The Wachowskis to Write/Direct Modern-Day Robin Hood

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wachowskis making modern day robin hood The Wachowskis to Write/Direct Modern Day Robin Hood

Since The Matrix Trilogy, the Wachowski Siblings have only directed a single film – Speed Racer – which was pretty much panned by everybody you’ve ever met. Personally, I liked it well enough. Sure, the film was drenched in green-screen and was nothing to write home about, but it was also vibrant, ridiculous, and high-octane insane, just like a loosely live-action anime should be.

For the past couple years the Wachowskis have been trying and failing to get their sci-fi/Iraq war film, Cobalt Neural 9, fully financed and off the ground. Roadblocks such as the controversial elements of the story – for example, the assassination of George W. Bush – have seemingly stood in the way. Now it appears that they’ve given up on that, if only temporarily, to craft a modern-day, urban-set Robin Hood called, simply, Hood.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Wachowskis will be making the film with Warner Bros., the studio that produced The Matrixes and Speed Racer (the latter of which reportedly strained their professional relationship, but apparently not so much that they can’t re-team for Hood). Besides directing the movie, the two siblings will also co-write, as per usual.

No concrete casting information is thus far available, but one name being tossed around the Internet rumor ring as a possible lead is Will Smith, who, incidentally, turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix before it went to Keanu Reeves. Additionally, Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, would eventually be cast as Niobe for The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Might this be Will Smith’s chance to right the wrong of that missed (financial, creative, pop-cultural) opportunity? Yes, no, maybe so?

the matrix morpheus versus neo The Wachowskis to Write/Direct Modern Day Robin Hood

A scene from The Matrix

Frankly, a modern-day Robin Hood sounds like a variation of Batman, which was itself a variation of Zorro, which was itself a Mexico-set Robin Hood (we could probably keep playing this game all the way back to the Epic of Gilgamesh, but I digress). No doubt the Wachowskis’ tendency to veer toward a comic-book-esque aesthetic will only further compound this similarity.

Hey, whatever man. I’m game. A variation of Batman of Zorro of Robin Hood (and so on) in some modern metropolis has my interest substantially piqued. This is the sort of movie that the Wachowski Siblings were born to make, too. (By which I mean, ‘an action movie.’) If they’re on their game, it’ll be great. If they’re not on their game…I mean, it can’t be worse than The Matrix Reloaded, can it?

Sidebar: No telling what the announcement of this Wachowski modern day Robin Hood film means for Warner Bros.’ previously-planned futuristic Robin Hood movie. Sure, there’s enough Robin Hood for every epoch, but how many ways can you tell the same story?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I’m not saying it can’t be interesting, but I have a feeling the actual meaning behind the Robin Hood character is going to be checked at the door, and really, without that, is there much sense in telling the story at all? Sure, I guess arrow-time might be cool, but if we’re rooting for the same listless charlatan of a “hero” from the most recent Russell Crowe version, there aren’t enough digital tricks in the world that can make him a hero worth getting worked up about.

    But we’ll see. I mean, the Wachowski’s can’t keep failing forever after The Matrix, can they?

  2. @”Have you lost faith in the ‘Matrix’ directors at this point?”

    Yes. The Matrix sequels were two of the worst sequels I’ve seen, and Speed Racer was just horrible. IMO, the only good film they’ve dished out was The Matrix and Bound.

  3. For every ten people who hated Speed Racer, you’ll find one who loves it. I quite enjoyed it, I thought it was a visceral thrill in the best possible way.

    As for this, I’m kind of over Robin Hood by this point. I think if they’re going to go for the contemporary Robin Hood, all that will really entail is a guy who goes around stealing from the rich and giving to the poor (possibly while wearing a hood and I wouldn’t put it past the Wachowski’s to give him a bow and arrow). It’s the thief with the heart of gold story.

    That said, despite them not directing it, I did really enjoy V for Vendetta (for any Alan Moore fans out there, yes, I know it’s insanely different to the comic book, I enjoyed it all the same), so if this runs in the same style, it could be excellent… or it could be a disaster.

    Like I said, I enjoyed Speed Racer, so I’m willing to give this a chance.

    • I liked Speed Racer!

  4. I loved Speed Racer. 10 years from now, it will be playing at midnight screenings in art houses around the globe.

    • I think you may be right. I’d give it 20 years but absolutely. It’ll be hailed as the underrated-in-it’s-time, pinnacle of hyper-stylized cinema after the turn of the century.

  5. I guess I’m one of the few who also enjoyed Speed Racer, but only after seeing it twice (the first time I didn’t think it was all that good). I am also one of the few who thought the Matrix sequels weren’t that bad; not as good as the first but I enjoyed them. Will Smith would have been a great choice for Neo, as it seemed the black characters were the ones who were in the know (and I was told that a black woman actually wrote the initial story which ties in to The Terminator: John Connor being the first One). Therefore, I’m game.

    • “the initial story which ties in to The Terminator: John Connor being the first One”

      Have you got a link for that? It sounds really intriguing.

      • yeah thats kinda cool I’m not gonna lie lol

  6. I guess Will Smith could pull it off but surely there’s someone better???

  7. I enjoyed “Speed Racer”…it was very much like anime, but not as annoying to hear. “The Matrix” was fantastic, but the second was ruined for me by the irritatingly overbearing pseudo-philosophical meanderings of the third. Oh, and “V for Vendetta” was excellent despite being somewhat different from its graphic novel source material (yes, Alan Moore is a brilliant writer, but he also can be an obnoxious ass). Finally, I enjoyed the newest incarnation of “Robin Hood”.

    I’m hoping this DOES get made…well.

    • That should be “like the anime (of Speed Racer)”, NOT ALL anime…I, generally, love anime.

  8. Not a big fan of the “modern day Hood” idea! But I do have hope for the Wachowsky brothers! V for Vendetta was a very good movie.

    Glad to see I’m not the only fan of the Speed Racer movie! I think as most of the guys that liked it, that it knew how to keep the anime roots. No anime fan should dislike the movie!

    • They didn’t direct V for Vendetta, that was James McTeigue

      • Correct. I was aware of that, they only wrote the screenplay, which on its own is pretty good. I have no comparison since I haven’t read the comic. But on it’s own is a great story.

    • ‘Siblings’, not ‘brothers’. Larry W is now Lana W after changing his sex post-Matrix. Look it up if you don’t believe – check his/her pink hair!

    • Why do I feel like I’m in an Airplane movie? :-P

  9. It’s called Green Arrow idiots! :P

  10. “I mean, it can’t be worse than The Matrix Reloaded, can it?”

    I can’t believe I just read that. I watch that sequel in particular over and over, because it is that great of a movie. It’s not the original, but it has one of the best chase scenes I’ve ever seen, fantastic characters, and I appreciated that it has a deeper story/philosophy than most of your average action Hollywood movies.

    I can think of many, many movies far worse than Reloaded. Matter of fact, I loved the entire trilogy.

    • Well, it’s an exaggeration. Certainly, there are much worse movies than The Matrix Reloaded. Regardless, in my opinion, it’s a terrible movie with terrible action scenes that are far too dependent on BAD CGI. My least favorite fight scene of all time, in fact, was the burly brawl. (Shudder.)

    • I think more people would’ve liked the Matrix sequels if they had followed more fomulaic, American storytelling. Basically, Neo should have recruited a rag-tag group of rebels to join him in destroying the central computer. There should’ve been a “tense” race-for-your-life sequence as real world Neo outruns some bomb or explosive chain reaction that will destroy the machines (which turn out to all be linked to one source). The explosion destroys the central computer thus shutting down all machines. The heat of the explosion pushes back the clouds and the sun pours in. People spill out of the ground into the light, full of hope and ready to build a better home. End.

      If the movies, had worked out like this, they’d be hugely popular. Instead, everyone oohs and awes over “300.” I don’t get it.

      • It’s sad how wrong you are…Formula wasn’t problematic at all; Irritatingly arrogant pseudo-phisophical tripe WAS problematic. “The Matrix” was great precisely because it expressed its philosophy dramatically, WITHOUT being overbearing.

        • …sigh…That should pseudo-PHILOSOPHICAL…

  11. I may be alone here but are we really taking this seriously??

    Will Smith in an urban modern retelling of Robin Hood by the Wachowski brothers – I have to see it to believe it.

    Speed Racer was charmingly played by the actors I suppose but what should have been the movie’s strength was it weakness with the racing sequences poorly & clumsily staged and lacking any sort of excitement. The obvious cartoony CGI just didn’t help at all. I know that’s trying to keep in the spirt of the anime, but it didn’t help.

    For all this I actually liked a lot of Matrix Reloaded. Now here the action scenes were definitely both cool and exciting. Perosnal favourite is Neo vs Merovingian’s troops on the staircase. It’s a brilliantly executed sequence almost in the same league of fight choreography as the Blade films (well the first two anyway). If they had trimmed it down by 20 minutes or so- less of Zion and a lot less of the Architect (god he does talk nonsense doesn’t he??) we could have had perhaps a classic superior sequel.

    Even Revolutions wasn’t as bad as a lot of people made out. You have to commend it for going in a different diretcion to the first two, going with a more futuristic epic war style as opposed to martial arts, shoot em up. What spoilt the movie too was the over-philosophical drivel of dialogue and the Neo vs Smith fight was way too drawn out.

    Could’ve done with a lot more of Jada Pinkett Smith kicking butt in both movies too.

    • I liked Reloaded GK333, Revolutions was ok, just not enough Kung Fu in it for my taste

      • I actually prefered Revolutions to Reloaded, there were some good ideas in both of those films but not enough to outweigh all the truly awful stuff.
        Maybe it should have just been one concise movie, I remember hearing some guy edited them together and made them into one film with clear plot. I was thinking of doing that with Star Wars Prequels.

  12. I am a little dissapointed .
    I thought their next project was going to be Cloud Atlas.