AMC Developing ‘Walking Dead’ Companion TV Show for 2015

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The Walking Dead Companion TV Show Series Announced AMC Developing Walking Dead Companion TV Show for 2015

Entertainment brands are no longer being built lengthwise – they’re being built widthwise. In a post-Avengers world, extending a franchise through sequels, prequels, interquels or other time-bending techniques isn’t sufficient; audiences of today want unique worlds to fully immerse themselves in – the bigger, the better.

Marvel superheroes and their universe have given rise to expansion plans for the DC SuperheroStar Wars and Harry Potter universes – even television has been following the strategy, with AMC widening their Breaking Bad franchise into the Better Call Saul spinoff series; and now more world will be added to the network’s flagship series, The Walking Dead

AMC made the announcement that it will produce a Walking Dead companion series with a 2015 air date in mind; serving on the show as executive producers are Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and show producers Glae Anne Hurd and David Alpert.

Kirkman had the following to say about the new show (of which details are scant at the moment):

“After 10 years of writing the comic book series and being so close to the debut of our fourth, and in my opinion, best season of the TV series, I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting the chance to create a new corner of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe,” said Kirkman. “The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.”

Along with the rise of the “franchise universe” model has come the inevitable cynicism that “universe building” is actually just a euphemism for “cash-grabbing.” In the case of a Breaking Bad spinoff it’s easy to see why someone might feel sour about such a focused and self-contained character drama being transformed into a franchise universe; however, Walking Dead is a different creature, entirely.

The goal of Robert Kirkman was always to create a zombpocalypse saga that is long-lasting and widespread, so really the comic series (and subsequently the show) comes with inherent potential for a much larger universe to be explored. There are infinite number of characters, storylines and perspectives that could be configured into a marketable show; the caveat being that the showrunners will have to be able to find a distinctly new thematic and character drama hook, other than survivors trying to deal with the toll of survival on a zombified earth. We’ve seen that before. Judging from Kirkman’s words, however, something new and fresh is indeed the intention.

Lost The Tailies AMC Developing Walking Dead Companion TV Show for 2015

Awww, remember the Tailies?

Personally speaking, I was one of those viewers who was wholly engrossed when Lost ran its “Tailies” mini-arc in the second season. The switch in perspective and introduction of new characters – different and intriguing characters – set within a familiar world, was an overall fun experience. (In fact, I still consider it a misstep that the showrunners ultimately negated the entire “Tailies Saga” by systematically killing those characters off.)

That’s all to say: There is plenty of potential for the zombpocalypse to offer us more compelling TV drama – at least in my opinion. Let us know what YOU think by voting in the poll below and/or dropping your ideas for a good companion show in the comments.

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The Walking Dead season 4 premieres on October 13, 2013 @ 9/8c only on AMC. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the yet-untitled companion show as it heads for its proposed 2015 premiere.

Source: AMC

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  1. Hurawl?

  2. “The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.”

    pfffft one could say the TV show currently is not tethered to the comics….

    And thank you Mr. Kirkman for calling them comic books and not graphic novels…. :D

    • Most of the characters and many of the events in the show are based on characters and events from the comic books so, yes, it is tethered to the comics. Also, Mr. Kirkman has every right to call them comic books, or whatever else he wants, for that matter, since he writes them. Write your own and call it a graphic novel if you’d like…it’s still the same thing.

  3. This isn’t really a new thing or even a copycat of what marvel is doing. The Star Trek franchise was doing this almost 30 years ago, with 3 series all set in the same universe and at the same time with crossing characters and story arcs

    • don’t forget the stargate set!!! Too

    • Also TV shows in general,has been doing it for yrs!!

  4. I have a great idea for a Walking Dead spinoff. It would be called, “The Walking Dead: Meteora”. A show which focuses on one character trying to survive an entire zombie apocalyspe. The whole premise for the first season takes place inside a giant amusement park similiar to Disney World then for Season 2 the premise moves to a giant mall in vein of Dawn of The Dead and that’s when he meets more survivors. Then for Season 3 they are in an underground military facility fighting against undead soldiers and Season 4 they discover an experimental time machine that takes them back to an alternate version of WW2 with Nazi zombies. Then Season 5 has them all back in present day in the future where there is an alien invasion happening and they have to fight off against these aliens like in the movie War of The Worlds. Then Season 6 would have them trapped in an abandoned western town with the return of more zombie mayhem. Season 7 would entirely be a prequel focusing on the first main character and how his life was before it started including finding refuge in the amusement park. Season 8 would be the entire cast visiting a post apocalyptic New York to find the zombie plauge has hit NY worst. Season 9 is the finale where they escape New York.

    • You had me up until season 4 sir.

      • Well why not introduce more science fiction elements. It’s not like the idea of zombies is exactly grounded either.

      • Sounded pretty good up till season 4, then it became Call of Duty crap…

        • You know there are great Nazi zombie movies out there that doesn’t have anything to do with “Call of Duty”. Haven’t you seen the movie Outpost or Dead Snow? Stretched within a series it could be awesome. The characters learning to adapt and survive into a different setting, introducing more sci-fi elements, and best of all new enemies they haven’t faced yet going to the challenge. It doesn’t have to be like anything Call of Duty at all.

          • Your time travel, Sci-fi, and fantasy shenanigans seem a bit heavy handed compared to where your outline first starts out is all…

            Especially to be spun off from “The Walking Dead”. As you’re own thing, cool, and you could probably do it better yourself on its own. But yeah, kinda all over the place there near the middle/end.

          • There is another amazing short film by Tony Wash called “A Chance In Hell”.

        • Sounds more like a hodge podge of existing storylines from 9 different movies, one per season. I did like the Dead Snow reference for season 4, though.

    • Watch zombie land much.

  5. @ MarkHard ..LOVE your idea and wish it would be the premise for a ZOMBIELAND series ( if it had they probably would’ve not cancelled the pilot they made ). If you need proof a spinoff could work just play the telltale videogame . NUFF SAID !

  6. Half-expecting the story of this new show to centre around a man named Lee Everett and a girl he finds in a treehouse.

    • I’d watch that…

      • The problems with the Lee Everett storyline are
        a) if you played the game, it’s been done and done really well.
        b) it’s basically the same themes and plot devices as the show.

        Now if you’re saying the story picks up from that story, following withe Clementine and how she’s getting along, now we’re talking.

        • The Walking Dead was a popular comic before it was a popular TV show. A good story can be tweaked, redone, retold. Hell, superhero movies have been doing that for a little while now. It’s not a case of people hating it if its already been done, because the more people that know about the original, the more people want to see the new take on it.

          Wouldn’t a Walking Dead spin-off essentially be the same tone/vibe with different characters? Obviously, there’s a chance it’d be completely different as there are more free (less ‘tethered’) things that Kirkman could do and it sounds like that’s pretty enjoyable for him. For example, what’s happened to the government? Are there people trying to fix things more than, ‘how do we survive until tomorrow?’

    • i would so watch that do a spin off with Clementine and Lee

  7. RIP Mr. Eko.


  9. I’ve always thought it would be cool to see a zombie show where each episode in the first season focuses on a different character leading up to and in the first stages of the apocalypse, and then in the season finale all the characters find themselves crossing paths and banding together. A great way to make you care for each main character.

    • Unfortunately, audiences tend to not take to anthologies any more (which that would essentially be until the finale) and likely not even make it to pay off with them all meeting…

      Plus, you’re talking some 13 to 22 main characters.

  10. They should do a show about Daryl prior to the apocalypse. Id watch that

  11. I want to see a Terriers/ Waliking Dead crossover. Bring Hank & Britt back and set it in Socal/ urban setting.

  12. Id like to see a tv series of Daryl & Meryl before they met the group,etc. like the video game. Wishful thinking I know.

  13. ‘Don’t Dead Open Inside’ Never understood……

    • It should be read as ‘Don’t Open, Dead Inside’

    • Open the door and all those bodies that those hands are attached to would be on you in an instant, and likely more than anyone but Tyreese can handle at once.

  14. Meh. The Walking Dead is enough for me. It depends on the idea, so if it’s good I’ll watch, but The Walking Dead has already started to drag a bit. It’s still bloody good (no pun intended), but IMO it feels like in the 6 episodes of S1, there was more story and more character development than in S2 or even S3 (which had 13 and 16 episodes).

    I don’t know if they’re intentionally going for this slow burn, or if they’re trying to stretch it out as much as possible to keep the show alive for as long as possible, but I’d like things to move along a bit more… briskly in S4.

    • My real question is………what will they be able to do that our current cast WON’T be able to do?

      Sure another group will have a different group dynamic and the locales/situations would be different but the end goal remains the same, survive the Zombie horde to live another day. Whether it’s Rick and his crew or another group it might feel a bit rehashed no matter how different. I would rather any possible ideas be saved/given to our current group rather than have another group using those plot ideas.

      • AMC is trying to take a page from CBS. They haven’t caught on to the concept of dilution yet.

  15. It will be about a family called the Dugglers, a kind of reality show about a family that dug tunnels under the earth to avoid the zombie apocalypse and it will portray the daily ins and outs of living in tunnels as a family. I imagine there is potential of some real tense moments of maybe some good old family tunnel drama and what they will do about the tunnel zombies that are for sure to appear.

  16. How about a Marvel Zombie show, now that would be great to see.
    But back to subject at hand, I think this is great, because it is on a blank canvas for the creator, some have said in comments that the walking dead isn’t based off the comic completely but thing is that if you have read the comic you got a idea of some of the characters, yes the show has had to make changes to keep you on your toes but still takes away from some surprise because you knew things were coming along. Now with a clean canvas, nobody will know what is coming, who will die? Who will live? Where will the end up? It will all be a surprise and I like that. I would like them also if they do this, than put around same time the walking dead is right now and than in future you could actually possibly have a cross over into each other by end.

  17. How about Walking Dead: Alaska. Where, most of the survivors are very comfortable up north during the freezing winters because all the zombies don’t wear winter parkas.

  18. Personally I’d be interested in watching a companion show that would show us HOW the zombie apocalypse began & that would show us the efforts of the establishment (As would be represented by government officials, military personnel, scientists, & containment teams) to contain it once it did begin to spread. A wide array of characters could be featured (With other countries represented as well since it IS a global pandemic)& none of their fates would be predetermined so the suspense could be possibly even greater than with the original show where the comic that spawned it gives us at least SOME idea of where the characters are or might be headed.

    • THIS!

    • this is what i would watch !

  19. Now when they say companion show does that mean its gonna air on the same day as Walking Dead? Back to back zombie shows will be overkill.

  20. while I’m not crazy about this possible saturation, I will say at least they cleared things up with venturing to use new characters and I’m thinking this might be more of an anthology series, with the success of their webisodes and all.

  21. I definitely don’t want to see how the zombie outbreak started or what caused it, I like the mystery, but I’d be ok with it being someone studying it, like the CDC episode of twd and seeing some of the initial outbreak. I liked those flashbacks they use to do that showed the group in the beginning, before Rick woke up from his coma.

  22. One thing that bugs me about the current walking dead (and that a new show could improve on) is that the groups are unnaturally small. In fact only small groups seem to have survived. The groups that have survived are more interested in shunning others and killing than trying to rebuild anything. A show that showed the last remnants of government, military or a scientific outpost would allow it to look at wider themes in a World War Z kind of way.

  23. They could cross this spinoff with another Breaking Bad one and call it Walking Bad where the zombie types get infected from smoking blue meth.

  24. I hope they don’t just mess up the whole thing

  25. enough with all these damn spin offs in movies and now tv shows. They are only made for cashing in a quick buck and they put little to no effort in the story telling.

  26. The Pitch: Make one that does not screw over the showrunner and the cast, eventually firing the showrunner, and nearly killing the series. Then try not to fire each and every other showrunner after each season. Then try to not turn the whole thing into a Soap Opera.

    The writing is on the wall for tWD if they are planning exit strategies. The only question that matters is the amount and quality of the new series. Since they managed to majestically screw-up the first, and cannot be bothered to fix it (handing it to Kirkman was a death sentence*), I will check it out but will not be surprised to see re-hashes. After all it is always easier to write new characters than to develop them. That is exactly what this sound like.

    *Kirkman’s comic reached a 98% soap operatic infection level by issue 105, which is where many of us quit reading them after hoping they would get better. We stayed with it for over 25 episodes of mostly crap, and if anyone has any doubts, I sincerely invite you to check them out. I still hold out hope that this new 4th season show runner (yep, AMC fired S#3′s) will somehow pull a zombie-rabbit out of thin-air, but I am not counting on it.

    P.S. More = Better. Better = Better. Better + More = Hit (and that means money).

    P.P.S. Just in case you do not know this, actors are paid base on how long the show has been on the air and how the ratings are doing. So now, with tWD hitting S4 with great ratings, AMC will *finally* have to start paying them. They paid 60% wages for S1 (only 6 episodes and that is what the cast was willing to do to make the show). Then in S2 AMC actually cut the budget, yep, cut it! For S3 they came back to parity for a show that had been on for two seasons! For S4 I really hope the cast stuck to their lawyers and finally started getting some of the massive profits that AMC execs have been raking in for themselves for this show. This is another reason why I would not be surprised to see AMC cancel tWD after S5, claiming anything except that is it just a money grab when they can spin-off pretender series and the viewing audience continues to watch. So if the rumors start after S4, remember to hit AMC’s boards and make some noise.

    • What are you talking about?

      That makes no sense at all..

      If you don’t like the show b/c the comic and the tv show that is just fkn dumb

  27. Damn, no edit button!

    That was supposed to be
    PS. More does not = Better. Better = Better.

  28. I think they should make an animated show based on the comics, the comics have a lot better storyline than the show!

  29. I think any companion show takes away from the possibilities of the mothership. Part of the intrigue of the WD is answering the question: What’s left of the World as we know it? A companion show would cause that question to get answered too quickly.