‘Walking Dead’ Movie Being Considered by AMC?

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Walking Dead Movie Rumors Walking Dead Movie Being Considered by AMC?

One of the reasons that Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book was so ripe for adaptation into a TV series was that Kirkman’s intent with the comic was to tell a “continuing story of horror.” Instead of having protagonists being whittled down to the last corpse standing, Kirkman was interested in exploring what would happen if people actually did keep surviving over time in a hellish environment like the zombie apocalypse.

In that sense, The Walking Dead clearly works better as a TV show than a feature film, as the latter would inevitably have to bend Kirman’s “never ending story” rule in order to fit a theatrical run time. However, with the Walking Dead comic already marking issue #100, and Kirkman slowly moving into other projects, an inevitable end to the comic (and subsequently the show) aren’t unthinkable. And what better way to end things than with a movie?

Bloody Disgusting has shared a rumor from their sources close to The Walking Dead TV show, stating that early – totally unofficial – discussion has begun about a Walking Dead feature film. It’s made clear that this is NOT something that will happen any time soon, but is simply a thought about the future, when the TV series has run its course for a few seasons. The film would presumably provide an end to the series – and of course, would only occur if the Walking Dead still has the ratings to justify it.

The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman Walking Dead Movie Being Considered by AMC?

Ironically enough, The Walking Dead was pitched as a movie before it was developed into a TV show by AMC. Doubly ironic is the fact that Robert Kirkman’s increased success as a result of TWD, and new status as a TV executive working on the show, could actually influence him to wrap the comic (or at least stage a major event) that would serve to make for a an epic and exciting movie. DC and Marvel have learned to think in multimedia terms in the past decade; it’s only natural the independent comic creator would do the same.

Take this all with a grain of salt for now, as there are so many, many, variables in this equation that no one can say if it will ever add up to anything. But we can take a vote (this is America, after all) about whether or not we want see a Walking Dead film at all:

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The Walking Dead season 3 begins this fall on AMC.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. Maybe if it gets cancelled and it ends in a cliff hanger, then the movie wraps it up?

    But not unless something like that happens, then again, if it did become a movie, I would watch it. 😀

    • ya i agree with you but i don’t think they’ll end it but it can’t go on forever

    • If it got cancelled, wouldn’t that be because of a steep decline in ratings? And if it had a decline in ratings AND got cancelled, would anyone really green light a feature film? I think not!

  2. If the movie ends the story and they don’t pull and X-Files I don’t see why not. Besides everyone want to get paid don’t they?

  3. The movie wont happen for a very long time. Look at the ratings for twd so friking good!! Its gonna last at least 8 seasons

    • 8 seasons would be way too long. theres only so much you can stretch out with this television show. It’s a different take on the comics and although it has a strong plot, story, and characters, they can only use so much of it before it turns into dead air. 5-6 seasons… ends in a movie….. mark my words, that would make it legendary.

  4. I see a movie maybe 5-7 years down the road but as of now the show is doing great. The ratings for season 2 was huge considering a 6 episode slow start. With season 3 I only see the ratings getting stronger

  5. Kirkman and others have said that they want to keep going for a long time with this show, decade+, so like you said it would have to be a particularly big event instead of the finale.

    I’m not sure what that would be, but if the creators of the Show want to make basically a two hourish big budget episode…..I’m fine with that.

    • A decade is WAY too long…I watched the first season, and I started to feel bored, zombies, zombies, zombies and…..more zombies. I think it would’ve been better if they have done a movie instead of a tv show. Its starting to get really boring, and the series finale is really easy to guess. Zombies win or humanity wins….Duh!!

      • i would like the show to end with a real zombie apocalypse.

      • What? It has more human survivalist and moral drama than zombies. Look past the obvious. If it were a movie it’d probably just be yet another zombie movie with not enough character development or plot progression. Tell me do you think we’d see the transition of Rick from Season 1 to 3 in a movie? Not forgetting the HUMAN enemies too. TWD is about survival, not the small glimpse of it you get in zombie movies. Neither zombies nor humanity has to win in the end.

  6. Hopefully, the show last for another 5 years or show, but I know that some of the cast & crew get bored and want to move on to other things. I can see there being a movie down the line, but right now it’ll interfere with the show. There will be too many versions. They could do some webisodes over the breaks though.

  7. Typically speaking, American television programs continue on and on and on, ad infinitum if possible. I can’t imagine the AMC execs ending TWD anytime soon, so all of this talk about a movie seems terribly premature. I would also be very disappointed if Kirkman decided to “Michael Bay” the last few issues of TWD comic in an effort to make the transfer to film that more explosive and popcorny.

  8. I heard Glen Mazzara wanted the TV show to last up to one hundred episodes (about seven seasons.)

    It’d be interesting to have a movie to end it all though.

  9. I would prefer they use the TV show to wrap up the series simply because if the “movie” makes big bucks, they might be tempted to turn it into a trilogy.

    I have to admit though, I’m kind of rooting for the zombies to win in the end. Not enough movies end on a bad note now a days. /evil grin

    • Yes, thank you, Mongoose! Ha I’m glad I’m not the only one hoping for the zombies to wipe out our (IMO annoying) band of survivors. I am literally the only person I know who STRIVES to find entertainment in which the bad guys win. I’m tired of good two shoes and happily ever afters. So yeah, definitely /evilGrin lol

      • The whole “pre-screen” thing to test a movie and then re-edit it if it doesn’t get the desired response has really gotten out of hand. People tend to want that storybook happy ending but that is neither realistic or the best way to end a movie. Sometimes a bad ending IS needed to really make a movie work (and memorable) but we just don’t see that anymore.

        Could you imagine if the original “Planet of the Apes” had a “happy” ending?

        The last “evil wins” show I can recall was the ’78 version of invasion of the body snatchers. Man that ending was awesome!

        • As someone who pulls for cobra, and have this umbrella tat on my shoulder. There are no true good endings involving a zombie apocalypse so that wont happen… except maybe warm bodies but idk I havent seen it and it doesnt count anyway… but I mean the stupid ass resident evil movies there pretty much a total wipe out there like 500 ppl left if that… anyway the comics and the walking dead might not be exactly the same but its pretty damn close… and if you go by the comics as to whats happning on the show… your looking at about 17 seasons so far… and I dont see how it could get old… ppl die, they find more survivors its supposed to not end… the show is about how to survive after a zombie apocalypse not during… if they do movies they should do them about what happens to the group between seasons, big money there and everybody would be happy… I mean dont you wanna know what happened during those winter monthes between season 2 and 3? I sure as f*ck do.

          Anyway thats my rant…. f*ck you and good night lol 😛

      • The main characters aren’t exactly good people though. There you go. Happy now?

    • Yes! Movies that end with the bad guy winning is the best, when i saw the alternate ending for dodgeball i freakin loved it

  10. they should just do a spin off with the african american characters from season to tie us over till the next season CSI has like five or six why can’t the walking dead have two?

  11. Kirkman has said he wants this series to go on for a long time he has said he wants the comic series to go on for 20 years or so its a never ending story that is what his goal is and with other projects he’s not a main writer on his other comics

  12. Not to mention that Breaking Bad might have a Movie of its own after Season 5. Betsy Brandt said a director wants a 2 hour breaking bad movie in theaters after Season 5.

  13. Maybe if they focused a little more on how to get the series right and less on future projects? The last series was closer to a soap opera than a zombie series, and moved so FAR AWAY from the comics that it almost lost its way. Sure there have been some good moments in it, but too few, and too far in between. And, as a fan, I tried to find excuses for it. A major excuse would be a limited budget, where they can’t really have a zombie attack after every few “pages” in the story. Maybe if they focused all their resources in making Series 3 a bit more exciting, and their characters a bit more complex? Especially the women.. My God the women have to pull themselves together.

  14. Dish dropped AMC because they wanted too much to keep them on there…..Dish sent me a letter saying they didn’t feel it was sorth that much for movies interrupted with commercials…..Apparently nobody at Dish has watched AMC and found out they actually have a few good series with a lot of fans…..On the other hand…Why wouldn’t AMC do all they could to stay on Dish so their advertizing revenues would stay up? Maybe this is the first in a long line of problem with that Hopper from Dish….

  15. If the series wrapped up with a movie that would be awesome. But other than that, a movie wouldnt make sense.

  16. I can see both sides of the coin on this. I have read every comic and watched every episode of the TV show. I love them both but I favor the gritty feel of the comic more. Part of me thinks that a movie would, somehow, finalize things … an end of an era, sort of thing. The other part of me believes there is only so much that you can get away with in a TV series and I feel, as though, a lot of the edge is taken off by those restrictions. I crave more of the raw, gut-wrenching moments that TV just cant deliver properly. It’s for this reason, I think a big budget movie would be great. I’d personally love to see it focus on the current “Something to Fear” storyline. However, I do agree that the show should run it’s course for a while longer before a movie is made.

  17. I’m not a fan of the show, and even though ratings are high, I think it would be silly to see a group a of people running from zombies for 8 or 10 seasons. I think it should have been a movie and not show from the very beggining, so I’m rooting for 6 seasons or 5 and a movie.

  18. Even though ratings are high, I think it would be silly to see a group a of people running from zombies for 8 or 10 seasons. I think it should have been a movie and not show from the very beggining, so I’m rooting for 6 seasons or 5 and a movie.

  19. How about a prequel movie showing how the military got over run ?

    • I agree. The movie should be a prequel detailing the events leading up to the apocalypse including all the back stories of the other characters, glen, the farm house, dale, andrea, merle, woodbury, the scientists at the cdc….many opportunities to write a trilogy.

  20. I miss my movie the walking dead

  21. But ending with a movie means it has to end….

  22. Hi I am a big fan the baby is so cute so is your son I know he is not your son but he is cute

  23. I would love to see TWD as a movie, but in my opinion, the movie should have something to do with the game version of TWD,not the show.

  24. Personally I’ve thought about, in the future running something like this. Just think about it..
    An HBO movie, centered around Rick being shot, then switches to a tale of Lee Everett. As the movie progresses, they still keep tabs on Carl and Lori. The movie ends in a cliffhanger. Maybe Rick getting out of the hospital, or the famous frame of him on a horse on the highway. A show spawns from there, on HBO, so they have a higher limit and more freedom. I would like to see Lee from the game incorporated seeming as he is such a like able character. Just a thought, though. Any comments?

  25. What better way to end the show with a movie but
    Later than sooner cause that means more seasons. Would not mind a prequel to all the madness also.

  26. They should do a movie and I hope they do. I’ve been on a TWD movie kick lately with the premise the movie is a series of vignettes of ALL the TWD characters from each season to date showing them in their lives leading up to the outbreak and showing how they originally came to find each other…providing the backstories. It doesn’t have to even touch on what’s going on in the series, but just the events up to the premiere itself.

    I think they should, and should milk this momentum while it’s still strong. Once the ratings drop nobody will care much for a movie.

    Hopefully the talks will become serious and they’ll actually do it.

  27. they should turn the book rise of the governor into a movie! i would love to see that

  28. Please do a movie to finish off the series any walking dead fan would love to see this

  29. Plenty of shows get cancelled without having a ratings dropoff. That being said all shows eventually come to an end. I would like to see a movie prequel that outlines the early stages and particularly the fall of the world governments. That would help to stregthen the setting and provide more depth to the world.

    • It would be major sick!!! Plz do it…..