‘Walking Dead’ Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons – Do You?

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merle dixon walking dead season 3 Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

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The Walking Dead season 3 has officially begun, taking Rick and the survivors into their most dangerous environment yet, the prison. But how many more years of adventures can we expect from AMC’s hit series? That answer, unfortunately, depends on which producer you ask.

Speaking with Daily Dead, producer Gale Anne Hurd opened up about the potential future of the series – as well as how long she feels the series should continue – taking into account creator Robert Kirkman’s plans for The Walking Dead comic book.

Hurd, knowing all of the storylines the comic book explores, feels as if there’s more than enough content in the source material to continue the series for the foreseeable future:

There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

However, before any Walking Dead fans jump for joy about the “no limit” comment, it should be noted that executive producer Glen Mazzara had previously stated that, even though Kirkman’s source material is rich with stories, he has an ending planned for the series, as any television show can only last for so long. With a set amount of stories he wants to tell, Mazzara sees the series reaching season 7.

Even though Hurd knows that 7 seasons is what could likely happen for the show, she believes that her previous experience in film has given her a different perspective on the future of The Walking Dead:

I think much bigger and maybe it’s my feature film background. Seven isn’t nearly enough…

All things said, Hurd’s comments about the 7 season plan is absolutely true, but only when pairing it with the comic book. Kirkman has previously stated that, because The Walking Dead is a story about survival, the comic could potentially continue indefinitely. And with the popularity of the comics growing each year, it’s very likely that “indefinitely” is the current plan for the source material.

the walking dead season 3 zombie Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

Television, however, is much more finicky, with viewers coming and going as tastes and trends change. Even though The Walking Dead has more than enough established storylines (via the comic book) to currently present audiences with eighteen seasons of show, many television producers see each season as a miracle, never knowing when, or if, the viewers’ love for the series will wane. Television’s graveyard is currently filled with more than enough once-popular television series being upended and canceled, many of which continued beyond their collective welcome.

Then again, The Walking Dead is not like any other television series, as its storylines and character moments have already stood the test of an opinionated – and much finickier – comic book audiences. So while some series degrade as they age, The Walking Dead has a succinct storyline already prepared, simply awaiting being told.

Like with most things, time will reveal all. Still, if The Walking Dead continues to evolve each season, there’s no doubt that it can hit that season 7 goal. But the question is: If that happens, will you still be watching it?

Then again, if the show wears thin, there’s always that Walking Dead movie that could potentially continue the story.

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  1. 7 seasons wicked just as long as they are as good as season 1 an 3 and we dont have to put up with any more seasons as dull as season 2 bring on the hoards

    • your right but when they take down the govner then negan is going to come and i will always watch and buy the walking dead seasons

    • I want them to make at least 2 more seasons but it will be tough cause a lot of the main characters are dead or left like Shane,Lori,Darryl. And so on.

      • God damned dude!

        Thanks for the friggin huge spoiler you a-hole!

  2. God, why doesn’t the show just end already. It’s painful enough that it has lasted 3 seasons, but 7? It’s LOST all over again. The game is horrible, the show is so dull and boring. There are so many better and entertaining shows than The Walking Borefest.

    • listen here buddy leave walking dead alone some people dont know quility if you have an boring live dont bring it on to us, peace out sucker

      • I very much agree with you I was real sad when lori and the others died I am a very big fan of it and the game I actually cried at some parts I want them to go as long as they can

      • I very much agree with you I was real sad when lori and the others died I am a very big fan of the walking dead I hope they goes as long as long as they can

      • I very much agree with you I was real sad when lori and the others died I hope they goes as long as long as they can

    • It’s people like you that keep shows like 90210 going on into their sixth season with no plot line whatsoever…

  3. Carol needs to live to the last season of the show

  4. Why n0t, if is so interesting

  5. please i beg of u for years i wanted a zombie series now u want to end it? i live in south africa and i love this series please make more we dont have comics sold in south africa and i love this please dont stop i am your biggest fan i want my kids one day to be able to watch it to why can boring stuff like days of our lifes and scandal go on for years and now u want to end the best series ever dont do it

    • We need 7 more seasons BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  6. This Better stay on for longer then just 7 years im depressed waiting for feb 10th i love this show and know alot of people who also love it

  7. 7 seasons! hell yeah! this is one of the best tv shows iv ever seen! like LOST, but LOST had a gayy ending though

  8. I love walking dead I got everyone I know hooked on it! I feel like its preparing us for the zombies!! I hope they do continue making them after season 7

  9. Love this show! It’s even fun to watch the old episodes and enjoy it all over again. Hopefully it will last as long as it can

  10. This show is really interesting and it literally grabs you and pulls you into the story. There should be at least 25,000 seasons before the show can be done.

  11. The walking dead is a great show and it would be awesome to see a whole lot more the show hooks you and takes your for a mercelis ride you should go as many seasons you can get away with great show and excited for whats to come

  12. I love this show can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!

  13. Yes I think there should be at least seven seasons even more its my all time favorite I have seen every episode more than once!

  14. I certainly believe that the series should reach 7 seasons. This show is so captivation and loveable, there’s no doubt that it’s fans now wouldbe watching it 3-4 seasons later, and I also believe that we would get EXTRA fans. The plot of this show is amazing, and trying to explain it to someone would be absolutely hard. So, if you are just watching ( first time ) and you’re watching season 3 currently, I’d suggest you buy Season 1 and 2, because you might most likely not understand where thry stand now, so watching 1 will lead to number 2 and 2 to number 3. Just can’t wait til I can say 4 , 5 , 6 , & 7 c:

    • Magally- How would it be hard to explain?

      World came crashing down and there are groups of survivors fighting Zombies. They each try finding their own domain and protect their family. Every group has lost people, there is a totally shady community called Woodbury and the only way to kill the Zombies is by shooting or crushing their head.

      Bam! You just made it through Season 3.

      It’s an entertaining show but I can see how people may lose interest after a while. Reminds me of how Prison Break was very good through 4 seasons but then became comical. If you’re knew to the show then go on Netflix, Amazon Prime or download it from the beginning. This isn’t really a show you can start half way but if you must then it’s fine. It’ll take someone 15 minutes to explain what’s happened.

  15. This show is sweet needs to be on twice a week

  16. There so much they havent covered yet hope it last as long as the simpsons. Plus robert kirkman says the books wont end for a long time so hopefully the show does too

  17. I am just putting my opinion out there… I am IN LOVE with this show, never thought I’d say it, but I am obsessed! I’m a teenage boy and this is the exact kind of show I could watch constantly FOREVER! I agree with ‘Morne’ except I live in the U.S. and am not an avid comic book reader… Please Gale, continue this show! I would give anything to play a role on this show, no lie, that would be a dream come true!
    P.S. Favorite characters- (Michonne and Daryl)

  18. I love the walking dead series. I truly hope that the series does continue.I want to see more episodes that’s for damn sure. If this great series makes it to season 7 I will be very estatic. I can only hope that the Producers as well as Kirkman decides to push it that far. I have been a fan of the series since season 1. While 2 was more story and not as action filled like some people wanted,I Loved the series just as much as season 1. In fact Daryl has become a character I can definitely relate to. Each and every character has grown in their own way. And I truly love the way the story is presented. For future references I hope they run across more survivors. Not just good but bad as well. In short, I would like to say “WALKING DEAD THE GREATEST TV SERIES TO DATE”

  19. hell yeah !!! walking dead is best tv show ever .

  20. The Walking Dead is truly one of a kind and it would be silly for the producer or Robert Kirkam to finish the series below 10 seasons as there is No competition out there related to a zombie Tv-show and the standard has been set so high by ‘The walking dead’ that I am skeptical about whether we will ever see another high-budget zombie tv-show any time soon, which is why i see no reason for them to end it within the next 8 seasons. In reality they could drag this on for 20+ seasons however yes, that may get boring depending on the content and how well they adapt the storyline but if that happened it would be at risk of becoming more of a Soap-show rather than a Zombie survival show :L but the way i see it is all these huge deaths like Shane and Lori only in the first 3 seasons is amazing how much of an impact they’ve managed to make with the characters so far… Daryl, Rick, Carl, Glen, Andrea, Maggie and the doctor, all of the main group from now on any of these main characters dying would leave a huge dent in the groups safety and would make them seem more vulnerable because they have all formed a kind of family with each other, even if a couple of them stray from the group for a while we all know they will eventually re-unite one way or another. Each character has their own imperative role in the group.. whether it’s protection against zombies.. being a father with a young child in the group that depends on you being alive as you’re the only person they can fully trust with their safety… maybe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that’s madly in love with you in the group and if you die it will send them into a frantic state of an unstable mind-set a little like what Rick is going through. They all play their roles perfectly. Ever since rick was told that ‘Everyone is infected’ they haven’t really met anyone with any more knowledge on the matter and in fact we’re so early on in the seasons now that we haven’t even heard what the military or even people higher-up like presidential candidates and governors etc are doing in attempt to resolve this outbreak. If there is in fact going to be a safe-haven that Ricks group has to get too that has not been infiltrated by a horde of zombies. I cannot wait to see them leave the prison with hopefully a much larger group of allies that they have now, maybe 10-20? once the governor is dead, and progress a little with the storyline in an attempt to contact the military. Best Tv-Show of all time! A million and one ways they could possibly end the series I just hope to god they come up with something less predictable than evacuating all human beings to a certain island and nuke-ing the rest of the world lol, maybe everyone will die! But i’m convinced that somehow Ricks new-born baby will be the cure to this apocalypse, i don’t know how but possibly it’s purity of being born after the outbreak will be some sort of counteracting element that when fused with an infected body will erase the virus, obviously one flaw to my prediction will be extracting the babies DNA and spreading it across the world of the infected but there is soooooooooooo many possible ways to end the season i hope they pick a unique,credible and rational way to end it :D

  21. This show is the best wish the shows could come on twice a week :)

  22. WALKING DEAD GO BOOM ! <3.<3 ^_^

  23. I love the walking dead i watch it everyday new old doesnt matter bring as many as possible

    • I watch it whenever it’s on to WALKING
      DEAD 4 EVER!!!

  24. There has to be at least 7 or 10 more seasons but still you gotta
    Think what will the very last episode be like
    Ponder that for a bit

  25. I want more then 7 seasons or better yet I NEED more then 7 seasons!!!!!


  27. Im obsessed with this show, So if it goes past 7 seasons then happy days, Walking Dead is the best around imo, Just keep them coming!!!