‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Hints from Scott M. Gimple

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The Walking Dead The Governor  The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Hints from Scott M. Gimple

[WARNING: SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 4 ahead]


Rather than spend two weeks watching the prison residents recover from a bad case of the sniffles, The Walking Dead fans have instead been given an opportunity to catch up with the Governor and find out what he’s been doing since the failed takeover. The first thing he did was grow a big beard to symbolize his depression, only to later shave it off after discovering something to live for in Lilly, Tara and Meghan Chambler.

With his new friends, a new group to settle down with and even a real name, it seemed for a while that the Governor might be becoming more docile and good-natured. Sadly, it didn’t last long. Now the Governor has taken control of the nomadic group by force and is apparently ready to try his hand at beating Rick Grimes once again.

The conflict will come to a head in the upcoming midseason finale ‘Too Far Gone,’ but to give eager fans an idea of what they should be bracing themselves for, showrunner Scott M. Gimple dropped a few hints to THR about the important dynamics and factors that will play a part in how the episode goes down. Keeping things suitably vague, Gimple started with character stats for the two leaders.

“We’ve seen The Governor kill people to ensure the safety of his new family and we see him determined. We see Rick is very much back as someone with a gun on his hip, ready to participate in the brutality of the world to keep his people safe. It’s a very explosive situation and it’s entirely possible that everybody doesn’t make it back. That sort of thing would be something that would affect these characters even more deeply.”

The Walking Dead Rick and Daryl The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Hints from Scott M. Gimple

There’s more or less always a possibility of someone dying in The Walking Dead, with even beloved characters having been brutally removed from the show. The Governor’s main strength lies in the fact that he’s moving on the prison during a very unstable time, with many characters still sick, Carol banished from the prison, Daryl still unaware that Rick sent her away and Tyreese yet to find out that it was Carol who killed Karen and David.

“It’s a potentially explosive situation on top of an explosive situation; one from inside the prison and one from outside the prison. If both were to happen at the same time, that could be quite dangerous for the people inside the prison.”

On the other hand, the return of the Governor could work as the perfect distraction to help take the heat off Rick. Last season the Governor was responsible for the murder and subsequent zombification of Daryl’s brother Merle, and there’s also plenty of bad blood between the Governor and Michonne. Says Gimple, “Michonne and Daryl will not react well if they were to see The Governor – they’re not all the way healed from their experiences with him.”

If there’s one criticism to be made of the approaching midseason finale, it’s that it has been done before. Season 3′s finale had the Governor attempting to take over the prison with the Woodbury survivors, and so the same thing happening all over again just a few episodes later doesn’t really have as much hype going for it. The character developed somewhat during his two standalone episodes, but for the most part he seems to be back to his old ways now, albeit with fewer resources.

Let us know in the comments if you’re hyped for The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale, or whether it feels a little bit too much like history repeating itself.


The Walking Dead¬†will air its midseason finale ‘Too Far Gone’ on Sunday December 1st @9pm on AMC

Source: THR

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  1. I can’t wait to see how things go down in mid-finale with The Governor & his camp armed with guns & a tank outside the prison with Rick’s group bringing out guns with some of their camp still sick. Interesting how things are going to go down. Especially if Michonne & Daryl got scores to settle. Way trailer looked, I hope Herschel doesn’t become a victim but understandable if he does.

    • With the amount of time they have spent developing Herschel this season, and finding a place for him deeper in our hearts… it’s usually only done to have a more emotional end for that character. Sadly, I think his time is up.

      • Exactly. Out of all the characters, Hershel seems the most likely to die.

        • Yeah. I don’t think he’s got a leg to stand on….

    • Reboot

  2. Hm. So, Daryl and Rick set to, leaderships/culpability being questioned, sides being taken as Rick’s decision splits the two… then the Governor appears, all momentary differences set aside and…


    They do not kill off the Governor and a few from the prison side with him, disappear and we get 8 more episodes until a “no, this time he is REALLY serious” third attempt to kill Rick and co.

    I am far from sure if I am being serious with that second prediction or not.

  3. Personally, I think Scott as the new show runner has done a great job at getting things on track from a less than stellar season three. Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s high points. But it was boring and slow the majority of the time. Slow is okay if you at least have character development. —- HOPEFULLY, this is the conflict that should have happened last season. The cast is so talented. I really hate to see any of the main characters go… but I hope the show stays true to TWD reputation. No one is safe (except for Rick?). Gotta say…as a fan of the comics, I’ve been waiting for the tank. =)

    • Agreed, I think Scott has done a fantastic job as showrunner this season. And the end of the world don’t mean s@%t when you got a tank :D

  4. This show should have gone to HBO.

    • I disagree, HBO makes there shows feel like 9 hours by having clips that last only 21 seconds in nearly every episode. They have great shows, don’t get me wrong (The Sopranos is my second favorite show, right after Breaking Bad), but they use way too much nudity as a way to get views – which is stupid, if I want to watch Boardwalk Empire, I do not want to see a naked girl every ten minutes, The Sopranos got good at handeling nudity towards Season 3, but it still showed some when it wasn’t needed). The Walking Dead is perfect the way it is, without nudity (a zombie show and nudity, that sounds horrible if you ask me), and it seems like it lasts twenty minutes (compared to The Sopranos which almost every episode feels like 9 hours and drags on, and Breaking Bad when every episode seems like five minutes and goes by two fast). That is perfect, like AMC, over the years, HBO has gotten worse, which another reason why I disagree. It seems like all of their shows get worse as time goes on (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones). The Sopranos was a lucky revival for them each season, and only because creator David Chase created every episode’s story. If they had The Walking Dead on there, it would more than likely be ‘The Wire’ (Where it gets worse after Season 1, and starts to get better, only to fall again) rather than a ‘The Sopranos’ (where it gets better and better, the only flaw is it seems like 9 hours and drags).

      • Like your comments.

        • I just reread the part about Walking Dead being perfect, wish we could edit comments because the walking dead IS NOT perfect, I must have been really tired (I wrote this around 5 AM).

          • That is another reason why ‘too’ is spelled as ‘two’. Sorry

            • HBO for sure use nudity to be ‘edgy’ and ‘avante-garde’ or whatever, and some of there shows for sure have pacing issues, but AMC should not be forcing them to have 16 episode seasons. That’s ridiculously high – ten at most. The problem TWD has is stretched out stories and a lack of direction most of the time. Whereas with BB every episode felt like the story was moving forward (although sometimes it really didn’t). And also the writers I don’t think in season 3 even read the source material – I think they did what Dexter did which is just read the ‘Show Bible’ documenting all the past stories/sub-plots. Also the reliance on CGI blood and other effects is horrendous. Season 1 episode 1 most of the ‘gore’ in that was real as in make-up and prosthetics I just dont see how the digital effects add anything but rather diminish the shows style. It looks cheap and nasty. Which is one area HBO hasn’t ever really messed up – they never look cheap.

              Doesn’t matter now, it’s there and AMC really need to sought their s*** out.

      • The entire last season of Breaking Bad was a drag so I fail to see your point.

  5. In comic book, Lilly will blow Gov head after Rick babe died. Too bad there’s a Lilly in TV version. I doubt Gov could survive this season.


      • Thanks for the alert. Pity you weren’t psychic LOL!!

      • Err that’s book version story and it happened like 60 weeks ago. TV might have different story.

  6. Benjamin, I’m with you on Scott Gimple and I too hope they stick with the TWD reputation, of any and all can go. that will go a ways to lend credence to the governor’s attack. some viewers out there must not be aware at all of the death culture that exists in the walking dead, or they’d stop flushing every message board and post with Daryl death riot chatter, a practice even ” objective ” media outlets and critics have been taking up in the past few seasons and especially this week.

    so for death predictions we’re getting the typical Hershel- Sasha- Tyreese- Beth – Judith- ” main character slot ” Glenn, and the Governor’s new family. won’t cut it for me, if they stick to just lower tier, barely developed characters, or recently added mainstays. especially with the possibility of an army of walkers being drawn to the war.

    • I completely agree. Gleen and the Governor’s new family dying will not cut it for me. When I tell people this, they don’t seem to understand. They think I must not like the core group of characters. These are also people who just don’t understand TWD universe.

      Daryl has definitely turned into one of the best characters in that universe, even though he has no relation to the books. However, I don’t feel that should protect him from death. If TWD and Scott Gimple want to stay true to the culture and lore of TWD, they would kill him this week, along with most of the other core characters. Leave one or two to go on with Rick, along with a few underdeveloped characters.

      Speaking of under developed… I like what I have seen of Tyrese, but I expected sooo much more. I fear his time is coming to an end without the viewers realizing his full potential and meaning to the group.

      We’ll also see if the show stays true to Lily’s relationship with the Gov. and how it comes to a close. I don’t want that to drag out, I’d rather the entire Gov. confrontation come to a close in the next episode (two at most). You begin to lose credibility in my eyes when you drag it out. Don’t be afraid of moving on. There are so many other plot lines and ideas to explore. Don’t get me wrong…the Gov. is one of my alltime favorite villains and Dave Morrisey took it to levels I couldn’t have imagined… but let’s get on with it.

      Sorry, i’m ranting now. haha. Hope you enjoy the show Sunday.

  7. Heavy with anticipation on this midseason finale. So far this season has been the best of the 4.

    • Agreed

  8. Aside from Carol, who I hated, what’s happened this season? I’m not getting all of the love. I believe you could start watching Sunday as your first episode of the season you would not be out of the loop on the story. That’s a problem.

    • The flu, the run in episode 1, zombies falling through the roof, another group is about (most likely someone from the comics that you will know if you have read them), beth becoming stronger, maggie saying she is open to having children, the council, the garden, the new prison setup, the governor becoming nice for an episode, the governor getting a new family, then a new tank, the governor meeting Mack – A TANK DRIVER. Do I have to go on? So many things that are important for the mid-season finale, AND BEYOND. You could probably start at episode Five as a season premiere, but not at episode Eight. Sorry if I seem mad, but you must not be paying attention because this season has had the most going on. If you haven’t read the comics, then it is easy to understand why you don’t think these things are important, but they get VERY important, trust me, well aside from Beth becoming stronger, Maggie preparing to have children, the zombies falling from the roof (That was just cool), the run in episode 1, the flu (that was just a sub-plot, I doubt it will continue for much longer), and the garden. So, no you could not just start at Episode Eight and understand it, especially since one thing that is probably going to happen is The Governor following Hershel and Michonne wherever they go – which they set up at the end of Episode Five – and The Governor’s new aquarium, which we will probably see some people in in the future.

      • Oh man I was really enjoying your synopsis. Proper funny.

        • I don’t understand what you are saying. If you are saying none of that is important than you are wrong, watch and see. If you are saying you like the way I wrote it because it seems funny, then thanks. Sorry, I wrote that previous one at 5 AM if I seem a little tired of mispelled anything.

      • +1

      • You forgot about the flood of zombies that goes as far as the eye can see that are on the way….

  9. I despise mid season finales, they are pointless. Why can’t they just play the season the whole way through without a stupid 2 month break. Rant over lol.

    • Because it gets AMC more views (look at the history, in both Season 2 and 3 they got more views on the premiere, mid-season finale, mid-season premiere, and finale). More views allows them to get more money, and more popular. That is why, it is a way to leave people hanging and go ‘Oh that was the best episode of Walking Dead yet!’, and then the next big episode (like the mid-season premiere (which are usually boring) or the finale (which almost always are incredible), we yell it again. It’s AMCs way of continuing it’s view amount pattern.

    • Because then we’d have to wait 10 months for the new season instead of the usual 7.

    • I know. It totally frustra……

      • …tes the hell out of me!!!

    • I assumed it was due to Christmas/the holiday season. All the other shows I’m keeping up with had or will have a midseason finale and will return around January or so.

  10. i haven’t seen Scott Gimple since we finished the second and final season of LIFE for NBC. He is a fantastic, talented guy – i miss working with him very much.

    • Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

      • sorry doesn’t work that way, but feel free to watch the credits or check imdb.

  11. Hmmmm -.-

  12. I hope the Gouvernor and Rick kill each other. There so boring. Please AMC make something good happen. It a freaking zombies apocalypse use it !

  13. Well, going by the last episode and the trailer for next week, this definitely looks like an atonement for the disappointing season 3 finale.

    I too hate mid-season finales.

  14. Although I feel they kinda rushed the governor’s flip flop from trying to avoid everything that brought him to his meglamaniac leader role the first time around and rediscover some of his latent humanity to slipping back into it, I think the fact that the show aborted the big showdown at the end of season three along with the events that have occurred since have only heightened the anticipation for the upcoming confrontation! I like what they have done and all signs point to an improvement to how it played out in the comics.

  15. Kill the Governor and all is well. I’m so over that entire arc and the bastard needs to die, a lot. Take that dork Mitch with him.

  16. At least the midseason wait is only two months long and not like the one year wait I had to endure for Breaking Bad. That was nonsense.

  17. it was comical reading amc execs patting themselves on the back for that move with breaking bad and the rating the second half of season 5 drew. the show was drawing to a close, and viewers had no choice but to wait on breaking bad’s return.

    I just hope tomorrow’s encounter between the governor and the prison populace has it’s beginning and end in the same episode, to where we find the prison crew on the move when the show returns.

  18. Have to see how this plays out tomorrow. I am not all that jazzed about a prison acttack 2.0, and the logistics of getting that tank from point A to B without having a parade of walkers behind it and nonbody hearing it might need to be addressed.

  19. Based on what Gimple said about Daryl and Michonne having a score to settle, I’m worried that they’ll be caught in a situation similar to what happened to Tyrese and Michonne in the comics at this impasse.
    Though fan demand for the safety of Daryl could always override the risk associated with that scene.