Robert Kirkman Teases ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale

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Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead season 2 Robert Kirkman Teases ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale

It’s hard to believe that five episodes of The Walking Dead season 2 have already come and gone – and with the November 27 midseason finale looming large, it is certain that expectations are high. Creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke about some additions to the cast and what fans can expect from the halfway point of the second season.

Those that have been keeping up know that The Walking Dead’s second season has been on a slow burn (a shuffling pace, if you will) for five episodes – dangling what seems to be an almost insurmountable collection of plot threads, without a single resolution in sight. With only two weeks to go before Rick Grimes and his band of survivors vanish until 2012, how exactly will The Walking Dead ensure the audience stays interested? By giving them an episode to remember, according to Kirkman.

Though he wisely avoids spilling the beans on what, exactly, is coming up in the next two episodes (and beyond), the writer did make mention that the episode entitled ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ is going to be a doozy. “It is a bigger episode and there are some loose ends tied up, but I wouldn’t want to say what just yet. But I will say to keep an eye out for that episode, it’s gonna be huge!”

Of course, this being the first half of a 13-episode season arc, the writers had to think about the remaining six episodes – which Kirkman says are “jam-packed with absolutely crazy stuff.”

In order to bring about all of that craziness, Kirkman confirms there will be many new additions to the cast that go beyond those survivors living on Hershel’s farm. The question then becomes: who will these characters be, and from where did they originate? Once again, however, Kirkman proved unwilling to confirm anything about these newcomers – but that just allows fan speculation to go through the roof.

Norman Reedus Andrew Lincoln Melissa Suzanne McBride The Walking Dead season 2 Robert Kirkman Teases ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale

Just where is 'The Walking Dead' headed?

One character in particular, the sword-swinging Michonne, has long ranked high on viewers’ list as must-see. Though Frank Darabont mentioned his intention to bring her to The Walking Dead in season 3, the filmmaker’s departure from the series certainly brought that timeframe into question. According to Kirkman, however, Michonne is still very much on the table.

“She was introduced pretty early on in Vol. 4 of the comic books. Whether we’ll move that up or have it happen at a later date, we haven’t figured out. But I will say that she’s definitely going to be in the show eventually.”

Eventually, may be the key word for season 2 of The Walking Dead. Though it has moved away from, or delayed key instances from the comic books, the series has managed to justify the departures by tweaking the audience’s perception of certain characters. Case in point: Shane (Jon Bernthal) – who many a comic reader thought would be out of a job by now – has managed to turn the murderous third-wheel into a more interesting, fully realized character.

Which goes to show you, despite the expectations of where The Walking Dead may be headed, AMC’s hit series may eventually get there – or it may just be going in another direction.


The Walking Dead midseason finale airs Sunday, November 27 @9pm, and the series will return from hiatus on February 12, 2012.

Source: Zap2It, CBR

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  1. i like it that they are not entirely following the graphic novel.

    • Me too. I really like how the show has built up so much conflicts with each character that haven’t quite hit the fan yet but we all know they will in time. So im anxious to see

  2. I so wish this show didn’t suck.

    • It doesn’t suck…

  3. I don’t think it sucks but it’s just getting that little bit too slow for me. The only characters who are interesting IMO are Shane daryl and glen at the moment.

  4. I didn’t think AMC did the holiday break like other networks so I’m a bit disappointed. I wonder if we are at the point in the season when Darabont was let go? If so, will viewers notice the change? I know it was implied that the whole season was mapped out before his departure but mapping it out and filming are 2 very different things. As a fan of the comics and the show I hope the change doesn’t hurt the series.

  5. Yeah they need to change things up a bit. Something big needs to happen. I think Shane’s original plot line would have been a huge thing to happen and would have been great.

  6. Nooo now I gotta wait till 2012.. Boo hate the long break!!

  7. Shane’s 1st season scene that never happened will probably occur this season when he finds out Lori is pregos, causing him to go over the edge. He has already said Lori and Carl is all he cares about. And looking for Sophia for half the season has been B.S., it could have been resolved in 2 episodes. All it has done is halted the plot and kept them from revealing the barn sooner.

  8. WHen will Lennie James’ character return?

  9. disappointing season……talk, talk, talk, why, why, why…I cant stand the R.V.dude…I wish he would get eaten….but I continue to watch……and hope

  10. WTF? Midseason finale?!!! Are you kidding me! OMH they haven’t even DONE anything yet! The season thus far could be labeled “Lost Girl” for all the excitement there has been. Not that this little sidetrack hasn’t been mildly entertaining (the “Barn o’ Zombies” is probably the best thing thus far) but to spend the ENTIRE season so far not moving the plot along is some real tangible manner is real fail in my book.

    I want to know where the hell Merle is (the real one and not some delusion) I want to know where Morgan and son are and have them join the group (really like Lennie James), I want to know more than finding a lost girl and encountering a few zombie strays along the way!

    • Hey, don’t forget the school scene and poor old Otis. That was more than a few strays – I loved that episode.

  11. I am the only person that I know that has an issue with this season, and it is nice to see that others agree with me. While i do think that this is a solid show and the potential is there, I feel like I just don’t really care about what is going to happen next week. The suspense from the first season is virtually gone, and although there has been action and big moments, these moments have been few and far in between and they have all been centered around characters that I just don’t really care about.

    I think that we need to have some of the main group killed, and need to get these people back on the road searching for something, reaching for a goal. Who cares about this girl that they are looking for, I mean I don’t even remember what she looks like.

    The show needs another group of group of characters that have some sinister intentions, intentions that will clash with the group.

    • Who ever you are, i agree with you 100%. It does’nt have the same feeling season 1 had. As far as the finale next week, i will wait.

  12. Although the season is moving slowly I do suspect that it’s not the based on the producers but based on AMC and it’s constraint on the producers. In case you don’t remember the big reason for Darabont being ousted was due to budget. Either way I am still happy with the shows progress. They are moving slowly as I suspect next season will be the whole “Safety Behind Bars” issue and within the Prison environment which I would be excited to see.

  13. The shows suck period. End of story. Not good. Boring. Make a good zombie show.

    • It’s a drama, not an action movie.

  14. Boring?? If this sow is boring maybe you should just go back to watching Dancing with the Stars or some other mindless pile of crap. Go watch a cheesy Resident Evil movie or Dawn of the Dead..plenty of stupid people and zombies with no charcters to get in the way. This show is all about the characters and survival..fantastic on TV.

    • I agree

    • why dio you recommend dawn of the dead. its far superior to walking dead

    • agree with u who ever thinks walking dead is broding is stupit and needs go back w
      atch there dum shows on life time or there stories or ther

  15. Highly upset with the midseason finale all I want is Merle to come and that damn little girl to be a walker but honestly love the show daryl is the man so far

  16. This show is so boring that I would rather watch squirrels running around trees. It’s a shame too, the comic book is great but they have ruined it.

  17. I would like to know who the baby daddy is. Unlike most of you I’m unable to read the graphic novel. Also I would like to see merl back he was the best

  18. Not sticking with the original storyline is going to kill this show,as others have mentioned,it is going too slow,uninteresting
    shane should be dead by now.
    making this book into a series is an amazing idea and i cant wait to watch,but like i said if it veers from the storyline too much and everyone survives what the hell is the point of a zombie/survival horror show then???

  19. Yeah i think so it been slow. It’s sort of a soap opera, which i definetly dislike. i will still watch, but my desire to watch has changed.

  20. Second season has been huge disappointment for me, stopped watching it after 5th episode..

  21. I love how random people come to this site to bash on the shows existence. I’m sorry, but if you hate the show so much why take the time to find a site dedicated to talking aBout it? This is for the people who are genuine fans who have either been entertained or disappointed. Not for you dumb people who don’t even like the show due to some sort of chemical imbalance in your brain that causes you to have the taste of a 2yr old. Lol.

    On another note, I love the walking dead but season 2 is dragging pretty badly.

    • i believe this is a fan site , where you can air your rants . like i said, i still watch, but already on episiode 10, and its still has not improved.

  22. I love this show, but season 2 is boring. And it will get worse cause Sophie is not going to die. She’s still alive in the comic. I hope I’m wrong thought. I am more annoyed that Michonne is being added, as I honesly hate her character. She’s like13 on House. A character that’s supposed to be super cool and hip and edgy, and she’s not. She sucks, her story sucks, the swords are stupid. I will honestly drop this show like I did the comic when the add her. Cause right now, in the comic, shane, dale, lori, shane’s baby, and tdog are dead, but sophie and michonne are not. Screw that.

    • I agree that Michonne is really annoying. I’m so surprised everyone loves her so much and I really hope she’s a bit different when they force her into the show. She’s too perfect – killing every zombie in sight with minimal effort. No one likes a Mary-Sue… Well, I guess most people do… but I don’t. Rick, Carl, and Michonne will live forever. Andrea and Glenn might as well. Everyone else is doomed. (Also, I must point out T-Dog isn’t in the comics… He’s not really in the show either. His character hasn’t done anything all season except get hurt, act sick, and then take some pills. He’ll die soon, since he isn’t an important character… Unless they are just keeping him around as their token black guy. He’ll probably die when Michonne is introduced, so they’ll still have a black character… )

  23. Anyone else still s*sitting bricks cuz the little girl turned out to be a walker nd was in the barn this whole time?!?! Wtf?!?!

  24. This show is starting to suck. Its not a drama. It’s a soap-opera.
    Talking about interesting characters, and how do they evolve?
    Buy the comic books, and check how those characters evolved; They are living in a apocalypse! Without food, without watter, with theyr family and friend being murdered, and that yes, changes the characters.
    Now this spinoff, of romantic stuff is just the same old boring piece of crap that every show has!
    Bring back the real TWD stuff, the gore, the damaged characters, all of them being wacko as ever1 of us would become in a world like that!
    Sophia should’nt never have died. She is incremental in mantaining Rick’s son sane.
    In the show, Ricks’ son is just another boring idiotic kid, never playing a part only apearing to cry whenever his daddy or mommy goes missing.

    Just, just boring, really.
    If you desagree, just read the comics. The re-assess your opinions. Every page turned is a increadible turn of events.

    • I think the most recent episode is going to help with that. Carl’s got a lot to think about now, and seems a lot less sane than usual… Shane’s inevitable death is going to hopefully change Rick into more of his comic-book character (since Comic-Rick = the show’s Shane.) Without the actual Shane, Rick can get on track to replacing him and becoming his comic-book-self.

      While I agree that some aspects of the show are peeving me, I also acknowledge that some times the comics were a little too crazy and had me rolling my eyes when I read them. When adapting a comic into a show, sometimes not changing some things around will make it ridiculous. The comic book world and the television world just don’t work the same.

      If they don’t kill Lori though, I’m going to be so mad.

      I also wish Dale would have lasted longer, because I was really hoping to see the cannibals get him. Maybe the cannibals won’t even be in the show… :’(

  25. I cant believe they would cut it so short in the season three, why not air the remaining episodes? That is a bad call on their part