Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

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Vin Diesel Marvel Studios Meeting Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

Two weeks ago Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page and told 44 million fans that Marvel had requested a meeting with him and that he didn’t know what for. Years prior he had revealed in an interview that one day he’d be open to making a Marvel superhero movie and that he had a specific type of villain in mind.

The star of the Fast & Furious franchise just had that meeting and from his words, was very impressed. Has he joined Earth’s Mightiest?

Diesel, while known for his action-heavy roles in tentpole franchises, has never done a comic book movie, but last summer created a stir of rumors when changing his Facebook profile image to that of Vision, a member of The Avengers in Marvel Comics. Whether or not that was the most intentional hint ever, we don’t know, but Diesel is in talks with the studio for something as he revealed this evening:

Marvel meeting today…

Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed…

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen… you know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!

The timing of the meeting just a week before Comic-Con could be a sign that the role(s) he may be discussing is for a project to be announced at the Marvel Studios presentation on Saturday, July 20th. If so, it would be one of the three unannounced films with release dates in 2016-17.

Groot Thanos Thor Marvel Comics Panel Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Leaves Impressed

Another, more likely possibility is that since Guardians of the Galaxy is just beginning production in London, Diesel could be in talks for a key role in that film and again, could be a part of an unveiling of the film’s main cast, a la The Avengers back at Comic-Con 2010. With his voice, it’d be crazy for him not to be considered for voicing Groot or Thanos.

What film and character would Diesel be a good fit for? You tell us.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Tunnel -vision-hint hint?

    • I thought the same think about “tunnel vision”

      • Honestly, after a couple times reading it, it really does sound like he’s hinting toward he’s Vision now. Thanks for our page making it happen is when he changed his profile pic to vision and it became a huge story and qas shared alot etc. Thrn of course the tunnel vision with my work saying trying to always get the part I want and also dropping the fact tahts hes vision now etc. Then being impressed in all with marvels plan and also how they saw all the buzz when he did the profile pic thing and thats why hes in this meeting etc. Idk I could be digging but dont be surprised if at Comic Con Vin comes out and they annouce hes playing Vision. Ill say one thing for sure, whoever Vin is playing its being announced at Comic Con and he will most likely be theee for the announcent. Whether its for Vision, Thanos, Ronan the Accuser, or replacing Bautista as Drax its gonna be announced there.

        • Why replace Bautista when the movie’s been filming since June and wouldn’t be on time for its projected release if they delayed it? Plus it hasn’t been announced and Dave is the perfect size and look for Drax.

          Vin’s gonna be Vision and I’m betting his character might debut in Ant-Man.

  2. Hopefully it’s Thanos. I don’t think Marvel would waste a talent and a superstar (ticket drawing power) such as Diesal on Groot. Unless Diesal will be in other characters voices as well…

    I’d say it’s safer to bet on Thanos (which would be awesome!) or Vision!

    Which kinda dissapoints me cause I’m still in the camp that wants to believe that Culson will become or technically IS Vision! I think that would be such an awesome idea and they’ve set things up so perfectly with Culson to be Vision it would make so much sense. It’d be so awesome it couldn’t possibly happen… :(

    • It’s Coulson, and he does not have the face, or stature for VISION.

      Anyone Vin plays will be cool to see on screen.
      People whining and complaining about his meeting with them, they’ve locked a deal, they’ve signed some sort of contract, and they may be announcing it via SSCC’13.

      Clark Gregg won’t be playing Vision anytime soon, or if ever, in fact.
      He’s already Phil Coulson.

      • The argument is that Phil Coulson IS The Vision. He looks the part, he had been dating a cellist, possibly Scarlet Witch who will show up in TA2; he has a connection to The Avengers, and has been shown operating experimental technology… perhaps the Coulson that returned was actually an LMD. If he’s not The Vision, I would be very dissapointed.

  3. Vin diesel will play silver surfer while peter dinklage is galactus

  4. Vin= martian manhunter no question about it

    • Manhunter is a DC property. uhh.. (troll?)


  5. Vin is the martian manhunter no question about it

    • You do realize that Martian Manhunter is a DC character not Marvel.

    • lmfao, you’re on the wrong side.

  6. If Marvel does the Inhumans, Vin would be awesome as the voice of Lockjaw.

    He has that bulldog type of voice.

    • Did they change the fact that Lockjaw doesn’t speak? It’s been many years for me.

  7. i wouldn’t like Vin diesel to be Thanos because there are better actors for the role for example Keith David or Kevin Grevioux who is a Fan of the Marvel Universe.

    • They’ve even mentioned that Arnie could be up for the role of Thanos.. I almost pissed myself from laugher.. can u hear it now? the broken german accent trying to say “I will destroy the avengers” or something like that?

      I’m assuming they’d use him for his body (like a prostitute)

      • hey thats my idea for arnie to play thanos you just cant see it just think of terminator 1 and 2 and a little and i mean little sprinkle of mr freeze he can and has played a villian before case in point terminator 1

      • What’s with Arnie’s accent anyway. He has lived in America for 40years, which is twice as long as he lived in Austria. And he still can’t even fake an American accent?

        • I’m sure he can, it’s just his Austrian accent is so iconic, he’s never offered a role without it. Or he never accepts a role without it.


  8. …I think he would be perfect for Thano’s, he has the voice and the build for it, only would have too work on is not sounding cheesey…He has talent…

    • I’ll we have to do is sit back and wait for the announcement of his casting in either GotG, TA2, Ant-Man, or even another Marvel film slated for Phase III.

  9. Ben Grimm in the new fantastic four

    • Wouldn’t that be a meeting with Fox?

  10. Why did you guys post the picture Vin is standing next to in the post?

    It’d be interesting, as well as a longer article explaining who he may be.

  11. Ben Grimm in the new fantastic four.

  12. He would have made a pretty good Absorbing Man. He’d have to work on his accent to play anyone else.

  13. He should be Lex.

    • DUDE WTF , lex is DC ! not marvel.

  14. He’s gonna be Black Panther


  15. Before I carry on with my post I just want to state that we are on a MOVIE SITE and not a comic book site. I come on here and I see all these people flock in and say all this stuff I don’t even know the first thing about. I don’t care if it’s true to the comic books. Above all, I’m a movie fan. The Avengers (2012) is my favorite movie of all time, not the best obviously but still very good, because it did mostly everything right outside of the underdevelopment of Hawkeye. I thoroughly enjoyed that film because it was a great movie. Then there’s the other side of the spectrum. The people that click on links on the web to just say how they didn’t like a certain movie and put an attack on people. I can’t stand those types of people because they need a hobby. Now I’ll continue with my post. Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Arnold, etc. They are action stars and not really actors at all. When I think of actors, I think Denzel Washington of today, Robert De Niro of the generation before, Paul Newman of the generation before, Spencer Tracy of the generation before and all those types of people that ACT. Vin Diesel brings in audiences because today’s audiences are fixated on a materialistic world of technology and special effects. More movies should learn to focus on the script and possibly use visual effects as a background not a building block. Recent movies that have accomplished this are The Avengers, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, etc. Anyways, Marvel is known for phenomenal casting choices. Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Natalie Portman and then nice finds in Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston. I would like them to continue this streak. Nab someone like Gerard Butler, who has made some poor decisions but has never let down, really, himself. He needs a big break. I thought he did fine in Olympus has Fallen. Ok, and that, for right now, is my RANT, so any comments and replies I would like to hear from

    • Dang bro…every post I’ve read of yours is huge!

      Either way…Vin = Black Bolt? Wouldn’t have to talk much….

      • Well I sorta go on rants…

      • He would be perfect for Black Bolt

    • Chris Evans was famous well before he played Captain America remember he played Johnny Storm in fantastic four 1 and 2

    • Your “RANT” was pathetic Benny. Great job at throwing names in the majority of your post. I’ll give you a clap for that. Now join the party and play the guessing game as to who Vin Diesel will be playing.

      Play ball sir. Best regards.

      • I don’t go on this site much but Mr. Spoiler’s posts are very interesting. Yes, he tends to go on rants and sir, the reason I think he was name-dropping people was to prove a point. You however, decide to go harass others opinions and statements. Get a hobby, sir.

    • Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel are both talented actors when cast in certain roles. Willis has a bit more praise worthy performances but Diesel was good in Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room and especially Find Me Guilty.

  16. I have ALWAYS thought Vin Diesel would make an excellent Apocalypse, both with his look and his voice. Unfortunately, those weren’t the execs he was meeting with.

    • You’re right he would be a good Apocalypse but oh well

  17. Diesel is a very fun action star i think that he”d be a great addition to the Marvel universe i think i’d prefer to see him in a live action role over a voice acting role just because i tend to enjoy him more in live action but i think it will be great if they get him and it sounds like they will. He would make a fine Vision in my opinion.

  18. I like Vin, but I don’t think he’s the best of actors. He’s very good at pulling off his action hero role, but I don’t think he has much range. I’d be ok if he lends his voice to Thanos or someone, but only the voice. His voice is pretty low and growling, and I think he’d be a pretty damn menacing Thanos, actually.

  19. Is it possible that Vin was offered the part for Ultron?

    • Actually it was known early on that Damian Poitier was not locked in to play Thanos in future roles. The cameo was simply to arouse the MCU with the thought that Thanos will be back.

  20. Is no one guessing that he’s playing Henry Pym?

    • If that happens, I might just be done with Marvel forever.

    • No one guesses it because it’s the most ridiculous guess there is. Diesel doesn’t have ANYTHING in common with Pym, and there are far far better choices (assuming Diesel could be a choice, which is not…) out there for an actor to play the role of Hank Pym. The very thought of him playing Pym is so laughable to anyone who knows the character, and even those who would just google him to see what he’s supposed to look like, that I can’t even consider it as something Marvel would do. They usually are clever about their casting.

      But if ever, someone at Marvel suddenly turned completely bananas and cast Diesel as Ant-Man… I’m with FILTHpig… I’m done with MCU. For good.

  21. I vote Vin for the Absorbing Man, or possibly Black Bolt. Anything where acting and speaking are held to a minimum.

    • The Absorbing Man could be a good idea.

      My guess would still be for a voice in GoTG, since casting is not finished, or something in Avengers 2. But the script of A2 is not finished yet, and since there is still casting to be done for GoTG, I still think the best bet would be on this.

      I mean, why would Marvel start casting for Phase 3, when there is still casting to be made for the Phase 2 films? Doesn’t make any sense…

      In any case, my best bet (and hope…!) is that this is for voice work only. Or a villain. The clues Diesel left for Vision are too obvious, Marvel would not let him clue people like that, they’re far too secretive to let someone hint that Vision is going to be in A2 (not counting Phase 3 projects, those don’t even have finished scripts yet, they would not cast people so early on… no actor would sign a contract for something that’s not written yet). And the implication of having Vision in A2 are too great too, and Marvel knows it. Vison means Ultron, Ultron means Pym, and Pym is for Phase 3 (in theory). Marvel would not let that one slip so easily.

      That is, if they don’t decide that Ultron was created by someone else, like Stark (which would suck), or they plan on putting Pym in A2 (which Marvel would want to keep secret also as long as possible, IMO).

  22. I think Vin should play Groot.

  23. Let me start by saying… I frickin dig Vin. He , like the Rock may not be the best of actors, but they bring great presence to the silver screen ( much like Eastwood and Arnie before them!).
    Imagine if you will, Avengers 2 introduces us to Hank Pym (not as AntMan yet, just as a scientist on the payroll). With what you ask? Ressurecting Coulson? Unnanounced to the Avengers but nouced to us. Melding his thought patterns and dedication into an advanced L.M.D. plus upgraded AWSOME features(phasing!) Vision! as portrayed by the infamous Vinny D.
    Hell, he looks like a jacked younger version of Coulson. Sure it’s not the concience of Captain Marvel, but who else in the M.C.U. would work? Yes, we might get Cpt. Marvel in G.O.T.G. but let’s not go all Wolverine,Origins on us! An acceptable amount of charaters at a time.
    This would also make for a great triangle between Vis. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver ( who we know are apearing in A2 . Plus the fact that Ant Man script hs been adjusted to fit the whole flow.)
    Simply put, Vin Diesel, I.M.H.O. would be a kickass Vision.
    And when Ultron finally shows up to the party Vin should double as that big bad robot as well.( duelling sides of the same creation!!!)

    and if we’re talking castind;
    Alan Tudyck,Hank Pym/Ant Man
    Olivia Wylde,Janet Van Dyne/Wasp
    Willem Dafoe ,(if they go mocap.)Thanos

  24. Did he choose his words carefully by saying “vision”? He looks like him but he has the voice of a villain.

  25. Maybe he’ll be Ben Grimm in the FF reboot…

    Just kidding.

    • WTF dude?? I Think that spider bite Fu**ed you up!! BAAAD

    • Honestly, bro, has anyone called this number yet to mess with you…? I can do a pretty b*thcin’ Vin Diesel impression but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…