Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Talk ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3

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Maggie and Glenn Walking Dead Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Talk Walking Dead Season 3

[Warning! This Post Contains Walking Dead Season 2 SPOILERS!]

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan – who play lovestruck couple Glenn and Maggie in AMC’s The Walking Dead - were in Chicago this past weekend for the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

During a panel about the show, Yeun and Cohan answered questions about the reality of romance during a zombie armageddon, how they felt at the end of shooting, and what Season 3 will be like for the survivors, now that Rick has taken a somewhat darker character turn.

Yeun and Cohan were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd at the event, prompting both to talk about how the show’s success has changed their lives; when they walk down the street now, they’re recognized as Glenn and Maggie. For Yeun, it even meant meeting a fan in Korea who waited for an entire day at a coffee shop near his hotel because he had gone there once earlier. Said Yeun: “I felt bad that she’d waited for me, so I bought her a hot chocolate.”

Another reason Yeun and Cohan received such a warm welcome was because they play two of the most popular characters on the show. In a series with lots of annoying characters that you’d almost rather see get eaten, Glenn and Maggie offer a bit of hope in a world that could desperately use it.

Yeun and Cohan spoke about their characters’ relationship and what it means for the show:

Cohan: I love the fact that there’s this incredibly human story, that’s incredibly simple in this horrible world that we’re living in.

Yeun: It’s realistic, you know. I think people were upset, like “Glenn, what’s wrong with you? Why are you not going after this beautiful girl? She wants you.” It’s interesting to see someone balk at that when it’s clearly obvious, because, in that situation, there’s a lot of internal struggle that the zombie apocalypse gives to a person.

Steven Yuen as Glenn The Walking Dead Beside the Dying Fire Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Talk Walking Dead Season 3

Yeun and Cohan also talked about the Walking Dead comic books and why they stopped reading them after a while:

Cohan: I’ve read to about halfway through the prison, but I don’t want to go beyond that. I think Maggie’s character has changed. It’s too confusing. It’s nice to just invest in the script medium.

Yeun: I think the show has kind of turned into its own thing. Definitely paying homage to the original material – but why wouldn’t people want two forms of entertainment? You don’t want people to see the exact [same thing], so I think to read ahead would be kind of a disservice to the show.

Cohan: It’s funny because Robert [Kirkman] was saying last night, as well, that he gets bored himself because he’s already done the stories with the comic, so he’s actually eager to create new fantastic deaths.

And speaking of the prison, the actors both couldn’t share any details of what the new location would entail because they haven’t “broken story” on the first half of Season 3. However, Yeun and Cohan did touch on how Rick’s transition into a more assertive and aggressive leader in the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale may impact the group moving forward.

Yeun: You see people really at a crossroads between what’s right and what’s wrong. You even saw Rick falter a little bit. Shane’s gone now, so there’s no other side of the coin. Now it’s up to people to make their own choices, and now it’s a “Ricktatorship.”

Cohan: I think [Rick killing Shane] had to happen. I think Shane wanted him to do it. I think he was egging him on to do it. They couldn’t both wear the crown so to speak.

Yeun: It’s someone not being predictable. With Rick, I think you could always kind of see what he was going to do and the choices he was going to make, but now you don’t know because he went a little bit, slightly bonkers.

Cohan: Ever since the bar scene, when he killed those two guys, I think it’s very interesting to see the divide in his character.

Yeun: It’s like he’s grown a third ball. He’s got an extra ball to facilitate what’s going on.

the walking dead season 3 rick Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Talk Walking Dead Season 3

Coming off an extremely successful season 2, The Walking Dead seems primed for an even bigger season 3. We’ve already had an appearance by fan-favorite Michonne, and with Rick turning into a darker character, and the prison looming as a future destination, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.

What do you think about Yeun and Cohan’s comments on Rick and his character change at the end of Season 2? And what scenes from the comics would you like The Walking Dead creative team to bring to life when the show comes back?

The Walking Dead will return tot he airwaves in Fall 2012.


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  1. I can’t wait for season 3 and to see how Rick handles the Governor.

  2. man season 3 is gonna be so awesome rick is so bad ass

    • true that rick is going to be a total BA Season 3 can’t wait.

    • I read the comic and agree with you 100% in regards to Lori. That was one character I could not wait to see die and waiting on baited breath for her to die on the show.

      • id lk to see her have a miscarrage cuz since they are all infected the baby would eat her out from the inside

  3. I totally agree about the Lori comments. I just hope she bites it without the baby on the show. I want to see the baby take Sophia’s place and grow up in all this madness. I think that this season we will see it break away from the comics more than it has so far. The prison is a very dark time and there is no way all of that gets on TV.

  4. Love the show I am so glad I did not touch the comics first before the show because apparently they do deviate in ways from it in major ways. I am hooked and stoked to see what happens next

  5. I love the show and support anything zombie, even 5 years ago this wouldnt be possible on tv. Its a great concept but i think without more realistic storytelling this show is going to have serious problems after next season. There seems to be no technical advisors for the show and it really is insulting the intelligence of anyone over the age of 12. Bullets and gasoline dont grow on trees. Lawns dont mow themselves in zombie infested neighborhoods. Michonne is a wonderful concept for a comic but isnt real worldm supprised some Jon Woo fight scenes havent came about so far. I hope they can sort out the drama of the living with the story of battling the dead while not making it something that you would see on Saturday night syfy channel. Another problem seems to be that there are waaay to many directers and writers trying to impose their view while they have a chance instead of trying to keep things simple to the story. Losing Darabont’s vision and his ability to tell a story will take its toll because Mazzara doesnt understand the concept of how this story needs to progress.

      • There isn’t that much attention to detail in any series now a days. Same concept would apply to a series like Game of Thrones where there were no lawn mowers but yet it shows the grass being short, bushes being nicely trimmed and all. Simple fact is directors don’t really focus on all those details but place more focus on the telling of the story.

        • Also with regards to Michonne, think of it this way, she has found a way to effectively kill zombies with a lighter equipment, doesn’t run out of ammo, and most importantly it doesn’t make noise. I think it would be realistic enough to think that someone is smart enough to figure this out if the world came to zombie infested environment. The best scenerio would be a sword or a machete with a gun but that’s just me, LOL

          • JaredDAC its not Michonne’s use of a sword that bothers me although unless she was highly involved with sword training before the outbreak her skill would be lacking. Swords arent as easy to use as people make them out to be. Michonne walking around with 2 walkers on chains is beyond laughable. The dead have no other purpose other than eating the living and it wouldnt matter if their jaws and limbs were removed they would still be all over you. Just like Sophia & the girls mother that was locked in the barn, walkers dont care if your family or they once loved you. Your food no matter what. Id like to see more flashbacks about the initial days of the panic when Rick was not around and i think going inside the CDC with a sane Jenner and some government officials would be a cool insight. Even though Bernthal isnt on payroll theres plenty of other charactor perspectives that the panic could be told from.

  6. i have nothing negative to say about this series… in real life, survivors would be “soap operaish” drama arguing n all… personally, I like learning about each character… i haven’t got bored with one episode! cant wait for season 3!

  7. Most are right about how this show really doesn’t go into perspective of the modern thinker’s actions [aside from Shane because everyone would love shoot a zombie in the head at any time as if it was CoD Zombies] like in the first episode of season two when Andrea is sitting in the rv and TRYING to LEARN how to put a glock [super easy to take apart and put back together] back together and still tries to assemble the simple handgun in the bathroom while a walker is inside the rv and drops a piece. I would have reached for the nearest knife and got into the bathroom. I’m sorry to all the people who hated shane but he was right to try to kill anything that he didn’t know because if problems arived we would be the one’s with a bullet in our brains [worst case scenario Shane and Otis]. So far the only ones that can actually think straight is Glenn, Maggie, Darrell, and T-Dog because nothing über traumatic has happend to them [granted Darrell's brother died and Maggie's sister as well] who were the ones that looked for sophia all night and everday, that risked their lives twice making runs to the pharmacy, and who was lowered into the well to get the floater out. Everyone that is sane wouldn’t try any of those tasks and those who say they would are lying [sorry to the few that actually wouldn't care if they died or not, trying helping others] but I think that the show is awesome and they did a great job on it. No one cares about the effects or the smallest little details of the environment because that doesn’t make the show, it’s the story and the suspense that carry it all [excet for cliffhangers] and make it work. The Walking Dead is by far one of the best shows I have ever seen [Sons of Anarchy, Family Guy, American Dad, and Deadliest Warrior/ my top 5]