Vin Diesel Reveals Planned Stories for Future ‘Riddick’ Sequels

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Riddick sits on his throne Vin Diesel Reveals Planned Stories for Future Riddick Sequels

Richard B. Riddick isn’t a man who can be easily killed. As he says in the international trailer for the latest action movie centered on his exploits, “I don’t know how many times I’ve been crossed off the list and left for dead.” Like its titular character, the Riddick series could only be kept dormant for so long by the disappointing box office performance of The Chronicles of Riddick, and so the Alpha Furyan returns next month in another film all about battling impossible odds, simply titled Riddick.

Despite being depicted in a position of considerable power at the end of the last movie, Riddick (Vin Diesel) finds himself in dire straits once more and teams up with a group of mercenaries to escape the sun-scorched planet on which he finds himself and defeat waves of hostile alien creatures. Riddick has the potential to be the major comeback for the series, commercially-speaking, but the R rated movie really needs to pull in a profit at the box office if the story is to be continued in further sequels.

However, Diesel doesn’t seem too concerned about the future of Riddick’s monster-slaying career, and even called Karl Urban back to shoot additional scenes specifically to advance the mythology and lay the groundwork for the fourth movie in the series. Speaking in an interview with SFX, Diesel outlined the intentions for the next two movies in the Riddick franchise, and where the begoggled anti-hero will be going next:

“You’ve got to go to the Underverse. It’s expected, it’s something I firmly believe. You’ll have to go through the Underverse to get to Furya. So, those are the two further stories that are mapped out. The Underverse is a much more costly venture. We went this direction, trying to do an R rated movie, which is cool and even more interesting because it’s so unexpected. But yes, you will be at the Underverse and you will be at Furya sooner or later.”

The events in his path seem like they’re fairly well determined already, but when exactly Riddick will head into the Underverse and eventually back to his home world of Furya is another matter entirely. Four years passed between the release of Pitch Black and its sequel The Chronicles of Riddick, and another nine years will have passed by the time Riddick is released. How quickly a fourth chapter in the series arrives (if at all) will largely depend on how Riddick performs at the box office next month.

Riddick Red band Trailer Comic Con 2013 Vin Diesel Reveals Planned Stories for Future Riddick Sequels

Another notable implication in Diesel’s words is that future installments in the series might strive for a return to the PG-13 rating of The Chronicles of Riddick, in particular for the movie that deals with Riddick’s adventures in the Underverse, which will require a substantial budget. From Diesel’s description, Riddick sounds almost like an indulgence in all the bloody mayhem that an R rated action movie permits, whereas the future movies might have a stronger emphasis on the sci-fi mythos that has been built up in the series, rather than elaborately violent battle sequences.

Diesel is a big box office draw at the moment and the Riddick series has built up a healthy fanbase over the years. Presuming Riddick does well enough at the box office to guarantee a couple of sequels, do you like the sound of the journey that’s been mapped out for the character?


Riddick will be out in theaters September 4th, 2013.

Source: SFX

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  1. I’d like to see the writers from Marvel get a hold of this franchise. I think it would be very interesting to see what they would do with this franchise.

    • No just No….

    • The writers at Marvel should never be allowed to touch this. It’ll turn into a family movie.

      • I agree. Marvel will just commercialize the series. We need this to be an R rated movie. PG now isn’t the same as PG was 9 years ago thanks to Joe Lieberman. But I feel going back to a Pitch Black theme will only hurt the stories. We need to have more villains like in Chronicles of Riddick. More cat and mouse, more fighting. A broader story line in respects to why is he always being hunted by Mercs? Where is betraying to go? What does he need to do in order to live a normal life without anyone looking for him?

  2. The greatest Anti-Hero Ever!!!

  3. Well, seeing as how the third film looks almost exactly identical to the first film, should we presume that a fourth film, if made, will be almost identical to the second film?

    Seriously, didn’t anyone say, when making the third film, “You know, we’ve kinda done this before.”

    • All I’ve been hearing people say to date. – “Isn’t this just a re-hash of Pitch Black?” Of course, I thought Pitch Black was much better than Chronicles. This tells me it won’t do the best in the Box Office.

    • Yes, and they responded “…and it was awesome!!”

    • And Man of Steel was just a rehash of Superman II… It’s not going to be a rehash.

  4. This is pretty much what I’m hoping for. Riddick is supposed to be a throwback to Pitch Black and get people interested in the series again. After that I would like to delve a little more into the mythology that Chronicles set up. Even if it did underperform, it expanded the non-existent universe of Pitch Black and I’d like to see more of that.

    • Definitely agree. I actually liked Chronicles MORE than Pitch Black (though I liked Pitch Black too), and I know from comments on this site that there are quite a few others that did as well.

      Chronicles set up a really cool back story that can be delved into, and I really hope they can take it to the Underverse and to Furia, which they teased in Chronicles.

      Can’t wait until Riddick.

  5. I really like the universe that they’ve set up. I am crazy excited for ‘Riddick’ and would welcome more.

  6. I’m guessing Vaako saves Riddick to help in the Underverse by promising to bring Riddick home to Furyon afterwards and Vaako claims his destiny as the ruler. Vaako nearly killed Riddick in Chronicles but didn’t succeed so guessing he won’t try again.

  7. Movie looks good. Ive enjoyed the series so far so this is a no-brainer for me.

  8. “Chronicles” was a guilty pleasure, but in no way can it be confused for a good movie. There were fun moments and some great name performers (Karl Urban is now a favorite of mine, Thandie Newton is so under rated, Linus Roach, and Judi Dench?? That is quite a cast!!) But the movie was a hodge podge of random crap tossed together and someone slammed it together with black and decker staple guns.

    But “Pitch Black” would make my list of my favorite 50 movies of all time, though. Just love the movie, from the opening to him mowing down Aliens with the spaceship at the end. If “Riddick” gets that vibe back, I am in. If not, this series just needs to be out to rest.

    • I’m with you 100%.
      Pitch Black has long been among my favourite films. It has great re-watch value.

      Chronicles of Riddick was painfully disjointed, with “mythos” that was thrown at the viewer with no background, no explanation, no context. It had very little to do with the universe (limited as it was) of Pitch Black.

      Chronicles was trying too hard to create a franchise. There are too many loose ends, too many gratuitous elements, too much requirement of “suspension of disbelief”, and too much implied mysticism that has no foundation or real support within the film itself.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still watch Chronicles whenever it’s on TV, and will occasionally pull out my DVD of it to watch… usually after watching Pitch Black. heck, I just bought a special three-pack of Riddick films on Blu-Ray.

      Anyway, suffice to say, I’m actually excited to see a return to the tone/style of Pitch black for the next movie.

      • What was the third? Dark Fury? I don’t think that’s available on Blu-Ray.

        • It is as part of the combined set of three.

          • I’m pretty sure that’s still a DVD and not Blu-Ray.

            • Actually, I’m absolutely certain, as I OWN the Blu-ray “Riddick Collection”, and it is currently sitting on my media shelves at home. I bought it last weekend at Wal-Mart…it contains “Pitch Black”, “The Chronicles of Riddick”, AND “Dark Fury”. I also possess the older release of the dvd collection, since I did not know beforehand that the Blue-ray would be released.

              • I’m not saying that it’s not included. I’m saying that Dark Fury is a DVD and not a Blu-Ray like the other films.

                See here:

                It specifically says “Additional bonus, ‘Dark Fury’, is on DVD.”

                Unless they re-released the collection with Dark Fury in HD and not on a DVD.

                • THAT, admittedly, I will have to go check later, when I head home. The inclusion DOES sound vaguely familiar…

      • “…too much requirement of “suspension of disbelief”, …”


  9. I was surprised by pitch black when i first saw. With chronicles i was like “what am i watching? did i miss a movie in between or something?” it was better on second viewing and i am interested in all the mythology that they included. just felt like there shouldve been another film in between PB and TCoR (not counting the animated film). at least something to slowly bring in all the mythology.

    But now i am interested to see more of that world. So i hope Riddick goes back to the same tone and scifi-horror of PB while also including or at least referencing the greater mythology.

    I kind of like the idea of them alternating between smaller films like PB and Riddick and then going big for films like Chronicles. You get a more personal story with Riddick then get a space adventure with all these other characters.

    • Well, technically there was a movie in between called Dark Fury, that’s supposed to connect the two. I didn’t like it that much, but I also felt that the implied events that took place in the years between the movies were adequately explained (The girl got older, Riddick kept running from bounty hunters, the Imam went home and had a family etc.). His relationship with the girl was also explained further as the movie progressed.

    • Dark Fury sits between Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. Everyone here who bashes Chronicles should either pick up a book once in a while or at the very least research the story online. These people who call themselves fans…

  10. I was Apollo disappointed with Chronicles that I have reservations about this one. I’m hoping,though, that it will surprise me. I don’t understand why they didn’t continue with the whole Necromonger storyline…

  11. Not “Appolo disappointed”, but “soooooo disappointed”

    • Good thing you clarified. I was thinking you overreacted for a second there.

  12. Hm. Remember him saying this about ‘Chronicles…’ and how both himself and Twohy had the two sequels worked out, ready to shoot. Studio baulked at the idea. Then the reviews and box office came in to completely shoot the idea down.

    Let us just see how this one does, Vin. Like many, I adored the surprising B movie lust of ‘Pitch Black’. Knew exactly what it was and what the B movie rules were, not to mention giving us an anti-hero so cool we even had a character in the movie worship him.

    Let us just see if ‘Riddick’ can recapture that first.

  13. Some years back when there was a talk of a Chronicles of Riddick sequel this was what Vin Diesel was talking about: The Underverse, expanding the Riddick mythology etc. I guess he was forced to scale back his plans to this Pitch Black rehash due to lack of studio interest(since Chronicles bombed).

    I don’t have high hopes for this. Even if Riddick is successful, studios will note it worked because of the low-budget sci-fi slasher flick formula derived from the original Pitch Black. Going from there to a big-budget tentpole like Chronicles is a different matter entirely.

  14. Considering that this movie budget is only $38 million and Diesel is a major box office draw, I have no doubt they will make sequels- unless the film ends up being crap or something.

    As in regards to why this film looks similar to the 1st one, the director said he wanted to go back to the original roots of the franchise.. I’m one of the people who thinks it looks a lot like Pitch Black, but if it’s a jump kick into what they are wanting to do and gets them to what this article is about, then I’m all for it.

  15. You must appreciate Vin Diesel’s determination. After a nice B-movie, a terrible sequel, now he convinced the studio to go back to basics, and basically REBOOT the franchise.
    My feeling is ‘Riddick’ will underperform, also because it lacks the element of surprise of the first one. The studio probably won’t go for a big budget 4th movie after that. But Diesel won’t stop there. He’ll make the 4th movie, out of his own pocket if necessary. But the franchise will never be a ‘Lord of the Rings in space’, which is always my first association when there’s news about another Riddick movie.

    • How is it a reboot? I see it as more of a sequel that went in a different direction than the previous one but still happens in the same timeline of the past films and will acknowledge them.

  16. I can’t wait to see this. I love the character and the I’d love to see the mythos continued and expanded.

  17. glad to hear they’re going to bring back the sci-fi themes of ‘chronicles’. it may not have been a box office smash but i really enjoyed it and am totally down for an underverse adventure!!

  18. Pitch Black is a classic (and I enjoyed Chronicles, a massive change in tone though it was)…. Now I’m just confused. So they’re going to go back to the Pitch Black formula (lean budget, hard R) for “Riddick”, then IF it is successful… they’re going to revert to the failed big budget Chronicles formula (bloated budget with a PG-13)? Riddick is an interesting character, and worth exploring. He is not Star Wars. And frankly, I thought they made a misstep in the series with their making him ‘the one’(YAWN). I liked him as just an extra mean motherf**ker, when his ‘super power’ was shanking things, lol.

  19. Honestly I’m surprised this movie got made, let alone two more. Hopefully it happens, but I doubt it…:-/

  20. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve been dreaming about the grand return for nearly a decade now and I’m pretty optimistuc about “Riddick’s” success.

    1 – Diesel has proven that he can bring back his old and long dead franchises impressively. F’n’F is now more vivid and viable than ever and that was in a far worse condition after Tokyo Drift…

    2 – The second one bombed when SciFi as a genre was on its way out and fantasy took over. Star Trek began to fade away, the Star Wars OT was almost done and many other Sci Fi films became huge box office disasters. But this is 9 years later! We’ve had Star Trek’s glorious return, we had Avatar, we had Prometheus at least being a moderate success… space is cool again and it’s the right time for Riddick to return…

    • Star Wars PT of course :-)

      • Threshold take me to the threshold! Loved Chronicles of Riddick. Way underrated. Got to love Vin there is no quit in this furyan. He did called COR something akin to Lord of the Rings and he is going to make it if this film is successful. Just due to the fact that he brought back Karl to keep contunity for the films tells me we will see the final trilogy and then judge the set and tell me you don’t love it.

  21. I like Chroniclrs a lot better than Piych Black. Since Ridduck seems to be much more similar to PB, I don’t plan on seeing Ridfick. If a fourth one is made that is more similar to Chribickes, then I’d probably see it.

    • Did you type that with your eyes closed?

  22. i love how that photo at the top is a rip off of Conan the Barbarian. Fvck this franchise. Fvck vin diesel. He’s gonna ruin Marvel movies.

  23. As long as you remember that Riddick is just Vin Diesel’s Dark Elf Ranger and that these movies are just him bringing us along for the ride at his next Dungeons & Dragons game, it makes it all much easier to stomach. I really hope the movie does well. I enjoyed it, even the dog and “hover bikes”.

  24. I want to see what Vin and D. Twohy have envisioned for the Riddick series. For instance, I have all sorts of questions that I would love to have answered.
    If the Threshold is the Necro’s heaven/hell- Will Kyra be there? If it’s a physical place- Can Riddick take her with him to Furya?
    Will Riddick EVER catch a true break?-Finally be free of mercs and anyone trying to kill him?
    Why has Riddick gone to such trouble to protect Jack/Kyra?
    Why even create this dynamic relationship that the duo share?
    (In my opinion…) She’s the only female character so far that has mostly held her own with him, fought at his side, stood up to him, isn’t afraid of him the way most of the other characters (male and female) seem to be.

    I have sooooo many more questions than just those lol as I’m sure we all do.
    I really hope that Vin and D. Twohy get the opportunity to give us their vision of Riddick and that we can all handle what’s to come.

    Also, I would love to have books to read about Riddick’s story from start to finish.

    Anyone else have any theories on what might be upcoming in the Riddick Chronicles? I love hearing others’ ideas!

  25. Suggestion/request: Make a Redick sequel on the original Pitch Black planet.
    Maybe she somehow survived the alien attack at the end,you know thru Hollywood magic.

  26. i really hope they continue the series after just watching the latest movie, cant help but love Riddick

  27. i loved the series, why so much hate on chronicles? read the book if you want it to make sense, or if you are suddenly going to argue with me that you should not have to read a book to have a movie make sense, consider a small search on google, it might take a minute or two but you will be completely filled in. if you are still unable?.. well… go back to watching pitch black for the hundredth time, pretending in your mind that its the second movie.. wait the third! omg it gets better the plot is so good its the fourth installment and its just like the first! AMAZING!

    really im kidding, i love the series, but seriously, stop hating on chronicles, theres nothing wrong with it.. all the movies tie together very well. the minute i watched chronicles i saw absolutely nothing wrong with the idea, i had no missing dots to connect and as such, enjoyed it entirely, it sits in my list of top 5 movies, with pitch black, not too fond if riddick as it is… the plot feels too much like the first movie and i simply dont want to watch pitch black expecting something to be different, the only differences i could spot was the introduction, pet dog and the fact that there are two ships this time round. still loved it but why oh why did they need the cgi cutbacks!?!

  28. This is the third Riddick movie,and i love this last movie, and hope that they will make many more movie´s like this one, Mr Diesel is perfect for this character and keep on killing aliens and bounty hunters in his special way..

  29. I’ve enjoyed all the Riddick movies so far and look forward to hopefully seeing more. I love the new makes of alien species in the films. It makes a change to see something different. I agree with other comments I don’t think Marvel should take it on as previously stated it would become a family movie and that’s not what Riddick is about, it would spoil the film.