Vincenzo Natali Wants To Make Alpha Flight Movie

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As Screen Rant’s only Canadian writer I feel it is my duty, no, honor, to report on what could someday become the first movie about the Canadian X-Men. For comics fans out there, you know I’m talking about Alpha Flight.

For those unfamiliar with Alpha Flight, it’s one of the few Canadian superhero teams in existence. The characters were introduced in the Uncanny X-Men series back in 1979 as a team working for the fictional Department H of Canada’s Department of National Defence. They deal with people who have special abilities and conveniently, most of the Alpha Flight characters have over-the-top Canadian attributes.

There’s Sasquatch who’s… a sasquatch (Bigfoot for the American readers) and a little dude named Puck (hockey reference) along with some characters with Inuit or First Nations heritage.

Their most notable character – although he didn’t stick around too long – was that of Wolverine, currently the poster boy for the X-Men comics and movies.

alpha flight movie characters 280x387 Vincenzo Natali Wants To Make Alpha Flight Movie

The main Alpha Flight characters

Alpha Flight has been making a few headlines due to Splice director Vincenzo Natali expressing interest in making a lower-budget superhero film about the lesser known Alpha Flight members. MTV asked the director if he had any interest in making a comic book movie (outside of Swamp Thing which is on hold) and he name-dropped the team, showing off more of his comic book knowledge.

“I have thought about that a little bit… I’ll put this out there: maybe Alpha Flight.”

“For those who don’t know, Alpha Flight is a Canadian superhero group and it was drawn by one of my favorite Marvel artists, John Byrne… He’s a genius.”

Maybe it’s my biased background but I’d totally be up for an Alpha Flight movie and it would be a great opportunity for Fox to continue expanding its X-Men franchise. They could even use Hugh Jackman to sell it with a cameo appearance of some fashion, maybe tying it in to his next solo flick, Wolverine 2.

alpha flight movie wolverine 280x428 Vincenzo Natali Wants To Make Alpha Flight Movie

Wolverine and Alpha Flight Team-Up Movie?

Vincenzo Natali is best known for the innovative sci-fi thriller, Cube, but has been making news everywhere while doing press for his upcoming film, Splice, which debuts in two weeks.

Natali’s got talent, the knowledge and the interest and he can make a movie on a low budget. Fox, let him do it. In the meantime, we’ll have Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class which begins filming this summer for a release next summer.

Any other Alpha Flight supporters out there? Canadian actor Nathan Fillion as Guardian if he doesn’t get the Ant-Man role?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011 and Splice opens June 4, 2010.

Source: MTV

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  1. Rob you better not be playin!!:) I would love to see James MacDonald Hudson on the big Screen in that Guardian Suit!! I loved the original books and have the X-Men books with Guardians first appearance as well as the first 25 issues of the original series from the 80’s by John Byrne!! I wonder if the Omega Flight will be the villians if a film like this ever got off the ground?

    • Nice!

      I’m a little jealous. If you ever don’t want those books, send them to me :)

    • If MARVEL STUDIOS get the opportunity to make this I will definitely go to the cinema to see it.

      @Greenknight333 – LOL! man I’m digging into my collection to get those books out tonight and do some reminiscing. :-)

      @Rob Keyes – C’mon man, surely as a proud Canadian you would own these books already :-)

      • Issue 12 was one of the best I ever read in any comic EVER and the last few scenes blew my mind …I remember thining..”NO WAY!!! You can’t kill him off!! Not him!! Anyone else but him!!”

        • Guardian was my favorite character in the group and issue #12 kinda freaked me out a bit at the time. I couldn’t believe it.

          I only collected sporadically after John Bryne left the series. The stories became a little too convoluted for me to follow.

          I think there were 130 issues in total. I have no idea what the (vol 2) & (vol 3) series were like.

    • the wrecking crew should appear in this movie if it happens.

    • Hey, maybe marvel will make a movie about x-factor and the defenders.

  2. I’d definitely watch this.

  3. Wow. I was a huge AF fan back in the day! I’d love to see Puck, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Northstar, Aurora, Guardian, Shaman and the rest tangle with… Gamma Flight, maybe?

    Yeah, I’d pay to see it.

    • could there also be a movie about omega flight because I would love to see arachne and beta-ray thor as well as the rest of the team. on another note I’m wondering if marvel will make a movie about the secret wars and the civil war too?

  4. We have had 3 X-Men movies .
    we should get at least one Alpha Flight film.

  5. Marvel Studios needs to get it under wraps and pre-production before Fox gets their stinkin filthy hands on it,do spin-offs and reboot it and each spin-off.

  6. It took me about three seconds to sum up my thoughts on this.

    Bring it.

    AND if Fox should veto this, do the next best thing.
    Here is your Wolverine II director. Sign him.

    • this could put marvel way over the top and it would also be a good idea to make a movie about captain britain(brian braddock) and team excalibur.

  7. Marvel should make this if for no other reason then to benchmark where audience support really is for an X-men type of film. It’s another fine opportunity for the fans to show the studios what they want by paying to see this in the theater vs another Fox travesty…

  8. Wow, This would be really cool, especially for us canadian fans. I happen to own all 130 original issues although I am missing 1979’s X-men #120 where they make their first Marvel appearance.

    A Wolverine cameo would be wicked!

    So would fox own the rights to Alpha Flight since they own X-men?

  9. This is exactly what my friends and have been talking about. Alpha Flight is a fantastic team. And deserves the finest treatment. I’ll go as far to say that it should get a nice budget and be done through Paramount/Marvel not Fox. No Wolverine. They should be independent. And if he made a cameo Fox should oblige.

  10. Awesome!!!!!! I loved Alpha Flight. I had their first appearance and almost every issue. Add to that, my wife is from Halifax. So, I do love Canada. Especially Keith’s beer! I hope the movie gets made!!!

    • could possibly see an alplha flight movie as well as a movie about big hero 6(japan) and a movie about the winter guard(russia).

  11. I would love if Marvel did this and have Alpha Flight take on Hulk. The final awesome battle could be Hulk vs. Sasquatch where Sasquatch figures out that Hulk is being controlled by The Leader. Like Seeley said, BRING IT!!

  12. i would love for him to do new-x-men with beak,glob herman,angel salvador,anole,rockslide,prosimian,mammomax,and some from generation-x like chamber,and husk. he could really do a dark and seriouse take on these x-men characters and they would be great characters for a mutant film.i think he could do a great district-x film with bishop hunting mutants that are to powerful for human cops,and do the one where they are useing mutants powers for drugs and things like that. this guy is perfect for this franchise. awesome news hope he does one of these two thou.

  13. Never heard of the alpha fighters before but it sounds live a cool concept. Yeah I think they should tie the alpha fighters into wolverine 2. It’ll be like another version of the xmen

  14. Oh, yes! An Alpha Flight movie would be awesome! The characters are diverse, it’s not the “same old” superhero flick, and the scenery, well, it’s beautiful way up North there. Plenty of action, high-tech powers, mutant powers, sorcery powers, and a great backstory of fascinating characters! I think this is a great idea!

  15. you just know that if they do this theyll make it Wolverine 3

    • 2 words: costumes and actors

  16. I am of two minds on this. One, Canadian stuff does not sell in the States. Look up attendence when the Toronto Blue Jays or Raptors come to town, not to mention NHL games vs Calgary or Edmonton! It must be a subliminal thing, but peeps don’t flock to see an opponent they may have trouble finding on a map. Not sure you could get the box office numbers to make this thing fly [no pun intended]. Spider-man, X-men, Iron Man… very much part of popular culture. Alpha Flight?

    On the other hand… this movie would be sick! Just to see the computer animation they’d whip up to add Sasquatch to the movie would be worth the price of admission. You couldn’t make this movie 10 years ago… now, a 10′ tall hairy Great Beast? No problemo!!

  17. I’m really 100% sure it is going to be a nice movie, so my question is, can I please act on it?

    • 100% guaranteed that this movie will definitely take flight( hence the name).

  18. an Alpha flight movie sounds like a good idea since they are another group that doesn’t get any recognition on screen.

  19. an Alpha flight movie sounds like a good idea since they are another group that doesn’t get any recognition on screen

  20. x men 2099 movie!!!!!

  21. sounds like a winner to me.

  22. when is marvel going to make a movie about the morlocks? and how about a force works movie too.

  23. Did I also mention that I would like to see a movie about captain britain and Excalibur.