Vin Diesel Talks Potential Superhero (And Villain) Roles

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 3:43 pm,

In a recent interview promoting his new film Fast & Furious, muscle-man Vin Diesel spoke about which comic book characters he would like to play if he ever gets the chance. It’s no secret that Diesel is a bit higher on the geek-o-meter than you might think just by looking at him – for instance, it is publicly known he is a big Dungeons & Dragons fan (the board game, mind you… not the movie).

He already had his eye on Daredevil at one point, but we obviously know Ben Affleck landed the role instead. In the interview, Diesel has given some thoughts on which types of comic book characters he would like to play. Which are those? Well, namely Sub-Mariner and Doctor Doom.

He didn’t explicitly say he would like to play Doctor Doom, but a character much like him:

“I would be [more] apt to play a villain,” Diesel revealed to MTV News. “[I'd like to play] the protagonist of a story that is also like a Marvel villain – like Doctor Doom or something.”

But going more specific, Diesel expressed interest in pursuing the idea of playing Sub-Mariner:

“I have some superhero favorites,” Diesel admitted. “I talked to ['The Surrogates' director] Jonathan Mostow about ‘Sub-Mariner,’ which could be interesting because of its World War II-New York connection.”

On a related note, over the years there has been some whispers about the Transporter himself Jason Statham possibly playing Sub-Mariner, as well as Daredevil (which comes full circle to Diesel wanting to play that character, too).

Maybe if the rumors about the Fantastic Four franchise is being rebooted come true, then Diesel might have a shot at playing Doctor Doom. I don’t know nearly enough about the character from the original comics to say whether he would play a good Doctor Doom or not, but I’m sure there would be a big debate amongst fans about that one.

doctor doom Vin Diesel Talks Potential Superhero (And Villain) Roles

If you’re not that familiar with the character you may find it interesting and rather surprising to find out that he is one of the oldest superhero characters (created in 1939), and thus still respected and rather popular amongst readers. The Sub-Mariner is the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis – regal and egotistical to the extreme.

By the way, a Sub-Mariner movie is already on its way with Surrogates director Jonathan Mastow rumored to be directing.

I’m not particularly a fan of Diesel – sure, he’s entertaining in the right roles (I enjoyed watching him as Riddick, even if the second movie sucked), but he’s no thespian. It’s strange to have not seen him playing a comic book character long before now – is it just me or does it seem like he was born and bred for that sort of thing?

So do you think Diesel would play a good Sub-Mariner or Doctor Doom? Or should he never be allowed to play any sort comic book role?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. He would need a stone cold role to pull off, something like the punisher. Not THE punisher, but something like him.

  2. If nothing else,I think he could do Dr. Doom just off of his voice alone.

    It’s funny,I heard about the development of a Submariner movie about a year ago and the name that was thrown out there was The Rock as Namor.Looking at the two up top together,I could see him as Namor.Now all I have to do is give a damn about that character to make me actually want to see it.

    And to the writer of the article,Chronicles Of Riddick was a pretty good movie,if for nothing else,the character,sets,and costume designs were awesome.

  3. I don’t think you need someone physically THAT big to play Namor. Someone moderately sized but incredibly ripped would do the trick. What I think you DO need is someone who could pull of the regal/royal aspect of the character.

    I don’t believe Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson could do that. And forget about Statham, although I love him as an action star.

    However I must admit that no one pops into my head as a potential candidate…


  4. I kinda agree with you Vic,except that I do think that The Rock could pull it off.He is slowly turning out to be a pretty good actor.

    As far as I know,Namor is supposed to be a pretty big dude,so Dwayne would fit the physical criteria.Jason Statham just doesn’t work at all,even though I like him as well.

  5. I too dont’ think Namor calls for an overly big/ripped actor, just someone very cut and fit. As for comments on the 3 action stars, I would prefer Statham’s physique and somewhat Diesel’s attitude with a pinch of Statham’s… unfortunately no specific actor comes to mind as of yet

  6. Zachary Quinto! He looks like the part and if he can swim it’s a lock! Vin or Dwayne would be good as Captain America or someone like that! Of course I like Chris Pine for role really! Sub-Mariner is big though and has a very muscular upper body!

  7. I would so love to see diesel in a movie from a survival horror game… Which one you ask…? “The SUffering”. For him to play the main character but for him to be just like him in the whole him not saying anything throughout the whole movie and just have the other characters talk… Just like the game. For whoever directed ” High Tension ” to direct this one as well. Dark, creepy, thriller with some gory-like action is what should be expected. Now that would be an awesome diesel flick… But maybe thats just me wishing to be part of that experience…

  8. Zachary Quinto has the look and could possibly get the regalness required but he would definitely have to buff it up some.

  9. @ Jago

    Good call!

    Diesel would make a good Torque from The Suffering,and I also thing that if done right,The Suffering would make a really good movie and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about anyone trying to develop it into a movie yet.

    The story in the game is really good and the game is one of the creepiest games that I’ve ever played,with all the disturbing images that flash up on the screen at random.

  10. Diesel is for the most part black, whereas Sub Mariner is a white man of white and blue ancestry, so on race alone neither diesel nor Dwayne Johnson would work any better than a white guy playing Blade or Luke Cage. Diesel would be good as either of these, in fact i think Diesel would be cool as- in fact, i think he’d be an even better blade than Snipes. Submariner is such a pompous jackass that a very good actor is required lest he be laughed at, and i cant think of anyone who has both the acting ability and the physique to play Namor.

  11. Further thoughts. Some characters can have their race changed without too much bother- the Kingpin for example- and maybe the ship captain that was Namor’s dad can be changed into a black man, especially if they place Namor’s birth in the 6os or 70s as opposed to the 1920s. As for Doom even though he is an East European, Diesel could play him as a dark skinned gypsy, that might work. Diesel certainly has the voice for Doom.

  12. The most important thing in whoever plays Namor is his regal arrogance. I don’t care who plays it as long as they nail the hubris.

  13. @ CB

    Don’t you think The Rock could do it?He played an arrogant jackass for years in WWE.

  14. Not too keen on Mariner or (geez, really?) Dr. Doom for Mr. Diesel. However, this is the Venom that Spidey fans deserve. Hooray Topher Grace-Venom is dead. Please, Sony, let’s see a real Venom on-screen. That way, when his mask peels back for more facetime, he’s still just as badass.

  15. @Longshanks: there was always humour infused in the Rock’s character though. Namor is a down right antihero.

  16. Um… I can’t even fester a comment. Let’s… send him to acting school before we entrust another comic book property to him.

  17. Hey! He could play Luke Cage!

  18. @ Arrell

    When the Rock took over The Nation,there was no humor in what he was doing.He only became a more humorous heel when The Nation broke up,that way they could make Triple H the super heel while keeping The Rock and Stone Cold true anti heroes.

    All that said,I’m not totally familiar with the Namor character,and neither are a whole lot of people,so the only way that this movie is really going to make any money is if they get a legitimate box office draw.

    I don’t think that Statham is at that level,even though I like him and I think that with the failure of Vin’s last few movies,he may be falling out of favor with some people.That leaves the door wide open for The Rock,Who’s box office drawing power seems to only be going up.

  19. I don’t think they should make a Namor movie, him and Human Torch(Jim Hammond)should be untouched when it comes to a movie, they are the only two characters i thought marvel would preserve, for if they screw the movie up like Ghost Rider or DareDevil the whole character is dead.

  20. Daniel Day Lewis would be my choice for Namor .

  21. @Longshanks: I’m sure the humorous Rock is the variety everyone is more familiar with. If the Rock (or Vin Diesel) played Namor, they’d be doing a ‘Deadpool’ on the character.

  22. Namor is arrogant and pompous, Quinto’s work on Heroes is the same,that’s why I thought of him. He so looks the part!

  23. Vin Diesel would be a great Bullseye, especially if Jason Statham plays Daredevil.

  24. “Daniel Day Lewis would be my choice for Namor”


  25. @ arrell

    If you think that they are going to do a comedic,Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool version of Namor then you shouldn’t be blaming the actors,you should focus your blame on the director.

    I know that it seems like they get type cast to play only one or two types of characters,but they are just a little more versatile than you think.Not that it’s really going to take that much versatility for professional actors to play arrogant and regal.

    I was really impressed with Johnson after seeing him in the movie Southland Tales(even though the movie was crap).It was a very different role than I ever even expected him to play and he was one of the only good things about that film.

  26. Diesel is definitely more suited for roughneck type characters. I think he could play some comic book roles, just not Namor or Dr. Doom. I’ve never like Namor as a main character, but I like him as a member of the Defenders or teaming up with the Hulk to fight the Avengers.

  27. He’d be terrible, he’s a lousy actor and the only thing I could maybe see him play is a part of some sort of MUTE villian.
    He really is a bad actor and has very little screen presence what so ever.

  28. The thing about mr. Diesel if you look back on his movie career, is that his best roles were iether when he did not say much or had a lot of resources to draw from for his character. Taking this in to consideration, I think he would play a good Namor. Plus he wants to play the character, so that should add an element of motivation to make a really good movie.

  29. Disel could play bane in batman 3?