • sorry Carl was contributed to Dale`s death

      • Who the f**k’s T-Bone? You mean T-Dog? You don’t even know the characters names.

  4. I will admit that I didn’t like Lori, but the way she died did make me a tad bit sad….and the fact Carl killed her himself was so sad. Lori did redeem herself in the end I think. and Adrea is ridiculus after everything Michonne did for her she is starting to turn her back on her. I know she doesn’t know how bad the governor really is, but i think she needs to trust Michonne some more.

  5. i didn’t think lori’s death yet, as from imdb source(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1520211/fullcredits#cast) stated that sarah wayne callies( Lori) play for 27 episode from 2010-2012 (the same amount of episodes as rick’s).

    • They probably just changed it. I dont think they originally planned for Lori to die this soon in the season but since everyone kept predicting it for the finale, they decided to change it up. Or Carl could have wussed out and let his Mom become a walker, but I doubt it, then she would be walking around with her guts hanging out and s***. My son’s wifes ex lets their 5 year old kid watch the show. My son said he came home from his Dad’s house telling his Mom and my son all about the pregnant lady that got her baby cut out and then her son shot her in the head so she didnt become a zombie and eat her baby. WOW!!!! And this guy is trying to get custody. What do ya’ll think

      • I don’t think a five year should be watching that show I have three girl and includes a five year daughther and i dont allow her to watch that show that is insane to let a small child watch that….. However I believe that with all comments mad about Lori’s death they change it up theres always a twist with tv shows these days

      • Well I do admit that the show may be a bit much for kids that age, I wouldnt say that the parent is a parent that cannot raise children, and should not allowed to have custudy, thats a bit lame now. I have watched a whole crew of kids including my own daughter(now in their mid 20s),that have went out of our homes, went to college and now most of them have either good carears going and on their way to making themselves better.And most of these lil children watched what was in front of the TV watching movies and shows like walking dead.
        So far, havent heard of ANY of them cutting up mom and shooting her in the head!! Come on!

        • The boy is actually 4 not 5 and he was terrified from the show anddidnt want to sleep alone is his room. I didnt say he would grow up and kill people from watching the show. The guy also beats his girlfriend in front of his son and he comes home and tells his mom about that too. Is that a good enough reason for him not to get custody, for you? It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself it was OK that you aloud you small child to watch unsuitable television. “Come on”!!!!!!!!
          I wonder what the poor little guy thought about last nights episode? I enjoyed it but definately not suitable for a 4 year old. Especially the part where Michonne puts the sword through the childs head and then the crowd screaming and chanting for the Govenor with glass in his crazy ass eye, to kill our beloved Darryl. They better not hurt Darryl. I hope Rick doesnt think Darryl betrayed him and I hope he realizes he got captured.

      • It’s just a show,
        Letting a kid watch a show doesn’t have much weight when it comes to should someone get custody. Just cause there not dad of the year doesn’t mean that there not good enough to have custody

    • maybe shes not dead… or perhaps shes goes ghost protocol… either way, comic readers know a good way she could be used still as an actress if Rick handles the loss the same way… but i think that both trusting IMDB, and spoiling the show for yourself is not very cool

      • So it looks like i was kind of right about why LORI would still be credited in episodes…
        But I could not have been more wrong about Tyrese… I saw the Tyrese spoiler a few weeks ago, and since then have not been on the internet, in fear of being spoiled again. SO COOL they brought him in, and hes got the hammer.. and perfect casting (CUTTY!!! I LOVE THE WIRE!).

        There is also a ***SPOILER*** out there about Morgan if you are interested in his comeback, simply google it or check out that site Lurkers and Roamers i think its called… they spoil everything.

        • Did you know Tyrese actor is the same guy who voiced Coach from L4D2.

    • i looked at that too that lori has been in the same amount of episodes but its only credit that shes in. i personally dont think shes dead because they never showed her actually dying or the zombie eating all of her. or carl shooting her. u just saw the aftermath of it all

      • Right!!! I’m pretty sure shes not dead becuz when Rick went inside all he saw was a fat zombie dead it looked like a man but they never showed her actually dying. Who was rocks ex girlfriend btw. Was that phone call actually real or was he just imagining it??

  6. @ michelle if you watch the Talking Dead after they come on the show and say that in fact it was her that was eaten….also they show a clip where Rick called Lori when she was on another set in canada to do the phone scene.

  7. wow so rick saw shane, michonne nearly killed the governor, Merle and Daryl are captured, and Andrea still doesnt know her group was there with Daryl. Can this get any worse? A group arrives at the prison, carl locks them in a little room though, he is really awesome for a little 12 or 13 year old kid like him.

  8. @brabbit47: No! you’re wrong, Carl is around 10 – 12 years old. They plan on making him older due to the passing years. And I don’t think Daryl was that stupid to get caught. He most likely had a plan. Aren’t you guys forgetting they had flash bangs and smoke grenades? He had a plan, his sneaky face revealed it to me when he was with Merle. Also in the sneak peek it showed the Governor walking out of some smoke so that’s most likely going to happen and that black guy that had his crossbow was holding a pistol so the crossbow was probably taken back from him. And about Morgan, we most likely will see him in Season 5 with Abraham and the Cannibals.

    • Not sure what your trying to say here, but you do know that all the WOODBURY people have crossbows right? I saw like 4 before Daryl showed up.

      BuT i do agree, something is going on with Daryl and Meryl… either Daryl has a plan, or Meryl is in on something with the gov, or perhaps his bro.. either way, something is not what it seems in that last scene.

      • True, true. You could be right either way. I just hope they follow the comics properly and let survivors live longer. I have a feeling that Hershel will die in Season 5. Remember the cannibals ate the other leg of Dale in the comics? Hershel could be his replacement.

        • you really should put SPOILER before you spoil the comics for those who have not read it, like this:

          ***SPOILER ALERT ****

          First off, Season 5 is a long time from now, theres enough going on right now… Like DID YOU catch the names of the people in Tyrese’s group… there is a Donna and Allen… Allen was the name of the first dude to get his leg amputated in the comics. There is also a Ben, who in the comics was one half of Donna & Allen’s twins. Sasha is the girl who I think is Tyrese’s sister, no daughter and boyfriend I guess.

          I have noticed whenever the show introduces a character with the same name as a comic character, it is most definitely the same person, but like Andrea and many others, there are age differences.

  9. Lori is neither dead nor alive but I believe she is now a Walker!I mean just how many zombies in zombie history have consumed every bit of their human victim??Non!And even if that Walker had consumed all of Lori,he couldn’t have had enough time to eat her with Rick running in there all pissed off.

  10. Does any 1 know when the walking dead season 3 comes out on RTE ( RTE is an Irish Chanel )

  11. Don’t think it’s a big shock. Just watch the credits and see who’s name isn’t on the “starring” list….

  12. HThis show is scary…have u seen the clown that sometimes comes out in the background…creepy i know ive seen it

  13. What happen to the hitch hiker, was he eaten or run over by a truck, it looks like he blew up.

    • I totally was wondering the same thing. Looked like he just exploded. Had it not been for the yellow backpack, I would have never thought it was the hitch hiker. Plus, where was the Walker(s) that attacked him? You’d think they’d still be having lunch (or dinner… or maybe it was dessert…lol) I think it would have been a little more “darker” if there had been Walkers still eating on him when Michonne, Rick, and Carl stopped and got his backpack. It would just help show how Rick has no remorse for not helping him earlier. Kind of like “Oh well Buddy, guess you won’t be needing this anymore.”

  14. i have never actually cared for zombie type movies , but i absolutely love the caracters on this sieries , of course i have been a diehard fan of horror films since i first saw my very first vampire movie when i was only 7or 8 yrs. old. i grew up watching the old b/w movies on saturday nights classic warewolf and good’ol frankenstine. i lived in new orleans and the saturday night late show which was hosted by a n.o. crazy carector by the name of morgus the magnificent , he had an assistant by the the name of chopsly,this guy was huge,well,he looked huge to a precosious 8 yr. old. i sometimes wonder if i staid up late was to watch the movie or just to see the antics of these two yoyos! where ya at n.o.?

  15. Rick dies!