‘Walking Dead’ Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons – Do You?

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merle dixon walking dead season 3 Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

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The Walking Dead season 3 has officially begun, taking Rick and the survivors into their most dangerous environment yet, the prison. But how many more years of adventures can we expect from AMC’s hit series? That answer, unfortunately, depends on which producer you ask.

Speaking with Daily Dead, producer Gale Anne Hurd opened up about the potential future of the series – as well as how long she feels the series should continue – taking into account creator Robert Kirkman’s plans for The Walking Dead comic book.

Hurd, knowing all of the storylines the comic book explores, feels as if there’s more than enough content in the source material to continue the series for the foreseeable future:

There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

However, before any Walking Dead fans jump for joy about the “no limit” comment, it should be noted that executive producer Glen Mazzara had previously stated that, even though Kirkman’s source material is rich with stories, he has an ending planned for the series, as any television show can only last for so long. With a set amount of stories he wants to tell, Mazzara sees the series reaching season 7.

Even though Hurd knows that 7 seasons is what could likely happen for the show, she believes that her previous experience in film has given her a different perspective on the future of The Walking Dead:

I think much bigger and maybe it’s my feature film background. Seven isn’t nearly enough…

All things said, Hurd’s comments about the 7 season plan is absolutely true, but only when pairing it with the comic book. Kirkman has previously stated that, because The Walking Dead is a story about survival, the comic could potentially continue indefinitely. And with the popularity of the comics growing each year, it’s very likely that “indefinitely” is the current plan for the source material.

the walking dead season 3 zombie Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

Television, however, is much more finicky, with viewers coming and going as tastes and trends change. Even though The Walking Dead has more than enough established storylines (via the comic book) to currently present audiences with eighteen seasons of show, many television producers see each season as a miracle, never knowing when, or if, the viewers’ love for the series will wane. Television’s graveyard is currently filled with more than enough once-popular television series being upended and canceled, many of which continued beyond their collective welcome.

Then again, The Walking Dead is not like any other television series, as its storylines and character moments have already stood the test of an opinionated – and much finickier – comic book audiences. So while some series degrade as they age, The Walking Dead has a succinct storyline already prepared, simply awaiting being told.

Like with most things, time will reveal all. Still, if The Walking Dead continues to evolve each season, there’s no doubt that it can hit that season 7 goal. But the question is: If that happens, will you still be watching it?

Then again, if the show wears thin, there’s always that Walking Dead movie that could potentially continue the story.

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  1. I love the walking dead show I don’t want the show to finish. And ye everyone will still watch the show.
    The walking dead show is too bad ass its the best show I have ever seen I can not get enough of it.
    Just keep it coming 😉

  2. I love the walking dead show I don’t want the show to finish. And ye everyone will still watch the show.
    The walking dead show is too bad ass its the best show I have ever seen I can not get enough of it.
    Just keep it coming 😉
    If u get rid of rick or daryl the show is lost plz do about 20 seasons or more thank you

  3. Oh, yes, replacement actors and prolonged franchises…. Look at the Saw franchise for example. First three movies. Great trilogy. Fourth movie was okay. Fifth movie sucked noodles. Sixth movie was slightly above average. The last movie was the worst so-called “horror” movie I’ve ever seen. And as I said before, the only franchise EVER that successfully pulled off replacement actors is the 007 franchise, which is still popular today. I can see TWD taking both roads…

    • The thing that none of you understand is the fact that the actors WILL NOT LIVE FOREVER. And we all know how replacement actors normally turn out… GAH! It isn’t like AMC can take the actors, and freeze them in capsules, bringing them out only when they are needed for acting.

  4. i mean like leave daryl on his own is crediability from the boondock saints maybe have a couple of seasons where he on his own and with the group. and also if you can get the fcc premission you can add the goverment officals popular ones with involvment. also with scientist like a resident evil twist but the first one and sec twists not the whole rest of them they were horriable. so many ideas with backstories and forshadowing. yes you can go seven maybe more its more about the ratings and the outcome i would do at least a 3 season contract at a time and go from there

  5. Daryl y should get a dog !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think that It would be cool if rick just kept going got old like Hershal and his son takes charge they meet up with another group they join rick dies of old age and carl takes place of rick but in another group.

  7. I think it’d be awesome if they do a never ending series almost, once all the characters start getting older, have them die off and get replaced with others. Or they could even film like 10-15 seasons within 5 or so years if they worked hard and we wouldn’t have to worry about actors dying off.

    • That’s kind of another thing I was thinking of.

  8. Hope you guys/girls enjoyed the walking dead finale, happy easter! Lol.

  9. KEEP ‘EM COMING! FOREVER!!!! But if Daryl dies, I am going to change the channel. NO SECOND THOUGHTS!!!!!!! Same with little butt kicker!

    • I don’t think little butt kicker’s going to survive at the end of Season 4. For sure Carol will die.

  10. We have family gatherings and watch The Walking Dead after a huge meal. It is becoming a tradition quickly. I wish it were on ALL year long!

  11. I love Rick and Daryl. Hope they are still alive till last episode

  12. This type of show does NEED to end.
    Due to focusing on zombies and the survivors, they can always explore more groups of survivors.

    They can find a new group thats been surviving down in a fallout shelter for a year, then finally they are run out of the shelter via starvation. So they exit and while they do, they are attacked and forced to leave the area.
    Voila, you have a season 8.

  13. never end the walking dead please! it’s the best series ever I love Carl and Daryl! wish they survive till “season 7″

  14. I have been a zombie fan scence i was a child wanting and waiting for someone to create a series.. Yea finally a good director I am a busy working mother and grandmother with nothing to look forward to but the walking dead. I crave for Sundays to end the weekend, who’d think lol I love the movie so much my grand daughter and I run to bed to watch The only thing that could make it better is if it were on every Sunday of every week I don’t watch TV on Sundays if its not on 52 weeks a year would be perfect… Just saying

  15. I absolutely LOVE The Walking Dead!! It’s literally beyond the BEST SHOW EVER!! I hope & pray more than anything that it’ll go way past 7 seasons. I have visited many of the locations this weekend, such as: the bar, pharmacy, church, intersection & the waterfull/campsite area. The waterfall, however, it private property. Fortunately for me, I was allowed to get a close up picture of the waterfall thanks to the owner who just so happened to be passing by when he saw me checking it out. :) This show has made me even more PROUD to be a Georgian!! Please, bring on more than 7 seasons. Ya’ll have more lovers than haters. 😉 😉

  16. You guys need to do more than that totally! It’s my whole family’s favorite show and we can barley wait for October and it’s not even close! Please it’s such a great show! <3 Keep on going!

  17. I do not really know…quite frankly I’m guessing even the directors are not sure where to take the story…there are things to do to re-vitalize the series but they need to work on it.

    It’s a good concept and story but they need to introduce new dimensions to the series…what is going on in other parts of the world ? Are all walkers affected the same way ? Are there special mutations ? ( *sorry l4d xD )

    I’d like to see more…but preferably not a whole season about a freaking governor…the zombies need more tenacity…more spotlight…isn’t this a zombie series after all ?

  18. I have been watching zombie movies sense I was 6 years old (I think) and I love them! If this show stops I will kill myself! It is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!1

  19. If they can keep it fresh and surprising enough, then it would be great. But it shouldn’t become one of those shows that goes on too long and becomes insufferable, which is what happens to most shows if they don’t judge the ending right.

  20. To be honest, The Walking Dead will probably head down hill like all of the other t.v. series. They could attempt to creat another series but it depends if the writers have a good storyline to keep the viewers watching.

  21. the show is amazing my famly waches all of them im hoping to see more games and pasbly a move cant wait to see what hapens

  22. I want to see Carl become a gun-slinging/zombie slayer boy and don’t let him die. I want 15 seasons or more in the next five years.

  23. I want to see Carl become a gunslinger boy and don’t let him die. I want 15 seasons or more in the next five years.

  24. i love the show! just think if whats happened so far in three seasons imagine what could happen in about seven seasons?!!! think of what they could do! maybe a film to finish of the series would be good, infact its a good idea be a excellent way to end a program with a film! im just too excited

  25. btw for yous thinking it may go down hill.. think about the comics they are still a hit.. ive read the comics and for one think that the tv series is much better so just imagine!

  26. I’m surprised if it will even make a 5th season. In every TV Series, the first season s amazing, but then the rest are terrible, I think this is happening with The Walking Dead, even though I didn’t like the first season, I thought it was quite boring. Also with the competition between Game Of Thrones and this, one of them is going to lose views, and I hope it will be The Walking Dead,