The Walking Dead Season 2 Offers ‘Crazy’ Amount of Zombie Killing

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The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead Season 2 Offers Crazy Amount of Zombie Killing

At C2E2 in Chicago a few weeks back, AMC brought cast members of The Walking Dead for a presentation about the show’s second season. Unfortunately, the cast hadn’t read scripts so all they had to go off was what they know from the comics.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman however, was at WonderCon this weekend doing more press for the series and his other upcoming works, and offered some juicy hints about The Walking Dead season 2, pointing out that there will be an exponentially increased amount of zombie killing.

Our pals at Collider chatted with Kirkman and straight up asked how they plan on outdoing the zombie mayhem presented in the 6-episode premiere season of The Walking Dead.

“I can say, sitting here knowing what I know about the second season, that you can’t even see the bar because it’s been raised so much. There is all kinds of crazy stuff that is coming up. I’m really excited. I mean, you get 8 guys that like zombies that know they are doing a T.V. show like The Walking Dead, and they know that you can get away with the kind of things that we got away with on the first season. It really becomes just an effort to just find that thing that AMC is going to make us change. So we all sitting there going, “Oh, they are going to make us change that!” So there is a lot of cool stuff coming up.”

A large portion of the credit for the success of the adapting  an adult zombie comic into an expensive live-action television series goes to AMC for letting Frank Darabont and company do what they did. Prior to The Walking Dead, it wasn’t fathomable that a zombie series, let alone an expensive, gritty and realistic one, would work on primetime TV. AMC let the creators and team faithfully adapt Kirkman’s comic and it paid off in spades. They now have a major hit.

With the boundaries the series pushed and knowing how lenient AMC has been thus far, what can they get away with in The Walking Dead‘s second season?

“I worry that we are getting a little too like, “Oh, yeah. They will let us do anything” just because they have been so accommodating and seemingly breaking their own rules by allowing us to put this kind of stuff on T.V. It’s really kind of shocking, but I think it’s a testament to how successful the show has been that they have been willing go to that extra mile. They are allowing a zombie show to be a zombie show. They are not pulling punches at all, and I think that is a big part of its success. People who like zombie movies can sit down and watch this, and not feel like they are getting a light version of a zombie movie. We plan to stretch those boundaries to the test on the second season.”

No one from the cast or crew has opened up to spoiling plot and character details about the the show’s second season, or how what comic storylines they will draw from and alter for the series, but hearing Kirkman talk about it in this manner is enough to raise fan anxiety for more Walking Dead come the fall.

the walking dead zombie1 The Walking Dead Season 2 Offers Crazy Amount of Zombie Killing

Just like the comic series, Kirkman previously promised that the show will have an “evolving” cast so while series protagonist Rick Grimes might be safe for season 2, there will be character deaths and cast additions. Maybe Kirkman will get his wish of Charlie Sheen signing on? I hope not.

The Walking Dead season 2 will see the return of Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus and the rest of the living cast members.


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The Walking Dead season 2 premieres October 2011.

Source: Collider

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  1. Cant wait till this hits the screen… Loved season 1

  2. I was given season 1 on Blu-ray to review and I had my doubts about the show. I mean I like zombie movies and all. Night Of The Living Dead is a classic regardless of genre. Return Of The Living Dead was a laugh-out-loud spoof on the zombie genre. Dawn Of The Dead was a worthy successor to the original. But the world of TV? A watered down version of zombies? On AMC? Well for one anyone thinking those thoughts going in as I did are grossly mistaken, This is as much, if not more, a character piece with humans so real and refreshing as a departure from characters who fall into stereotypical roles (even on the best of shows). Kirkman gets it. He makes the living come to life so you care about whether they live or die (love them or hate them) as it is evidenced most startlingly in Michael Rooker’s character in Season 1. A hick racist who is unlikable to all but his brother. Yet when he was in peril you could not help but care. Darabont stays true to the essence of the comics without being scene for scene (for good or bad) like other comic adaptations did to varying degrees of success from Sin City to Watchmen. The living characters are so full of life that you want the good guys to live and the bad guys to die, not just have everyone die. And being a main character does not give you the typical immunity from a grisly death. I look forward to Season 2 as much as I have with any show and that is huge given that zombies typically aren’t top of my list as must-see TV (or movies for that matter).

    • Could not agree more.

    • Top quote totally agree

  3. Bring on the Dead !!!!!!!!!

  4. Season 2 sounds like its gonna be even better the the first can’t wait to see the return of the walking dead on AMC …wish it was October already!!

  5. [Editor note: Spoiler warning]


    Question is, are we going to see a prison during season 2 or at the end of season 2? Why is Shane still alive and where is the gun practice? Shane must die and it needs to be done correctly. No, altering, because you want to spare a kid shooting him on prime time tv.

    • @Steve
      thanks for the spoiler! I dont read comic books so i dont know what is going to happen. that’s pretty ignorant of you to assume we all know! can’t we just read an article without knowing what is going to happen? we might as well not watch the show! next time, keep your mouth shut and you’re dictations to the writers to yourself! You gave away everything!

      • Sad thing is we may not see stuff exactly like the comic. As for giving away everything…. thats nothing but scratching the surface.

        He didnt mention the aliens or the dinosaurs that fight and eat Rick.

      • He’s actually not really giving away anything. The tv show has been changed sooo much compared to the comic. Example: there was no lab in the comic book, many of the characters were not in the comic book. So as to if he’s giving away anything, he might be and he might not be. There’s no way of knowing until season 2 this year.

        If it is, then that’s just the location. You have no idea what will happen inside the prison. But if they stick to the comic at all, I can tell you it is amazing.

      • Obviously you cannot read so don’t be worried about spoilers. Did you not see the spoiler alert? That was your choice to continue reading. Just saying…

        • I know I’m a bit late but I think that spoiler warning was added by an editor after the guy posted, so realist’s response may have been justified.

          • Oh, I think you’re right. I retract my comment then.

    • Some of the cast seemed to hint that they may not have time to get to that in season 2 because there’s a lot they want to do. Could be season 3.

      • That was hinted at when I spoke with a couple of the cast members as well. That part doesn’t bother me because I think the season will be awesome regardless.

        • :-)

    • They haven’t killed Shane because the love triangle is a draw. Plain and simple. I agree about the second part. Would love to see that on television but highly doubt it will happen.

  6. your

  7. Great show thus far, cant believe how graphic it is. I cant wait for season 2

  8. “wasn’t fathomable that a zombie series, let alone an expensive, gritty and realistic one, would work on primetime TV” ….what!? look at the number of zombie movies and franchises in recent years: I Am Legend, the Resident Evil Franchise, Shaun of the Dead, the list goes on and on. There’s definitely been a large zombie fanbase that’s been dying for a primetime zombie series for years. Darabont and his team recognized that and the potential there and did a phenomenal job bringing it to life, including keeping the majority of the show under his control. They all did a solid job and the show’s reuptation is spreading like wildfire. Even other networks like the CW are trying to jump on the zombie bandwagon. America’s been dying for a zombie series for years, and luckily enough the absolute right man to do it was the one who kicked it off.

    • Um, movies and television are two different beasts. What works for a film won’t always work on television, especially when it comes to budget. I’m with you on wanting a zombie show but you make it seem like a zombie show is guaranteed success which it’s not. These dudes adapted a fantastic comic series and made a great show but having a large zombie fanbase guarantees nothing.

  9. Anything that gets them to put some more action in the series would be good. While I like elements of the series there is too much talking and not enough actual action in the show.

  10. God I cannot wait for this next season.

  11. Season two is going to be INSANE. I would like to see the prison, but there really is just so much that the writers can pull from if they choose to follow the Comic. I do like Shane on the show. I hope they can keep him around a little longer, but in the last episode, it looked like he was really about to loose it. Whatever happens, as long as Kirkman has a say in the story line, Season two is going to be INSANE.

  12. I really hope that Dr. Jenner did NOT tell Rick at the end of the first season that Lori is pregnant. Seriously, I’ll stop wathcing the show, which will be disappointing to me. I mean, how many times have we seen this story line – the rush to save a baby that hasn’t been born yet during the apocolypse? Wasn’t that the original story line in Dawn of the Dead? The Terminator? The Bible, for pete’s sake? It’s an old and tired storyline, and I’m not wathcing the show to take le mans classes. And besides, and I know there has to be a suspension of disbelief when watching these shows, but I happen to be a doctor and I know that you can’t tell if a women is pregnant by doing a blood test to search for a virus. In that case, you’d be looking for the anti-body count in one’s blood, not the chorionic hormone levels (which does indicate pregnancy).

    Please don’t let that be the story line!!!! I’m begging you, makers of TWD! It’s such a good show! Please don’t let the plot be ruined by some cliched, boring and unoriginal storyline!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    • Okay, you dont know if your pregnant from a sample of blood tested only for viruses……that seems to not be disbuted by anyone.

      The doctor talking the blood samples, didnt say he only was going to test for virus only, he actually later explains that they dont know what it is exactly if it is microbial, viral, parasitic, fungal… could a pregnancy be revealed by checking for any of these?

      Just asking out of curiosity, as i have no medical training out of reguelar abc/101(you know splinting broken legs tourneque, the Odd dobbel bypass, you know basic army medic training(the bypass was flung in as a joke))

      And if blood testing was required at this complex(which is supposedly hightech), is it not plausable that they would test a range of different things, bear in mind that they really dont know what it is?
      Just like to hear your thoughts about that one.

      Agree with the pregnancy theme, but i really doubt i can get myself to turn off this show because a used cliche.

      Have a good one

      • Hi. Just to answer your question, I suppose Dr. Jenner would have tested for everything. It’s just a little far fetched because pregnancy is something you’d have to be specifically looking for. A normal blood test (like the one your doctor gives you during a routine check up) pretty much does consist of an anti-body count, white blood cell count, bilirubin count, alk/phos count (to test for toxins), cholesterol, surgar, etc. So, I guess it’s more likely that one would find a virus if testing for pregnancy (because in that case you would look at the anti-body count) but not really vice-versa.

        Anyway, sorry to ramble on. I guess this conversation is a bit crazy since we’re talking about zombies, which are fictional creatures tha tmake no medical sense anyway. It would make no sense that the only way a zombie could be killed is by a shot to the head. The virus would have to completely alter the biochemical makeup of the human body in such a way that every cell in the body would be anaerobic, which woudl mean tha tthe zombie itself would cease to be human. Also, if zombies retained the basic human instinct to feed, why would it only want to feed on living human flesh (and only living human flesh?) Wouldn’t they just eat everything in site?

        Regardless, none of this will deter me (nor should it deter any of the fans) from wathcing season 2. S1 was a lot of fun. I’m hoping, in a wierd way, that the Dr. Jenner character somehow survived (although that won’t be the case, obviously) since I thought he was the most interesting character in the end. I liked how the Dylan song was really dedicated to him, since his goal was to die and be with his wife again and “lie in his own bed once again.”

        I was also wondering, when Jenner tells everyone that all hope is lost for the human race, did he really believe that or did he believe that all hope was lost for him since his wife died? Very interesting. Anyway, I’m still gonna watch season 2, but that doesn’t sway my opinion that the pregnancy angle would just be plain boring (to me, anyway).
        Thanks for listening.

  13. If anyone cares, I think zombies are the scariest movie monsters. They outdo vampires and werewolves by a mile. After all, what’s teh worst a vampire or a werewolf can do to you? Bite you, and then you become one of them? Why wouldn’t I want that? Seriously, how cool would it be to become a vampire or werewolf? I guess zombies kill people in a much more horrific and bloody manner then werewolves and vampires. Also, zombies evoke a type of fear that werewolves and vampires simply cannot match, and that’s the fear of dread. You know there are more of them lef tthen there are of you. You know it’s inevitable that you’re going to become one of them. Until that happens, life is absolutely miserable. You see loved ones and friends become them. Quite frankly I think there should be more zombie dramas.

    • I think zombies are scary because they make us look inside ourselves more than other monsters. We relate to them more because they’re us..just dead. Nothing fancy about it, they are just rotting corpses and it scares us to think we can relate to that. Zombies are a reflection of us as uncaring, unfeeling people who are reduced to the basic instinct of feeding. They don’t even care about surviving, they only strive to feed.

      Zombies also want to wipe out the entire human race. They don’t just target the beautiful, the slow, the gifted. They’re a sign of society breaking down completely and literal hell on earth. Vampires and werewolves are usually shown to target certain individuals behind the scenes or at least in small groups. Zombies know no distinction. If a zombie apocalypse happened, it would be utter chaos.

      Just my two cents about why zombies are scary. :)

      • Totally agree, just have to nitpick one Tiny thing, i am ofcourse leaving out any new zombie trends from George o. R. City of the dead(just because they dont fit my perception of a zombie).

        The thing i wanted to nitpick was; zombies does not have an agenda, they Are not going after the human race… They just want to feed…

        As i said in the start, just nitpicking for no reason at all, i do not do this to offend, or hurt your feelings;) just a need to write something, and then i found this thread, which i ofcourse read as walking dead is my favoritt show, and more zombie killing, well to me that couldnt hurt, then i found your comment and the urge to just nitpick became to big, and resistance, as we all know, is futile… So again sorry, i just had to m’kay

        I personally find the zombie fantasy world lethargic, i mean everybody has someone(i really hope it is not just me) they really would like to bash their heads in, and if (and that is a big if, if you know what i mean) There where a zombie outbreak, nothing would make me happier then to destroy the once was bully-turned-zombie… …ofcourse the whole survival thing is a drag, but hey its my fantasy and in it; im the hero… …no, im the king(jupp, upgrade myself here) of a small village, and the men worships me, the women love me, and the Odd hair on my shoulders does not ever appear, and every night is movienight…

        …ops i went on a rant again… I really need a girlfriend i think, well sorry for the rant, nitpicking, and my Odd fantasies…
        Have a Nice evening :)


        • They have no agenda because they don’t have the capability. Lack of brain power and all. I don’t care that you’re nitpicking but if you’re doing it for no reason at all then why three paragraphs explaining yourself?

          I don’t think you’d survive very long should a zombie apocalypse occur since you seem bent on bashing one particular zombie instead of getting away.

          Good luck on that whole girlfriend thing. Might I suggest you not tell her about your disturbing zombie fantasy until the second date?

          • Why Three, well I could offer an explaination elaborating over it to be the “magic number” etc…
            …but sadley enough that wouldnt be the truth…
            …truth betold; i was a bit bored, and when im bored i write to exxeccevely… Excesecivly… Ecxes… …Long.

            Again nothing i write is meant to have any negativ effect, hope this was also the case for you :)

            You dont Think i would last Long in a post zombie world, well i can not argue with what you think.
            But then i would say: i would last longer then you think ;) again, i wouldnt be running arround Looking for people that i feel have wronged me, and you Are forgetting that in this FANTASY i was king(so ofcourse i wouldnt be running at all), it would just be a bonus when it happened;)

            Thanks for the advice about the second date, i may just take that to heart hehehe :)

            Have a good day

          • Hi Jennifer, nice posts. If the zombie apocolypse were to ever happen and I was bitten and abotu to turn in to one of them, I’d want it to be you to shoot me in the head :-)

            • Haha thank you but why me? You might want to choose someone with better aim. :)

  14. What ever happens i just wish seasons 2 comes out in the summer vacations,so i can watch it peacefully!

  15. I’ve read the comics, so I was oddly disappointed with the end of the first season. mmm well i’ll admit i am looking forward to the next… just felt like it got to a conclusion too quickly. I enjoyed them not knowing what was going on for a long time and each of them dealing with the company of one another.

  16. Can’t wait for season 2 will have to watch season 1 again though just to remember what happend
    Love it lucky I recorded it ;-)

  17. I can’t wait! this is one of the best series I have ever seen. It is the absolute best Zombie “movie” ever.

  18. Hi, i disagree with an above comment about the pregnancy-
    Yes it is a cliche but hey- to my knowledge it hasnt been done zombie style before and i think it is an interesting avenue for the show to go down.
    The justification for your distaste of this is that your a dr? Well if your all about realism then why watch zombie shows to begin with?
    Not meaning any offence, just wanted to say my peice.
    TWD rocks, cant wait til season 2!
    And yes i agree that zombies dont care much for wiping out the human race, they just want to feed on our hot, moist flesh! (so dirty yet so sick) ba ha ha ha

    • No, I know that, like with all good drama, unless there is a suspension of disbelief, it could never be enjoyed. I mean, we all love Law and Order but for a murder to be solved and an entire trial to happen in like a few days isn’t really realistic either.

      I didn’t mean to get technical. I enjoyed S1, and hopefully S2. I kind of hope that, and I know this is stupid of me to hope, that Dr. Jenner somehow survived the explosion at the CDC Again, I know that isn’t going to be the plot line, but I just found him to be the most interesting character at the end of S1.

  19. I am incredibly excited for this. AMC has been doing well enough for themselves, and the Killing is very good, in the interim.

    I think what made The Walking Dead so good is that it was so character driven. As others have said, you actually care about them.

    I can’t wait for season 2.

  20. Personally, I think the whole pregnancy theme is brilliant. it makes the whole love triangle even more complex, especially if shane is the father. Or if some reason the baby is born a zombie. now wouldnt that be shocker!

    Also is it just me or is Lori, Ricks wife a real B**ch. I just seems she some how hates shane for not making sure that rick was dead. Personally, what more could he had done in trying to save his buddy.

    Also how is it that when he was in a coma that the zombies didnt barge into the room and have a nice free meal. I mean Cant they smell the blood from his wounds?

    Just my two cents

    • The zombie baby has been done. Watch Dawn of the Dead.

      Lori is acting that way towards Shane because he told her that her husband was dead. Shane knew Rick wasn’t dead…he just assumed that because he was outnumbered by zombies that he would have died. Yes, that’s a logical assumption to make but he didn’t know for sure and should have said that to Lori. I think she is completely justified in being angry with Shane. The way she sees it, he tricked her into sleeping with him.

      I also wonder about the part where the zombies didn’t get him but since he’s a main character and can’t die in the first episode I let it slide. He wasn’t bleeding though, was he? He was just in a coma.

      • When he opens the door there’s a big desk in the way of the door, plus if the zombies couldn’t hear/smell him from outside it’s unlikely they would attempt to break in.
        Plus the door is barricaded down the hall from his room.

      • I guess an interesting twist for me, personally, is that Dr. Jenner tells Rick that Lori is pregnant but the baby somehow would be immune to the virus and possibly be a walking cure. That would give me a reason to actually care about the baby, and wouldn’t be that far-fetched, since the amniotic sac that surrounds babies during the pregnancy often shields them from viruses or external infections. Case in point, pregnant women who contract HIV during pregnancy (not before, unfortunately) will not pass it on to their babies for that very reason. Then, for me, that plot twist would be interesting.

        • That is a very good point and would be interesting to see. It would also give them another set of enemies because I’m sure other humans would be after that kid.

          • I saw a very good zombie movie on VOD last night (it’s a good way to relax after a rotation) called “Autumn.” TWD might learn something from it. It takes place in England, but the zombies aren’t cannibilistic. The film mroe deals with the question of what to do when there’s really nothing left to do. Getting back to zombies, so, in TWD, a virus causes people to mutate in to mindless automatons bent on violence and destruction. Unfortunately, I see that happen every night to people, but it’s not a virus that does it to them, it’s more like grain alcohol mixed with Kool Aid.

            • I’ll have to check that out. I’m a huge fan of zombie films.

            • Just checked “autumn” out, and if it wasnt for the bad D.O.P, sound and editing, it could have been something… …but hey it felt/heard, like a student movie and even though the “this is how we survive” bit where cool it really wasnt enough for me to enjoy this movie in whole(and im really, really, Not that picky).

              But that said, it contained zombies, maybe not the run of the meal zombies(not Even the 21century fast moving zombies) but zombies none the less, and it had somewhat of an easy pace which sure made it to a couchpotato-experience, and if thats what you meant i agree, but verry god it was not.

              Alcohol poisining is bad, i have to agree, i dont Even like myselves when im drunk(though this realation doesnt really comes before the day after) and ive never been sober and thought “this ranting drunk really knows what he/she talks about”, and yeah the low treshold for violence is really disturbing.

              …just my two cents…


        • This idea i like, Looking away from the clear fact that they have to mugg lori “the zombie” arround for a couple of months, if the amniotic sac does not save the pregnant lori also…

          Enjoyable theory

  21. just seen the last ep of season 1 the doc said something in the sherifs ear befor they left the cdc i think his wife is pregnent thay did a blood test at the start of ep 6 to be aloud to enter the cdc and its not his baby !!! anyone think the same thanks cj

    • I second that!

    • never thought of that but good point and i agree totally, cj

    • I think Andrea’s pregnant… that’s why she was throwing up and feeling faint.

    • I think he does tell Rick that Lori is pregnant but I he also tells Rick something else that’s important. Let’s face it, Lori simply being pregnant would be a pretty boring plot twist, and unless he did DNA testing (which takes a while) it would be kind of far-fetched that he could tell who the baby belongs to. I would speculate that what DR. Jenenr tells Rick in addition to Lori being pregnant has something to do with what the French doctors were working on (remember how, in the finale, Dr. Jenner told them that the French doctors were the last to leave and they thought they were close to something?) Perhaps they found out that newborns are immune to the virus. Or perhaps they moved to another facility to continue their work(Jenner never specifically says what happened to them, other then they left). That would be interesting. As I stated in a previous post, Lori simply being pregnant would pretty much be a drag on the show, and having a plot line of not knowing who the father is would be pretty Days-of-Our-Lives-ish. If that’s the case, then maybe the opening credits show be an image of an hour glass and a voice saying “Like Sands Throught he Hour Glass, so are the Zombies of Our Lives.” I would hope that the writers of TWD can do better then the ones on Days of Our Lives. If that’s the best plot they can come up with, it would make a pretty legitimate case for banning nepotism in Hollywood.

      • yes i think so to and rick knows the baby is not his omg so u think that to cool thats what it is

    • You are right, but it is Shane’s baby not Rick’s. Lori has a girl, but both Lori and the baby die when the baby is a few months old.

    • I think he’s telling him that all dead are coming back, not only the bitten ones.

  22. Redneck number 2 always uses zombie blood stained arrows…. how come when he shot the guy in the butt on Episode 4 he didnt get infected….

    I think he needs to increase his arrow hygeine…..

    • I seem to remember Daryl (redneck number two’s name) wiping down his arrows in one of the episodes. Anyone else want to chime in? Did I make that up? :) I don’t think I did.

      • You’re hot ^_________________^

        • Thanks. :)

          • I don’t know if anyone read the comicbooks…but newsflash: they are all already infected.

            • I read the comics but I’m behind. If you just gave us a real spoiler then I hate you. That’s a punchable offense.

            • but not on the show and thats just a comitbook

      • yes he did clean them i saw that to u are right

  23. anyone know wen da 2nd season is going to be releaased in ireland ??????????

    • yes i just found out last night its october 16

  24. @Jennifer Hottie

    Yeah, Redneck no.2 wipes his bolts after taking it out.

    • Thought so. Thanks!

  25. does one of you guys know when season 2 is released in the netherlands?
    or when it is released every where?

    please comment back :P :)

    • Season two won’t premiere until the end of October here in the States. No idea on the date for the Netherlands.

      • U know when it comes out in the united kingdom?

        • I don’t, sorry.

        • yes it comes out in october 16

  26. I say just hurry up with the rest of the shows.. we need more zombie film.e.g shaun of the dead 2. Zombieland 2.

    • zombieland 2 is coming out in 2013 check imdb

  27. The prison is highly tipped to feature, which will be amazing, if you have read the comics you will know that shane doesn’t live all that long so for the time being i think he will be integral to the plot-line “if” lori is made pregnant in the show.
    My view on the last ep after reading the comics is that if i was in need of something to fight for, someone telling me my wife was pregnant would help me muster up every bit of courage and energy i have if you get my point. He basically gave rick something worth fighting for even in the face of almost certain death.

    • but you do know that the baby is not ricks right?

  28. Actually I think that I read a story last year that they were going to remain true to the graphic novel, just not follow it exactly. I think it was Robert Kirkman that said Shane may live a little longer than he did in the graphic novel. He said that he killed him off sooner than he would had he known that the series was going to run longer than a few issues. I can see them continuing to play these two off each other for another season and maybe breaking into two camps. But that maybe too close to the Lost story arc, even though Lost did not invent this story arc. But I think that Rick and Shane will be two characters that will not be killed off anytime soon. They have so many story arcs that they can create from this relationship. “Who knows what is best for the group”, “Rick/Lori/Shane relationship”, “Who’s baby”, and “If she dies, did one of them have the ability to save her or even caused the death”. They need these stories to keep the mass zombie killings grounded in some sense of reality.

    • Yep, I read that Kirkman interview too. Shane is provides an interesting triangle (and is a draw for the ladies) for them to kill him off so soon.

  29. I will not watch racism and rapes.

    • Okay…?
      There should be an off button on your tv controller, just saying


    • I read the books after watching season 1. I really got into the books because of the depth of the characters. You can really see the toll on Rick, as well as the transformation of Carl. Characters I really want to see in season 2 are Michonne and the Governor. I think the only thing that woud work for season 2 would be if Jenner told Rick that Lori is pregnant (that’s it). Giving up too much would take away from the pitfalls and surprises that they run into along the way. I also really liked the fact that the zombies almost took a backseat to the dangers of all the other survivors.