Vin Diesel Voicing Groot in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?

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Groot Concept Art Comic Con 2013 Guardians of the Galaxy Vin Diesel Voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Towards the end of June, Vin Diesel posted an update to his 45 million+ Facebook fans that Marvel had requested a meeting with him but that he didn’t know what role it was for. Two weeks later (and just over a week before Comic-Con was set to begin) they had talked and Diesel left impressed, leaing many to believe that he could make a special appearance during the Guardians of the Galaxy portion of the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel, not unlike some of The Avengers were reportedly signed just prior to Comic-Con 2010 before they all came out on stage together for one of the convention’s best photo ops ever.

We speculated that Diesel would be voicing either the main villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos, or the biggest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot. As it turns out, the latter seems to be the case.

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen… you know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!

A year ago Diesel launched a flurry of speculation himself by posting a picture of Vision to his page - a love interest of new Avenger Scarlet Witch and a member of Earth’s Mightiest. Yesterday, he did something similar by posting the following image:

Groot Vin Diesel Facebook Vin Diesel Voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

That’s Groot, one of the two animated characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. Vin Diesel teased that “very big news” was coming at the end of July but nothing came of it, and he also teased that the character he was in talks for at Marvel was part of a “unique love story” which led more credence to the idea of him playing Thanos and the character’s attempts at pleasing the personified being known as “Death” or that he was in fact playing the character of Vision for which he teased a year ago. Now, we know that neither is the case, and that the unique relationship refers to the partnership between Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Deadline claims that their sources confirm that Diesel is in talks for the role of Groot but the deal must not be locked down since Marvel didn’t take advantage of the D23 event this weekend to bring him out on stage. Perhaps each little push Diesel makes on Facebook is part of his negotiation tactics. Soon enough we’ll finally learn who is voicing Groot and Rocket and we wouldn’t be surprised to see high profile stars in each to help boost the film’s box office potential as it represents Marvel Studios’ riskiest endeavor yet.

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. It stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, and Glenn Close.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what Marvel character Vin Diesel should play!

Sources: DeadlineVin Diesel

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  1. I don’t care if he’s Groot or not, this movie is going to be f__kin’ awesome.

    • +1

  2. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of Vin but I wish he had a bigger role then Groot. He brings in the money.

    • Action-hero Rotor-Rooter for the Grooter.

  3. Vin is so clever.

    • *snicker*

    • @LC, Put a +1 on that!

  4. I agree Vin should be a different character. Would love to see him as thanos or vision Groot barely says more than his name that’s a waste of talent imo.

    • LOL “talent”.

      • He might not be great but he has an undeniable presence. More than some actora can say for themselves

        • “Presence” is the best word you could use to describe him. He is the reason the Fast and Furious franchise is so successful.

          • Well, yeah… it’s definitely not because they’re good movies or anything.

            That being said, I think Groot is the perfect character to display Diesel’s “talent”.

            • Good movies? Go rewatch 2 and Tokyo Drift and tell me he doesn’t make the movies better.

              • He was in Fast and Furious (the 4th in the franchise) and that one just sucked relative to the others.
                It is my personally least favorite of the Fast and the Furious franchise and the story is heavily revolving around him.

              • I agreed with you, bro… he’s the best thing about those movies because, in my opinion, they suck.

                • I heartily and most enthusiastically approve and endorse your comment.


            • @FILTHpig, “That being said, I think Groot is the perfect character to display Diesel’s ‘talent’.”

              ROFL!! That’s soo messed up! lol

              • It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true!

                • To All,

                  Tbh let’s look at the logic of the situation and set aside option. Diesel is a bigger list actor than Batista. Batista is playing Drax, who we know will have more/extensive dialogue over Groot. Therefore why would Diesel want to take on a lesser role than Drax?

                  Deadline doesn’t make any sense. It’s a 99% chance that Diesel was messing with everyone on fb because he knows that everyone will gobble what he does up. From watching his interviews, I understand his humor and this thing about Groot is another one of his jokes. I bet he was joking about Vision.

                  “Tunnel Vision” really? This guy is playing us lol

                  Diesel is messing with all of us bcuz he knows everyone wants to badly know who he will be playing. He’s playing us lol and I love how everyone is falling for it. He’s probably at home laughing at all these speculation reports about him. There is no way he will be Groot.

                  They’re gonna pay him a few million just to say, “I AM GROOT!!”

                  Yeah, right lmao!

                  • set aside *opinion*

                    where’s the edit button?

                  • Gotta agree with you there. I’m still hoping he’s playing Black Bolt, just so he’s unable to speak at all on screen… ever.

                    • lol well that’s a cool possibility

                  • You assume Groot is just going to say I AM GROOT the whole movie. People that are fans of the GotG tend to forget, during the Star-Lord mini, that Groot CAN talk. Normally. If anything this is one of the better roles for him to take on if we consider that Groot is going to speak normal english because he’s actually smarter than the whole of the GotG combined. Evidence to why Groot is a really good role for him?

                    The Iron Giant.

                    Look it up.

                    • Can’t forget what never happened in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comic.

                      When he did speak English, it was during “Annihilation: Conquest” not “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The Guardians comic came after Annihilation: Conquest.

                      In the Marvel NOW! comics and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, they are going the direction of the imaging they will use in the Guardians movie.
                      Example: Pete has the same red coat in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and in the movie concept art.

                      Giving the evidence and D&A giving Gunn the salute, Groot will only say, “I AM GROOT!!” Having only that phrase is his character well established perfectly under the light. Why change it to when he wasn’t perfected?

                  • Yup. What an expensive way to say “I am Groot”. You sound right. It doesn’t add up.

                  • thoughtful thinking :)

          • From Fast and Furious star to behind-the-scenes root-feeder for steriod-laden chia-pets….

    • Maybe he will do other characters. John Rhys-Davies played Gimli and did the voice of Treebeard in LOTR.

    • The Iron Giant only had a few speaking lines, but he did great at that.

      • I just saw it recently in HBO. My God, that movie is still great!

        The best Superman story ever told lol

  5. I’d prefer him as Thanos. I don’t care much for his acting but his voice is perfect for Thanos and that’s not to say he’s a terrible actor. Find Me Guilty was actually pretty good. I think he should be given a bigger part than Groot. Anybody can just say “Groot” and do a good job. Make him Thanos.

    • I have to admit that after I saw Vin in ‘A Man Apart’ I feel he could hold his own in a bigger lead roll. That movie made me believe in his acting styles more than any other he has done

  6. They better hurry up with confirming these casting choices soon, movie comes out in less than a year!

  7. If this is true it’s a waste. Unless they plan on giving Groot more dialogue, which I’m doubting. I’m hoping this news is a huge oops. He should voice Thanos.

    • This is all really funny since Vin made it out to appear as if he was going to be a HUGE addition to the Marvel Universe!


  8. *pops champagne*

  9. lol, what a role =) You could make it in Vocaloid and noone would even care.

  10. Okay, okay….

    Diesel isn’t gonna play Ultron or the Vision or Thanos.

    Let’s move on….

    • Well, first I’m celebrating he’s not Thanos.

      Then I’ll move on.


      • I’m with you!

        How about filling up my glass with some of that champagne?

        —-> \_/

        • *pours*

          *spills all over keyboar0f0fg–

          • As long as it’s YOUR keyboard and not mine.

            A Toast; Here’s to Vin. Don’t let that tree branch hit you on your way out, Vin buddy….

      • I’m going to point and laugh at all of you if this turns out to be misdirection and he is Thanos.

  11. KNEW IT

    • Me too. I called this one.

  12. Vin Diesel is playing a tree?

    Suits him.

    • Ahahahahaha!


      • Is that 9/11 times a thousand?

        • *removes spectacle*

          MOTHER OF GOD

  13. If Vin Diesel doesn’t work out, they should get Seth Rogen to voice Groot.

    • Seth Rogen?


      Are you trying to say Vin Diesel’s acting is “wooden?”

  14. The bottom line is Who is gonna play The Scarlet Witch and who is gonna play Quicksilver.

    We should all be asking about the Scarlet Witch. Hopefully a GREAT actress who will also be eye candy galore.

    • Interested in when Adam Warlock comes into the picture aswell.

      The Scarlett Witch thing leaves me a little uneasy. Not how she will be cast, but how the character will be utilized.

      I always viewed the Scarlett Witch as a cheap writing trick, to be honest. The entire comic you can have all the main characters beaten to death and killed, entire populations decimated… but all Wanda has to do is focus and declare:


      …and it’s like nothing happened. I dunno. I have confidence that Whedon has something much more clever planned.

      • Right on.

        I believe it’s fair to say that Wanda will be VERY VERY different on screen than she is on the comic book page.

        Hopefully she’ll still wear something red.

        • Saoirse Ronan wearing a scarlet coloured hoodie or something?

  15. Honestly, we know Groot is not the main star of Guardians but who is to say his role will be very limited? I mean previous accounts from the director hinted at Rocket Raccoon being the “heart of the story”.

    If Groot and Rocket share a great partnership and “unique love story”, perhaps that elevates Groot’s presence/importance.

    As much as I like Vin Diesel, there was no role I was particularly fond of him taking, especially Thanos and Ultron. Not to say it would have worked but doesn’t seem fit.

    Plus Vin was awesome in some films and I recently watched Iron Giant- his voice for Groot fits and appropriate.

    More than Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler

    • Well, yeah.

      Vin’s “roots” in acting go very deep.

      When he was just a kid he started out playing a plant.

      • Legend says he sprouted in the same garden as Kristen Stewart

        • Yeah, and they both branched out the same way….

          • Hey the iron giant is an amazing movie. (the one where he was the giant robot)

          • true, and sad they never quite bloomed

  16. Diesel: “I AM GROOT!”

    Hahaha! This news is hilarious!! They’re gonna pay him a few million just to say, “I AM GROOT!” LOL HILARIOUS!!!

    Diesel’s trolling now. After reading this, him teasing Vision was probably a joke and now it’s obvious. Diesel as Groot = LMFAO!

    Still can’t wait for this movie!!

  17. How is it so risky? If you aren’t living under a rock you’ll know full well this is a direct connecting factor in the AVENGERS film series. All that need be done is to give a glimpse of THANOS on the trailer and this film will be a guaranteed SMASH HIT!

  18. I consider bastardizing The Mandarin character to have been much riskier than making this movie will be.

    • People are still stuck on that mandarin twist? Life goes on but so glad to see a world of mandarin fans that i never knew exsisted.

        • We saw Kingsley’s Mandarin on screen, for a large bulk of the movie.

          I don’t think it’s Marvel’s fault that stupid people can’t comprehend what was a great twist and are still hung up on it. Those people should go back to their Sandler movies.

          • Personally the twist is great in idea but not in execution.
            They pulled it off well and no one expected it, you have to give it to them.

            I am not comparing to the books and I did not expect to see that character. In fact, I would have hated that. This twist I do not hate, I just simply think it was a wasted opportunity.

            Let me compare it to Star Wars. Darth Vader was a villain character that no one had pre conceived notions of how he should be. He was hyped up from Marvel comics, some books, all in order to build up the film.

            If halfway into the film there was a similar twist to the character of Darth Vader all the build up was a wasted opportunity. We would have lost a compelling villain in Darth Vader and in the end only have nameless stormtroopers and Tarkin.

            Here we were teased with a great villain in which much effort was put into creatively re imagining the character on screen only to settle for nameless Extremis soldiers and Killian. While Guy Pierce did a great job and was entertaining in his own right, the character was far less compelling than the fake, decoy villain.

            I agree people should get over the fact that “the Twist was a complete negative and ruins the movie because the character was not treated right” because honestly it did not.

            I am speaking that to me the mechanics of the twist as executed, while surprising, did not build up the film anymore and turned one serious element the film had going from the first frame into a joke- thus removing a certain dramatic build up that the film never really regained.

            Iron Man 3 is not a bad film by any means, I just think it was okay. The Mandarin Twist did not ruin the film, it just robbed it of some of its realized potential.

            So please refrain from calling me stupid and that I lack the ability to comprehend what you saw as an overall a great twist. It just makes you seem unable to comprehend a more reasonable argument against the twist that I am suggesting, as you are hung up by countless comic book fanatics that degrade the film because they did not get a racist stereotype or 10 magic rings.

            • Well said sir.

            • Yeah, I wasn’t nearly as wounded by the Mandarin twist as most other comic fanatics… and when I think about how the trailers played out, how the Mandarin’s monologue sounded so similar to Bane’s in TDKR… to me, the beauty of it was that it was kind of a bit of a good natured jab at the Dark Knight Rises.

              Talking with a friend of mine, we came up with an idea I would have loved to have seen happen.

              Button scene, Kingsley in prison and he receives a package. He’s not expecting a box and tension builds as he opens it to find inside… a bunch of mismatched rings. Carrying on an unrelated conversation with a fellow inmate, he starts to absently put on the rings. With each one his conversation trails off and a voice, quiet at first, begins to get louder and louder, obviously in his head. The voice is deep, evil, booming. It tells him that he shall know true power; that he shall be a joke no longer. That he owes is life to Fin Fang Foom now.

              A quick shot shows a massive, malevolent dragon/demon thing.

  19. Guys, opinion is like an ass: Everyone has one…

  20. Vin Diesel’s voice is powerful and just by his voice as The Iron Giant shows how he can really move people with his voice acting, any animated character especially one that is a mighty tree like being would benefit from his deep and powerful voice if done well. Man, Tree Rex from Skylanders was obviously copied from this character, I didn’t realize the similarities since I saw that pic.

  21. I don’t know… I think I’d rather see him play Cable in the same vein as how they made Samuel L. Jackson become the iconic and ‘updated’ Nick Fury. But I’d also understand if he doesn’t get to play Cable seeing as how Riddick is just too similar to Cable in most aspects.

    I must admit that the ‘love-story’ giveaway has me stymied with the Vision and Thanos roles. But if he really does have a part in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, then it is still definitely something to look forward to.

  22. Wow some of the comments here makes it seem like 12 year olds got a hold of some keyboards.

    • I think that every time someone comments with “IM3 was a ripoff” or “this comic book company sucks, you can’t enjoy both”.

      • @ Jitzul & Dazz
        I agree.
        Many seem to type up very narrow minded comments.
        Everyone has their own opinions and films are entirely subjective, but some of the reasoning or the manner in which the opinions are stated as facts is what makes many to sound ignorant or narrow minded.

        But @Dazz,
        To be direct and honest, the previous comment you made kind of makes you seem no different from what you are commenting. You said:

        “I don’t think it’s Marvel’s fault that stupid people can’t comprehend what was a great twist and are still hung up on it. Those people should go back to their Sandler movies.”

        Calling people stupid and that they lack the ability to comprehend something that you enjoyed is not different from someone saying “Iron Man 3 is rip-off” or “this comic book company sucks, you can’t enjoy both”.

        It seems like you are presenting your thoughts as facts, and you are not open to listening as to why others may not share your opinion. It seems like you are automatically assuming anyone that did not like the twist are overly crazed fanatics that cannot fully analyze and accept what is presented on screen.

        I know you are not some ignorant, close-minded individual.
        So while you discuss how some comments appear immature and ignorant, make sure that your wording of your opinion does not make yourself sound like a hypocrite.

        I enjoy commenting on Screenrant because I believe that most people are chill and open to discussion (not all the time to be sure) and while we do not always agree, I respect your opinion and I want to tell you directly in a polite manner to just be mindful of the manner you present your opinions.

        Sorry for my rant. Hopefully my point came across clear and forward.
        Lets enjoy talking about movies :)

  23. Quit knocking Vin as an actor. His small role in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was awesome, but did you see him in KNOCKAROUND GUYS or FIND ME GUILTY?
    No, he’ll never have an Oscar, but the dude has talent.

    • If I saw a movie where the guy actually did something resembling acting then I might stop knocking him.

      • You dont read very well do you dazz?

        check out those movies he listed then come with an informed opinion

        • +1

  24. Wow, what’s up with people on this site taking every bit of gossip and speculation as fact lately?
    Seriously guys, a picture and a “report” from Deadline? How the sweet fudgeball does that equal confirmation?
    While this may or may not be true, Vin Diesel’s twit pics should hardly be considered a good reference.

    Slow down, please. And slow down on all the Batman/Superman stuff too -er, I mean “Batman vs Superman” (since that’s ~apparently~ the “official” title ever since Goyer jokingly mentioned what the title might be in an interview)

    *Sigh* had to get that off my chest…. moving on, I hope this turns out to be true. No offense to the guy, but if he so badly wants to be in these movies, I’d much rather see him as a big tree with one line of dialogue, than a character like the Vision or Thanos.

    • You are right of course. Unfortunately this is Screen Rant. Anybody can rant. Most of them do. Nature of the beast. Irritating but unavoidable.

  25. Well, guess what: In Germany Vin has the same synchronized voice that is used for Nicolas Cage – yeah o_O

    no seriously – their german voice is amazing!

  26. I wouldn’t think they would spend the money to get Vin Diesel and have him voice a character whose entire vocabulary is only three words.

    • That and the fact that he won’t be appearing in person making his ‘screen presence’ unusable.

  27. I love Groot but I feel that Vin Diesel must surely be hired to play a character who says more than simply ‘I AM GROOT’ the entire movie. He’s not the greatest actor ever but I feel he deserves to play more than a one liner character, he does just fine with action films which makes me feel Vision or Thanos would be a far greater role for him to land. Guess we’ll see what happens though, gimme a +1 if you agree with me!

    • +1

  28. Biggie Rat for Rocket Raccoon!

  29. Too everyone saying he will only be saying ” I am Groot”.. Did u guys ever think they might not go with the source material n make Groot have more lines other then three words… Just saying

    • Entirely possible. Good point.