‘Walking Dead’ Season 2.5 Preview & Interview With Robert Kirkman

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Robert Kirkman Talks Walking Dead season 2.5

THR caught up with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to talk about what we can expect to see during the final six episodes of season 2. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more pressing questions that fans likely have after viewing the midseason finale:

Will The Group Remain on Hershel’s farm? 

Kirkman: That’s going to be a big part of the second half of the season. Shane was very charged up at the end of this episode and Hershel is definitely going to be seen as being kind of in the wrong here. They’re going to have to figure out what he knew about Sophia and exactly how involved in that process he was. These two groups are going to be very much at odds when we move into our second half of the season. Our opening to our second half of the season is going to be pretty explosive.

How Will Rick’s Son Carl React to Sophia’s Death? 

Kirkman: One of the major story lines in the comics is Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) dissention into a darker role; he’s forced into adulthood to make terrible decisions. His character evolving over the course of the comic book series is really going to be accelerated by the absence of Sophia. That will remain largely in tact and be sped up. There’s going to be more darkness creeping in to the series in the second half of the season. Now that the Sophia question has been answered, they’re not going to have that hanging over their heads and that’s not going to be bogging them down making them have to devote time to that.

How Will Rick’s Role as Leader be Affected by Sophia’s Death? 

Kirkman: The entire season arc is, is Rick a good leader? Is this something he wants to do? Is this something he’s qualified to for?This is a role that’s been thrust upon him; he didn’t seek it out. Everybody looks to him for answers and they are very clear examples of him not having the answers and making a mistake. The situation with Sophia and the fact that she did turn up dead, that is going to weigh on him. It’s something he’s willing to feel responsible for.

Now that the Shane/Lori Affair is Out in the Open, How will Rick and Shane Deal with the Question of Whose Baby Lori is Having? 

Kirkman: It is going to eat away at them to a certain extent. This is an example of these people having to learn to let go of society and let go of the things that they were taking for granted before the end of the world. At a certain point you have to throw up your hands and say this is the world that we live in, this is a question that may never be answered. It’ll be a bee in their bonnets for a bit.

And of course, no Walking Dead interview would be complete without a question about when we’ll be seeing some of the fan-favorite characters from the comics:

When WILL  We be Seeing The Governor and/or Michonne? 

Kirkman: I can say only that we will see them eventually. We will see some new characters popping up as early as the [2012] premiere episode.

For more about the relationships between the characters, the fallout of the mid-season finale, and lingering mysteries (like what Jenner told Rick at the CDC), be sure to head over to THR for the full interview with Kirkman.

The Walking Dead will return for the second half of season 2 on Feb 12, 2012 @ 9pm on AMC.

Sources: AMC & THR

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  1. Last nights episode was fantastic, it still does not make up for the slow paced over dramatic and soap opera road this show as walked down with a big let down of the hyped premiere. Sorry to some that like this show, but The Walking Dead still has to resolve it’s self to a lot of people and prove that the rest of these episodes are not going to do the same as this first split. Slowly in a snail like pace, build up to one good episode to leave people hanging and wanting more only to end it and wait till February then do the same thing again, for the third season. The tone for last night is the tone that should of been in each of these episodes so far and it was not.

    No I don’t play video games, yes I like dramas in particular, I may not be the smartest person in the world but am not some one who lacks intelligence and no, I don’t have a low attention span because I don’t like this season as much, and I don’t nit pick the things I see wrong with this season it just comes to me as I am sitting there watching it. Another words it is just my natural reaction when I watch it, being that I watch a lot of shows and this season has not been that good. I only hope they break out of this slow dead build up in February or this show has lost a viewer.

    Pretty Much Dead Already pulled no punches last night and was not scared to go to that world that is the premise of this show. Every thing about last night was perfect it took them six episodes before that to give viewers a good show. That makes me skeptical of the following episodes in February.

    Shane was worried about the safety of the group because of the walkers in the barn , while they just found out about the walkers in the barn, we had walkers in the woods not many but enough to cause any kind of worries. Before last night, one would of thought these people were on Little House on Hershels Farm, the lack of the sense of fear and dread hopefully will stop and the show will move on to what it was intended to do, scare and suspense it’s viewers. Character build up is essential sure, but going this slow and contradicting the world these people live in as well as how they live in it with soap opera garbage with the speed of a snail is not good . Last night was good but will the future episodes this season live up to last night? So far all of the episodes before hand did not live up to the first season which did it’s job as far as scaring viewers into checking their windows at night and caring for the characters. Really did not care if Sophia was a zombie or not by the time they found her scene was good but not enough to “move” me . Well Sophias story line was leaked on line and was mislead by a thread not knowing I would see her as a zombie. The spoilers for this show also need to come to a hault like when Merle was in Chupacabra maybe I would of enjoyed that much better if I did not know Merle was in it before hand. Maybe the spoilers on line are ruining this show for some of us and taking away our surprise that could have a lot to do with it. AMC you need to think about that one.

    Lets see how they do in February before we fall for the hype of this Pretty Much Dead Already episode because we fell for the hype of the season premiere and that was not too good to a lot of viewers. Can you do it AMC? If so, you have my TV time for the third season if not, will have to drop this show and remember the first season that I enjoyed so much.

    • If spoilers online are ruining the show then stop reading spoilers. I’m on the internet a lot, and I manage to avoid spoilers for shows I care about. It’s not on A&E to make sure you’re not reading spoilers and ruining the show for yourself.

    • @justaguy

      By my count, the first episode of season 2 set up two problems – 1. Sophia missing, 2. Carl being shot. Episodes 2, 3, dealt with Carl being shot and the immediate race to save his life, which included Zombie mayhem aplenty. Episodes 4 & 5 dealt with the group coming to Hershel’s farm and trying to get settled there in a life that wasn’t minute to minute survival, while dealing with Sophia missing. Episode 6 started to lay the foundation for the buildup/breakdown that resulted in the “Perfect” episode you claim episode 7 was.

      Not sure where there was room to push things forward even faster without ruining the meaning and relevance of big dramatic payoffs. Definitely confused when people offer the contradictory notion that there should be more Zombie AND the characters should act “more logically” – in a logical version of this world, wouldn’t they stay as far away from zombies as possible?

      As Moose said – you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading the Internet.

      • See, this is why its nice having professionals that have the same opinions, I could not have put it better Kofi

    • i hope that this following season three will be satifying and not so much cliffhangers every episode. as long as its relevant and keeps with the plan it could be great and please enough with the farfetched situations..and also if there is so many zombies then there should be alot laying dead and crawling as well.

  2. All I can say is…….PLEASE leave the freakin’ farm already and MOVE ON! I’m worried they are gonna spend the last part of the season just getting back on the road again.

    • Its cheaper than building or renting a prison.

    • You don’t seem to realize that everything beyond the farm is the Great Unknown to them. Where are they really going? And why? Are they going to be late to some party we don’t know about? Having read the comics, I can say I’m anxious for them to get to the next stop myself, but it makes complete sense to me that they would hang on to the farm at all costs. If they can find a relative safe haven, why wouldn’t they avail themselves? Staying at the farm is the sanest decision they could make (until they found out about walkers in the barn).

  3. I love the show keep up the great work

  4. cant wait till they get to the governer thats gonna be intense!!

  5. 2nd season very slow for me and very disappointing “too much soap opera like drama and the FARM” . WHY WHY WHY spend almost all season long there ? I guess it was cheaper to film it beeing there all this time than on road/city

    • Why why why do they have to (or would they want to) leave the farm? Just because it’s “boring”? Seeing as the road was filled with walkers as was the city, it seems like the logical place for the characters to stay

      • Ok…So to most of us it might seem logical…But to a horror story it is death. I mean if they hang and just have relationship problems with the ocassional zombie coming through it would be pretty damn boring really fast…….I don’t know any more about what’s going to happen then probably onyone here, but I’m guessing that before they do leave the farm will suddenly stop being a safe haven and get over ran with walkers. Then the old vet will most likely get killed by the walkers, but the hot daughter will continue on with the group…and perhaps the other three too…

  6. I have to agree with a lot that has been said here. The first season had different writers and director and a whole lot of different vision. For the most part it was very eerie, fast paced. and down right gross at times. The first season you really felt on pins and needles as they had to deal with getting away from masive amounts of zombies. This season it’s slowed way down and has become more of a soap with a few zombies thrown in now and again just to remind us they’re still out there. If they don’t ramp it back up the second half I think they’ll find the number start heading south.

    Is it just me or is Shphia the first infected human who actually looked better or maybe more normal as a zombie than before she was one? I guess that once you stop having things to whine about and are just interested in “Braaaains” it makes you look more confident…

    • WRONG, the first half of this season is the EXACT same group of people working on the series from the First Season.

      The upcoming episodes are when the creator/director/driving force (Frank Darabount) parted ways with the series and AMC.

      • I knew he stayed with it, but I thought he got rid of the writers right away. All that business was a bit confusing about who did what when…If this was his vision, then I’m confused because it did seem to take a turn

  7. Story line was too slow.
    Are we going to be bored about the secret pregnancy, keep going over and over it. Who cares? And what next? One of the group has constapation?
    If some viewers want the group to stay on the farm, what kind of series will that be? And how long before they run out of food and water.
    I’d rather see the series be more on the group on the road, traveling from town to town, getting supplies from stores and shooting zombies.

  8. So far season 2 has been slow and disappointing. I cant believe the writers dedicated 6 episodes finding Sophia. The start of season 2 had minimal action. It was like watching a daytime soap opera. I hope Season 2.5 gets better otherwise The Walking Dead will lose fans and get canceled.

  9. Video doesn’t work in my location (Europe)


    • So we’re supposed to be looking for a deep meaning in a movie that started out as a fright fest zombie apocalypse? Granted you can’t have a movie without some emotional back stories, but the initial catch was watching how they survived in a world gone horrible…..And if it doesn’t get back to that to some point…Then yes…Many of us will stop watching it, but so will you when it gets axed for low numbers…

      • The initial catch was a left-behind story. The zombies are landscape to the deeper character drama. Why do you think this show is so critically acclaimed? Because walkers get brained? Nope.

  11. any chance of posting a region free trailer screenrant? :)

  12. This season blows away the first. I’ve seen Zombie mayhem done 100 times over and appreciate how this show is actually looking at a “Zombiefest” in a different light. If you didn’t feel the slow burn tension this season then you are indeed missing the point and should probably go enjoy your favorite Steven Seagal movie.

    • @TheFacelessMan,

    • I recently went through the books “Day by Day Armageddon” and the continuation in “Beyond Exile.” Whien I got through I thought these would make a great series on cable. The books deal with survivors at the end of the world like “Walking Dead” does, but with less personal baggage for most other the person keeping the journal. In thaos stories they deal with the over all hoplesness of the situation and eventually learning to move ahead with gathering survivors into a community. Those books carefully wind dispair and hope throughout. Where what was once a seemingly hopless situation at least appears to have some hope of existence.

      Like those books the beginning of this series had a lot more intense situation of having to try to save each other and others. Those acts naturally bring the survivors into a tight knit group. Now they’re with people who somehow have been spared from getting over ran by walkers so they really don’t get it that these survivors are just the hadfull of survivors left in the world. Interesting dynamic to work through, but perhaps a bit longer than it needed to…..Who knows? Maybe next season we’ll see some of the walkers actually start to reverse back into living beings….Sort of like a bad affliction. Not all of them, but some. You want a real huge guilt train coming down the tracks…Try that one. If they had to wonder about the walkers they killed (Especially Sophia) possibly reversing back just think how that would play. In fact that would be one hell of a twist that I doubt anyone has ever tried in zombie stories….And before anyone shouts that they couldn’t come back to life….Ahem….They are dead and walking….They can’t do that either…

  13. Walking Dead Sophia search rounded up in 2 minutez.


  14. With the midseason finale behind us I’m hoping for a faster pace. It would be nice to get them back on the road and into in a more urban, gritty, large city setting which I think works better into the overall scheme of the show.

    Also like to see several unanswered major questions still left over from season 1 need to be addressed:
    • What is up with the helicopter Rick saw flying over Atlanta in the pilot episode?
    • What is the status of Merle?
    • Did Merle take the truck Rick and co. where using when they went back to Atlanta and load it up with Walkers and sick them on the quarry camp?
    • Is Merle watching the survivors from afar or is he doing something else more nefarious?
    • What the heck did Jenner whisper to Rick (I’m going to assume it wasn’t that Lori is pregnant).
    Some secondary questions from season 1 that will probably never be answered, but for fun I’d like to see addressed:
    • What is the status of Morgan and Duane? Did they get Rick’s transmissions and trying to meet up?
    • Did Jim turn into a walker?
    • What is the status of the Morales family after they left the main group before heading to the CDC?
    I’m going to assume the answer to these lesser questions are that they are all Walkers or eaten.

    Also more flashbacks to the start of the Zombie Apocalypse are needed. One of the best sequences of season one was the flashback to the hospital when Shane was trying to save Rick.

    • I like your questions. They need to be addressed

      Also like to see several unanswered major questions still left over from season 1 need to be addressed:
      • What is up with the helicopter Rick saw flying over Atlanta in the pilot episode?
      • What is the status of Merle?
      • Did Merle take the truck Rick and co. where using when they went back to Atlanta and load it up with Walkers and sick them on the quarry camp?
      • Is Merle watching the survivors from afar or is he doing something else more nefarious?
      • What the heck did Jenner whisper to Rick (I’m going to assume it wasn’t that Lori is pregnant).
      Some secondary questions from season 1 that will probably never be answered, but for fun I’d like to see addressed:
      • What is the status of Morgan and Duane? Did they get Rick’s transmissions and trying to meet up?
      • Did Jim turn into a walker?
      • What is the status of the Morales family after they left the main group before heading to the CDC?
      I’m going to assume the answer to these lesser questions are that they are all Walkers or eaten.

      • The helicopter was in the comics, but much later. We will just have to wait and see. Morgan and Duane are also in the comics, and I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t read them. Jenner had to say Lori was preggy with Shane’s kid. The other stuff, well we will just have to wait and see.

  15. I like your questions. They need to be addressed

  16. Could someone who’s into the whole zombie theory explain something to me? Ok….At one point in the last couple shows it was mentioned that it’s been nearly a year since this break out happened and all the dead started feeding on others and created new zombies. When we actually see zombies they are rotting away. Pieces of them have fallen off (I’m talking all zombie movies here) So even if we accept the idea that somehow dead beings have some energy source that keeps them in a life like state……Why don’t they just keep rotting until they’re just bones without muscle and unable to move? It seems that survivors could find safe hiding places and eventually there’s just be bones everywhere…..Any theories why that doesn’t seem to happen?

    • I think we have to assume a lot of things to take shows like this seriously. Zombies never rotting away is one of them.

  17. This second season of The Walking Dead has caught some flack from certain viewers (who yet and still keep viewing, oddly enough) for being too slow of a burn with little plot-point progression or sufficient zombie mayhem. However, as we’ve stated (ad nauseam) here at Screen Rant: The Walking Dead (comic and show) is a character drama,

    I’m a big fan of character development. However it can be overdone. I don’t think character development was overdone in season 2. I think the pace was just too slow.

    I think all of the character drama goals of the first half of season 2 could have been accomplished, without sacrifice, in 3 – 4 episodes.

  18. Considering the fact that this show has become a laughable and tedious combination of Days of Our Lives and Night of the Living Dead, I heard that Jerry Springer will guest star in season 2.5. He’ll have Lori, Rick and Shane on the show arguing with each other and a doctor will call the show with the results of the paternity tests.

    By the way, I’ve heard the term “character development” bantied about in discussions about season 2.0. That’s laughable. We don’t know anything more about the characters at the end of season 2.0 then we did at the end of season one. Seriously, I’d challenge anyone to come up with something about one of the main characters (barring the new characters such as Herschel and Maggie) that we found out so far this season that we didn’t know at the end of season one.

    All we know about Hershel’s farm is that Herschel is a religious nut who probably voted for George W. in 2000 and 2004, and Maggie wants a f%&# buddy. That’s about it. I’ll start watching the show when the writers come up with something that actually entertains the show’s viewers.

    • Your comment doesn’t even deserve a response. Hopefully no one provides you with one.

  19. ok who here really think they can be surprised by this show anymore? How many actually were surprised at Sophia being a zombie or how she was killed in the end? They say there are only about 35 to 40 plot lines available for any story. Even though it defies logic they have to move off the farm for any of those aforementioned plot lines to start up, sitting still waiting for the end will be the show’s downfall for sure.

  20. two things shopia how becomed a walking dead she get bitten or what ,shane that he is dumb and stupid. that he have alots of hates in side of him. he turned himself into a walking dead that rick put a knife into side of or front of his tummy,and fall down.after that he turning in to walking dead,back flash of all zombies. that he got up and walking forward to rick. that rick’s son, carl shoot shane that was fun. a kid took a gun and shoot shane, that to bad dale dies . randall that he was not bitten too. that keep going from part 2 to 3, I want to know what going to happen to them.or lives or death.