Wonder Woman Wachowski Rumors Debunked

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wonderwoman golden lasso Wonder Woman Wachowski Rumors DebunkedMTV News has been doing a dutiful job trying to keep up with all the wayward fragments of the shattered Justice League movie, like keeping tabs on the Wonder Woman movie, which has been sitting snuggly in the lap of producer Joel Silver (The Matrix) for some time now.

According to MTV, Silver, like the man with his finger on the big red button, had been thinking of handing Wonder Woman over to the Wachowski Bros. (The Matrix). Thankfully, El Mayimbe from Latino Review were able to deflate this troubling rumor, while we here at Screen Rant looked into what’s really going on with big-screen adaptation of America’s favorite Amazon.

According to the rumor mill, fantasy guru Josh Whedon was working on a script for Wonder Woman, but quit the project when producers Joel Silver and Leonard Goldberg decided to go with a WWII-centered script by relatively unknown scribes, Matt Jennison and Matt Strickland.

(You can get a full account of how Whedon would’ve done Wonder Woman in this MTV interview.)

Further demonstrating just what breed of geniuses studio execs really are, Goldberg had this to say about Warner Bros.’ falling out with Whedon:

“We’ve tried that route. We’ve had a writer-director work on it,” said Goldberg, who declined to comment specifically on the Whedon dustup. “But I’m old school. When we have a script to present to directors, we’ll sit down with them and see who has a take that blows us away.”

…Which brings us back around to the Wachowski Bros. Joel Silver and the Bros. have been a team ever since the conception of the universe—and while unlikely, it is at least possible that Warner Bros. is either dumb or daring enough to believe that The Matrix lighting can strike twice.

“At one time, Joel [Silver] said they might have an idea. But they got diverted to another project [and] never followed through,” he said, before adding, “There may come a time when they will be focused on ‘Wonder Woman’ and may come up with whatever their take on it was. They’re certainly very talented guys. Their vision for movies — whether they’re successful or not — is always singular.”

So that’s the reason for Speed Racer. “Singular vision.” Ah.

As it stands now, Matts Jennison and Strickland are buckled down doing a second draft of their script, which Goldberg has stated he hopes to be “more current.” (Duh.) Though, to his credit, Goldberg went on to say that he doesn’t want to see the same old story about pilot Steve Trevor crashing on an island full of Amazons; but rather, like most of us, he wants to see an updated, original spin on Wonder Woman that will knock the socks off moviegoers. (Basically what Whedon would’ve delivered, had he been left alone to run with the project.)

wonder woman Wonder Woman Wachowski Rumors Debunked

At the end of day, whatever director gets attached to Wonder Woman won’t be the best candidate for the job. That ship pretty much sailed with Joss Whedon. But then, that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

Source: MTV News

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  1. I hope whoever they pull in on this (and any DC property for that matter)takes the lead from the Nolan and keeps it in the same dark and gritty DC universe. I’m sure most of us feel this way.

    Honestly I’d much prefer seeing a Flash movie before this but that’s just me. I do know certain lady friends that would kill to see this one so I’m curious to see which way it goes.

  2. It really is amazing to me that Joel Silver cannot comprehend that Joss Whedon is the guy to tackle this project.

    Who in Hollywood has done a better job portraying hot babes as believable heroines?


  3. What is the fascination with sticking her in WWII? Well, when the studio heads let directors do what they want, we get crap and when they stick their grubby hands in the middle of it, we get crap. I hope they get a solid vision for Wonder Woman(the right one)before she approaches the big screen. As one of DC’s big three, she doesn’t need a disaster that flops.

  4. From what I’ve heard the Wachowskies are working on something totally unrelated to this…

  5. World War 2 Wonder Woman does not sound appealing to me at all. I guess this is how they are competing with Captain America being in WW2… or its just dumb.

    With Whedon gone, i’m not interested much.

  6. I simply have no interest in female comic book movies and the prospects of a Wonder Woman movie elicits similar feelings in me..was never a fan of Buffy either…this genre hasn’t been particularly profitable at the box office. I think they should be supporting characters because that is where their niche lies…not trying to carry a movie.

  7. Well, I’m not sure about hot babes, but James Cameron have made two movies where the bad-a**, kick-butt, main character has been a woman that looked perfectly believable in the role, but I guess neither one of them could be considered a “hot babe.” I guess in The Terminator Linda Hamilton played a rather cute and damsel in distress character, but in T2, I found her rather scary and if met in real life, I wouldn’t mess with her… Watching her cut Dyson’s house in half with that full-auto M16 was pretty bad-a** though.

    I don’t know, I find that most of the time a “hot babe” is put into a movie as some butt kicking role, I often don’t find it very believable at all and 99% of the time I feel like it’s just yet another gimmick. It’s like how video games tend to always make the main butt-kicking character some scantily clad “hot babe.”

    I’m well aware that properly trained, a cute little 110 pound girl IS capable of doing plenty of damage, but 99% of the time, you look at their fighting in these movies and it looks more like a dance than a fight with no real transfer of energy in their moves.

    I guess you guys will be pretty quick to point out Firefly/Serenity and Buffy…

    Buffy, I will not even bother to address that, but Serenity, I don’t really believe in that. I’m sorry, but Summer Glau flipping around and doing spinning kicks, I don’t actually find that believable. The only reason why I can take it is because it’s in a sci-fi show/movie and the chemistry between the cast is awesome. So I like them for their characters and story, not really that it is believable that she can go around and just own everyone in sight.

    I don’t know, I know it is possible to have a believable good looking heroine, but so far most of the time when it’s done it’s not done correctly. Not even from Joss Whedon in my opinion.

  8. Ken J; Well what’s your opinion of the animated “W.W.”??

  9. There’s been some hot female supporting roles, the girl from “Cronicles of Riddick” was hot and tuff.
    Resident Evil,,,3’s the best one. (IMO) and even the lead female in “Doomsday” was pretty good.

    (Btw, Old Man, you should rent Doomsday, its such a blatant rip-off of Escape from NY/LA, its allmost liable for plagiarism.)

  10. Well, Doomsday, like you say, seems like a combination of a few movies that have already been made, namely Escape from NY and Sector 13 (I think that’s the name), but the difference being they put some hot chick in the lead role. I saw that as a gimmick.

    Chronicles of Riddick… Yah, that was done alright. Physically, she was pretty cute (Linda Hamilton is not ugly herself), but again, the character was not that cute, kind of crazy…

    With Resident Evil, I guess you can point out Fifth Element as well on that call, and Ultraviolet if you can say that without feeling a little bit of throw-up coming up… I would say she’s about as believable as Summer Glau as River in Serenity/Firefly.

    Again, I’m not saying it isn’t entertaining, I’m just saying they’re not really believable. Resident Evil is a video game turned movie. Fifth Element is a comedy action sci-fi film. They don’t exactly take themselves too seriously, so therefore, I don’t take them THAT seriously. I really liked Fifth Element, but if you would ask me to ‘seriously’ analyze LeeLoo’s character, I would say it’s more than far-fetched…

    But anyway, it is just my general opinion on that matter. There are always exceptions, and not making any specific comment about Wonder Woman.

  11. @ the old man

    I don’t know dude, never seen it. To be honest, not really a fan of Wonder Woman. Was just stating a general opinion on the subject of hot babes in action roles. Have no input or specific opinion on how it would apply to Wonder Woman, you guys will know a lot more than I do about what would and would not work for this movie…

  12. I loved “E.F.N.K.” what a cult classic. I think I liked the signature lead music to LA even better than the original. I didn’t like the LA story quite as well. It was still ok but Snake could’ve had a better edge after doing this thing once. I’ve rented “Doomsday” already. “Escape from N.Y.” meets “28 Weeks Later.” I loved the A.P.C. like vehicle they made up for the movie. Bob Hoskins was playing Bob Hoskins and I liked Malcolm McDowell in the context of this story better than the villain he played in “Star Trek.”

    I had a “Grindhouse” Idea entitled “Dragons of Mars” which had Snake Plissken in it. Haven’t worked on it since “Grindhouse” went flat..

  13. I thought the lead in the underworld movies(I can’t remember her name)did a great job of combining hot and tough while keeping it reasonably believable. Trinity in the matrix is another good example. I do agree that there are way more examples that didn’t work though. It’s a tough sell for the audience.

  14. Well, but in both of those examples there are extraordinary reasons they are more capable than they physically let on. Underworld (Kate Beckinsale) she is a vampire, and in Matrix, Trinity, like the rest of the “unplugged” rebels, have learned ways to bend physics within the Matrix. Same with Leeloo (Milla Jovavich) in Fifth Element, she was supposed to be some crazy alien, lol.

    Again, those films were fantastical in nature, and allowed for a certain level of unbelievable things. I’m not sure what context WW would be filmed, if they will try to keep it in the physical world, or if they will have her with special strengths and wrist bands that deflect bullets…

  15. Yeah Old Man, EFNY, is one of my favorite films.
    I agree about the music in LA being a tad better than NY.
    (That theme music is brillant btw).
    Carpenter wrote and conducted that music.
    I was real lucky I met Kurt Russel when they were filmimg EFLA. He’s a totally cool guy and loves football. 😉
    Doomsday was so fun, because I kept thinking, ok there gonna ditch the EFLA plot, but I just kept coming it was the best sci-fi ripoff I’ve seen in years. Done with just enough creativity to be worth the 8 bucks I paid for the dvd.
    (Ken J, if you get a chance rent it for laughs and some great scenes).
    Back to the chicks)
    I don’t know how I forgot Selma Blair,,,,!!!
    She’s hot in the HellBoy films.
    Also believe it or not Aeon Flux was good staring Charlize Theron.

    Also you know there’s a great opportunity to see Natalie Portman play a Superheroin. She was great in V for Vendetta.

  16. Selling a strike, as it’s called, I think is a skill, in and of itself. It can be argued if the actor has the talent, it’s up to the director to get the emotion on screen. It seems that those that do it best put the character up against another woman first. The Heroine has to graduate to enter into the tougher challenges. I think the “Kill Bill” movies do this, and the script for this movie was suppose to do that as well.

    All this stuff requires a level of “suspension of disbelief” that’s very high! “Iron Man’s” beloved armor, for example, wouldn’t fly minutes, even if a power source magnitudes higher, per CuSQmm than any known today could be found; Little lone long enough to engage in a dog fight with a jet. Yeah just where and who is doing his in-flight refueling? Jet packs have been around more than 50 years but the air time has gotten no better, still less than 30 seconds. Yet one man uses a CAD/CAM system to do, in what seems like months, what all the defense industry with super computers, and incredible manpower hasn’t been able to do in 50 years. Break the 30 second air time barrier.

  17. Meh, maybe on some molecular level Wonder Woman’s tissue is interlaced with diamond or something, if you want a SciFi angle to her ability. Diamonds are suppose to be a womans best friend, after all! :) Agile woman with aluminum baseball bat, beats a man with fists any day.. it’s all relative.

  18. @ the old man

    But to my understanding, IM’s flight is not done through any kind of jet fuel or anything like that. I thought it was purely using the energy generated by his completely fictional reactor in his chest to kind of “repulse” his way around?

    @ 790

    So… should we add Aeon Flux to the list of horrible movies you’ve admitted to liking?? 😛

  19. Even a fusion reactor has to have a fuel! Ideally Deuterium and Helium 3. Which by the way isn’t found naturally on terra firma..

  20. Just curious Ken J, do you even know what Corbomite is?

  21. Those elements can be found on the moon Old Man,,, as with a few others that are not on the periodic table.
    One thing about Iron Man’s fuel,,, since he’s got a on board micro fusion reactor I don’t see why that can’t power his gear for long trips.
    Life’s to short to worry about Iron Mans inflight fuel supply. Really,,,

  22. @ old man

    I pick my words semi-carefully. That’s why I said his “completely fictional” reactor. It is presumed that the reactor can generate the numbers required to do what it is needed to do. I pointed that out since you were speaking about real jet packs that use liquid fuel, meaning propulsion through a combustion type engine. And my point is that his propulsion is not the result of any kind of burning of any liquid fuel, but by the use of energy generated by a highly improbable (and possibly physically impossible) power source.

    @ 790

    Nope, not a freakin clue! lol

  23. So if you don’t have a “freakin clue!”…
    Your opinion on Aeon Flux is pointless… 😉

    Just like your knowledge of Star Trek… (Kevin Smith thread)

    You should pick your words semi-better around here,,, lol

  24. Um, I’m sure somewhere in your head what you said actually makes sense, and I congratulate your imagination… 😀

  25. Nice talking to ya Ken,,,

  26. LOL I seriously have no clue what you just said to me.

    What does corbomite have to do with me making fun of Aeon Flux? And what knowledge did I claim to have on Star Trek??? lol

    I’m sure you can understand my utter confusion. I’m tired from working overnight, but not THAT tired… Something is obviously amiss.

  27. Yeah, just like Dianna is superior for what ever presumed reason. :)

    Our gut reactions can be a tender spot and I’m not trying to change any ones, just plead the case for understanding.

    If you have read any of the “Iron Man” comics the technology is consistent with, for any particular period with the technology at the time. Whether it’s an advanced turbo jet or what-not. Since repulsion in relation to physics is the force between two bodies of like electrical charge or magnetic force, those forces must be generated. When I say generated its a particular, and I think, peculiar description. You see, energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. From a more useful state to a less useful state. Understand too, I’m leaving out a very important component of the definition of repulsion, which is distance between the bodies. I’m surrendering that to the fiction of the story. When you get into the math of the actions for a given distance, and you understand that, it becomes ridiculous at what is proclaimed to be achieved within the story. The best idea I can propose is that a power source equivalent to a fusion power source is used. You can’t get around the laws of thermodynamics. The comics even talk of Stark’s power source as needing recharged. As if it’s a battery or capacitor of some kind. That would be an even greater limited source than using fusion directly at his chest plate. Batteries are a chemical reaction which produce electricity which is even more inefficient than using a nuclear reaction to produce electrical power. A fusion of the light elements Deuterium and Helium 3 has the greatest known efficiency given the quantity of available material. Anti-matter is so hard to produce, and this country has been engaged in producing it for decades, since atomic reactors have been in use. World supply could fit in a teaspoon easy. Notice I said world, that includes other counties supplies as well.

    What does all this wrangling prove? That “suspension of disbelief” is just as great, when talking about what is possible, within the boundaries of the conscious exploitation of the science of reality. The process of evolution, irrespective of its source, has been proven. It’s no greater jump, to give it the same consideration, as you would the direct, conscious exploitation of the other rules of reality.

  28. I actually didn’t do too bad in school and do know about all that. And I think that’s the idea the movie was trying to convey, that the thing in his chest was a fusion (not fission like our power plants) reactor, thus why when he talks about the power output, he talks about however much (I don’t remember) per time period, instead of a certain capacity. So we are to assume that it’s actually “generating” this type of energy from that material he harvested from his missile components.

    Of course the concept of the amount of energy required to do the things he does being generated in something as small as that thing in his chest is pretty far fetched to say the least, but then again, it’s not like Tony Stark exists in real life either. At least it was partially explained in a scientific manner and not simply that he got bit by a radioactive spider or something like that and that would somehow cause a change in his genetic make-up as if the spider introduced some kind of crazy super retro-virus or something…

    At least with Im, the only things you needed to use your imagination with is the material he uses for the armor, the AI required to design something that complex on such a short time period, and the amount of energy that “arc reactor” is capable of producing. Then everything from there is plausible given those assumptions.

    Same thing with the tech behind Batman. The armor he wears was at first described as being woven of Nomex and Kevlar, which would combine bullet resistance and fire resistance, then TDK suit appeared to be made up of sections of ceramic plating woven together with mesh, probably Kevlar and Nomex again. And his “grappling hook” has become a compressed air shot magnetic grapple gun type thing. The wench moved from within the gun itself to a mechanism he built into his belt buckle. One can argue how there can be such a powerful motor to wench someone of his weight so fast and where the power supply for that is kept. But I think that will just take away from the magic of the film. But I do like the attempt, on the part of the filmmakers, to explain some of these things finally. Before it was basically ALL left for your imagination…

    I also like their explanation for the gliding with the cape thing. The technology might not be as slick as it is presented in the movie, but it is not at all beyond our capabilities.

    There are limits of how much of my imagination I feel like is required to watch a movie, but I’m glad that the last few big comic movies have all kept within those limits. Less distraction from the movie’s plot. Well, minus the whole finding a fingerprint on the bullet thing they did in TDK, that definitely distracted me, lol.

  29. 790 said:”Those elements can be found on the moon Old Man”

    Yeah.. That’s why I made a point of that.
    Where in the comics is Iron Man either shuttling mined helium 3 from the moon to earth or diverting a world governments effort to do so? The facts keep getting in the way of the story, the closer you look at the reality of the science.