Major ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Death Revealed By AMC [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated March 9th, 2012 at 9:48 am,

the walking dead season 2 zomie Major Walking Dead Season 2 Death Revealed By AMC [Updated]

If you want to know the major character death that’s going to happen as The Walking Dead season 2 comes to a close on March 18, you only need to turn to the AMC for the answer.

While making The Walking Dead: Limited Edition Season 2 Blu-ray available for pre-order on its website, AMC inadvertently revealed which of the series’ major character will be dying this season in the item’s description.

UPDATE: AMC sent us the following statement regarding the death revelation:

The post on the AMC store was completely unauthorized. The matter is currently under investigation.


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  1. Screw the zombie death, I want Carl pulling that trigger! And I also want Rick to go on a pilgrimage in season 3 like he did in the comics. :-)

    • shane dies twice, once by rick, once by carl, once by knife, once by bullet to the brain

  2. That’s not a suprise you knew he would go at somepoint expetially because
    He has signed on to the L.A Noire show he couldn’t do both shows at once

  3. I think everyone knew this one coming sometime soon

  4. It still bites watching the show with roommates who have read the comic and won’t shut their freaking mouths.

    • Ditto.

    • Solution: read the comics yourself.

      • Solution: new roommates.

  5. Noooooo! Well I knew it would be sooner or later.

  6. That’s old news. I think

    Dale is the surprise one. Looks like Kirkman is showing that no one is safe.

    • Next time make the spoiler alert in caps and put a couple of spaces between the word spoiler and the actual spoiler. now i know he dies too. thanks

      • Don’t listen to him. They aren’t following the comics so far all that well and even if they did it would take about 5 season for him to die anyways.

      • lol so u are mad at someone who put a spoiler alert, in the comments of a spoiler article? haha idk that person died either, butttt thats your fault bro…curiosity killed the cat for both of us…if you realllly didnt want to know you wouldnt have read these comments

        • LOL. Anyone can die, just listen to Kirkman interviews. No one is safe as he isn’t shy on killing off main characters. He rather enjoys it, LOL

        • . i was only here looking for ONE spoiler. not two. smh

          • LOL

  7. anyone else having trouble getting to

  8. Not that big of a surprize since its been coming i just hope they dont kill anybody else off

    • No one is safe…. or better yet no one SHOULD be safe. I hope it is only a matter of time before others start to drop.

  9. Zombies are too good for Shane. I say he tries to force himself onto Laura, Carl shoots him with Rick watching, he is presumed dead but comes back later as a walker so we can kill him again (this time by Rick).

    • Woah Darren on the ‘super spoilers.’ Some things are best left unknown. :(

  10. This shows ratings are going to spiral downward without Shane. He has grown a huge fan base and Rick has become too annoying. If Shane is leaving then I hope Rick’s character toughens up. (I never read the comics so I don’t know what to expect).

    • Ye, no and maybe.

      For the hardcore fans (that have also followed the books) Shane should have died a long time ago.

      As for Rick…. he has taken a turn with the shooting of the normals in the bar. I think we will see a slight change in him. So he wont be as goody goody as you have seen him.

      Back to losing Shane. The group is fairly large. Spreading a story around that many people you need to lose a few now and then only to have them replaced with others. If not you get the same personalities circling around and around every so often.

      With Shane leaving you now have opened the door for another antagonist. Maybe one that is even worse then Shane…..

      Good luck Jon Bernthal I have enjoyed the character they fleshed (get it) you out to be. I will attempt to watch LA Noir but no promises. :D

      • “…another antagonist. Maybe one that is even worse than Shane…” Such as the Governor? I’m not familiar with the comics, but I was reading here on Screen Rant earlier that the role of the Governor has been cast, so perhaps this is bringing us to that character?

        • Oh, the Governor you say?? He’s. The baddest of the bad. But before he is introduced some people need to be replaced with better characters. BTW What happened to Merle??

          • I always saw Merle as the Governor.

            However I dont think he will have an as structured settlement as the books.

            I mean he will have a safe haven but it will be nothing but thugs and people that dont know any better barely hanging on.

            Daryl will be their ‘in’ but things will go South fairly quick. They wont stay as long as they stayed at the farm.

            POSSIBLE SPOILERS……….

            And will leave taking a commodity from Merles group. Making him want/need to go after them after they settle in the prison. We will lose (I HOPE) Carol. Picking up a couple questionable prisoners….

        • ” I was reading here on Screen Rant earlier that the role of the Governor has been cast”

          ooo I must have missed that. Do you recall where you read it?

            • WOW thanks…..

              Not happy at all… :( Just doesnt appear to be Governor material… :D

              O well I will just have to wait and see.

              Thnaks again.

              • David Morrissey is a good actor. The good thing is that he is excited about this role and wants to take it to a whole new level of darkness(within the confines on AMC of course ugh). Although he doesn’t look like the Governor he is a pretty good actor. As far as Shane goes, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. His time was numbered as there is only soo much they could do with him. Yes, they are going away from the comic book but Kirkman also wants the “point A to point B” to be somewhat close to the comics. I bet we will see a very darker side of Rick as these last 3 episodes go on and he realizes that there is no hope, no cure, and the zombies are not the only things to fear. I have a feeling these last 3 episodes will be the true direction of what Mazzara envisions along with Kirkman.

    • This doesn’t necessarily have to be true. In the comics there is a constant influx of new characters to keep the drama fresh and interesting. The TV show barely resembles the comic storyline in this regard. The TV show seems to be focused too deeply on insignificant events and never-ending arguments about meaningless details. Why, for instance, has the cast been allowed the comfort of lodging at a well-stocked farm with water and even an electric generator for so long? There’s no drama in that yet there is plenty of realistic reasons why they could be driven from such a place and forced into higher drama that would make the show worth watching. The death of Shane is such a non-issue in the comics that it is laughable that it makes headlines as a big spoiler on the TV show. If the writers of the TV show had any balls, they would have already faced far greater challenges and interesting situations than Shane’s demise. If the concept of this story has told us anything at all, it’s that the zombie apocalypse is not about a single man’s survival, but the survival of the human race and of human dignity.

    • If you had read the comics, you would know, That Shane dying won’t hurt the series. There’s a bunch of interesting characters that haven’t even been introduced yet.

      • yeah but this is a tv show not some comic book. it WILL hurt the tv series..Jon Bernthal is too good of a actor to lose only to introduce more mediocre talent..oh well i guess 2 seasons is pretty good.. The sword chick…i cant remember her name..the one that all the comic nerds get a hard on for wont play well on television..just watch..after a few zombie be-headings it will be old…

        • shes already in the show, uses a crossbow instead, goes by the name Daryl though.

  11. Not a surprise sadly because people who’ve read the comics can’t help but open their big ******* mouths and tell everyone what happened in the comics.

    So yeah, I already knew about who was going to die along with how from a previous thread. Thanks?

    To all you comicbook readers all I can say is, PLEASE STFU and only post plot details from the comic in spoiler articles.

    • Actually Mongoose since the TV show only loosely follows the comic they are only possible spoilers.

      Had he not taken the LA Noir job he probably would not have been killed off.

      So it really wasnt the comic book people that spoiled it it was him for taking the LA Noir job.

      I mean there are a few others that are still alive that should be dead, they should be acting differently then they do etc.

      Although I do agree us comic readers should state POSSIBLE SPOILERS….. as we have no idea if they will follow the books or not.

    • A ridiculous request if you ask me. The comic book series is almost a decade old. Just how long do you want people to keep a secret, for eternity? You should stop complaining and read the comics yourself. Knowing what happens in the comics enhances the show.

      • If Mr. Goose does not want to know what is wrong with attempting to respect his (and possibly others) wishes?

        It is not like it takes that much effort to state it is


        and continue on. That gives Mr. Goose and others the OPTION of reading it. Not so rediculous if you ask me.

        Just because something has been out in the public eye does not mean everyone knows about it. There are movies I havent seen that are quite old… that doesnt mean I want people to tell me about it…before I see them.

    • Hey, mongoose, if Hollywood remakes a 50 year old film based on a 50 year old novel, do you want people who’ve seen the original or read the novel to keep their mouth shut? I think the Hobbit is coming out soon, so would it be considered a spoiler to reveal that Bilbo steals the One Ring from Gollum? He, he. You’re too much.

      • Just because people read the comics doesn’t really mean anything. I just means they will know who the characters are. Remember Kirkman did go on record as saying even though he wants it to be like the comics he also wants it to be different. The getting to the plot if you will might be the same but the way it’s done or the people it’s done to will more than likely be different. He wants to even surprise the comic readers as to not knowing what will happen. So really the whole revealing of what happens in the comic book is more of a guideline of the differences within the TV show and the comic book.

        • Sure, I agree with that, but knowing what happens in the comics does make watching the show more enjoyable in my opinion. It gives you a depth of the characters that the show is apparently incapable of doing. And they have been able to surprise the comic fans with great plot developments like the CDC episodes.

      • Mark, we get it… you’re more special and entitled to say whatever you want because you read the books and if we don’t like it we should do the same so you can continue saying whatever you want. It’s really not that “MAD” of a request to simply type… Spoiler Alert… for those of us illiterate folk that haven’t read the comics.

        • SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The dingo ate my baby

  12. Whether this was obvious or not (i did not know he signed on to LA Noir so to me it wasnt) this is huge news and will have a MAJOR impact on the show. Your killing of the second main character and the major antogonist of the show…this is huge….HUGE HUGE….I am DEF DEF tuning in now so whether this leaked (or did it?) or not its bring me in on every Sunday

  13. Hooray! Kill him! Can’t wait to see that death. Hopefully he’ll get taken by a Walker…real slow.

    • Maybe Otis walker….. Poetic justice.

  14. Yeah He is Annoying in the show, I think they should take down Andrea with hims well. She started off as a cool character in the first season but in this one she is just annoying as hell.

  15. I really like this show. I liked Shane’s character. He’s the unstable loose cannon of the group. Kinda getting tired of Mr. Goody Goody (Rick) always out to save everyone and his annoying wife. Although he seems to be turning to the ‘DARK SIDE’ a bit…cool ’bout time. Also the kid seems to be unbeliveable at times to me because he seems to be a know it all. Sorry don’t care for the kid and the mom. And when will we get more depth into T-Dog’s character. I really like David Yeun’s character best.

  16. Thing is when they kill him off they need to bring in someone who is just like him. Cant have a show with a bunch of good people, need the tension of someone like Shane there. I see them bringing back that guy that sawed his hand off last season into the mix for season 3. Him and his bros (kid from boondock saints) will likely start to cause a big part of the ruckus (aside from the zombies) next season.

    I also think that it would an extremely interesting twist if they find out that the baby is not Rick’s but actually Shane’s. If this happens before or after they kill Shane off I will be excited one way or the other

    One thing that I will HATTTTTEEEE! If Shane just leaves the group (as he’s been saying he will) and that is his exit from the show and they just keep him alive to have him on random episodes….THAT WOULD STINK

    • I think the
      They are bringing in the Governor pretty early next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced him the 1st episode just to get the ball rolling again. Also I wouldn’t worry about the whole Shane thing. There will be plenty to make up for him.

      • I hope they don’t introduce him until the 3rd or 4th episode, there are some people where they are going that should fill the antagonist role for a few episodes.

  17. Damnit! I was really hoping that this wouldn’t happen… Just as I was starting to like Shane. I just wonder when they’re going to do it because it was quite obvious that it was going to eventually. They’ve been having Shane as kind of the bad guy for the whole show pretty much and last episode you finally started feeling sorry for the guy and actually kind of liking him. That way, when he bites the dust (pun intended) it’s more emotional. Instead of cheering, people will likely be sad for Shane (how ever it goes down).

    I absolutely love this show, (as I discussed with a few of the Screen Rant team during the Oscars) along with my fiancé and her mother actually (shocker because she HATES zombies [and I capitalized "hates" because I can't bold, italicize and underline]). I can’t wait until Sunday.

  18. I am starting to loose interest in The Walking Dead as more and more characters just really irritate me. The first season was great but this farm life is turning into “Days of our Lives”.

    Plus I really cannot stand that stupid pregnant prison break woman. I wish she would get killed.

    • I hear you. She is freaking annoying. I wished she died when the car overturned. There is just something her portrayal of the character I don’t like. Maybe she just fit the role just too well. I don’t know. But she is a sh*t stirrer.

  19. I hate Lori too..she is so freaking annoying as HELL! As for Shane..I do like his character but i too knew his time on the show was winding down..I hope he gets killed by a bunch of walkers that would be cool instead of how he dies in the comics!

  20. Sara Wayne Callies has a easy job, she has the exact same character personality as in Prison Break. Jon Bernthal, on the hand, portrays a pretty interesting character. Shame to see him go.

  21. Lori is Self Righteous! She messed around with Shane, got pregnant with her child & now that Rick is back she is acting like a Nun. Tragic.. P.S. We haven’t really forgotten Shane Ravishing her on the Forest Ground, nice way to forget her husband had died.. Now she even provokes Rick, challenging his manhood..
    People talking about Humanity.. Pretty Difficult to maintain that with WALKERS eating your guts out..
    Oh while we are at it.. Somebody shoot the annoying Lil Prick we know as Carl.. Shane should be the Leader.. He Knows how to handle everything the “Jungle Way”.. Its sad but its true.. If something like this happens.. Its gonna be survival of the fittest..

  22. I never read the comics, but I did follow the stories, still this show has beyond proven it’s vastly different than its paperback origins. Wish fans of both forms of the franchise could just get along. Sophia died on the show-is alive in the comics, Dale- dead and now dead. It’s all about the story and what characters can drive it, what characters’ deaths would influence it further, and which ones will make fans argue about it cause lets face it, that’s good ratings to create a stir amongst the masses. Comic fans can shout to their hearts content of who is still living while Show fans can be polite enough to either not listen without causing a fuss or read the comics and get hooked. Fans of both, we ride a whole different train.

  23. I have not read the comics and don’t plan on it at this point. Is Merle Dixon going to make a reappearance on the show? For some reason I think he is part of the 30 person group of survivors that is out there.

  24. Season 2 def shows less production value. Much less zombies, next to no special affects, and basically less horror and more simple drama. AMC pushing for cheaper production costs as well as firing Darabont may affect TWD. I am hoping AMC does not destroy the show. Luckily the characters are interesting enough to make season 2 worth watching.

    • Also the TV’s version of the story has Shane believing that the people still alive can maintain the humanity they all shared before the downfall of Man with zombies ruling the World. Shane’s death was a symbol that the World is indeed a much darker place (made more pronounced by being gutted then shot in the head) and humanity has become a thing of the past.

      Before Shane’s death the group was already becoming more hardened and less forgiving. With Shane dead it will be interesting to see how dark things become with Shane’s influence.

      • Meant Dale not Shane!!! :-P

  25. What the Extra really meant by “Shane’s Last Day of Shooting” was the actor doing a sort of “This is what we went through folks and so glad the journey’s over”. That’s it. Shane isn’t dying and no mistaken spoiler was published. This was meant to fool longtime fans of the comic, another twist by Rob and the filmakers. Don’t be so gullible guys.

  26. You took one of the best character out of walking dead .. Bring “Shane” back! He is much needed ….

  27. So please tell me something about the next season 3. Who is the black lady in the Hood with the two walkers on chains without arms. And please tell me why us your biggest walking dead fans have to waiting until the fall just for the 3rd. Season

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