‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Premiere Review

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Review The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Review

Fans are undoubtedly excited for the start of The Walking Dead season 2, but there also many questions handing over this season, in light of showrunner Frank Darabont being fired from the series.  Darabont was the driving force behind the show, and a major reason why season one of The Walking Dead was a hit. While it remains to be seen how the show will fare without Darabont influencing future episodes, fans of the acclaimed director can rest comfortably in the knowledge that he crafted the first part of season 2.

So, is The Walking Dead season 2 premiere episode, “What Lies Ahead” a satisfying return to the bleak world of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic book?

Short answer: This episode showed Darabont and the cast at their best.

When last we left the survivors of The Walking Dead, they had fled the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, after a discouraged scientist and a few dispirited survivors chose to end their lives, rather than face the zombie apocalypse. As season 2 opens, the survivors are still on the run and hoping to find salvation. But where does salvation reside in hell – and how does a world of savagery, brutality and death change a person? These are the hard questions that face Rick Grimes and his companions in season 2.

Review (Spoilers)

“What Lies Ahead” is easily the best episode of The Walking Dead since the pilot episode (which was also crafted by Darabont), and it demonstrated the incredible potential this show has. In one episode we got terror, suspense, mystery, gore, drama, shock, and even some elation. Best of all, every minute of the premiere qualified as genuinely compelling TV.

Darabont’s experience as a director elevates this show to a level most TV programs can’t hope to match. The “zombie herd” sequence on the highway – which was shot on a real Atlanta highway with 150 zombie extras over 4 days – is something that not only reaches the upper echelons of quality TV programming – it’s also in the upper echelons of quality movie moments. (I’m certain that I wasn’t the only one who felt like they were watching a movie during that highway scene.)

After such a fantastic beginning you would think there would be nowhere to go but down – but Darabont and the cast definitely retain a good amount of the energy they initially muster for the remainder of the episode. The search for the missing girl, Sophia, was not as cinematic as the highway sequence (and definitely adhered to a more episodic TV structure), but that’s OK, since it was still pretty good TV. That feeling of dread and despair was always present, and made you tense at the thought that Sophia could indeed meet an unhappy end – leaving her mother and the rest of survivors’ fragile morale shattered by the tragedy.

In the midst of that high tension, there were some great dramatic moments between the various characters, which sowed promising seeds for the arcs the survivors will be on this season. Some characters (Andrea, Shane) are more interesting than others (T-Dog, Dale), but the great thing about a show like this is that characters can (and will) die at any moment, so it’s easy to keep the cast trimmed and still give the audience a shock or two when someone bites it (no pun).

Virtually every scene in the premiere was relevant, and expanded both the characters and the themes of season 2, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Some of the more undercooked characters from season 1 had great moments to shine – Daryl (Norman Reedus) in that nauseating dissection scene, or Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) finally showing spunk by defending Rick’s honor – and on the whole the episode balanced the time spent with each character well, so that no one felt left out or irrelevant. A drastic improvement on one of the major issues with season 1.

Admittedly, the scene with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the church was a little bit over-dramatic (the whole church scene was, really), but it still laid out an interesting arc for Rick this season, as he struggles to keep it together and lead his people, even though this horrible existence eats away at his morale – and morality – the same as it does any other man. Now that Rick and the survivors are over their initial confusion and panic about the world they’re living in, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of person each of them becomes, as they’re forced to make hard choices (how long do you search for a missing child in zombie land?) and face hard realities (death, loss, etc…).

Last but not least – what an ending! Just when you thought there might be a glimmer of hope (Rick, Shane and Carl encountering that gorgeous buck and having a happy bonding moment) – hope turns into horror in the span of a gunshot. There are not many shows that will go so far as to depict a child getting shot – but hey, this is The Walking Dead we’re talking about. Expect the unexpected.

Whatever budget Frank Darabont was asking for – whatever creative decisions he was making – it’s clear from this episode that AMC should’ve catered to the man. Mad Men may be the critical darling (which gets it the biggest investment from the network) – but TV like this Walking Dead season 2 premiere has the potential to attract the masses, and ergo, the advertisers. Hopefully the ratings will tell that same tale.

You can catch The Walking Dead season 2 Sundays @ 9/8c on AMC

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  1. Fan of season one, so I tuned in just to find out what the scientist said….. And Rick said it didn’t matter????? Does anyone know what the scientist said? Does it say in the comic? Is the virus airborne? That’s just my biggest question. Still a fan, nothing better on anyway……. Still want to know what the scientist said!

    • The people at the CDC didn’t know where the plague came from or how to stop it. They did some work to figure out what it does to the human brain. And the CDC wasn’t even in the comics.

    • wife is probably pregant when scientist did blood tests

      • I think Jenner either told rick that his wife is pregnant or that since the cdc probably had cameras everywhere that he saw shane try to rape lori

    • Why don’t the zombies eat each other?…

      • they eat warm flesh..

  2. I *loved* the Gerber product placement. No idea if taking the firearms away from a bunch of the cast will really be a huge issue for the season, but I did like the tools they threw into the website package for the show (www.gerbergear.com/apocalypse).

    Excellent episode all around, and I have just watched all of Season 1 on Netflix and I immediately regret it because I love the show and now must wait for the episodes to air like the rest of the cable-bound proles.


    • Yeah I immediately could pick out the Bear Grylls machete they make. Go Gerber!

  3. i liked the premiere, earlier today i was thinking i was getting bored with zombies, tired of half assed attempted zombie movies more interested in gore than creating tension, and boy did that highway scene change my mind, i haven’t been that tense in ages, and that ending came out of no where, glad this show is back on the air. need good tv to make up for all the crap that’s out there

  4. Saw the season 2 opener. How did these zombies go from being mindless flesh eating things to ones that are now searching in campers and running through the woods chasing a little girl. So uncharacteristic and unbelievable even for a zombie platform.

    • A zombie chasing after a human is uncharacteristic? Is it supposed to just take a look at the girl and go “meh, ill just get the next one?”

      • Precisely correct scarlet Twitch. The MOST characteristic thing about zombies are that they will chase a human…remember the tantamount part of being a zombie is having an insatiable hunger for human flesh (though it looks like dog sufficed in a couple scenes to tide them over).

    • ‘so uncharacteristic and unbelievable’ dear oh dear…

  5. Godo way to start off the season, but I was really disappointed that they didn’t reveal what the doctor whispered to Rick at the end of S1. Fans waited for nearly a year to find that out. The most popular opinion is that Lori is pregnant, which is the most likely, albeit the most boring and unoriginal, development in the plot line. Others have speculated that he tells Rick that everyone has the infection, and being bitten by a zombie merely hastens your transformation into a zombie. I’ve even heard crazy opinions such as the Doctor tells Rick that he’s still in a coma and that he’s imagining all of this as a way to deal with death,and still others believe that he told Rick about another safe hiding spot. Who knows? Why couldn’t they just say it in the season premiere? Maybe the doctor simply whispered, “Hey Rick, I just farted” or something. Who knows? Will we ever find out?

    Shane looking to leave because he can’t stand the fact that Rick and Lori are back together, or Andrea looking to leave because she’s just ticked off that she didn’t die at the CDC. Oh well, at least we know form the previews that they the farm will definitely be a part of the storyline, although we don’t know how prominently it will play out.

    • I like the idea that he said “Hey Rick, I just farted.” Makes the dramatically delivered radio confessional to Morgan suddenly hilarious. “He told me something I couldn’t believe. He told me… It doesn’t matter.” Rick just can’t bring himself to say it haha.

  6. this is by far the best show on TV. actually better than most movies coming out today.

  7. At least three of our band of merry men are “gun guys.” How come not one of them has thought to raid any of Atlanta’s dozens of sprawling gun shops and stock up on AR-15s (or an other semiautomatic rifle) so they can slaughter “walkers” by the dozens instead of hiding from them underneath cars?

    • Because everyone that is capable of safely shooting and carrying a gun has one. I personally wouldn’t someone inexperienced to get trigger happy and possibly put everyone else in harm’s way.

    • Because everyone that is capable of safely shooting and carrying a gun has one. I personally wouldn’t someone inexperienced to get trigger happy and possibly put everyone else in harm’s way. Plus how much air time needs to be spent showing them raiding for supplies?

    • Yea, lot’s of stupid stuff like that. I for one was not real impressed with the start of season 2. Thought it was kind of boring and slow.

    • Because the sound of the shots attract the zombies int eh surrounding areas.

  8. I was disappointed with the season opener.

    I couldn’t believe that with a person on the lookout that they couldn’t see the zombies coming until they were upon them.

    2nd, I didn’t feel that the girl running off on her own into the woods was believable. I would believe that the initial reaction for a child in danger is to run towards a parent or towards trusted adults, not into the scary woods alone.

    Another scene that wasn’t plausible was when Rick left the girl alone to lure the zombies away. He easily killed the zombies with a rock but yet had to leave the girl alone in the woods because he didn’t have the ability to kill them with the rock earlier? Sure one could argue that he didnt want to take any chances but it didn’t look like it was very risky to at least be within line of sight of the girl when killing the zombies.

    The Church scenes were slow and I just skipped them with the DVR.

    • your obviously one of those people who spoils the film by shouting, “oh as if that would happen”
      every 5 mins….

    • I agree 100%. He could have told her to wait under the tree to until he killed the walkers and came back for her. The search and the church were drown out to the limit but the Beginning was intence and delightfully suspenceful. I was holding my breath. And to reinerate, why with even a lookout,did the walkers get so close unnoticed?

      • Drawn out.

  9. when us that 1st scene when he was walking looking for gas and found the little girl zombie (from first scene season one) supposed to have happened is that girl sophie?

    • no. It’s “ND zombie girl with housecoat”. The first scene was a flashback to some time BEFORE he found the horse that he would stupidly kill.(Yes, it was a good scene….it was just a bonehead play).

      I like the little girl who plays Sophia and hope she gets some more screen time.

  10. I loved it and thought it was pretty much a great piece of TV. The zombies in the pues at the church were great. I cant see why anyone would knock this. Oh Devin Feraci did- Dont get it. I loved it.

    • zombies sitting at pews was great? Why would a zombie ever sit down and relax in a church? It makes absolutely no sense and that is why people knock it. It was the dumbest scene in the episode

      • I don’t know. It seems like the zombies have “shut down” moments… perhaps from not feeding, like the one laying against the fence in the first episode before Rick killed it.

        • big difference between laying against a fence vs sitting in a church organized looking at a cross.

      • pick pick pick ….. watch dawn of the dead –
        Francine Parker: What are they doing? Why do they come here?
        Stephen: Some kind of instinct. Memory, of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.

        same thing?

        • The seats were facing forward. I buy it. The comic makes a distinction between ‘walkers’ and those who sit around. Those three zombies were seemingly trapped in the church,explored their options and sat down. Big deal. They weren’t praying. They were waiting for the next thing…which turned out to be the last thing.

          I’m all for being as realistic as possible in a fantastical situation. It’s how an audience can identify with the fantasy. But why get all pissy with how undead react? They are following general rules. The zombies aren’t doing ninja leaps or anything. The show is following, more or less, the rules that were set out by Romero in ’68. Zombies eat whatever they can get their hands on. Zombies are dumb. Zombies can shamble fairly quickly. Zombies can wait, unmoving. Zombies can sit down. Zombies can use basic bludgeons(and think enough to acquire one, when needed) Zombies have dim memories of consistent behaviour. (The first zombie in this show remembered that she liked teddy bears and picked one up.)Zombies search things for food. The RV zombie went into an open door, it didn’t open the door. My guess is that it was walking, had the door right in front of it and turned because that was the open way.

      • Know your zombie history. Not all zombies r mindless flesh eaters. Some carry memories of their past life and mimic past behaviors. Going to the mall, church and coming back for loved ones. Which is not a good thing. Yes it throw me off to but it is not far fetched.

      • I think the zombies sitting in the church pews was kind of a throw back to George Romero’s concept in Dawn of the Dead. In “Dawn,” the zombies come to the mall because it’s vaguely familiar to them and it was the place where they hung out when they were alive. In “Dawn,” it was a parody on consumerism, but in TWD, it could be suggesting that there might be some sort of humanity (even just a shred) left in the zombies, as they could still retain some vague memories of going to church when they were alive.

    • I just assumed zombies were creatures of base instinct and habit. Like in Dawn of the Dead how they all flock to the mall. Maybe its a comment on society saying people who sit in church waiting for a miracle are zombies?

  11. @Sam

    I found that some of the things in the show were unbelievable, but was a little surprised by the things you mentioned. I felt that those things were very believable.

    I mean, as far as them being unable to spot the zombies from a far distance, I felt that is exactly how it would be. I mean, they were moving in a pack, together at a brisk pace. Plus you had other vehicles and obstructions blocking the field of vision. Add these factors in with the fact that they are actually pretty quiet, and this scenario seems very plausible.

    It made complete sense that the girl ran to the woods in that situation. Yes, children tend to run to adult figures when scared, but the adults were all currently underneath vehicles. It made no sense for her to crawl back under a vehicle and hope to be shielded from the zombies. Its more than feasible to think she possessed the mental capacity to make the choice that ensured her the optimal chance at survival. She’s 12 not 6.

    Now as far as Rick leaving the girl alone to deal with the zombie, how is this not plausible? Think about it. Rick is already out numbered 2 to 1. Yes the zombies are slow, but all it takes is ONE bite and its game over. The last thing he needs is the possibility of girl becoming a distraction.

    What’s hard to believe to me is that the church bell system was still functional. That, and the fact that the church doors seemed to be tightly shut when they stumbled upon them. Yet, after they were opened, they find several zombies sitting there staring off into nothingness.

    • The girl running into the woods is believable.

      The girl being the first one to get out from under the cars in the first place is extremely unbelievable. She would have been scarred stiff.

    • I gotta agree on the automated bell, too. It looked like Atlanta was without power, why would a tiny church in the sticks still have power?

      • Solar battery

    • Ok, I tried to enjoy this show, I mean I really liked the first season (with very minor exceptions), so I’m waiting for season 2 all a-quiver with anticipation, then, shattering disappointment.

      ‘Sam’ is 100% right ‘Zanctuary’, it is IMPOSSIBLE to miss a crowd of shambling people walking up that highway while you sit on the roof of an RV. You seem to think moving in a pack makes people hard to spot… no,.. just no. You also seem to think people moving briskly makes them hard to spot, well, again, no, movement draws the eye. The vehicles cannot hide a walking person, a car is shorter than a walking adult, there were no other obstructions. And the height advantage is something that can’t be stressed enough. I mean, they even gave you a camera view from up there later in the show, the spotter has MILES of roadway to spot them. It’s just cheap ‘pop-up’ filmmaking, lazy at best, but basically weak and it crushed any sense of immersion into the fantasy world that was so well created in season one.

      But it didn’t stop there. ‘Sam’ only made one mistake ‘Zanctuary’ and that was to be too soft on this season’s opener. The fact that no-one wants to fire a gun is fine,.. but why the heck do they all cling to them like a crack-pipe when they could grab a baseball bat each, so much fail. It’s not like a freakin baseball bat is a rare item or anything, for cryin out loud, go grab a star picket or… a fricken stick. And then when they DO find a small cache of hand weapons, (as if the things are legendary artifacts right) it’s all like…. “OMG, A MACHETE, are you sure you want to risk carrying that dangerous item” /facepalm.

      But I digress, let’s get back to the plot. The guy on the roof seems to forget the second half of the spotter job,.. the warning your buddies part. Like, he can’t even warn the chick in the damn RV that HE’S STANDING ON. And if your plan as a spotter is to whisper your warnings, well, how bout you take a handful of freakin pepples up there with you and throw them at us to warn us… or something less retarded than doing nothing but a whisper when they’re right on top of us.

      And then “thanks” comrades who basically hide rather than pass the warning on, thanks a lot.

      So then everybody climbs under cars,… not IN the cars, noOOOooo, especially not that heavy duty lookin 4 x 4, no sir. But the black guy is best of all. He actually throws himself vein first onto the nearest piece of broken glass… like seriously… I could run through an abandoned deadly-murder-spike factory and come out with less injury than he got from standing next to a parked car.

      The little girl, the running off, I coulda forgiven that if it wasn’t surrounded by so much brain-explodingly stupid plot meltdowns.

      So Rick finds her and decides that he can’t outrun a walking man, or circle back to the roadway, or anything like that. He just wants to stash her under a tree and go for a run in the woods where he can have some alone time with the zombies. Right. Because you came into the woods to save the little girl, best way to do that is to leave her on her own in a forest… well, at least his yammering explanation to the mother was good for a laugh. The guy has obviously never heard of a piggy-back ride.

      Then they go off to track her down,… but the little A.D.D. inflicted morons forget about that after a while… oo look, a church. “Ok ok, now that we’re split up like this, let’s split up even more, I always thought that strength-in-numbers was an outdated concept”.

      Speaking of A.D.D…. these guys must have forgot that BITES are what’s deadly, bites,… I mean put a freakin leather jacket on fer cryin out loud. Something. ANYTHING. Stop running around in a T-shirt ya muppet. These guys have been in the “Zombie Apocalypse”tm for a coupla weeks now, you’d hope they might have found some motor-cross armor, or, or, a padded vest, a thick jumper?.. something… In season one there was a few guys that were all wrapped up in clothes/armor, what happened to that plan. “ah, who the heck will remember that” – the writers of season two.

  12. Why are people questioning the zombies in the church scene? If one paid attention to the first season, one would have noticed that “some” of them tend to repeat old behaviors. The wife from season one kept coming back to the same house, the little girl picked up her teddy bear..etc..

    The zombies in Romero’s later flicks also repeated what was familiar.

    SOOO, Three people probably went to church, died there and remained in place because there wasn’t anything to react to. The church bell… not on Atl’s power grid, so it is within reason for it to remain ringing (what isn’t reasonable is them not hearing it until they were right on it)

    I’m pretty sure all the people questioning the little girl’s motives for running into the woods have probably never experienced a situation where fight or flight kicks in or have kids (I can say that as a parent, my kids would not have gotten out the RV.. “sit down, don’t move”).
    It’s funny to read people saying what she should have done and what they would have done.
    That’s why it’s called PANIC! There is no reason to it. The only thing that combats panic is training.
    Only those of us who are the first responders and combat vets on here will know what that’s like (or anyone that’s been held up). Everyone else should just enjoy the show and stop acting like they actually know something.

    Nuff said.

    • Wow u r dead on. My husband, my son and myself went to a haunted house. At the very end realistic zombies came out and the three of us were so freaked that we ran n different directions. I didnt find my son until about 15 mins later hiding beside a building outside. All of my strong, very strong motherly instincts to protect disappeared and instantly pure fear caused me to run. There is no room for protect others in the cuspt of flight or fight. Maybe that is how animals get separated from there offspring as we yell at the TV saying, “Go protect your baby!”

      • Joyce,

        Panic kills more people in an emergency situation than the situation itself. Having said that, I’m laughing at you guys bailing out! I have this picture in my head of something in a cartoon. 3 puffs of separate dust trails! hahahah.
        Even as a Vet, I’m not going to say “What I would have done” in that situation because I don’t know. I’d like to say I would have gone toe to toe with them to let the wife and kids get away, BUTTTTT.. LOL. It’s a different kinda fear than combat. I’d assume it’s like swimming in the ocean and seeing a fin pop up next to you! PIPM (Poop In Pants Moment).

  13. Cents, as I recall, the doc said they are already 100% dead and there’s nothing relating zombies and humans which they were before;

    church scene and girl running off were both believable, but i wonder about the fact that zombies turned up behind them? They were going – idk 50mph on the highway and didn’t spot anything and then suddenly – 10min later 150 zombies turn up from behind!? Where did the bunch came from? The woods? highly unlikely :)
    And if they did come from the woods why wouldn’t they just cross the empty highway and continue onwards?

    • This thing about the zombies sitting in pews during the church scene hardly seems worth arguing, but..

      “the doc said they are already 100% dead and there’s nothing relating zombies and humans which they were before;”

      Though the word of a doctor with limited contact with the undead masses should not have much weight, for all intents and purposes that is correct — they are not human any longer in that they cannot be salvaged; shoot away. But, zombie lore both outside and IN-side this series has shown that zombies DO repeat some human-like behavior. Some of it is as obvious as walking — do they merely crawl? No, yet walking on two legs is a distinct human characteristic which requires a relatively substantial amount of brainpower. In most people it is not something that is even thought of — it is a latent brain function.

      Other latent brain functions include other such *habitual* actions — opening doors, grouping together, returning to the familiar, and basic problem solving. You could even say that the more a person repeated an act in living life, the more likely they are to repeat it when they are undead. So it is hardly a stretch that a zombie — once devoid of nearby food sources — would go to the church that they frequented throughout life, sit down, and take a nap; that’s what church is for, from what I understand. An active parishioner wouldn’t even need to think of it. They might even sit in their usual spot.

      I’m somewhat at a loss to see how things like the church bell and the action of these particular zombies are being considered plot holes when there are so many, much better complaints to make of the stupid characters — and not just Sophia; her running away makes some sense for a child and her decisions won’t be answered for until they find her anyways.

      • Really the DOC is just sayin that you should not have a emotional response 2 the undead. They R not your loved ones. They will kill U!!!!

    • That is a fair point about where the zombies came from in the opener. They came from behind them on the road, after all. They *could* very well have come from the woods in the surrounding area — as like you said, the group was passing open road before. The woods are not so very unlikely as there wasn’t much indication about what towns were beyond those woods. In that particular, real life area, those woods are not very deep.

      If I had to justify it for the show, I would assume they entered the road because of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) riding that ridiculous motorcycle (possibly in the same way the group was attacked after Glenn stupidly drove the car alarm back to the camp), and continued walking in that direction because they were already going that way to find the sound. It wasn’t super clear how much time had passed, but it could have been more than 10 minutes with the way the show is edited

      That is the type of stuff that bothers me about the show. There is no connecting of the dots with these characters.

      …Glenn drives a car alarm back to the camp, no one figures that zombies emerging from the woods is related
      …Daryl drives a noise-maker along the highway, 150 zombies come from nowhere to ruin their day
      …Dale doesn’t bother teaching Andrea how to assemble a gun, and no one bothers to train the group in their use, so they create more conflict by keeping things from each other
      …Andrea wants a gun, not one of those quiet and perfect melee weapons. I’m sure things will turn out well for her when she finally gets to shoot a few rounds
      …Rick Grimes makes a quick and failed plan running those zombies away from Sophia, and she disappears into the woods.. turns to “god” instead

      Maybe that’s the point of the show. These people are too stupid to do anything but pray, meanwhile they fall apart from a lack of concentrated application of skills. It must be a fearful world to be not much different from the braindead zombies they try to evade. “The Walking Dead” really *isn’t* just referring to the zombies, but the zealots who walk around with empty minds, filling their cups with the wrong drink.

      • wow, sounds like someone has a thing against those of us who believe. well in the interest of political correctness, and such, as democrats are so fond of, i would like that you keep your views on faith to yourself. opinions of the show, on the other hand, are quite welcome : ); and on that note, heres my two cents:
        1. at first i was a little skeptical of the zombies sitting in the pews, but after reading a few of the comments, i am reminded of the wife coming back to the home, and the girl with the teddy bear, so okay, i believe it. my assumption would be that, although it was shown in the CDC that when an infected person dies, and is reanimated, all brain functions completely cease, and then motorfunctions begin again, albeit slowly, as time goes on more of the brain is “reanimated” and so the cells containing memories may then be accessed. this is somewhat romero-ish, especially with his later movies where some zombies even begin to show emotion and attempt speach.
        what doesnt seem plausible without further explanation, though, is why the female church zombie would turn around in a “OMG, Carl!” kinda way. she shouldnt have emotions, or emotional attachments, right? i dont recall any other instances in the show where other zombies gave two licks about what happened to another zombie unless there was food involved. again this can be answered by the whole “creature of habit” thing, but food should have been prioty number 1 in her mind right? keep your eye on the prize.
        2. t-dog cut his arm pretty good, there was some definite blood squirting, which would generally indicate arterial bleeding…. ummm, tourniquette anybody? even with a few pressure dressings, there would still be significatly less blood reaching the lower part of his arm which would lead to quite some discomfort (anybody whos ever had their arm fall asleep should know about this), so why was he sitting so calmly later on, like he was just taking a break contemplating his life? (havent seen epi 2 yet so i dont know if they make more of a fuss over his wound).
        3. exactly how far was homie trying to go on that ape hanger harley. that tank looked like a 2.-something gallon tank, and harleys, stock get around 40 to 50 mpg, and that bike wasnt stock. he would be lucky to get 100 mi out of that tank. my girl gets about 150 draining her 3.8 gal tank dry on her vt600, and i get around the same in my sv1000 with a 4.5 tank (actual miles, not odometer), so if they hadnt run into that traffic jam, exactly how far was he planning on going with that bike?

        simple questions, i know, with simple answers im sure, but still, they are questions that are weighing heavily on my mind at the moment, and by tomorrow, i wont care 😀

        • @dandizzle:
          If you were inferring from my post that I’m a Democrat/Liberal/PC-Person?.. That’s odd, but I’ll play the ad hominem game just a bit to say that I’m not. Politics is an interesting thing to introduce, and less organically brought up here than religion; as I said in my follow-on post, I addressed religion because the first episode introduced it as a major theme.

          On the subject, episodes 2 and 3 showed that the writers -did- have a fair design with it — I found these two episodes to have been better than any episode before it. I still think they could have reduced the length of the church scene (Carol and Rick with long monologues) in episode 1, but Shane’s transformation/awakening has greater emphasis now against the more morally bound characters.

      • LOL, nice one Cherub

    • Choxxx,

      Thanks for the reply. I guess one can say the Doctor wasn’t hip to everything Zombie then. We can only go off what we’ve actually seen in the series.
      1. The little girl and the bear
      2. Wife
      a. trying to open the door
      b. looking through the peep hole
      c. Nightly returning to the house

      3. Zombies in the pews.

      The other thing is that the “herd” was coming down the highway (towards them) instead of being behind them.
      That doesn’t excuse Dale from not seeing them from his elevated position though. An RV is at the most 12 feet high and add Dale’s height to that and you get over 17 feet of viewing pleasure. His field of view without the scope would have been pretty sweet. He would have been able to see a group that size unaided at least 1000 meters.

  14. An ‘Instinct’ is not a human trait.

    Something that has been imbedded into an animal over years of evolution (good or bad) is not a human trait.

    So someone that goes to church, had their family go to church and everyone around them go to church may instinctivly go to church in times of need.

    Maybe it was the last place they were when they died and just decided not to leave. (well not decided but you know what I mean)

    To remove a function from an animal (yes we are animals) that has been there for thousands of years (walking upright, eating, comfort in others, etc) is impossible.

    What the good Doctor meant (IMO) when he said “they are already 100% dead and there’s nothing relating zombies and humans which they were before”

    Means they do not have the cognizance of a thinking/emotional animal capable of being rational.

    The church bell is on a solar charger with a timer.

  15. Establishing that zombies ‘smell’ humans in the first season (in the silliest manner possible) makes the fact of the characters hiding under vehicles instead of, say, just moving off the road, reek of incredibly bad writing. I couldn’t feel any kind of suspense because of how far this kicked me out of the shows reality.

    The Walking Dead is filled with inconsistencies, character actions and story elements that defy all intellectual reasoning (CDC rigged to blow up?!?) and it is based on the biologically improbable (I would actually guess impossible) scenario of ‘zombification’. Why attempt to rationally defend this stuff on scientific or psychological terms?

    Even ignoring its unlikely premise, the study of human behavior here is deeply flawed; a character riding a chopper through Zombie World has less to do with asinine character behavior than asinine writing in light of all the conversations and fights the group has already had concerning loud noises. This is just one simple point among many. Don’t get me started on the whole “we brought are children up here so that we could tell you how much you are scaring them by digging holes in the distance as we camp near the woods in a zombie apocalypse” nonsense (or the complete military absence for that matter).

    And if this silly, occasionally fun horror/fantasy/soap opera “really *isn’t* just referring to the zombies, but the zealots who walk around with empty minds, filling their cups with the wrong drink” than I would say that the shows producers are a bit conveniently brain dead themselves, as watching pulp television and preaching about how wrong or stupid religion is seems rather hypocritically zombie-like to me. I am pretty sure that corporate pollution, biological warfare, nuclear weapons, war propaganda and Teletubbies are not religiously inspired. People are slaves with or without a God. And The Walking Dead is rape of reason at best.


    • I’m glad you brought up the ‘smell’ issue because that is exactly why that opening scene had no tension for me either.

      Last season the zombies were able to smell living meat *in the rain* and *through the smell of zombie innards all over Rick and Glenn* (a stupid concept), yet in the season 2 opener somehow being under a car or under a body is enough. When the scene first happened I was expecting the group to be grabbed immediately and lose at least a couple people — I couldn’t believe the characters didn’t hide in trunks or cars with what they *should* have known (moving off the road could have gotten them spotted in the open) — but the scene fizzled when it was clear that the writers weren’t paying attention.

      The season 1 scene on the hill you mentioned also annoyed me, and I agree if you’re saying that it was a perfect example that this isn’t just bad actors and characters that are stupid by design — the writers are just *that* bad. I would love to see how poorly organized their meetings must be. But I brought up religion not because I care that much, but because it was such a big part of the episode for the writers.

      The ‘biggest’ theme the writers had going for them in the opener was unanswered appeals to a god and ironic twists to the characters’ faithful expectations (whether in their leader Rick, or with Rick and Carol in their prayers), but it is doubtful that the writers will make use of it in any meaningful way. My position now is that the writers *could* make use of these unanswered mistakes (such as Glenn in the car, Daryl on the chopper) if they suddenly started paying attention to what they’ve done, but it is much more likely that the same people who wrote it poorly in the first will just keep screwing up until the show gets cancelled. I was able to blame Frank Darabont for the bad first season, and he may not be off the hook; if it’s correct that he was fired as recently as July, the writing could easily continue like this through most or all of the season.

      • No I believe the zombie innards were washed away by the rain. So being arms length away allowed the zombies to smell them.

        Do you have a significant other? If you do ‘smell’ them…. you really cant. However if they are not there get close to their pillow or other frequented place. Quite an eye opener.

        So take a zombie that ‘senses’ another zombie next to it. It registers in sight and overall nothing different. It looks like a zombie, walks like a zombie….. must be a zombie.

        Rain comes and washes the zombie away. Now you get something that looks and walks like a zombie but now there is a smell in its place that is not zombie.

        Now the herd walks pass. They (the Herd) see no reason to detect or ‘smell’ humans.

        So I dont think its a smell out the humans type of thing. I think its a sight/smell association.

        • “No I believe the zombie innards were washed away by the rain. So being arms length away allowed the zombies to smell them.”

          ..Definitely did not miss the show’s presentation of the rain washing away the scent, but that in itself was unbelievable to me. If it rained and they dried off.. maybe they could be smelled.. but rain does not just wash off surface scents to reveal what’s underneath. Dogs cannot even smell humans in rain, but in the show, zombies could. Further still, the rain wouldn’t just wash off the -zombie- scent from Rick and Glenn, but the human scent as well, and the continued rain would disguise all scents regardless. One could also guess that dead body smell would still overpower the living smell enough that, again, the rain wouldn’t matter.

          But, ignoring the rain problem, to maybe say that the zombies were already suspicious of them and that their continued behavior and agitation in the rain brought them further scrutiny might make sense. And to go from what you said, it could also make sense that the zombies just weren’t as “active” mentally in the Season 2 opener as they were when Glenn was whispering and Rick was telling Glenn to shut up. That active suspicion *does* make sense in the outcomes of the two different scenes…

          I had also considered that their scents may just be really bad and obvious in the rain (“Guts”) episode, and that they all were pretty clean after their visit to the CDC wherein they all showered. At Season 1 close, after they leave the CDC, they pretty much just get in vehicles. It may not have even been a full day without a shower by the time of the road walkers…

          So, short version:
          == “Guts” Episode
          – Rick and Glenn hadn’t showered in a while, Glenn especially
          – They were both talking
          – Zombies were suspicious already
          – Wouldn’t take much to flip the zombie attack switch
          == Season 2 Premiere
          – All characters had recently showered
          – The zombies were not alarmed
          .. general cover would, then, be enough

          I think I’m letting this one go :p
          Ignoring the rain issue, the other variables make sense. Plus, these last two episodes (2 and 3) have been really good; the show is improving.

  16. It was a fine season opener. The characterization is getting better, now that it doesn’t have to be cramed into six episodes and exclude or amplify personalities. I remained interested from beginning to end.

    As always, with our hindsight or lack of life in peril, we can see the mistakes the characters made, or the mistakes the show crew made, but for people in trouble, I can forgive them a bit on running into the woods, not running towards the people you know, living people in supposed safety when trying to draw danger away.

    I sometimes wonder if in similar circumstances could I remain silent and calm long enough to make the right decision at the time. Could I exercise gun and body control? Would I even enter the danger zone . . . even if I needed the gas, or straight path?

    Usually the next episode sets the record straight. . .

  17. The Season 2 premiere was some of the best TV has to offer… period! This goes so far past just horror or zombie lovers, this is terrific TV.

    I’m not a zombie nitpicker, I’m just happy to let this show take me for a fabulous ride.

  18. Sooo, where’s the talk about episode II??

  19. Did anyone get the Breaking Bad easter egg in episode 2? Merle seemed to have a nice stash of blue meth. It is in the bag that his brother digs the pills out of.

    • I noticed that last week, but it wasn’t clear how intentional it was as an “Easter Egg”. Blue meth pre-dates Breaking Bad, so they’d have to put it in a “Los Pollos Hermanos” bag or something… fun prop though :)

  20. it sucks ass that they won’t show the full episode on AMC’s website!!!

  21. Everyone is talking about some plot why this why that, but no one seems to notice that S2 is very very very boring compared to the first one, no action at all turning into a real soap opera, I mean REALLY? 3 episodes just bla bla bla bla and nothing happens, even the 30 sec of action they had to cut it off. Very bad start dont feel like watching this season 2 BORING !

    • Well if it turns out that Hershel is intentionally keeping zombies alive on the farm it could be interesting

  22. Is it just me, or has the season 2 story line moved at a snail’s pace so far? All we know so far is that Sophia wandered off somewhere, Shane says “Better Otis than me,” Lori says “Oops, maybe using protection wasn’t such a bad idea,” Andrea still has this “life sucks and then we die, so why not expedite things” attitude, Glenn finally hooks up with the farmer’s daughter, and Rick still is holding on to some sort of hope for who knows what reason (I guess he somehow hasn’t noticed that mankind is gone and that zombies are roaming the earth), and well, that’s pretty much it. Hershel will finally reveal all the zombies hidden in the barn, and Merle is coming back soon (probably has something to do with Sophia’s disappearance).

    Anyway, Lori being pregnant is just boring and will just slow the plot even further, so I’m not watching anymore.

  23. Season 2 really sucks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cancelled ebfore the season is over. BAD acting, really bad scripts (does anyone really care if the Asian guy gets laid?), way too talky. It isn’t fun to watch anymore.

  24. Season 2 sucks bigtime, the show has turned into an insanely boring drama soap show, very predictable, and very much “seen it before” which is to bad, because season 1 really kicked a..

    Maybe it’s some kind of attempt to get the wife’s in on the show, wich is lame, since zombie tv and movies mainly is a “guy” thing..

    Not to say that women can’t enjoy it, far from it!!

    But there’s not much chance that a fan of say “sex and the city” is ever gonna try out a zombie tv series..

  25. Sorry Folk’s I rushed and didn’t edit my post for language and spelling. Lol I still missed a few sitters.

    As a fan of the comic before the show it’s interesting to get the opinions of those who have never read the comic and those that have. Generally speaking folks, most of the comic book fans are middle to negative while most of the TV folks seem to be middle too positive about the 2nd series. I accept there were always going to be changes. It sucks but hey that’s life. It’s how the changes are done which are the issue.

    One of the most bizarre criticisms of the show I have heard is about character development. Some people have said there has been a lack of it. The first series gave us a pretty good insight into the characters. Six episodes should do that even with a larger cast. One of the problems I have had with Kirkmans writing of ‘The Walking Dead’ is that from time to time he had till very recently got bogged down with the sentiment. Or should I say conveyed in too many words and panels, what could be done by a picture a look or a few sentences.

    The reason being is that TWD comic was itself a storyboard. What’s funny nowadays is that comics now drive a Hollywood machine fresh out of ideas. Kirkman realised this and wrote accordingly. When you’re writing for mass appeal like Kirkman, you’re always going to have one or two pratfalls. Here’s the biggest one I have seen. The show has indeed hooked into the occasional flurry of Kirkman’s melodrama. Yet they have gone way too overboard.

    Now, trust me folks. I really don’t like the idea of it just simply being about killing Zombies. Sure there’s more to it than that. But, look when I see blogs with guys saying they ‘sit there and watch it with their girlfriends’…well you know you have to get kind of worried. Boardwalk Empire for example is a drama. It too has a violent premise and undertone, yet it does not indulge in what seems an endless array of melodramatic, Dawson’s Creek like monologues and anguished Emo expressions. It’s sharp, it’s snappy it is balanced. The only speeches or sermons are when the main character makes a speech to an audience.
    Sure it would be depressing and people would be sad, but take a look at the great job Romero and Snyder did in Dawn of the Dead. They conveyed emotions and had conversations but they still poked fun at society. The satire in TWD is missing, it’s a show that takes itself too seriously and as a result is rather bloated and pretentious.

    Less is definitely more, in particularly television. Thus I don’t think this reviewer really knows the Zombie, genre nor the comic well enough to see how much better this show could have been. Rick Grimes was nowhere near as Emo in the comic either. You can show a troubled central character, but he doesn’t need to look like he’s going to erupt into tears every five minutes. In all reality at the rate it’s going it’s going to be lucky to last four seasons I wager and I doubt it will run as long as the comic book. All it will take is a competing ‘zombie apocalypse’ show that eliminates the schmaltz and bingo. TWD series really will be done and dusted.

  26. Wow, thanks for the Dish Network plug, Robert. Why don’t you do us a favor and go meet the police in Operation Latte Thunder.

  27. hahaha, get out of here with plugs