Voltron Movie Looks for New Writer

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voltron header Voltron Movie Looks for New Writer

There are several things in Hollywood right now that are hot and popular topics: vampires, remakes, comic books and ROBOTS! As far back as I can remember, robots have always been popular in movies. Going back to the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when the science fiction boom really took off, robots were always involved in one form or another. Just quickly off the top of my brain I can think of “The Robot” from Lost in Space, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, Mechagodzilla, of course Transformers and now Voltron.

Back in July we reported that Atlas Entertainment along with producers Charles Roven, Richard Suckle and Steve Alexander where teaming up to bring the robot quintet of Voltron to the screens everywhere. Then just like that *POOF*, no more information. Now last week, due to a new contract between United Talent Agency (UTA) and World Events Prods (and some pointing in the right direction by Film School Rejects), we find out that Atlas Entertainment is on the hunt for a new Voltron script writer in this press release:

Voltron also recently was set up as a feature with Charles Roven’s Atlas Entertainment and Jason Netter’s Kickstart Prods.; UTA is expected to help bring a writer aboard and begin shopping the project to studios.

That’s good news, I suppose, because it means the project is finally moving forward, even if it is at a snail’s pace; Voltron has everything a modern day Hollywood studio is looking for in a film franchise. Was it a cartoon? Check! Does it have robots? Check! Can it be mass marketed to children everywhere? Check! ┬áRobots are almost as popular as 3-D technology right now.

voltron team Voltron Movie Looks for New Writer

For those who may not be old enough to remember (hint – I’m talking about those of you born after 1985), Voltron was an American take on a series of Japanese cartoons – it was like an animated version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, only without the kung-fu. Five young people manned and controlled five different robot lions, each powerful in its own right. Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion and Yellow Lion all fought side by side to defeat the enemies of the universe – but when the enemy became too powerful to handle as individuals, the lions would join together and form Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

In later years a new Voltron was created that was formed from 15 different vehicles (see below), each representing three different teams: Sea Team, Land Team and Air Team. ┬áSo that meant, subs, boats, cars, trucks, planes and space ships would all fight side by side until they needed to form the new Vehicle Force Voltron. I owned both Voltrons as a kid and the fifteen vehicle Voltron was a pain to put together – please tell me someone else had that version and can back me up.

voltron vechile team toy Voltron Movie Looks for New Writer

At least now, with UTA’s involvement, we could easily see a Voltron movie in the next three or four years instead of ten or fifteen years. Even if they did wait that long to put Voltron in theaters, I’m sure it would still be popular because robots never get old with audiences. Besides, by that time the 3-D technology may be good enough that I would actually consider seeing it in a 3-D format.

voltron cartoon lions Voltron Movie Looks for New Writer

What Voltron would look like with real lions.

What do you think about seeing Voltron on the big screen and most likely in 3-D? Which one would you prefer, five lions or fifteen vehicles?

Source: Film School Rejects

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  1. I would prefer five lions, and as for 3D….GIMMICK.

  2. I loved Voltron when I was a kid. I guess they can turn anything into a movie now. Thundercats should be next.

  3. I loved voltron with the lions not the cars and planes.

  4. I was always a bigger fan of the vehicle Voltron.One of my good friends from high school had the lions and the vehicles.I never had a problem assembling either.I had the terrible,lackluster,and forgotten Voltron that consisted of three robots(known as Gladiator Voltron,or Voltron II here in the states).

    The cartoon never aired here in the states,probably because of how lame it was,but my grandmother bought it for me for Christmas because it was the cheapest of the three.

    I think when Voltron came over,there was quite a bit lost in translation.I know that here,Lion Voltron is considered the first of the three,but in actuality,it’s the third,that why it said Voltron III on the back of the box for the toy.

    Either way,Voltron was an awesome cartoon back in the day.I would really hate to see them screw it up,like we all know that they will.

  5. They should get Lucas and Abrams to do this …no way this movie would be based on earth…

    with starwars and star trek technology combined…we would be able to see a reputable voltron mechanical lions on the silver screen well made.

    can it be as big as TF? with a good story..and undeniable logic special effects…i will be damned!

  6. The lion voltron team would be so awesome, i used to love watching this cartoon back in my child hood….i hope that they mess this movie up like they did transformers….if you’re going to do a cartoon movie…make sure the characters and the lions look like they do in the cartoon with a special effect and 3-D twist….like spiderman

  7. Lol…I meant to say that i hope they DON’T mess this movie up…..

  8. 5 lions for sure! Also, 3D, if done properly with the new 3d technology invented by Cameron would be awesome. If they do the crappy 3d then I'm not sold.

  9. 5 lions for sure! Also, 3D, if done properly with the new 3d technology invented by Cameron would be awesome. If they do the crappy 3d then I'm not sold.

  10. My name is Bryan Jameson, actor/writer/artist/director extraordinaire. Getting straight to the point: I’m a life-long “Voltron” fan that has been working his way up in Hollywood circles with an ambitious vision of this property in mind. I’ve been working on my treatment for the “Voltron” live-action film adaptation for over 12 years, having perfected it through 8 different drafts with the loyal fan base and the core strengths of the raw material mythology at it’s core. I’m deeply invested in fashioning not just the best possible fan-serving incarnation of this property, but also blowing away movie-goers across the world alike. My attempts at gaining ground in the form of setting up a presentation with the rights holders and developers has proven troublesome. In a few weeks time I will make my life-long labor of love available for free online at a soon-to-be-announced major fan website in an attempt to gain fan-favor in hopes of attracting the attention of the producers of “Voltron” and convince them beyond any doubt that THIS is the material that we as the fans would like to see come to fruition. Any support is appreciated. Feel free to offer any feed back, Thank you!!