‘Walking Dead’ Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons – Do You?

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merle dixon walking dead season 3 Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

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The Walking Dead season 3 has officially begun, taking Rick and the survivors into their most dangerous environment yet, the prison. But how many more years of adventures can we expect from AMC’s hit series? That answer, unfortunately, depends on which producer you ask.

Speaking with Daily Dead, producer Gale Anne Hurd opened up about the potential future of the series – as well as how long she feels the series should continue – taking into account creator Robert Kirkman’s plans for The Walking Dead comic book.

Hurd, knowing all of the storylines the comic book explores, feels as if there’s more than enough content in the source material to continue the series for the foreseeable future:

There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

However, before any Walking Dead fans jump for joy about the “no limit” comment, it should be noted that executive producer Glen Mazzara had previously stated that, even though Kirkman’s source material is rich with stories, he has an ending planned for the series, as any television show can only last for so long. With a set amount of stories he wants to tell, Mazzara sees the series reaching season 7.

Even though Hurd knows that 7 seasons is what could likely happen for the show, she believes that her previous experience in film has given her a different perspective on the future of The Walking Dead:

I think much bigger and maybe it’s my feature film background. Seven isn’t nearly enough…

All things said, Hurd’s comments about the 7 season plan is absolutely true, but only when pairing it with the comic book. Kirkman has previously stated that, because The Walking Dead is a story about survival, the comic could potentially continue indefinitely. And with the popularity of the comics growing each year, it’s very likely that “indefinitely” is the current plan for the source material.

the walking dead season 3 zombie Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

Television, however, is much more finicky, with viewers coming and going as tastes and trends change. Even though The Walking Dead has more than enough established storylines (via the comic book) to currently present audiences with eighteen seasons of show, many television producers see each season as a miracle, never knowing when, or if, the viewers’ love for the series will wane. Television’s graveyard is currently filled with more than enough once-popular television series being upended and canceled, many of which continued beyond their collective welcome.

Then again, The Walking Dead is not like any other television series, as its storylines and character moments have already stood the test of an opinionated – and much finickier – comic book audiences. So while some series degrade as they age, The Walking Dead has a succinct storyline already prepared, simply awaiting being told.

Like with most things, time will reveal all. Still, if The Walking Dead continues to evolve each season, there’s no doubt that it can hit that season 7 goal. But the question is: If that happens, will you still be watching it?

Then again, if the show wears thin, there’s always that Walking Dead movie that could potentially continue the story.

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  1. PLEASE HAVE 10+ seasons! If posible 20+ seasons! My life would be complete! Me and my friend are obsessed and cant atop watching! Btw daryl dies and so does your show! Everyone loves daryl!

    • Thanks for a spoiler, maybe you should warm someone before you write something like that?

      • Daryl isn’t even in the comics. He’s saying that if Daryl dies in the show, his massive fan following will stop, well, following the show and thus the show will die as well.

  2. Based on its current ratings TWD can go as long as its producers want.

    At is stands now over 16 million people watch when DVR viewing is taken into account so heck it could lose 90% of its audience and STILL be beating most NBC shows.

    The only real question in my mind is the actors – while none of them are technically indispensable in my mind Rick and Daryl are – lets hope one of them doesn’t pull a Dan Stevens and decide to leave early.

  3. You should continue THE WALKING DEAD” for 10-20+ seasons. It is my favorite show to watch on television. The setting of the show should take place around the country or world sometime. It is very suspensful to know what the zombie apocalypse has done to other people and places around the globe. But that’s just my opinion….. I really liked seeing rick get trapped in the tank in season one.

  4. You should continue “THE WALKING DEAD” for 10-20+ seasons. Its my favorite thing to watch on television. The story should also take place around the country or world at sometime. It is very suspenseful to know what the zombie apocalypse has done to other people and places around the globe. But that is just my opinion…..

  5. I think u guys r doing an amazing job wit the show. Just keep it up and keep it coming. I do love the show its really cool and very gore but that wat makes it better. I like zombie show and/or movies and horror flick just make life all the better.

  6. Sorry about the repeated message(s).

  7. im in love with the walking dead i want a lot more seasons than 7

  8. Its simply addicting. I live for each new episode. As for now hope it remains on air for a long time. Watch who you kill off cause some of them make the show.

  9. I was beginning to think they were running out of ideas since about 5-6 episodes were covering one plot.

  10. The show has enough viewers to keep and reach season 7, maybe 8, but I think season 7 should be the end, at least I think the show might boring or redundant after seven years. Just saying..the series is just about zombies…I don’t know if I would resist watching Rick running from zombies for 10 years.

  11. YES! The Walking Dead NEEDS** to have more than 7 seasons! I’m gonna cry when it ends because it’s so amazing! I love the show so much! I’m obsessed.

  12. If this show went on forever… I would watch it till i die!!!

  13. I am trying to get my friends to watch this AWSOME show… They think its boring.. I might have to pay them to watch it…. And it would be incredibly amazing if they had more than 7 seasons!!!!<3

  14. It’s too draggy and long every episode is like so boring. Unless you are saying an episode a day than more den 7 season should be okay.

  15. I have never been a fan of Zombie movies.
    I must say this show has caught my attention completely.
    I have grown to love alot of the characters on this show and some I love to hate.
    It has been a thrill ride from the very beginning and look forward to many many more seasons to come.
    To the writers of this show, please keep up the awesome job and keep us ( the fans) on the edge of our seats for years to come.

  16. I have not watched a series since the original Star Trek (I was a kid then). I am hooked on this show. I can’t wait for Sunday night! I have never been interested in Zombies either, until now. The characters are amazing and I love them all. My favorite is Daryl, I cannot imagine TWD with him. Meryl needs to stay also. Actually, I think all of Ricks group needs to stay. I hope this show continues for many more seasons.

  17. You should make at least 10 seasons.
    Film in other countries too.
    Don’t let Daryl die.
    And when you stop doing the walking dead, do some films about it

  18. The remaining humans couldn’t possibly survive for 10 seasons…its already looking a bit dodgy…where are they getting their water from and why are the men shaving? keep it real pleeeez

  19. I could watch walking dead every Sunday for the rest of my life and not ever be tired of the show

  20. Omggggg…. Yes please! I love this show!

  21. i think it should go for at least 7 seasons or more ..i mean look at supernatural ..this show has it all and it keeps you hooked and never a dull moment..i even got my 67 yr. old dad hooked on the show..this is my favorite show and i would love to see it go as far as possible…this show is the best on t.v. and there really is not another show that could hold a candle to it…

  22. have you ever found a season and you watched it and then it ended and you were so connected to it you sat there and felt empty so if this ends soon i know it has to end sometime just plzz make it a while from now.

  23. smallville made it i pretty sure over 20 seasons and this is way better than that show i think it could make it also

  24. Omg i wish the seasons would go more than 7seasons i will always remail a faithful fan &viewer of The Walking Dead!!. Keep Calm & Kill ZOMBIES!!!!

  25. This show is really epic i can’t wait for more of the shows

  26. As awesome as this show is, I just don’t see it lasting forever. Yes, we could end up with 10 seasons+, but what if we don’t? What if views take some random, yet dramatic drop just in season 4? I do see the show exceeding 7 seasons, but will it go much further than that?

  27. 20+ seasons please this show has been my life for the past 3 years. my 83 year old grandmother even watches it, she doesnt miss an episode

    also i agree keep Darryl on the show he has a HUGE fan base especially with the ladies. ;)

    i have friends who dont even like zombie movies but they watch this show because of Darryl, the role Norman plays is very appealing to women and you will lose a lot of fans if he is gone

    • Hey, us guys probably favor Daryl over all other characters, too.

  28. But, another reason I have for not going past season 10, at most, is the fact that the actors DO age… Chandler Riggs won’t be able to portray Carl for very much longer, and I highly doubt that Laurie Holden is going to stick around until she is 50 (She’s 43 right now). When a show gets different actors, it normally goes downhill… This goes for movies, too, look at Home Alone, for example, different actor, not nearly as good as the first two. The only exception is the 007 series, which has proved that it is possible for a movie series to stay good after switching actors. But… Can TWD do the same? I just doubt it, since only one franchise EVER has successfully pulled it off.

  29. I was thinking more like 6 seasons at most, maybe 7. You guys saying 10+ seasons are crazy. I live and breathe TWD but There is no way, the popularity will last that long. Most shows of this intensity last about 5 or 6 seasons (If they are really good). Just like a good movie seris that are dragged out way too long with too many sequels. I would hate to see the walking dead go down that road. We are in a Zombie trend that wont go on forever, and there are no zombie movies that have an actual ending. The actors wont last that long anyway and no one wants to see replacement actors. Realistically… how long can a group and a baby survive in a world of zombies?

    • To add; AMC is known for its bad management and lack of compromising skills. Seems like things go bad with everyone AMC works with an all of its shows. (Mad Men, Breaking Bad,Hell on wheels Dish Network, AT&T, etc.) Probably the only competition to TWD as the best show ever, “Breaking Bad” will have a cheap half season ending because of AMC and its sudden budget cuts. But even still. 5 seasons was perfect for it and it will have an honorable ending and go down as one of the best shows in history. Buffy the vampire slayer is an example of a show that went way past the ‘Vampire’ trend and had too many seasons. Everyone lost interest.