The Wachowskis & Keanu Are Plastic, Man

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Story from Latino Review claims that a source of source from somewhere in Berlin is reporting that the Wachowski Bros. are looking to reunite with their Matrix Trilogy leading man, Keanu Reeves, in order to bring a certain fantastic elastic DC superhero to the big screen.

That’s right folks, Plastic Man. Who is Plastic Man? Why he’s a superhero whose superpower is having a silly-puddy body! (Think Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four.) Thankfully, Plastic Man is much zanier and wild than Reed Richards, (think Jim Carrey in The Mask.) The various applications of Plastic Man’s powers in the comic books has ranged from comedic, to insane, to downright obscene. Could be a fun movie, done correctly.

But wait? Keanu “stone face” Reeves playing the most pliable super-hero of all time? Ha. The Universe DOES have a sense of irony.

plasticman1 The Wachowskis & Keanu Are Plastic, Man

You can read an excerpt from a transcript of one interviewer’s radio session with the source close to the Plastic Man camp, below. (The full transcript you can find over at Latino Review.)

– With the nitty gritty out of the way, he started a heavy discussion on a subject known to many comic book fans called Plastic Man. This is what i have been able to recall.

– The Wachowski’s are using their original 1996 script which he says would have been the most expensive movie ever made had it been green lit back then.

– With the recent disappointment regarding Speed Racer, the Brothers decided it was time to give the fans what they want (Old school Wachowski production). He says the boys are prepping the movie the way they did it on the first Matrix with the intention of blowing shit up like never before.

– Movie will focus on Action, Character and then special effects. Says the Brothers feel the world can’t handle another movie ten years ahead of its time (Speed Racer), however, they will be putting action scenes together that will follow the format of the first matrix with the first half of the movie detailing the plot/character and the final half being non-stop action.

– Here’s the big announcement. Joel repeated this twice, Keanu Reeves will be playing the character of Patrick “Eel” O’Brian a.k.a Plastic Man. Joel mentioned the Brothers felt it had been too long since they last collaborated and feel they will only ever now work with him for all their future movies.

– Looking for a Dec 09 release world wide. Tentative to change if effects work is delayed.

Can Keanu really bend it like Beckham all the back to the top of Super-hero hill? (Can the Wachowskis really bounce back from Speed Racer? ) Let us know what you think.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Kofi, you gotta be shi**ing me. DC has more than 2 characters?

    Who knew?

  2. I always liked Plastic Man but I really hope that they update his costume.

  3. Didn’t we already see him in a movie? If they do this it will look like a cheap rip-off of F4.

  4. I think I posted about this 2-3 days ago in an open discussion, but I’m not sure this movie will be that great.

    Obviously EVERYONE is trying to join in on the comic book crazy, im not sure plastic man will have that much of an appeal.

  5. Plastic-Man?

    This is my worse nightmare. I hope this movie never sees the light of day. I really hope this isn’t WB/DC’s answer to Iron Man.

  6. I can tell you already that this movie will suck. The Wachowskis caught lighting in a bottle with the first Matrix and they’re not going to be able to do it again. Plastic Man, sheesh. They’d be better off with Jim Carrey playing the part more than Keanu Reeves.

  7. Hey, don’t forget to drop a comment at /Film, Comics2Film, TheMovieBlog, FilmSchoolRejects, MTV, ReelComix, IWatchStuff, AintItCool and Cinematical and straighten all those guys out as well since they reported the same thing.

    An oh yeah, no one reported this as VERIFIED.

    Best regards,



  8. Keanu’s manager -Mr Stoff-has said this is not true. He is not doing Plastic Man. Why don’t you get your facts verified before you report it???

  9. If the Wachowskis really only want to do films with Keanu, I say good for them. I mean… good luck. Align yourselves with an actor whose only character is a clueless surfer.

    His acting has as much reach as R2D2

    Sure, get the least ‘flexible’ actor to play Plastic Man. Brilliant!

    Joking aside, I was planning on being Plastic Man for the Halloween Fetish Ball in Vegas this year, but this news has ruined it for me. I’ll go back to plan B… Flash Gordon

  10. “Keanu’s manager -Mr Stoff-has said this is not true. He is not doing Plastic Man. Why don’t you get your facts verified before you report it???”

    Lighten up Francis, this site isn’t about life or death. It is for movie and tv news. Sometimes movie and TV news is not always “quite” concrete. My bet is that either the Wachowski’s, Keanu or a studio suit put out this rumor to get a vibe of how it would play. Hopefully they have gotten the point.

  11. Oh brother! Kofi, this has to be a joke. Please tell me this is a joke!

  12. Who said Speed Racer was 10 years ahead of it’s time??

    I’m sure Ang Lee is saying the same thing about his version of a comic movie.

  13. A plastic actor playing a plastic man..I really don’t see what the problem is here…

  14. oh greenknight that is precious. 10 on the smartass richter scale.

  15. I agree…for sheer PlasticMan attitude, it HAS to be Jim Carrey!!!

  16. > A plastic actor playing a plastic man..I really don’t see what the problem is here…

    Keanu is bakelite
    Plastic Man is Silly Putty.

    Get the picture?


  17. I always perceived Keanu as more of a plastic-coated 2×4; wooden acting at the core, with plastic to make sure wetness doesn’t cause the wood to rot.

    When I heard of a remake of Day The Earth Stood Still, I thought, “No…this is a test…like an air-raid siren; not really gonna happen”. Then I heard Keanu was stepping into Michael Rennie’s spacesuit boots and thought, “NOOOOOOOOO!” Keanu is so Johnny-(Mnemnonic)One-Note in his dramatic range, Gort from the original DTESS had more emotional flexibility!

  18. I can’t believe this!
    Jim Carrey is PlasticMan not Keanu.

  19. If they cast Reeves over Jim Carey, they deserve whatever they get. Likely another flop like Speed Racer. Carey was born for the role.

  20. I’m a PLAS Fanatic!
    Have collected every Plastic Man comic and Police comic ( the original Plastic man Series ) for the last 30 years.
    Would love to see a Plastic Man movie produced.
    Robert in Napa Valley, CA.