Guardians of the Galaxy: This is Why Vin Diesel is Groot

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Vin Diesel Marvel Studios Meeting Guardians of the Galaxy: This is Why Vin Diesel is Groot

It was just two months before Riddick was set to hit theaters when Vin Diesel told his 46 million+ Facebook fans that Marvel Studios had requested a meeting with him. Diesel left of the meeting very excited and at Comic-Con while promoting Riddick (and every interview since) he couldn’t avoid questions about Marvel, leading to unofficial confirmations that he’s not only potentially joining the franchise in a major role years down the road, but will be enlisting with the Guardians of the Galaxy as a walking, talking alien tree. This is the story of how that happened.

Speaking with his friend and interviewer Maria Menounos, Vin Diesel explains how Marvel sold him on the idea of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and how he and Marvel are doing their best to appease the actor’s vocal online fanbase.

“My daughter said ‘yes’ to Groot… I came home and I had a giant… Marvel, they’re so shrewd. You have to understand, when I met with Marvel it wasn’t for anything immediate. It was to talk about a film that would be introduced in the Phase Three part of Marvel – So, not for a few years. You wouldn’t be able to see it for a few years, and in my mind Marvel was doing it right. They were enrolling me at the ground level which is the best way to enroll me.

I had heard over the last year people on the social media page saying ‘what’s up Vin? Why aren’t you going to Marvel? Why aren’t you doing anything with Marvel? It would be a crime of cinematic history for you not to be.’ So I’m thinking this Marvel thing is becoming really, really important to these people. Okay, what can I do? What should I think?

I get the call, I go down to meet with Marvel – a great meeting. I mean it was just… it was even talking about something so big I can’t even talk about because it’s like a merging of brands in a way which I won’t get into, but that was way, way, way, way down the road.”

Diesel explains how this all happened just a week before heading to Comic-Con for the first time in over a decade (since promoting Pitch Black) and that the very last question during the Riddick panel was about his potential involvement with Marvel. He explains that he was caught “like a deer in the headlights,” So, passing it off as cool and avoiding being “anticlimactic” by saying he’s working on something with Marvel for 2016, Diesel teased that fans should expect big news soon (read about it here – he saw this coming).

Riddick Movie Official Photo Vin Diesel Goggles 570x288 Guardians of the Galaxy: This is Why Vin Diesel is Groot

Marvel Studios and Diesel were shocked by how the news erupted and excited fans and the media so, despite Diesel’s packed schedule, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn approached him with another idea. According to Vin they immediately contacted him the Monday after Comic-Con saying they still want to “focus on the 2016″ but they were sending over a package in two weeks to see if they can “if possible, answer this growing request for something now.”

“I don’t have six months to play a character in the immediate future. It’s all booked… There was no way I was going to be able to deliver. There was no way Marvel was going to be able to deliver. After Comic-Con we were at a stalemate. There was no way we were going to be able to answer the fans… And then Kevin Feige and James Gunn came up with something brilliant, even if I didn’t understand how brilliant it was when I first got it.

They sent over the script to Guardians of the Galaxy and they sent over a giant book of conceptual art… Everyone knows I’m a sucker for conceptual art… So, they sent over the visuals. I look at the visuals first and am like ‘oh my god.’ This is some of the best conceptual art I have seen in my life. But the request was a little bit ‘hmm… they want me to play a tree…”

That art is what led the actor to posting an image of Groot on his Facebook page. Diesel continues, “So they said, they wanted me to play a tree. They said there was something akin to Iron Giant about this tree, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for the Iron Giant. But I’m still like,” as he balances his hands and squints, emphasizing he was skepticism about the part.

Guardians of the Galaxy Character Roster Concept Art Line up Guardians of the Galaxy: This is Why Vin Diesel is Groot

“And another thing nobody knows, I always loved the Andy Serkis portrayal of Gollum as an actor and as a performer. I always thought that was one of the coolest challenges and one of the coolest things to do. If Peter Jackson would have asked me to play a dragon, I would have loved to have played a dragon, but to really mocap it. So, when Kevin Feige and James Gunn said we ‘want you to voice a character that historically is known for only saying one line’ it was not dissimilar to David Twohy saying ‘I want you to do Riddick but I don’t want you to interact with anyone in the whole first act.’ There’s something challenging about that and fun about that.

…to make sure I was on the right track I took the book of conceptual art into the room with my kids and I opened it up to the page where all five Guardians of the Galaxy characters are and I say, ‘who do you think they want daddy to play?’ And my daughter so quickly pointed to Groot. From that moment on I was Groot.”

And that’s the story of how fans, his children and one meeting with Marvel led to talks not only for a major potential franchise years down the road, but a interesting and challenging new gig for Diesel in the immediate future for Marvel’s riskiest project yet.

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. Cooper joins a cast led by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly and Glenn Close.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. No one cares. All eyes are on DC and Superman/Batman.

    • I don’t think you’re on the same internet as everyone else…

      • yeah sure, okay. because everyone is talking about Vin Diesel as a tree, instead of how Superman/Batman will turn out. The latter has a petition because that’s how much people care.

        • Michael is right you know…

          • how so? how come anything that has to do with this will top out at around 60-90 comments, but everything about Superman Batman exceeds 200 comments all the time?

            how come Superman/Batman is the first link to SR, and this one is second…even though this movie comes out first?

            how come there is more traffic involved with Superman/Batman pages (out in 2 years) than there is for Marvel’s next movie, Thor (out in 2 months)?

            • So? Do we have to delve into this stupid fanboy war? Both films look set to be great and given the similar nature of both Marvel and DC, the success of Marvel can only help DC and vice versa.

              • actually, Superman/Batman looks to be great. this one is going to need help from a lot of fake critics.

                • Based on what, Affleck’s chin? If I remember correctly, MoS was a pretty divisive movie with fans and critics alike.

                  • Exactly FILTHpig. Divisive means better.

                    • According to what logic? Divisive equals more comments is that what you mean?

                      And of course more people care more about the two of the top three most popular comic book characters over GotG. Is that your only argument? That’s pretty weak.

                    • “And of course more people care more about the two of the top three most popular comic book characters over GotG. Is that your only argument? That’s pretty weak.”

                      Now you can explain how the argument is weak if I’m right.

                    • It’s weak because everyone already knows that. It’s obvious and that fact doesn’t automatically make this movie worse.

                      You can royally f*ck up a well known character in a movie just a easily as you can make a great movie about obscure characters, as we all know.

                    • di·vi·sive [ di vissiv ]
                      causing disagreement: causing disagreement or hostility within a group so that it is likely to split

                      totally means ‘Better’

                    • So guys, please help me here, I’m totally confused. Every post by “Meh” I just see: “I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy, I’m a fanboy.” It’s so weird…

                  • @Filthpig
                    Mos wasn’t divisive with the mass audience. It has 82% on Rottentomatoes and A- on CinemaScore.

                    • Good point, I was going based from comments on SR. Although pretty much every movie scores higher with the audience if you look.

                      I personally liked it up until the end, mostly for poor storytelling and not the overall plot. Took itself a little too seriously for my taste, kind of like TDKR.

                      Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse, but divisive overall IMO.

                    • @ Jay…I would agree that an 82% (if that is true) on the tomatometer would represent non-divisiveness. HOWEVER…I would say that from the DC fan crowd (at least those who early screened it or saw it opening weekend) it was divisive. I remember the tomato score sat really low like in 50′s for a couple weeks. That is why I didn’t see it right away. I was scared by early reactions. But I actualy liked it.

                    • MoS has 56% on RottenTomatoes

                    • LOL!!! I just went and checked Rotten tomatoes. David is right! Man of Steel has 56% rating

                    • Critics = 56%
                      Audience = 78%

                      From what I remember

                    • MOS has a low Metacritic score too.

                    • Doesn’t metacritic gather up the same critics as Rotten Tomatoes? Just fewer of them. Either way, it was split critically but every Audience score I’ve seen was pretty solid. IMDB has it at 7.7 or something, RT Audience score is the same, Cinemascore is A-. My city’s theaters’ score of the film is 7.5.

                      Plus when I read a lot of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes earlier in June, while several great points were made, quite a few of them were pretty…non professional. I mean, there wasn’t enough joy or Superman didn’t smile enough and things like that. Also look at some of the individual scores, from what I remember, reviews that had 3 stars or ‘B’s were counted as rotten.

                    • @ ColdSc….Not sure how Metacritic does its scoring. I generally liked Superman. Also agree with ya that most negative comments about it were what you were saying you read.

                      However, I didn’t see it until like 4 weeks after it came out and was afraid to see it cause I read a lot of negative comments about other things like the acting, directing, and plot too.

                      I was merely responding to the fact that someone above said it was well received and wasn’t divisive when, in fact, it was.

                    • Not sure how Metacritic does it either, I think they do a weighted average but the ‘letter’ grading wouldn’t really work. Probably why they have fewer reviews counted.

                      Ah understood. I too would agree it was divisive. I think if they were to fix the issues that somewhat plagued the film, it would’ve done much better. Either way, I enjoyed it and anticipating the sequel.

                    • @Jay

                      Why bother looking at RT though and judging a movie based on a percentage?

                      You can like a movie even if it has a 5% rating on RT and hate a movie despite it having 98% on RT.

                      Rotten Tomatoes really isn’t a good judge of whether YOU will like a movie or hate it. Only you are.

                • Butthurt DC fan

                  • Butthurt over what exactly? That we have the better property? That we have the better product? That we don’t need gimmicks like Guardians of the Galaxy?

                    • Apparently DC’s “gimmick” is being divisive, according to you.

                    • DC doesn’t need gimmicks and fake critics. DC has Superman and Batman.

                      Because Marvel doesn’t have Superman or Batman is exactly why they will do everything they can to get you interested in the uninteresting Guardians of the Galaxy.

                    • Or you could just make a few good movies and a bunch of mediocre ones with not long term plan until your competitor shows you how… like WB/DC.

                    • So, what’s the movie at the 3rd place in the all time box office worldwide? What movie is on 5ft?
                      Are those the dark knight and Man of steel?

                    • Hey FILTHpig…

                      If we are going by stats, DC owns 2 out of the 3 top rated comic book movies of all time.

                    • i like how he says we have this and we have that like you’re part of dc your nothing but a troll


                    • Yeah, now they need to make MORE. That’s the point of the whole thing isn’t it?

                      Marvel is well on their way. They’re pulling characters out of their a$$ and making a better showing than DC.

                      It’s really kind of sad, because I’s like a good Batman flick without the “gimmick” of Batfleck.

                    • Buddy, shut the f up already. Marvel can make a Guardians of the Galaxy movie because it CAN make one. Marvel has put many of its lesser known characters on the big screen and fail or not, they are still successful with their own studios. While DC relies on Batman and Superman to bring home the bread. Last i checked Green Lantern sucked. and Last I heard Man of Steel wasnt that great either. Come to thinkg of it, They just need batman to bring hom the bacon. So until DC risks their lesser known characters and start promoting more movies, then come talk to me but for now shut up. Youre making yourself sound stupid. I am a DC fan too. but stop definding an argument that you have no leverage on.

                    • “we”? are you some suit at WB/DC? you have some personal stake in these films? are you a shareholder? keygrip? best boy?

                    • @Meh, “DC owns 2 out of the 3 top rated comic book movies of all time.”
                      Wrong! DC owns two out of FIVE top rated comic book movies of all time exactly. According to rotten tomatoes-
                      The Dark Knight- 94%
                      Spiderman 2- 94%
                      Avengers- 92%
                      The Dark Knight Rises- 87%
                      X men 2- 87%
                      Get your facts right.

                    • “we”? You work at DC ? Gne gne gne … Or are you one of those dude’s like in sports with their favorite team. If the team wins its’s : we won !! If the team looses it’s :They lost..

                      Keep on goong your hilarious ! :)

                  • not true View From the top has a terrible rating but I thought it was charming

                • Looks great based on what? The trailer you’ve seen and the script you’ve read?

                • You seem to be looking at this whole thing through a lens of dumbness.

                  Lots of people are amped about GotG, meanwhile lots of people are also amped about BvsS.

                  No one gets why you have to shlt on this movie just because you’re excited about a different one.

                  They also don’t get why you can’t wrap your head around the concept of “this could be awesome, even if I personally am not into it.” The universe doesn’t conform itself to your viewpoint. I hate U2, at the same time I also realize they’ve made some classic music and are brilliant songwriters. My personal taste doesn’t somehow block my brain from realizing a larger objective truth.

                  • +1 x(times) infinity

                • I’m interested in Superman/Batman, but you cant say it “looks great”, dont be ridiculous. We know nothing official about it apart from the casting of Ben Affleck as batman, im sure when more news comes out it’ll start shaping up but give them a chance to write the screenplay. Saying GotG looks bad based on what little we know about it is just as pointless as saying Superman/Batman looks good at this point, both movies could suck, but in the end both movies will most likely be good

            • How come you’re here commenting on the article if you really don’t care?

              • ’cause Rob is cool.

                • Hey, if you’re serious on that one. Thanks! ;)

            • Just because more people talk about Batman and Superman doesn’t make Guardians of the Galaxy any less interesting or an inferior movie. Most people are talking about it because casting Ben Afflick was such a controversial and unexpected turn of events. And also, more people know who Ben Affleck and Batman is when compared to Starlord and Guardians of the Galaxy, but who the hell cares? Obama might send troops into Syria but don’t bother talking about that, because Miley Cyrus is twerking on MTV.


              ACTUALLY 101 WITH MINE!

              THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WOULD REACH 60 – 90?

              • did you really stoop to that level to make him feel stupid? childish

            • Now the comments on this article are about to exceed 150, thanks to you dmbss.

          • i agree with meh…..

        • So there’s this good movie…and one that has a bunch of petitioners scared over how bad they know it’s gonna be? And you feel like you need to draw attention over to the crappy one. Alright bro.

          • Take the time to petition means you take the time to care, and all those petitioners are going to see the movie anyway.

            • I may not like the way meh came out and said it but he is telling the truth. Batman vs superman is the biggest and most followed news until 2015

              • So no news is interesting until superman/batman comes out yeah? You guys are insane

                • yeah pretty much

                  talking trees and raccoons needs all the help it can get, so let’s all talk about Superman/Batman for Rob’s sake.

              • You are right, Trey. The flip side is that GoTG will be fresh and daring and probably a much better movie. DC movies have the built in advantage of iconic brand recognition, but that can also work against them as it provides a buffer for an inferior product. Marvel’s ability to recognize and execute a vision-the ability to transcend comics and maintain identity in a new medium…it pretty much means Marvel is superior and GoTG will be as well, despite not being iconic.

              • Are you kidding me? Star Wars VII is the biggest and most followed news till it’s release in 2015. Batman and Superman in their own right have a larger audience, but Star Wars on the other hand, is a global phenomena! More people around the world would rather see Star Wars than Batman stab Superman with kryptonite.

                Pretty sure I just spoiled the movie. :)

                • Wait a minute… I thought Batman was supposed to sneak a group of Americans out of Krypton under Superman’s nose. If he stabbed him with Kryptonite he would soooo be caught!

                  My opinion: Superman is one of the worst characters of all time, comics or movies.

                  • ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH of this Superman is one of the worst characters of ll time nonsense. Just stop with that already! This is said way to often with no grounds for supporting the opinion! If he is one of the worst than why is one of the biggest sellers? This is a character that is built off of a huge imagination, but I guess until those of you that don’t like Superman experience a true aline invasion, in a universe with unlimited possibilities, than I guess he continue to just seem way to unbelievable to you. He and all the others are COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS. For goodness sakes people.

                    • Ooooh, someone’s jimmies have been rustled!

                      I agree, Superman isn’t all that great. I prefer Batman over Superman. But when it comes to Warner Bros. Making DC films, Man of Steel, Supterman Returns, was probably the worst of all of them since 2001 in my opinion. The only good DC films to come out of WB was Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. And when they had it so good, they ruined it with TDKR. They rushed a pretty good idea and story so fast that it came out sloppy. The Green Lantern would have been good, but… it’s Warner Brothers. What DC needs to do is break away from Warner Bros. Find a different, more capable studio to carry the big and small DC names.

                      Do I hate DC? No,

                      Do I hate Superman? No,

                      Do I hate Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? No.

                      Some of the arguments being made on here is absolutely ridiculous. Especially that claim that Batman vs. Superman is the most followed movie of all time. It’s Star Wars VII and Avengers 2.

                      I think Vin Diesel would make a great Groot for GotG!

                    • Halo and Uncharted make tons of money yet Nathan Drake and Master Chief are two of the most unimaginative and bland characters in gaming. What makes a lot of us hate Superman is that his too overpowered to a fault, most of his stories need the bad guys to make use of an extremely rare mineral or there’s kidnapping Lois Lane.

                      Super Hero stories are unbelievable by the sheer concept but most other super hero stories have more conflict, there’s a point where the villain might just win and it’s hard to imagine how you could have Captain Invincible lose to anyone. Marvel has Sentry but that guy barely ever shows up (the only memorable thing he does is ripping Carnage in half) and he still sucks.

              • I disagree, that one’s gonna go to Star Wars :P And to be fair when more news is released relating to Avengers 2, that’ll be on par, if not more talked about than Superman/Batman.

            • Taking the time to petition means people just love to complain. And if you give them a public forum they are gonna go Bat S***… get it… huh… did ya

              • When this many people complain about Ben Affleck and even took the time to petition. I immediately think about the uproar over Heath Ledger’s Joker. Everyone loves him now.

          • Let’s just ignore Meh and maybe he’ll go away.

            • Rob would prefer it if you didn’t ignore me. I’m doing him a favor here and he knows it.


              • Sure your doing him a favor by starting up an argument on his article, yeah why not I’m sure Rob would be ok with you doing that.

                • Right? Let’s talk about the bigger news on this lame thread!

                  • @Meh… I think someone is having bad day…. It’s ok pal. Your opinion is your and your’s ALONE. You don’t need to be ridiculous and rude just to make you feel better about yourself. It’s ok little guy. Batman and Superman will be AWESOME to catch…. Guardians… will be AWESOME to catch. Chill, speak your thoughts on this thread and crack a smirk. The fact that you need to create this act against people you don’t even know personally is a sign of your insignificance as a person. So you come to sites like these to again, feel better about your self. ( And this goes for anyone who pulls sh*t like this anywhere and EVERYWHERE…) This is a movie. No more, no less. Have fun and enjoy both flicks for they will hopefully be an excitement. But know this, the more negative feedback you give for the sake of your own self gratification, the more… MEH… you are to all the others. Peace, and have a wonderful life. And may Time itself have mercy on your, what some may call a Soul. Lataaaa!

                  • So the annoying fanboy bitching about things he doesn’t like

                • not a bad suggestion, those pages get much more activity

                  • See ya!

                  • Not sure sure what point you’re trying to make. Is it that Batman and Superman might be more popular in their 70 year history than the relatively obscure Guardians of the Galaxy are? I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for pointing out to us all that more people are interested in Batman than Groot, and it may lead to more comments on the relevant thread. I’m going to give you a special master of the obvious award to wear around your neck so everybody can know just how insightful you are…

                    I’ve got a tip for you, Avengers 2 will probably make more money than Riddick will. Make sure you let everybody know

        • I care.

          • …about Superman Batman? Me too.

            • Oh, I now see what you’re doing. Very clever! G’night

        • The latter has a petition because fanboys are horrible, immature morons.

      • Heh, heh. Nice.

      • I think he is

    • Many people, who are NOT you do care. But yes, many (NOT all, cause I’m not one of them) eyes are on DC, but mostly in a mixed and more of them in a negative way… so I wouldn’t get too proud of that fact.
      You know, you can be a DC fan and behave nicely right? It’s your attitude that made people sees DC fan in a negative way, so stop doing stuff like this on behalf of other DC fan, you’re hurting your own fanbase, and your own fandom… try to think about this small thing before you spout out unnecessary comment in a misplace thread.

      • No. Absolutely not. Don’t expect me to behave nicely after the treatment Man of Steel got. You Marvel fan-fuqs have soooooooo much to complain about with that movie yet you refuse to put your own movies through the same type of scrutiny… so you can stop trying to lecture me about my behavior in a Marvel thread.

        • Well look who’s not butthurt?

          “It’s a conspiracy!”

          LOL… delusional much?

          • Wow, now your really getting desperate.

            I guess you’re right, it was more like “that big mean Rob sucks because he and a bunch of other critics said something mean about Mos and (supposedly) never says anything critical about Marvel’s movies! :(

            Is that more accurate?

            • No, putting words in my mouth won’t get you anywhere, and just makes you look like the one who is desperate.

              Nothing you quoted was said…ANYWHERE

              • Nope, but that about sums it up for me and many others… and look I didn’t even have to resort to homophobic putdowns.

                I mean, that’s NOT what you were getting at? What was it then, you poor, misunderstood guy you?

                • I was pointing out the absurdity of you quoting something that wasn’t said. You can try to twist it any way you like, but that’s exactly what you did.

                  • nowhere near as absurd as trolling “fake critics” and Marvel movies in general because you have a hard on for Rob and MoS.

                  • Nice of you to admit that you had to resort to absurdity to enforce your argument.

                  • Nice of you to show everyone here exactly how much of an ignorant t00l you are.

                  • Yeah good one. name calling as a defense suggests you are defensive which means I made a point.

                  • We’ve got your point: you’re sad, misinformed and desperate for attention. You’re supposedly angry over something that’s mostly trivial and want to drag others down around you because you actually feel weak and powerless in real life. So, you turn to an internet article and pick fights wherever you can anonymously to get the negative attention you yearn for, because in real life you’d get laughed at. Which is ironic, because that’s exactly what’s happening right now in these comments.

        • Meh…I have to disagree with you about Marvel fans putting their films through scrutiny.

          Tons of Marvel fans dissed on Iron Man 2 and were even more pissed at Iron Man 3. I, however, loved IM3. Lots of Marvel fans out there I have read, say that Thor was lame and Captain America was a let down.

          As far as behavior, YOU are the one who started this whole argument. I just got on this thread and at the top you wrote, “No one cares. All eyes are on Batman/Superman.” YOU picked the fight bro.

          Either way… Guess everyone has their own opinion

        • Who’s own movies? What are you babbling about? With the exception of a sad small (but very vocal) minority, most cinema goers enjoyed both Iron Man 3 AND Man of Steel. I would classify myself as a Marvel fan first but Man of Steel was easily my film of the summer. Why would you assume that everybody is as sad as you are and capable of only liking one thing. More fool you, you’ve only got one movie to look forward to in the next 2 years. Have fun hating things dude

          • you are talking to Meh, right?

            • @clay. I hope so!

              • Ok good. I thought you replying to my comment. I am in the same boat as you in response to Meh.

                MOS and IM3 are easily best movies of summer for me and I am a Marvel fan first. And I really don’t like Superman in general but enjoyed the movie.

                I am looking forward to Affleck dawning the black suit though.

          • I don’t hate anything…

            except Marvel fan-fuqs who drool over lame s**t like this and go out of there way to diss DC.

            • Sooo you do the same? That’s pretty sad dude.

            • You’re the only one guilty of going out of his way to troll a writer/reviewer.

              Some day, after you finally get laid, you’ll look back on this and laugh… at yourself for being such a d*uche.

            • But that’s the part I don’t understand… not many people in here right now are dissing D.C. YOU are the one dissing Marvel.

              • In the end it dsnt matter if your a DC fanboy or a Marvel fanboy aslong as WB/DC make something worth watching and Disney/Marvel make something worth watching who cares.
                Because we really just want to go to the cinema and see something good regardless of if its DC characters or Marvel characters that just my 2 cents.

                • Exactly. No point dissing on either side. Not sure why people jump into threads to dis each others universe.

            • nobody has “dissed” MOS on this thread, and if they did, who the F cares? what is important is if YOU liked the movie, it shouldn’t matter what anybody else thinks. you really need to eat a snickers or something dude. Frankie say RELAX!

              • that was @ Meh, right?

        • Umm, have you seen how marvel fans reacted to Iron Man 3? That was put through at least as much scrutiny as MoS. Stop being a troll. Many marvel fans disliked IM3 and many DC fans disliked MoS because both were incredibly mediocre movies. How much traffic news about a movie gets will have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the movie. GotG could turn out to be the best super hero movie ever and Bats vs Supes could be total crap or vise versa or, hopefully, they’ll both be fantastic. But your obnoxious trolling is not going to affect that at all, so just stop. Seriously.

          • Dance puppets dance.

            @ Rob Keyes

            YOUR WELCOME.

            I’m out.

            • I can only smh at the overwhelming number of you that took the bait.

              Next time someone posts under “meh” or “whatever” or “hi I need attention” do the smart thing and IGNORE THEM.

              For pete sake’s people, welcome to the internet.

              (that post about the number of comments pretty ironic though, as over half of this thread is directed at them. remove all the responses to “meh” and the thread sits at less than 60 replies.)

              • no the real irony here mindbender is you doing the psa

                • HA! touche ~

                  Yeah I probably would have said something too. ;)

        • I do believe it was mostly DC fans criticizing MoS over the ending, im primarily a Marvel fan but i dont feel the need to pointlessly criticize DC movies. We’re not part of two feuding gangs like you seems to think, its not like one company is gonna ‘lose’ and be gone forever, so why cant you enjoy this cool era of cinema where superhero movies are the top dogs, weather they’re Marvel or DC.

        • Wait is that the problem you have? Marvel Fanboys bitching about a DC film?! The fanboys are certainly going to act like that but the only problem most of the people here have with you is that it looks like you think you have to hate Marvel films to show how much you like DC Films.

          I’m a massive Marvel fan but I’ve seen every DC Movie and am every bit as excited for Superman Vs Batman as I am for Avengers 2 or Thor: The Dark World. (it’s just a shame really that DC are having such a tough time getting a Justice League movie out there).

          Your acting like every single person who likes Marvel acts like these fanboys your talking about but you find obsessed fanboys everywhere. Take anything popular in any aspect of the media whether it be films, games, TV Shows, Comics, Books, Music and I guarantee there’s a group of fanboys who are so insecure about the things they like that they’ll feel the need to attack other people’s interests.

          Also from what I heard Man of Steel is a really good film, it must have done well to be getting itself a sequel so soon. (Also can we all agree that Green Lantern was awful)

    • That is why there ARE SOOOO MANY DC ARTICLES RIGHT?? ( Said In a VERY VERY sarcastic tone)

      I’m most positive (AGAIN VERY SARCASTIC) that Marvel Execs were just thinking about how screwed they are now that Ben Affleck IS batman! They very well could have been crying all over each others shoulders!

      But now (IN A MORE SERIOUS TONE) If you want to talk Smack, or you are just secretly a whiney crybaby and are completely jealous that Marvel knows EXACTLY what, who, and how they want their movies to play out, OR because MARVEL HAS A MASTER PLAN, something DC does not have a clue about!
      But really you whiney DC people are very annoying, and it makes you all look bad when EVERY Marvel article has to turn into a DC crybaby-fest, IT IS JUST SAD!

      Why don’t you come back and read your 1 DC article every 6 weeks! or just keep praying that DC will someday be like Marvel!(LMAO) SO please stick to reading your DC comics in your moms basement and STOP being YET ANOTHER DC FAN that just cannot be happy about getting good comic book movies and stop being SO DAMN BUTT HURT about this made up Marvel Vs. DC thing that is REALLY NOT A THING, because for it to be a THING there needs to be real competition and so far there is NO COMPETITION!

      Honestly I love Both DC and Marvel and I hope they both do great because that can only be a very good thing for us real fans!
      I am most positively NOT a fan of THE CRYBABY DC FANS, I know a lot of guys that post comments on this site are fans of both and they are all good guys (and gals) but the ones that NEED to talk trash when your Fav. comics Co. is clearly losing on the movie front… THOSE ARE THE ANNOYING (so-called fans) so stop making yourselves look like idiots and just go cry in your pillows SILENTLY and NOT IN PUBLIC it is not very adult-like!

    • Agreed

    • Stop with the hyperbole, meh. I, and a lot of people on our planet, care about Vin Diesel playing Groot in GotG.

    • Haha! This fanboy pissing contest has gotten to be both annoying and amusing at the same time.

  2. So he could still end up playing The Vision then, just like I said when Screen Rant posted saying “he might be Groot” and I replied with “what if he’s Groot AND a live action character?” and The Avenger said “That actually sounds cool”.

    And here we are.

    So, I was right about Thanos not being the main villain in Avengers 2, right about this (so far, we just need that Vision confirmation). What next? “Michael Fassbender confirmed to play The Riddler”? “Revolution star Billy Burke confirmed as the new Mr Fantastic”?

    • I think Andrew Lincoln (Walking Dead) would be a fantastic Mr. Fantastic!

    • dazz, you’ve mentioned this incessantly. Get over it.

  3. (epic movie voice) In 2016, Vin Diese is: Doctor Strange.

    Nah, my money is still on him being Black Bolt in an Inhumans movie.

    • *Diesel. auto-correct cut the l

  4. After reading all the quotes I’m starting to really like Vin Diesel as a person. Looking forward to this film!

    • I’ve had a good opinion of Vin for years. Obviously, I’ve never met him, so I don’t know if he’s actually a good person or not.

  5. DC BIT**ES

    • We know. They know. You know. I know.

      • MEH… You are a crybaby, whiney, dork! SHUT UP and go away!
        Stop trying to start SH*T about something you CLEARLY know nothing about!
        DC just does NOT make good CBM except MOS and that was NOT GREAT, you are just sad that Marvel is clearly the better CB movie making Co.

        If is it not too hard, go find a DC article and measure your tears there!

    • I know, right? Dem DC bit**es.

      • One little teeny tiny comma. It’s the difference between “DC, BIT**ES” and “DC BIT**ES.”

        • HA!
          remove the stars and it looks like DC bites!
          [i don't actually think dc bites, just some of the movies they have released (green lantern, i'm lookin at you, right over the shoulder of TDKR)] i quite enjoyed MOS, and look forward to all the CBM coming out in the future, dc, marvel, i don’t care, as long as it’s GOOD!

    • Haha, all i see is ‘DC BITES’ :P

      • +1

  6. Cool story Vin. I think he’ll make a fantastic Groot… and Black Bolt or Vision somewhere down the line.

  7. The first line of the first quoted part is why Vin Diesel is Groot: the man clearly cannot complete a full sentence.

    • @kenji
      He was thinking about his answers whenever he paused. And it’s a conversation, you cant tell me every sentence that comes out of your mouth is perfect.

    • Kenji,

      I hope you watched the video to see how he actually told the story. Written (transcribed) word definitely needs to be put in context. It’s a great story (within a one-hour interview) and his excitement shows through.

      • @ Rob do you have an opinion on who he will play or who you would like to see him play in 2016?
        Also do you have a link to the article or can I just find it on youtube!
        Thanks, Great Article!

        • Hi Mr. Banner,

          The source at the bottom links to the full video interview if that’s what you’re looking for.

          As for who I think Vin may play come 2016-17, I’ve been pondering and researching it for two days now. Could be a simple as Blackbolt for The Inhumans film that Marvel has repeatedly namedropped over the last year and a bit.

      • Rob, I would like to point out I was being humorous. Simmer down.

        • Thanks for pointing that out, because it doesn’t read that way at all.

          Ps. I’m always “simmer.”

          • If by that you mean you are always just below boiling point, I can believe that. I am honestly rather baffled by how often writers on this site instinctively lash out at commenters; the average troll, I can understand, but I usually expect actual editors to have more of a sense of humor.

            I’ll rephrase my first comment:

            “The first part of the interview is unusually disjointed, so I find it fitting since we’re talking about Vin Diesel dubbing a character with stunted dialogue.”

            See, now it’s not really funny anymore.

  8. A merging of boy bands, Yay!

  9. DC fans have such an inferiority complex when it comes to Marvel. Even for an article like this, they can’t resist spamming the comments section trying to convince other people, or maybe even themselves, their movies are actually good. You can actually sense how butthurt they are in every word they write.

    • By categorizing all DC fans as having an inferiority complex because of one person seeking attention makes you no better. I’m a huge DC fan who’s looking forward to this.

      • I don’t think all DC fans are like Meh. But there is this loud minority of obnoxious DC fanboys like Meh that feel compelled to crap on anything Marvel related. It’s sad really. I think it’d be cool to see DC actually get it right with their characters in film.

        • I think DC have been getting it right, apart from Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Trilogy was brilliant and Man of Steel, in my opinion, was great. It looks to me they’re just starting and now they’re on to bigger things with the team up in 2015. Instead of racing with Marvel, they’re taking small steps, and that’s a smart move. No rush, means better chance of quality films.

          According to this thread, there’s a fanboy who’s flipping out on Marvel, look on DC articles and there’s fanboys flipping out on DC. It makes no difference, whether they’re DC or Marvel fanboys, there’s still just weirdos seeking attention.

          • Agree that it seems DC may finally be getting it right with it piecing together the DC universe.

            I don’t think that Marvel is racing though. I feel Marvel took small steps when it started. Then it built up to bigger and better things. You have to think…what DC is going through (almost a reboot of sorts with MOS leading to Batman vs. superman)is kinda what Marvel went through when it started IM.

            IM 1 was not slated to be good. People didn’t know how good it was going to be and were nervous about RDJ as IM. However, they took it slow. Stuck with IM as foundation for PHASE 1 then built out from there. Now they are on PHASE 2 with all the movies separated over 2 years. And this works because they were all established already.

            D.C., it seems, is doing the same thing. Foundation with Superman and building from there.

            • Exactly my thoughts. Man of Steel is pretty much what Iron Man was to Marvel.

              • Except the first Iron Man was actually good.

                • I thought both Iron Man and Man of Steel were great! It’s all subjective either way.

        • Aye, I like DC more than Marvel but doesn’t mean I have to crap on everything Marvel related, actually I like most of the Marvel films.

          On a more general note, you have to ask why do people respond to someone like that in the first place? Doing so only perpetuates and exacerbates the entire thing. Only fuels and corners them into their mindset. The best thing to do is use complete ignorance, a deafening silence showing that no one cares for their opinion. To me, responding only fuels more such mindsets, doesn’t matter if it’s DC or Marvel, just overall. Yes, I know the irony of me also responding but was a response to hopefully promote future such responses to such posts from taking place in the first place, if that makes sense.

          • +1
            I responded sadly =(. But I fully agree, 90% of the time I let them be and to respond to them is, exactly like you said, just fueling the fire. Though I’d also have to say, ignorance is hard to ignore, even on the internet.

            • Just read your post again and I may have mis read you. I think you meant that it is good D.C. is not racing against Marvel. In that case I agree with you.

              Unless you meant that Marvel is racing too fast (like I first thought you meant)…Then I still disagree with you…LOL!

              • I don’t think anyone’s even racing. Marvel is just ahead and people assume DC is trying to catch up, which I don’t think they’re doing. What would be the point? aha

                • Yea after I re read your post I understood. Sadly I am a good reader too. Guess not too good on comprehending text today. LOL.

                  Either way. Totally agree with you.

                  • Lmao it’s all good, everyone has those days!

    • Yeah, because there is NO spam from Marvel fanboys on DC articles.

      The problem is not MARVEL fanboy or DC fanboy, the problem is FANBOYS period. People who want to take anything and turn it into college football. Paint there face red or blue, and scream how great there team is, no matter what, and how bad the other team is (no matter what)

      Both companies have pros and cons. I will admit I get sick of Marvel fanboys and there “DC will never catch up” motto?

      If I was DC, when it comes to to CBM, I would be quoting Dr. Dre
      “I started this gangsta sh**, and this is the Motherf***ing thanks I get?”

      • Yeah DC started it and Marvel’s success is helping DC. Think about it, if Marvel movies are good then movie goers who aren’t into the whole DC/Marvel comics are going to be more likely to watch DC Movies. The success of Marvel movies helps DC Movies and vice versa.

        What I don’t understand is how the fans of Marvel and DC can never get along when both companies are clearly ok with each other. There’s been comic book crossovers, people like Mark Miller have written for both Marvel and DC and lately LEGO Marvel Superheroes is being published by Warner Bros. So it’s stupid that the fans feel the need to have some dumb rivalry when neither Marvel and DC have ever had a rivalry of they’re own. Well not rivals in the sense that they feel the need to constantly argue.

  10. Both are great. I’d wager that most people who visit this site like both DC and Marvel. It’s a non existent competition. Both sides know it’s healthy for the entire industry for both to do well. NOBODY has any desire to see a high profile flop from either Marvel or DC/WB

    • +1
      I don’t see DC fanboys or Marvel fanboys, i just see fans and the occasional mor*n.

      • Too bad the occasional moron is becoming more frequent…

      • More than occasional it seems.

    • Truth.

      What everyone wants is amazing films from both camps.

      It sucks for everyone when movies aren’t great (see: Green Lantern, Iron Man 2, etc.)

      • Although, over a 2-3 year period I’ve hypnotised/conditioned my brain into finding both Green Lantern and Iron Man 2 entertaining. As wrong as that is.

        I really hope Guardians blows up huge. I love it when a risk pays off big.

  11. I love how his kids basically decided for him. He’s just become that much more of an awesome person.

    • I have to agree with you there. Have to respect a man that that is close to his kids.

      My son has dictated my Halloween costume for the last couple years( last year he was Hulk and I was Thor, this years its looking to be either Superman and Superbly or Batman and Robin)

      • * Superboy

  12. Ok, regardless of where your allegiance lies, you have to admit that both Superman/Batman and GotG are pretty monumental achievements in comic book films. One represents two characters that have been around since the 30′s but haven’t shared a major live action film together, and the other represents a departure from traditional comic book movies and delves into a cooler, sleeker, cosmic Marvel universe.

    • Superman/Batman is a cash grab motivated by the financial success of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s attempt to make a Green Lantern style “superheroes meets Star Wars” movie.

      • Cash Grab? I think DC had plans to make a shared universe before Avengers came out there were previously planned movies to be in a joint univers. Technically EVERY move is a cash grab by studios that’s reality Marvel just did it better and succeeded

        • +1

      • Every movie these days is a cash grab unless you’re watching indie movies. As for the Green Lantern/Star Wars thing, you’re probably right so let’s hope it’s better than the prequels and Green Lantern.

      • I’m pretty certain Movie studios make movies to make profit, like any and all companies – that applies to both Disney & WB ;)

        • Rob, I find it comical how SOME people don’t get that simple concept.

        • So ‘There Will be Blood’ and ‘Battleship’ are equally cash-grabs because both were funded by studios and there’s no distinction to be made in terms of one being more cynical or commercially-driven than the other? Thanks Rob, that’s a really sophisticated way of looking at it.

  13. Sounds good to me. He gets to know Marvel Studios a little better, his name gets attached to the franchise so the path leading up to his Phase 3 live action role will be a little smoother. It’s a win-win to all in my opinion. I’m curious of course which role they actually talked about, because the things he said about it was very interesting. With all these world’s merging and so on. Maybe it is Vision. I mean Scarlet Witch and Ultron are coming in “Age of Ultron”, so Vision would make sense after that.

    I also like how his kids decided on Groot. It’s like a small cameo role, but it’s still an important one. Not hard work, but still adds to the movie as a whole very well.

    Now if Marvek could get on that Captain Marvel movie for phase 3 too…

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Captain Marvel is a DC character

      • you are wrong. However, there might also be a Captain Marvel in D.C. It is possible. I mean, heck, there is a Sandman in both universes as we as a Scarecrow.

      • There are actually a few different Captain Marvels in the Marvel comics.

        Also DC had a Captain Marvel, but no longer uses that name. He goes by Shazam since the New 52 started.

        • Yeah, DC had Captain Marvel first but the name was never trademarked in time so when Marvel had their own, there was a big lawsuit and Marvel won the rights to use it while DC had to change the name of the comic book to Shazam! and only recently changed the character name to the same as mentioned above.

          So yeah, DC’s Billy Batson was the first Captain Marvel decades before Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four etc.

          Same way that DC managed to keep a hold of the rights to old characters like Captain Atom and forced Watchmen’s characters to have to be renamed.

      • There have been several versions of Captain Marvel over the year but that name is only associated with Marvel Comics nowadays. Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) is the current Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics, and in DC Comics, that character goes by Shazam now.

      • Others already replied to this, but just to share some more info here’s the full list of character that had the title “Captain Marvel” in marvel comics.

        The first was Mar-Vell, then Monica Rambeau, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Khn’nr, Noh-Varr. (which is something I had to google, because I did not know all names by heart).

        And now it is Carol Danvers, the former Ms. Marvel.

        Actually, while we’re at it. I wouldn’t mind a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel either. That would be something different, even if Carol is more well known I suppose.

  14. I gotta admit, reading Vin’s story made me think that he’s such a really really nice guy. Although I think it would be such a waste for him to just play Groot, my opinion changed after watching the GotG’s cameo in Ultimate Spider-man where Groot is voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan (which was one of his last project). It’s a great character, and I think Vin gonna do the tree justice, I mean… you can say that he’s stepping into MCD’s shoes for this one, and I think he’s gonna nail it.

  15. “According to Vin the immediately contacted him the Monday after Comic-Con”

    Missing the “y” on “they”…

    …Screenrant Supporter…

    • Fixed!

  16. Vin diesel’s excitement really shines through whenever you listen to him speak. He clearly really loves movies. Never thought I’d be as big a fan of his as I am.

    • Think bigger people 2017 is gonna get crazy

      • The biggest thing I can possibly think of is a merging of the Star Wars and Marvel brands into one cohesive universe. I 100% believe that this will happen in our lifetime… As crazy as that sounds. So crazy it HAS to happen.

        • Imagine the Internet quake that would occur if Vin Diesel was cast as Thanos…. The big bad for the new Star Wars Trilogy culminating in the £4 billion grossing Avengers/Star Wars: infinity force movie! Now that would trump Batman/Superman!

        • Marvel. Do it. That would be so weird and awesome, very chaotic too lol.

        • i have also had the notion that could happen. i might be a long shot, but could be cool all the same

        • I don’t think it will thats way too out there and it wouldn’t really make any sense

        • No. NO. NOOOOOO.

          I dont want any Marvel in my Star Wars, I dont want any Star Wars in my Marvel.

          Am I really the only one who thinks that idea SUCKS!

          • Now THAT would be devisive

          • No, you’re not the only one, dragonarcher.

  17. Love how this simple little article erupts into a flame war after the first comment. Guess we’ll be in for a lot of these till the superhero hype does off.

    • Flame wars make me a sad Panda… and distract people from the discussion we’re trying to generate.

  18. We intterupt the sporadic DC vs Marvel Fanboy Battle Royale for this question:

    Diesel has been talking about this for a while so I’m curious as to why Marvel hasn’t made any official announcement. My first thought is that his agents and Marvel are still negotiating

    • The last thing Marvel wants (or needs) to do is start generating buzz for movies that are 3-4 years when they have so much work to do in advertising their upcoming slate of releases to the mainstream – namely, Guardians and the Thor/Cap sequels.

      Kevin Feige went on record saying we’ll hear about their 2016 slate next year, likely at Comic-Con.

      • Rob, I think darthstich is talking about how there hasn’t been an OFFICIAL announcement by Marvel that Vin is going to play Groot.

  19. (Sighh)….And I am one of the ones wrapped up in it….(sigh again)

  20. Am I the only one thinking about what might of been a slip of the tongue when he talked about a major merging of brands? Wouldnt that point to him being in talks for maybe Apocalypse? Thats one of the few game changing crossover characters that could be as big as he was implying.

  21. Both marvel and dc are tied with two billion dollar movies a piece so both habe strong followings and unless the next three marvel movies crack that figure we will be seeing a tie in 2015 because both will automatically crack a billion barring some monumental disaster in the stories for both movies.

  22. Meh has somehow made me not interested in batman/superman

  23. Why does the word fanboy get thrown around on here so easily if anything there are TONS of Marvel fanboys on here. You act like whenever someone likes a DC movie better than a Marvel one they’re a fanboy and their opinion doesn’t count the truth is YOU’RE a fanboy get over it you CAN like both like I do I am pumped for GoTG and SvB they’re both going to be awesome (hopefully) and it’s possible for someone to see Man of Steel over a Marvel movie it isn’t blasphemy so calm down and take Marvel’s weiner out of your mouth

    • +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • Settle down, Joshua. I do prefer calling someone like meh a troll for bringing up DC in a Marvel article. Such behavior is pathetic and juvenile.

      • Yeah, I hate it when “fanboy” and “fangirl” are used as pejorative terms. I mean, being a fan is awesome, we are all fans. Fans enjoy things enthusiastically, there is nothing wrong with that.

        But comment trolls like this? They have nothing to do with being a fan. How can you be a fan if you’re angry and bitter about everything and everyone? That’s like the complete opposite of being a fan.

        • Good post. I guess some people have been using fanboy as a pejorative term is that SOME fanboys, like meh, act like petulant children. Some of them
          are so blinded that they think that their favorite can do no wrong while their rival can’t do anything right. People like that have turned to the dark side of the force.

  24. So, I guess no one wants to talk about the actual article?

    • Yeah, didnt we just have a open discussion yesterday where people could go there to talk about other stuff? and leave the comments sections for articles to actually pertain to the article. haha though i do find this kind of funny.

  25. @rob_keyes Did you get the impression he was hinting at such an idea involving a Marvel and Xmen crossover with an Apocalypse type character? And by the way the only hang up I have in the Marvel vs DC argument is that Marvel doesnt have any of the flops like DC has several. But unlike most I really liked MOS. I thought it was one of the best movies Ive seen in a long time. Superman with a little bit of an edge was refreshing. A little over destructive yes, but Superman with an edge and maybe not as all powerful and able to save everything to me makes him more interesting. I wanna see him have to make the tough decisions like not saving his father or killing Zod so he doesnt hurt innocent people. It was refreshing.

    • Marvel? or Marvel studios?

      Fantastic Four (1994)
      Fantastic Four (2005)
      Fantastic Four 2
      The Punisher

      Marvel Studios: (Which is what I think you meant)
      Iron Man 2 (didnt flop, but it should have)
      Iron Man 3 (didnt flop, but it should have)

      All I see is a fanbase that forgives no matter if a movie is good or bad. I like Marvel studios, I like what they are doing, but box office returns are not all there is to it. They have made a few stinkers.

      • Didnt realize Howard the Duck was Marvel. But to my point most of those movies still did very well in the box office even if the pure fans or “fanboys” didnt like them. When I looked up box office numbers other than the new TDKR series and MOS the DC movies had an extreme box office drop frm week one to two while Marvel’s was not nearly as much. Admittedly here I am not much of a fanboy of either I just like good movies, but I do have a somewhat above average knowledge of Marvel’s universe up to about 1999. Which is why I was extremely disappointed with Wolverine’s back story and interaction with Sabertooth in X1. But I am not so glued to it that I cant enjoy a movie “adaptation.” Here’s the biggest problem with die hard fans seen through my experience with Wolverine Origins movie. Most everyone I knew that werent comic book fans loved it. Its only the us comic guys that had problems with it and sadly our numbers are dwindling. I myself was able to enjoy it despite its obvious story flaws. So, I try to base my opinion more from a regular fan than a fanboy and to the main stream everything not named The Dark Knight something just hasnt been that good from DC.

        • True. Well said, Chad.

          And Howard the duck was one of the best characters ever in one of the worst movies ever… but I still watched the hell out of it in the 80′s.

      • And all hail Howard the Duck!!! I loved that movie and now my kids do too!

        • Hail howard the duck?? HAAHA, you’re nuts.

  26. Someone went and said it. Someone earlier on this page said Green Lantern s*cked. Someone wants to set me off, because I pretty much liked Green Lantern overall, despite a few flaws. It worked, I am set off, and here is where the bear flop lies in the buckwheat, boys: Green Lantern haters s*ck so much, my forehead collapsed. Now you have stepped straight into that bear flop, and have seen the truth of the matter, and it is here and now and this and you! Black hole devouring itself: that is my forehead while you are all s*cking with your negative hate-mongering opinions! Hal Jordan, bring the ring and blast these non-believers right into the s*ckisphere! I have spoken!

    (There, how is that for a convoluted rant?).

  27. Vin Diesel is playing Groot because he is as interested as a tree? Heck, he can’t even grow pinecones, can he?

  28. Vin Diesel as Frank Castle in Garth Ennis’s Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe.

    Not a hater, just a Punisher fan.

  29. Is anybody reading/enjoying the current GOTG/Nova series?

    • Right here… not reading much Nova though. GotG is my favorite comic right now. Looks like big things are ahead.