‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Mid-Season Finale Review

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The Cast of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid Season Finale Review

[This is a review of The Walking Dead season 4, episode 8. There will be SPOILERS.]


It’s amazing the kind of positive feeling The Walking Dead is able to elicit from watching its characters walk (or run) away from a location they were undoubtedly hoping would turn into something safe, secure, and permanent. But unfortunately for Rick, Carl, and the rest of the ever-dwindling survivors in their company, the needs of the story continue to outweigh what little comfort these perpetually unlucky people are ever able to achieve.

In that sense, the season 4 mid-season finale, ‘Too Far Gone,’ had many of the same elements that gave ‘Beside the Dying Fire‘ its feeling of welcome change in environment and circumstance for the characters. But the episode also served as a nice parallel to that story by the way it portrayed Rick’s handling of adversity, challenge, and someone trying to usurp what was ostensibly his.

So, on some level, the Governor and Shane wound up having a lot more in common (narratively speaking, of course) than anyone likely first thought. And while Philip/Brian and Shane probably had a whole slew of psychological issues that were at least partially to blame for their continual fixation on former Sheriff Grimes, it just makes you wonder: What is it about what Rick has that makes everybody (including the writers) want to take it away from him?

For the last two episodes, the show has been riding along with the Governor and his special brand of crazy just to show the audience how deeply affected he was by the fall of Woodbury, and the lengths to which he would go for a little vengeance. Despite all the problems with the character’s charmless and rather binary approach to good and evil in season 3, there was at least some effort made to show the Governor as some sort of parallel to Rick, and to demonstrate the kind of darkness that can manifest in someone with so much weight on his shoulders.

While that parallel managed to be clear, it wasn’t exactly layered with much meaning regarding either character. But here, credited writer Seth Hoffman manages to use that same parallel to show (and explicitly talk about) how time and a little therapeutic farming have turned Rick into a different man, while Philip retreated back into the comfort of the same.

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid Season Finale Review

It would be nice to think that Rick’s change, his willingness to welcome into his group those who would approach him with guns drawn and by driving a tank up to his front door, is an extension of how the show’s writers view the next steps the show will take.

In other words: the recognition that change is difficult, uncertain, and likely fraught with even more unexpected ugliness, but it’s also the right thing to do. After all, it’s hard to image anyone doesn’t want The Hershel Greene Knowing Smile of Approval for having finally unlocked the achievement of humanity and forgiveness. And in the case of the writers behind the show, the approval comes from knowing the show’s strengths and its weaknesses, and that leaving the prison behind was a long time coming.

That’s not to say the show hasn’t found some interesting stories to tell in the prison; the beginning of the season certainly felt lively enough, and it even mined the depths of misery when it gave way to a killer flu wreaking all kinds of havoc on the survivors. But as the show proved with ‘Too Far Gone,’ there are two things The Walking Dead does quite well: action through conflict and action through constant motion.

Perhaps its ironic that the show’s best qualities come from maintaining a steady level of liveliness and display of kinetic energy, but there’s no doubt that watching Rick and Carl walk away from the prison yields all sorts of hope about where the story will find them next, and how long it can keep the survivors moving.

The sense that some much-needed progression was on its way was obvious enough from the show’s promise that “some will fall” during the mid-season showdown. But at this point in the series, it may have brought forth more of an expectation of hope for the future than worry over who among the survivors would not be around come February.

If anything, The Walking Dead has demonstrated that big events generally shake up the status quo enough to give the show a bit of a narrative lift. Sure, sometimes that shake-up can result in a sweaty Rick yelling at ghost Lori, but that same event essentially opened the door for Tyreese to join the show (and maybe someday the show will find a way to actually use the character, so there’s hope in that as well).

David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid Season Finale Review

At any rate, for a program that basically thinks of its characters as zombie fodder first and people second, the passing of Hershel actually registered more as a signifier for the evolution of the show than it did as a truly harrowing event. One side effect of the series choosing to depict its characters becoming hardened against the constant, oppressive threat of death is that the result is mostly true for the audience as well; those watching have been programmed to see the fall of a character as the beginning of something new, not necessarily the end.

That’s not to say the death of Hershel – or the apparent death of Judith – wasn’t affecting; it was. But those events, as well as the death of the Governor, will likely be remembered more for allowing the show to open up a new chapter than for drawing out sentiment or true emotion.

The Walking Dead at least partially owes its tremendous popularity to the promise that anyone’s number could be up at a moment’s notice. And, if anything, the show has established it’s as difficult to continually illustrate the stakes of an environment that harsh as it is in one where the survival of characters is entirely implicit.

In that regard, the show can be applauded for finding what it is these deaths can mean and signify, and for demonstrating it as well as it did in ‘Too Far Gone.’


The Walking Dead season 4 will continue in February 2014 on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Disappointing. The battle was cool, but I really thought the Governor would be a much more intriguing character and the show was developing him so awesomely. Instead (spoilers) he reverts back to his cartoonish moustache-twirling persona and is then killed off. So yeah, this episode was quite weak, preferring quantity over quality and severely missed opportunity in fleshing out what could have been television’s most interesting character.

    • I thought the order of the episodes was weird, but the Governor’s arc was much more than “mustache twirling”

      The theme here is, as you might have picked up on, “Can we come back?” From things they did, who they were, the edge of insanity. The dirty lady in the woods, Carol, Rick, Michonne, and the Governor all shared this story. Rick came back. He took time off, spent it with his son, didn’t want to be the decision maker, didn’t want to take part in the violence, and was better for it.

      The Governor tried the same type of rehab. Found people he cared for, was Brian again, but when confronted with the temptation of leadership, followers, and another chance at showing up Rick, he couldn’t resist. He tried, and failed to “come back” That is why the moment where he tells rick “Liar” was so powerful.

      Great episode, and very much excited for what is coming!

      • Well said, Will Fraser completely missed the point of The Governor’s story arc.

        • I don’t think I did. I was disappointed in the direction they took him in, and still am. Just because I was explained from a another’s perspective doesn’t change that. I didn’t miss a thing, and you saying so shows how pretentious and defensive you are.

          • Don’t worry, Will. Robert W completely missed the point of your post.

            • Oh yah? Well you MovieB missed the point of Robert missing the point of Will missing the point of the Governor missing the point of Rick’s missing the point of life! Yah, take that! ;-)

              • Oh, Ken J. You’ve obviously missed the point. You just don’t get it ;)

                • @MovieB


              • I’m late to the conversation…what am I missing?


                • You’re missing me missing the point about MovieB missing the point of Robert missing the point of Will missing the point of the Governor missing the point of Rick’s missing the point of life…

      • Sure, at first he was a good character. But then he became over the top again and it was just bull crap. Just like how the series has been thus far.

        • And yet you continue to watch

        • If you thought the fiulm version of the govenor was over the top….He was Mr. Normal compared to the comic version.

          • There is another the guy in tha comics thats brutal. What is his name, and I hope he is the next antagonist?

            • Negan and it will be a few seasons before he shows up….

        • Governor, a good character???????????????????????????????? infinitely continued.

      • Here you have a point. I agree, but this theme, especially when it comes to Rick, was way to excessive and expanded – in my opinion it made the show lame for a long time. Not because of the theme, but because of the so expanded place it took.

        In my opinion it just took so long, because the show runners missed the opportunity to end the prison story arc with season 3 and then had to stretch it till midseason final, because the fall of the season is the perfect cliffhanger and the beginning of the next plot line.

        • … fall of the prison … of course! :-)

    • It’s true the episode was weak, but not because the Governor was killed. It’s long overdue. The last two Governor episodes were just needless and the Governor was never meant as a protagonistic character … he should have died and the prison fallen in season 3 final. Almost every episode since then was just a filler!
      So glad it’s over and the story of Rick and his group goes on!

  2. Major spoiler in my comment below:

    This episode was off the charts, enjoyed it a lot. Was that a skinned rat Rick, Daryl and Tyreese were looking at? Got distracted for a second and just caught a glimpse of it. As soon as Hershel smiled at Rick’s speech, offering the Governor to work things out/living together in the prison, anyone else immediately think, “Damn Hershel, you dead now”? Wish the final showdown between Michonne and the Governor went down more similar to the comicbook. Can’t wait until February!

  3. Screenrant, could you guys PLEASE stop spoiling my shows in your article titles? Some people who don’t watch the show won’t have known that the governor’s attacking the prison again, or that this was the mid season finale. This is getting ridiculous, stop spoiling shows for people that don’t watch them (this was sarcasm by the way, haha).

    Anyway, I thought this episode was INCREDIBLE! I’m not saying the choices they made with the season 3 finale were justified (very disappointing episode) but that one still couldn’t have had the emotional impact this one did. This season we’ve gotten to season the prison possibly “safe” and we’ve gotten much more development for both the governor and his people (we never got to know the woodburry citizens in season 3, them dying didn’t really mean anything). This season, however, we got to know several of his people, giving their deaths a lot more impact. Again, not saying the way the ended season 3 was justified, but now I’m glad we got to get a little more of the governor (and the tank). :)

    My heart broke wen Hershel died. However, it wasn’t done for shock value. The direction of the episode was more about emotion. We saw a lot of people die in this episode, but it really wasn’t that gory for a Walking Dead episode, which worked really well. The Governor getting shot in the face and Meghan getting ripped apart, for example, was mostly off screen, which added a lot to the suspense.

    And to those that think the past few episodes were a waste of time, I’m sorry, but the development of Lilly and seeing her turn on the governor at the very end was VERY powerful, and (in my opinion) worked even better than it did in the comics. I’ve enjoyed season 4 for the most part, but it’s been a long time since The Walking Dead has had an episode like this.

    Another thing that should be noted is that people actually got SHOT this time! The fighters in this episode weren’t like the ones last season (who might as well have been the Nazis from the Indiana jones movies). This time we got to see some side characters get killed in battle along with Rick and a few others getting wounded in combat. It’s been a while in The Walking Dead series since I’ve really felt that NO ONE IS SAFE, and this episode did a fantastic job at coming back to that. This episode gets 5 out of 5 stars for me, and I can’t wait for the next half of season 4 :D

    • “This season we’ve finally gotten to SEE the prison safe”

      Ugh, I hate typos.

    • You don’t like spoiler but you spoiled Hershal’s death.

    • I don’t think Lilly “turned” on the Governor. She just did what he did to her dad and daughter.

      I really like how the shows are constructed now, it has the right amount of action, story, suspense and drama. This is probably one of the best seasons.

    • Excellent assessment Robert W.

      It sucks when you watch a show and it has this HUGE impact on you, and you go online and the first flurry of comments you read are saying how much the episode sucked and how disappointed they are. Your perspective has restored my faith in the fact that there are people out there watching these shows with eyes similar to mine :)

      • Thank you very much :)

        I don’t really let other commenters (especially Screenrant, which is FILLED with haters) get to me. I usually try to just speak my mind and avoid debating something as simple as a TV show, lol.

    • What, we can’t talk about a show on this page, in case someone hasn’t seen it? Why can’t people who haven’t seen it stay away, rather than suppress open discussion.

  4. This is a terrible review.

    What did you like? What didn’t you? Exciting scenes? Bad CGI blood? The overall theme of the season so far played out ____ in the mid-season finale. This article is a convoluted mess of incomplete thoughts.

    We get that character deaths (and the death of a location) means the show is moving forward. That is how nearly ALL fiction works.

    Also, I will give this site about a week to get rid of these ridiculously annoying “Ads by Zinc” that play audio the entire time I am on the page. I stop visiting sites that have this kind of low rent garbage.

    • This comment is a convoluted mess of incomplete thoughts.

      • Robert W. is overly obsessed.

      • comment was pretty clear to me, screen rant is awesome but this article is not

        • Agreed.

  5. Just finish watching it. I think this episode is really a great episode by far.

  6. The one thing that will come out of this for the viewers who are tired of the prison is no more prison during the second half of the season. The Governor’s arc seems kind of uneven for me and I am kind of glad to see the character go. I still do not see how people followed him yet again into a battle with people they knew nothing about based on his word, especially since his arrival coincided with two mysterious deaths one after another. I cannot say I am disappointed in the episode though since the attack went down kind of like I thought it would, a disaster for both sides and the prison being destroyed and overrun by walkers.

    Best part of the show me though was Daryl killing a tank……

  7. I loved this episode. I got a kick out of how gung ho mitch was with the tank. one gripe I had was, bob seemingly got shot with a weapon similar to the one daryl was getting shot at when he used the walker for a shield. with bob, the shot went through. with daryl, a physically weakened and decayed walker absorbed all of the shots and then some. something I’m missing here? in addition, I sure thought that walker had daryl dead to rights, similar to how it played out with andrea and Milton, even with andrea having a visual on Milton and a free hand to attempt to defend herself. I guess daryl really has become the Teflon character for the creator of this show.

    it looks as if the second half will find the survivors split for most of it, a good way to develop others and build on different dynamics. perhaps now they’ll also start to pull tyreese’s head from his behind already. wouldn’t surprise me if he found carol, and she told him what she had done herself.

  8. This was a great episode, I love how everything was built for various moments in the climax – Hershe being the true, self-sacrificing hero during the flu outbreak and The Governor’s speech last week about how hero’s always get it in the end – what happens, Hershel does get it at the end and at the hands of the very same man who detests heroes.
    This first half of the season was just as much about the paralles of The Governor/Brian/Philip and Hershel, as much as it was Rick.

    I love how even though Carol is not around, she still has an affect on what happens in this climax – her teachings to the children about being strong and brave in times of crisis. What is ironic is that her teachings led to the children saving the very man she backstabbed by killing Karen. That was just absolute poetry.

    This was by far the best episode of the series, it had chaos but there were such underlying themes behind it all, just beautiful.

    • agreed, lore.

    • +1

    • On the Carol butterfly effect, if Judith is indeed dead, Carol’s teachings directly caused it. Instead of taking Judith to the bus, the kids decide to listen to Carol’s advice and go get guns and help. They end up saving Tyrese, but leaving Judith to die. Harsh.

      Also, there were some very odd edits in this episode. Where did Michonne go? Rick was walking in slo mo up to the prison (COOORLLL!), and she didn’t help him, which would mean she probably didn’t just sprint by him either. Was she just wandering around in the field? Leave some other direction for some odd reason? (the real answer is they forgot the placement of all the characters)

      And the Judith thing. Did the kids sit her down to go get guns? Sit her down to go shoot zombies? Drop her after being attacked? I know they can’t show a baby being eaten, and wanted the reveal to be a last twist of the knife, but to go from safely carried by kids to empty, bloody carseat is just bad screenwriting. It was more of a “Huh? How the? But the… Huh?” moment than a “OH MY GEE THA BABAY DEAD!” as it was probably intended. The emotional impact was almost completely lost on me because it was so poorly handled.

      Not to mention Beth being the caretaker of the baby for it’s entire existence, and then in this episode the job conveniently falls to the mentally unstable children for the first time ever. (Beth and baby dying together would have A) made more sense B) been way more emotional.

      Loved the episode, probably in my top three of the series. But there are some weird and easy to fix plot holes that mark it down a point for me.

  9. This was the type of episode I expected in the season 3 finale.

    One of the best episodes of TWD so far in my opinion.

  10. I loved the character development of the Governors people. That way when they died it actually meant something. Great episode. Looking forward to what is next. I just wish Shane had lived instead of Rick. Would have made a more interesting show that way

  11. So some idiot just left the baby on the ground? Please.

    Other than that, very solid ending to mid-season. Oh except the little girl who saves Tyreese can’t act at all and every time she’s on screen it’s awful to watch.

    • The children were carrying the baby, and children, you know, do pretty stupid things sometimes (so do adults, but this I could buy). The little kids left the baby to get the guns. Agree about the girl that saved Tyrese though. Those kids really aren’t very good actors.

    • Yeah that was very poorly handled.

      • Like I said, in a situation like that, I wouldn’t count on KIDS making very smart decisions.

  12. I’m getting really sick of my comments waiting for moderation after some of the crap I read on this website, especially after viewing the Paul Walker page.

    • Same here, cannot understand what triggers it since a lot of spam and other stuff gets through here regularly.

  13. You know, I could list a lot of problems it had from my own personal perspective, but if there is one thing notable from these sections is that to do so would be to invite vitriol from those a person may dare disagree with. Like console wars really, but focused on a TV show instead.

    So be it. It was better than the season 3 finale. That is the biggest compliment I will pay it.

    • Whatever you do…don’t criticize Man of Steel.

      Learn from me.

      Learn from me…


  14. Can someone look at 42 minutes in to the episode and tell me if thats RICKS WIFE, when we get a close up of the zombie? Cheers

    • it was the woman from the woods

    • That wasn’t Lori, Rick’s wife. It was Clara, the lady Rick meets in the forest in the first episode of the season “30 Days without an accident”.

  15. Enjoyed the episode.

  16. loved the episode it was like watching the comic come to life when gov was attacking the prison.

  17. what happened to the baby? did i miss something, i saw the other kids bring out the car seat then it was empty, bloody i think or dirty.

    need to stop channel surfing during commercial breaks

    • The baby disappeared, and left was its bloody car seat, so it was apparently eaten by walkers.

    • If you look closely around 38:53 you can see Tyreese running away just before the tank hits the bridge. It looks like hes carrying something which could possibly be Judith. Its the same area where Rick and Carl found the car seat so my guess is that Judith survived.

  18. I am not entirely convinced that the Governor is dead. I mean yes there is a really good chance, but you didn’t actually see him die. We saw him get stabbed through the chest and a supposed bullet was shot at him, but we didn’t actually see the bullet finish him off. I think with all the bad that the Governor has done, not having him die and get eaten alive by zombies and turn into a walker would not pay the proper homage to the character.

    While we may not see the character again this season, I think we’ll see him again real soon.

    As for Hershel, glad they did it, good characters need to go, while it was emotional and thought he was a big part of the show, killing him off still showed me that the writers are willing to take risks.

    Overall, good episode and I am finally glad to see the gang move out of the prison and onto a new setting(s)

    • You never saw Adriana get whacked by Silvio in “The Sopranos”, but it was agreed without doubt she was killed. Governor is dead.

      • The governor is dead, no doubt, and thank God, as I, for one, was getting tired of the character.

        • So true!!!

    • Taking risks would be killing Rick or Darryl, lol.

    • He dead.

  19. The walking dead battle got hot and real heavy, I am happy I had time to watch it.

  20. Well those surving humans better hope the Govenor is dead because he’s more deadly than the Walkers. How many people did he get killed (And killed himself) by leading them to war against the most bad ass survivors left? He’s killed off two communities of people who managed to survive the end of the world. That’s one hell of an accomplishment.

    My biggest problem with the events was that the Govenor barely met these people and yet they were ready to follow him to war. Then to top it off when Rick pleaded to not have war especially since there’s kids inside….Nobody opposed the Govenor’s insistence to still take over. I could see a well trained army falling in line, but these were just fellow survivors who in real life would rather take a peace offering than have a shoot out. But then the group would have remained in the prison, and I think it was long time to move on before the prison started to become stale to the story…

    I have the feeling that somewhere down the line Carrol has a place set up that becomes their nexdt safe haven

    • dont forget that group of soldiers he killed for their weapons. stupid govenah. haha. he could have maybe convinced those guys to fight Rick with him.

    • I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt on this one. Two reasons: Nobody knows really how we’d act under the constant threat of death via starvation, disease, or being eaten by zombies. Personally, I thought those people were a great metaphor for how the people can be zombies themselves. Which brings me to my second reason: Mob Mentality. The guy in the tank just needed to chime in and the rest were reaffirmed in their decision to attack. We know this works in the real world quite well, causing many people to do things they’d never do alone.

      • Agreed

    • Just goes to show how charismatic of a leader he was. Without them knowing his backstory, he was able to convince them that Rick’s group was the bad guys. Not to mention that he killed off the two guys who wouldn’t have gone along with it and made that one buffoon his second-in-command.

      • I just thought it was bad writing

        • Or it just showed how easily you can turn the desperate into monsters. It’s not like we’ve ever seen this type of thing happen in human history before…

  21. Two words, Epic! They went Game of Thrones Red Wedding Level Epic…

    • I wouldn’t say that epic but it’s nice that they are moving on from the prison arc

      • Agree on that I was wondering if there were going to leave the prison I`d thought they stay too long. Also thought the Governor was gonna live for another season since he`s the menacing villain I don’t follow the comic books.

    • Epic is one word BTW. :-P

    • not epic.. just expected

    • Woowh … wait … by far not that epic like Red Wedding Epic. GoT is very slow too, but not because of stretching! Although The Walking Dead is a well written show, Game of Thrones is brilliant written and also much more consistent.

  22. Maybe someone posted this, but I just felt “tl;dr”:

    The fight between Rick and the Governor was pure ham. If you get a man down on the ground, straddle him, and start pounding his face in, there is very little hope of that man then getting up and beating the living hell out of you. They didn’t show how that particular part of the fight occurred, so we’re left to think whatever we want. Personally, I’m going to say that Rick broke his hand on Brian’s face, winced in pain, and that gave the advantage over.

    The other blank spot that upset me was Darrell’s zombie attack. They built it up, then switched scenes, then came back and Darrell has that zombie as a shield. Did he almost get bit? Was he bit but kept fighting? What happened here?

    There were way too many editing mistakes to this episode for me to call it great. It was ok, but with 10 – 20 more seconds it could have been an all time best.

    • I didn’t like the editing with the Daryl shot either. Trying to create too much suspense in an already suspenseful moment.

      • I thought the daryl shot was great. The more suspense the better (this time actually being GOOD suspense). Anyone remember that lame moment in season 3 when Andrea was grabbed by that walker with super strength from behind the tree?

  23. I think maggie is going to die next.sucks cuz she is hot as hell….her bf took a picture of her earlier in the season and I think that will b something he looks at and depresses himself with…but the end of the season was great I wish rick wooped the gov/brians a$$ more with the govenor fighting dirty to get the upper hand, but other than that great episode!!!!

    • You forget that they were separated in this episode. Glen was on the bus while his wife was one of those left behind. We’ll see the photo and his depression but it’ll be sooner then you think ;)

  24. Great episode. I hope they bring the character Degan to the screen. He makes the Governor look like a choirboy!

    • It’s starting to look like he might show up in the next half of the season :D

      • Come on, what exactly looks like he’s showing up in the next half of the season?

        Since (besides this half season) the TV show pretty properly follows the plot lines of the comic book, next half of the season we’ll see Abrahams group and the Hunters story arc. The final of season 4 will be the cliffhanger to the Alexandria Safe Zone plot line. So we see Negan at the earliest in the second half of season 5.

        • I correct: I bet Negan will first appear as midseason final cliffhanger of season 5 (and as reader of the comic book you know who will die).

          • Of course it’s possible the show runners continue stretching the plot lines with filler episodes. In this case Negan could show up much later … hopefully not, otherwise I won’t watch it any more to see him. ;-)

    • You mean “Negan” ?

  25. I thought it was a good episode. There are some holes here and there but overall it wasn’t bad. I am glad they are moving on from the prison arc now. Although I liked some of the way they portrayed the Governor in Season 3, I think they dropped the ball this season on his character. They had a chance this season to make the guy look crazy bad but in the end I felt like he was just another guy. I get that they were trying to make it feel like anyone can be the “governor” but for a character that put the comics on the map they really failed on that part. The Daryl zombie part was a little annoying since we didn’t see what he did to use the zombie as a shield. Did he just grab him and that’s it? Overall I thought it was just an okay episode with hints of promise in the coming episodes come Feb.

  26. Great mid-season finale. They promised it would end with a bang & it did. I was really sadden about Hershel’s desmise. I liked how the Governor was executed. Sure Rick didn’t come on top, but it paved the way for a good desmise of the Governor. Atleast Rick got in some blows in to the Governor. I wonder if people are gonna complain on how the two little girls saved Tyrese from being killed.

    Look forward to Feb. 9th,2014 for the season to continue.

    I hate long waits. _Han Solo

  27. Good episode, shame about Hershel as I liked the character. I was terrified they were going to kill Daryl off though, that is the only thing that would stop me from watching tbh. I hope carl bites the dust next, I hate that little B****

  28. I think there’s a future babe for Carl now. She might be about ten now, but she showed she can shoot to kill without remorse. Someone Carl might be able to relate to…If she lives long enough to grow up that is

  29. Question: What was that thing up against the wall Tyrell was showing Rick and Darrel before the Gov showed up? I couldn’t quite make it out. Looked like maybe a fillet rat or bat or something.

    Also: I have the feeling that Tyrell not finding out about what Carol did is a set up for them running into each other later on next season now that everyone is split up again

    • It was a dead rat that was dissected Tyrese was showing Rick & Daryl.

    • I believe it was a rabbit opened up like a science experiment.