Vin Diesel Hypes Up Family-Friendly ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’

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Vin Diesel is Groot Official Guardians of the Galaxy Vin Diesel Hypes Up Family Friendly Guardians of The Galaxy

Although Vin Diesel had talked about it for months, his role voicing the character known as Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy took a long time to become official. When he first met with Marvel, an encounter driven mostly by Diesel’s talk of having interest in the franchise on his Facebook page, it was for another role further down the road, but he and Marvel found a way to get him involved sooner without conflicting with his shooting schedule on other projects (Fast & Furious 7).

Like Bradley Cooper, who’s voicing Rocket Raccoon – the other entirely digitally animated member of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Diesel brings star power to a film that Disney and Marvel need to help market the obscure property. Guardians brings an entirely new set of heroes and villains to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and takes place almost entirely in space. Combine that with the fact that until recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy comics and characters were virtually unheard of to mainstream and casual moviegoers, and the James Gunn-directed feature has a lot of obstacles to overcome to match the success of Marvel’s other post-Avengers releases.

So, to help sell a movie that stars the not-yet-a-household-name Chris Pratt in his first big lead role, Marvel brought in heavyweight Hollywood names Cooper and Diesel into the fold since their presence on any press tours will draw major international media attention. While Rocket Raccoon is the first voice role for Bradley Cooper, Diesel brings with him experience voicing another innocent, lovable behemoth in The Iron Giant. But it’s not just his name and powerful voice Marvel knows they’re getting with Diesel, but his world record holding social media power.

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot character poster 716x1024 Vin Diesel Hypes Up Family Friendly Guardians of The Galaxy

Vin Diesel has over 80 million Facebook fans so if you have him in your project, you also have his direct channel to one of the largest collections of fans the entertainment industry has ever seen. And that’s exactly what makes Diesel’s post on his wall earlier today important:

I have to share this… My youngest who is 3 yrs old, has never been to a movie theater before in his life. Today, I was invited by Disney and Marvel to see the latest cut of Guardians of the Galaxy and I was able to take the angels. WOW!!!!!

To Marvel, Disney, the incredible cast and team and especially James Gunn… Thank you for making a GREAT MOVIE! It was amazing and will always be special, for it was the first film I was able to take my family to see and oh how they loved it.


Vin Diesel just told 80 million people that Guardians of the Galaxy is a must-see movie for his followers and their families. At the time of this writing, the post already was shared over 3000 times and liked over 100,000. That’s pretty good word-of-mouth/viral marketing in a simple, direct way.

We’re less than a month away from the release of Guardians of the Galaxy around the world and next Monday, Disney will be screening 17 minutes of the film in IMAX 3D next Monday, July 7, 2014 at select locations in North America. We’ll have plenty of other cool GOTG news that week so be sure to check back.

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2 Features Groot Rocket Raccoon Vin Diesel Hypes Up Family Friendly Guardians of The Galaxy

Rocket and Groot

In the meantime, find out which Guardians you are by filling out this fun and short questionnaire on Buzzfeed. I got Peter Quill, who did you get?


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Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn and stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, with John C. Reilly, Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael and Benicio Del Toro as The Collector.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. and cue the whining about “family friendly” in 3… 2… 1…

    • Why would their be whining ? Bruh name a Disney Marvel film that isn’t family friendly ?

      • They do release R-rated stuff, but not under the Disney banner, but using Buena Vista and Touchstone. Marvel is placed under the Disney banner so it’s easier to market the toys and animations and stuff.

      • Pulp Fiction – the first film greenlit after Disney picked up Miramax. Crazy, right?

  2. Can’t wait!

  3. I hope this movie does great and lets Marvel/Disney know that the world is ready for Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Adam Warlock, and other properties to be introduced soon in the MCU.

    • well they’ve teased Adam Warlock already or do yo unot remember the end credit scene of Thor 2

      • Please explain… I don’t know much about Adam Warlock, but I’m quite familiar with that scene.

        • All I know is that Adam Warlock is made (by who or what I have no idea) and he was born out of a cocoon, which we see in Thor 2 end credits. They show it quite some times after Lady Sif leaves. It looks muddy and has tan tubes coming from it. Kind of a moldy encasing with green slime looking stuff. Still skeptical if it was really Adam Warlock, or one of those Easter Eggs that just let us know he is coming. Kind of like Captain America in Hulk, and the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor.

        • Check Adam Warlock on marvel wikia or wikipedia. Look for cocoon references.

  4. What a great year for comic book movies, not counting Amazing Spider-Man 2. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THIS FILM.

    • Or not counting X-men DoFP. Spider-Man was great.

      • Opinion is opinion but X-men was a stronger movie for me, better character development, a more creative plot and better acting and direction all round, not to say spidey was bad, I found plenty to enjoy in that movie, but it suffer from transfromeritis and shared universeitis, being too bloated and long for its own good. But andrew garfield, emma stone and dane dehaan knocked it out of the park, and I am really interested to see where the next installment takes us. Hopefully it’ll be the best spiderman movie yet, certainly with the cast it has and the visual style it has all the power to do so. X-men apocalypse better be awesome too, the one deacde where you can get away with truly garish and out there comic outfits made from tight spandex, is the 80′s.

  5. Yes sir

  6. I think this has the potential to be this years covert billion grossing movie. Raccoon + Marvel Brand + Vinny hype + 3D + Star Wars + something new…. if the film’s actually great and the world of mouth is there. Who ever would’ve thought that x-men and Cap could outgross spider-man?

    The year end top 10 worldwide grosses will look INSANE this year. If Big hero 6 does the business there’ll be SIX movies possibly in the top ten based on marvel series in some fashion. I’m including Transformers also because of it’s long running marvel series.

    • this film wont cross a billion. get out of here.

      • Unless it does of course. You can’t rule it out.. Nobody expected Frozen to get there. Sometimes a movie hits the the right spot at the right time. If it’s a truly great family movie that captures everybody’s imagination…. who knows?

        • Yeah, I can see this movie hitting around the 750 mark but not the billion. I do think this movie will do a lot better than MOS because of the hype. Disney/Marvel has done a great job marketing this film. I’ve never seen the hype soo high for a film with the general public over characters they don’t even know. If it’s good and the word of mouth is great then yeah, I can then see it hitting the billion mark. We shall see though

        • Agreed. Frozen. Never in a million years. And then everything fell in place.

  7. I got Rocket, haha.

    • I did, too.

    • I’m Groot. What?

  8. No need to hype this movie for me. I was sold on the teaser trailer.

    • Me too,best trailer this year with the first Apes one,both of which I’m dying to see.

  9. Is is safe to say that 80 million of his fans will go see GOTG?
    Free publicity.

  10. i am relieved he came out and said that, this is my most anticipating movie of the year and i was going to see it anyways despite what critics or fans said but this is very exciting and i look forward to seeing this on August 1

  11. Just how much of the Collector are we going to see? They barely show him in trailers or interview about his character! The collector is boss! Boss I say! *waves rolled up news paper threateningly*

  12. Sick report!!!

    I keep getting Drax. Can’t wait!!

  13. I think Rocket Racoon’s Animation is spectacular. He moves just like an animal would if they stood upright, the hair layout on his body is just like a real racoon, his teeth are even perfect. Big hugs to the team who designed him, just very big big hugs.

    Groot could have been cooler, but for the exotic theme of this movie, he fits nicely into the group.

    • I think we may see a different shaped Groot in the sequel. Groot has the ability to re-grow himself from the smallest of splinters. I’m betting we’ll see Groot sacrifice himself at the end of the film to protect the others. The after credit scene will probably be Rocket at a bar with a tiny new green Groot in a plant pot just chilling with his bud.

      • +1

  14. Half the actors in this movie are on my list of favorite actors…Pratt, Saldana, Diesel, Cooper, Pace, Streep! The music and trailers have sucked me in! Can not wait until August!

    • It’s Glenn Close. Not Meryll Streep.

      • Streep’s playing Cosmo in the post-credits teaser. Haven’t you heard?

    • LOL, I think you meant “Close” rather than “Streep”. I was wondering “whoa! when the hell did Meryl have time to act in Guardians?!?!?”

      They look a BIT alike, but it’s Glenn Close who’s in GotG.

    • Meryl Streep isn’t in this. Glenn Close is though.

    • I meant Close not Streep. They are so similar I get them confused all the time! Sorry lol

  15. He should voice Groot pretty well. He did a good job as “The Iron Giant”.

  16. Whoo Hoo! I got Peter Quill, AKA Starlord! You know, Starlord man, legendary outlaw? Guys? Forget it.

    • I see what you did there.

  17. I got Star-Lord, nice.

  18. Drax

    • s***

  19. I though Fillion was voicing Cosmo. Close is the head of Nova Corps, I believe.

  20. star-lord!

  21. I got ROCKET RACOON.

  22. a pile of s***

  23. gay

  24. vin diesel is gay

    • i know right