‘Vikings’ Season 2 Finale Reveals Whose Side the Gods are On

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vikings season 2 episode 10 ragnar athelstan Vikings Season 2 Finale Reveals Whose Side the Gods are On

[This is a review of the Vikings season 2 finale. There will be SPOILERS.]

The Vikings season 2 finale, entitled ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ is all about trust. When you’re the “alpha dog” in a world where everyone is trying to climb the political ladder, who can you turn to when the axes begin to fly?

For Earl Ragnar, it seems that his friends have his back (for now), as Floki weaves an intricate tapestry of deception to fool King Horik into believing he would betray his long time friend. If history has taught us anything, it’s that friendship and loyalty are fickle, ebbing and flowing with the passing of time. Who will still be at Ragnar’s side when season 3 premieres next year?

To help us better understand this dilemma, we must look at the “players” involved in King Horik’s demise. Interestingly enough, Siggy (not Floki) was the wildcard no one could figure out. Her desire for power is unquenchable, but why? Is it simply to regain what was lost when her husband (Earl Haraldson) died, or is she grasping for something larger? She does appear to have some feelings for Rollo, yet in the end, Siggy will most likely do what is best for her. Perhaps Siggy had enough of Horik’s games, or was angered by the fact that he prostituted her to his own son? We may never now, but it was a welcomed site to see her standing by Ragnar at the end. It would be unwise to believe her content; however, as next season may grant her another opportunity to rise again. What do you think?

vikings season 2 episode 10 floki Vikings Season 2 Finale Reveals Whose Side the Gods are On

Floki will most likely be perceived as the hero, but he’s a difficult character to understand. His absolute devotion to the old gods makes him a little monochromatic in how he deals with friends and those who betray him. He will never truly forgive Rollo for his crimes against Ragnar, and watching him hold his child for the first time was a bit unnerving. This is not meant to criticize Gustaf Skarsgard’s performance (which is stellar), yet as Floki, his chaotic and sometimes unorthodox approach to life puts him in the category of menace, more than hero. In the end, however, our tall and lanky Viking stood by Rangar’s side in a brilliant scheme that would impress the god Loki himself.

Ragnar, who is sometimes too smart for his own good was a silent observer throughout most of the finale. You could see in his deep blue mischievous eyes that he had everything under control. His guise at being intoxicated during the festivities was well-played, as King Horik believed him incapacitated for the coming slaughter. Besides avoiding a horrific death, the most significant act Ragnar performed was saying ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ with Athelstan. This was a wonderfully shot scene, as Ragnar comes to grips with praying to a god he is still unfamiliar with. His reluctance to finish the prayer with an “amen” was priceless. It was as if he feared the finality of praying to the Christian god. “Forever and ever” is a long time after all. Looking back at Floki, would he still protect Raganr if he knew about this prayer? Ragnar may not have the same support he possesses now when season 3 begins.

As good of an edition to the series as Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) has been, the story of his romance with the newly freed slave Porunn, is perhaps the weakest. There is nothing wrong with the blossoming of young love, but actress Gaia Weiss (The Legend of Hercules) leaves much to be desired. Hopefully, their fling won’t take center-stage next year when Vikings returns. Creator/executive producer Michael Hirst may be molding her in Lagertha’s image, but she has a long way to go to convince viewers she demands the same kind of admiration. There is always hope, as Ms. Weiss could prove this reviewer wrong in 2015.

vikings season 2 episode 10 bjorn Vikings Season 2 Finale Reveals Whose Side the Gods are On

Donal Logue (King Horik) will be missed, but fortunately, we’ll be able to watch him on Fox’s new DC Comics-based drama, Gotham, as he plays famed detective Harvey Bullock. With the chessboard seemingly clear of enemies for Ragnar to contend with, where will he set his gaze on next? Lagertha wishes to raid new lands, while others may choose to head back to Wessex in order to farm. There is still the question of the ever-ambitious King Ecbert and Princess Kwentrith, as they look to take the crown of the Kingdom of Mercia. Will these two be Ragnar’s new adversaries, or will a greater danger emerge from within his own house?

‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ though well scripted, was not the strongest episode of the season, but it did clear a path for what should be another thrilling chapter in the Vikings saga. What are your thoughts on the finale, and what are you looking forward to seeing when the series returns next year?


Vikings will continue with season 3 in 2015.


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  1. The ending seemed a bit too clean. Everyone just came together to say “surprise, we didn’t actually betray Ragnar!” and killed Horik. I was never sure why Floki would betray Ragnar to begin with so I spent the whole time just trying to figure out his motivation when there actually wasn’t any. There didn’t seem to be a counter plot to Horik’s. Everyone seemed to be on his side and then just revealed they weren’t. They fully set up an actual betrayal and then just… didn’t. It kind of felt like a cop out how quickly it was all cleaned up and there didn’t seem to be much lead up. It was still great but something about it just felt off.

    • Yeah, I always felt like it was a little weird that they would try to go against their friend and leader that they supported since the beginning. Now if they would have gone with the whole betrayal storyline then I would have actually been shocked but I get the storyline and shows how much trust they have in Ragnar. A great episode either way. I can’t wait for next season. Looks like we will start seeing more of the English side and maybe start seeing more of Boneless, LOL

      • I have to somewhat disagree. I always felt that Floki wouldn’t betray Ragnar, but some elements left me wondering. Floki never truly forgave Rollo, nor does he understand why Ragnar forgave him. And he clearly hates Athelstan for many reasons… I think Siggy might have betrayed Ragnar, but Horik asking her to kill Ragnar’s sons may have changed her mind (her own sons were murdered so I would assume that the idea of killing someone else’s boys would not sit well with her). I can’t wait for the 3rd season!

      • I actually thought that Floki’s betrayal made sense…the only problem is that since the show tends to fast-forward through time weeks or months at a time, we lose some perspective. Horik told last episode he had a proposition for Floki…but did he tell him the next day, or only after a couple of weeks/months? I actually like it, because if this continues, we will get to see quickly Ragnar’s children growing up, and becoming great warriors as well.

        As for Floki’s betrayal, it’s was all about several things, but one amongst others. Floki believes in the old Gods with great intensity. Although Ragnar has also faith, it’s not in the same intensity, to the degree he doesn’t see Christianity as an offense to the old Gods…Floki would kill every single Christian if he could, while Ragnar has no problems in having on of them has a close friends, or having dealings with them. So when Horik starts talking about old Gods, showing his reverence for them, that he also believes strongly, Floki see’s a kindred soul, someone who believes as him…and don’t forget, around 1year passed between killing Jarl Borg and Horik’s death, which means that for that entire time, Horik and Floki have been talking a lot.

        I admit that I did not expect it to be a ploy, although I did find it strange…but problems usually between people usually start small and tend to fester and grow through time, so when we add 1year to it, and we add that Floki is always a bit of a loose canon, and we don’t know what the “old Gods might tell him”, it made sense for me him betraying Ragnar…and it also made complete sense when it turned out to be just a ploy.

        The only character I didn’t understand was Siggy. I think she loves Rollo, everything she’s been doing is for him, because if he rises, she rises with him, but at the same time, I can easily see her teaming up with someone else for that same purpose, which is why I believed she would betray Ragnar as well. But why didn’t she? Did she know about Ragnar’s plan? Or did she choose not to betray him? Because if she did know, then we still don’t know if she’s capable of betrayal if it will help her rise, but if she didn’t know and made her choice to be loyal, then has she given up her desire to rise? Will she simply accept to be with Rollo?

        Can’t wait for season 3, I think this season has put this show on-par with Game of Thrones in terms of quality.

  2. Floki is just a bit odd and I like it, did anyone else think he was going to kill his newborn daughter?.
    Been hooked on this show since the first episode and really looking forward to Ragnar getting involved in an English Game of Thrones.

    • I love Gustaf’s Floki. He plays the character soo well.

      • I agree. since the beginning, Floki grabbed my attention and my heart. Bizarre enough for uncertainty, yet, his vision and commitment to Ragnar kept me convinced that he was part of a ruse to throw King Horuk off. This is by far the best series. A mix of Norse history and mythology that has the right chemistry of writing and cast to go on season after season. Long live Vikings and King Ragnar!

  3. I was expecting a surprise; and got one when there wasn’t any surprise. Love the ending with Ragnar on that cliff….KILLER VISUALS.

    • Awesome. Ragnar, truly “King of the Hill.” One of the best series on TV. I wanted to give up cable but how can I. I am looking forward to the next entry into the world of Vikings.

      • You totally can give up cable. I watch it on the History Channel’s app.

  4. Another season gone…. all way too short a season for my liking! I enjoyed the story like feel to this episode’s last ten minutes Next year I imagine a raid on France will be on the books…. Great show, long may it continue.

    • Yeah, I have a feeling we will see more of a Paris invasion next season with maybe a child Ivar the Boneless

  5. lol are people complaining that they expected betrayal and when their was none and they were suprised their unhappy? I love how I had no idea what was actually going to go down. I feel bad for those innocent vikings Ragnar sacrificed to keep Horik thinking he had the element of suprise. But one of Horiks sons is alive even though he killed all the others… what does that mean exactly?

  6. Well done David! We truly do love this show…just enough real history to keep us on our toes!

    • Thanks! I’m just sad we have to wait until next year for season 3 :-)

  7. I for one really liked the episode. It left me on edge the whole episode til the end! Ragnar always has something up his sleeve when he’s quiet. I really loved the ending for Horik, it just shows Ragnar is a man not to be toyed with, which is why he is a legend in Norse lore. Vikings #1 show on TV today.

  8. This show seems pretty popular for some people, and I am glad they enjoy it. However, I personally was not able to get into this show for some reason. I am all Danish on my dad’s side, (English, Welsh, and Scottish on mom’s side, but born in America. The foreign stuff was my ancestors), and basically like Vikings, and love history, but just somehow this did not ring the old bell for me at all.

  9. Loved the ending. I think the future will be conquering the world, not just his little fiefdom. Glad Torestein (sp) survived. He is one of my favorites. May be the best finale I have seen on TV in a long time. Can not wait until next season.

  10. I read a little of the history (Although there’s some question if Ragnar was fact or legend). His sons are to become very famous kings. I wonder if the start of next season we see maybe five years have gone by and his oldest has his own troops to lead? Maybe he’ll take over Ireland or some other small area of the times. I’m thinking there might be a few stories going on like that. Where his ex (Who he apparently hooked back up with at least three times) will be leading her troops to take over areas too

    • I hope you’re right i think that’s all that’s missing is Lagertha back with Ragnar ,
      this is probably the best show /movie Ive ever seen !!!!! they need to stop the Ragnar and Aslaug relationship i was hoping she would be killed off.

      • If the storyline follows the legend, eventually Aslaug will go away… But Ragnar will take on a third wife.

        • If the storyline followed the legend, Aslaug would be the third wife and two of the children he’s had with her in the show would have actually been Thora’s – his second wife.

          It apparently doesn’t follow.

      • There is a threesome scene with Ragnar, Lagertha % Aslaug in the UK version.

        • I think you are messing with me…

  11. “His reluctance to finish the prayer with an “amen” was priceless.”

    It wasn’t as much the Amen that was troubling his as it was the words “forever and ever”. Watch it again. Even when Athelstan prods him again with “Forever and ever, Amen”, Ragnar only says Amen.

  12. I watched the whole season in two days (THANK GOD FOR DVR) and I think that when watching it quickly you pick up on the idea that Ragnar has planned the whole pushing Floki toward Horick. There are a few times where you see a visual nudge from him to get Floki to run closer to him and appear he’s left Ragnar.

    I do like what the review says about ‘would Floki have stayed loyal to Ragnar if he saw him pray?” Good question.

    The only thing I really missed this season was the lightening of the myth factor. It wasn’t hugely prevalent in the first season, but the old man with the Ravens was just a cool touch. And then there was the scene where the Monk is taught about the gods.

    Although I suppose that was at least alluded to with the monks hallucinations. Either that or Shrooms.

    Does anyone know waht Floki feeding Rollo Shrooms signified actually? Thoughts?

  13. Wow what a finale im just watching it as of when season 3 episode begins tonight! Reading up now on Viking History but for now I can just comment on the amazing acting and every character seems perfectly cast! Everything Donal Logue touches turns to gold from his character of the former Marshal in Sons of Anarchy, to his role on Gotham and now this! He is..rather was a fine addition, BUT I could see his demise and Floki not following through with the plot against Ragnar, along with Siggy not killing Ragnars young sons, coming a mile away! Floki however does have ill intentions towards Ragnar and Im sure against Rollo also as Season 3 begins, otherwise he would not have sent Helga and his baby girl away..he knows she would not approve of his plan. I also wonder how long the one son will keep the secret that Floki told him to, that led to the death of Torsten?! Cant wait for Season 3and there are some AMAZING cable shows on TV from the Walking Dead, Justified among others! For me Vikings keeps rising to the very top

    • Torsten isn’t dead. He was the first one you saw when Horik enters the lodge. The man with the cloaking sitting there by the fire. When he turned around it was the moment the king realized he’d been had by Floki. By all of them actually. The poisoning was a ruse.

  14. I know that maybe not everyone here watched Sons of Anarchy which is still MY fav show to this day but if you did you guys will know what im talking about here..Do you remember that Donal Logue’s character he played in SOA was former Deputy US Marshal Lee TORIC!? I see him being cast now as KING HORIK in Vikings as no coincidence and actually believe this is why Logue was chosen for the role..Toric-Horik? Lol am i reaching or does anyone else agree? Would love comments on this! Thanks

    • That is actually very clever of you to catch. I knew they were the same actor, but I didn’t make the name connection. That’s really cool. SoA and Vikings have so many parallels, and I love that because I miss SoA a whole lot. Vikings is my new addiction.