‘The Walking Dead’ Planned Through to Season 12

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Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 The Walking Dead Planned Through to Season 12

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead.]


There is no way of knowing when a TV show will run out of road or if they will try to navigate over gravel and broken glass long after that point, refusing to wrap things up before people start forgetting why they loved those shows in the first place.

The Walking Dead isn’t necessarily kicking up gravel or nearing its expiration point right now as the cast and crew work on season 5 (which will debut this fall), but producer David Alpert has indicated that producers of the AMC zombie drama do have the far-off future on their mind.

Here’s Alpert, answering a question about working with “pre-existing” material during a panel discussion at a Producers Guild event.

“I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12…we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we’re lucky enough to get there.”

The Walking Dead has diverged a bit from the comic book source material at times, so it’s hard to know how vital those “milestones” and “benchmarks” will be and what form they will take. However, if Alpert is referring to the source material that has already been released by Image Comics and Robert Kirkman and not some kind of story bible, then it seems natural to wonder if the Alexandria camp will play a large role in the later seasons of the show and what that could mean for the future of the show.

walking dead negan The Walking Dead Planned Through to Season 12

First, let’s establish that this wouldn’t be a large leap. We already know that Negan’s eventual appearance as a big bad is a “99% lock” and Alexandria has been the port-of-call for Rick and his group since issue #69. At this point, most of the Walking Dead comic book series has occurred within and around that camp.

With that in mind, it would make sense that the show would settle there after Terminus and, quite possibly, a bit of time spent on the road. The trouble is, while there have been some great stories told about the group’s adjustment to “regular” life in Alexandria, some significant new characters, the town’s institutional naivety and Negan, there have been times where the comic has felt a bit stale because of Kirkman’s decision to make Alexandria home base and take the group off the road.

Four seasons in and The Walking Dead has seen four primary settings – the camp/Atlanta, Hershel’s Farm, the prison/Woodbury and the Road to Terminus. The Walking Dead has thrived on new scenarios and new challenges as Rick and his group struggle to survive, adapt and also steal back a bit of what they lost from time to time.

Without that constant change, though, it’s fair to wonder if the show could stagnate if the writers don’t find new ways to amp up the action within and around the walls of Alexandria if/when they get there, because if they don’t, then future forecasts could be irrelevant.


The Walking Dead season 5 returns to AMC in the fall of 2014.

Source: IndieWire, MTV

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  1. Ive watched this show during past two its ok but ill tell u what…im on 4th season. Prison and mayor gone and everyone dieing from some sickness. this show going 12 seasons!!! Wow! Naaa BREAKING BAD, DEXTER were better series didnt last that as I wont watch 12 seasons.i like show but reading this I wont find out ending for yr.s.Im kinda bored at this 4th season im watching now eps 3 I think…..ill watch till I get current up to latest show…l…t

  2. Stop dragging the show out. This is bulsh*t.

    • umm u may think its bullsh!t but other people dont think that. BTW Breaking Bad its the worst iv ever seen!

      • Omg i love this show to bits season 4 was great and i hope to god they make it up to 12 seasons… i love this show to the point i fein it. everything is detailed you have to watch it from season 1 episode one. and i think they drag it out because.. what if it was reality.. they make it real. the walking dead is my life!! prepare for the worse!!!

  3. It will last period and I want to see it last – blah this blah that, longevity (thats the point) comics = 300+ issues, show=10, 11, 12 seasons me I dont get bored AT ALL (not a fanboy I watch/read/play plenty of other things) but I like TWD and I see the series going…thing is while everyone below posts their opinions (and thats fine cause thats what it comes down to) the ratings continue to climb…CONTINUE, while others saying this, the ratings say otherwise (not that ratings make up ALL thats important of course not) but Im in for the long haul, the boring moments, even if the show stagnates, I dont see it that way even during season 2 at the farm, or other periods I never got bored once, but dexter ? i cant stand that show it lost appeal 22 minutes for me into the PILOT episode, I couldnt see that dorks face on 10 seasons…s*** 2 seasons, sons of anarchy ? wanna be sopranos (good I dont watch it dont want to) Breaking Bad now theres a interesting show (to me atleast I realize this is all conjecture) I loved The Wire (being from baltimore) I loved the sopranos, I like the A Song of Ice and Fire books (another HBO drama telecast that will prob get 8 seasons considering its right directly from the source material like a bible) but I love the grittyness and images (all monotone colors) of the walking dead, its huge cast – its every october like clockwork new season, the fact kirkman is still passionate after 12 years of the comics, and has “huge chunks” of future story to implement as he said “im in this for hte long haul, a sprawling epic” and the creators of the show plus scott gimple and bear mccreary great musician (used to be in pennsylvania I met him twice) fan of his work way before the walking dead was an AMC hit show – and Greg nicotero a beast like him who has been in the zombie genre of film/television for 30+ years and works in that KNB FX studios where all the art, makeup, props for the show are created/stored – zombie university the coolest looking zombies (compare a 1981 zombie flick even any of romeros films to the makeup and SFX used in TWD zombies) for me the character arcs, progression, and story (whether on the go, or fixed in a location) is ALL fine by me…again this is all opinion but one fact whether you love the series, hate the series, stopped watching the series, or THINKS the series should go out on a h igh note, or go out period – it wont, fact is season6 and 7 have already been greenlighted (with 6 already confirmed) I see ATLEAST 7-8 seasons (not to mention the comics ONGOING and will cont inue toconsidering mr kirkmans passion and the fact he does use fan input and thats the WHOLE POINT) the zombie film that never ends, this could of never been done as a film, or even a trilogy or film series, it could only have been done the exact way they are doing it, and I am fine with literally every episode from S1 Ep1, to current season 5, episode 11 – season 6 around the corner before we know it, and by 2016, season 7 and MORE THEN likely a greenlight for season 8, not to mention its not just TH IS series, T HIS group – the walking dead is now a franchise…the game series (which is awarded, and getting alot of praise in the game industry in its own right) 2 seasons, and a 3rd season in the work, books (other assorted merchandise) A GUARANTEED new cast + companion series (webisodes furthering the story, in mini events) and the ongoing comics…so even IF the specific walking dead AMC tv series ends after 7-8 seasons (which I think we all know it will atleast last that long) remember where we are CURRENTLY in the comics is about 65 issues-70 issues in and ther eis currently 137 issues so even if they “slightly” use the source material theres STILL atleast 2-3 seasons of content at 16 episodes per season KIRKMAN has at the very least hinted at that…meaning even if it begins to stagnate (and loose viewership) they will at the very least continue on for some timeits not just a wish I always wanted something like this I just hate stuff that ends that has alot of source material to work with, I know it can continue to be a success if not quite on the level it is now, atleast on some level – I read other reviews/opinions and I say “ok fine, thats what they think” sorta like a video game like WoW that has been out for 10 going on 11 years and of course all the naysayers haters, critics “its dying, its been dead for along time” yet 10 million users and STILL controls 60% of the MMORPG market…I feel that is the way w/ ANYTHING in arts&entertainment that is popular and has been out 5-6+ years after awhile you get a backlash ppl saying its dead, or should be dead, or dying (etc, etc) yea we know how some of you feel and thats fine not saying your wrong (or right) just saying it will continue whether you like it or not (luckily for me I do) and I have for over a decade, its not my only focus, but one of them hobbie-wise and even IF the show only lasts a few more years, I;’ll have the games, the ongoing comics, companion series (and though it may be hard to get used to a whole new group/cast I will adapt) books, assorted other merchandise…IE The Walking Dead as an image, as a franchise isnt going anywhere as kirkman says aslong as there are even “a small group of dedicated fans” this thing will continue to be expanded upon, I cant stand short-lived comics/books/films/series I like LONGEVITY the idea of RICK surviving for literally 16 years, and 300-400 comics a “chronicle” a sprawling epic PUT on the screen for 10-12 seasons the good, the bad and the ugly all presented for dedicated fans, the ones that DONT like – um just dont watch go watch Sons of Anarchy, LAW & ORDER SVU or (whatever it is that you like) and again theres nothing wrong with that as well to each their own but I have a feeling TWD is here to stay for quite awhile and when it IS done, you will have a wealth of content to look back on, boxsets, complete series that stack up like you never seen – ANY scripted show can last this long, and SHOULD (and by the way not everyone feels that way) and T HEY SHOULD tell me one good reason why they shouldnt continue when the BEST part[s] of the comics are STILL yet to be done ( then again these naysayers are ones that prob havent read the comics, and have clue I cant be mad or remotely upset @ them) they just want “creative, pew pew pew art 3 good seasons of a show then move on” I hate that idea – even BORING 11 seasons would be more enjoyable (LOL) to me then 3 Great quality seasons to someone else..i want to “MILK” every aspect of the comics onto this scripted show thats the point for some viewers (and according to stats millions actually) the more ppl hate the show, or say it should end LMFAO the more X amount of viewers there is Dexter at best-3 million viewers (the walking dead during its worse, 10 million viewers) and personally I think the show has gotten better in the last season, infact I was quite happy with season 4 ending, and beginning (premier) of season 5 w/ the reunion of the group and I know I’m FAR from the only one…if you dont like it why comment to begin with ? no real reason cause HONESTLy 2015, 2016, 2017 I’m almost guaranteed that we will still be having this debate (and again) theres the OTHER sources of content for hte walking dead show=ATLEAST 7 seasons, comics=could VERY easily (almost 99.9% sure) another 150 issues…so either way I get what I want in a sense :)

    • Well said. I look forward to many seasons of TWD. Hands down the best show ever. I could watch that same group of Ppl in the show for 20 seasons. I love it that much. Every year it gets better.And it’d not even the killing of zombie part. Irs the story’s and the future and what lies ahead. It’s never boring. Best show ever.

    • I completely agree with what you sayd, tho i doubt the series could ever get boring… twd rules #rickforpresident

  4. That’s it. I’m not watching the TV series anymore. They should make a nice happy ending at the end of season 5 and than start season 6 with a new group of people somewhere else in the USA or Europe.

    • Tom, I totally agree, I mean, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They…?”!!!!
      When you see something suffering, you usually want to put it out of its misery, and let me tell ya’, this season has been MISERABLE!~ Last week’s episode, was spent primarily showing the charachters WALKING, and they had the nerve to shoot most of it in slow motion – REALLY!?!

      Suggestion: please don’t stretch this mess out for one more season, let alone 12. I really don’t care if it ends on a HIGH or LOW note, just END IT!

      • Then don’t watch. So simple.

      • if you don’t like it then don’t watch it instead of trying to ruin it for others who do like it by getting it stopped.

    • You know why the show is in georgia? Because there are guns in Georgia. Walking Dead in Europe would be over in a flash as the group gets taken down by a herd because they have nothing to fight with but cricket bats. The French died attempting to surrender.

      • upvote lol

      • Load of bull, plenty of guns around on the black market in Europe, and anyways it would make for more interesting characters having to adapt without the abundance of guns to survive. I say bring on a global series of TWD.
        12 Seasons? Man, that is a stretch. It will end up like so many others that dragged on too long and fell into the abyss as storylines got tired and better upcoming shows shadowed them.

  5. awesome news, never want this show to end, lets hope they start making a european version too..wanna see what’s going on in the rest of the walking dead world.

  6. I would.love to see a winter season,, in 1st season Rick said that winter is coming, things might change, get better, they don’t know how the walkers would react to the cold. But they never showed that,. They bypassed the winter months. Which was kind of a downer
    I wish they’d have at least half a season fighting winter cold. Deep snow..

    • Georgia doesn’t have that sort of Winter.

  7. I think the show ends when Rick wakes from his coma and this was just a dream

    • I was thinking this might be his dream too. I deel so much better that I’m not the only one who thinks this all during his sleep in the coma.

  8. I’m in it for the haul, I love the show And personally I’d like to see some more videogames based off of the show I love zombie games. The walking dead survival instinct wasn’t the best game I ever played but it was still fun, I would like one that is a little bit more open world but I liked having to scavenge for supplies and stuff, I would just want more of a group thing, if u find survivers let the go out with u.

  9. We love walking dead!I would watch 30 seasons! Dont want it to end. Just hate the long commercials.

    • Me too the commercials suck

    • Me too the commercials suck. They need to go without commercials. They make enough money to do without commercials.

    • Best show thats ever existed. Could watch 30 seasons.

  10. The walking dead is the best tv show I have ever seen, I’m from England (Uk).
    The show never gets boring and I’ve seen seasons 1-5 over 8 times n I hope this show never ends.
    All you people on here are just moaners to be honest. Think about it all zombie movies/tv shows are mainly about the zombies n not the survivers, but the walking dead is based on the survivers.

    • What? They are all about the survivors, what movies/series did u watch xD

  11. Twd best ever, i wanna marry twd!!!

  12. Please end zombie apocalypse or somethin’ or at least the show, 12 seasons is insane, plus you’ll probably loose a lot of people. It’s a damn bad idea to drag it out that long. We want the original crew and the ending not the next 13 years. IDK but make it good!!!