Bidding War for ‘Voltron’ Movie Underway

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Voltron Movie Bidding War for Voltron Movie Underway
Hollywood has been attempting to launch a big-screen version of Voltron for several years, but complexities surrounding who exactly owned the rights to the property have prevented it from moving forward. After numerous false starts, it appears that all of the legal red tape has been cut and plans for the film may finally come to fruition.

Back in September, we learned that Atlas Entertainment was still determined to deliver a live-action Voltron movie. Producers Charles Roven & Richard Suckle had recently hired screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan, Doctor Strange) to take a crack at the material and some leaked concept art showcased the potential of their approach.

At the time, Atlas was still trying to secure financing for the project, but the aforementioned legal entanglements were making that process difficult. According to Vulture, that obstacle has been cleared and several interested parties are now in a bidding war for the film rights to Voltron.

The major hurdle the project had to overcome actually dates back to the creation of the original Voltron cartoon.  Peter Keefe created the series by combining material he had licensed from two Japanese anime series – Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. He dubbed in new dialogue & music and the show became an unexpected international success.

Although World Events Productions owned Voltron, the company behind the original Japanese shows (Toei Animation Co.) felt they deserved a share of the profits. World Events managed to obtain the full rights to Voltron in 2000, but once Hollywood came calling about a potential film franchise, Toei showed up once again insisting that their previous agreement did not include movie rights.

Evidently, a new deal has been made and World Events is now the sole owner of the property – which means that in addition to their upcoming cartoon Voltron Force, they hope to have a Voltron feature film in theaters as early as 2013 or 2014.

Relativity Media is one of the companies negotiating for the rights at the moment, but there’s also speculation that Paramount Pictures (who own the Nicktoons channel that Voltron Force will air on) could wind up being involved as well.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the version that Atlas was developing is still in the mix or if they’ll be starting from scratch. Whichever direction the Voltron movie ultimately travels in, the concept seems like a fairly safe bet as far as Hollywood is concerned.

Given the success of a franchise like Transformers, it’s not hard to imagine Voltron attempting a similar trajectory. For fans of the series who have been waiting patiently for a big screen adaptation – it looks like it’s actually happening this time.

Source: Vulture

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!! i mean …. im sure they’ll find a way to screw this up but….YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hope this movie gets an “R” rating due to everyone dying except Keith and the princess’s father within the first 5 minutes. How you doing Sven? Vooty voot?

      Please make a movie worth watching and please don’t put Nicki Minaj or any other musical pop star in it. Thanks!

      • Xactly. Only true thesbians. Waited too long. Every 80′s kid on the planet will see it. It better be EPIC epic.

  2. I’ll finally get to see my favorite childhood cartoon on the big screen!!!! Awesome!!!

    Just keep Mr. Bay faaar away from it!!!! :P

    • Spielberg and Bay actually are perfect for this one! Its whoever wrote the script or the plot that stinks!

    • Oh come on, he adapted the transformers over so well. he took a popular franchise and cartoon icon and turned them into unrecognizable caricatures of themselves with lots of pretty explosions.

  3. Agreed on Spielberg, not so sure about Bay!

  4. J.J. Abrams all the way for this one…or maybe Danny Boyle.

    • J.J. would be awesome! He’s great on sci-fi films!

      Danny Boyle is one of the best directors out there, but I doubt he’s enough of a geek to care about Voltron :P

      On that matter J.J. wins hands down. He is a huge geek :D

  5. Go Voltron Force Go !!!

  6. Michael Bay would roll Voltron into a ball of aluminum foil and throw it at the camera in 3D, with epic close ups of blurry CGI fighting scenes between poorly redesigned robot icons in the background, while humans pointlessly run around the foreground somehow unaffected by the whole mess.

    -Seriously though I hope they get a grip on this one, easily has trilogy potential.

    • Sooo, you’re on board for Bay, right? 8-)

  7. AHHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHHAHHAH!!!!!!!! {Wipes tears from eyes} I’m sorry… don’t know why I was laughing so hard when I read the title.
    I’ve watched Voltron when I was a kid so I am really questioning the appeal of this movie production to the mainstream audience. Why not let the Japanese take a crack at making this into a live action film first. Look what they did for Space Batlleship Yamato (Starblazers). I remember seeing a trailer for a live action Gaiking movie, whatever happened to that? Let the Japanese do one first then Hollywood can step in and copy/ruin it.

  8. I say J.J. as well with Lindelof (i think thats how u spell it) penning the story you can ever bring in Goyer to co-write, J.J. in the chair though either him or Jon Favraeu.

  9. Finally they get the ball rolling on this. Ive been trying to follow the development of this film for years with scant information. I just really hope they stick to cannon and find some actual fans to work on the production. That concept art is a joke, like some sick Transformer reject. I know the old script had it based on Earth, which in my mind is completely the wrong way to go with it. Just basically stick to what worked 25 years ago, the audience is there.

  10. My “This will be lame” sense is tingling right now – I’m sorry, but I see this movie going down much the same route as Astro Boy.

  11. Could be awesome, could suck. Just hope they stay somewhat to the classic cartoon story and don’t skimp on the FX budget so it looks cheesy.

  12. i want legendary pictures and warner brothers on this one,
    and either neil blomkamp or danny boyle to direct

  13. I would’ve prefered Mazinger Z, James Cameron was once very interested in doing a film, but now he’s all tied up with his Smurfs and may never get it done.

  14. People are going to be very disappointed if this actually happens. It will get screwed up and things are never as enjoyable in the present as they are in nostalgia.

    And JJ would fill the movie with annoying flares every other second like he did in Star Trek.

  15. I’ve always disliked Voltron so I dont care who directs it but I’ve always loved Gundam!! :)

  16. I say get Roland Emmerich to direct with Uwe Bol and Michael Bay as Executive Producers. Hey, we’ve (US) destroyed so many cartoons, why not Voltron. :-D

    • NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!…..wait a minute….. fine… have it your way

  17. Oh yea! Voltron on the big screen! I remember when I was a kid, there was only one kid in the entire neighborhood, who’s parents could afford to buy, and who had all 5 characters to assemble the full glorious Voltron bot! Every boy within 2 blocks was lining up and it was like taking a ticket at the deli counter to just hold the thing and play with it for a few seconds.

  18. Give me a “Robotech” or Macross Movie and You have a deal for my movie ticket!

    • Aye!!!!
      They already made Transformers so the ability to make Veritechs should be easy…
      Oh how I wish!!!!!!
      I wouldn’t even care who they cast. To me the Veritechs alone would be worth the admission price :p

  19. I agree with Charlie. Give us a Macross movie and give it us now.

  20. I can’t wait for the movie. I believe it needs to be written in the format of The Lord of the Rings style of setting. With that new Star Trek movie modern feel, mixed with some Transformers robot technology. Whatever is done with the script. Just don’t place the Voltron Movie on Earth.

  21. PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t make this movie based on Earth, please keep it the way millions of us Voltron babies watched it. The planet is called Arus please keep the story there don’t try to bring it to earth. Please don’t kill the best cartoon known to human.

  22. Man !! I grew up with this. SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT

  23. I sure hope that they really take time to do this right and on planet Arus and not some apocolyptic earth.I also wonder if Sven will be operating the blue lion or will it be Princess Allura.Please get people who will be able to play the parts and not just “BIG NAMES” I don’t want to see the rock or michael clarke duncan playing hunk or god forbid someone like trampalina jolie playing the princess i’m about to puke.

  24. I’D like 2 c james cammeron direct it but I have a felling that he’s not interested,just hope that it’s good whenever they make it.

  25. All I need to see is the transformation process and Voltron finishing a villain beast. Nerdgasm…

  26. They need Michael Bay to make this movie happen if they want it to be real….and make billions

  27. I really hope this happens voltron is in my opinion highly responsible for the popularity of anime in America today after veing one of the first maun stream cross overs.


    • let me redo it… not the lion one,…. the vehicle voltron… every fan would be proud