Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

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Vin Diesel Marvel Studios Meeting Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

Two weeks ago Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page and told 44 million fans that Marvel had requested a meeting with him and that he didn’t know what for. Years prior he had revealed in an interview that one day he’d be open to making a Marvel superhero movie and that he had a specific type of villain in mind.

The star of the Fast & Furious franchise just had that meeting and from his words, was very impressed. Has he joined Earth’s Mightiest?

Diesel, while known for his action-heavy roles in tentpole franchises, has never done a comic book movie, but last summer created a stir of rumors when changing his Facebook profile image to that of Vision, a member of The Avengers in Marvel Comics. Whether or not that was the most intentional hint ever, we don’t know, but Diesel is in talks with the studio for something as he revealed this evening:

Marvel meeting today…

Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed…

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen… you know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!

The timing of the meeting just a week before Comic-Con could be a sign that the role(s) he may be discussing is for a project to be announced at the Marvel Studios presentation on Saturday, July 20th. If so, it would be one of the three unannounced films with release dates in 2016-17.

Groot Thanos Thor Marvel Comics Panel Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

Another, more likely possibility is that since Guardians of the Galaxy is just beginning production in London, Diesel could be in talks for a key role in that film and again, could be a part of an unveiling of the film’s main cast, a la The Avengers back at Comic-Con 2010. With his voice, it’d be crazy for him not to be considered for voicing Groot or Thanos.

What film and character would Diesel be a good fit for? You tell us.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Please, don’t let it be Thanos.

    Thanos = one of my favorites.

    Vin Diesel = not one of my favorites.

    • Watch Iron Giant and your mind will be changed. I promise.

      • A+ to you Rob, big A++

      • Dude, voice only and I’m good.

        • Who do you think should play Thanos?
          (I’m not be a prick I’m actually just curious about your opinion lol)

          • @ Will

            Honestly, I think CGI should play Thanos. If Vin is cast as the role, body and all… I’ll get over it eventually. So long as there is no way that I could identify that Thanos is actually just Vin Diesel in make-up, y’know?

            It’s just the idea of Vin Diesel as the Mad Titan kinda irritates me is all. He could play anyone else and I wouldn’t care at all. He obviously doing SOMETHING so we will all find out shortly.

            I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is for Rocket Raccoon or Groot.

            • Nah it will be mo-cap. Heck they could have made the aliens in avengers out of prosthetics and makeup yet they went full on mocap and they looked good.

            • What if he’s just voice?

              • Voice only is fine. Again, I would prefer Vin Diesel to not be associated AT ALL with Thanos, but that’s just me being a snob.

            • (*snort*) Watch him be the voice for Ultron….(Avengers #something-or-other).

            • I heard a rumor they have been interviewing Alvin and the Chipmunks for the voice of Rocket Raccoon….!
              Little Green Sprout is a lock-in for Groot!

              • First Alert:
                The Keebler Elves did not get the part of Groot, and have vowed revenge, to give the Groot character a pain in the posterior! Call and warn the proctologist now!!
                They know where each other lives!!

              • *charging reverse-ion fusion cannon*


                *aiming at Goldilocks*

                • Hee-hee!!!

              • So they were asking Justin long to do it….lol

            • I think they are gonna go the CGI route. His voice is perfect for it. It’s deep and it has a sort of sophistication to it. A devious sort of sophistication. Thanos is gonna have to be Hulk sized so motion capture and CGI will probably be how it goes.

          • Arnie because of terminator 1 he was scary and terminator 2 he was charming(ish)


              Why the F**K would you want an Austrian Accent on THanos??? THAT IS JUST STUPID TALK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!

              I hope I never see AWWNOLD in another movie his acting is sooooo bad

      • Vin Diesel only did the voice for Iron Giant, not the acting to be fairly correct. He has grown into a generic action star over the years with the Fast & Furious franchise and still not changing at all. The Vin Diesel Iron Giant is long gone from another era. He is still trying but really hasn’t gotten anywhere. Maybe Marvel could turn him over again who knows.

        • Hasn’t really gotten anywhere?

          Depends on the definition really…. there’s a lot of better actors that would kill for the success that Vin has achieved.

          Lead in one of the most successful movie franchises ever and the embodiment of a beloved and cult character and must surely command double digits for his salary.

          Is this fella ever gonna win an oscar/bafta or other form of recognition for his talent as an actor… NO, is he a character actor with a wide range and chameleonic way of hiding his own personality and that of other roles and embodying a character… NO

          Vin is the Noughties Arnie, generic action star with BAGS of charisma and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

          If he turns up in Pride and Prejudice, then questions need to be asked

          • The only thing that has been holding Vin Diesel’s career together over the last few years is the Fast and Furious franchise as you mentioned. Having one franchise holding down your career is not always a good thing. Without it being successful or not having existed he would be nowhere right now which is what I’m saying. The Riddick franchise is a huge win/loss long shot too for him. He has been trying to get back into the blockbuster scene in other films but has failed or shall I say the film itself, Babylon A.D for instance or how about his time in family friendly drama with The Pacifier. XXX got a sequel without him that went nowhere. Other than that he has a few movies in between that had mediocre success but they were just one shots. Bringing Vin Diesel to Marvel would definitely be a risky move to say.

            If you just want to count those films he is not as much a big action star than most of them today. Take a look at Jason Statham he debuted just after a year from Vin Diesel and has way more films than him alone to his credit. He is a big name for sure but most of those films were just one shots as for Diesel.

            • Charlie… you have no clue what you’re talking about. You’re attempting to predict a different future had the past been different. That’s like saying if it weren’t for Iron Man then RDJ’s career would still be crap… we don’t know that… he could have picked up some other role that led to something bigger. If you think for one second that Vin Diesel didn’t help make Fast and the Furious franchise what it is then I need only ask you how well Tokyo Drift did. Know one can say that Vin would be “nowhere right now” with Fast and the Furious… because we can’t know what else he may have done instead. Your logic makes little sense. Yes we can say that Fast and the Furious has made him an A list star but we can’t say that without it he surely would have no career. And even if that were true? Who cares! Without Iron Man maybe RDJ’s career never would have turned around? And he might be “nowhere”. Give the guy a chance… and to those saying they don’t want to see Vin in makeup? Have we suddenly time traveled and CGI hasn’t been created yet???? Did they put Hulk in makeup??? Don’t be ridiculous.

            • OH yeah and Jason Statham is SOOOOO much more accomplished??/

              no better no worse, to be truthful I would watch a VD movie WEEKS before a JS movie…. did u see that GAWD AWFUL Transporter 3?? That movie SUCKED nuts, The Pacifier was 100,000 Times better than that garbage movie, The Fast movies are WAYYY better than the Transporter OR the Dependsables….

      • Iron Giant was fantastic. Being serious.

        I had NO idea it was Vin, saw the film when I was a kid, kinda sad they never went forth with a sequel, or two…

        Who knows who he may be playing..
        Has anyone thought of him not even being in Guardians at all, but more-so, the main villian (whedon hinted at a MALE villian) in The Avengers 2?

    • who gives a F#^% on who’s your favorite or not

      • I know right? What are we even doing in comment sections?

        … I need to go re-evaluate my life …

  2. He could do vision. Or Wonder Man.

    • Hmmm, Vision. Now there’s a thought….!

  3. I would actually really like if he was Thanos!!! Like really really like it!!!
    He has the voice for it and I don’t think he is a bad actor, but that is just my opinion.
    I could also see him voicing Rocket Raccoon, but that seems like to minor of a role for him.

    • Thanos… That’s a great idea; as stated above people need to watch Iron Giant. He’s good for franchise business. Not a mushy person, serious roles, and at the sight is big and bad, naturally. I can’t wait to find out. BUT lets hope the next solo film brings justice. I feel like IM3 left us a little disappointed.

      • Yea I am not gunna start with what we were given with Iron Man 3.

  4. His post said no one can tell you what was said except those in the room…but then he said “I sometimes get tunnel VISION”
    If you’re a fb fan of his, you’ll notice that sentence is really different than his usual “Livin the dream” type posts.

    I think he’s speaking in code…

    • Cool catch there.

    • Yea I caught that too, but you have to think that most likely Ultron will not be introduced in the first Ant-Man, and therefore neither will his creation Vision until probably the third installment of Ant-Man.

      • If IM3 taught us anything, it’s that MCU couldn’t care less about cannon

        • Good point haha. They’ll probably say Thanos is from Mars or some other form of comic-to-movie-material-destruction.

          • I’m most likely wrong, but I think the fault of Iron Man 3 was Marvel giving too much free reign to Shane Black who really didn’t give a crap about anything concerning the comics or continuity.

            • Yea I agree. I place most of the blame on Shane Black. Kind of disappointed that it was greenlighted by Marvel.

        • ^ canon

          • So… you’re saying that you think the MCU DOES care about cannons?

    • I kind of speculated on that, also. Or was he the guy in the sci-fi movie “Pitch Black” or “Riddick”, who could see in the dark or something (“tunnel”), or was that someone else I am thinking of?

  5. Idk. With him changing his picture to Vision. And talking about how he gets tunnel ‘vision’. Either he’s messing with us or trying to hint at it

  6. vision or silver surfer? idk of anyone else he can play

  7. vin diesel in a marvel movie yes please

  8. I love the iron giant dont get me wrong, its my favorite animated film. But you can use that as a barameter for how his voice acting will be. It was heavely altered and enhanced in editing to make it sound robotic and he says little bits of words every now and then

  9. I’m going full tilt and saying he would make a good Black Bolt for the long discussed Inhumans movie.

    • I feel like his voice is a big part of who he is as an actor and since Black Bolt doesn’t talk that would take away from Vin is.

      • True. True. Blow up his head and turn him into Uatu the Watcher.

        • Oh My God if they ever go into the abstract beings like Eternity, Living Tribunal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, and characters of such I’d go crazy
          Makes me wonder if Mistress Death will play role at all with Thanos.

        • That was funny.

    • Ha-ha, I got a better one for Black Bolt…how about Arnold Schwartzenwhanger, who can only remember a word or two at a time in his dialogue, and has to read that pretty much off of cue-cards? After all, BB does not speak too much…..! (just kidding!)


    • There ya go, a viable option.

  11. he wouldn’t fit in as an actor in any of these movies… but as a voice he would be perfect

  12. I could also picture him as Ronan the Accuser if Lee Pace doesn’t turn out to be him like the rumors are saying. Thanos as well. And Groot as voice work obviously but he won’t do that role, at lest I don’t think so. If he ends up as Groot when he should have been Drax instead that will also make me highly upset.

    • Like the Ronan idea. And agree that it most likely won’t and shouldn’t leave him to just a voice role

  13. Between Wilson Finsk or Vision. Crossing my fingers for Kingpin with Daredevil and Black Panther being unveiled as the 2016/17 upcoming films.

    • Back after Daredevil #1, there had been talk that never came to fruitation of Daredevil #2 being Kingpin and Mr. Fear against DD. That would probably be good, wish they would do that one.

  14. Thanos’s voice. Sure some modulating will be applied but he has the best voice to start with.

  15. I could see him play Black Bolt…king of the Inhumans, or the Punisher if hes going for a street hero

  16. Vin is great, you haters!

  17. Vin diesel will play thanos … And thanos will turn out to be another hired actor.. And the red skull will come out and say he is thanos

    • lol, could see it.

    • Whoa! Don’t need another mandarin debacle to blow up in our faces with Thanos as a fake actor. And don’t need a Red Skull job, either!

  18. I think he should be black panther! Or Luke cage!

    • I don’t. I know that Vin is bi-racial. Alas, BP is an African superhero. BP should be played by a dark skinned African or African-American. As for Luke Cage, I think the same thing.

      • Storm was an African goddess who was played by Halle Berry (a bi-racial woman) you’re argument is invalid.

        • Halle was OK as Storm. decent-looking, too; I’d buy her dinner!

        • No, it isn’t. Halle has much darker skin than Vik does. Furthermore, I bet you that there would be a lot if negative comments from the African-American community if Diesel were picked. I wouldn’t blame them.

        • Also, it’s your not you’re.

      • Storm was an African goddess who was played by Halle Berry , a bi-racial woman, you’re argument is invalid.

      • I would probably agree that we would want a little darker-skinned actor to play the parts of Black panther and Luke Cage, to fit the continuity of the character.
        Having said that, on another note, I guess I am bi-racial, also. I am white, born in America, and a patriotic American all the way. Racially/ethnically, my dad’s ancestors came from Denmark, and my mom’s came from England, Scotland, and Wales.
        Guess pretty much all of us are technically bi-racial in a very broad sense.

        • Race and ethnicity are different. So, you’re not bi-racial. You’re white. I’m white too.

    • Nah, he’s too light-skinned to be either of those characters.

  19. Agreed! If johnny storm or peter parker can be black, than vin diesel can be black panther. Break down walls MARVEL!!

    • How about not white-washing iconic black characters? It’s just bad taste.

      Black Panther needs to be played by a black actor, that is fact.

      There are plenty of amazing roles Vin could do in the marvel universe, he doesn’t have to take the role of an African King, seriously. White-skinned man as the King of Wakanda, so damn ridiculous.

      • No offence but how about not black-washing white characters? I mean the argument could be given both ways. Not that I dont agree with you but if a white character can be changed, then a black character should have the same ability. However, I do agree Michael Jay White=Luke Cage, Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther.

        • Wrong. It depends on the origin if the character and how important his race is to the character. BP is an African leader. If makes zero sense to have him played by a white guy.

  20. So there are no white people in Africa? That’s ignorant. And its not white-washing. I don’t see color just actors and good characters they can portray. Don’t be racist.

    • Thomas, scy isn’t being a racist. I’m white, and I agree with him. BP is the FIRST African superhero. It makes sense why a lot if people, including me, would want to see a black man play that role. Like Cage is one of the first African-American superheroes.

    • Yeah right Thomas, you know what you’re doing.Which is trying to stir up trouble.Of all the Marvel characters for Vin to play and you pick the one that is an African King.You know damn well that Africa is associated with black people.Stop trying to be a troll.Are you still butt hurt over the black Human Torch thing because that might not even happen.I don’t want it to.You can’t make a Viking movie and then have the Viking king be played by Samuel L Jackson.Before anyone brings up the Norse God being played by Idris I will mention that I was on website looking up random Gods ad came across a group of African ones from a group called the Yoruba and these people are Native African aka black but there Gods were drawn/painted as white people.I don’t know if they did it themselves but clearly the Yoruba people don’t have a problem with it or else they’d be very vocal about it but I haven’t heard a peep.Not to mention Jesus Christ is supposed be a homely looking middle eastern man with brown skin and wooly hair, looking similar to Osama Bin Laden and yet everyone that plays him in a movie or TV show is a perfect fit body, perfectly brushed long haired white guy.

      • Sam Jackson played nick furry who was originally white and was awesome so why can’t vin diesel play black panther you’re argument is also invalid

        • Ultimate Universe Nick Fury is black, the regular Marvel Universe Nick Fury is white. They went with the Ultimate universe character just as they did with the Chitauri, and many many other aspects.

        • Steve, you have to learn the difference between your and you’re. Also, try to expand your mind. BP’s race is essential to BP’s character. He’s the first African superhero. Fury’s race isn’t important.

      • That is kind of incorrect, Thor is of NORSE mythology, and Heimdall was NOT a Black man in any way in that mythology! Idris Alba is kinda black the last time I checked!

        I really don’t care who plays who, I loved Idris Alba playing Heimdall
        and I really would NOT want a white Black Panther BUT IT REALLY should be about good actors and NOT a black and white thing!

        • In this case it honestly is tho. Dont no how anyone can disaggree. Hes the first black superhero. The first. King of a a black african nation. And Im not even black lol so dont say it. Just let him be portrayed by a black good actor lol. Its real simple. Why make him white, theres no logical argument or reason imho.

          • I concur, Bob.

  21. I am not a Vin Diesel fan, and would like him to stay away from CBM’s in general. I just don’t care for his acting. I could totally see his voice being used however for Groot, but that’s as far as it goes. Using his voice I could live with, just don’t put him in front of the camera, and certainly don’t let him near Rocket Racoon, or Thanos. Those two characters are far to important for an actor like Diesel to play, or voice.

  22. Heres me hoping hes replaced the “actor” Batista as Drax!

  23. You guys truly underestimate Vin’s acting ability.

  24. Why does everyone keep saying he has ‘the voice’? I can barely understand his slurring in the F&F movies. Oh and he’s a terrible actor, actually that could just be the scripts.

  25. I could see Vin Diesel replacing Batista as Drax

  26. For voice = Ultron, Thanos, Ronan.. Maybe Groot but that would kinda be a waste, he’s a big name and to have him say just three words.. That pretty much anybody could say? Meh.

    For actual role: IDK this is a harder one, Vin has a very specific look, yeah the rumors are vision but I dont see him as that at all. So no clue on this one.

    • I always had Vision pictured as kind of having a soft-spoken, “proper pronunciation” robotic voice. Always kind of wondered what Scarlet Witch saw in himn in the comics? Glad to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will get their due in Avengers #2. Now let’s get Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp rolling in Avengers as well!

  27. Dont get me wrong but if ANY one voices thanks it shood be jude law!

  28. Wonderman(then Vision), Namor perhaps? The Controller even? plently of opptions out there

  29. Tunnel -vision- hint hint?