Vin Diesel Confirms ‘Fast and the Furious 6 & 7′ On the Way

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vin diesel fast five sequels Vin Diesel Confirms Fast and the Furious 6 & 7 On the Way

Back when Screen Rant chatted with Vin Diesel on the set of Fast Five, the brawny actor briefly discussed how that film was being fashioned to serve as the middle chapter in a trilogy – with Fast and Furious 6 bringing the tale of Dominic Toretto (Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), and their fellow professional criminal/car racer types to a conclusion of sorts.

Rumors popped up in Fall 2011 that not only was Fast and Furious 7 also on the way, but that the sixth and seventh installments in the high-octane thrills franchise could shoot back-to-back and feature the addition of Jason Statham to a cast that already includes macho leading men like Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Statham rumors are (officially) just hot air right now; similarly, there’s been no confirmation about the possibility of the Fast Five sequels being filmed together. However, new comments from Diesel do reveal that Fast and Furious 7 is being actively developed – in fact, Chris Morgan (who penned the last three chapters in the franchise) has begun scripting both the sixth and seventh movies, according to the actor.

Here is what Diesel told THR, with regards to how the planned (second) Fast and Furious trilogy evolved into a quadrilogy:

“With the success of ['Fast Five'], and the inclusion of so many characters, and the broadening of scope, when we were sitting down to figure out what would fit into the real estate of number six, we didn’t have enough space… We have to pay off this story, we have to service all of these character relationships, and when we started mapping all that out it just went beyond 110 pages. The studio said, ‘You can’t fit all that story in one damn movie!’”

Universal is (certainly) also anxious to keep this particular cash cow alive and well, especially if Fast and Furious 6 proves to be a box office smash – which it almost unquestionably will be. Thus, having a seventh installment written and ready to go before cameras quickly (assuming it isn’t simply shot simultaneously with Part 6) is something the studio would definitely approve of, regardless of any potential plot contrivances needed to make it happen.

That said: Diesel does have a point about Fast Five vastly expanding the “scope” and number of character-based subplots in the series, so a seventh chapter doesn’t (per se) require a huge stretch.

Dwayne Rock Johnson Vin Diesel Fast Five Vin Diesel Confirms Fast and the Furious 6 & 7 On the Way

Vin Diesel and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in 'Fast Five'

Fast Five left the door open for Johnson’s relentless federal agent Luke Hobbs to continue his pursuit of Dominic and Co. in Fast and Furious 6; by all accounts, the semi-antagonist will be brought back for the sixquel (?), which has long been expected to take place in Europe – a possibility also set up directly by Fast Five‘s mid-credits scene – and see the return of certain characters from previous installments in the series.

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson has likewise suggested that Fast and Furious 6 (and, by default, Part 7) will also continue the trend established in Fast Five – by moving the series closer to the classic heist/caper genre, while still incorporating the hyper-kinetic chase sequences that the franchise is so well-liked for.

Fast and Furious 6 is slated to hit U.S. theaters on May 24th, 2013, so expect to hear more about both that film and Fast and Furious 7 over the upcoming months.

Source: THR

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  1. Ff is so awesome i wish i could star innit theyre great but how did letty escape the car when she “died”???

    • what i think is she didnt actually die. see if u had watch fast 4 you would know thaT you dont nessisarily see her die all you hear is a gun shot. so i think thats where the jason stathem roumor comes in. i think that jason kills the guy who was gunna kill letty. and they run off to berlin. just a hunch

      • Letty was killed by the green muscle car`s driver (who`s name I forgot) He shot Letty and later on , Dom killed him after they crossed the border into US.
        Maybe the guy shot Letty and left before making sure she`s dead, but how do you explain the funeral ?
        I think before Letty died on the street she was taken and it looked like she`s gone but really she went elsewhere to do something .
        Know what I mean ?
        It was a plan, which we find out about it in Fast 6

        • He did not shoot letty. If you watch fast 4. pay attention when he fires the gun, you see fire reflected. i think all phoenix did was shoot the engine to set a fire. he also says the last thing he remembers is her burning. so i think she escaped the fire.

          • yea i saw that

        • I feal and trully think that the funeral was a setup by the cops to lure terreto in to arrest him! they could have captured letty after the guy tryin to kill her done left and figured that if they had the funeral for her they could catch dom, although she could have survived and was prsumed dead but that wouldnt explain why she wouldnt return home to mia if she was not arrested.

          • Just like in the movie the cops are at the funeral and if i remember rite they made a remark like, i new he wouldnt show or somethin idk ill have to watch it again.

      • that couldnt happen because torreto killed the guy who was about to kill letty. cant wait for fast and furious 6

        • phoenix is his name and he did set car on fire. i think there was no body recovered

        • ya bc he thinks that he did actually kill her

      • I saw blood on the floor and It was not in a puddle it was a line letting to the grass so Lenny is not dead

    • The cops were running letty to bring down braga. Sence she couldnt bring them down they faked her death saying they killed her because they now Dom would bring them down. That would also clear his name. They have to wait till he is in the clear to bring letty back into play. That is what i think happened. He went in the 4th one to see the crash site but thoes images were all in his head. It could have been anyones crash site.

    • good point I can see that happening!!! Great imagination!!!

  2. maybe letty, leon and maybe even jesse (fast1) are working on a job in berlin. sure they could also bring back jesse and maybe they all can have a huge reunion and dont forget to send the triad leader (from fast1) an invitation tooo.

    • jesse died n the first one

    • didnt jessie die

  3. But Jesse died in the first one because he was shot by Johnny Tran. I still could’ve been Leon I guess but he never showed up in any of the other movies so idk..

    • They never actually sjowed him dieing so amythinng could have happened

      • anything could hapn but he got shot like 3-4times

  4. wow jason statham?who else are they gonna add?spida man(*stan lees voice*? statham will more likely be working for the pigs ehh idk hurry up w them films allready god damnit

  5. Is Han going to be in the next 2 movies? He’s the reason F&F is awesome. Han has to be there

    • I agree completely…. why did they have to kill him in Tokyo drift…. to bad he didn’t get away like Letty did….

      • Han was still alive in f&f 5

        • Parts 4 and 5 happen before Tokyo Drift.

    • han died in fast and the furious tokyo drift

  6. dont care how they put the story togethervthis shits gonna be good love the action the cars the characters for two hrs i feel like im running with these guys for two hours i feel free from this hell on earth!

  7. i love Vin Diesel & the cars cant wait for the next set of films !!!

    • i think brian saved her and moved her and letty wanted it to be quite from dom cause she knew he go after them and possibly get killed

  8. mabye the death and funeral was staged buy the cops to get dom to come back to the us to find braga. the film did say letty went to the cops to clear doms name.

  9. Letty survived the death. They don’t really show how she died and it will be revealed in Fast 6. The reason they held a funeral for her was to probably get dom to show up. the agent did say “i thought he would show up”… Movie is going to be amazing!!!

  10. I love to watch fast and furious 6 when it come out next yr

  11. Cant wait for it but I hope the Tokyo story is carried on in one of them otherwise that one seems like a waste of time.

  12. omg cant wait till they come out… letty shows up.. hmmm a beat down between her and the new girl… AHHHHHHH so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  13. cant wait for 6 and 7 and its great to see michelle rodriguez in the line up :))))

  14. alright this is all good news but when is ff 6 gonna come out?

  15. may 2013

  16. I love Vin aka (Dom) and Letty. I have seen all the f&f. I And ever movie they have ever played in. I cant wait foe 6 & 7 to come out going to buy them. Yay for me :) :)

  17. I love Vin aka (Dom) and Letty. I have seen all the f&f. I And ever movie they have ever played in. I cant wait for 6 & 7 to come out going to buy them. Yay for me :) :)

  18. Can not wait I have watched these series of movies from the beggining. I hope that they never stop making more as they are all so good. These are my all time favorite series of movies.

  19. All my word fast five is the one,cant wait for 6,the guys are good for real well done

  20. This movie comes out next year. The world is ending in 2012, my god we will never know what happens!

  21. Drift starts after this story arc and as great as things are now can’t wait to see how Dom got there, if any of the other current cast is there and why (besides the obvious reason). Saw in a preview on youtube that Statham’s (?) character was in a R or S8, just wondering if this series is going to be tied in with the Transporter series wich is another fav of mine. Would be crazy if 7 is the “sequel” to 3. Love this series keep up da good work and don’t forget ya roots. Keep tuners alive K.T.A all day baby.

  22. Awesome movie

  23. Awesome. CANNOT WAIT!

  24. the true order if your going by events is 12453 the first movie brain mets dom the second movie brian is running from the cops the fourth movie brian and dom reunite to go after the bad guys then in number 5 there teamed up to overtake the drug cartel and escape hobs then in number 3 witch would be the last movie han dies 3 is last because in 4 and 5 he mentions he’s going to go to tokyo this is the order that makes the most sence

  25. all i know is, that if they dont bring back ja rule, this movie aint s***! lol in all realness though, this was a movie about racing. in the last movie the only thing they had close to a race was that b.s scene with the chargers. dont get me wrong, its a great series and the story is deep, but they really need to go back to square 1, and have some hot cars and ill races.

  26. These movies are tight but I wouldn’t pay for them…I would pay for any new COR movie(s) (like the one coming out next year; definitely shelling out for that one) but that’s just me.