‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Trailer: The Governor Returns!

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Valentine’s Day won’t be the only event ripping out hearts this February when AMC’s hit zombie thriller The Walking Dead makes its season 3 mid-season return. After pulling in record-breaking numbers in last month’s mid-season finale “Made to Suffer” – fans are eagerly anticipating answers to its epic cliffhanger ending.

AMC has released a new trailer for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead titled “The Suicide King”, which shows hell hath no fury like a Governor scorned. Sporting a brand new piece of pirate couture following his eye-popping battle with Michonne (Danai Gurira), The Governor (David Morrissey) is taking his crazy on the road by hunting down the Atlanta survivors at their prison home.

If a psychotic madman wasn’t enough to deal with, following his heavily witnessed meltdown, group leader Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) totalitarian “Ricktatorship” will be challenged from multiple angles – including his own son Carl (Chandler Riggs). The once annoying Carl has upped his game after the mercy re-killing of his mother Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), who initially died after giving birth to baby Judith.

Not much is known about the story of the second half of season 3, but with Rick’s sanity taking a powder and Hershel (Scott Wilson) still recovering from having a leg hacked off, Carl has become a de facto leader of the group despite his young age.

The real question on everyone’s mind is what will become of everyone’s favorite redneck Darryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) – who was captured last episode along with his less-lovable racist brother Merle (Micheal Rooker). The Dixon brothers’ belated reunion was not exactly what either expected as they both ended up with their heads on chopping block following Rick’s assault on the Woodbury estate.

Walking Dead Trailer The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer: The Governor Returns!

With the long overdue entrance of comic book favorite Tyreese (Chad Coleman) – who a lot of Darryl’s nobler qualities were based on – there’s speculating that the nicer Dixon brother may be on his way out. The next episode’s title “The Suicide King” is not helping fan fears. Who is the suicide king? Perhaps Darryl will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the group or his ill-deserving brother.

What say you? Think Darryl will make it to see season 4? Sound off below.


The Walking Dead returns February 10th @ 9pm with “The Suicide King” on AMC.

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  1. Man, I hope Darryl isn’t KO’d in the second half of the season, but I can totally see that happening; especially with the introduction of Tyreese.

    Maybe Lee Everett and/or Clementine can make an appearance.

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      • -_-

      • cool story bro!

      • You got any nikes, lol

    • Personally I’d like to see Kenny and Duck make an appearance if not just for the hilarity of Rick making a passing comment about how annoying people must find them “Seriously that kid Duck never listens to he’s dad! Just stay in the house Duck!”

    • Just so you know some fans leaked out some info about episode 16. Daryl is alive and filming the finale. Don’t mean to burst anyones bubble, but he’s gonna make it. Can’t say the same for Merle I don’t know about him.

  2. Adios Darryl.

    • Daryl makes it back to the prison at least. You can see him in another clip, he is safe for now.

      • yeah, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bite it by the end of the episode.
        Daryl is just about everyone’s fav. character, but let’s be real… supposedly he wasn’t in the comics.. and what better way to exploit the “noone is safe” moniker than to ice a fan favorite.

        hey.. they iced T-dog didn’t they?

        okay, bad joke, but let’s face it. Daryl can’t co-exist with Tyrese. One of em’s got to be cut.
        it’s probably gonna be Daryl. Maybe even at the hands of Merle ??

        • Why? Why can’t Daryl and Tyrese co-exist? Daryl and T-Dog co-existed just fine. And, at first look, Tyrese doesn’t react the same way Daryl does. Daryl is practical and grim. Tyrese seems to be all about morals and humanity. In fact, the two characters COULD serve as opposing opinions for Rick. Practicality vs. Morality. Sort of the same way Spock and McCoy were that for Kirk.

    • The only way they’d kill Daryl is if the actor wanted out. He’s the gravy train, man. At this point in the books, Tyrese is about to die, so I don’t know what they think they’d achieve by dumping Daryl.

      That said, it would be a gutsy move on their part, if they did it. Truly no one would be safe on the show, if they killed him. Really, as it stands, only Rick and Carl are golden.

      • Even though Tyreese is about to die at this point in the comics, he was just introduced on the show, so I doubt they’d kill him off right after introducing him. Maybe Daryl will get Tyrese’s death.

  3. Wasn’t this the promo that aired right after Made to Suffer?

    • Yup

  4. Daryl is too big of a kill too soon. They just killed of Lori and T-Dog and last season we saw Shane and the old guy go. I think if they want to kill Daryl off save it for the last ep of the season. He’s a fan favorite of the show and killing him off will leave the audience even less to identify with, which imo is my only issue with the show

  5. AMC will lose over half of their ratings if they kill off Daryl. Who knows, maybe Merle will make a surprising hero sacrifice to save his little brother.

  6. cant wait!!!!

  7. Can someone confirm that the guy playing tyrese is also the mandingo fighter big fred in django?

  8. Too many of my faves with no repacements (not fond of Michionne sp?)being killed off means loss of interest. So many shows lose my interest that I have only a handful I still watch.

  9. If Daryl dies, the show will. He needs to survive really..I think Merle will do something to save him.

  10. The Punk is right, That is just the preview they showed right after the mid-season finale… Nothing new.

  11. Darryl’s time is not up yet, the big finale death will be Andrea, I’d bet money on it!! She’s been a bit confused of late and basically she’ll have to pay the price of fraternising with the gov!

    • doubt it. She has longevity in the comics [from what I'm told] so she aint going nowhere no time soon.

      • Dale had longevity in the comics too. He made it past the farm and the prison, but you see where he is now on the show.

    • They need to off that b**** now, shes too stupid to live!

  12. Is it bad that I just hope that Merle lives? I would really like to see a redemption story play out in the Walking Dead universe. Like a reverse Shane.

  13. It is almost completely the one after the last episode. I don’t remember Daryl with the knife, the weird spiky traps in the street with the sign that says “Just Listen”, the unfamiliar woman with the baby in the car, or Carl with the vest on, though. I think it’s the same trailer with some other stuff shoehorned into it.

  14. Yeah you can’t let Darryl Die; let it be his brother! Oh, yeah, I thought that zombie ate Lori! WTF is she doing walking around as a zombie now?

    • Er……Huh? There was no Lori in that clip.

  15. “pirate couture” LMAO!! Darryl is toast I think. They need a dramatic death and no one really liked Lori anyways.

  16. Killing Darryl would make no sense. Everyone has not read the comics and I personally don’t know if I like Tyresse as yet. I do know that I adore Darryl and I think AMC would be taking an unnecessarily big chance by getting rid of him.

  17. i like darryl and all, but i would have no problem with him dying off if tyreese proved to be as good of a second hand man as he was in the comics. but i in no way see him being killed off for at least a few more seasons. not possible. the majority of the general viewing public seems to only identify with him. Hell he’s probably the only reason the show really is as popular as it is. i could see them killing rick before darryl!!

  18. Daryl is the only character other than Rick I can say I like. Hershel is a nice character, but he is a sideline character now.

    Not sure how I’d feel about the show if Daryl was to die.

  19. The suicide Kings is the name of a film made in the 1980′s in which a group of people kidnap a mafia boss and hold him hostage. Therefore it’s safe to assume that they will kidnap the governor, or vice versa Rick will get kidnapped by the Woodbury group. And if you watch the first trailer, it clearly shows orange mist like a gas bomb in the area where Daryl and Merle are sentenced to death. I think its safe to assume someone rescues them with tear gas or something of the sort. I could be wrong, but i think im relatively close.

    • @The Rooster – Suicide Kings was made in 1997 and starred Christopher “More Cowbell” Walken. You’re correct about the story though.

  20. They better not kill daryl the best character on the show such a sexy guy.

  21. What makes this show such a compelling and great drama is that it is willing to kill off primary characters along side the ancillary ones…..this isnt like star trek or other shows where only the red shirts get killed and the main characters stick around forever and this is what keeps viewers emotionally invested in the show week to week and a big reason why I think they will indeed kill off Daryl.

  22. After studying the trailer over and over, I can only predict that Axel-the creepy prisoner-will get the boot. And BTW guys, this season still has MAANNYY episodes left. Everybody is not just gonna die in “The Suicide King”. Of course, Tyreese is doomed by cannon, but I honestly don’t think Daryl is going anywhere. He will most likely be separated from the group at some point and Merle will be taken to the prison with Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. Interested to see how this will play out. I cannot wait.

  23. Of course it’s possible that Daryl could go, but I’d be more likely to put my money on Merle before him. The show showed us over and over again that despite his other flaws (big ones…) Merle was hell-bent on the reunion no matter what, leading to many ambiguous looks from Merle and questioning of his loyalty by the Governor, so perhaps he goes out nobly, saving his brother? Reedus is awfully popular as well, though I doubt that would sway the writers much if they felt it was his time. Hard to say, and I prefer not to try and figure things out, especially on a show like this. I really don’t think the advent of Tyrese should necessarily herald Daryl’s end, though. The show has shown it’s willingness to diverge from the comics and it’s not like they’re clones. We’ll see… I can hardly wait!

  24. Everybody can’t wait for the next episode… but hopefully rick’s group will be safe specially

  25. I would really want to see Daryl Dixon during the whole season, and in the season/s after that. He’s probably one of the reasons I watch this series and if he’s out, it would really be a huge bummer.

  26. I’m betting Darryl will escape the prison with Merle and Dr. Stevens. Dr. Stevens will die along the way, allowing for some Merle and Darryl talking points. They’ll arrive, and somehow accidentally let the walkers into the prison. Merle will escape in the chaos, leaving them all to fend for themselves, perhaps causing Rick to loose his arm. There will be an epic fight at some point, and they may loose Axel or Amy. At some point during all this, Rick and Darryl will have a fight, and Tyreese will intervene, after Rick completely loses it. He’ll wake up, and Hershel will tell him that he’s no longer in charge, and the group will be led by a commitee consisting of Rick, Darryl, Tyreese and Carl. But then, when we least expect it, the Governor and Merle will arrive at the prison with the tanks, military equipment and soldiers. He’ll shoot Hershel and hold the rest of them at gunpoint, possibly shooting Hershel to show he means business. Then he’ll choose one of them to make an example of, pick Darryl and behead him in front of the whole group. A battle will then break out between Rick’s group and the Governor’s men. In the ensuing battle, Merle will join forces with Rick to avenge his brother and die fighting, and the Governor will be killed by Tyreese, thus proving his loyalty to the group. The fences are breached, the governor is dead, and the Woodbury soldiers are demoralized. Rick stands among the corpses of those lost, and gives his “WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!” spech. And that, my friends, is the rest of Season 3.

    • *speech. Ugh.

      • None of this will happen in The Suicide King by the way, this is just the rest of the season. I’m betting that in the Suicide King, Darryl and Merle will be forced to fight each other, and there will be some kind of drama at the prison. Perhaps Billy is the Suicide King, and there will be a scene like the one between Tyreese’s daughter and that other dude. That could trigger the fight. Only, Rick seems to be going out on another mission at some point in the “next time on” so my synopses is either entirely wrong, or just faster paced. They seem to be setting something up with Dr. Stevens and his friendly pet zombies — maybe they’ll get him, because he’ll want to bring them with him when he wants to escape, and he lets them loose on Woodbury, as the place descends into the Hell, while the Governor continues to lose it (as if he hadn’t already).

  27. First of all, I hate that speech from the books. It’s trite.

    Second, unless there’s a real Spartacus element to that fight, there’s no way that Merle and Daryl are gonna fight. More likely they have to fight a horde of zombies without weapons, or all the other guys AND zombies….But they won’t fight each other.

  28. I agree with the person who said that killing off Darryl is not really an option, since it would be bad for TWD business. Too many fans like him. I think Merle will sacrafice himself for the group as a way to commit some sort of redeeming act before he dies. I think either Merle or Michonne will kill the Governor.

    In addition to Merle, the other character to get knocked off I think could be Herschel’s blond, teenage daughter (the younger one, forgot her name).

    I never read the comics, only the wikipedia summary of them. Is it too early in the story to introduce the Safe Zone, or does that come way after the prison story arc?

  29. Why is everyone scared that Daryl will die? This trailer and the trailer before it) show that he is still alive.

    • Bottom-line,
      Rick has got to lose that hand.

      Also Rick Shane and Darryl all co-existed theirs no reason Tyreese can’t join the triangle.

      We all know Andrea is going to continue to be a naive moron, hears to hoping she’s on the right side of the line for the final battle.

      Also everyone check out the most recent Season 3 return promo.