Wachowski Siblings Set For New Sci-Fi Flick, ‘Jupiter Ascending’

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Few blockbuster filmmakers are as reclusive or reluctant to talk in public about their work as The Matrix creating duo Andy and Lana Wachowski. Hence why it’s not surprising to learn that virtually nothing has been revealed so far about the pair’s return to the science fiction genre – a project titled Jupiter Ascending.

The Wachowskis are currently collaborating with Run, Lola, Run helmer Tom Tykwer on Cloud Atlas – an adaptation of David Mitchell’s decorated novel – but are expected to thereafter commence with production on Jupiter Ascending.

Deadline says that Jupiter Ascending is another original screenplay devised by the Wachowski siblings and that principal photography on the project could begin as early as Spring 2012. However, plot/thematic/character details, information about the possible budget for the film, and even exactly which A-listers the filmmakers may be eying to headline their new cinematic creation… well, that’s all a mystery for the time being.

Things have changed significantly for the Wachowskis, over the past decade. While the original 1999 Matrix movie remains beloved by sci-fi fans, nerdy types, and intellectuals alike, the film’s sequels – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – are nowadays regarded by many of those same people with nearly an equal level of contempt as that generally reserved for, say, the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Matters weren’t improved when the Wachowskis decided to follow up their Matrix trilogy with a $120 million adaptation of Speed Racer that only managed to gross about three-fourths of its production budget in worldwide ticket sales. Even those who enjoyed the anime adaptation agree: Speed Racer is just so visually bombastic that it’s often literally difficult to watch.

However, the fascinating philosophical subtext, religious allegories, and classic sci-fi/comic book-inspired visual style of the Wachowski’s Matrix films (even the second and third) has long kept moviegoers interested in seeing what the two cinematic storytellers are up to next – especially, when it concerns either a narratively-ambitious undertaking (like Cloud Atlas) or any sort of new sci-fi story, a la Jupiter Ascending.

That’s all to say: People will definitely be interested in finding out just what Jupiter Ascending is all about. If Cloud Atlas is given a good critical reception when it hits theaters next year, the majority of film buffs might even start getting excited again (and not feel trepidation) when they hear that Andy and Lana are making a new movie.


We will keep you posted on the status of Jupiter Ascending as more information (or, rather, any information) is revealed.

Source: Deadline

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  1. The Matrix sequels, while problematic in the third act more so than reloaded, were still filled with satisfying moments in regards to the philosophical themes of religion and how intelligent life needs to be valued regardless of maker or origin.

    • agreed.

    • I agree, i love all the matrix films and im hoping the continue the story as well… i also hope in the future they make somthing thats worth a crap..

    • Could not agree more. The first movie set a very high bar of course but I never understood why so many people hated the next two. Especially Reloaded which is still my favorite. I think much like the Star Wars prequals, it became cool to say they suck.

    • Yeah, I’m also not sure why all the hate. I would MUCH rather watch this trilogy through 10 times rather than be forced to watch the last 3 Star Wars films a single time.

      While Revolutions is by far my least favorite, I often have a hard time deciding whether Matrix or Reloaded is better (the 15 min freeway scene is just over the top epic and riveting)

  2. Aside from the first Matrix film these guys have gone down the gutter as far as quality film making goes. The first Matrix was SO DAMN good how could you ruin Matrix 2 and 3

  3. Don’t forget they also did Bound = awesome movie and V for Vendetta. V is either loved or hated, I personally love it. So as far as effort and vision goes these guys are always all out 100% full tilt boogey. As far as execution however they have 3 misses. Not bad considering the successes they have achieved.

  4. At least I know if the next Superman movie’s fight scenes suck I go what “The Matrix Revolutions” to see how it should have been made. That fight scene and the death scene of Trinity were my favorite parts of that movie.

  5. I think people didnt like the Matrix sequels because they didnt turn out the way most people thought they would. I believe most people just wanted to see Neo kicking ass in the Matrix the whole time. They wanted to see Neo take over and control the Matrix and basically be god. When the sequels took the story out of the matrix (especially part 3)people didnt know how to take it. Personally I thought it was brilliant but I can tell what most people WANTED to see.

  6. Whatever it was part 2 or 3 in the Matrix, I loved the totally over the top scene when Neo was fighting all those Smiths. Hilarious.

  7. I just read somewhere it’s their “first major science fiction action franchise play since The Matrix.”….but that’s it.

    Oh Im stoked, what is it about???? lol

  8. So I take it they are the Wachowski Siblings instead of the Wachowski Brothers now? More gender ambiguous?

    • the one brother had a sex change operation.

      • wierd.

  9. I thought that story-wise, the matrix revolutions was brilliant. action, train-station, hades, more symbolism, and giant freakin robots. I thought the 3rd ties with the 1st for best in the franchise. Reloaded was too bombastic and over-the-top for me. The only part I seriously enjoy is the basketball court fight sequence with the Smith clones.
    Besides that in regards to above, the Wachowski’s wrote Assassins, with antonio banderas, which is a great flick, and they did not in fact direct v for vendetta, only produce.

    I for one LOVED speed racer, but agree, the constant motion can be a little much on the eyes.

    Can’t wait for Cloud Atlas and The Matrix 4. Love Tom Hanks, and love Larry and Andy and absolutely cannot wait!

  10. @rennfield:

    these “guys” are no longer… it is him and her.


    not gender ambiguous, gender bender…

    they are the Wachowski’s…

    the Matrix series paid for one to get a sex change.

    whatever people think about the Matrix series it will always be one of my favorite set of movies. the wierd thing is how close some of the ideas are to reality…

  11. I saw the first matrix before anyone even before the premier.
    was at a comic convention with my brother he took me
    & we weren’t expecting to see a movie specialy at the warner bros. studio.
    was one of my best days ever with my brother.
    & we didn’t even have to pay saw a great movie for free.

  12. I loved Speed Racer… wait. No, I HATED Speed Racer. They were good when they were brothers. As siblings they’re played out. No thanks.

  13. Looking forward to the next few projects from these two. Matrix is my second favorite film trilogy of all time, favorite is LOTR!! The Matrix sequels are very under-rated IMO..I thought they were a fitting conclusion to the series…

  14. You know even if it is as “bad” as the Matrix Sequels, thank you, thank you, thank you W. Bros. for NOT bringing us retreads, remakes or prequels. Thank you! This is what we need to get the pump primed again for original ideas!!