Vin Diesel Says His Marvel Role Involves a ‘Different Kind of Love Story’

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Riddick Vin Diesel Topless Vin Diesel Says His Marvel Role Involves a Different Kind of Love Story

Marvel generally runs an airtight ship, as evidenced this past weekend at the 2013 Comic-Con. The studio managed to keep a lid on the title for Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel ahead of time, whereas WB/DC’s plans for a Superman/Batman team-up movie leaked a few hours ahead of the “surprise” announcement at the ‘Con. However, there is one secret that keeps threatening to break from from Marvel’s grasp prematurely (re: before the official studio announcement): the identity of the resident of the Marvel Cinematic Universe whom Vin Diesel is up to portray.

Diesel let it slip at the Universal Comic-Con panel – where he was promoting the upcoming Riddick – that an announcement about his Marvel character is due to drop before this month draws to a close. The actor had offered another teaser on the subject, which should only continue to fan the most popular theories about who he is up to portray.

EW sat down to interview Diesel, alongside his Riddick costar Katee Sackhoff (a.k.a. Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica) and writer-director David Twohy. The site pressed him for more information on the Marvel casting, and it didn’t take much coaxing for Vin to offer the following:

“Marvel was excited about bring a different kind of relationship, a different kind of love story, I guess kind of semi-inspired from the Dom-Letty relationship, into the Marvel universe.”

Dom and Letty, of course, are the character played by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez in the Fast and the Furious movies. The most recent installment, Fast & Furious 6 (a.k.a. Furious 6), featured a storyline where Dom had to rekindle their romantic flame, since Letty had suffered memory loss due to the events in Fast & Furious. That meant Dom not only needed to re-win Letty’s heart, but also prove his devotion to her (that included saving her life by jumping out a vehicle that was probably moving at over 100 mph at the time).

Thanos Death Marvel Comics 570x380 Vin Diesel Says His Marvel Role Involves a Different Kind of Love Story

There are two popular theories about who Diesel is playing in the MCU:

  1. Thanos, as glimpsed during the Avengers‘ button (re: mid-credits) scene. His infamous courtship of the character Death – an entity who embodies the end of life in the Marvel universe (often appearing in the form of a human female) – was teased during the Mad Titan’s brief appearance onscreen in Whedon’s film.
  2. Vision, the android created by Ultron, who we now know is going to be featured in the Avengers sequel. Furthermore, Vision’s love interest/wife is Scarlet Witch, who is another confirmed character that will be introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Whedon has teased his plans to tweak Ultron’s origins in his Avengers sequel, which could be a sign that Vision is going to show up at some point. However, the relationship between Thanos and Death seems closer to the Dom-Letty dynamic (well, relatively speaking); as opposed to, the Vision-Scarlet Witch romance, with Diesel as the former and a version of S.W. who will be young enough to bear a resemblance to Saoirse Ronan.

Then again, Diesel posted a picture of Vision as his profile image on Facebook last year (before quickly taking it down). Interpret that as you will.

[Click to Enlarge]

Arguably, Diesel seems like a better fit for Thanos, in terms of his build and growly voice; though, some might counter by pointing out that those traits also make him a good match for Vision. As more food for thought: the potential timing of a casting announcement for Diesel suggests he will play a role in Guardians of the Galaxy (a movie that is confirmed to include Thanos), which he might then be able to reprise in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Then again, maybe Diesel is going to voice Rocket Racoon in Guardians, and the “different kind of love story” that he mentioned is that between R.R. and Groot the humanoid tree (hey, we wouldn’t put anything past director James Gunn).

Let us know who you think Vin Diesel will (or, rather, ought) play in the MCU in the comments section!


Iron Man 3 releases on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24th, 2013.

Meanwhile, Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: EW

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  1. THANOS!!!


    • I’ve already placed a $100 bet with my local comic book shop owner on this. He said diesel will play the vision,while I have my money on that he will be Thanos. He will be Thanos!

      • Haha thats a first I have heard before. They should do that at Vegas. I’m saying Thanos as well. Vision makes sense also because of Scarlet Witch, but I am biased and want him to be Thanos :)

      • Those are good 50/50 odds. Let us know if either one of you pay up.

      • and what happens if it’s rocket raccoon?

        • He is hottie-twattie in love with Rocket Raccoon??

  2. He’s going to be Vision.

    • Yes. I’m almost sure it’ll be Vision, since the Scarlet Witch will be on Avengers 2, his quote seems quite suggesting.

  3. He’s playing Ultron.

    • I can buy that as well.
      Although what romance is there in Ultron?

      • Ultron and his creator? (He did say that it would be a DIFFERENT kind of love story, maybe a father/son kind of love, not a romance like Ant Man and Wasp)

        Ultron and Vision? (Another father figure and son)

        And Thanos has his love with Death.

        That is my theory, knowing what I know, which are pretty much rumors at this point.

        • Ultimate Ultron falls in love with Scarlet Witch and kills her after learning that she has incestuous feelings towards her brother Quicksilver.

          • … Well… that IS different…

        • So–Ultron and Iron Man (Stark)? {Still say it should be Pym as the creator}.

          • Ultron and Jarvis???

        • If he’s Ultron, perhaps he will create Jocasta for a different kind of love story? Anyways, I’m thinking he will be Thanos.

      • Ultron has the hots for the Tin Woodsman….

  4. I love that theory about Rocket Raccoon and Groot lol.

    Seriously, Diesel is a very interesting actor to bring into the Marvel Universe and actually has some talent when he decides to move away from the stereotypical version of himself that has grown popular in some of his recent projects. This could be Diesel wanting a piece of the Marvel pie but also wanting to spread himself like he used to.

    I can envision him as Vision solely because of Iron Giant 😉
    Plus, with the announcement of Ultron and Scarlet Witch- as the article points out- it really does make a lot of sense.
    Plus an android in love with a human (mutant?) that is an interesting love story.

    Thanos can make sense as well. He can provide the voice. I see it as well and the articles spells it out nicely.

    If he is another character, that is going to throw everyone off big time.
    With the way Marvel has been in terms of casting, and story points (read: Hank Pym not in Age of Ultron; Mandarin controversy, etc), anything is possible at this point.

  5. LOL sounds like Thanos to me. The line about RR and Groot was hilarious though

  6. All the hints he keeps leaving makes me think he is going to play Vision but if he is Thanos it wouldn’t surprise me as his voice is just perfect for that character


    • best comment ever made me lol

      • How would speculating that he’s playing Black Panther constitute as baiting black people? I want to say it’s the dumbest s*** I’ve heard all day, but I’ll hear your reason behind it first.

      • Panther and Ororo Munroe (aka Storm of the X-Men).
        Alas, Storm is under Fox’s license.

  8. Paul Bettany will be ultrob. Diesel will be vision.

    • Funny. I think Stark will be the one creating Ultron, as Whedon confirmed it’s not Pym. Could be then that Jarvis in fact is given a physical form by Stark and ultimately becomes Ultron. Then it would indeed be Paul Bettany.

    • Cool idea. To put that familiar voice to a body. He kind of looks more like Vision though. And if they go the rogue Jarvis idea, him being the embodiment of his own voice would be cool.

  9. RR and Groot in a love story? Damn that is stupid.

    • What? Raccoons love climbing trees. I just assumed everyone knew that.

      • Blacks should play blacks, orientals should play orientals, whites should play whites, and latinos should play latinos. Or do you want males playing females and females playing males as well?

        • Yes, we should STOP ALL race-change in character roles. We should also impose racial segregation laws to stop all race mixing, and force our own ideology down other people’s throats. How DARE they have the freedom of the constitutional right to do as they wish. How DARE they have an opposing visually opinion, or a different perspective from I.

          This is how you sound, or this is my perspective of who you are deep down. Have you people completely lost your minds? Don’t you know how seriously disgusting and offensive you’re sounding? “Blacks should stick with blacks, Asians with asians, Whites with whites” – As if they’re separate entities entirely, or a cluster of different species. By that logic, blacks shouldn’t be Scientist, Doctors, Engineers since Whites take-up the majority of these roles. Another point, Vin Diesel happens to be of mixed-race ancestry (black and white), so where does his ‘role’ lie? Don’t worry, I’ll answer is for you: His role lies wherever it is needed, regardless of his ancestry or your ‘opinion’..

          Who are you to make the rules? Who are YOU to be the race dictator of Comics, movies, or video games for that matter? Simple. You’re a nobody, and you DON’T make the rules. So your ‘opinion’ in regards to role-casting for a production you have absolutely nothing to do with is unimportant.

          • @Justin, Goldilocks – Let’s cut out all the race debate on an article that has nothing to do with race, please. Goldilocks, I don’t know why you decided to bring race up (unless I missed a previous post by someone else?) but Justin, Goldilocks in no way stated anything about imposing racial segregation or forced ideology. I think you went off the rails a bit there.

            Let’s cut this topic off before I ultimately end up deleting comments (which I prefer to NOT do).

            Paul Young – Moderator

      • I always appreciate some nice “limbs” myself!

  10. its either vision or thanos

  11. Please don’t let it be Thanos!!
    Vision, I guess, Groot ok, not Rocket Racoon, and not Thanos.

    • I agree completely stark

  12. Well, Marvel just got back the rights for “Daredevil”… Maybe he’ll be “blind” once again… That “eyes thing” isn’t new to him at all…It’s Riddick all over again :-) I say it’s Daredevil…

    • In addition, Michelle Rodriguez could be playing Elektra…making it a “Dom-Letty relationship”…I dunno…

    • Well Riddick isn’t blind. His eyes are just sensitive to light. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be DD.

  13. I dont think Paul Bettany’s voice could fit Ultron

  14. Paul Bettany looks and sounds like Vision. Ultron should be total CG, like and Iron Man Suit. And though I know it will never happen, the EMH voice would be so awesome.

  15. Vin Diesel as Vision.

    The man even said himself that he wants to play “a character that starts off bad but becomes a hero”.

    Sounds awfully like Vision doesn’t it while Thanos has always been a villain except for that one story when the Guardians and Nova Corps had to save the universe from the Cancerverse.

    Vin’s gonna be Vision. Anyone assuming otherwise (until Marvel officially confirm otherwise) is gonna look awfully silly. Especially that guy who put $100 on him being Thanos. I hope you saved enough to pay the rent pal.

    • Luke cage started off bad I think too. Wasn’t he a thug in Harlem or in prison?

    • I am betting myself that Wasp and Scarlet Witch will both want me….

    • Dazz, if you’re wrong, you shouldn’t post on this site for a whole month. That’d be awesome.

  16. Thanos and Vision seem like obvious candidates. I could see Ultron being a good role for Vin Diesel as well though, the love story being his interaction with Scarlet Witch in the Ultimate comics.

    All that being said I’d be so happy if the voice of Ultron is the same voice that did him in Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes. That voice to me made Ultron kinda scary in some ways.

  17. You should make a poll.
    My vote is Thanos, even though I don’t know anything about him other than the Avengers post-credits scene.

  18. Thanos the hand of fate!, I mean hand of infinity gauntlet..

  19. If he keeps blabbing about his role, I don’t think he’ll be playing anyone 😉

    I guess if he is gonna play someone in Phase 2, it’ll be Thanos. They’ll probably do some digital manipulation on his voice to make it heavier, and I’m guessing they won’t just be paining him purple (i.e. mo-cap tech), so I could see that working…

    Personally, I really don’t get how so many people are suggesting he’s gonna be the Vision. He doesn’t sound like the Vision and he doesn’t look like the Vision (aside from, maybe, his face – which has some similarities). The Vision is a very tech-y hero. He says a lot of complex and calculating stuff – imo, those kinds of lines won’t be that believable coming from Vin Diesel.

  20. Damn it Diesel, all you did was strengthen the guesses lol. It’s still a 50/50 shot of him playing Vision or voicing Thanos. Diesel is an answering genius when it comes to an interviewer’s fast ball questions.

    • Diesel may very well be but, it can also be Marvels people giving him things to say to hype people up and create buzz.

  21. I honestly feel like he should play both Ultron and Vision, since Ultron made Vision. He’s a better fit for those characters. Besides that I thought the part of Thanos has already been cast. Damion Poiter played him in the end credits, and I don’t see why they would recast him. But yeah I see him portraying Vision, and doing the voice of Ultron

  22. Pacifier 2

  23. Man, I must be the only one on the planet who thinks his voice doesn’t fit Thanos. Vin’s voice isn’t THAT deep, and he also has a really specific way of talking, kind of slow, not quite mumbling, that doesn’t fit Thanos, to me.

    That said, I don’t really think he’s that good a fit for Vision, either, but I’m much less attached to that character.

  24. My wildest guess would be Vision, because of the inclusion of Scarlet Witch. She doesn’t need to be there if Vision’s not there.
    Oh, and I’m sure he’s NOT going to be all green and capey like in the comic/animated. He’s basically Ultron’s henchman so he’s probably going to look more like the terminator in The Avengers, and Vin should have no problem looking like that.
    Him as Thanos? Though he has the figure, I now doubt it. Thanos will be appearing in GotG, but Vin hasn’t flown to London yet for filming while Benicio Del Toro already went there after Comic-con (although one could argue he could do it later). Plus Feige already shot down about the announcement thing that Vin had said.

    • Actually, SW was in The Avengers before Vision was.

  25. Different type of love story eh?? Gay venom?? Haha.

  26. Vision!
    We already got a Thanos! Keep the guy we got!

  27. I believe it is best that Marvel does not hire Vin Diesel, but gets younger actors (or those that have not been exposed via mainstream) for others to gain recognition. They are starting to hire icons, and I have no problem with that, but instead of feeding the rich with more rich roles, why not spread some of that richness to new actors so Hollywood can notice some new talents instead of focusing so much on one core of celebrities.

    Vin Diesel might be a decent actor, but I rather have someone unknown or underground/underrated.

    • I’d much rather see the right person for the role. Known or unknown, that doesn’t matter so much. There’s nothing inherently gained by passing on someone just so another can get their chance at fame.

    • You have a very valid point but alot of excellent actors are willing to probably take some type of pay cut to be in a marvel movie just to stay revelant. I agree with you that marvel does have ability to sell their movies with lesser known actors. People forget that downey a well known actor did not have a 100 million dollar hit to his name before marvel came along.