‘Walking Dead’ Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons – Do You?

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merle dixon walking dead season 3 Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

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The Walking Dead season 3 has officially begun, taking Rick and the survivors into their most dangerous environment yet, the prison. But how many more years of adventures can we expect from AMC’s hit series? That answer, unfortunately, depends on which producer you ask.

Speaking with Daily Dead, producer Gale Anne Hurd opened up about the potential future of the series – as well as how long she feels the series should continue – taking into account creator Robert Kirkman’s plans for The Walking Dead comic book.

Hurd, knowing all of the storylines the comic book explores, feels as if there’s more than enough content in the source material to continue the series for the foreseeable future:

There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

However, before any Walking Dead fans jump for joy about the “no limit” comment, it should be noted that executive producer Glen Mazzara had previously stated that, even though Kirkman’s source material is rich with stories, he has an ending planned for the series, as any television show can only last for so long. With a set amount of stories he wants to tell, Mazzara sees the series reaching season 7.

Even though Hurd knows that 7 seasons is what could likely happen for the show, she believes that her previous experience in film has given her a different perspective on the future of The Walking Dead:

I think much bigger and maybe it’s my feature film background. Seven isn’t nearly enough…

All things said, Hurd’s comments about the 7 season plan is absolutely true, but only when pairing it with the comic book. Kirkman has previously stated that, because The Walking Dead is a story about survival, the comic could potentially continue indefinitely. And with the popularity of the comics growing each year, it’s very likely that “indefinitely” is the current plan for the source material.

the walking dead season 3 zombie Walking Dead Producer Wants More Than 7 Seasons   Do You?

Television, however, is much more finicky, with viewers coming and going as tastes and trends change. Even though The Walking Dead has more than enough established storylines (via the comic book) to currently present audiences with eighteen seasons of show, many television producers see each season as a miracle, never knowing when, or if, the viewers’ love for the series will wane. Television’s graveyard is currently filled with more than enough once-popular television series being upended and canceled, many of which continued beyond their collective welcome.

Then again, The Walking Dead is not like any other television series, as its storylines and character moments have already stood the test of an opinionated – and much finickier – comic book audiences. So while some series degrade as they age, The Walking Dead has a succinct storyline already prepared, simply awaiting being told.

Like with most things, time will reveal all. Still, if The Walking Dead continues to evolve each season, there’s no doubt that it can hit that season 7 goal. But the question is: If that happens, will you still be watching it?

Then again, if the show wears thin, there’s always that Walking Dead movie that could potentially continue the story.

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  1. I think it the show should last as long as it “can”…and no longer. Lets not have it be like “The Office” where key actors/actresses start to leave the project and so the show HAS to end. Lets end with dignity. Stay on long enough to keep the audience satisfied but not so long that the cast starts to feel as though their career is hindered by their obligation to the show. We want a fairly long running (and good) series but I don’t think we want to see Carl killing walkers into his late 20s.

    • What I love about this show is that you never know when a character you care about is going to die. There are no main characters that could not be killed off. It gives the show a feeling of danger. As long as noone is exempt from being killed in the show it will continue to have a great hold over its audience. No other show on tv has this power.

    • Pfffff, speak for yourself. I could dig watching Carl’s grand kids, killing zombies in to their 20s.

    • But that’s the thing about The Walking Dead, it kills off characters regularly.

      Like for example, Dale died in season 2 and he was a big character, and now Hershel died recently in season 4. I would not be surprised if Judith is dead too!, (not that I want her dead, but that extra weight to take care of a baby in a world like that is just… not something I want to watch in a show like this.)

  2. I go back to the very first episode. How long can the “Walkers” maintain their intergrity. Simple rules of decay would have to come into play. I can understand the remaining surviors being turned, but I still go with the laws of nature.

    Until then, keep it intresting and not boring.

    • Rules of decay?!?!?!? Laws of NATURE!?!?!?! we are talking about a show about zombies!!! i believe you can throw all that crud out!!!! Keep it running!!

  3. I love the show but I tend to start hating shows after more than 5 seasons… I could maybe do a sixth and seventh if they stick to 16 episode or less seasons, but at this point in the comics the story is getting a bit redundant… The current antagonist is basically a second Governor. I’d rather the show end before it gets there and/or take a different path.

  4. As long as they dont pass up the comics, more is fine with me.

  5. This should could make it seven seasons only if there are radical changes with key consistencies.
    One thing thats a must in my opinion is Rick Grimes, if hes out, most people will be out as he is the show’s lead and moreover the heart and soul of the show; when Rick is tormented, the audience is tormented…

    -Characters need to die…Rick’s family cannot stay in tact, the wife is probably the one to go…
    -The group needs to get restructure: need changing environments and themes to be passed along thru through the group
    -There needs to be a sign of hope and an overall target if we are going for that meany seasons: a possible cure to chase down?

    • Couldn’t agree more, especially about the “sign of hope”.

    • The prison is a sign of hope right now. Who knows if they are only going to have it in one season, because it is the setting for the comics for quite a while.

    • The Walking Dead hasn’t really been about finding a cure or finding hope. Its all about finding the best way to stay alive. There is always hope in surrvival and stability. The prison right now is a sign for a good future in the group. If they follow the comics after this, there are small things that will come that show hope. But in the end its not going to be a happy story about heroes and cures.

      • But as a viewer, if there isn’t a greater ending in mind (like the possibility of a cure being hinted at) then we all know what’s going to happen: they’ll all eventually die… either from the walkers, or from illness or old age – how anti-climactic is that?!
        I wouldn’t want to dedicate my time to watching 7 seasons of a show where you know how it’ll all end anyway.

  6. Great show, but it’s too early to tell right now.
    One thing’s for sure though, I wouldn’t want this show to drag on just because it can, but I certainly don’t want it to end after season 3 or 4 either.

  7. Like the idea, but why not do a spin off with the African American character from season one as a mid season replacement to hold us over until the regular season begins.

    • Good idea with the spinoff. whatever happened to that guy and his son, would love to see them back!!

  8. Well personally I don’t think I could ever get bored of this tv show! It’s like real life. You can’t just stop seven or eight years later of being in a zombie apocalypse. They have to keep going as long as they can. It’s survival of the fittest. Everyone can be connected in some way, that there gives certain characters a chance to die off and new ones to come in. It needs to keep going past seven years.

  9. Personally I think 7 seasons is a push but with the right story who knows but things have to change. The fight for survival is getting old, they need to b fighting for something else.

    • The fight for food, safe place to live, water, personal hygiene, and staying alive should be their next best priority for the next few seasons.

      • I agree they need something to fight for long term, cure maybe a safe haven..fighting for food, personal hygiene and staying alive is a day to day thing to fight for..as a show that gets boring after a few seasons, I want to see ends meet and answers not the same thing for 7 years.

  10. Hey, how about lets cross that bridge when we come to it, eh? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch and any other relevant cliche.

  11. If they keep doing what they are doing I don’t care how long it goes. Its a great show!

  12. A feature film background should help you get your story told in under two hours, not drag it on for ten years

  13. I’d rather see a satisfying series finale than to watch it get dragged on and eventually cancelled due to low ratings.

  14. Awesome!!!!!

  15. id love to see it go to season 7. think by season 6 theyll be in alexandria safe zone then that evil douche neagan who i think is worse then the governer lol

  16. id love to see a season 7

  17. I’m going to go Ben Kendrick on the show and say end it before it drags on to long.
    And to be honest knowing that there’s a end game in mind is more appealing to me as a viewer. Let’s say 7 seasons is the plan, and we get 13-16 episodes per season, that’s about 54 more episodes at least. So that’s plenty IMO.
    And like others have said I’d much rather it end earlier with a satisfying story rather than drag on and become redundant.
    And let’s not forget this is AMC, home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Both are viewer and critically adored but they also have strict end dates…

    • I just read last nights ratings and TWD pulled in 10.9 million. That’s big for the major networks let alone cable. So if the show even goes down to 7 or 8 million on average AMC will keep the door open for as long as the producers want…

  18. I would love as many QUALITY seasons as they can make. The comics are great, but they obviously can’t write for the show. The comics may go some places the show won’t (and may have already) as far as the major story beats go.

    For me, this season is make or break. I wasn’t as bored last season as most people, but I really hope they can keep up the momentum from the premiere. If they hit a rut again, I suspect they will lose a lot of viewers. If you don’t have the ratings, you won’t get 5 seasons, much less 7.

    More importantly though, I am incredibly interested to see if the show has the balls to do this prison/governor story the right way. There are some very essential moments that if they pass up, will be an indicator that the show will not be taking many risks and will become incredibly repetitive, regardless of where the characters happen to be staying.

  19. I am already getting “Zombie fatigue”. I love the show, but I don’t see how you keep it compelling over 7 years. I am saying this also as a reader of the comics where you can extend the life over decades.

    This is TV at a certain point there is a logical progression you have to follow. For example, at some point (like in the comics to a degree) humans will regroup, technology will come back, the zombies will become a part of our existence, like say cancer or aids, and the journey will continue.

    I am not interested in seeing a whole new cast because the old one is killed, and there will be a limit to “wow these dumbasses can’t find a better way to organize and survive”. I say around 5 seasons.

  20. Keep them coming…. last nights episode was great!

  21. I dont care as long as they dont run out of ideas.

  22. Well, Doctor Who is celebrating 50th years anniversary next year and it’s still a worldwide hit and HUGE in UK, so there is a precedent. And TWD certainly has enough loyal fans to go on forever and it’s not a show that requires too much money to be made. I don’t see a reason for this show not to go on for at least 5 more seasons.

    Besides, I hope they learnt their lesson from season 2.1 when almost nothing happened and 220 out of 240 minutes of material were just artificial drama fillers. Not that the average fan really complained about that… It seems to me that Pride, Prejudice and Zombies could also work really well ratings-wise.

  23. It should go as long as the comic does. The comic is a continuous story and the TV series should follow it until the end. As long as they don’t drag it out like they’ve been doing. Season 2 drug on for too long and from the first episode of this season it seems to be dragging on as well. More episodes in each season should mean more stories, not the same thing being drug on and on.

    I remember hearing once that Rick would eventually be killed off of the comic. Robert Kirkman said that he wanted it to be realistic and didn’t believe that Rick could survive for so long realistically. In my opinion the comic should end with Rick’s death, and that’s where the show should end as well.

  24. Yes because they only covered up to book 2 of the hardback cover editions well start with book 2 there is so much to cover like the neighbor hood rick and the gang go to its when they take there guns and rick becomes the neighborhood watch cop plus Robert Kirkman says he isn’t ending the books anytime soon so the show I hope last as long as the Simpsons

  25. YES!! PLEASE MAKE IT SO!! As long as they keep this show going than I will keep watching!! :D

  26. Season 2 dragged on way too long. They needed to leave that farm a lot earlier, but got stuck in the “save the lost child” crap that I was quickly bored with the season in its entirety. Hopefully season 3 will pick the steam back up, but I don’t think the writers have it in themselves for 7 seasons. Keep it short and it will succeed.

    • the walking dead isnt all about killing zombies its about realism and what a human would do in these situations u cant blame rick for staying he is the leader he has leader ship instincts and a heart

  27. I honestly loved the first two seasons, but I don’t know if I can stay with it for more than 5 seasons.

    And, this is something that bothered me in both the comics AND the show. Why do they have to worry about getting bit if they are all already infected?

    • in the show it tells you the bite kills you not turns u so if u gget bit you die. then turn not u get bit then turn so ye

    • in the show it tells you the bite kills you not turns u so if u gget bit you die. then turn not u get bit then turn so ye death basically triggers the virus

  28. i agree this show is fantastic but it is also about realism so it wont go for 7 years there not gonna kill zombies for that long there should be a long term or cure or haven i rekon it should hit 11 or 12 seasons then make a movie summing up what happened after or b4 the season ended or started

  29. i rekon the walking deaad should follow the comic book more so they can last longer seasons honestly it will be great they should follow the comic book more after there 7th season so the group knows what to do

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