‘The Walking Dead’ Planned Through to Season 12

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Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 The Walking Dead Planned Through to Season 12

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead.]


There is no way of knowing when a TV show will run out of road or if they will try to navigate over gravel and broken glass long after that point, refusing to wrap things up before people start forgetting why they loved those shows in the first place.

The Walking Dead isn’t necessarily kicking up gravel or nearing its expiration point right now as the cast and crew work on season 5 (which will debut this fall), but producer David Alpert has indicated that producers of the AMC zombie drama do have the far-off future on their mind.

Here’s Alpert, answering a question about working with “pre-existing” material during a panel discussion at a Producers Guild event.

“I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12…we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we’re lucky enough to get there.”

The Walking Dead has diverged a bit from the comic book source material at times, so it’s hard to know how vital those “milestones” and “benchmarks” will be and what form they will take. However, if Alpert is referring to the source material that has already been released by Image Comics and Robert Kirkman and not some kind of story bible, then it seems natural to wonder if the Alexandria camp will play a large role in the later seasons of the show and what that could mean for the future of the show.

walking dead negan The Walking Dead Planned Through to Season 12

First, let’s establish that this wouldn’t be a large leap. We already know that Negan’s eventual appearance as a big bad is a “99% lock” and Alexandria has been the port-of-call for Rick and his group since issue #69. At this point, most of the Walking Dead comic book series has occurred within and around that camp.

With that in mind, it would make sense that the show would settle there after Terminus and, quite possibly, a bit of time spent on the road. The trouble is, while there have been some great stories told about the group’s adjustment to “regular” life in Alexandria, some significant new characters, the town’s institutional naivety and Negan, there have been times where the comic has felt a bit stale because of Kirkman’s decision to make Alexandria home base and take the group off the road.

Four seasons in and The Walking Dead has seen four primary settings – the camp/Atlanta, Hershel’s Farm, the prison/Woodbury and the Road to Terminus. The Walking Dead has thrived on new scenarios and new challenges as Rick and his group struggle to survive, adapt and also steal back a bit of what they lost from time to time.

Without that constant change, though, it’s fair to wonder if the show could stagnate if the writers don’t find new ways to amp up the action within and around the walls of Alexandria if/when they get there, because if they don’t, then future forecasts could be irrelevant.


The Walking Dead season 5 returns to AMC in the fall of 2014.

Source: IndieWire, MTV

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  1. I can see both sides of this argument… If the show goes 12 seasons with this cast, it will become stagnant and repetitive (you can’t character develop that long).

    However if they focus on the World of the Walking Dead, and kill off this cast (including Daryl), then it could work to extend it 12 plus seasons. (They aren’t married to the source material now).

    The issues will be, will this show with the way it’s currently set up, survive without the key players (Daryl, Rick, Michonne, etc) in terms of fan appeal, and in 6/7 years, will anyone still be interested in the Zombie Survival genre? Also if they focus on the world setting, can they introduce new stories without just giving us a rehash of what the original story they told was?

  2. I just looove the “I stopped watching two seasons ago”, but they always show up to make comments on something they don’t watch. Exit stage left, if you really ever stopped watching

    • You act like you made some great point… as if people who stopped watching can’t comment.

      • I WOULDNT BOTHER posting on a forum of a show i havent watched in 2 years, you would?

  3. I pray this show doesn’t make it that long. There is no way they will do Negan justice on the show even if it is a cable program, they wont go as dark as the comic book. Not to mention they will have to kill Carl or he will look as old as Rick In a couple years.

    • That’s the problem with child actors though. Very few understand acting like adults do, when they need to be really young to play a role. Look at game of thrones. Most of the children in that series aren’t even meant to be teenagers, but there aren’t enough great actors that are between 5-10 years old. Acting is an experience thing as much as it’s a talent thing.

      I’m not saying child actors are bad though. Recently we’ve had loads of fantastic young actors come through that can have a long career in acting should they wish to carry on when they get older

      I would keep watching Walking Dead though. Apart from Survival Instinct, everything associated with the Walking dead has been fantastic, and with a third season of the game being planned, and a spin off series, it;s a great time to be a fan off the series

  4. If this show goes on for twenty years I will probably still watch it. Any news on the spin-off??

  5. Hey Ceasar-

    Since you didn’t reply directly to a post, I’m not sure who you are talking to. Maybe the article writer? Anyway, since you wrote below me I will just conveniently assume you were complimenting me… I just saw your website and I like it. Seems very well put together. A suggestion I would make would be to integrate more personal, original content, (such as discussion or analysis of some sort), to go with the slick synopsis and video content. I would have clicked on more stuff if you had! Nice work though.

  6. Well hope the walking dead goes on for a while but if norman or chandler die on it I will not watch.

  7. I want it to go on until season 100! XD as if that will happen but I can dream/

  8. Now, if only AMC has the same faith they do on TWD on their other shows like Turn…

  9. OMG
    I Love You Walking Dead :D

  10. How long of time span do the graphic novels cover? It seems like they were at the prison (tv) for about a year, and at Hershel’s for at least 6 months.

    • They we’re at Hershel’s for a couple of weeks.

    • In the comics Carl started at age 7 and is now 13, so 5 years and counting. At mid-season 5 of the tv series, Judith is around a year or so old and was conceived at the very beginning of the show, so we’re probably at around 2 years.

      Believe it or not, the first 2 seasons of the tv show probably only covered about 2 months tops.

  11. Wow! 12 seasons ?

    Looks like AMC is aiming for syndication. If the show’s ratings are still in the top 10 , they just might make it to season 12. If the general audience isn’t bored with zombies that is.

  12. i say kill off this current cast within the next few seasons except Rick, Michonne, Judith and Carl…id like to see Rick start to age a little more and need more help from carl and michonne and have him die maybe by episode 9 or 10

    • They may go the route of the game and have very few of the group survive, and those remaining literally walk off into the sunset and we never hear from them again. Then the spin off series starts at the same time as season 1, and their timelines run alongside each other

  13. As long as The Walking Dead has good stories to tell they should go on as long as they want. I’ll keep watching. The’ll just have to keep bringing in new people to keep it fresh.

  14. I love the show, and I hope that it is the longest running tv show in history. It is absolutely captivating each and every episode. Ill watch it until the very end.

  15. They should go to season 12 people are just haters cuz this is the best show in the world haters can’t prove nothing

  16. Ii think its a possibility altough i think it would be smarter to return to 10 to 12 episode for the story line progression. Network wise the show does great in numbers so sponsors and network like to have a full portfolio for each season. Its qauntity which might affect qaulity for some viewers

  17. I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead so I hope it last for a while!!!

  18. I love this show, I mean I haven’t watched anything that has made me feel so connected with the characters.
    I watched it up till season 2 and stopped due life I guess, however legally downloaded the rest of the seasons and realized why I loved it…
    That said they will need to keep this fresh of course, but not killing off the main characters, as I love the development of these characters…
    I love how Beth is changing and how Carl has grown in terms od his capabilities…

  19. How many episodes are left are there going to be 12i hope so I love the walking dead

    • 16 this season with the final one airing next week for 2014 and in january 2015 kicking of with the second part of this season.

  20. i dont understand all of you. when its alot of killing some complain about that and want more story telling and when, i comes more story telling they complain again for they wanna see more killing. oky the story have been a bit slow. but they keep telling a story here. if they keep telling story and move on, ofc they need to kill off some of the crow. but still this show can go 12 seasons and maybe a little longer. but the story must end somehow.

    • Multiple fans having multiple Wishes, for me this show is great, I think you cant have a major death every Episode, because it would make the show stale and defeat the purpose of losing a major and sometimes beloved character, otherwise i think the storytelling prety well handled as far as real story telling is concerned, the show always has a seasonal arc by which characters are developed, Every season has some kills some more than others, Season 2 had Dale, Sophia, and Shane, Season 3 had Merle and Andrea to say the least. Season four however had more kills, The Governor, The 2 girls, and Also david and karen, The girls however wheren’t main characters but their death’s served as those of Karen and David served to further Carols Story Arc.

      Having played on a High note for 5 years im curious to see what the writers and developers have in store

      • Yeah! that’s right I can’t believed it in seasons to seasons there someone you used to loved then dead…Oh no!

  21. Ashhhh! No man! I’ve been infected by those walkers it looks like I can bites human lives in my neighborhood. Hell yah what could we gonna do.

  22. I’m hoping to enjoy this for some time, but I’ve just got to know what the overall story arc is here. I have a gut feeling that some other higher-order plot is at work that the writers only hint at from time-to-time. I’m honestly going to be disappointed if I watch this show for 12 years just to find out that it really is just people trying to survive the apocalypse.

    (I’m really just hoping that they do something more creative with Lori. Her death was a so well done and was incredibly dramatic/heart-wrenching and just so well written, but the disappearance of her corpse pisses me off to no end. If we get to the end of this series and nothing else is done with that part of the plot, then that gaping continuity mistake is going to ruin this entire show for me. Really? That regular, run-of-the-mill walker ate her ENTIRE corpse? Bones and everything? Give me a break…)

    • Also, since when do walkers eat DEAD corpses? Isn’t that the entire reason that Otis was shot in the leg and not killed outright by Shane when he was trying to escape? Why are there ever dead bodies on the ground if the zombies are eating everything in sight? Plot holes abound…

      • Yes, this is exactly my point. After so many seasons any show starts over reaching. I love the show, but it’s getting to be a stale cash cow. I can smell the cancellation around the corner.

  23. Nope, sorry, there won’t be 12 seasons, there won’t be more than 2 more at the most. Why?
    - You are going to have to limit yourself to time relevant props. What kind of car will they find on the side of the road in season 12? Totally possible, but a pain in the rear
    - The show is already stale (yes, I’m still watching). Zombies aren’t scary anymore, the whole thing becomes about the drama of the living.

    Sorry fanboys, enjoy it while it lasts.

    • The good news is that car sitting there for the last 10 years probably still only has 20,000 miles.

  24. Omg 12 seasons would be amazing. I don’t want to stop watching this show. I am in love. Best tv show I have seen. You guys are doing such a great job directing, keep it up! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but seriously who wouldn’t like this show? You all are missing out

  25. You guys are all stupid. Walking dead is an amazing tv show. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. You don’t have to talk about how bad you think the show is cause its not.