Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role – Who Will He Play?

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Riddick Vin Diesel Topless Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?

[Update: Vin Diesel met with Marvel. Details here.]

With only one chapter of Phase Two (Iron Man 3) out of the way, Disney and Marvel Studios have begun unveiling their plans for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After The Avengers 2 and Ant-Man hit theaters in 2015, there will be at least three additional Marvel franchise movies, unannounced titles officially scheduled for 2016 and 2017, with more on the way.

San Diego Comic-Con is three weeks out and Marvel is expected to host a major panel presentation for Thor: The Dark World, that will also likely include bits for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Adding to the list of hopeful unveilings – that now includes the mysterious Phase Three film titles – are the major casting confirmations and surprise announcements. Could one of them involve a role for Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel just told his 47 million Facebook fans that he’s meeting with Marvel, joking that he doesn’t know why or what for. It came as a secondary part of one of his regular Facebook photos and messages:

“P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”

With the timing of this statement, Comic-Con around the corner, Fast & Furious 6 (& 7) in everyone’s mind, and the fact that writer-director James Gunn is beginning to shoot Guardians of the Galaxy in London, our immediate guess would be that Marvel is looking to finalize the voice actors for their space epic. Heroes Rocket Raccoon and Groot for instance, along with the big bad villain of the universe (Thanos) will likely be (at least, partially) CG animated, along with many other of the alien characters.

How does Vin Diesel’s voice (think an angrier Iron Giant) behind the grinning face of Thanos sound?

Thanos in The Avengers  Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?

By coincidence or perhaps not at all, we’re not surprised to see Diesel’s name pop up with the Marvel brand. Last year in August, he stirred the rumor mill himself with his super-popular Facebook page by throwing up an image of Vision (the photo below, actually) as his profile photo before quickly taking it down. Vision is an android, a love interest of confirmed new Avengers Scarlet witch and a member of Earth’s Mightiest himself.

[Click to Enlarge]

Marvel Comics Vision 280x170 Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?


Knowing from our sources that actors such as Benicio Del Toro were signed quite a while before the news was slipped to trade magazines, it’s possible that Diesel is playing coy and is already set to play some character in the series. All we have to go on is the timing of the news and the uncast characters we know are hitting the big screen in the future.

There’s an additional piece to the story that I mentioned last year and on the Screen Rant Underground podcast, but five years ago, Diesel told MTV in an interview why he hadn’t gotten involved in comic book movies. His main reason is that he was “holding out,” for a film where the protagonist is the villain from the Marvel universe, a role that no one had come to him yet at that point in time.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: Vin Diesel & MTV

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  1. He should play a Black Bolt who attacks the Avengers in Avengers 3 because the Kree and Ronan the Accurser are using the Inhumans as a weapon. Could explain Del Toro’s multi-pic. deal?

    • dr. doom or colosus for me is the perfect character for vin diesel

      • Dr. Doom is part of FOX, not Marvel. Sorry.

        • True and unfortunate.

  2. It’s unfortunate Bautista is playing Drax… I think Diesel would have been a better fit.

    • When I first read Drax in the books, I thought it WAS Vin Diesel. Had the look, size, mannerisms… even the Riddick double blades!

  3. I could actually see Diesel as Black Bolt, and that would be a good role for him as they wouldn’t need him to ever speak. Just perfect for VD, and me, since I can’t stand his voice.

    • @FILTHpig – I wouldn’t mind seeing ‘Diesel’ as ‘Black Bolt’ either, who knows who he’s playing right now. It’s clear by ‘Diesel’s’ remark that he has real plans of joining the MCU, so we’ll see.

      • I also like the idea of the Absorbing Man for VD… ex-boxer, created by Loki, fights with Thor and Odin in the comics and he’s a villain.

  4. There’s definitely some great characters ‘Vin’ could play if he signs with Marvel Studios.

    • One might imagine if Vin Diesel hopes to find a Marvel character in fulfilling his desire to portray a “villain”, the actor could strike the richest vein for such a treasured role with Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

      Namor McKenzie, King of Atlantis, is the first Marvel character with over 70 years of publication history, thereby abundantly gifted with the most thoroughgoing mythology of any comic book character now on display.

      His origin, nothing short of breathtaking, accounts for Namor’s birth as a hybrid human with Atlantean lineage. (His name in that native language means “the avenging son”.)

      His adventures in the modern age has Namor clashing with the superhero community in a show of aggression toward “the surface world”; this redoubtable King of Atlantis even teams up with Dr. Doom. Once freed from that super-villain’s dark hold, the Sub-Mariner runs solo and, alternately, with a group — even with The Avengers.

      A mutant who is both hero and antagonist makes for a complicated compound of mood swings and ill-temper, which motivates Namor to espouse the insane belief that his birth resulted from Fen, an Atlantean having been raped by a human, Leonard McKenzie; that singular event inspiring this “avenging son’s” outrage toward those living on the “surface world”.

      Such an indictment (real or imagined) has deemed him inconsolable.

      Whatever characterization Vin Diesel and Marvel Entertainment agree upon for his debut in that community of costumed crime fighters and masked vigilantes, his portrayal of a half-man/half-fish pissed-off at human beings, and thereby unable to make up his mind if he’s a super-hero or a super-villain, would be a large-scale display of what is dramatically daring and intensely thrilling.

      • You talk good.

      • Too bad Vinny D. could never pull off a character that complex.

        Benedict Cumberbatch has my vote for the role of Submariner… perfect casting IMO after seeing Into Darkness.

        • It’s too bad Vin can’t swim

      • Namor would have to be someone very Tall. Diesel is a Squeakin’ little Guy. Diesel would probably be either Thanos or Blade (re-boot).
        Although I think he is a terrible actor & a scenery Chewer ,Hugh Jackman is physically a Good match for Namor.

  5. NO!!

    No Vin Diesel!!!

    Any role he could play should be given to the Rock.
    IMO, he’s a poor man’s Dwayne Johnson.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw this, but it looks like it really might happen. So, now we just have to figure out what character he’ll be playing and hope it isn’t someone he’ll screw up too badly.

      • @ FILTHpig

        All I can think of is something that requires very little acting ability.

        All I can come up with is him voicing Groot.
        I do not want him voicing Rocket Racoon however, no way. Not Thanos either.

        I do trust Marvel 100% with their casting choices, but this one has me wondering.

  6. I guess I could research it, but could someone give me a run down on black bolt? Why doesn’t he speak?

    • From Wikipedia:

      His electron-harnessing ability is linked to the speech center of his brain. Speaking triggers a massive disturbance capable of leveling a city.

      He’s actually a pretty awesome character. The fact that Marvel can use these guys in lieu of the X-Men is actually a good thing I think. They also tie in well with the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe.

      • “These guys” and “they” being the Inhumans, of course.

      • Great point, actually. The Inhumans could be the Marvel movie-verse version of mutants.

        Except rather than coming about through natural selection, their mutations arose because of alien tampering. I like this idea.

        • Yep, experiments with the mutagenic Terrigen Mist will explain all. I’m sure Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be explained that way too… at least partly because I think SW had some magical powers given to her by Chthon.

  7. Marvel heard that DC wanted him to play Lex Luthor! LOL

  8. He can play the She-Hulk. He’s already got the boobs for it!

  9. Luke Cage

  10. Black Bolt. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver will be Eternals and will eventually lead to the Inhumans.
    GotG galaxy is laying the ground work for a Marvel Cosmic “phase” that will include; GotG, Nova, The Inhumans, Ms Marvel and maybe Adam Warlock.

  11. Please lord no. No Vin Diesel. No Dwayne Johnson. Please hire an actor instead.

  12. Ugh, hopefully he plays no one.
    He’s a nice person and all (i’m assuming), but I wouldn’t want to see him in a CBM, especially in a leading role.

    • He should stick with the straight-up action movies imo… him and the Rock. Although, I could still see the Rock being a good Lobo.

      • Rock was actually supposed to play Lobo, but the film got canned, sadly.

        Vin is an okay actor, maybe a CBM will propell his acting abilities, and make him, say.. stretch.

        If he’s given the right role, I think he’ll be a good fit in the MCU..

        People over at Yahoo! were whining about John C. Reily getting cast. I for one am happy for John, and looking forward to his inclusion in the MCU.

        The actors/actress’ they’ve chosen so far (aside from Natale Portman dis-liking her role…) have been great.

        I mean.. come on people… they got GLENN CLOSE AND ROBERT [FRICKIN] REDFORD!

        • Marvel has indeed done a fine job of hiring great actors for their films, I don’t know why those weird ass people at Yahoo we’re complaining about John C. Reily because he’s pretty damn good actor, you can never please some people, ha-ha. I too think Vin will fit good in the role Marvel has planned for him, most likely ‘Vision’ but we’ll see.

    • The thing I like about Vin Diesel is he’s a big video game/comic book/D&D nerd. He brings a certain level of excitement about his work to the table.

    • I disagree with you, the avenger. I think that Vin can be a solid actor in the right role. I’m looking forward to him potentially being in a comic book movie.

  13. Vin diesel will play silver surfer and peter dinklage will be galactus

  14. Vision black bolt or thanks.

  15. Voice of Groot would make sense. I don’t see it for Thanos though.

  16. Too bad Marvel doesn’t have the rights. He could be Cable…

  17. I think Vin Diesel can make a great casting role playing THE SILVER SURFER. That will be a great idea for him.

  18. From the article, nothing much is certain. He might just have joked around on FB just to raise the hype and get Marvel’s attention since his Vision stunt didn’t work.

  19. I think they will replace sam jackson’s nick fury with vin diesel or he is a clone or lmd of nick fury…

  20. Man, there are sooo many characters Vin could play. Good and bad guys alike.

    1. Absorbing Man
    2. The Wrecker
    3. The voice for MODOK
    4. Molten Man (if they use him outside the spideyverse)
    5. Terrax
    6. Tiger Shark
    7. The voice of Ultron
    8. Super Skrull……………

    • ‘Absorbing Man’ :D

  21. How did I forget about Deathlok????

  22. What about the Son of Thanos, Zorr the Conqueror?!?

  23. Vin diesel could play Taskmaster

  24. I was a strong advocate for him to be Drax. He is perfect for the role. Oh well. I coukd def see him as Thanos as well. At least his voice. They can do like a mo-cap/cgi creation with his voice. His voice is pwrfect for Thanos. Like the article said picture an angry Iron Giant. His voice in Riddick also. Hes a badass amd I think he can do it. And imho, theres no denying he has def gotten better at acting with the last 2 F&F movies. Thats whole cast has just a little side note. So yea I cam see Diesel as Thanos.

    • Me too. For a few years now, I’ve wanted him in that role.

  25. I think he would make a great luke cage!!

  26. He actually looks quite a lot like Black Bolt… But I really hope he will not be playing him. Black Bolt needs to be played by someone who can express emotions and personality without ever speaking… I seriously doubt Diesel can do that.

  27. Vin Diesel should play a character named Cable. At least that is what I think. I’ve always felt, growing up on these comics in the 80s and 90s, that a movie about Cable was inevitable because of how important he was when he first debuted. He’s an amazing character, my brother’s favorite when we were kids. However, to do a movie about Cable, a movie about X-Force would be necessary and a lot of other movies need to be made prior to the debut of this character. Cable is, though, a time traveller. They can simply introduce the character in another movie’s plot due to his time-traveling ability. I personally feel it would be better if someone LIKE the guy that played Thor would be Cable, because that is how Cable looks like in the comics due to Rob Liefeld’s drawings of him. BUT, VIn Diesel plays anti-heros and Cable is a perfect anti-hero. Vin seems like a great fit, outside of the facial look necessary to be Cable. And that Vin has no hair, let alone white/silver hair. But that is my personal opinion. If Marvel is looking to give him another role, I hope some money-hungry whore at Marvel and Disney (gotta love Hollywood and the people that are attracted to it, rather than working a factory job or manual labor job) reads this post and doesn’t plan another role for him but Cable. But patience is not a virtue of the people that run Hollywood. Money is.

  28. Den of Earth

  29. It will be the Vision.

    “Diesel told MTV in an interview why he hadn’t gotten involved in comic book movies. His main reason is that he was “holding out,” for a film where the protagonist is the villain from the Marvel universe.

    From Wikipedia the original Vision story was such… “The robot Ultron is the creator of the Vision, a type of android he calls a “synthezoid”, for use against Ultron’s own creator, Dr. Henry Pym (Ant-Man/Giant Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket) and Pym’s wife, Janet van Dyne (the Wasp) of the superhero team the Avengers. Ultron sends his new servant to lead the Avengers into a trap.”

    This brings Ant Man, Scarlet(names we have heard with Marvel recently) face to face with the protagonist Vision (Diesel).

    • There is also a story tie in with Vision and the Original Human Torch (android). If you recall the Torch was shown at the Stark expo/World Exposition in Captain America the First Avenger. If you dont believe me watch it again. I could see part of the Torch story also being covered in the upcoming Captain America movie since it has some flashbacks (I am told).

      To further bring all these new solo movies and Avengers sequels together Ultron has ties to Iron Man, Ant Man, and Black Panther and we know Whedon wants RDJ back for Avengers 2&3. Marvel also recently covered this pretty well in the animated Avengers series.
      Further yet, Wanda has ties to Mephisto which then connects us to Ghost Rider (recently reacquired by Marvel). Even Loki posed as Wanda in one storyline.
      Now this is getting interesting.
      Bring it on Marvel!!!