‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Premiere Review

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Review The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Review

Fans are undoubtedly excited for the start of The Walking Dead season 2, but there also many questions handing over this season, in light of showrunner Frank Darabont being fired from the series.  Darabont was the driving force behind the show, and a major reason why season one of The Walking Dead was a hit. While it remains to be seen how the show will fare without Darabont influencing future episodes, fans of the acclaimed director can rest comfortably in the knowledge that he crafted the first part of season 2.

So, is The Walking Dead season 2 premiere episode, “What Lies Ahead” a satisfying return to the bleak world of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic book?

Short answer: This episode showed Darabont and the cast at their best.

When last we left the survivors of The Walking Dead, they had fled the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, after a discouraged scientist and a few dispirited survivors chose to end their lives, rather than face the zombie apocalypse. As season 2 opens, the survivors are still on the run and hoping to find salvation. But where does salvation reside in hell – and how does a world of savagery, brutality and death change a person? These are the hard questions that face Rick Grimes and his companions in season 2.

Review (Spoilers)

“What Lies Ahead” is easily the best episode of The Walking Dead since the pilot episode (which was also crafted by Darabont), and it demonstrated the incredible potential this show has. In one episode we got terror, suspense, mystery, gore, drama, shock, and even some elation. Best of all, every minute of the premiere qualified as genuinely compelling TV.

Darabont’s experience as a director elevates this show to a level most TV programs can’t hope to match. The “zombie herd” sequence on the highway – which was shot on a real Atlanta highway with 150 zombie extras over 4 days – is something that not only reaches the upper echelons of quality TV programming – it’s also in the upper echelons of quality movie moments. (I’m certain that I wasn’t the only one who felt like they were watching a movie during that highway scene.)

After such a fantastic beginning you would think there would be nowhere to go but down – but Darabont and the cast definitely retain a good amount of the energy they initially muster for the remainder of the episode. The search for the missing girl, Sophia, was not as cinematic as the highway sequence (and definitely adhered to a more episodic TV structure), but that’s OK, since it was still pretty good TV. That feeling of dread and despair was always present, and made you tense at the thought that Sophia could indeed meet an unhappy end – leaving her mother and the rest of survivors’ fragile morale shattered by the tragedy.

In the midst of that high tension, there were some great dramatic moments between the various characters, which sowed promising seeds for the arcs the survivors will be on this season. Some characters (Andrea, Shane) are more interesting than others (T-Dog, Dale), but the great thing about a show like this is that characters can (and will) die at any moment, so it’s easy to keep the cast trimmed and still give the audience a shock or two when someone bites it (no pun).

Virtually every scene in the premiere was relevant, and expanded both the characters and the themes of season 2, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Some of the more undercooked characters from season 1 had great moments to shine – Daryl (Norman Reedus) in that nauseating dissection scene, or Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) finally showing spunk by defending Rick’s honor – and on the whole the episode balanced the time spent with each character well, so that no one felt left out or irrelevant. A drastic improvement on one of the major issues with season 1.

Admittedly, the scene with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the church was a little bit over-dramatic (the whole church scene was, really), but it still laid out an interesting arc for Rick this season, as he struggles to keep it together and lead his people, even though this horrible existence eats away at his morale – and morality – the same as it does any other man. Now that Rick and the survivors are over their initial confusion and panic about the world they’re living in, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of person each of them becomes, as they’re forced to make hard choices (how long do you search for a missing child in zombie land?) and face hard realities (death, loss, etc…).

Last but not least – what an ending! Just when you thought there might be a glimmer of hope (Rick, Shane and Carl encountering that gorgeous buck and having a happy bonding moment) – hope turns into horror in the span of a gunshot. There are not many shows that will go so far as to depict a child getting shot – but hey, this is The Walking Dead we’re talking about. Expect the unexpected.

Whatever budget Frank Darabont was asking for – whatever creative decisions he was making – it’s clear from this episode that AMC should’ve catered to the man. Mad Men may be the critical darling (which gets it the biggest investment from the network) – but TV like this Walking Dead season 2 premiere has the potential to attract the masses, and ergo, the advertisers. Hopefully the ratings will tell that same tale.

You can catch The Walking Dead season 2 Sundays @ 9/8c on AMC


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  1. Some of the comments on this comment section make me laugh. I just love how people nitpick, and point out stuff they wouldn’t do as “plotholes” or poor writting. “why would a kid do this”… um, maybe because they are kids? You ever been around a 9 year old, they do DUMB STUFF. People that complain about the pace, just admitt what you want. You want 90 minutes, or 60, of them fighting zombies. No speaking, no plot… just endless zombie killing. But then, when you got what you want, you’d complain about that too. Wonderful thing about this culture, everyone is a complainer. Sit back, and just enjoy the show. When you go into something; a TV show, a film, an album, and are hellbent on not liking it, guess what, you won’t like it.

    • Except I (and just about EVERY other person went in expecting to like it because we like the first 6 episodes. ;)

      And the whole Sophia thing was a but unbelievable. I can buy running the hell away from two zombies but just taking off INTO the woods? Then if she was safe under the tree she should have stayed there for at least a reasonable amount of time instead of just taking off.

      Yes, kids do dumb stuff BUT, in a world full of zombies, doing dumb stuff ends up getting you killed. If I was their age and had survived multiple zombie attacks I would hope I would have learned to be a bit smarter about certain things.

      • What multiple attacks? The only other time they’ve shown is the attack on the camp. It’s not as Sophia has been around these things for ages and has turned into a battle-ready warrior. Heck who knows what anyone would do in that situation but you can’t expect a young child to think like a rational adult.

    • I agree – sit back and enjoy. Nothing is perfect, whether a movie, tv show book, etc., but enjoy it for what it is. Pure entertainment. For Pete’s sake…all ‘art’ forms are created by human beings, who are imperfect, and therefore cannot create perfect works. (I believe that’s only achieved by the Almighty.)

      I didn’t read the comic books – and am not a zombie fan, but was hooked from the first episode of this series. In spite of any ‘imperfections’ pointed out, this premiere was everything and more than I expected!

      • Riiiiiight. By that logic, just watch anything regardless of whether it’s good or not. What does it matter? “Nothing is perfect.” I’ll just watch Tyler Perry all day. At least it’s an honest attempt!

        No. It does not work like that. People can judge “art” for themselves and make up their own mind to suit their preferences and time considerations. The issue here is that “The Walking Dead” is well-produced with AMC’s stylistic touch, yet has *consistently* — not just with this premier, but last season too — been proven to lack good writers, good character development, and good direction. With that you have AMC giving all the trimmings of what could be a good show, but none of the substance. They have attracted discerning viewers to what *could be* a good show, but have not yet raised the bar on the show’s inner workings. So of *course* you have people complaining, and hopefully for better reason than the false “plot hole” of the church bell’s power supply.

        Would it take more zombie battles? No. More makeup effects? No. More wide shots? No. I disagree with mongoose believing that that is all viewers want as part of an endless malcontent. What viewers want is a writing team that appreciates attention to detail. A director that can make a lot out of little. Characters whom viewers don’t want to die to be spared of their constant stupidities. Does that mean more money needs to be pumped into the show? No. The best ingredients are surprisingly the cheapest. A few decent writers with a penchant for zombie drama could make far better use of these characters, even with all their flaws.

        • You’re 100% right Cherub. The best ingredients are also the hardest to find.

          @Leigh: Many things are perfect, Movie: Blade Runner, TV show: Firefly, Book : A Song of Ice and Fire, Painting : the Sistine Chapel, Model : Alessandra Ambrosio, I could go on. But the point being that I, and many others, look for quality entertainment when we watch TV or Movies.

      • I agree, I enjoyed it alot, I just had to get used to watching 3 minutes of show and 10 minutes of commercials. It’s much better if you tape it.

      • art’ forms are created by human beings, who are imperfect, and therefore cannot create perfect works. (I believe that’s only achieved by the Almighty.)
        If god created man, and man is imperfect, then god is imperfect. You realize your comment is illogical now.

  2. It was a rather alright premier. I can say I’m on-board for this.

  3. Other than the “herd” scene (which, by the way, is not a term that was coined until MUCH later in the novel)…….Boring.com

    • Again it is not to be a side by side show based on the comic book series or set of trade paperbacks.

      Does it matter when the word herd was first coined? there are more people watching this that have not read some or all of the series then there are that have.

    • I thought the herd scene was very intense, I was right on the edge as though I was there with the actors. It was so suspensful and unnerving.

  4. I must admit, I fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through the show and only woke up after the boy got shot. So, what did I miss? Who shot him and why? Did they ever find the girl?

    • In short order; Nothing, don’t know, don’t know and no.

  5. I, like most of you, was annoyed at the constant commercials, but I won’t harp on it. I enjoyed the episode because I do feel it sets up the overall tone for the season. I also enjoyed it because it has started showing the changes in all the characters that will obviously have a big impact this season.

    What I didn’t like about the writing of this episode is… well, while I understand that the group dynamic is strained and fragile with all the events they had to endure… It seems like they forgot their own basic survival strategies that they established for themselves in the entire first season… That is the only thing that really bugged me.

    • Maybe some are seeing those basic survival strategies were all they had. Now after dealing with the issue people start to evolve and seem to let personalities take over.

      It is not all ‘survive’ now. You can’t just survive you have to live lest you become the walking dead…….. ;)

      • HAHAHAHAHA…. Worst….pun…. EVER. I hear what you’re saying, and I would definitely agree on it IF they were in a more stable situation (like if they were held up again in a secluded place), but they’re in transit now, that’s when the game faces need to be on and them at their sharpest…. AND following their own rules.

        I know it seems nitpickey, but I just hate when a seemingly intelligent group of survivors act like they have no idea what’s going on and how to act in the scenarios they’ve been enduring for a while now.

        • Well thing is even in transit people will evolve from sheep. Depending on their personality.

          They will get to the point to I know where I want to go, why I want to go and how I want to go.

          They will assume (sometimes correctly) they can.

          While I love the dynamics I would have left the group a loooooong time ago. However Im basing this on my knowledge of movie zombies.

          We need to remember they are expierencing this for the very first time. They do not know who George A. Romero is.

          • Yeah, nobody owned a TV pre-apocalypse right

  6. Uh, you do know (writer) that Darabont was fired, so your comments about him are all wrong.

  7. Wow I’m pretty surprised by how many people are trashing the premier. The only part that I thought was truly bad was the 1st few minutes before the title sequence when Rick was on the roof. But after that I thought it was one of the better episodes of the series.

  8. i, myself thought it was pretty unstable. I thought it was a reverse version of “Days gone BY”. Instead of a little girl getting blasted away, it was Carl. Overall, i would give it 2 out of 4 stars.

  9. I love the premise and production quality, but the characters (with the exception of Daryl) are all lame – I’m rooting for the zombies to win! I’m done with this show, and can’t say it any better than my friend’s comment on my Facebook post about it: “What a disappointment. I can’t stand character stupidity and ineptness as a lazy method to build tension or anxiety in a terror movie. It would be far more frightening to see highly proficient survivors still failing miserably. And since when is a zombie show 20% zombies & 80% soap opera! Two thumbs down. :(

    • You have the best comment. The characters are soooooo stupid. First of all it takes them forever to figure out what an amazing opportunity it is for them to raid that highway pile up for supplies (and gas!! they were just speaking about how they did not have enough gas and it takes them way to long to realize how much there is right in front of them). Then when they do, they all get out and spread out instead of doing it in blocks. They even let the kids wander off… duh. It so dumb. Zombies are so slow… I mean sometimes in Zombie movies they are fast but not The Walking Dead Zombies… they are slow and dumb. Rick made things worse when he ran after Sophia in a panic the whole time. He should have just calmly grabbed her, stayed by her and killed the stupid things. They are not that smart!!! Also when they were looking in the woods nobody called her name. How is she supposed to hear them and not think they are freaking more Zombies. If they were so worried about the noise.. big deal.. again…ZOMBIES ARE SLOW. They were not worried about the noise after the heard passed and they were starting cars and moving them around. Also… why in the world is Dale, or any of them not on the lookout for better vehicle. Hello, the best thing about Zombie apocalypse is would be all the free stuff. And to top it all off, why did they wast so much time at that church…. again, no one calling her name. DUMB.

      • I’ve got to agree. By now these people should be a little smarter. Why are they still driving that old broke down RV when there are any number of new RVs sitting on RV lots and abandoned on the road and running out of fuel when the road is packed with abandoned cars?

        • I was thinking the same thing. I know the RV is sort of its own character, but there has to be bigger and better RVs hanging around. Also like a previous comment, you have doubts raiding the cars because its disrespectful to raid the dead. At this point that moral point is long past over, I’m going for broke. Also Rick is law officer he should have known better than to go after Sophia by himself. Other than that good episode.

  10. I think there’s a difference between exploring/establishing story arcs, and heading off into soap opera land. Leaving the nitpicking of small details behind, last night’s episode dealt more with love triangles, personal rivalries, self doubts and all the rest of the human angst more than it did the struggle to just plain old survive in a world filled with flesh-eating dead people. C’mon, no one wants “Mad Men” with zombies.

    • Which would make this no different than any other zombie movie. What makes this show and the books so great is that it looks past the “ohnoes there’s zombies, lets kill them all, raid stores, and turn all badass” storylines that we’ve seen over and over again. The books aren’t about just about surviving the zombie apocalypse but more so about how to survive it as a group.

  11. I was watching but doing stuff on my computer last night and missed, what happened to the man who was cut so badly, did he live? Did they find the little girl? And was the boy’s shooting an accident or on purpose? Thanks!

  12. Well, as someone who watched last season and read all of the comics, I think this was possibly the worst episode of the show so far, just too slow. For a premier, it should have been much more intense. Yes, there should be slow moments in the series to build on character and relationships, but for a 90 min. premier? This was a dud.

    The scene with Carl getting shot is pretty much straight from the comics and was done pretty well, except that no deer is going to let a human get that close to it. I thought Rick’s moment of prayer was well done, but did we need to see two characters take the time to pray? That was over 5 minutes of airtime!

    To those who aren’t happy with the love connections in the story, I direct you to the comics, where these themes were used to great effect. This is very realistic. Just because all hell has broken loose doesn’t mean people stop needing companionship. The only different thing here is that Shane was killed off relatively quickly in the comics. But there are numerous romances that spring up through out the comics.

  13. This was a great season premiere and yes, the highway sequence was especially outstanding, and downright frightening; this IS a scary show. I am a bit curious about the church sequence, though. I was under the impression that once the dead came back the “you” part of the brain, as the doctor explained in last season’s finale, was no more. If that’s truly the case, why would the zombies be sitting in the pews as they were when Rick and company first entered? It at least appeared that they were there as they might have been, to worship, before they became the walking dead. A small thing to ponder, but overall this was a dynamite beginning to season 2.

  14. A lot of this hate for the premiere baffles me.

    A) This comic book is about what happens to PEOPLE as they live in this hell on Earth. There are long stretches of the comic where there are no zombies, or zombies are just in the backdrop.

    B) A season premiere typically uses one event to sow seeds about what arcs the characters are going to be on that season. It doesn’t advance the plot or offer non-stop action – that’s what sweeps week is for.

    C) How do the characters “act stupid” in the episode? The little girl runs away because zombies have her cornered – she runs into the woods because a hundred zombies have been on the highway – and the decisions of the rest of the characters when it comes to finding her is basically the point of the episode (to you leave her, do you stay, how long do you search – what kind of person are you?).

    D) TV 101: A “30-minute” show is actually 22-minutes of show, 8 min of ads
    An “hour-long” show is actually 42-45 minutes of show, 15-17 min of ads
    A “90-min” show is actually 55-60 min of show, 30-35 min of ads.
    If you’ve watched TV for more than a year of your life, you should know this.

    This premiere set up a lot of good character stuff that foreshadows what will happen over the course of the season. And make no mistake: TWD is a CHARACTER-DRIVEN show. Much of the comic (and the TV show) are people talking and the drama that happens between them. The zombie actions happens only now and again.

    • Even with all of that explanation, kofi, you have to admit that this episode was rather dull. Most of the scenes were without tension. In fact the only real suspense was the missing girl. The only real tension was the characters hiding from the zombie heard. There was a tiny bit of tension when they encountered the corpse in the tent, but that was very brief.

      I’d like to point out that throughout the off-season, the show was heavily promoted by AMC and fans were promised even better results from last season, better production, better everything. Granted, this is only the first episode, but given what AMC has been saying, I think it’s reasonable to be disappointed and concerned for the show. You should also remember that any given show is only 2 or 3 episodes away from being dead at any given time. Consider this as strike one for TWD.

      One of the hallmarks of the comic series was periods of slow character development punctuated by very intense encounters with zombies and other humans in an all-out fight for survival. Episode 6 of last season ended with a brief period of intensity. This episode has virtually none, unless you count the zombie heard scene, but that was only mildly intense. And unless they totally re-wright the events at Hershel’s farm, that doesn’t portend much intensity either. So I’m just wondering if this show is going to be worth the time or not. As some have pointed out, the more time they spend just basically camping out, the more we notice the little errors in the writing like a bottle of ice cold water. This is science fiction; it needs that zip to keep it alive.

      • Well, for me, the possibility of a little girl winding up horribly slaughtered and that event driving the protagonists crazy is enough “tension” to keep me happy. I watched that dissection scene with Rick and Daryl and was terrified they would find a little girl’s corpse in there. I was worried there would be rapists or cannibals using the church bell as bait. The tent scene was just a cheap jump scare to me – and I don’t care how cold their water is or not.

        But to say there was no tension? Or the episode was dull? I can’t agree about that…

        • I’m basically comparing the premier to the 6 episodes of last year, which set the bar pretty high. But this is only one episode. We’ll see if it gets better. I certainly hope it does.

          • I’d say the episode would have been much better had they thrown in some odd zombie behaviors. Something to make the audience think or wonder (unless you want to count the herd behavior) about like the two zombies we were introduced to in last season’s 1st episode: The female crawler (one with her own webisodes) and the wife of the cat who saved Rick.
            All in all, it was less than expected, yet still a good episode. I also want to if anyone knows about any zombie podcasts other than “We’re Alive”?
            How about some audio books?

    • D) TV 101: A “30-minute” show is actually 22-minutes of show, 8 min of ads
      An “hour-long” show is actually 42-45 minutes of show, 15-17 min of ads
      A “90-min” show is actually 55-60 min of show, 30-35 min of ads.
      If you’ve watched TV for more than a year of your life, you should know this.

      The 90 min part make no sense. If the average is 8 mins of commercial per 30 mins, then the average for 90 mins should be 24-27 mins. Why would the commercial rate go up 12%?

  15. Much more would make sense if more people had read the novels. Half of these posts wouldn’t need to be here.

    • I disagree. Reading the comics has actually spoiled me and many of the comments I’ve read suggest the viewers are expecting more of the comics through this show. The books are simply much better. Of course, the budget for any given scene in a comic is $0, so you can construct any outrageous scene your imagination can come up with. If they incorporate Rick losing his hand, the tank, the prison, the governor’s compound, the budget will get very large.

      This is also why these scenes seem so bland to me. The TV show is about a PG whereas the comic is a solid R, so this is like watching the Disney version of the story.

      • I agree fully with you, Mark. I was suggesting that if more viewers had read the comics, then there would have been a whole lot less “tension” with the entire church scene (i.e. – ambush/looters/cannibals), as anyone who has read the books knows that particular sitatuion does not present itself until much later on in the series.

        I did not hate the first episode, I was just bored. I am excited to see how they handle the farm scenes. All I know is that I am mostly excited to read “Rise of the Governor” which is currently in transit to my doorstep haha!

        • Well, you are in for quite a treat. That was one of the most exciting story lines in the comics. Lots of surprises.

  16. I’m not worried. While the episode was the weakest of the series so far it felt like a buildup for the rest of the season. We have another 11 or 12 eps left and I highly doubt they’ll be “boring” like many are saying this was. Also, people need to stop comparing the book to the show. Yes, the comic is a hell of a lot better than the show but did you expect different?

  17. Being a huge fan of the comics, and sincerely ranking it in the higher end of the most interesting pieces of literature, I would have to say that the season 2 premier was the strongest yet. Darobont getting fired was the best thing for the show. The only thing he was responsible for in the the season 2 premier was the first 15 minutes, which was the best action scene he has done, but that was it, action. The problem with season 1 was there was a lack of character development. Why would the audience want to follow Rick? No reason. The entire first season felt like a prologue, which I was hoping was true. It wasn’t until Rick emerged as a leader in the CDC did the show begin.

    All complaining about the lack of action is scary. “Fans” like you are going to ruin a potential good show. Darobont admitted he did everything, meaning he was responsible for the crappy character writing and just wanted to create an action show. Walking Dead is not an action show. It is a drama first, which is why AMC picked it up. Shotime had a shot at picking up the show, but the writer Kirkman didn’t want to go there because they would focus on the zombies and not the people. Walking Dead is about the people. I finally felt as if the show began with some compelling character moments and development. Granted the dialogue was hokey, as in the moment where everyone had their stupid theories as to where Sofia went during the church bell ringing, but let’s cut Robert Kirkman some slack. He is just transitioning from comics to television. It felt like his comics. He will get better.

    Please support this show. Without those “slow” character moments, we have no conflict. Don’t be like my freshmen english students and think that the only conflict is external action conflict. Internal conflict is more compelling.

    Be smart.

  18. This is the first full episode I had seen of this series yesterday after hearing tons of good things about it.

    And I doubt I will watch again. I read up what happened before I watched this episode and it sounded awesome. But this episode didn’t make me go “I need to see this” like say, games of thrones did.

    The herd seen was excellent… except for the girl in the trailer. You need to be dead silent yet you are trying to put together a gun you had trouble with the entire episode? Really? And why didn’t the other zombies hear when she screamed and the other zombie was trying to smash the door down.

    And of course, one of the kids gets up before the herd was done for some odd reason. And then, instead of the main guy telling her to sit still and hide, he tells a 9 year old to walk back into the woods herself? Wtf?

    The dissection scene was good but I was hoping the little kids body was in there. That would have stunned the crap out of me and really made this show “different.” But alas, no body so we get more and more walk around the woods scenes.

    And why are they letting the little boy go with them? So they are looking for one small child and they bring another along that they have to protect 25/7 because he is useless. Smart.

    The church scene was 10x of dumb. Two very long prayers that serve no purpose and were very cliche. Why are zombies sitting on pewes?? WTF? They would be scratch at the doors and windows trying to get out so they can eat. And the church bell going off without electricity? Come on.

    And the ending… that deer would have took off as soon as one of them moved when it looked at them. Stupid.

    I just don’t get what all the hoopla is about. Maybe I need to see the first season to get emotionally attached to the characters or something. But this didn’t seem anything special to me. Maybe I will catch the next episode and it will chagne my mind…

    • See….THIS is exactly the problem with the season opener. It really needed to WOW people like the first couple of shows did to “re-hook” everyone and to hook a whole new audience who missed the original six episodes.

      It didn’t do that. Instead it was very plodding for 2/3 of the show (hunting for a missing girl for an hour is not my idea of exciting or intense). This season opener would have been ok if it were season 4 or 5 or as a mid-season filler episode but to have it be the first episode of the second season (and the very first FULL season) was an unacceptable waste of time. Most of us have been waiting for nearly a year and to get basically a “filler” episode right out of the gate was disappointing.

      And no, I didn’t want 1.5 hrs of nothing but killing zombies but what we got exactly the opposite imho.

  19. I never read the comic. But I like the show. A simple premise with interesting characters that they could expand upon as time goes on. Now for anyone complaining about commercials, I have to say HEY! It’s 2011 ever heard of a DVR?? I have not watched a commercial in eight years….

  20. I can’t believe they would show so many commercials..i mean let’s complain when they cut the budget for the show, then lets complain when they try to make money so they can pay for shows too…AMC are a bunch of jerks. LET US WATCH TV FOR FREE AND YOU NOT MAKE ANY MONEY IN ANY WAY!!!

  21. I get it. I *want* to like this show, too. I really do! But if you look at it for what it is, instead of what we all want and know it could be, then you see a show filled with lame characters. Honestly, do you really care if any of the characters live or die? If they replaced any of the characters with another actor, would you even notice? This is already starting to feel like one of those watered-down Star Trek or Stargate spin-off series with characters that you just don’t feel any attachment to. I’m not going to go down the path of bad actors/bad writing or whatever, but the bottom line is this: I don’t buy any of the characters, and they do dumb things like run off into the woods that are just cheap ways of creating tension. But, thank you “oooo” for pointing out the single biggest thing that drives me nuts. How many times am I expected to watch some crazed hippie with a grandpa complex fix a busted, 30-year old Winnebago, when you could literally jack ANY ride you wanted?! Breakdowns in a zombie apocalypse are just not an option as an ONGOING plot device!!!

    • I’m sure if they found another working motor home they would take it.”Any other vehicles” does not have a washroom, a cooking device, a generator, beds, and a shower built in that are all meant for not having any power. Makes more sense to just steal the gas from all the other vehicles unless they found something similar to what they have.

  22. The Walking Dead is back and in top form!

  23. Oh and can people please stop going on and on about the comic series, it’s getting rather silly tbh.

  24. I REALLY wish I could love this show, but they are really making it difficult. I love The Walking Dead franchise, but the season 2 premiere was painfully slow and focused on the wrong things, like way too much aimlessly wandering around. Why did they dissect the “walker?” Were they going to identify the pulped skin chunks in the walkers stomach? It’s not like they’re going to find a whole body part in there. Also, fans of the comic love the characters Carl and Andrea but the TV series is destroying them. Andrea is shockingly annoying and useless, while Carl is nothing more than a callow team mascot that stands there like a prop. The fans keep being assured that we’ll see Carl as a gun carrying,cowboy hat wearing death-dealer down the road. Pull the trigger TWD, do just one thing for your fans! Daryl has been a great character but whatever happened to Glen? He’s had like four lines since episode 4. He was a break out character while he was the focus. Finally, this show is not broke, it just lacks flow and heart.

  25. the premiere was friking awesome!!! holy crap didint even see that coming at the end carl getting shot
    next ep gonna be awesome glen got a love interest =)

  26. I thought the episode was fantastic. Young Girl was dumb as, but what scary / horror movie arn’t the actors stupid?.

    Think about it…If they were smart it wouldn’t be very entertaining now would it.

    • Not true. Read both “Day by Day Armageddon” novels. The main character in these books has some serious survival skills. It’s also possibly the most captivating zombie series ever (gives World War Z a good run for this honor).

  27. It’s so easy for people to say what characters should have done, when they are watching the show. But TWD is all about survival, morality, and decisions. In the world that these characters are placed in, they don’t have a lot of time for rational decision making, and well-thought out plans. Especially when walkers are involved, they have to act quickly and try their best to be as rational as possible under the given circumstances. I think that, although there were mistakes and things I wouldn’t have done, they did the best they could. When you’ve got a fairly large group (compared to most zombie stories where it’s a single person or no more than two or three), personalities are going to clash. So you have to just work with what you’re given, you know? And the silly mistakes and dumb decisions just go to prove even further how fragile this world is. One mistake, one poorly thought out plan, and you can screw everything up. Also, these characters are over the initial shock of a zombie apocalypse, and are starting to find their niche as best as they can. I hate when people say there were no satisfying characters except Daryl. Realistically, you will not have a huge group of people who can kill like Daryl because who would have done that before the zombies? It shows more aspects of the characters because not all of them have those hunter skills. If there were 7 Daryl’s running around, I think the show would be very, very boring, and no different than any other cheaply-made zombie/gore film that we are always presented with.

  28. The episode (and entire first season) was fantastic.

    It’s hard to believe that a little girl would do something not entirely logical while being chased by zombies? Really? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how I would react during a zombie attack. People who are really scared (especially children) don’t use alot of common sense. They normally just try to get away.

    Anyway, this episode was alot more exciting than some season 1 episodes. And the zombie make-up was incredible!

  29. Ok…I expected this show to garner SOME criticism. NO matter how great a show is (and this one is great, especially compared to all other current garbage on T.V.), it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

    Though some of the attacks on this show are ridiculously off base. I mean…someone complained about the special effects. Seriously!? How much more realistic can you get? That scene where Rick and Darryl were dissecting that zombie couldn’t of looked any more realistic!

    Then some of you wanted to criticize the acting. What!? Maybe a few of the characters had some minor flaws that could be nitpicked, but damn. Overall, the acting was superb.

    The only legitimate gripe I can actually see as valid is the commercial thing. The commercial thing sucked. There were way too many. But that has nothing to do with the show production. That’s the network trying to cash in on the show’s popularity. Still, if you really think it effects the flow of the show that much, record it and watch it all in one straight shot.

    Now, if you want to criticize shows, start with all the garbage that NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX put out. Generally speaking, they all have higher budgets for their shows, and well…you be the judge on who is more worthy of criticism.