Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role – Who Will He Play?

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Riddick Vin Diesel Topless Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?

[Update: Vin Diesel met with Marvel. Details here.]

With only one chapter of Phase Two (Iron Man 3) out of the way, Disney and Marvel Studios have begun unveiling their plans for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After The Avengers 2 and Ant-Man hit theaters in 2015, there will be at least three additional Marvel franchise movies, unannounced titles officially scheduled for 2016 and 2017, with more on the way.

San Diego Comic-Con is three weeks out and Marvel is expected to host a major panel presentation for Thor: The Dark World, that will also likely include bits for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Adding to the list of hopeful unveilings – that now includes the mysterious Phase Three film titles – are the major casting confirmations and surprise announcements. Could one of them involve a role for Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel just told his 47 million Facebook fans that he’s meeting with Marvel, joking that he doesn’t know why or what for. It came as a secondary part of one of his regular Facebook photos and messages:

“P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”

With the timing of this statement, Comic-Con around the corner, Fast & Furious 6 (& 7) in everyone’s mind, and the fact that writer-director James Gunn is beginning to shoot Guardians of the Galaxy in London, our immediate guess would be that Marvel is looking to finalize the voice actors for their space epic. Heroes Rocket Raccoon and Groot for instance, along with the big bad villain of the universe (Thanos) will likely be (at least, partially) CG animated, along with many other of the alien characters.

How does Vin Diesel’s voice (think an angrier Iron Giant) behind the grinning face of Thanos sound?

Thanos in The Avengers  Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?

By coincidence or perhaps not at all, we’re not surprised to see Diesel’s name pop up with the Marvel brand. Last year in August, he stirred the rumor mill himself with his super-popular Facebook page by throwing up an image of Vision (the photo below, actually) as his profile photo before quickly taking it down. Vision is an android, a love interest of confirmed new Avengers Scarlet witch and a member of Earth’s Mightiest himself.

[Click to Enlarge]

Marvel Comics Vision 280x170 Vin Diesel in Talks for Marvel Studios Role   Who Will He Play?


Knowing from our sources that actors such as Benicio Del Toro were signed quite a while before the news was slipped to trade magazines, it’s possible that Diesel is playing coy and is already set to play some character in the series. All we have to go on is the timing of the news and the uncast characters we know are hitting the big screen in the future.

There’s an additional piece to the story that I mentioned last year and on the Screen Rant Underground podcast, but five years ago, Diesel told MTV in an interview why he hadn’t gotten involved in comic book movies. His main reason is that he was “holding out,” for a film where the protagonist is the villain from the Marvel universe, a role that no one had come to him yet at that point in time.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes who Vin Diesel should play!

Sources: Vin Diesel & MTV

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  1. so is it true that he also voiced for the voice of the iron giant or is that someone else? o.O

  2. so is it true that he also voiced for the voice of the iron giant or was that someone else? o.O

    • yes, he is the voice of the iron giant. a very good film too.

  3. I would guess Rocket Racoon, except I have to imagine that at this point they would have at least narrowed the field to a list of contenders for the role. Bringing in someone new this late would be odd. Vision m a kes the most sense.

  4. Think he could be an awsome Thanos!!

  5. Ronan the Accuser would be my guess. I’m assuming Damon Poitier isn’t on as Thanos.

  6. Seth Rogen for Groot.

  7. ANT MAN!!!!

    Just kidding. Is Bautista officially official for Drax or is that still a rumored casting, because Vin Diesel would be awesome for that. Having him voice Thanos would also be incredible. Whatever he is, it’s guaranteed to be bad ass.


  9. You never turn your back on family… even when they do

  10. He would be absolutely PERFECT for the Absorbing Man! I don’t think that the Vision is a great fit.

  11. Thanos would be a great pick for him. I don’t want him to be Vision…

  12. He would be absolutely PERFECT for the Absorbing Man! I don’t think that the Vision is a great fit.

  13. He really should have been cast as Drax, if anyone.

    • Mongoose, you’re correct.

      For a good two years I’ve been saying that and I actually believed in my imagination that he was a lock for that role.

      • Well dammit, why didn’t you speak up sooner?! Doesn’t Marvel base its decisions on what the writers at SR say???!

        (I know they don’t but they should at least seriously consider it and the pundits who post here! ;) )

  14. The Black Panther?

    • Yup definitely black panther. Or motion capturing for thanos perhaps?

      • Right. My first thought was a villain.

        Thanos sounds about right. Luke Cage was suggested but I’m not sure if Marvel is gonna do a Luke Cage….

      • Vision. I would like him as Vision.

        • No..I’m really holding out hope that Coulson is Vision

          • The reason I would like him as Vision is you have an excuse when your an android to have absolutely no range. The guy is a robot. He can play one role, that’s it.

        • No, not Vision….his facial features aren’t refined enough to match the character.

          Coulson would be a better match (although I’m not saying he’s right either because I don’t like what they would have to do to Vision’s origin to make him work)

    • stop……he need to be Choco black ..but i like the brainstorm lol

      • ??

        • Luther is insinuating that Vin Diesel would have to have brown skin to play Black Panther, which makes sense. I just think there was a better way to put it than “Choco black”.

          • Ah! So that’s what he meant. Thanks for explaining.

          • There’s something entertaining about clumsy, unintentionally inappropriate phrasing.

  15. I’m down with watching vin diesel in a marvel movie. Personally I would like to see him as thanos. But that’s just me. Though others hate him, I personally think he’s a pretty good actor

    • I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEEING HIM AS THANOS!!! Thanos needs a menacingly awesome voice and Vin Diesel has just that. God I hope he is offered Thanos role!!!!

      • Exactly! When I read Thanos’ dialogue in the comics, the voice I use is similar to Diesel’s. The deep dark voice, coming at you from an awesome power.

        • yea same here haha!!! It’s funny how certain character voices are somewhat already known even though they have never been in a movie or show. Thanos is definitely one of them. The only time i’ve heard his voice in an animated show was in that Silver Surfer cartoon on netflix and it did not match at all!
          Vin Diesel as Thanos!!!

          • Haha, that Silver Surfer show was amazing. I wish they went onto Season 2 but they got canceled. It felt like watching episodes of Star Trek; wandering through space, uncovering lost civilizations and facing moral odds.

            Thanos is also in Super Hero Squad but his voice there is far from what his voice should be lol

            I hope he makes an appearance in the new Avengers Assemble cartoon.

    • That’s my #1 guess: Thanos.

  16. He would be PERFECT for the Absorbing Man! I don’t think that Vision is that good of a fit.

    • Absorbing Man…hmmm, not a bad idea, actually. I had not thought of that one yet.

    • I always thought Randy Couture looked more like Crusher Creel, myself.

  17. My guess…Either Luke Cage or the voice of Rocket Raccoon.

    • I really couldn’t think of any Marvel phase 2 character unless it’s a CGI rendered villain.

      But yeah, he could make a cool Luke Cage. Morose than the Black Panther.

      I still think Djimon Hounsou would be the perfect Black Panther.

  18. If he’s Adam Warlock… I quit.

    • They’re not using Adam Warlock for some unknown, infuriating reason.

      • I love Adam Warlock; but he is somewhat obscure.

        That being said, I think Lee Pace is actually playing Adam Warlock in GOTG; either that or Richard Rider. I’m good either way.

      • I don’t like this “not using Adam Warlock” speak…

        They already can’t use Silver Surfer, so who is going to be able to tangle with ‘ol purple puss if there is also no Adam Warlock?

      • While it is looking pretty grim for Adam Warlock being a part of GotG, they haven’t exactly shot the movie yet or even finalized a script. There is still a chance that both he AND Quasar will be a part of the team as they rightfully should.

  19. id be down for vin to play thanos

  20. Before we get to Vision and Black Panther, let’s get Goliath and Wasp up and running. Then if you want the other two, I can get behind them later as well.

  21. He’d have been an awesome Drax…

    • Agreed

      • Bautista is fine for that role…

        … if we wanna talk “better” I would have rather had the Rock…

        • Oh God, not the Rock… Anyone (and I’m willing to include a certain sparkly veggie-vamp) is better than the Rock (for whatever role).

  22. I hope it’s not an important character, I can’t really stand the guy to be honest.

    • Certain characters…

      … I don’t mind him playing an android,or voicing a raccoon or tree…

      but yeah if he is Thanos or Warlock I’m gonna be bummed.

      • Yes, I suppose a villain would be acceptable, and I doubt he’d do Groot.

        VD as Warlock would be the worst casting decision Marvel has ever made… by far.

    • FILTHpig;

      Yeah, I agree. Nothing personal or anything , but Deisel and the flicks he does just aren’t my thing.

  23. I think Thanos is the best choice for him, his voice is rather threatening. I don’t see him as Luke Cage and I really don’t see him as Black Panther. Also if he voices Rocket Raccoon it would be the weirdest/worst thing ever. Nothing even close to what RR would sound like.

  24. I would like to see Vin Diesel as Beta Ray Bill (, he would not be a villain but he could be an antagonist for another Thor film.

    • I would love to see Beta Ray Bill on the big screen! Im not sure if Vin Diesel would be the best fit but ive never put much thought into it.

    • He could be the love interest, Beta Ray Barbara.

  25. Luke Cage would be awesome, Panther, idk, though he isn’t really “black” (color wise). I could see him as the new Punisher or DD. I’d hate to have him wasted on Rocket Racoon or Thanos since they are all CGI characters. On an odball choice… Dr. Strange?

    • Dare Devil??

      • Yeah, Vin Diesel as a blind acrobat-ninja attorney, I’m sure he could pull that off. No problem.


        • I guess I haven’t really thought about DD. Not since the last one. (-cringe- )

          But a new Dare Devil flick DONE RIGHT would be awesome.

        • If it was DD, he’d be Wilson Fisk.

  26. I think Marvel’s Phase 3 will look something like this…

    2015 – Ant-Man
    2016 – Captain America 3 and Doctor Strange
    2017 – Thor 3 or Guardians 2 and The Avengers 3

    With all these release dates can’t believe I havn’t read one comment that suggested The Avengers 3

    • Get rid of Guardians 2 and place in Nova!

  27. was screenrant down for anyone else few hours ago?

    • Yep…for awhile.

      • Same, not sure what happened

  28. Hmmm well heres a thought, how about Namor the Submariner? he’s generaly depicted as a villian/anti-hero, or how about Deathlok the cyborg, that would be interesting, but perhaps a bit odd…. eh think Namor is a slightly better fit, they would just have to give him hair XD

    • Okay, I could see him as Deathlok, that would be kinda awesome. But no major character like Namor, or any of the Avengers IMO.

      • Actually, Cumberbatch would be the perfect Namor to me.

    • Namor would be great too! Good call!

  29. He’d make a great Baron Mordo for the Dr Strange movie. Watch the 2007 Lionsgate Doctor Strange – Sorcerer Supreme animated movie, and I think he would fit perfectly.