If you want to know the major character death that’s going to happen as The Walking Dead season 2 comes to a close on March 18, you only need to turn to the AMC for the answer.

While making The Walking Dead: Limited Edition Season 2 Blu-ray available for pre-order on its website, AMC inadvertently revealed which of the series’ major character will be dying this season in the item’s description.

UPDATE: AMC sent us the following statement regarding the death revelation:

The post on the AMC store was completely unauthorized. The matter is currently under investigation.


shane walsh the walking dead Major Walking Dead Season 2 Death Revealed By AMC [Updated]

You can read the description below (which still remains on AMC’s website):

This special limited edition Blu-Ray includes all 13 episodes on 4 discs, including bonus features such as: the making of the barn, an extended zombie gut scene, Shane’s last episode, full Comic Con coverage with panel, comic book vs episode comparison, and more!

Considering it was Frank Darabont that was fired from The Walking Dead and not “Shane Darabont,” the last episode in question can only be referring to Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal). With Shane and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) coming to blows in last week’s episode, fans knew that it was only a matter of time before Shane bit the proverbial bullet.

Of course, the news of Bernthal exiting The Walking Dead isn’t really much of a surprise to fans who have been following Frank Darabont’s career following his ousting from the show.

In January, it was reported that Jon Bernthal was in talks to star in Frank Darabont’s TNT period drama pilot L.A. Noir – talks that could only take place if Bernthal had completed his contractual work on The Walking Dead. Since then, Bernthal has officially signed on to L.A. Noir.

shane death the walking dead comic Major Walking Dead Season 2 Death Revealed By AMC [Updated]

Shane’s death in The Walking Dead comic

Of course, fans of The Walking Dead comics may have known all along the Shane’s time was running out, as the character originally dies during the sixth issue of the series, and never made it anywhere near as far as the character has in the television series.

While Shane’s death has officially been revealed, the manner in which he dies has yet to be revealed. In the comic, Shane is killed by Rick’s son Carl, after Carl sees that Shane is about to kill his father. And even though this death would fit in line with what’s occurring on the television series, one can never count out a surprise zombie death… even for Shane.

The Walking Dead season 2 finale airs Sunday, March 18 on AMC

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